Garcia and Bailey: Who's Your Panthers Valentine.

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Wednesday, February 14th

We talk NFL and Panthers almost exclusively this hour. The force is strong with our conversation game.


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All right you ready to fly away for 2008 since spring training experience a cactus league game in Arizona two nights of countries fund and the valley's only spring training pulled forty and enjoy country doubleheader with the Austin legend Old Dominion had a WS Lindsay dot com and enter for your chance to win the in this national contest our number three child Bayless right Garcia and Osborne and couple things today we're talking about side got a terrible Valentine's story this is a disaster of a date or night or you forgot we had Robyn Cohen earlier tell us he was involved and armed robbery. On Valentine's Day several years ago so I'm looking for like disaster restore Sony's sweet sappy stuff. Bad Valentine's Day is 70457. Or 96 Tim but also sticking to the famous. If there's a free agent out there and NFL free agent that you wanna hand out a Valentine soup or. A draft pick a guy who is going to be in this initial draft you want the Panthers to takes. Who were heading to Valentine out too we got some great stuff coming in on the building senate's excellent try to a couple of good duck. Suggestions Willis are here they'll actually somebody said Don I don't know who was a big give their Valentine at Dez Bryant bring him to Carolina. Yeah and that's what started me off with the Helm though. If if you already have possession receivers. You know he's. He's a bigger version. You know of what we already have mean met her or smaller version of you know what we saw there was tell him Benjamin you know he doesn't have elite speed. He isn't really do or change much for you he's got a great route wrong turn at times he's lazy. He drops a lot of passes it and focus but you know what I all Libyans or go to make the the the greatest catch around. And in that time she's gonna know compete his ass off but. Too much inconsistency for me in when you look and dolphins players for me personally. Article young I want to develop known as system. With the quarterback. You know it's teaching new habits. Develop new habits and you know work them into you know what we're trying to accomplish a lot of times when you come. From a system offensively. You know whether it's your techniques. Or what you've been told her you know that often she would run you've been running. But you're gonna carry some of those you'll things with him and he does not always a bad thing but you know there's going to be some some turnover sending complied but. You're really the younger. A guide to to mold vs an old guy that has habits are ready defensively if you're gonna go bring guys in free agency. That's from your mom. On the will percent or took a tumble all the good guys like debt debt in May still be under contract for one year. Potentially to be kept casualties. You know to their football team or you go and you'll find that next pass rusher in college but. If I wanna go free agency I wanna guy that if I'm paying money for I wanna proven commodity I want you I wanna know he's gonna have the ability to impact. Every single play on one side of the ball the other. You know that it's going to be a guy. On the defensive side for me in particular the defense event if you're looking for that next guy then. I think that's where I goes a defense player you know the kids from North Carolina plays that. The rams now as names escape and call from ninety four's is number. Robert went Robert Quinn don't yet Robert Quinn I think can be a very good fit here as a pass rusher. I knew he you know he plays on the best defenses. In a similar type of style that the Panthers play west. And I didn't get to give deadheads but it you know you can never have Jimmy pastor insurers I think you do a good fit here like I said Mohamed woke sends another one. The jets casualty ever really looked into fridge aboard the order comes to. There are some of these veteran players in other derby available or some of these younger upcoming players but you know you're gonna strip. I've price. Unless you get one of these guys on the downside of their careers. Ends you know those guys have had a lot of tenure in this league you might know you'll be cheaper than you would one of these till 45 your guys to get really hit that free agent market the first time Pryce beat each. I've casualties I was so listen to back this morning and I don't know how much of the conversation that you caught but don't you mentioned that when it came to guys the bed that he thinks. Either won't be around next year shouldn't be around next year I think Max it hadn't Osborne you might have been his studio at the time they said if you were up to him there were several guys that he was cut and that he thought you clear about nineteen million dollars per his math and about. A cap space and