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Tuesday, March 13th

In this hour CBS Sports Will Brinson joined the show to discuss the chaos of free agency. Also in this hour the countdown of most important moments in Charlotte Sports History continues with a Buzz...


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But Garcia. Back soured over three child clearly frank Garcia and Osborne great job at a sub 70457. Or 96 edit. You can find us on the social media is. Act Kyle Bailey WS frenzy F frank Garcia 65 at Osbourne WS Lindsay is the lunch hour reload your from your 45 minutes from now we'll Branson CBS sports dot com and Ethel columnists will want to hold talks in free agency. And among the things that are measurable come up but aside from the Panthers. And a smaller NFC south news and notes puts us something that we really has been a total time on this is what the Cleveland Browns did over the weekend. Acquiring Tyrod Taylor Jarvis Landry. And potentially your looks like maybe setting themselves up to it takes a Kwan Barkley first overall. And you know bats. Sure that that that could be a lot of thought. Don't there in Cleveland is if they're able to assemble back kind of mess what a schism on the offensive side and and puts. A good defense on the other side frank I don't I'm not to have predictor Cleveland Browns are the most the play also went twelve games or anything crazy like that would that would be a issue step in the right direction for them they draft one and four. Yeah mentally you know why we have this conversation for the browns and being. So called mark who's best player in this draft I don't think it's close. You know the upside potentially because of the value to get a quarterback is relief. You know what the browns are probably considering now you have Tyrod Taylor. You can get that guy in at your fourth pick and you're there'll be a guy available there's a guy you want. Than you think that one of those of the three teams are gonna take him then and that might be potentially enough option or you know an avenue to explore but. And what we talked about earlier is the you know the risk vs reward and I think both players do great reward. You know and which player gives you less risk as the running back because. I think that you know when we had the conversation. Who's the best player you know who's who's the best player in this draft say Tom Barkley of who you and that it was everybody's you know and re saying quote more when asked to the best quarterback his. And you know could be this guy could be that guy we're not sure if it's any of these guys. So you know less than that's the problem we have is for the browns right now is that. For me it's really not nonissue if you need a quarterback you've got one in free agency was Tyrod Taylor you go get sick from Barkley to me he's the best player in the draft. And you ultimately get your quarterback in the fourth pick. Don't look you gotta not to cut and us are -- which you bring in Jarvis leisure Josh Gordon's still live there extremely athletic on the offensive side in that scenario you know and and you know bring in the young quarterback what are you gonna do I mean look at what deeds Chicago Bears did was too risky. Knowledge it would Sean watch I mean you're gonna ask rookie quarterback stand the ball off. That's that's we're gonna protect them you're not you're gonna build a good defense around him and you know you can have all these little flashy toys. But yeah hardly be given the ability use them right away eventually might have to it's great to acquire that tell you to have talent to do get the ball to. That's to me why Tyrod Taylor's and he's not a great. No passer is our great completion percentage guy than you roughly around 62% you know right around there doesn't turn the ball over much his ability to make plays with his legs. But tell you go get him a running back end and the ball off and you can grow. Wherever that fourth pitches right behind him I think it's no brainer fear that doomed the browns take 661 Barkley. Frank here's a strange thought I'm really doing this more for the sake of argument than anything else let me ask you questions you get Tyrod Taylor. You drastic on Barkley Bradley each Unser four do you take Bradley Chubb over quarterback. Yeah I mean if you're not sold on one of these guys rule we just talked about you know I just talked about also as well that's good question could you got your quarterback already in free agency was Tyrod Taylor Matt you are not be long term threat is out. Right you know when you may say yeah I think Kyra want these quarterbacks coming out next year you don't know where you're going to be but. You know Bradley child as it did damned good off the option. You know I don't know if I implement the defensive end position. Nor the three technique and let him disrupt in the back to hotel like receiver Gerald McCoy in the what Warren Sapp and you guys like John Randall and you build Dana Stubblefield used to play in yellow or bright young back in the day. And grow older than you guys but and dom because it was a three technique you know that's where you can disrupt them the center of the pocket the end you know wreak