Garcia and Bailey:The Things You Shouldn't Say On Air. Frank Says 'Em All.

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Tuesday, February 13th
We talk UNC's win over Notre Dame, and which Boston radio host is in hot water now?

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I know Diana. Avoid Diana who is we works and our sales department comes in and helps us out from time to time with our off. Our programming stuff and helps us tell jokes and gives us good stuff like that so that great furniture commercial the other Davis she Castro got to play that at some point on the air by the way. But she comes as she starts talking about you know her experiences as a bartender and you know we were going back and forth in US at what point does a guy become a dirty old man. And we're too we're told you use asked the question I thought that was a great question because I had the exact same conversation. With Oz this morning in the newsroom. Briefly. And the reason I bring that up is because last night's Americans captured the gold in snowboarding. And it was a young lady by the name of Khloe Kim. And I didn't know until this morning when I saw her doing a press conference on sport center I thought to myself as a lot of men do with the that's a beautiful woman she's seventeen she's seventeen. And I wanted to take those words back and you show them back down my throat Brittany never left my mouth and look to Gaza so I feel like a dirty old man and I didn't have any dirty old man intentions but the fact that I'm now 32 years old. And thought a seventy your right to exist is the wrong with a mean I had no ill intent but I just sort of there for years telling. I I mean a supplemental educational rights and excellent out of somebody else can give an export your you know the next Olympics spot but I just I thought to myself Russell and it's a beautiful woman I know it's great and you're she's just she's a total package is probably gonna command all sorts of sponsorship deals and endorsements. And an Oscar was this a seventeenth. Sorry here's council that you've felt since high school age yet I mean I. It was through those those thoughts for me so I thought oh this dirty old man stuff on the show today that's great. Exactly homepage into a test. Well I don't have much for you that was. Our Winter Olympics updates for the day if you don't have much for you but did you see the crash by the way did you see the the loose credit. Watching them on TV when it took place life here as we're doing the show. I think this is different crash still wasn't it is is that not the case to that's what I saw this morning was an innocent man or woman knows it was so god was in police when he was a woman down or we saw that lied to us and come. Our that's what I was wondering if it was the same crash because I I thought that whatever we saw yesterday turned out there booed whoever was doing blues response flew out of the the arena there right. Since it did not to route yeah. And not drop the final sheets and she had some bumps and bruises to that was about it and and I wasn't sure if it was the same one we saw but I just continue to watch these this event and just think Ku on first. Is attracted to Bentley that according to white like do you think I would go as fast as I can down some ice on some metal blades and. Know what's the difference between driving an inch away from a guy is born 200 miles an hour. I don't know in it and then in NASCAR that slides up there the that the track and you're seeing these things up close and personal. Like I'm oh yeah our pit road so you you when you get down there you can hear you can smell you can do all the things but. When you're seeing these guys come around the corners and you see their cars. Just sliding up as they're going 200 miles an hour it's it's amazing how good drivers these guys are. There. It's incredible to look we were inevitably and we I'm not a doesn't rabbit earlier which had a debate before in the past sure you have contributions to whether. NASCAR drivers really athletes and all that but if the I you've heard those people out there ought to do that it is just drive and okay you Q try to drive 200 miles an hour. At least a decision is all that don't. Out not necessarily the NASCAR but. You know even when it comes to the Winter Olympics in a way which are the best athletes because these are sports. What are the best athletes are these are the ones that are the endurance athletes that that you know go hundreds of miles on skis and shoot targets and her hundred yards away. And then continue to get on and you are there are they great athletes who is the best athletes of the Winter Olympics it is that this isn't the ice skaters that we're seeing and you know do the triple Lindy you know aren't. Are skeptical that yesterday and says something about it and these are these are big time athletes are doing the news figure skating stuff is incredible. You watch what it takes them to do some of the stars are doing them on one foot. Backwards CO and to strengthen coordination that it takes to do those things elect its its incredible its just try skating around for four or five ministry just skating. Don't