he talked about Ryan Khalili mentioned telling Jay Stewart going to numbers the running back position. Are there guys that you think will absolutely be kept casualties signal as we get closer absolute. We know I bring different or what you're gonna take a mean there might be were negotiations. In order comes to their contracts but. Thumb is that cutting them releasing them and resigning him I don't know but I think Ryan quills a guy we have to start. You have to start considering a guy like Thomas Davis you know to be honest though he played a lot of snaps last year and does some good football left in him but. You know he's on the downward swing of his career and you have young players that are. You don't get a seat you know that they have this they have potentially gave they gave us Jack Thompson some opportunities this year. And you know did he do well at times was too inconsistent at times. You know but it's India the trust your process to address your drafts and you know sometimes it is a young man's league. And dumb you don't start make him the good news is Thomas Davis not make them money and run clearly is so. You know he's probably pitch to a suicidal bit. There are numbers a lot of numbers on the board you can clear and John the stewards another one of those names. Obama I think you need to get younger deposition need to get more explosive at that position then you need to have the ability to you know and not only break tackles but. More of a potential to take it. You know he he breaks it if I look at the numbers he's probably gonna be near the top. As guys a break tackles unfortunately breaks tackles he's getting one or two or three more yards and missed tackles. He didn't have that explosiveness to break through and bust through and get to that second level you know like what you saw the words for net. And if there's a reason why let her threat special and Todd Gurley and those guys wrestled it because when they break it they're taken at the distance. All right we need a more of a threat I'm I'm a business associate we live your wrist or entire draft of that guy does the job is there. Yeah he's a younger version. All of that type of player that you can insert in that first round where you gonna go out there and get a guy that's gonna have more potential of him being that big play making type guy. We talked about running backs and we talked about the drastic. The democratic doesn't need to pursue not much question though is a portrays an elegy still I just sort of toward a couple names up there as far as running backs on the free agent market would go to war one of the things that throughout the that would be terribly expensive Isabella Carlos Hyde dealt. I must say that he's a guy that would come into performance fix everything but if you you do when we talked about going younger in the draft a deposition may be in say the second third or fourth rounds. Comfortable with what McCaffrey and backs they're just kind of getting a feel for what he is and you won but also meeting that you know power running back back there. Are you if you want to win now. You don't think that Jonathan Stewart and his number on the right thing for this team to do that moving forward and where do you turn you in a situation if you think we need new running back in your for next year you're not gonna rely on a rookie running back right so mean. I'm asking do we want to. I'm asking you one exemption question why not bid is a learning curve right amused reservation are going after a program there hard fast for role. You run their hard fast you'll. Have a little patience on the sixth hole. And locations on the outside let your guard down front Douglas how hard is that we don't pass protection and it's a lot of running back then you're gonna have to deal the you're gonna. You can scheme around. Use when it comes of those types of situations where you're not asking them to do a whole lot it might mean. Leaving the tide in a little bit more might mean having different personnel out there both coordinators challenges understanding personnel it you're gonna have to overcome. But his stats. And again everything is saying makes sense but with a quarterback Cam Newton who was still in this drama will be there forever and an offensive coordinator and win now mentality. Is that direction that you wanna go way absolutely okay. Yeah because of the potential upside jab. In a playmaker deposition that you're gonna take some pressure off of your quarterback and the rest your team Maine did anybody think that limits Burnett wasn't gonna be a good player. Enough. Anybody think the letters and that was gonna have his team. Ahead. With a potential to go to the Super Bowl. No. So I mean that's the upside you have those that potential. I mean it's not always gonna be the top it's not always gonna be the first you know and and not make it but if you get a good young running. That was a team that wants to be a power running football team. It takes pressure off the defense takes pressure off the