Garcia and Bailey: Who Should Be the Panthers Next GM?

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Friday, February 9th

Who should be the Panthers next GM? We discuss that here.


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Concert but I do believe we do not hate each other. I'll speak for yourself screw you. Try to McDyess and try to McDyess somebody told me to play a broad blood pressure medicine. Probably gonna needs it. Probably don't need to are at 70457. Or 96 dead guys kiss and make up absolutely not. But kissing part I think you know why you're trying to do screw you agree with everything I said. Yep and all due to stack on a pretty reasonable caviar and you this morning near your does that add and everything else after that. Our anyway. If they do go to different direction and that's why wanna talk about this two days ago hypothetically because this is where we are the answer is going to Panthers go to different direction. All right lake Dawson appears to have gotten a second interview at least that's a report from Tom tell us Errol in social network told our top. Is that a guy I don't know how much and you played against lake Dawson on and on what you know about analysts are ya see college personnel guy for the for the Buffalo Bills. What if anything do you know about the guys. I know he's. Green. I know that he has played this game I know. He was a pretty good wide receiver. I know he's from Washington and we went to Notre Dame and or plays for the chiefs I don't know anything about him as a general manager. And other Disney doesn't do a good interviewer does mean he's not capable. But I don't think that if you're in the situation or stay with where they can't picture our chances are that you're gonna want an inexperienced guys stepping men. You know with the current state of this organization. That's what I that's what I know got I think that it's you know you were looking for a established guy that has some precedent that has worked with the head coach and they had. Head coach is going to give his endorsement for who he wants. You know and that is going to be a guy you know with Martin heard. I think that's going to be the next general manager. You don't have to like him. Or you like what he's done. You know I think he's made some mistakes I think he's acknowledged making some mistakes. I think we all make mistakes don't tip and canyon didian will he learn from those mistakes. You know and that's that's kind of you know where I feel like. You know he has an opportunity. You know to to change some of those things that he's done and and and he'll make different decisions and I don't know how much control. He was under under those you know certain circumstances with the ownership over the top of him. You know when it comes to the Jake DelHomme contractors some of the decisions that he's made in the draft. You know money in other words the quarterback Jimmy Claussen car. He's made some bad decisions. Gimme a general manager that has. All enough. Anyone who look at the during the patients for you right all be all and everything. Go look at their track record when it comes to drafting players there as bad as anybody. But the difference being is they make it right. Right and they move on and it's really helpful when you have all fame head coach who's pulling the string and hold it in at an all time quarterback. To make guys around you better. Right it's really easy to it to make right those wrongs when you can put patch work together and it looks like it's its glue. Right looks like it's you know in concrete. Well because of the ability that gas you know right at quarterback to make guys around him better. You know offensively and defensively impact both sides of the film because you know he may not make tackles he may not mean a bet down but passes but keeping defense is off Phil makes them better and. And there are little different compatriots or because Bill Belichick essential and control over personnel decisions. And you know that's a departure from what most teams in the NFL do and they get a lot of credit for the way they do you think your last year during the offseason we're talking about look at the teachers just got better it was that a bug drafting and rolling the dice and waiting to developing trades and draft picks and operating coaxing Dwayne Allen the old guys like that they they added young pieces dynamic guys proven guys got better that way with the same time it. It's not a completely fair crack you also actually mentioned it. Which and a drop blows you'll yesterday the patriots effectively trade away guy worth a 137 million dollars Benjamin drop load of exec around drastic so. It showed that that's one of those things it's a look at so Joseph maybe they don't always get it right. Our our relies the market for Jimmy G as Tom was not that. But second round draft pick you would have thought that it got more foreign. And for all the people say you know they don't what Marty heard here you'll give me a name of a guy. Just voted to finally made it Gelman we jury's definitely wide because he's got such a great job with the giants. Yes as a not. Immediately fired why he did find. He's he's had his good times is as bad times. Most GMs do if you're in this business long enough you're gonna make some mistakes a lot of double well your body gets fired you never the best GM in the business right now. Well I I I don't think I did you that I think it would be honest soured really look at whoever and I don't know was named the Eagles GM yeah is what he has done. In and taking that team from who SEC number two overall pick got to quarterback had pieces in place changes scheme understood how to use personnel the correct way into each of Oscar winning football I thought crow. Do that is the coaches do that well I think he gets confidence. And all of the players yet it does come to seem to listen I mean I think that's always the right answer there I actually always listen to probes oh. Last afternoon and they had a really bad yesterday yeah last testament to how well whatever