travel don't a couple of times but if you try to skate fast. For 45 minutes straight you're your smoke to that point just a regular person smoked not to mention do a triple axles and spends. And an and stretching your legs out straight up into the sky and doing spends all holding on to a B it is insane. The level of F one a schism that these figure skaters possess and a lot of times because they're not big strong football players averaged 610 monsters on NBA floor or are judged look induce in 500 foot bombs we don't consider them to be the same caliber of athlete but the fact is they actually are now I told you yesterday that the Winter Olympics are not really my bag it's not necessarily my thing. But I have a full appreciation. For the incredible last lettuce that's what this is and it takes to do these things much in the same way guiding growth knowing anything about hockey. But I knew these are some of the greatest athletes toughest guys in the world or reds lose writers about the bobsled and that's a good question. Todd I don't know what what do you think about the five at what level I ask you don't return to me ask you know and that's fair I do need to answer the question but like and one of the things that I Saddam was all I was struck about what do you. Our first our work together was even a sport that you didn't necessarily play for very long time you really do that I and identifying great that's what a schism or lead athletes. So would you watch a luge take place. What level of athletic Susan do you think is happening when that. Our divers athletes that you know those types of things in order comes to. You know where we stand with the Olympics and you know how what level athlete these people are. I would agree if you do ice skate there's little bit more athletic then there are a lot of the other things that we watch. You know like. I would say that these downhill skiers are extremely good aptly yes I would hurt you know because of the moguls that they have to go down to the cuts the terms. The position that they have to hold. I mean a lot of different things the training that is required. In addition worn out in on the legs part I mean we will when he wants them walking down the street you say okay that person does something I'm not sure what it is it looks like the squad 500 pounds does allegedly stolen right. I can put. Those they're great athletes is far and what they do in their specific sport. Hum all around athletes are still felt like basketball players the best we know well rounded athletes. I would probably throw it in position old in a battles that it's in the NFL level and probably thought why receiver defensive backs. You know and those types of categories because the speed their clothes is running back to probably you know throw in there as well but. Hum you know it comes to the Olympics I love watching just for the sometimes the grace. Sometimes the the strength sometimes the courage. Right and to me I would consider. Lose yours or bobsled is great athletes I would consider that it to be the most some of the most courageous to athletes here on the ground there but I don't know if they'd be able to run faster jump higher or. In a blister a lot of weights and those types of things but. Sure you know things gone down eighty miles an hour. Are you on the ground and you know just Meehan that ice and in back to fly out of those things in north I hit the wrong because edge and might flip and not. Myself out at the same time though it does stage a lot about flood a schism that's why they typically have recruited did you know especially recently recruited the Olympic sprinters and things like that reporter bobsled and others are doing that traveled. OK but I'm talking about electing a prominent I'm sorry cautiously more promise like that they're partially Walker's gonna be as good as athlete you're gonna find. That was the anchor on the bobsled team in 1992. Update and I believe those Lake Placid right so. You know that's where. You've been doing that forever that some guys have done that bit about Philip over the last several years remember reading profile piece of us I don't know a damn thing about bobsled and our Maria piece about the sport release in the last twenty years or so they've really made a focus on going after springer type athletes because of the explosiveness the fast which that it takes to get that thing moving you to get tempted to move it to get into and get down that hill in a fast as well. Biggest fastest strongest guy is gonna be the anchor in the bobsled brightens and is at the ball guy and cool running Sununu is that there's a guy that's Herschel Walker Herschel Walker would be the last guy. To what. One push in the jump and hang on so he's the last guy in the bottle the last guy and the bobsled desert pushing. Right to have the guys on the side in the front the first guy jumps and the second guy jumps send the third guy jumps in in the last guy continues to push. And then jumps and the last obviously is that's Herschel Walker yeah and he just Johnson and hangs on for dear life. Text to rights and build considered such slime the least athletic sport in the Winter Olympics is damned curling