offense takes pressure off your quarterback and it opens things up so you play makers can make plays Cam Newton now has more impact does it playmaker because you're focusing on what's. The running game are you focusing on your stopping the run right so you're now Kempton him. Guys you can mix like morals and the net is not a great quarterback. But he had more impact with the plays that he was able to match. Because everybody is focusing on stopping through what is Burnett you put it right. Running back does that feel like this this becomes a three headed monster where you're gonna now have to focus on room. You got stuck him with his running a stop your running backs you know Chris which aframax filled his immense match up nightmare what's your personnel. Grouping to look like on the defensive side when you have these guys on the field. The big question is. Which free agent which draft picks are you heading to Valentine. Two today for the Carolina Panthers one guy you can do what each of you want to were got some great stuff coming on a tax on all discuss some of us when we come back to all competitors draft free agency handed out Valentine's old deal here on this Wednesday its Garcia and Baylor. Right fuel until a merchandise. It's. Russ there's. An extra set. Listen I listen and energy. Like this you like this. Meth against us. I'll lose that vote to all right welcome back Dorsey and they. Axelsson is saying things out it was just nice one obliterate your own song. I did and I wanted to Larry Charles on it was somewhat applicable. You know Ray Charles rule a low songs I know that. But I have a limited time at my disposal here to try to get things done. So you go with what Jeanette solicit and always tell you about time management aha if the data that's I don't think he's one ECB telling me a hundred blog. Know what I would disagree with that because that guy is always insulted advantages to get a dog so I anyway welcome back did so Valentine's Day edition of Garcia and Bailey ran out valentines to the most attractive free agents. And potential NFL draft picks for the Carolina Panthers and we talked a little bit about running back we got some great stuff coming in all the building surtax line. And try to look budgets of the new orders jumped in their slogan if you don't because I'm I've of course we give us a running backs my question though is not a wide receiver position. Because although there's all this clamoring for speed need more speed on the outside need to take to topple these big play threat in all latte again. Who by the way is isn't under contract through 2019 there's an Al Trenton New Orleans after 2018 but at that point he's going to be a very old Ted -- so I don't think it's a discussion with heaven but. You get guys saw her name a couple names tossed out there this morning wish we seen Alan Robinson a tie and Paul Richardson came out this morning. And tonight it depends I don't know what kind of money they wanna spin on a wide receiver and I am wondering trite if you're in that. Elements and just on your and his offices right now I just I need to get your thoughts on this because a lot of people brought this up if you're looking for speed at wide receiver position. Didn't didn't just dress to speed dial last year and how does that factor in the decision making. Why shouldn't in person to bottle they're Sheridan you also brought shepherd in here does it you know take the top Buffy saw cook though no coal as well times. No may be you know has social life social class is also some drop don't baby arguably the biggest bass of the season. Here in the end zone that you may change the outcome that game. Here's the name of the wide receivers the difference makers that are going to be available that according to Sports Illustrated in pro football grateful to the guys that are going to be true free agents are the ones are to be kept casually there's still going to be potentially out there because that's where Dez Bryant some of these other guys fall into line with he's not on this list because it. Jarvis Landry dolphins 25 years old Sammy Watkins the rams 44 years old. Alan Robinson jaguars 24 years old Josh Brown. Cardinals Tony seven years old. I mean go to a dontrelle Inman. Paul Richardson CR 45 years old. Isn't just significant RT sleek. We get to march is Lee's name. You know I saw him make some plays in that play action you know Qaeda type of offense he's a good underneath route runner. He's maybe not gonna go furcal. And stretch the field but he's getting did you anything underneath. You know and is courtesy important what do you do with Curtis Sammy had to ask yourself these of that there's the questions you know as coaches sit in the room. We're going to be you know we're gonna talk about our personnel. How we'd expect to use him there on the support Ron Rivera this is what is. You know you're gonna do wit. More of the charter and that these at the receiver coaches in the the determining coaches are. I don't expect to use him what is