Garcia and Bailey: Willie McGinest

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Wednesday, June 20th

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But our next guest but tonight is a little bit earlier and then we got to do this now and we're happy to do it now because investors menace sportswriter and talk to send out about that Assange I guess I was the Super Bowl and I you you know him as Willie McGinest NFL network analyst for time Super Bowl champion joining us on the ticket John does slime enough Willie first of all good there was good to have you on the show frank Garcia hasn't factor running his mouth ever since we told you were on the. Good DeBoer Merkel got to go well. We are we are you you are you caught our attention obviously here in Charlotte a couple of days ago because you you are very high on this Caroline printers office top five. Is what you're side not I didn't dig a little I think to date before you said that I came on the year and has a look at this is a team against first rounder and Christian McCaffrey and DJ Moore and Greg Olsen you sort talked about -- saw Jews and Torrey Smith and all the things we can -- lost here and I think this offer should be really good. I didn't know that I would say as high as top five but then you cannot set the next day why why are you so confident in this group. Well when you look there are partly to quarterback coming your game play and their rhythm because you don't fault and a lot of different Kirk's really care of course the par pretty terrible football because bought dubbed Jupiter Norton. And you know most guys that are runners in older they're herb Russell Wilson worst terrorist coupled with dark smoke are there are runners. Not really a big threatened brought a full ball in there when you look oral offensively you look at. How many ways skirt Jim offer attacking they have big physical strong receivers. That Kim by the guards not to divert all American who weren't really really co ops. Secondary to topple the defense is smaller cars. The quick should be direct or most option routes and different local option and and things of that sort of all the group and thought occurred ceremonial. Are backing give you a lot beard mean you have writers are running Gerri what you dare under shouldn't air pressure on the chart your course. Where. When you've got all those got a bigger map the same time it's hard to figure out. How to skiing. Parsley from my experience. We always look there at each beat back Corey each person individually and that would change as we get on these. There when you got a guy that's virtual like my character that can run between the tackles. Who would surely to. Let the team or restrictions black sheer. Then you motion him out in space usually a linebacker has to walk could be sparked a pop in there and it you motion tomorrow. And CJ Spiller they gave in you get a big guy out of the box and you problem you run the ball. Our solar system dimple quote off script if if if if they're Kmart which I've known Norv Turner he's been one of the past. Since he's been in the league understanding. Our discussion Merrill and how to utilize that in set up mismatches you know on the other side of the ball. And and take advantage or born ignored you for how to all local troops. They're always for me I think Greg I hear exactly what you're saying and I agree with a lot of that I really do but you know my question is concerned and is is when you get these mismatch is needed to scheme more than that the personnel groupings are favorable for you the offense. Are you able to win your one on one battles and that's what it comes down to remain everybody you know is gonna look for nicely depth one on one but. We'll can be able to take advantage of those to me the concern is. There is no end since his many here he doesn't throw guys open no real well he waits for don't come open and he can and lasers it tease them. Nine sometimes in those situations. You have to know the mismatch is with a with a weak spot is in ands or those guys open is that a concern nears his all at all. Watching care program are open there a bit when you have so much scholars you have returned all lucky nurtured. A lot of times those windows you feel like you get to Baltimore or needles you know last minute or whatever where other guys don't they do not to deploy all are or are you a little bit different. They're you know. They captured certainly there probably are hurt or not happened skill of the ability to do it's there's just technique and in timing and other pins are back sort. You know just Pritchard is sort you've got a guy like Rickles and church dedicate our all common back. Tom abate receive a large fortunes in New York person captured all riddles Gaza in the solar Serbs are and you archer. Who has not been so Britney could check off what you are and get first there. Just look at those three guys alone not even though all the other receivers got Richard. All four guys that that's a pretty tough matchup took took shape and try to scheme and I'm spare dispersed who all their movement their formations that. They give you an article I think it came auditors wearing you know norv Turner's brother you know teach chemistry okayed it dumped a ball well. These dump the ball off to a guy like America. What's strange is gonna get action to dump a ball off to a guy like a lot of thorough. Garlic actually you don't you don't brought to a guy like person's gonna pick on that action so. They are I've made it I've made their statement based on everybody and help these. Based on skiing in game try to return node nor does a great job. A story. And just based on your quarterback talent that you have like there's a shortage of Willie Willie their quarterback expect to do everything in this week you have. There's one of those god so when you factor all different things very. It blows all the other receivers that they have a wreck product receiver role. Artist ritual wanted to do in my opinion wanted to proper that it everything exit shooter right. You know there are getting your agree with a lot of what you're saying you're the talent is there on paper and I knew skilled that we may not seen in in years past is there as well my question and concern is. And it is the timing of all this mean how Long Will it take. Between falls into what you're talking about with it can be able to utilize these weapons because it's gonna take time for nerve to understand his personnel. And take time to understand the plays that cam throws well the routes the Christian runs well Mormeck or or punches. You know those type of things. And my concern is is that typically when you look at defense of head coach is defense minded head coach is gonna defense aside I just don't remember recollect. And a defense of minded head coach. With the new offensive coordinator coming in and having that success. Immediately usually takes time and you know maybe it just 678 weeks I'm not sure but is that a