Havoc on those quarterbacks right in their face where they have to move so you push the pocket his outside guys was outside guys become a lot better rosters and you're defense becomes. A whole lot better right away if if Bradley child is going to be what he's expected to be and you know I think he's you know like say Tom Barkley is one of those players that. You know he's he's going to it'll be a new ten year vet. He's you'll probably make a couple told bulls. You know if he's if he lights up and really works hard. You know he might be you know potentially more of those guys make multiple pro bowls and find insulting all fame I think that's how talented guy is so. On the same thing was sick on YouTube guys like Dennis first round to change. Francis who listens to about your question can you talk about Bradley job. On view the data did already draft miles Garrett first overall the defense have been a Texas side and in the they love the kid did out of Oklahoma State on the other side has quietly been one of the best defenders on the team a manual log. And he's. Three guys up short now your gut tell you you have with the Philadelphia Eagles that you you you're you're you're a sprinter stance. And you're tackling the running back on the way to the quarterback you got athletes out there that can make plays and to me. That's the direction that good defense is ahead in the NFL you get four guys out there that can rush the passer. And maybe hold up against the run a little bit Khatami teams on the football nowadays it's not being a far few and far between. You know you throw the ball your your you don't think an injunction in the in the on the slots and you know just you know the swing passes. The bubble tunnel screens things of that nature in which the division you client. You know you got to dangles that might run the football. You know he got to what that who else is in the division got the Steelers in the end and the ring and the ravens they're still assert 65 times thrown the ball you know around. Mean that and run the ball like the bill Steelers are by the ravens throw the ball quite a bit as well it was Joseph Flacco is the guy culture so the most attain your. Vision or to be thrown the ball except that you may be the dangles because you know they probably don't trust Andy Dalton that well. Well here's here's the thing about the -- we get a step aside to know you we we talked about there's two in positions with the trade this actually opens the door shall aerial image over the Stepan and to be -- starting to sort of defensive tackles picture for the browns as well and know you elsewhere on the defensive sellers like to have him coming in the rotation I'll eventually Bradley each -- starter right amid so that's that that's an interesting proposition there and then elsewhere and a decent you talk about odd Jibril peppers and there is Randall and Jamie Collins who guys that we know the complaint there and it seemed a lot of people seem to think that the browns are gonna take make Fitzpatrick got an Alabama with that you know number four pick as well so if they do that that -- to a secure the future safety there the browns are you know but don't let that roster looks to us listen to this on the offensive side really quickly. Tyrod Taylor quarterback. Possibly sycamore the first overall on the back you'll wish to Johnson by the way out of Miami who can play our Josh Horton at wide receiver George Landrieu wide receiver Corey Coleman. They even joke though Gary Coleman you know Darren David joke toilets a tight end out of Miami second your kid you know they and in the offensive line that's you know he's led by Joseph Thomas that that's a pretty tough. Or Thomas most likely gonna retire you're probably going to broadcast and they're talking about bringing its older and yes you know from the patriots in the you're replacing. You know Joseph Thomas but and you've got a record of athletes now. You know we all know you know in this game and it's you know as far as flashy. But you don't have the hogs up front on the offense defense aside you're probably not going to be able to use a lot of those flashy weapons so. They could bolster the offensive line in this draft draft potentially on the middle rounds and you get some debt there. And you know we're we're about the browns for goodness sake brand in order talked about the Francisco 49ers. Don't towards art about potentially arguably. In the worst team last you know two decades now Warren. Bomb in the history of the NFL so we were talking like Tampa Bay back in the seventies style and type team so you we're talking about them now and. That means that means irrelevant they're dealt speaking of the NFL free agency we've got breaking news spin the NFL will tell you about it when we come back it's Garcia and Blaylock. I checked herself breaking news. Talking about the at a solid all these just fat contracts that are being handed out release reported here during this legal tampering period is. It's only a free agency officially begins tomorrow but Adam Chester moments ago or minutes ago reporting that's. Kirk cousins will sign a three year deal with the Minnesota by takes to become the next quarterback of Minnesota and