Garcia and Bailey:Joe Person Talks Panthers, and Chris Trapasso Talks Draft.

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Monday, February 12th
We are filkled to the brim with Panthers' talk this hour.

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Don't go anywhere there's these. But Garcia. Garcia clearly our number two and before we get started be sure to catch the hornets coach your show every Thursday at 6 PM with Chris Kroger or brought to you by. Gorilla like game on live in an official partner of the Charlotte hornets in 102562. And WS Lindsay speaking of sports coaches Steve Clifford joins the show. Coming up in an hour I have to be here at 1230 so make sure there are so that. Thirty minutes from now crystal castles swings Bible talks and NFL draft and it won fifteen more college troops and David steel. Of the Newport News daily press right now though we're talking about the Carolina Panthers and who will. The the next GM of the Carolina Panthers will see in Joseph person knows Joseph person Charlotte Observer joined us on the second job just line and Joseph how're you bought it. Howard's imagine we're doing all right we're trying to just to fight too much early Monday morning with. One thing that's I think Franken I generally agree on right now is that does the Carolina Panthers are. You know I in the midst of a PR battle and I try to wage war against public perception about them doing enough and organize and our organization and disarray right now Joan whether or not that's the truth that is the perception out there is Carolina Panthers are our organization disarray. Yet here they look at. Remember. Lat you'd went started at some kind of a myth that there were dumping a net. What Ernie and you know I felt that they've upon my college that the observer who ever. Court for a let you know that we were hearing. We are hearing things that work like that area what would he get that battle and on battle you know putting it mildly. Oh you know a week later there. Very much still in a holding pattern is if there seems like they are dying you. Whether they dorm and and you get get through the other side with Marty Ernie becoming the all but yeah. You know lead with a real enemy of all spelled without it a ball that well they are they have met with or that would Molly glad that I didn't sound. That was anticipated about sort of mr. that was being known and well so. You know I'd you do it you're right it is the PR battle. And didn't wonder if they don't whether they thought how how long did they wait. On bombing that they've been while we've been you know the other candidate. In my ball. And that's a great question you know Joseph you talked about you know wading into the Panthers know. I'm you know and and as you know and I know they have people that work very closely with the FBI. With the local law enforcement's. Fact they employee. You know guys that you'll work your locally you know that are going to be in position to understand. You know the ins and outs so that they can be ahead of these types of situations and that's the case here with the pick Carolina Panthers and if they know why hasn't come out yet. But in terms of what. I'm in terms of making the decision and just moving on in saying that you know this is going to be the place mean these investigations to Maine in our just kind of being drug. On so it kind of goes away and they can have a news dump on some late Friday afternoon. Yeah yeah no as you point. Yeah no question about it I think that the Panthers are in a very if you think this week what they are in the midst of they're harder and I mean they're already in that it at that it's been going on with it. Bob did it bridge that. I think they don't wanna be in the position. Who are appearing in again at the ball a lot of that is that it BR op. But I don't think they wanna be in the mix of appearing. To get ahead of the NFL in output to make them move. Edit the NFL and so and so we wait. I'd our report this Friday at the bank that the fact that we really within you know within a week. One lap. Shows you that the NFL under understand the I don't know about that what he created in the in the draft approaching. And yeah I mean bad as bad as bank I think we're gonna get it there here you know rather than later but that bad as. Then bury their boy is dead in the that a ball well it. You know Joseph I know that you know I've kind of had some thoughts back and forth with potential we know what this organization may look like but ultimately. You know when the new ownership comes in what's going to be best for this organization and you start you kind of just now thinking to yourself a little bit well not your new owner. Are you want you want there'd be changes do you want to be some consistency before we got to get our feet a little bit and understand what the direction isn't what this guy offers vs what that guy offers. Vs coming in here and make wholesale changes what's in May be of a group that has never really raw and you know this type of organization. So with that being said is there any potential your mind. Do you think well you don't like dawson's a name that continues to be hot that brings in here could really young GM in here for the first time. And then you're maybe elevating a guy like Marty turning to president to oversee the entire operation. Yeah. I think that is is. An idea that is there are. But at the error and it. Here's what it feels like that they. Regardless of how quickly connect