winter version of corn hole. But it appeared that. As acorn all or is it just shuffle board gab it's probably closer to shuffle warm and intimate there's actually cool piece of Washington to eighty years olds. In Utah and Carl. Is it really a sport I don't think do that you can't be eighty years old troll boy who's just been. Because an item the level of I think brushing Billick when you watch those guys admitted there's they're really working to get that thing moved in the right direction keep eighty okay sacrifice us. Stop. You get to pull it I thought they did and I didn't argue to you don't drink beer and be better edit. It's not really a sport it's a hobby it's a game. You know it's like bowling is that really a sport it's more hobby your game or my game in his hobby like golf. Golf I would consider very yeah very. Game Amish right but I do think there's more athletic ability because of our you know strengths in those type of things that that are required for golf. All right 70457. Or 96 to emerge some awesome stuff coming into the building surtax on this that's what's ability these scurrilous it's sincerity and intelligence that they looked like mustache EO Dick you know just Canadian beer drinkers but these these guys are actually decent athlete so we'll talk about that great show ahead Tom ever struck talking ESPN's Stephanie ready at 1230 guarantors college basketball when there's team we're gonna replace Steve Clifford coming up at -- for those of you miss that it's certainly been a hot topic of conversation the last 24 hours we gotta talk herself ahead as Garcia Blaylock. It's Garcia. As their us. Great song you and your Valentine's Day spirit called president Assad yeah. Speaking of Valentine's Day you're out there looking for last minute gift to may I suggest my friends over bossi met spot. And it's a great place to get you laid him massage a manicure facial all sorts of great stuff over there and gut check about bossi med spot they got great great stuff like girls 545. Check about those units father also. A 70457096. Tim Howard you're spending Valentine's different. What day. Fans are there enough there's. You don't offset any early try to get out of Valentine's Day. But did you ever really get out of it it's like it's really. What's what's his wars is a Valentine's Day. Or more ammo was from my voice in puberty don't know I guess so there's a Valentine's Day or is that Holloway was only came to the jets about. Seed. I don't know I don't put those together because there was a point in time especially when we're a little bit younger and they still the stay were dealt for Halloween was a great holiday and it's just I don't know. Day but I mean well it's okay fine but it means it's been it's been made into a holiday whether or not you believe it or the sister creation of Paul Martin and the car industry and its Indian there's so gentlemen there you go but at least you knew when you were legend in your twenties or relate seizure brought us the club and youth and the season interest in costumes and bid that that part of it was Valentine's they ever cool. When you're in fourth grade the sit in a bit and those little candy is it used to pass around. The closure can easily be my. I'm a little shock Clark's the outdoors or terror again international or there are terrible torture those are in between here's the thing. Who answer your question candy corns pretty bad do dissidents bunch sugar but it's. You don't sit rounding class like that and the two girls that you really liked you know sent her will you be mine Valentine to somebody else. Is this Josh Alba yeah. So you know it's never been a great holiday emotion that. You know that perfect look a little kid it's gonna go run out there and get all the all the lights and all the hearts and things like that and just like little fat kids. What I was little gadgets image of I'm certain there. Normally allows me. Little birdie over here just gave all hurt to be in my candies away and your idol tonight. Jimmy Spencer will show me frankly to curly haired and get a that was cute. I was into effect yet. They get an. I'm always going to Valentine's Day is just like one of those in OK we're what was closest was about flowers for. Your significant other's girlfriends wives. Night human card. In my and something nice. You know it's it's why why don't any ballot. On residue that I can you do that on Friday yeah I can do that on Tuesday I can do that on Thursday he argued that any day I want I only Valentine's Day to do that. I came up with a decent compromise last your ass and look. I hate Valentine's Day it's stupid I don't get it I realized that you liked it so can we compromise and on Valentine's Day every year I'll just go to your doctor about that. And she she accepted that compromise is cooked her dinner almost every night one. If I was a good cook I would minded at all I'm a terrible cook and try to get better but I'm also. It's a this year now the she's gonna she's she's a full time between now and has been like eight months I just saw I saw last night it was like looked. I'm still happy to cook you dinner but if you think I'm gonna coach you were delicious civilian meal. Yeah