concern of yours at all. Well not really I think Tom these coaches are spiritually there understand that there are material below are frustrated or. I think when you have a coach like nor could turn me off so well you know like I usually would to ram he's done a very. He handled the off fair. And you go away you know who handles the defense are you can't have. I expect same dynamic there where you know what both coaches. And you know you you mature about the order back in different offer look at what nor pattern oak tree you know then how. Are. A lot of resolve for was geared in generated on running. You have so there's a running game and leaked or running period. It it it makes it or makes it opens up a lot of other things. They're they're opens up a lot of that there in. You know on our officer so. I'm not worried all put a putrid complacent or figured out what we do he's one of the merged earlier. Mom is just a matter of keeping our help the I think everybody well how parole people's roles change we can reach out. I don't think there's proper would be predictable. Which are certain times you know when you when you when you've been door there's a certain way the last year he could try to comes predictable. I think there have a lot of a lot of versatility of what they can do just based on that power that then. Back goes for teams like Atlanta you know our go team like betraying echoed here like New England have a lot of trees there's. And keep going down a lot from what you gotta have the peace even you know treatment. Have a chance to do ghost spirit. Were talking to Willie McGinest NFL network analyst three time Super Bowl champ joining us on the ticket John just lined up and they got shorts on solely quick on this. On Julius Peppers entering is seventy dear to you or guy you play defensive and intelligent a little bit of everything at the professional level obviously players and outside linebacker too but I know you as much as anyone have an appreciation for what Julius Peppers is done and certainly the people in this city love him but I guess the question is series gonna come back often eleven sacked here and he's defied father time right now but if your pets as fan does it concern you that you're going to be relying so much on a guy who's been in the league this law. Bought big you basically off production has been considered he had 11 o'clock last year then. We're causes aids or how many years bitterly if regard productive they've got a very well that. And not think there are ways particularly maturities virtually locate. There where they're dangerous they're viewed through these current color or curvy body you know understanding current they're ready for. You know there endorse suit that could be not stuff written. And toughen your body a predator churches where you hit every single play. So I'm not I'm not really too concerned what that. What haters are to between the manager make sure that he virtually not wore out there and scary when you need a new cannot quarterback. I make those tackles for loss which arm. Like Russert he's. He's one of those got where you look at his production not you know have a player I've never won the money are Obama each talk about what I'm or not sure about all duck they're they're not polished route. You know Willie I spent my career you know watching middle linebackers play and and I think we have one of the best in the game and Luke weekly. You know he has the toughness and leadership from Ray Lewis. The ball instincts of Brian Urlacher and you know it just makes plays you know the question obviously is you know going to be into the injury concerns that if they're kind of haunt them or the last couple years but what you see when you see Luke weekly. Here quarterbacks. That that can guard just go play you know and I understand it in there it indeed they're pretty much what actually develops. Is a ball hawk uses to navigate he's very Smart he's very boulevard and got up and make adjustments no I don't linebacker. Problem is there got to read very well arm. Sideline to sideline he's very athletic. You know. Started what is watching their college knows he's straight players he's gotten better perspective look a lot of this you know you know a lot of there's lot of skills so. Mom look here's wanted to better cover her lot urge compare muscles. They're the charge they're true. Voters just part of findings bury the guy Beckham play every single down in the running game editor and get that you expect there. And he seemed to understand. So much that they knowing what to do what we're doing to try to do appear spoke. And starting Terry puts him in great position all the time yours by a pair. Or the quarter practice try to go in sometimes he forces the quarterbacks and players to make bad decisions but he's clearly. Has everything. All the weapons you want all the tools jewel wore. And a lot of Parker that's got to play every single down in the under wraps up all true. Will you saw you saw your team when you first got drafted in 94 to the pats know OK they were pretty good. And 96 he went to the Super Bowl and you know lost to this the Packers but we had a couple rough years after that did you ever see the patriots DN. The team in the destiny that they are now ya mean kind of their yeah I mean it it looks like a yeah a team that it's a dynasty. Here and we never looked like Europe and there was just restarted coroner we got our air cargo to order. Repeat get better care of old are. See things come to gather. Our our coaches kind of present of what they're water a couple of guys that they're water. And they've built detained around. Kept the nucleus of got you from neutrinos are about 9016 you merchant. Aaron build build build build around that. And Noam whether freeagent toward draft picks are you know car broke our that was already there everybody bought there. The top this part of both of coaching and I would be really could you gotta do. Players and men by and tortured to order we are we we are all we are body and so between aspect over individualism which greater stronger we believe did you know we have to play. A certain way. To be successful we knew. That things were saying it can't believe so guard's role would change. On a consistent basis so you can be selfish in that matter if you was to get certain plays so. Your number called as much as you were very or Russia as much or do certain things you'd like to do. You know it was always what was better for the king and it's got it's it's their staff cleared their unselfish approach. Here you stinger prospectus for players but. He there was so as when he a lot of warning a lot of consistency. And I think after that third Super Bowl we are it was clear will to breeze in our circle and Sherri. You know where we are dynasty. And you know we're not a suitable we put out proved it simple for Baird you know what I laps on. Nobody got locked wheels but it bears. Maybe they heard him mention the word dog. Though she's now.