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Friday, July 20th

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And will Leach is joining us on the ticket John does slide first of all well it's so it's a pleasure to have you on the show here and we appreciate your time a great piece thank you for joining us. Well placed faith perhaps only that they give but it kinda works. So there was some piece you set out to right because you knew about the trend or are you were just curious to see what was happening and I think we've all turned art television wants its licensee notre I have to the knows the 49ers stadium or half empty your mostly empty baseball stadium in Oakland Tampa but what was the motivation modest pace. I don't know weekly column up our New York maggot English I think captured some kind of a larger trend to go way I was fortunate. Anyone able women what kind of back pain that I was I was actually. Betty every bit Atlanta united soccer game and after it was so great. And that I talk to someone that worked LA and I don't what do you think about that you'd like yep great I. You know what and it really opened the awkward practically what you really can't even tell on television a lightweight when they open the upper deck in the 20000 more people here you spell it now on television. And I thought our but he beat out when we like you could tell me about it and it I realized that a lot of ways. Big game went on are basically found did you take it stated the doctor stout statement. For television and the play and the people understand what sort of extra they kind of got all the toward Georgia got off but it was amazing and need to know the the a year or more a lot of students were coming to begin just do inspections aren't good deed with a new coach would not. Actually all a lot of the time that and I cannot reach or veteran Wall Street Journal has done a good piece about why that was it you may have really it just took note. That we used see I was just kind of taken aback when rob it but it remains a bit or mr. He gave an app that I couldn't dig down they look like yep we should book on that we don't worry about that but not really anything that can Abu Dhabi it. They are making to much money that the number of people actually come into the game. It increasingly irrelevant or just someone that loves stability gave. Makes me a little bit. Well I know that there's something else you touched on Tom you know beyond that when you were talking about the declining attendance in that you know these commissioners in there and he's league executives don't seem to care as much because they are pulling him billions upon billions of dollars and broadcast rights from various networks and that's not really gonna slow down anytime soon because you've got to twitters and Amazon's of the world it also jumping and those conversations they're constantly finding new revenue assures the problem that you posed. There was people not going to games anymore is that it's it's all sports fans now however drew from the sport for as wants sports on TV and they don't have that connection with the Indian experience the other becomes just another television show that that's your assertion right. Yeah I yeah it's funny when he that I have two sons that are if you don't employers all and they loved sports they look they all looked up all of basketball. But they also love America ninja warrior fund I enjoyed what he is well but it put the television or organ and they they put that on the exact same level as the sports fan but I'm not there yet but it. Those are incredible athlete incredible thing. I think is clearly a big different I state that he. To the idea that it just that television program but it might kick in for the game. Are they have a father that the teacher but it isn't the game does not have that validation. But the you know we've been I'd like watching sports on television is because I grew up going to sporting event and I think the crowd going crazy that reminds me up. Although I would that the asking whether I'd like crazy or what are we treat the other game I think that I think short term did you write like medium term. All this get a lot of organization that he didn't go to media right Paul beat sport but don't want Big Apple's wired. There have been submitted them but don't think that we have acquired that you're getting it right. I hit a certain acquired people maybe not in the they have. But people that care enough about it in the long term I I well I think that are other people but I think it all we've got because I would think. My favorite sporting event I've ever watched. So there's an event that very rarely pop up at all I don't think the boat off a number of great moment that it broke like ordinary shot. I've heard about watching on television by myself and tell me what the true liberate that make you really love what I know why do you see a person who usually game one at the markets are competitive or your life at that point. I think that's what makes. Export stance. It might worry as it is what it is sort of looked at the end game experience it's hard to argue has not gotten progressively worse. As near Obama along not because that they have to gain a portion of players are work. But just because why would you cater that they you're kidding the television and people and then the people a better person. Just don't matter as much so I think you make no longer true risk. Per short term game that actually make chains are out on a number of all right now but I do think that a long term back danger and. You know Hillary here's Ramon. Many disagree with some of the things he said he knowing that everybody has a personal experience you have your experience with your kids and don't watch American ninja warrior in him maybe not having the passion their excitement that. That you have through Washington game by yourself but I have equal passion and excitement for a team and I watched with a group of friends and I go to we create the party we create the environment biamby are asked the atmosphere so I think this is a personal. You know difference of you know how. How do you go about. Out watching the game verse is you know what is actually taken place because the TV markets wouldn't be growing to the point that they are the the simple and we were seventeen billion now if people were home watching long term. I don't disagree that if you're not going to the games may be that experience you know tears up but my kids are seeing these party with my buddies and you know. Have excitement in throwing you don't beer popcorn or chips