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Monday, April 16th

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We are talking about the NBA playoffs and about the hornets was sacked harper fan rec sports he covers the NBA has for a long time he's joining us on the deck the job just like. And Zach what was the most important thing we saw this week into the playoffs. Cool book report that we saw promptly brought in Detroit game one because that put upward and that is your dirt in front of him because. For the rest for the first round at the you'll want to pick up that left her after or if the wake up call for the process they get up there. Well what is it about. This Indiana team that makes you think Theres actually a chance they could pull this off. I don't think they don't both I think about bitter bitter. You're very content type even that wave with what a good bit tight there you didn't believe that then print it would probably think attack that's all I won't. We're going to do plea that it will but they wore them because they have that kind of feel it there. Here we go it hurt the postal so. Spot exact what what about LeBron did look this is not. This is a team that's blown off and then he's back together midway through the season and we have a lot of questions about how quickly they would gel and if it would does happen in time for the postseason and what that would all look like tonight though it's. Our game and then you know come get him to the end of game two we can all be eating every last one of these words put. You don't wait when you look at this team and a what what the idea was when it was put together. Are we getting back. I mean not back yet they can iPad if you read the pocketbook. Really thought about it right where they could destroy it and we don't remember all right that was brought it out go to the first sprouts and we thought that they've lost the weight loss. Everything. We looked quite. Do Michael pockets right now I think a quarter and about trying but they look like they think they're just suppose we can be helpful part for not doing a little bit but there were. About five different reporters that Victor over people it or he could walk right in school without what's he at the front of weather on court you know patter. Just walking into court reporter that you can hit they're just over that but there are big big. The cavaliers to have to figure out oh white or African and it can happen at the thought it. Zach obviously here in Charlotte a lot of people are curious about the direction of the franchise here in and how far away it appears to be from a playoff level. Team at the moment when you look at some of the names that are out there is a possibility for head coach. Is there one name that jumps out to you among that list that makes you say okay this guy could author quick turn around this guy didn't pull in Indiana and put an unlikely. Cast of characters into a good position in the playoffs. I mean I know we didn't go well into the Bob good bet that I think you can hook. Emma Booker but if they're really checking out but what do you get help motivate them I think it split. Good it might look older and Atlanta have been allowed to interview Kirk Phoenix I think it is surely you've got to go after it wealth that he could export Coca. Keep up the really good faith put out of that go go go over what they have a good team mentality of a lot of guys do their equipment but actual look of the era. Kemba you sick with whom you because what mark or incorrectly that you can you can envision don't expect that the food focuses on really well. Well you know its acquisition about poodles are that I I understand which is siding with. Yeah on the one hand you know Atlanta's kind of blown up recently their of their starting over even if they won't say it but you know Phoenix does have a lot of young talent out. He's much as I hate to say it out loud I could make the argument that that Atlanta's. In a little bit better spot in Charlotte right now just with respect to did the caps the cap restrictions and you know what they're able to do over the next two to three years. Oh absolutely not we're from the outset with have to help right here right I have to. We claimed a duplicate what we're going to do. We need you aren't that good to make it work I think it there's a way to do we get to that hurts you with the way the app situation Charlotte equipment. They're still could he could get out of it it's gonna take a lot of like all right we're gonna cut it you know we're gonna. Peaked yet we're gonna we're also believe that there are a couple of up by the you know kind of like. It Robinson Josh it's gonna be bad for that that client who would that work but it that you look at other bird. Well look at the line to make climbing through the sewer water you get up fine down there if you decide you need to get rid of Dwight Howard I mean what's the value for a Tony three million dollar expiring contract. I mean. Our contract or what it used to be usually a take on them that money had hoped Peter draft pick it looked what are the good that's what they did when they got to why they think boy miles on a so they have to do the reverse of that. You know kind meaning you may find it between I've spoken aren't a lot of them about their guys they bet he'll. Sacramento that like. I can. Fund but I think you know it. You're not gonna hit out or that it more about eating a little bit and after that curtain grew little bit bigger than it has. It's a lot of physical side and I do they're not going to be one big boom there it makes everything better I think that you understand the. To order is that corporate covers the NBA fan sites forced joined us on the ticket job just like. Up to get that we we've we found that over the weekend that its us first assistant tore Messina will be interviewing with the Charlotte or itself. He's an interest in duties coached in Moscow he was consult with the lakers and it's got Jack was there by his head coach of the Italian national team and so. Eight he's got a it's a fascinating background we place an audio earlier that's up. Makes me very excited about this guy but what what do you nobody tore Messina and how he might fit Charlotte. Every oracle and well. I mean everyone talked about were like coaches talked about helped really isn't that how like