you're probably setting yourself up for disappointment so we came to another compromise that the new Valentine say thanks our tradition is we're gonna cook a dinner together. So that's where we are at right now but if you're out there and you were able to work that same sort compromise again check out my friends bossi met spot until the very valid doesn't look you've given. I love them. More so more remote a you know you want some. And it's on the news in Botox and no I well what's yet to grocery did you think this voice G is the way there are adults as well we will try to did you some Botox and would join us. I'll did you drink in a bright I will say this for four tiles the onset. I would of their last nine hole at a dinner true one of their last night at dinner I never had tofu before. Alastair recent issues I was varies is presumed to. You can liked it if he knew it was good to lose a tournament I really didn't lose man's poison now it was I'm so it was great dude it was. It was just just good. As any chick game big could have been an. I was shocked I was to rate I'm very relieved to tofu stuff she makes onset now she made him a big bowl stuff has been nice when it. No he really wants to get home with me he did he return to golf and he says he ate a -- and I was like Washington frank we're just gonna like this legalized what is the point and I felt bad I was a Jesus and he has to be nice and he's really gonna paid out of Manila and has been that than he does he loved it he's dug in and out of all the social on the side David here's the credit to the doll I'm not a big toe through phase of dogs like tofu they'll continue to Nadal silly rock that's not your dog don't need anything. On my dogs there. They did this cost me money in the in the that's also still wanted to screw one without it had a lot of tells Leno that the last I don't really do anything but no should he sat down he ate it last night and he loved so we don't forget the millions they miss out a lot of great stuff there's still some delicious religion itself can it can you do means huge favor what. If you're ever gonna invite me over to dinner. Don't like totals promised us like an adult or whatever begins admit mistakes there's I am there and that's the reason that I can order ribs she makes some delicious vegan stuff around overnight I'm never gonna turn now six of yore when you come over for dinner we're gonna coach Sykes and warrant on implied by. I'll buy you cook a sought an. Wouldn't go that way absolutely. Are 70457. Or 96 and at some point half hour should probably talk a lot of sports and as a as a Charlotte Observer put it last night in the article literally Joseph person specifically now we know why Luke Heatley didn't play in pro ball. Physically is recovering from shoulder surgery league source told the young observer yesterday and chiefly recently underwent a procedure on his right shoulder according to those sources and he had surgery from many a torn Lieberman is slush or two years ago after the 2050 Super Bowl season so very common. Amen not concern whatsoever. They don't. It's an advantage if you look into you know get a reaction like oh my god you clicked and I know you're not but. Some people won't push the panic button and start asking and oh my gosh he has concussions he's breaking down he is our next Dan Morgan. He's not gonna stay healthy. These things happen all the time. You know. Surgeries guys. You know at some point you know you you're gonna have to maybe get one and know when you play this physical sports where your ligaments are really stretched and torn emboldened pushed. You're gonna find if you're gonna find yourself under a knife. And dumb you know that's what has taken place it's. Indeed did it to me in a time where there's nothing going on he's gonna have plenty of time to. To recover and not be honest is if you're in another guy and that team. You realize what just took place in the timing of what it took place you might want to reconsider you have to do it you don't in the pre season vs waiting as long as you can. To go out there and get it done before affects the team. And it in them to the you know I'm speaking to him by the way. Right well. Do you and I talked to loops in Minneapolis. You know he seemed fine. And lead the way neurosurgery at our city I eat as it like a little scope procedure that they go on there that they amended right and they attach it to the bone and everything takes you know a couple months to hill he's back on everything like norm. Recognized -- don't go tot he noted it's nothing major in lots of guys that did you know level actually probably most guys you know got it done that and I know several as well so I don't think this is much reason for alarm but no they did come out last night politically didn't practice or didn't play pro ball he was have a shoulder surgery so under your tale that we do have more chances to get to later in the show is there's an interest in peace over a police report about the quote unquote perfect offseason blueprint for every NFL franchise and done it's an interesting things to say about the Carolina Panthers so we'll talk about that a little bit later -- of the talks more