governor that group is able to get through it and it's clear that take place. It's not going to happen and it double for the very appropriate. And so you need to have that bridge that I used feel like they're at all. You've been out that eight scene we've been upbeat bit and speed that I think is going to be a bridge. And at ERE and you don't want and end as there is not the organs they. You don't want to go watch that kind of the way and then again back to keep out the bad weather dependent on court you know there is brought it here where. Kind of clutching a way to beat them. But I you know it you want to keep some semblance of order whether that. Marty is we have our Mardy has some sort of behavior. Stop and they hit it down a lot of prep for about that as you know they've they've got a plan in place affiliate there. But. But but they are big ratchet and and you can maybe I'll think about rabble pretty quickly and and and you don't want that. You don't wanna be that the campaign ego or not part of LA at Damon a brand that they have a good that being in the neck while a group. And yeah yeah I hope that there in the beating the and like that what what what what as an overall you but Marley might not be about one. They like thought they applauded more effective we. And and they all been around a little. The book then that it's helped me to allow you to move forward double. Talking to Joseph person Charlotte Observer covers the Carolina Panthers is joining us on the tech job just like Joseph was as far as the sale goes amid the daily operations and let's be honest Jerry urged him to back right you've got so Tina backer of their as the CEO handling daily operations but you know for a lot of posts and from the very beginning it just seemed like a move that deal will allow them to save a little bit of face and to install someone that's still with Jerry behind the scenes pulling the strings and I know Tina today potentially doing his bidding while she's there and I don't know. What you think about that are where you guys Iraq quite frankly we try to get hurt somebody over there to talk more about that but I know I'm I'm always been our ever since this thing happened. Really does blown away by the fact it. There are minority owners in this team who say they know next to nothing about her and as far as the sale goes you know what we know what we don't know what you expect behind the scenes soak in on that fraught you know how do you think this is impacting the way things are moving. Well everything the first part of that. And then in the idea that pitino back very sole control what were never expected any of but I think. What would've what they spoke not ever ever believe that from. And the fact that that back that they removed vary from stated date. And it helped it gain. You know and I thought about it the last I thought they. It is a bill that gave that he brought here it took a lot of side or however that art it. Over for a three month. You know he need I point do I think it's going to sign off spot the spirit there. And that that that bad does that mean that they that they. With but it certainly means what we're what there's there's been a bigger part of general. And oh in that there is in you know kind of a but it that I look at. He says it's keeping silent but it depends on about the death murder Thelma. Is that. And I understand why it is. You know. They can't order up about. Have in my Yahoo! with and have a bad but then about what he militant now about they're Britain now what is so. All the evidence so that there are about all the other ball out I don't. Any of those you know I think that there involving you know Marty but thankfully it went to impact the belt law and I Oda. He needed billion. Or what. Far more or. I think we grew up he didn't. But but but but whoever. But if there's aid and abet it a point and it is it is damn oil. And it may not I don't think Peralta and learned about the yacht is the scene back there right now but it there that I want to know. You know I'll buy apple has in. But they're wrong but mark if they're looking at all like that that good but good new money moving in here and it's. In there's no way above my pay grade but what better barrier or if we both. More so than what happening in boot you know who caught it right now on the middle February. But the. And I Georges and here speculate all day and talk about what we don't know let's talk about what we do you know and that's the Norv Turner is going to be the offensive coordinator don't cam knew it's gonna be you know there's the quarterback to run. Oliver is going to be the head coach tickets to go through the process. These next couple of months and how that's it gets incorporated with the meetings Swiss. The draft upcoming was free agency who's making those decisions you know kind of the timeline of the next couple months. You know what right now that it appeared because they're they're they're able limit. Well off and they had been out by the building in the when they're there at the order what you pollen area and it. So it's not like nor is is able to be out got a bunch of you know what I am right now so. I think there's probably a lot of out of your outlook in the third but now. You know look at a tape by now are doing very close battle Obama bona what we itself. And and at the end who it where where he needs help. And and you know I haven't had a proper spacing bad as people loud with with and a bit by bit you know a lot of that. Is