it gets richer because. Cousins deal that three year deal is going to be fully guaranteed and Matt Miller reporting is three years 84 million dollars in only four to six I. Matt Miller story and therefore are out that's all that's what I've seen it. Well I mean 8486 when you're talking about. They'll fully guaranteed though it's you know tomatoes to Matos yeah I mean a lot of them money it's a lot of money. And boy Kirk cousins steps into a great situation doesn't of their Minnesota's Stephon digs at him feeling Kyle Rudolph W Cooke going to be coming off a knee injury but he still there. And he could cousins is gonna have plenty of help surround it. The Minnesota Vikings and the Denver Broncos were I thought the two landing spots for Kirk cousins where get a chance to the Super Bowl. In on then those teams are going to be instantaneously. Better. I thought the Broncos probably had a better chance you know with the GM. And like no way in the you know that but they've given away some ridiculous contracts over the last couple years trying to find their quarterbacks. You know and you know maybe they just if you know kind of exhausted that. You know that option and you know I'm gonna go with the may be a draft pick core. Broncos are encased in a yeah there can't be orchestra in a as a result was like yeah I mean to tell. You swapping swapping quarterbacks. You know with you know with Denver so Minnesota and encased in goes to Denver is a game manager. No one of those type of players that you're looking to not make mistakes that defense got their win football games you run behind your. You know your your offensive line you're here in our power running game and that's what the Broncos have always kind of lived off of you know they had no way they're for a couple years when their winds notables but. And Peyton Manning came in you know if those look the other couple years really throwing the ball everywhere in certain records. The the Minnesota Vikings got better you with with Kirk cousins. He's not elite. But he's in that second tier if you ask me. Mama I like him are like him as a quarterback. I think is a good leader no firm to speak it you'll several times Communist whose team seemed high. I highly bright guy seeing is teams seem to play come in no pardon tore him off things line. You know they've they've blocked well you know at least they tried nearly they give effort and I'm a lot of those things that you look at you know with leaders coming in improbably. Here interviews real well know on top of that so. And I think it's a great fit Minnesota's you know got themselves a good quarterback. And we're a different Super Bowl in love they love their vikings I don't know and I know that Tom you know it's that's their sport. You know the twins in the vikings are two things they absolutely love and I mean not that order in the vikings are or their baby in. You that that they're gonna find a way to know put themselves back in position they're close last year. On and found a way to you don't come back to beat the saints value before losing to the Eagles in that championship game. But you know it's it'll be interesting to see how much better they get it was Kirk cousins because the Eagles Lawrence is standing pat the American some moves as well. You know and and when he you know buildings are now. They absolutely are so good to just to attend a little bit of breaking news just going down about 510 minutes ago Kirk cousins leaving the Redskins and done that was obviously expected with the signing of the trade for Alex Smith thought that was a deal that included Kyle Fuller is welded a Kirk cousins is the next quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings three years reportedly 84 million dollars fully guaranteed money. For Kirk cousins open Minnesota are. Allows you dressed in pansies like you know we can do but we could raise as Snyder took put that in his back pocket and got Kirk cousins say yeah our sales manager W Russians these issues instead he's just Ginsburg and a memorabilia all over his office and he's are you devastated right now do you even care about you you're good you're you're caught. You passed a tragic past. Liquid lunch for frank today for a Redskins fans everywhere probably look at lunch today 7045709. This extent I've read that that's vikings team. Was already won one of the favorites to make the Super Bowl and I would imagine those bosses went up a little bit yeah. I'm they're going to be one of the favorites you have to play great defense. You know as we've seen you're probably one of the best defense is in the NFL VS me you know consistently. I'm you know the the Eagles probably put right up there as well they they released. And stepped up their game last year that it has got to catch that that's what your. That's what you're aspiring to be you know right now and they'll hurt the patriots in the Super Bowl you know one. You know that's so where the Eagles were able to go down there and and you run some gadget plays and move the ball and as scored some points and embrace him whose ball most teams here regardless how did you defense argue sometimes getting didn't shoot us but. The Pentagon last year were able to be you know