our office to look like what are years what do you want this to be. Well this is what I've always done traditionally this is how we we build we need an upgrade here we need to. Are you may be utilized his player X a little bit. Maybe get this guy OY a little bit more balls. Om and still do those types of things courtesy Hamels got to be a bigger part of the game plan the question is is that is he gonna be healthy. So where do we start with China on him at some point you make a decision. You know you can you also have to have contingency plans I think that there are expectations with Curtis Samuel as we start to see flashes towards the end of the season. Is gonna he's going to be a more vertical presence for the Carolina dances. You know and that's gonna go hopefully it'll stay healthy and let me start at some confidence in his ability and hit understanding technique what he's gonna be in your two and after missing a lot of you want if you go back to even training camp he wasn't there much because he was certain. With his ankle and doesn't the other you know things that he had lingering on so hamstring heavily was the other one. A meal what is he going to be who was going to be at some point you know listen each he has to make that decision from self because if he's never gonna in the field at least to remove. But it as a coach is every move on because we can't tell her. No there there yet with him so there gonna give him some more opportunities because we're drafted. But he's gonna be that initial deep threat type guy that we're gonna you know potentially try to use you know I think their loved Chris McCaffery. And you know the opportunities and things that they could do without. And you know it's going to be summoned there gonna continue to grow with maybe he does. Transition a little bit more to the illegal slot type a receiver from the back field to end you know utilized him in that way shape or form. No but. I'm enormous experience with guys like that he has got to find a way to get the ball in his hands he knows multiple times and you'll probably. That's what always always Chris McCaffery this year is gonna see most years I did not gonna have that huge. Oh my gosh you know this is Tyree kill time but you know player and you know he's not gonna have those breaks but he's gonna give you consistency each and every night I love that as a coach because I know I just have to expect with Chris McCaffery. You know we need the bigger place threat we need that running backs. The explosive guy that when he touches the ball didn't just take the top off in that that that's not mark we smarty sleek. Maybe it Sammy Watkins. Maybe it's Alan Robinson what do you want to pay these guys 1415 million bucks. In and Watkins is not gonna get nearly that. But Alan Robinson is because of his season he had and you know and you know that the titans. Player that he is bright Jarvis Landry. Does it mean. He's each possession receiver or do we need another one. Those that would Christmas Jeffrey got as well it isn't that what Devin funds as is coming possession receivers can yeah so tell me where you're gonna get to speed. You know on this board right now that we're looked at it. People can bring in a today Terrelle Pryor to right and and again I think there's redundancy there too is no prior couldn't catch a cold and in Washington. Is number less your mother when Washington was when I was six million dollars so you know I don't think the Panthers are at an any interest personally. And spending a veteran were closely back alimony a guy like him. He's he does best. Is at best when the ball's in his hands. Right does run great routes. You know calm in a wide receiver screens you have multiple times to him to try to get them all with wide receiver screens and or in a little short routes mean don't we already have. Those guys and DeVon funds is interest me Jeff. Right you said and in a minute ago that does also come up a quite a bit Sammy Watkins both you know Sammy is a guy who is not only been injured all the time but it was cause problems in the locker when he doesn't get enough touches. But did the injury concern is as big a deal to me is anything because you can't keep the guy on the field but he's look he's for the youngest not the youngest. If a free agent wide receivers out there's 244 years old most of these guys are 26282931. You know that's a guy who supported four year old was not much mileage because of what you just said. You know have any injuries right so there is that attractive part of it and Sammy can take to top off you know he did he's a big talent but he hasn't stayed on the field he's cause problems in the locker do you really need that right now. Organizationally is that a guy that you you wanna bring yeah and I don't know. You always does the course and I don't know can help you win the present. Much money it costs a stroke and yeah I mean when you know an hour start to talk potential vs nook or risk vs reward. Noah and dumb in Japan what number that that shows