going to really begin in earnest. In the spring and an even in April it is you know it's horrible voluntary so. But now it I think if it was early brigade directly what is thought if you look. It can't number at the last few years you know opinion even bit the eyeball that will be bought by it bit. Step back he hit back with its statement that that'd be we hear all of and and certainly the Ron Rivera for global. And how much input do you think he's gonna have in these decisions moving forward you know because if you're the new coordinator. You know you're gonna run your offense a certain way you look for certain pieces. Know whether it's a left guard do we need this guy whether it's a running back we need dec our wide receiver we need more speed and how much input because Ron. President getting off the defense of guy's gonna have but probably autonomy over there and you know obviously entirely on the offensive side too but. You know we're trying to is that an ex head coach who has a lot of experience that's why he's here. I think he's gonna have a huge stakes and then they've cut of the building and been through third wearing appropriate at this. Andrew Biggs who worked out well for the draft and had it yeah five thanks Ron. Most and up and is that nor do backed. I think but there are to a lot they're bad or have a point there and of course is the quarterback. And it's got to be expected to be out on north shape the ball. I think is that all about that's stated on you guys killed or what it is we're need there is a little. The white people or both the top ball. I need off while applying that didn't include the and and you know lot that they always got to be a backup tight. That is part of the year is. This is because we. All yeah I don't if it's all on north well it is out and as. You're right it all well and thought he'd been they'd be there all the time it started already in the boat. Joseph person Charlotte Observer covers the Carolina Panthers though you do a tremendous job all we always appreciate your time you know what happy valentines as well off. Oh man. With stomach when you guys they tell you they beat a lot. Yeah it was to listen to scholars and demands office. I believe senator Joseph person strolled observer join us salutes and macondo slot just tell another grown man happy Valentine's Day and let me buy you some. I'll make it to have you Valentine's attract. I'll buy so I don't want anything for me on the territory governments that. 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There's suddenly smells good and nearly balanced piece took him a self with lunch here on Monday as they typically do in the I think you look there we did some great food and here. Throughout the week sometimes that. I don't know that I get more excited for any thing good I do the bells is winks. Did you destroy. Had a smaller because some. Might be a that might know might be some of the best swings I've ever had fallen a little bit not the they're not brought those ones and I think they're just a normal hot with the flavor. Is spectacular. And hanging a little spicy and it's still burning just a little bit no ours talked about the other day about those endorphins being let off. And a lot of endorphins going and are they embarrassed are swept off. Good place to be best moment song. I say about spoon man song that's you know this this will be displayed an awesome man and I don't know what it is so don't explain it so when I was in Seattle. This is true story. We have a place it was a place called the out when I was drawn up. Or what has go to school you know we'd go down there you can walk now mysteries UW local bars and things like that this dude was now there's so. It. Who sings a song. Sound Gardner's own garden comes through it and then make the song on spoon man. Right and this guy would sit on the have a look you know just have these spoons and a jacket. Right and you don't look at Jack and he played despondent. Oh I'm against each other news just a normal guy like history there performer every performer and does sound garden his song and that's also so really cool story. The guys are you are walking out of the USC fight a couple of weeks ago those guys have been they do the percussion performance out there on like five gallon buckets as a few. There was a direction for their round all the time right I don't know their name but those guys are also you oral smile seized Gaza Strip all I've seen him don't tell a couple of times who's just a for 'cause it's like two guys took precautions to a five gallon buckets and random stuff they are also. He added that you go underneath the bridges are going to the Panthers game that's kind of the same thing they I think it might be the same guy yeah same guys I'm. Have you seen this a group called was it called where they just play much different instruments. Must think of the name of the second when I'm when I'm in a probably a little bit more won't go to someone and Tom minded they're but the other played. You know it's it's a performance. Where I play like hands intend. And I think I know what you're talking about because they were on America's Got Talent ourselves another there's never residency in Vegas now for. For sure and I think I know you're talking about a fresh from a future in laws shall we have to do their local they are really good thanks to LaBelle skis Brooke and assault with wasn't really quickly. Unfortunate back into a shooting a security short segment because Christian