how important the coaches are you think there's a little bit of a good. How I don't broke your and coach on any C have. All players except that you would have a little bit of that international buyer of all I'd bet yet. But it interpreted technical note under any other Coke I don't know were there any better candidate at that purpose it. It is a matter of Judy you're the players that are actually pretty good or bad enough I think we're surely you have situations that. I could see they're still held on the roster bother to recruit out right we don't capital goods there's a couple young guys who got what more aware of that speech you. It bellowed like these guys can contribute to a winning. It. I'm back at it if he with help that. Coaching I think important that. It's what we're about davis' don't go back there for a second because. There here's a guy fired his second season at this and you know for those who might not following his closer might not pay attention as much you know that's that's kind of what maybe this does that fire coaches prematurely that far lot of Hollins after Western Conference finals appearance it. The fire dated than even the into the issue be brown there was not pretty so. You know I think that number is three GM's three coaches in six years I don't hold that against Davis is still to. You know talk about but about him. You know losing his first they're coaching opportunity just two years they're not even two years that in what you might be looking for in a new job. Yeah I mean we I mean I'm a Mercury is what security and Kach group that's good that milk or not. Artist of the popped out in terms of leadership and it was thought that hadn't been weak law firm. An argument with Marcus hall in terms of could be in terms of job right or spoke their porridge cold if you put your region and into your. In the replete Kirk you know Arctic try to keep him on a blow up after the correction be immediately. You can make it aren't there. Friendly network law or our support it but that report is now all after the first beat them you need. You know coached up of every banker we've been at the end of last season. And we look after the firing about where I think that. What you want coaching perspective to view the great development. It motivate. A week that players complain about their pet and even good players in the boat they but he could have something. Am curious about one thing we're Tagamet Messina a second ago given. The language barrier and he speaks English so it's not as if he doesn't communicate and are native language but do you think she would be better able to communicate with the roster of veteran players as opposed to a bunch of 192021. Year old kids. I don't I don't I don't think it'll matter and I think it matter or up. What are. The couple who are currently you can learn a group of veteran dual dual coat some spies think of a group of a young guy at the quote despise but it's more about the the player or want to be coached I think that we see now a lot of what we have good young player. The third point in the career don't five with a good coach. I don't think if anything having you with the culture the player are currently aren't aren't so what attitude are from the relationship is there. And they don't put it clear that I'm like okay album. Brighter and is that there's no way to quantify what that happened. But they're for you this year. Exact talk to me about Jerry Stackhouse is famous coming up I know the geely performance has been good development job and your one but. I think the holder appeared Charlotte is the fact that you've got a tar heel that owns the team toward Milford GM it's ordeal for assistant G haven't. You know any thought editorials head coach you know they'd they will rub some people the wrong way here in North Carolina but. You know it in terms of Jerry Stackhouse the coach it looks like all the tools might be there. Well that kind of a come upon you are right that there is a whole art book Mexico good. It'll look at what goes to support efforts of certain hormone parochial look but they are you the best candidate for the public which Kupchak kept good records of the the world outlet. But is that important the record at you right back. I don't look like you'd been groomed to be a very good coach there BA he might you know right guy. Hi all we put Carolina but the other you know our Google noted if shocked they get hired the unit there that we don't have a problem with Purdue. Wish him remove them big fat out first dog hey at least if they did added big you say staff exactly afar you did have that ability to go from big. Even bigger than it is not good I don't know if that happens it will go up the the fifth. Now. Can't be going there Zack hits you as you look ahead of it to the next couple nights where the playoffs I mean boy. What's this series that you can't turn away from what's the one that you just fascinated by for reasons. Yeah how beyond the obvious you know COY Golden State's gonna do. Down a few guys that kind of thing what's the one Europe but what's this must see TV for you. I think it made up a record one bird won't put a lot of thought I was really yesterday it and I appreciated the so saturated matchup there. You have these folks are in the opener who. Are undercurrent here are the part of the yet the board and Doug Mitchell who is historic raw rookie I think you could be halfway work he's going to dark. For years become. Burke who beautiful parts store but what what part of all nor quick what to go notebook record domino pork and competitive like. You'd just missed enough of he wiping the blue star or two people were hurt and I think that it became clear that you talked air and how they act or event. Might that perfectly but how would want to go bankrupt but what we're up in turning in school won't buy a player a kind of tricky candidate they think he can put the period there won't. That it happened yet all were all. Indicate that that Kubrick particular put up edict making it well actually lifted the ball up well we got it and that that stick but other than that. I quote I looked out of the the out of the and I'll watch every single record that there. Our exact carver covers the NBA for offense are fair rec sports teams he joined us on the second job just like Zach great stuff there we appreciate you'll catch up so.