in the day but. I tell you what I only bring this up because it keeps happening and it's a black guy on the city. But another Boston radio host steps in duty yesterday and this one got suspended. And we had a talk a little bit about that next because it ties into a much larger store with the NBA and circle Specter on this roll a little bit as well but so another Boston radio host. Doing something bad to us you just can't do Garcia Blaylock. Through an entire city for for twenty hours a week you're you're gonna get things wrong you're gonna save it. I don't think it's sometimes you're gonna say stupid things you have to apologize for take back. Stores start bringing together at times yes and you know you try to be funny and you try to say some things that. You know forget you're gonna risk a little bit short and god into the day. I hope people understand or realize that if we try to do things the right way we try to be good people and sometimes it's as some things are gonna be insensitive. Right it's no. It's no different than ever day life hanging out with your buddies or whoever where somebody says something that can be misconstrued famous communicated it and you hurt feelings and you have to apologize and there was this afternoon on a public stage go to you what. While that's all true. It does seem like each. The trust in Boston man they just do it all the time. You know who we talked about the other day that you had the the Michael Felger thing where he went off on reality is that's extremely callous and an excess and insensitive a couple of months ago. Obviously you had did a good contributor on WEEI a couple of weeks back calling Tom Brady's kid. What what are called a five durables are world. Insufferable brown or just say a pissing it that's it that's what I was told her a little five year old to sit you know things you probably just you know shouldn't decide about somebody else's kid. And then before I think it took to what happened on the radio waves there there was a controversy a couple of days ago with Boston Police Department where in honor of Black History Month. They made the decision to tweet outs. A picture of the Red Auerbach statue of oh I think without a hat maybe Jersey ought to forget exactly what the image looked like but they were they they decided to its owner Red Auerbach a white giant Black History Month. Because he was the first at George to draft him back a black players start five black players and hire the NBA's first black coach. And that this indeed. The nature of the gesture and another sulphide and I wasn't offended by it and try to huge problem with a Red Auerbach didn't know. His part as a white man to helping advance the civil rights movement in that way and in what he did was a good thing if it was just kind of -- feel maybe it's the first week of black history most of only white guys don't let don't let that be your first decisions so if you we can argue that told till the cows come home but didn't Christian Fauria. On Friday on WEEI. He's on to overtime and and oversight into doing the patriots are on this matter of fact decide a football my father in law last week great topic for that by the likes but Trisha was a solid player for the patriots won a couple of Super Bowls and he's on the same time that we are open WEEI. Or not this week does not because on Friday after we were talking about on the show the story about Ron Borges the Boston Herald reporter was cat finished. By WEEI listener pretending to be done need Tom Brady's agent telling Ron Borges the reporter. That Tom was ready to hold out of OTAs and not come back to work until he got to Jimmy drop low level deal. Will Ron Borges who got history of this kind of lazy reporting in a sometimes outright plagiarism according to some. Ray and with the story got embarrassed the Boston Herald had to pull it off the web site that was orioles' front page of the printed paper and so of course the radio guys that there were just killing them. Four for such lazy reporting. Well for some reason on Friday the guys there on the mid day show decide they are going to rule play this only alive but. Are you guys in general should probably be careful about role playing thinks it's the same thing the guy guys fired on an Atlanta from a dishonesty Gleason in oh things like that they decided WEEI a role played this text message staged. And Christian Fauria decides he's gonna play the part of dungy. Tom Brady's agent and when he says the name Tom EG effectively says something to the effect of he sounds super Asian and then proceeds to do pretty defensive you know Asian accent. For the entirety of the sketched these doesn't jump in and out and Latham and you have had a great time but it turned out to be a fairly offensive segment to a lot of people so. WEEI has suspended Christian four day. For doing that and that's fine that's their decision as an organization they can make that decision is a matter of fact our sister station down there on the intercom umbrella tomorrow. Allowed to use a Hispanic accent in my allowed Max is Spanish acts in my allowed there's laws aloud he is no different types of accents you know when I first garnish. And those types