several of those teams that you know we're talking about they lost to the Eagles and it's patriots lost the saints and they beat the vikings so. You know that there's still that conversation there's nothing that they have or haven't done. In my opinion in as of yet that's you know kept them behind I think the vikings got a little bit better. From the saints. No probably about the same. And the Eagles. You know probably about the same a lot of nota. No goes to the Eagles I think that was the good that's good trade we're talking about earlier the the deciding yes or they were talked about earlier. And how much he fits the Eagles. In the scheme of him getting to the quarterback to tackle in the running back on the way he's Mormon run stuffer. Don't plugging type of player. So little interest and see how he fits and what do they are just a veteran leadership and a big body to you know keep those guys off the linebackers who can run. And so extra rights and police that are tough slot alone discuss this is right Washington drafted to franchise quarterbacks in the same dressed in now have non. Yes that's that's the rest in what they're go to defense and well. RG three you know it's kind of hard to to see. Our you know I think you know you any some I see that say that name you know. Harlow probably towers. From the just war MacBook when there's a particular set an idea if it's I'm a it's not their fault they don't you know you can't predict injuries. And you know he seemed to. No he first came this league you know so gunfire has lot of athletic quarterbacks do it mean and do it differently but eventually the league catches up. And you have to work on your weaknesses and in your deficiencies in. You know he just wouldn't able to do that at the pace that you know some other quarterbacks and authorities. In a banned illegal while or you were drafted to play that type of system and college nor capable of doing so. Now he's our league now I'm not mistaken RG three haven't heard. No team that he's on. It's a place that whole thing under the in the tent and everything that the handling of that. Tom that's unfortunate enough for RG three but died when he was fun to watch what lasted. Mike Price and on Twitter says there's no way cousins is worth twenty million a year fully guaranteed they'll just guess what if he says is he says he was that good speed of light you've had at least one NFC championship game appearance that's crazy talk though so. You know if people are gonna sit there and and is valued this based on their play you know your value at the wrong way it's based on timing and lost our support a double thoughts of will Branson on this stuff on this topic coming up next. Cousins three years fully guaranteed in Minnesota 84 million dollars. We'll talk about that also mostly talk about the printers and drew nor well on the way out as his star blows a Layla and below what to stall somewhere the Panthers are actually got to go free agency is thoughts on the dressed as well we'll Breaston is next talking on the cell free agency it's Garcia Blaylock WS Wednesday. Does George WS since it's the 22 annual Charlotte goes green festival. Saturday march 17 that's this Saturday the parade steps off at 11 AM at north trial and and ninth street in a sound. And festivals located on south trial street and goes from 10 AM to 6 PM featuring Irish music Irish dancers bagpipers Irish vendors kids' activities. And more. Admission is free details at W us Lindsay dies on the kind of sounds like your crowd us. And it's a symptom I'll be there William. I'll be amongst my people that we both played a bad pirates we will sing songs were really young people to be unbelievable to February kill us and I Siegel resting you know it is an I would Wear tilt to your wedding. You saw wronged wife can now to Wear a kilt that's and it's this garb all my people. There will be security letter and a tough and I will not be allowed on the premises were your kills I can assure you that what do people were under tilts. An article I think nothing Jeremy Cleary I thought let's let's answer to the I'm just trying to think back to my only small states at you you had some William Wallace then as I watched him move. Because you're not really protecting anything. The nice breeze I don't know and that's good that's an accident sounds nice I don't know. A looser yet tucked under you sit down skeleton under cherish every little bit yeah I don't know that it seems like a pretty big benefit. I don't know if you're really long under care I don't have access that's how. I think you can no longer a till I. I don't address sex happens to us old guys a day or longer until the I'm not we don't we'll Branson CBS sports so we wanted to thank were a professional singer will submit a review. That's. Just just rhetoric a gardener. I brought I want it back there recovered a notebook and. And I. About whether or not you know kill selected as you get older right you know Mindy. Not. Appropriate. A OK to push your luck in the right place think no anyway breaking news Minnesota Vikings have given no Kirk cousins three years fully guaranteed reports that it's 84 million dollars. A reaction. There are both there by the vikings