fassel is gonna join us in just over five minutes of talk about the initial draft and specifically the Panthers put. You know what frank I'm excited to be a first time homeowner. Nobody told me how inexpensive this stuff just. That's a good luck. I mean I feel like I moved and the lows. I decided I feel like and says don't tax return messages give them Omar money you've been renting your entire. Adult life genuine and moving from city to city you know there's the I'm not judging else asks this is our first understandably you know really put down roots you know it outside where I grew up and. It's a money pit near and you're just at the beginning of it demurred you bought an old house yeah so do not like renovations and started to start and get ready because. House is her money pits. The things that you don't know I use yet the things you don't know you need we learn how electricity death I mean just any dog we knew we Bono or else we love we love the location on stuff but you know for instance if no one cares that you can't five did you agents on the shuttle Summers the water shuttle fell sort of Dubai based emirates to be able to turn off of the street there's it's it just the things you don't realize you need and it's nuts anyway I'm really quickly we're gonna talk to Steve Clifford towards that Georgia just over an hour we'll joined the show and kudos to them for doing it hum the just there than. Did they just got walloped yesterday I have been lost by 2143103. But it was uglier than that it won't for the second half they were down by 36. A Toronto who has double team in the Eastern Conference amended and they are the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference right now they're really really good. Other got even better from last year and the year before that and they just got whatever they wanted to they opened at the second best road record Detroit trailing by seven past. And the third the raptors went on an eighteen to two run disorder circles or to start. Terrible yet. Northrop had nothing to start the game and in the rafters or an eight ceded to run the sorts third quarter and then a nineteen to two run to start the second quarter and that one port wrought by 36 ports in nineteen Austrians were leaving 67 minutes left to go and here's a little nugget for you. Our buddy Andy Bailey over Bleacher Report NBA judges tweeted this. Nick Punto. Became the seventh player this season to take at least ten shots without hitting any. Jerry grants Rodney hood Josh Jackson Stanley Johnson Chris steps towards Angus and Dion Waiters. Or the others. Rarefied air elite company at least ten field goal since without a bucket NIC Batum yesterday's finish with 2.0 for ten shooting. But like I don't know 45 assists all right there's that. We're gonna come back shorter talked Christa paso NFL draft expert we'll talk to him what what the Panthers will do what they should do who were the best players out there on the border coming up in a couple months Steve Clifford in an hour more college basketball talk with David he'll come under way at 150 dispersing into what. Unlucky. On your tablet on your Smartphone. WFANZ dot com is your source for the best sports talk get information and sharp. Interviews on demand with the biggest names in sports. Podcasts of your favorite WNBC show us lives and features promo. We're eighteen pages up next contests in more. Check out WS busy dot com today the online home for Charlotte sports leader 10256. Can't WNBA. Season. What is next play at Orlando Wednesday night as we look to snap a four game losing streak going into the all star break senate Cody Zeller says they'd like to get some momentum going there. They're a simple. He stayed season ending you know he knows it's. A little Caesars. World. College's North Carolina hosting Notre Dame tonight 7 o'clock on WBT the Tar Heels beat duke and NC state since last Thursday. Indianapolis Colts to a higher Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator former Panthers quarterback frank Reich to be their coach. For the second time in less than a month San Francisco 49ers linebacker Rubin foster's been arrested. Foster was arrested on charges related to domestic violence threats and possession of assault weapon. At the winner Olympic Games americans' right Gerrard and Jamie Anderson when gold medal in snowboarding Chris Metzger won us over in luge and US win the bronze in the team skate. 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It's 1130 degree hail size drop by this week for great lunch specials and after work get together boarded joined friends to watch your game on the big screen with a full menu served daily from 11 AM to 2 AM it's always angry jail time. Okay it's Michael totally. This is your home Port Charlotte hornets stressed the ONEOK. Bon Jovi tickets to giveaway coming up in about ninety minutes we're doing at 1 o'clock soldier by Joey said be careful that we got tickets to giveaway again coming up at 1 PM this afternoon at an hour from now Porter said coach Steve Clifford joins the show they got solved yesterday by the Toronto Raptors they go to Orlando on Wednesday night for the final game before the all star break and W coach Clifford thoughts on the where they're headed and what's next that's coming up what fifteen David sealed a deal of ACC sportswriters will join us we'll talk about the week and it was in the Atlantic coast choppers and of course yesterday's NCAA top sixteen seed revealed and know where all