of things and it's you people don't. Listen. I think you know we're all kind of peaking just need to take a step back to breathe a little bit times. And it's. You know. Have a sense of humor. And yeah I know that 48 has since apologized he wrote a formal. A letter of apology but I don't think that he's a bad guy if you listen to Christian. Is trying to be funny and didn't work. And I'm sorry if he offended people wished I don't think that that was his intent was to be funny. And you know sometimes set to be careful because the problem is in this business cow you've been doing this long enough and so by. If you could say something and and you know people can take it five different ways oh sure and any comment we make a lot of times can be misconstrued. Or interpreted. In your whatever's going on in your daily life for what you're gonna look for your narrative to. You know to be and I didn't hear the conversation. I don't know what was said in I don't know all the things that were done other than. You know maybe it was a little insensitive towards a certain group. And you know he's made the apology. And hopefully that's you're the last time we'll do and that may be as Lawrence cement. Over the line the problem is in this business. You know for a lot of us is that there's a line. But where is it. I where's that line because. Because they're Hispanic can't accent funny. Maybe just some people it's offensive to other people is a Scottish accent funny maybe to some people may be not to other people so. You know you always risk you know anything you say you know if you're trying to be funny offending somebody. One thing we can all agree on is that it's generally acceptable to make fun of the French. Other than that you know you just gotta wanna do you change yourself and yourself right that was like if you were to do Hispanic accent you're making fun of yourself. If I do a Scottish accent I'm really making fun of myself when I bring if I was to bridge I'm doing Jamaican accent. Or I I Asian accent or anything else. He did it becomes. Old K woody were you doing here you playing upon stereotypes is so I think that's what Fauria ran into a little bit later on stereotypes and that just does not fly in this day and age even and not offer a good joke are really and it's it's a good joke and alas it's funny. But it's the same time especially in the position we're in now you really got to be careful with who you do that stuff too. We don't risk is your room for your friends making you wait just a because they know you. But it was. And hit that jas I think you make a good point there because a lot of for his life has been hanging around locker room right you're going to be out in front of each other. Gonna be stereotyping you're gonna be telling jokes. And you know when you do your job like this you there's a great responsibility. There's different rules. Right when you go to common workplace. There's certain things you could may be saying get away with it with your buddies in the locker room and I can do we'll get away with absolutely you have to be able to adapt and adjust. Sometimes you make mistakes he stepped across it. And you don't really know your stepped across that until you get slapped on the wrist or disciplined you know and now that he does he's made the apology except his apology. I know Christian Fauria don't think he's a bad guy. I don't think he's a hateful person I don't think he was trying to offend anybody I think he's trying to be funny and maybe it's just me. I I have six scare I've been called every name in the book are you can tell you mean anything's for the most part the united percent of the time commie fat. Call me stupid comedy immediate you don't call me a cheater call me a liar. Most things. I know who I am my friends know why am. The people that I associate no thought to lie him there really all those other things in his words are going one here at the other and it's more reflective on you as a person than it has made. A lot of times these days you know a lot of this will kind of bemoan the fact that. It's society's become very TC things that we can ended things that we used to be able to say each and people didn't take so offensives are didn't take as so offensive they do now and while I do think there's some truth that there are some things I think we all generally understand we shouldn't do and we don't do them for the most part but there are people out there are. You know will be offended by things that you know you just. You don't understand it and we all come from different places and and almost soap box and a wrap this thing up I think back to 67 months ago when asked when we first or doing the show together and I I told Joseph fraud a total these guys are placed an embargo on all the more ball talk presidency and he can evaluate that guy what he did. And I went on a rant there in the beginning of why I felt that way and one of the things that I said was that he's accomplishing nothing effectively unrelenting that he's proven is that he's gonna make him babies. You know and somebody told the offer that as an all that's the most racist things and ever so you I've ever heard. A symbol amid the exact same