up you know he's probably is attractive. Of athlete is at or looking let me just browse an uncertain job judge it's that brown for a bit and Jeremy Brown for the cardinals. He's a PS strikes me. Hmmm you don't play the next FitzGerald so you know they're they're not they're really respect Jaron brown as much as they did Larry FitzGerald so he might. More opportunities because of that situation but. The fact that he can still run fast and end. You know it is gonna be attractive he's another guy to me what he's 28 years old. Right ya know don't what what how much you gonna pay this guy to come in here. I don't wanna go back to the running back position on the other side just for a couple of minutes because we got some interesting suggestions coming in on the building surtax on talk about that and I also wanna go back to safety and defensive line for a second were handed out valentines to the most attractive free agent or draft pick right now for Carolina Panthers did you get one of each. Who would you hand those out too as we look at this list of free agents are guys that are on the draft boards guys who may be cap casualties who would you like to see in the pitcher's uniform next year as they try to figure out this cap situation and take another step forward next year's Kersey and they would. It. Dreams. Children. Bill Nelson Valentine's Day you know. So there is potential for him. Did everybody not have this song. In their life that they sat and cried. To somebody hears something at some point I think I don't even though the song lose all my old guy. Jawed. I don't racy T hello oh. OK I'm first. I mean I'm not a big wanna reduce federal dislike him is don't listen much Lional Richie this is arguably. One of the greatest love songs. Satires of all time. Well for that great lamb and aren't. Okay hold on because your from the redneck country bombed and others. I wish I said lots of different line. What does this is the market right and now. Plus the rates and there was this. You never heard this on. Yeah. Much of like lower. Come on YouTube are welcome back we are belted out Valentine's Day ballots to potential threat did you get to valentines and out a free agent. At a draft dressed. And we got some great stuff again on ability surtax on one that I wanted to bring it to you gonna do during the break there that we had two or three different sectors now suggests. I've some Polaroid was upstairs again. And saying to us to get back to the football generator and two or three different sectors had suggested Dion Lewis. At a New England. They got a double. Let us know. Terrible. Terrible idea for the members jarred text or it's in just tell Kyle Bennett's Nicole's dead. Yes much Nicole Richie oh it like Paris Hilton's friend or whatever. Yes that's okay little short on. That is being so long ago that I actually forgot that they existed these that alligator and Shawn are now reality show I'm Manny out. Are you it's right by the way no texture while Kyle so much for me thinking your dream it. Somebody's gonna extremists. How about you need to figure out the gender thing a human being why Oz I don't know obviously loves a I'm not sure I did nothing wrong with that and while we view it you wouldn't be a good. These partner when you agree great lose foreigner. On the bottom up have been I don't I don't delusional you talk about on the so it's I'm talking about your you do the back to the front of the mashup. Just a little gift to make you a good landed on top of another third once it's up on the bottom right and the most in the rod emotion as they're getting ready to go is what's the fascinating part of that. I'm more suited to the back I did out about a third of the more power in the blue side and I got to bounce a German businessman as there is. And that's all the tracks we go I didn't just answer the question did Dion Lewis terrible idea why. You have to those guys I want those I agree I agree on an end you know army what are you wanna read replicate this is this the same position. It occurs McCaffrey to do exactly what PLO's does he runs the wheel route you know he's a quick little data about thrilled. When you put him between. And no tied in a tie it and and you'll five offensive line missing go north and South America happened partner Bryce is sending them the same things don't play of Chris we capture. Does not gonna happen to Sicily you have. Good to have a system in place for Dion Lewis you know to be successful. You can utilize him. You know like gay Darren Sproles time like a Christmas Jeffrey tie or elected a New England they finally did did in New England but you know to be here every down running back you know things. No with joy and an indispensable we know about Norv Turner. And the fact that you probably don't seem more power run and you know I've formations a bogey and you don't have to be Carlos Hyde. Or Leonard for net. To add to be a power runner or to be effective in the Colorado game there between the tackles in the NFL you don't have to be