it up brits last afternoon the shot out. But they'd had a caller call and in the caller said well I I like Dave gentlemen Mort I like Martin Ernie and Kroger correctly pointed out to him. Hey man DG had a lot of misses to analyze that you may need a first round draft picks to easy drafted they were absolute stunning you know great great players. Every GM is gonna miss and I think what you're getting you're not kidding old Marty tourney. You're not getting all Marty Ernie you're not getting the guy who's you know sort of sentimental with with contract. Had a guy they had time to sit and reflect and understand what he did right people do change. I didn't do little stable and as attorneys go ask Bill Belichick and people change yeah I mean what are what are the key Wessex Saber guess how people check out. Ominous say it is right now one of the key determining factors in success is failure. You have to fail sometimes to come back with a new look at things and be able to be good at your job. And I think that shall we seen from hardy in our Ernie and like I said before sometimes guys the sentimental pick is the right panic. And and you come out with the names guys hit me with a lot I'd love to hear my love to invest Emma looked a look at the resonate that's not a challenge like. From may come out to right very good dude that's your sixth let's have a conversation. Well that's that's the nature a lot of sports fans these days anyway it's at they'll tell you very quickly what they don't like true they don't want to know they can't stand but when it comes to making suggestions as to who would be better I would save. More than half don't really have a name and body. Us and eventually you'll tell your right you know what can happen is when the new regime comes in in the new ownership comes and most likely. They're gonna let things stand pat for a little bit and they're gonna value. And Marty or may be a part of the process or part of you know the the new direction. In if they decide to change that cellmate when Ron Rivera the new ownership is gonna come in and make those decisions the current ownership right now as it stands. Why would they rock the boat and put a guy in there that they have no confidence and you know even though the magna part of the team and not just think keep things in the best interest of the organization which is what right now consistency and stability. 'cause we're gonna lose a lot of that you know when the new ownership comes and eventually and they might like everything in the direction they're going. But how much knowledge and they're gonna half of of how. Run NFL team just because you have billions and billions of dollars. What you're saying that because your billionaire and you think you're pretty successful building things from the ground up. And it's gonna take time to do that to evaluate that don't you think. So you know regardless of who they hire now look you know next year when the ownership comes and then I'd be a completely different person so. It any wonder I keep it stable so slings and operates that's exactly under the current state with the direction that is hurting my thoughts with all the good they've done it in place would see. The head coach you know with the audio dolphins of coordinated with the defensive coordinator and had the good direction. Well I think you gotta ask yourself this question. What are you want more change this offseason for the painters or more stability because if we have any more change I'm not sure anything is going to look the same over there. But I can change those words around and make it sound a lot worse because you used the word stability for a lot of people that sounds like status quo and for a lot of people by the status quo is not what they wanna see although it. I I would also argue the status quo is not denied that OK as close eleven of five guys you know in a close playoff loss. And honestly I don't even know. If you can count the last two or three years of Marty Ernie was here because of what the ownership did to this organization. If you want to be honest with the situation when you start looking back to. Building a war chests. And cutting costs so because they thought that they were going to war with the NFL PA. Jerry Richardson was leading the arch. He took everything and cut it to the bone they didn't draft well. Marty Kearney wasn't given any ability to do what he's saying Jerry Richardson was saving money and cutting costs. So those two years and the others beyond the ten years and years here he went to a super ball you want to NFC championship but he went to the playoffs. Our version but you out of six years seven years as pretty good and it's it's definitely. We pretty good and look at the bottom line though is this all starts with ownership. And you know we animal we had someone texted a little while a little bit ago few minutes ago saying you know. You know I thought jurist he stepped aside and and he was he was always call additionally that I've got the motion trump property in Kansas the cellular minutes that's that's certainly not the case but it all starts with ownership. And when you do have that vacuum in place or when new ownership comes in everything success or failure is going to start there which you talk about what a great job Howie rose McDonough Philadelphia. But really it's on it was incumbent upon Jerry alert Jeffrey Laurie go out make the right higher replaced Chip Kelly with the right diet and and that that entire drive train to use the auto analogy from the owner down to the GM down the coast on the quarterback you don't pass to be an alignment in order for everything into work solo is brought right. On what I want to try to strike 12 now we're gonna hurt and we and our breaks on some critical factor Mans series is easily as viral got a terrific job isn't the only sources and they. They're man. It from the mirror. They're ready and just blasting Democrats for what made you think this was it's appropriate to play as a whole purpose rejoins that's also air force us crazy. Well. Don't I get ya ya ya drop