joke about Philip Rivers about a dozen times it was it also racist then because it has nothing to do with the color of man's guess my point is that Philip Rivers the exact same thing. And in there's a lot of things it to Kyle we say. They can be misconstrued as is exactly that as well be in you know racist or stepping across a line I didn't take it that way whatsoever. But if somebody has had experiences soar and does not have. Have a great day or has an agenda or you know those types of things and you could misconstrue and interpret any way shape or form. A lot of things that are said and right I mean if you're trying to make a point drive one home you did. Right you know mean to offend. Or you have make generates is comical to take it that way and the fact you said those things about silver and everything else that's support where's the line for everybody moves we don't really know where's that at times. So if I get the thing you know is maybe I shouldn't say this you know as I said the other day he's exactly right and he used to we're gonna have fun and joke around here and everything but. If you think that this might offend somebody probably just been nuts. Exactly right like Dana just accident people today wouldn't survive the late eighties and early ninety's comedians and he's absolutely right and half our audience would be triggered by the things George Carlin and Eddie Murphy used to say on a nightly basis George Collins my favorite comic. I'll I love George I was an Eddie Murphy drive and a West Palm Beach about a month ago and and I was just crumbs and tears of crisis are the things that used to say would have people just up the wall senators. There's a lady comedians. That makes fun of every race ever the arson government now it's not it's she's a bigger lady. Oh I know you're talking about and I'm really thought about you know people are Diane Glasser right because if you can just take a step back and it doesn't. Yeah offend you in in in and then you can maybe understand the humor that. There's stereotypes and dormant in front of the stereotypes and Lisa Lampanelli yes yes that's it that's fashion. She's just stops and some people might find that funny some people might far in the defensive. All right and if you don't want to get the know. Go and don't listen some people love it. I mean I I don't know what to say about that they don't all right 70457. Or 96 and that was funnel comeback snap judgment 11 o'clock we're talking Tom have a stroke ESPN. Did his thoughts on not just tells them how bad things are for the hornets and how much better they can possibly get its Garcia clearly yeah. Long supported. I'm a big fan of Steve Kerr. Golden State Warriors had Dotel exceed current player like Steve drove it Kurtz RC's true the coach. He's he's a funny guy he's enjoyable listen to a press conferences he's honest he's open and as somebody who would deals with coaches and players and and guys like that every single and a DO their sound bites and hoping we did something interesting I like Steve Kerr because it gives us good stuff most of the top. Last night. Steve Kerr did something that I I thought was genuinely cool. He let his players run every time out huddle he basically lets players coast themselves last night. Against the Phoenix Suns now it's it's the Phoenix Suns they're terrible other Butler won games below 500 this point or whatever the case may be there. They're really really fast but it's. Andre Iguodala David was straight mongering they took turns leading huddles won't hurt his assistants just kind of got out of the way and after the game he explained why he did it saying quote I thought the players responded really well just feel like when we're focused we are really tough to meet and tonight we were focused and I think just having to count on each other and not hearing my voice which sort of sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher or parent or whoever's voice that is. At this point that's what I sound like to them so they needed a different voice in the quote. Pump. I know a lot of people they're gonna make a joke will this just proves the wars are so good that George themselves they don't need a coach and blob blob on is probably a little bit of truth to that because they are that then good but to me it does. Steve Trevor showing you something that I think we've all kind of wondered when you have guys like that who worked good players played on championship teams. Steve Kerr realizes there's a role for coach Franklin at the end of the day. The players drive everything that gets done on the floor on the field and everything like that a coach can can do the preparation. But these guys ultimately have to do with themselves and so let them do that to try to get them focused and I thought that was brilliant coaching last night. And and that's you know what some people would say it. Other people who look at dancing guy assuming Steve Kerr does it needed coaching and what they can do right the team runs itself and I would argue the team runs itself because Steve Kerr has done an amazing job. Of teaching his principles as fundamentals. This concepts to let these guys go out there in line itself any