mark of I think that take our confidence and potentially put themselves in a position. To appear to global contender for the next three years. Are on that deal for content itself I think it's cool that he's going fully guaranteed that it maybe stop a little short. Our Albany calling him you broke pocket he's. There did appear create it again at the age of 32. Particular part of the apple it's gonna happen in the first Durbin do EPA. And you're very lucky he stated a little bit less that he needed to write it I. I think he could've gotten night here under very guaranteed. If you're going to really drag rejected a bit I think ultimately. Per content experiences in Washington. Led him to believe that matter sewed up with the best combination of by NATO security and our pick your tend to accept. Indiana ballot there it is that'd go with that route. I think you have. What it does an accord that market is its that there up in this situation where. You have guys like Matt Ryan and Eric rocker there or to be paid significant amount of money and you're he. Not really interest in particular interpret whether those guys try to take full security contract and get therapy that they're getting better yet. It is sort of respected to great debate they're never gonna get there can't get after Kirk cousins and as a result aren't were. Fired fired power and will also look to pick a quarterback put that number six pick they have in the 2018 and felt that if not trade up to try to bet the. That's our talk about you know the time. Mean this in you know that's that's what it's about everybody says Kirk cousins doesn't deserve that type of money he's not as good as cam he's he's making more than candies not as good as an ex wires here are rock. Largely make him more those guys but it's all about timing and sometimes people don't forget that. For sure and what I mean if candor than I was in and not about it standard. Dogs you're here I've that it were able if Cam Newton was. Unable to reach a deal with the Panthers to figure we all long term contract and he played out the franchise back. You hit the open market it you would get an obscene amount of what. Picket duty at navy is priced out there and that is really what apple product it's been it's so weird. Sort of you know. Coinciding of these events were cut and protracted at a fourth round pick up IRE three. Didn't play right away and they've never fit there are options each step parents he played well but nobody necessarily believe he would do a long term. The Redskins wouldn't pay him what the market rate was and then they just got out leopard and as a result pipa can't really the first quarterback to ever hit. Create the at you know fully healthy under the age of thirty and he is being paid. You know what the going rate prevent the spread purpose visited and I think they're gonna that was the belt where a guider top. Quarterback can believe in what would you. You know as acting in you don't have a quarterback what happened. If you go European blue that guy in in the biking don't have a quarterback and I think it would have been throughout their pay and you don't gonna dump about Rebecca Cutler getting paid. Certain of where rank with the other quarterback there it looked at war pretty quickly and eventually candor will be one of the guys or. I talked to will Branson CBS sports dot com NFL columnist joining us on the technique come just like. A little less to bring it back home again and don't talk about these printers because they read your reports this morning that it's it's it's about a total social and Italy's two starters from last year's team injured nor well a record setting deal for him a garden Jacksonville and in no starlet to lay all the buffalo now you know. Some people campaigning or grim picture out there for the printers right now polices of the days of free agency will you know saying things like a look at a nineteen million dollars to spend the they've got up again finds a defensive end and and a safety and you'll likely back a quarter of a quarterback an emphatic cornerback Melvin traded Darryl Worley your way and no wouldn't hurt to pick up tied and maybe this draft thing but you know not much money to spend they got some holes to fill the how how old blow I just Dyer is it. You have of this is that he stepped laughing. And I think I think the pit deterrent a tough spot the ball. And it results from the other team being up for sale or bigotry indicative of our operator of multiple spot. You know they're defensive end position. This is going to different divided north and the strength of the campers and other rulers are they have they are Bernard Butler can step. On they have they're recent draft picks can give buoyed at the bit to apply. And they need to re ever come back and have another magical year it is that they at age. A you know what. We get excited about these contracts that are happening right now and I think it. In the bigger picture appreciate it you could directly called a pair of murder or go to. What are loser column because you're going Orwell the alerted starlet the lately. You know they didn't get involved in the if you lock in market they didn't get a ball in the outcrop in market. You're