those teams are where there should be some 70457. Or 96 standard if you wanna call or text for right now we're talking to Chris true paso. NFL draft writer CBS sports dot com he's joining us on the technique job just slide and Doug Chris where appreciation and doesn't whether or their Western New York. We actually have a day. In the 40000 student. Been a pleasant surprise to get up a little bit stretches and noble where we're getting through February and given to march we'll see a little bit warmer weather winners kind of almost getting on board. And I asked that because it's that time of year we're still colds there's no more football so we turn our attention to the NFL draft and free agency and all those things and up of course has done here and and Charlotte were constantly wondering what the characters are gonna do next and that is of course right now amid all the things going on with the GM search in the sale of the team and so on and so forth tyrant nor hurt us several weeks back and I was first asked you just like I started our draft just last week as you look at these Carolina Panthers right now what do you see as the most glaring need for the state. I would say wider deeper I know that that is a nineteen minute as. Mean the other into running game and Kim new development and running game. Bomb for pretty much all of Kim whose career and and the one that. He'd been that you know they did make the Super Bowl they did it when it. You know didn't not that stellar group of wide receivers don't Kim Dae Kim Newman and BP. But they have you know tightly truly brown. Tied in beer. You know premier target and on topic but I do like that in under a lot I'd. I like that I regret the trade up in the draft for and bigotry was. Such a unique prospects being so young but so big bomb and just great not true that the cat situation so I think. You know with. Some turnover in the coaching staff I think he's that bad things to come out Cam Newton get closer to that and BP form all of would be to you know play high priority I'm getting a pay top talent at the wide receivers are early in the draft. You know Chris I'm. These disagreed not just with view with most people in the way that they feel and think about that and as this may be because. I I'm a guy that wants to run the football play great defense and you run you just played physical on the offensive side. I think Norv Turner kind of agrees with that as well that me and said when you look at it that the teams that were in the the final four in the in the championship games. Who was the best wide receiver out there and that's what and that's the reason why so I would just prefer with the Carolina plant is going to a running back. A defensive lineman a guy this gonna have a little bit more impact it has the ability to touch the ball a little bit more you know for us for this team. Yeah and I think debt is that. Probably where I would court you know that second and third biggest needs. I'm even in tied at guard on opposite sides are well read and create antiques. I think that there be a pretty glaring need that they have a lot of still and the campers are picking the way and not in the first round that I think you would make a little horse that that they want to draft a running back. In the first honor back into the you know tremendous trying to act that not to get on are there obvious glee but the most like Ronald Jones reminds me of Jamaal Charles. A lot and I he keeps. Chant enough Ellen port team like the camp there that it wouldn't be that. They go over reach Aurilia reached at all they wanted to pick a running back late in the first round thirteen that it's. Certainly shown that they're contenders perennial contenders in the NFC I'm so kind of gave ruptured back in the first round. They want to go running back but certainly day you know built that team and became a contender. By having you know quality offensive line on the I've got interior and a very good because the so they wanted to kind of bolstered either one of those units early that would make. And Chris obviously look at this draft and you know we talk about the flashy positions the guys they're gonna you know get the most sizzle and no stars of quarterbacks in 99% of the time and it should because. They're the guys have the most impact. Actor and you know you start looking at how cyclical the draft has become and I remember back or full backs were nonexistent so you know and now you have aged backseat. You know tight ends were looked at his weapons and now they're being used a little bit more frequently. When you start looking the cyclical processor running back has kind of been a position that's been swept under the rug a little bit until the last couple years you look at guys like Zeke you'll Elliott and you look at. Are you off you know Ornette last year and I know we drafted Chris to McCaffery not that he's a game changer but who's that potential game changer in this year's draft that we're going to be talking about could be a you know a guy that we look at that for years to come that's just makes their team that much better. Great at running well you are just it who's that guy in this draft is a Barkley is it's. You know quarterback because Sam Arnold Jimmie who's the guy that. Is the can't miss prospect. On true need that would be read lead child he's my number one overall. Player regardless of position I think you probably would have been a merger but Lampe if you spot come into their pledge jerky. Mild Garrett at