good coach is going to sit back. Allow all the team to kind of mold and create. Right weather's. Ron Rivera whether it's bill bella checks and eventually the hierarchy of the team starts taking over you figure out who the leaders are you figure out of the followers are you throughout the doers are you figure out with a guy you need in this situation rhythm going to be the rock drug guys who can be the guys are gonna be this or that. Right and it kind of works itself out great teams have the ability to run themselves. Right and ask the dynamics of the team when your in the huddled. When you're in the timeouts you know those types of things where you have time to converse are gonna take care of themselves cited a great team. If Steve Kerr should it be applauded for that medal Dobie is gonna be written that foretold that they don't even need him he can coach anybody could close continue and I can go to teams not true. Don't but he's built that so that now it's running that smoothly and that's a credit to him as a coach it's a credit to everyone of those players in the huddle. And it's a credit to the hierarchy that they have to know the dynamics that exist. Doubt about it man and look I know last year where I guess it was about a year ago at this time wherever it was we were talking about Christie's curving out Luke Walton coaching Betsy you know look what looks doing with this team either of Kurds must not be all that important what president already installed they're already installed and you know Luke Walton goes off to LA with a completely different batch of players and he's not winning as many games right now so again it underscores the point that while yes you have you absolutely have to have the players to do these sorts of things. Well Golden State is a well coached basketball team in their right it's run by guy who seems to really know what he's doing. I'll tell you this it's also. Nice to have staff curry right Dre Ahman Green. Kevin Durant. Klay Thompson in all the guys that know go with that that group you know because. You don't really need to coach guys gonna be great in the Canucks coach themselves. It's finally if I if I have a kid you're friendly guy that I have to yell scream criticized you this do that. More than he's doing that to himself top. That I probably have the wrong guy you know I know this is an athlete I was harder on myself and I should amend the the coach was harder on me. The coach is gonna tell me and point out things that I can do better and give me tools that sounds good coach Wright but if I'm not. Florida myself to know that I had to do this better have to step up here and I'm never gonna last very long so if these guys through the great. You know there's there's there's there. You'll get some of the greatest players. In the game today. In their that way for a reason because they've been taught they've been told they've been criticized they've been ridiculed they've been they've they've overcome adversity and we know now all these things work themselves out. And down there that's what they have right there and gold since why the best team so you talk about all these other super teams. Yeah you could probably. I'd argue this you couldn't put any five guys in the NBA today. Right to take during yet. I was or you could take Jake Westbrook you can take heart in you could take LeBron. Right you picked up the other two whether it's boutique you'll Phil Anthony Davis who you whoever you want to pick your five. Play the Golden State Warriors now would argue that they would went. Warner so warriors win because of that dynamic that we saw last night. With the Phoenix Suns and exist they understand who they are they know what their roles are they understand the responsibilities. They play well together. And things just war. Could they do it again answered to me it's another reason why like Steve Gerber Christie Kerr was not just willing to do this he was willing to accept. The narratives that are obviously coming out this morning that you know he's superfluous he is not necessary he knew he doesn't it they don't need him to win is what it. So superfluous. Nothing to lose unless it is not needed a resort that he's he's just he's sport whose window dressing superb Lewis is he on the ten. You know certainly. Your superb Lewis that's a terrible superb Lewis it's worthless is your nickname. Is that what you're trying to say never mosques are superfluous nothing I these I don't do so it's a chair just Sesame Street. And I like that. I don't remember that they know that as sort of use these giant war superfluous. Superfluous. Superfluous. Who is that that's what you would turn the breaker to come back we'll talk to its own members throwing ESP handled talk about the hornets who does he think how bad is it and can they fix it at all to us and please definition please use it sends so yeah. Court records out to join yeah thank you edited so I had 12 o'clock we're gonna replace Steve Clifford a lot of US diplomats so a great conversation with the hornets are George from yesterday you'll hear that coming up at noon also Stephanie ready ready for launch at 1230 era Torres talk intelligence at 150 its Garcia clearly.