very good to drop a better partner what. But they haven't got out to be competitive. Next year you're very good they have. Frankly no Palestinian history back for first want don't hear their outlook weekly one of them is the best middle linebacker in football Eric candor and a weak quarterback. If they had different parts mr. emerged after after cover better illustrated they have great all that you know they still have straight turner. There is there are a lot of talent of both sides of the ball. It is understandable that Pakistan prepare the king. In the in the same way to Pakistan always panic this time a year which had constant war and indeed they can create. But but I I don't I don't think there. It does then pay is much good to freak out in the first what Britney they're too. Britain Connecticut star. Event or they're big they any good they're great outpouring for our well for created you start. About thirteen not bidding it up on eight. Look at the reality is most of the time. In in March in the march date is generating headlines cripple all it's being played. The team used been the most money don't end up being the big winners are I think a political effort. Between eighteen because of the salary cap space for a lot of teams but Carolina understandably couldn't Oprah commit. They're paying two guards pop your money they could Gerber commit to paying. Through defensive tackle stop your money is stored at a rapid taker metadata role apology and I wrote you can keep drafting a developing players. And a truck in there in the corner to have there which is Emma. The reality of the reality is. Princeton has won by the team they go out there it makes Smart second base signing and that's what we ought to peppered it is there. Caught a second wave of created the in part about it. Their integrity more pass some of those holes up maybe even potentially did they don't get in the draft and might even see some more moves after you know that takes place and no soon some of these holes but defense amend. Those talk about that because I I think that's the biggest need right now because it has the ability of the implied the don't apply the second most impact on the football field other than the quarterback it would defensive end you know tin can really you know do they got I think you got to. You'll do business as Julius Peppers wasn't coming back and if he doesn't just cut to 53 guy and you do you move on from there but they gotta do another defense of and that's got to be a top priority isn't it. Yeah I think so I mean you're one of those straight to the paper last year he recorded that we seventeen season. What a lot of depth. Defensive there and he Edinburgh. That debt sort of care really came in the form of older veterans and I I would perpetrated through ever discovered back. Indicate anything can happen I mean he played for a tremendous heat you distribute just trying to give it given you know. How long he vividly in I think bill papers that country he missed like he would have is that it's clear that yeah that the state. Refrigerated right I should but I agree I think that you have to look at the protesters say all right. You know. We need Bernard Butler to make an impact really caught short to be is destructive stop the middle and we compare. You know. What sort Mario out there and you know hopefully peppers. Always you know we put it would put them or account that the that the repetition continue to develop depth there and all of a sudden. It could be a particular strength again and I look at me prepare there's. Barring a very surprising trade of some sort electro pop as they get is not technically off the table but I figured probably. Well likely right barring evaporate he at all. There in the papers or are going to be a little bit on the back into it and they're gonna have to keep putting applying pressure. You know where what that would have to reply in order agreed to accept what you don't and give me one of the big things about having to keep creator as a captain in the bill that he spent bit. If you can. Create a hole and you can clog up pop that the wind and all the defensive line and prepared those guys competitive second level of walking to keep going that's why that's why Powell the third tackle because pursuing the ball early. So that but to me it's really important we continue to have that yet enough pressure that they apply it to get it. Short version Philip very important position for the debt. Well and you gotta go join a tight window here so I'll just quickly ask you were looking at the browns roster a stroll these trades and if you're talking about so Landry and Coleman and Gordon and a joke crew and Tyrod Taylor obviously now with the take sake while Martin's first there was browns' roster and we were saying this for a couple of years now what did you know that's pretty interest it's really athletic. Yeah and an act at eight minutes into I have to be mostly got there yet they take your time but pelvic organs shut up. I I like I as I got all take these pro rated. Senator Byrd. Strip shut out we go by there today from last thought he wrote I don't bode what I like with a rabbit very well. You know what are you want I like the