its defense the event by. I'm he undermined we have Cameron Jordan who peppers and know very well being on the bigger sticker eat at the bank to play on the strong side. That meant to come off the field that the very strong ads and has well I think very important that the president but. He doesn't sit well Howard beat you can't get rushing moves he. You know can swim cap not at the echo beacon bowler Archie and owner off bat so to me I'm he's not getting a lot of public that he in this strip like you mention. Like you mentioned probably because of the quarterback. And you don't ever want to talk about not only him kernel and just throw them but they may build on our objective and all the wild card. That Braly chabot is why under the radar and he's someone. Might not ever have a fifteen eerie scene sixty then I eat seeded double digit sack guy. And it's going to be on the field that beside it 85% of the perhaps NBA very good run defender Richard retain picked them they'll probably be early. You know get an instant impact he cut the bat. In the first throughout. To order Christian paso CBS sports dot com NFL draft Strider joint missile attack the job just slide it all mock draft sir are a little bit different and you know yours I find very interesting because you actually with the browns are having the number one overall pick and still talking about I was you know listen to his earlier recently is this morning that we can with the show on Kaiser. They are looking to draft a quarterback potentially and you've got them taken baker mayfield number one overall. On the you know that that's surprisingly not because I don't think you should be here and are betting boldly but. Dot YouTube we've been hearing name's Sam Arnold Josh Rosen those companies that make a may still shooting a draft ports. Yeah I think so and it was really wet week where started that. There's some speculation that that John Dorsey. Their new GMC and a consultant a former GM whose consulting tried a few other team got. Well clue and who has put the reds game. Up and down the rector you know been on Twitter dot radio interview David he would pay big maker number one so bomb. I am not an eye on baker made bill and that but I think at this point you look at him darn old. Bomb and he can meet at a game to win tin type ability. But. For him to be coming off leading the whole country in turnovers play at Eden has a long delivery I can see how someone like John Dorsey an old school. Up we'll all die we're kind of on hold and his team Josh wrote and it is they're very Pauline. You know I have already quarterback but there were a lot of banter with sports the football. Over extend plays up and make the bed isn't particularly feel in a wide open up its well copper and and the hit three straight even the object restore production. So that kind of why I think he. Certainly China gaining some steam in turn could draft back and yet you don't have all the side of that could be able limitation for them but they wouldn't. Shock me at that point. Debate chemical actually goes number one overall. Josh Allen's name that keeps coming up. You know you talked about quarterbacks in there's a lot of boom or bust potential yard plays that what Wyoming in the smaller schools urged South Dakota where. Yeah I'd like Wyoming going and I've seen him play you know in and you're one time and I don't I'm not I'm not real evaluate him omelet you guys can what do you think does a guy like Josh Allen with that boom or bust potential when you start looking at guys that. You know the way the missiles don't. Here that they. What interest thing about being amateur radio show that a lot of people are comparing him. In terms of its physical ability to get new that he's similarly side as they huge army. And it's pretty mobile and scramble to treat. You know would come in computational play behind the line of scrimmage. But even going back toward Kim knew it was coming Indiana other question that he was the one year wonder. You know we didn't have that that to retreat he could have. Our beatle hi Gilbert starting at the college level. Just you know and is nowhere near Kim you're an interpreted it accurate he hinted that vision making arm and the like I mentioned with road then. You know want to quite big game grows in might force the ball just don't do and at 6789. Tied the game on and it wasn't just when. Can he would play against top competition it would be a prop eight level playing field against them you know Lois Paul and Turkey's. Trying to force the ball all spoke to me I I would just be way too leery of taking a quarterback like that you don't care about these boomer about quarterback. And won the last time that you know one of those guys. Ended up being really good pro although week that there is to some other way they usually doubles week in that usually they'd I need more of Jake Locker. With Jack L but I do Kim doing but I think that compared then. Both comparisons will be thrown out a lot. And achieve that that ultimately take the which you probably will go on the top fifteen our top twenty will hope to be getting genuine but Kim knew what a much further ahead. I'm just in terms of its mental product that they then get jail. I'm let's go on this one I did little bit further dodger mock drafts here are notorious for on the Carolina Panthers picked. You have been taking Michael gallop a wide receiver out of Colorado State now he's got a two runs with a lasting much galloped that's appropriate