editors the most productive running back to replace Norv Turner was LaDainian Tomlinson that's not a big guy. Unreal you have to be affected you. Asked today also had a beast of a man that was blocking for him right. In the bachelor's names escape me right now urge Tim believe it is but he's arguably one of the best fullbacks to ever play the game that never talked about. And you know he was at that same power I running football team that you're running. Hi Lorenzo Neal I think is his name and he just and destroyed people as he went through holes so. And and as LT went into his. Hall of fame. She was Wright's right to do this because he's exactly right that man. It's a big reason of why he was in the hall same name who that is for the Panthers so far going to be. And it's not like Christina Jeffrey couldn't do that but it's were born to do that. To me that's a position that is going to be impact full for the Carolina Panthers. Is putting him back under center and give him a big bruising fullback this gonna go knock your in the dirt. What was the thing you just limited but it's not been in bucks is not your button and dare I was the other now knowing on the other side fully aware. Fully wing Ding. A thanks fresh. Your good a lot of thanks innuendo. All right I know I think it's adjustable with these. That a dating game I had Nikola a little. You get the great insight on the Lorenzo Neal finish and a good thing. The Jesus the man America call that thing on the I don't know it's a side table below Ding Ding Ding a teeny. Robert any are doing is a lover during its dingy. It's that he's made of rubber now Trojan makes those killed but it's not a rubber isn't Dick rubber rubber to the dingy. I'm pretty sure to reverend king Albert Trojan makes those sources coldly Ding you may be rubber but they don't color rubber dinghy. As does it thing is ridiculous conversation so you're not is Ding Ding in the we get it frankly getting mundane things in there and by the way it's extra rights and that if you're up to him. You know and he was right on the Panthers that decided the cap casualties frank would be ride to Lilja is still Fuzzy Whitaker Charles Johnson Graham you know Russell Shepard and Kirk moment. Those are the guys that there than anywhere. Coleman is going to be in the name is what people are gonna cut a shirt you know come to the conclusion that you know where's his value with his team a couple years ago he was Phnom. I'm role he fell off a lot in my drink yet finished here. I got a call from Beaver Falls no you didn't guess I did I got a call from Beaver Falls is Beaver Falls forward to your code. Is that. Or didn't I don't know it's an order in this. I don't know I don't know. On that Colin back don't call you shall we should actually told by coming here. We should actually do the only thing you owe me one million dollars and a good. I'll try to teach a lesson shortage of news about this into text or rights and he gets his freeagent. I did see his name may be kept casualty situation that was so I had to listen up shoot I don't with a click on an exit out all right well I'll look at it again but I didn't see credibly and there was a lot there are a lot of wide receiver names out there there it's Honda wide that are unrestricted free Asia. Yeah and again. I mean what do we what do we duplicating. You know with that. Right because isn't that what it's courtesy email is. I mean Jamison crowds there obviously has had a little bit more success or not the me says exists he's got a lot more success. I'd that you drafted with the high draft choice at what point in which are about the only mounting all the time hack and let him floors and what are you more. Let them make mistakes. At what point do we give that same opportunity. You know to a guy like Curtis analysts say it again again. Mean yeah drafted him for a reason. You know at that position Marty didn't do it but Dave Gelman dead and it's you know you gotta have some confidence with that. Earl you're just you're going to be your head against the wall and when you mess. You know then you go out there and find those guys but right now to me. I don't know if I go out there an idea of crowd that money you know big big contract when Larry got a guy under contract that's true. As somebody else brought out the name love Brice Butler. A minute ago. Don't know enough about. Don't know enough about him. I'm a look that's a guy that he's confident himself says he wants to be number one and number two some Wear and so he's been and how they'll I don't myself to does meg mean number one and you know he's Davis and these twenty years old obviously plays football in Dallas last couple years but. If he Denny's number last year in Dallas was at one point one million. Hum I usually looking for more than that obviously but again. I just don't know if that's the route they wanna dual receiver and I can't keep going back to Curtis say no because I'm not suggesting he is the answer to to any problem UC with the pastor it's a group