when my team scores or throw something that breaks a remote when they don't so they see the passion there as well. I don't know what it might not turn my children not to need Toby. Let's face it that's just I definitely understand that I think they're not thinking that I'd look I guess my larger fear though is typical guy like. Although the play right now if you go to a game wasn't what that does not cure people aren't I get it like I like what you'd probably do I have better angle it the warmer and it might help but we're cheaper I totally understand. I actually get what people make a decision. What are we laid out by trying to tighten its earlier it doesn't make fans themselves that are actually at the game. It turned him into. Kind of picture that turn that in to people who are not trigger chewing anyway. And right now is a good immediate family we even went. Even with all the fractured media lied sport is being credibly powerful in the current media landscape you can because. We're streaming everything else where were you there are no appointment develop appointment television anymore separate sports so therefore it but how in this state. But predicting the I look at you or can media I want it media. A good there's the media speak stranger you know them well it's coaching they've achieved here everything we beat you know about media's going to be different it'll be different to here after that delighted that the the year I agree I think that you might get stuck like. Why are my kids they'll enjoy watching portrait BO television and don't kind of get excited about they love it still. But I do think it turned that they also enjoy a you know watching these incredible vehicles. Seagate about that and I think that and I feel like this it all they can make a certain age stayed there. All of the experience when everything is just on a street but we've but they're good and I understand the public think they admitted that a little. All of passionate all the Baltic but I kid because the one in a way that many young kids that it now I'm guided by the fact that why do I like sports. What got closed my eyes and what made me go like Ford pickup. Always being at a park there doesn't it I didn't have a great they're great watching game. But what really hope she'll then make you someone that one still watching by television and the next 304050 year. It's almost all we guardian that way so I did I understand that I don't they don't beat you bait the blockage or. Our television and it bad your statement is almost too good that the but that's true. There have been bell but I do think if they don't. Tell debate moment movie for example been brought the world a movie are really try I. Peter are desperately trying to find new gimmicks and we'll wait to do that you would have 3-D or IMAX. Feel like. It doesn't feel like sport teams are doing that is probably a veteran player and a look back there but and I understand Hollywood Peter are desperate they have to do it that way. Sure if that desperate can go make a lot of my right now. I want to be a cause and of a long. Yeah well they know Don -- few motion sickness so long that's an entirely different discussion did you Daniel oceans again I need Dramamine in the theater it's a different discussions are different they were talking to release. I wrote a great piece in the New York magazine new Yorker about so low attendance across Fortson willow simply ask you. You know what what's driving it is tied ticket prices is it's over saturation news of laziness is it's. I don't know what is driving it isn't simply the TV product or are let's assume actually as a TV product or the next two or three most important factors why people staying home. Yeah I think it part I think that would it they have they have been named as the main idea but I get a little we've all been three days they had it not for. But what if you go to a game you are you recognize immediately OK there's a lot throw a lot more for the other usually they'll get a copy a lot more to get in the door. I'm going to sit through. In less food period of debt I'm waiting per game to come back from commercial paper after they care about certainly at Britney NFL game and I'll give it basically the Wall Street Journal that appeared healthy years ago. That that they were actually a total. Oh who spurred. Thirteen to fifteen minutes of actual act. Action but I'm gonna talk audited every bit about the other way to get between plate and wait and and come back from commercial and I think that. That's a problem like that the veneer you'd go to a game. And that a lot of that expense that everybody knows that but this other issue today is one Q are there are. You don't feel like uh oh well I don't get my money's put right now because. Mr. all about me you got lucky when the extent that you pay all of a bloody shirt you're gonna get really bad yeah but I thought somewhere. But I speak for the apple like that regular speed. You came up premium priced department usually. Pay very little for the whale watch again a hole and you're not. It got that you'll be like oh what that they can take care about the right out there making sure that I am not action and I'm by maximum comfort. Notre issue cute frankly that jumping the gun law that better. I don't want people are. But the fact that the wireless situation in your own often does not work when you're around 50000 dot dumb people I think it'll well it well people are doing more and more connected it up all of certainly another column in doubt what do they think they talk about. What they were wary of going became but he can't quite get there I can't act than the old and I change a whole debate by. We can argue whether that's a bad day of our society or not we certainly are we out the big identity that is part of it. Well I need to prove pillow limit on your but I got about 3045 seconds why is the NBA the exception of that right now. Coordinator for the NBA it. It chin up and one of either being gay is that can hit a really good carrier by muddy it is really hot right now and that they work. But Dorgan though because it was down ten years ago by people that were not locate and we have to go nobody else they're both booming and the India been able to go out. Because hey it's a bit how the court and beat they had more to move up. I will Lisa national correspondent Major League Baseball contributing editor New York magazine also sounder investment joining us on the segment John just slimy enough welcome back and as more conversations with you Sunday that would love to have you back I just heard time. I don't Willie's.