browns are doing it. I applaud darva Landry. As pay. Eight noble one wideout and I think. It is that you can lead the league in is in perception and only averaged eight point eight yards project. But the pretty progressive black from me but I I think getting Landry. And getting Tyrod Taylor who. But it reminds you what Don Norton doing it reminds you what he did with the case it's 4013 right. If you read went out try to put out that they're about Europe fairly active through second round out there. It gave up number 65 overall what are tailored to go to where a cop the parrot Eric doubt that mean they're they're mobile athletic. Mark quarterback COLT turned the ball over march. Is bigger bring that in and as a bridge guy for every Republican attracted number water or maybe it number four. And you know you have to stop replied they're group. Directly pursuing a bolder in case you're Thomas believe you were sure that opposite divide yep Landry who is they're here InterGroup. Core Colbert is still there or he will be how long it lap. But to put the weapons around wrecked and I think it was brown he spent a lot better than people think they're they're they're also the possibility. You know what happens he would Dorsey they said that the current guy on the roster. They wouldn't started they came out the draft what we've Bradley job then and that there are quarterback amid all the sudden you got. Mild air wrapping up their regular video the president about devastating effect event. Natick about what they won't Barkley and it is that a real running back situation put other so I'd like with a browser doing. And up it'll look stupid in a few months but I think the the upside is they're good habit and respected in that division they got there early boot. You know you talk about in a lot of these divisions you look at the Steelers in you know obviously in they're gonna have some in a moves that they may still make with the patriots. You'll never hear anything when it comes to the patriots you know this time a year last year really signed you know the kids from. Did the saints. You know the British tour is trying to coax another that. You know the little regard him. There are a cargo port through to do as well the frighteningly active black you're given the patriot I think that's probably out. Marty ball type situation were Bilbao effect recognizing how much the cap is going up there recurrence. Yes I mean I do we should we expect to 'cause there are there. There are reports there are awful on defense last year. Yeah you know I don't think that they will be. Hyperactive in the market and that and that's the only book. They have deputy Gilmore last year. And and I don't know if I would I do what I I think I would expect the patriots to be activated. It's sort of what they what we saw from last year when irritated because ideally be treated operated cook. Are they gave up their draft pick to try to better into the outside now you do it worked out well it by Coke was clearly you know not straightforward. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it. Knowing where they have Tom Brady act in at this point in his career knowing that it came up short knowing that. They're gonna make an auto parts first of all it did in traits similar draft pick there and try to make an aggressive way for better and the crew were being escorted by teams you know what. You're with a cap space to their attitude their good their reality of being a ballot that. Better put high price tag. Are going to get cut by a lot of news. But there's you have to put cap room you're better off just letting him play and there are better opt in doubt they're created he. He's so they're gonna be a lot of trade but it came to the door they're up there. When they yell about when they except in India trade and I think that's probably you'll be doing Libya that the began. In the 2018 off it is just that they identified able for a lot of other people. Bill Willis couples are going to the Carolina Panthers and you talk about. You know their decision making that they you know about how. How you would you kind of you know go due process would you view Marty are you hat in the GM I'm Dick compensatory picks with no well most likely a third round pick because he was an all pro player and the amount of plays and stars he had last year in organ equate probably as good pitches you're gonna find in the compensatory draft and then also you get starlets Lilly you can move some of those guys up did you have. Have the ability to do everything healed Marty Murray does you know what direction do you ago. I think the compensatory pick is a big factor is prepared well in the other day in the papers are tough spot here because. There there was fail so if your Marty Kearney you need to make it right impression right now you know you. But rather very excited for forever decade right at me like you're you're you're back here repeatedly impact this year but they know what that fail you know and I think that. By letting our violent brawl walk when you look at the formula if you're doing that both of those guys play. A lot of snaps next ship of their team and have an impact and you don't then they're gonna create in. They