rather. Are you gonna give up on the diet and to start your drafting over remembering doesn't over top them back one year with Angela. Let it doesn't mean that you don't create competition either S troops so. If you're looking for any who mid level free agent right -- low level free agent this delivery competition that replicates that. Push where you connect you know kind of motivate that young player. In to say this guy's gonna you know he's here he's knocked on your door either you do or you don't we have our contingency planning days I have no problem with that. Another little soft cool question about about that. Sake so you drafts say deckers and knowing you glad you get a free agent to bring any create competition. City other got one of them wins out to the other one can't you'd not discard them but trade him for another need that your roster had to. Are you put them in a different role you like you returner color same old to return the ball. As a returner kickoff returner. A special team player. And or you continued to say it let him simmer. And so he's he's done and ready to play I mean this and we did Jeff the first thing around you're gonna get a couple years because of the talent that you have perceived to have. Jeff. Jeff no I guess I am sure I would love to be a fly on the wall. Is some of these discussions about what they're gonna do with courtesy and how to handle that moving forward because there's this explosion to have the same discussions we're having right. And probably should I'm sure that's the case but the united as far as what conclusion they come to us gonna be and yet they come over to this discussion. You're gonna have some impact more than we do is we're just talking the talk that's true when they're done. That puts us in their conversations I promise you the same the wherever right now no doubt I promise really quickly text to writes that it's I'm sorry salesmen on Twitter has some pieces man I'd throw on my best airbrushed veneman cook a damn nice Valentine's Day meals for Andrew nor well and make a Fitzpatrick so there's this freeagent there's resign his draft pick a. I got and I'll make is is needed going to be around. 120 or more I don't know I doubt it yeah yeah I mean he's seen he's considered to be divested as a back and address I can guarantee that there will be teams before us didn't. Either it's wonderful I do agree with what sells menace and a three or four thanks in and were wishing here. Yeah absolutely he's a crate he's. Don't even know what he's gonna play in the pros and Arnold he's a corner Boris is safety he's extremely. Personal great football player and we got some phone calls that take we come back again we are handed out here in this entire third hour handing out our valentines to the most attractive free agents on the market and to potential draft picks for the Panthers won a major free agent and a drastic and about 704570. And IDC extent. Sounds likes salesman was laying in too willing to lay the chocolate on the builders were put to bed 20 god our. Those are we know I'll get an explanation for that we're. And I talked I don't you write and dammit frank it's Garcia Blaylock. A stranger. Pennsylvania some news that might have been Joan Davis telling you you're out of there is aerial us shores for militarily. I don't know by the way. Frank we have deployed. It's extra rights and good grease boys I have my kids in the car and they're looking at me and I got nothing. While Reggie was and I'm I'm probably doing dating about everything on a Mac I'm a I would say this to use oh we we we appreciate you listening as always and I do try to keep right under control as best I can but I you're the parent served. It's your decision to make all right we love you in the apparent. It's cool to go three better guys that they can learn from it Taylor from their friends through their friends are slimy snotty nosed inexperienced breasts. It's true. We see on your hand experienced men. Classy men who talk about digging at a professional way. Like SA and is doing me. I checked anyway 06 of phone calls or talk to printers and a Nazi Valentine's wants to free agent went to a draft pick who you want broader Craig's first CO what it takes we've been dragged. Booked the trip to dumb but you can't look at I owe it to treat everybody. Our area near I hate I hate people and he always got caught up frank. I do better watch but you gotta watch yeah bill bill shotgun to hate me good luck thank you are Trish I love you too happy Valentine's Day. You know what frank I hate YouTube happy. That this is they're are to quit real comic is this quicker biking and are so. I'm state patrol being back in 83 when one tangible are away at it it's funny are hurt or not that staying market Brian. I am really quick free agent says flex seven or 800 K eight year. Com for its yet to come and beat the number one receiver. It is come bit in doubt that he's ever gonna replace Antonio Brown right I mean. You don't Shuster Smith is is coming along strong. So