while I gotta be honest so I don't want to talk to Colorado State tell football what what do we know about what should we know what Michael Gallup. They junior college Tran Turk in the two current state so he only has true years. Up production but he was the most are one of the most productive. Receivers. In college football over the last year only teams Washington from from almost they would more productive and a hundred captured. That Pete then. Just a complete guilt that he not like you mentioned it critic our state he didn't have three or sports he's been. You know being in the spotlight. But he's someone that checked all the black indeed around to 01200 pounds I'm very Boudreau runner Hughes James Washington where the two bats wider deeper. Senior Bowl they were creating separation. Problem you know corner state into the end zone with a leaping ability of the strong and be aware net. Keep that of one. They're connected dearly you know be a specialist in anyway but to me. Because I do think that the tip there are several pretty big need at wide receiver keep someone. They can be an action guy and then occasionally which Norv Turner is gonna wanna do stretch the field. Bomb and you don't allow Kim Newton two huge debt big arm and hit promote their eligibility. I Christa paso CBS sports Dodd John NFL draft try to join us on a second job just like braced up what we appreciate it. Absolutely all right 70457. Or 96 stent Michael Dell it's good last name for did the can run we'll talk about on the field that later but over at 45 minutes from now Steve Clifford joins the show and Intel wanted table talks intelligence and David teel. We get aggregates reaction all we come back with Detroit to a to a we asserted its reaction to that is Garcia nearly. With Valentine's just around the corner love these on our mind yeah. How much we love sports. I doesn't just on a few minutes ago I just bought home some toys sold its limit if you're one of those somebody's who is looking to sell your home to somebody else this year there's really only one team you need to call our teammates Larson born Thomas hill rod a Keller Williams they get the job done they are our number one pick to help anyone list and sell their home and lords and all rod led the pack that sold over a billion dollars in real estate in 2017. 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Did you know you can be wrong or frank no because you have to go down and up to hit the jump no as though this is skis out it's not the downhill ski jump the you're combining to sort of don't argue about everything. 'cause I was trying to should proper say music headache from you're having all these texts and calls is that is that a new event the downhill ski jump. Never heard that mr. Winter Olympics over here so odd odds on what had just suffered a lot sultan as a kid you grow up and then to come to rewind time a go back can be chickens or more homework so. So the downhill ski jumpers go on nine content Mickelson Jeff and Steve Jobs and hit and there's geared our woman whoever was clearly tell. Like is leaning into like really get the farthest job possible and they lean too far forward. Hit a rip face first. They split on the ramp and then fall off the ramp going like forty miles an hour it was. Also what lesson. Don't know if you guys been how much you've been watching but like when they're doing the the tricks in the come down on the essence keyboards and aliens snowboard excuse really come down and do like the pipes in the nature you have a couple of jumps that they do some flips and things like that. They've had a lot of trouble with the want to wind. Right gusts of wind it up on these mountains that are just blowing these are snowboarders off off their you know I. Worse yet why and and they start jumping in footprint in one of those winds gust. It knocks him over almost and now I'm sure that that's what's taken place in fact they're they have a way of measuring how much wind. And when those things are coming so that they make it safe release these competitors to go before you know they go down there to make sure that please gust is still come over and flip the modern times but I mean these guys are too cute how. And on the air. The company sell him to carry them and that's why he skis are so long and so wide. But this is like my biggest nightmare. Yeah this is my biggest nightmare. Maybe you guys a human is flying like that. You know trying to land and two skis in these guys if you watch him like almost touching their skis with their nose. And is literally like they're flying through the air some. Believable played a blind squirrel. Yeah might not enough I am not broke doesn't matter doesn't it's. I would probably say more like Superman but flush crossfire and wanna say confirmed offline squirrels Soviet we'll just say no you're right though first of all the jumping ports are nothing new you factor in the wind. And possibly being pushed off the course or landed somewhere you don't really want to land and it just brings to mind what are your thoughts on when surface sisters element to an end for your information that was gloss right over here and now. And they have little long. They have these large hill in the smaller hill. Competitions. That's what they call the large hill that's a downhill jump. To see just srac anyway medal count right now on Germany the Netherlands lead the way it was so I says it a bag Norway has the most overall medals and nine. I'd Germany and the Netherlands