should yet I can report that I would say right now. The papers are probably believe article about for the top two principal effect that there really are expected to prop up up on a respected very. It is pure Carolina. I think what you do is you know you wanna be aggressive in this drastic and try to get somebody. It can impact your team but I don't think if you wanna reach for need quite yet you know. Depending on how the draft board played out. There's a good chance that there aren't a lot of pass rushers. And that there are a lot of wide receivers sitting there you know went to bed perspectives so I would be cautious about that I think it's you you need to. Fundamentally understand that you have a good core in place. Even if you lose some of the key players and that you can win next year. What you need to make Smart. Heard it financially intelligent decisions in create C and it Alter egos were you know a couple guys it in the draft you can make an impact in. That's not really need a plan but it just it's just very very deep they beat literature job. But I think that the that there perspective there that this. After it you know you have to strike. You were presented to create feet. And you have to come away with an impact player in the draft that they could come out of the gate or you're in day one I think it would be proper the papers this year given their law. After have a guy that they need to redshirt or or have a batters a rotation. I will Bryson CBS forced dot com covers the NFL body we appreciate your with just joy to walk in the door there yesterday met. 900 gathered at a good big advocate of. Have to push your skull and the fact they're we're gonna come back this time for the fourth installment of our top five moments in Charlotte sports history our mystery just coming at 1 o'clock it's Dorsey and clearly. Back Garcia and Bailey winding down our numbers free and we are a little bit behind but so we still got plenty of time for this our top five moments in Charlotte sports history Celtic we began the last Wednesday and no we are nearly finished when that we're we're through story the first was. Other Carolina Panthers are coming between our franchise and NFL history back in 1993. The second was the world 600 in the opening of the Charlotte motor speedway back on June 19 1960. Yesterday we talked to you about the 1977. NCAA tournament Ron led by Cedric Maxwell a corn bread joined us the 49ers and that's final four banner they don't in 1977. Beating Michigan in the elite eight to do it there and today. Our source of the top five moments in Charlotte sports history is the first game in Charlotte hornets history November 4 1988. It checked out this great piece of audio port it's hysteria. Voiced by the force of the hornets Steve Martin. Our state of the art facility was to be built. Basketball in. Jordan chin while police officials in Charlotte. The first of four cities. Charlotte's moment that arrived and Jim returned home to a hero's welcome. I lost control I got very emotional. Here you gotta struggle all his life. Graduate flesh in high school there's no business careers and struggling. To hear that has just itself. Next general manager Carl hear of player personnel right. Were hired to design a fans also took to the drawing board chair and initiated on me in the teens. And which he solicited suggestions from the community. Originally dubbed the spirit this team was Yunnan. Mostly renamed the hornets head once again on the people of Charlotte world plus would civic pride. It's. Harder a longtime assistant. We didn't Julie border of it was the find the best available and to fill out Charlotte empty roster. Chosen were sharp shooting Gallagher. And spark plug Muncie ball. The future was close at hand for the pick in the draft. And they're first in the NBA. Job points. Select Rex Chapman. At twenty this college standout will be the youngest player and Alexander you. Unveiled the stylish team uniforms with the help of a model morning. Late arrivals Kurt Rambis and Earl puritan work eager to started. To be falling into. Poised on the eve of their first contest the city of Charlotte what's wrong. For its introduction into the NBA it. Well I mean number one. Dress rehearsal was over. Mike jitters filled the air. I'm Bob Horner could take center stage. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Part of Charlotte sports history is tonight's NBA contests because. And if you go bullhorn is designed by a puppeteer Jim Henson's daughter Cheryl. Made his debut dual braver. According to spread. As the hornets one unable to saddle their talent in the Lear's would go on to win 540 points. At Charlotte suffered their worst thing. It was all anyone compared to watch but it testimonials faith was about to unfold the. The fact that we lost the first game by forty points and and nobody left received. And they stood and cheered as we left the quartet. I knew that Ford. If this is what it's like we lose to stay what it's like when. And there are news hour. Fourth installment of the top five moments in Charlotte sports history November 4 1988. The very first game in the history of the Charlotte hornets a man who was there joins us next it's Dorsey unveiled.