activity I mean I don't eat at a little bit itchy split about the he wants to beat the number one in particular in your to do it. I don't gonna pay him next year where we pain or someone else. He got to look at it they can debate and say hey Dan I mean got a chance to go somewhere else and you're okay but at bat that bit bet my bank further create afternoon and content. DR two draft pick. Cop I mean that's a tough 1 I am. Obviously immediate impact gift camps probably a number one true deeper and its split so witty what stat but. To really search field and keep staying steady at a Bryant the best way to care about it you can get them. I'm. I say to wrap. While. Is direct written oral. Cap. You gotta get canceled weapons finally done it for so many years and and pray that our our team. Right it's built up on the front seven won't be bent and that's repairs strategy totally get a and I agree with it. Like regimented manner we don't we get on the call and typically. Oh OK okay hold on on our opted if you Reno on. To craft a that you come out first round draft. I am I you gotta go. Georgia's demean anybody gotta go 321 don't. I don't take out linemen. Why none I was terrible credit I appreciate the love member of our control and that is go to John next. It's way late on the though you million U I was wailing. I'd I'd because we're like 5 times yeah I am whatever trying to book tester sees me listen we usually go out there. I don't deposed judges are going back to John and does your Valentine's. It was gone bad so I go one more strategy for the rapid specific players or hear what you got to think about that. I think our chin. In terms of young talent it will look at a drought I want us to get an Ingram type of running back. You know. Somebody that can just went between the tackles away date to use do. You know there's a couple of guys that you could say or. Are that pick I know where we're picking yet we need to trade up to get somebody on the other thing is I wanted to get a young. He spent event you know can be. Those position got a good young leg eagerly guys that are beat up and then of course free agency. You know. What you gotta talk and we need to get a wide receiver we need to get somebody in there that. That much side I think DeVon bunker capable guy. I want somebody out and they there as a will which you've got better isn't bunches. Give him some options 'cause right now. I don't think you get enough food could get it done so. Back Chela Persia is about it. You know and that their variations on an opinion really quickly just to clarify something with Mark Davis -- to Johnson awarded to those phone calls and partake as Fries are free agent martz as Bryant requested a trade from the Steelers know about a month ago because he said that did the quote humbug kind of paraphrasing but he says there's no damn way did you Jewish yours mr. does better than it. And so you are evil but now we say that he's ready to come back he wants to be interest burden 28 seed so I don't know if he may be their name Richard may not he's currently not a free agent so. John. Doesn't mean that is not tradable he's not a piece that you'll pay answers could come written little premiering get. You know trade for religious and Dre got me if I got into the criteria. You know then you know neither does Dez Bryant right. So. You know if we're taken Dez Bryant all those other potential cap casually is also board. Don't mean who's to say that this is one of those casualties if you're gonna be a distraction on the team. Are you better off of not being there or being their and you don't have your offensive coordinator Todd Haley is no longer there they may have been the reason why. You know that. Marte was brought to get those guys you know Jim you're right as far as Mark Davis bright goes even if you were there. I won a guy that if one more time he'll never play in the NFL again. It seems that type of player. That you're willing to risk everything for if he can't put the pipe down or fees that you know doesn't want to stop smoking the weed or whatever the suspension was for. No I don't notice it was suspended due to leagues you know a substance abuse so that demeanor multiple teams multitude of different things and absolutely I don't know what those things are but I know it's been three time. It just doesn't feel like bringing in a diva wide receivers like a potentially cause big problems in this locker room is the way to go and that's just my opinion I know a lot of you guys you care more about talent that sort of thing the chemistry matters important chemistry matters are all good to pass thing it doesn't that. The track record is there. Note yes absolutely and and so dual we'll talk more about this and our performance and a lot of break also Jay Dee Dee jays general thing JD and We're gonna get his thoughts on the hornets the cavaliers were playing surprisingly well for having a bunch of new uniforms not locker room so we'll talk about that know what's more it's our Garcia and they'll.