each had seven to Germany as most gold medals right now United States is in fifth place. With four medals overall and two gold medals thus far and our asses kicked. We are. Earlier this it's typical dim or getting beaten by Netherlands Norway Canada Germany you know so it is bonus. Now we have year round football and I felt the candidate and anything and to. It's true don't just if you could be one country arming Russia used to be Vince Young Germany may be. I'd Canada has become like my opinion I don't wanna lose to Canada but that doesn't bother me. It doesn't bother you like oops you know like when you have rivals. I think is our rob and there are hurt. It's kind of a likable and sports they are I'm like are we your neighbor. But the rivals this because I mean if they listen to these Canadians speak a genuine good story you off the it's terrible that was terribly so that yes that's not what's what's are saying nom. Make that made that's Australia. And a guy my day at a very real loser. Polls are they don't know is there. All my goodness gracious I Yeltsin just a weird neighbor and I don't really care that the evidence does get annoying after while it can't use that losing to Germany brought bothers me far more. Bothers me far more. We Jimmie were unbeaten against Germany and all sorts so we we can't we can't lose again. The important stuff like we're gonna jump expect thoroughness and soccer. They don't a lot of people at soccer. Tentative about soccer aren't they weren't going to lifting its okay young keyboard and ask uses steroids Dennis shrill. But it's true in the women's are women's weightlifting as they dominate those women grow thick beards. We come back to our number three is next we still got a ton inventor Steve Clifford orders that George joins us in thirty minutes they got thumped yesterday we'll talk about that also Johnnie Mae and self. With thirty a big revelation he says he's coming back in dot com makes some sense it's like the worst language ever. German like they spit on you when they talk to you sure pulls its Garcia and that would. This Olympic update is brought to you by Hendrick automotive group. Jumped when he finds the worst when he won brands and over 40000 cars at Hendrick Charlotte dot com. Westwood One for sixty special report on the 2018. Olympic winter game. Brought you bikes ranger no matter the job Rangers got your back Granger for the ones who get it done. American snowboarder Jamie Anderson is becoming a household name how are very own Greg. Mascoll explains why. History was made in women's snowboard slopes Dallas Phoenix no park as teen USA's Jamie Anderson became the first woman to win two Olympic golds and snowboarding the Sochi champion battled strong winds to wait and an 83 in our first run. And it was enough to hold up it was a strong showing of the United States Haley Langley took fifth and Jessica Jensen or sixth. The US took bronze in the figure skating team event Canada won gold the athletes from Russia's silver American an emirate on made his Olympic debut in the men's free skated police third. American Aron Hamlin is in fifth place after the first two runs in the women's singles luge. Germany holds three of the top four spots. With this update on the 2018 Olympics unless meadow west will once sports. When you run a growing business to where a lot of pets BI ordered and had the mr. fix it had to be it's take care because I handled yesterday hat. My favorite hat Myer received an order from Granger had a look my best and that one. Rangers got the products I needing gets me them when I need him no matter what hat I'm wearing that day. You know what I love Granger. You know why because Rangers got my back. Call click Grainger dot com stopped by. Granger for the ones who get it done. Any external senders you to take you back see stint on the cheek engineers they're perfect to share with those special people in your last. Just from six pieces of my Kentucky fried chicken managed to Kristi dinners twelve month wait sort of popcorn. Ready because you didn't discriminate on the fringe don't end it there he is seen. Are you there yeah. They didn't get to share in any KFC's Mexican cheers it's there and do it. Participating Casey's only. Not available and politicians present their taxes have to. Wanted to explain add Orlando Wednesday night as they look to snap a four game losing streak going into the all star break senate Cody Zeller says they'd like to get some momentum going there. No arrests of a little bit. We've practiced today. You don't see bills itself. Saves us we'll. College's North Carolina hosting Notre Dame tonight 7 o'clock on WBT the Tar Heels have beaten duke and NC state since last Thursday. Indianapolis Colts to a higher Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator former Panthers quarterback frank Reich to be their coach. For the second time in less than a month Sampras Cisco 49ers linebacker Rubin Foster has been arrested. Foster was arrested on charges related to domestic violence threats and possession of assault weapon. At the winner Olympic Games americans' right Gerrard and Jamie Anderson when gold medal in snowboarding Chris mad girl won the silver illusion and US wins bronze in the team skates. Next up at Daytona OBB can have duel races coming up on Thursday yesterday Alan Bowman and Denny Hamlin claimed the front row in qualifying for this Sunday's Daytona 500. I'm Jim joking about the flash. DW I. We have an attorney for that child Custer.