down plays fourteen. You're a faded out celebrities who. Lou what's wrong with this haunted this is the pack leader right here's a maximum capacity if there's an Icelandic it's one of the greatest hip hop songs of all I was not a one of the risen rather. I don't know soldier that's absolutely not imagine Israel does even better. I like Franklin analyst whether it's not the greatest of pop song I'll I don't as I normally would you be humming that song the rest the day. No fry will probably for sure I mean you know being a fatality type sooner because it lets you go it's just come. I don't. It's terrible what supplement Itula good hello boys sitting and listening yes I have and I wish he had. Under the app state students and we're talking to you. Demand to staff and Kroger and a couple others. They had time to do that we're talking do and state student. You know future radio professionals are given a tutorial about sound just a at a grinding and keep working in. Follow the path you won if you wanna follow when the B sales. On air off air behind the scenes all kinds of silk. Really cool group of kids did you tell them that if they work really hard and keep their noses to the grindstone and do all the right things that one day they can be an unpaid intern your work seventy hours a week and nobody unpaid interns. So they deserve some of doing that now did you come to intern ship again. You're younger or one. But for one year I don't like you you took a different path obviously I can't imagine you took any unpaid and Ozzie and I was given everything I had. Well I'm entitled let's not what I'm talking about you went straight from college to the NFL rivals Sony and you have any other area at the door today in my life. A true I'd say it is a hobby medicine not work July draw that no that's as I ordered them alliance. Okay now and knows that I. This guy right here best attorney ever so true. One enough. I'll calm until I talk to rich but no knowledge exist and isn't this is Charlie yes but at sporting news I had this gal she was awesome. She for a year and a half interned for nothing oh nothing and as Ozzie about a year most atrocious and actually six months. Before a year and a half she did every job known to. The man in radio for every show on the network that was there from top to bottom I'm talking. See we are we going frank I'm talking about reproducing. Call screening. Grind and about the onsite at our location not a million in steal all kinds stuff we are your top two. Who we both are really damn good but usually will hunting dat well I that would jobs are you different sides aren't I don't I don't I'm not. Landis and I cannot let that happen but it's really quickly on looking at the other the phone bank right now but these are gonna add that wants to tell us a lame story. I don't it's a lame story I just put that out there is and you you agree and think it was fun guys you got me for five bonus for good and Isa what I wanna ask you candidate. Well. And here is our joint show. Mostly horrible until this morning and now I don't remember us. Genuineness that I brought this up just minutes yeah. There was kind enough to draw play a daily itineraries for us when we come to work when we should do things they say it enjoys a lot's been made to point to say 1 o'clock it may enjoys the show 1 morning it disease. If available or cart and today I was at 107 when I walked in I just got another meeting I usually keep one too cute furry. So today I'm free from 1072130. So shoot what do I asked. Bob. Nothing now your favorite Winter Olympics event. Right now it'll be downhill skiing because I want to see Lindsey Vonn racked it up I wanna see gold medals I wanna I wondered. Finally be reckoned that she's just one of the best downhill skiers of all time raced all that but to get the record I didn't receive three or four of those shy of the record. I had double checked up but what does he Lindsey Vonn compete at a high level and win American gold now. But to ask you question her yes we reevaluate this the sheet task well. So what really makes us better. Because this 1 o'clock thing I'm not sure it's working out are now they've been against Arctic suddenly coming. I tuning your good radio I think so. As long as abortion is always the word Chicago doesn't come out until it's come and businessman are diagnosed at a time the debate. About that is ownership or earnings imminent on this one girl and sporting news when I was in Chicago. And Marty Kearney a thirty Chicago and zinni and the virulent and I finished I said today he told us about Tottenham boss a us eyesight and my. His spot and it's by state. Welcome Michelle if lake Dawson is the right man for the job recall list. Although what is being Sadr not senator was well Marty Ernie and lake Dawson is the man for the job okay period I tell the story move on this reality. I had the debate about what we don't know what we're gonna know. Every full story about anything in life and assure that person in the story but if lake Dawson at is again if you like Dick talked about and nailed a job it's slid. You're awesome leader you've quoted yourself was saying that you are above the board a couple of nation a nation to get or Gloria or those. What would you do if you're the ownership of the Carolina Panthers would you re hire Marty are you would you go to different direction I'd either. Under the current state. Of where they're at right now and not knowing who the next donors going to be. I'd find the best. Person qualified. Male or female Marty your Laker lever for the job no matter what's going Omar's personal life. That doesn't matter is if you think Marty is going to be demand for the future in developing talent. And keeping this roster intact with the guys wanna be here and will make our objective. Decisions to keep short cut guys but he's an. How much consistency matter moving I don't remember one and I initially because the new owner is gonna change and to me that's the argument I would make for keeping things consistent as we speak for the short term. Armor until the curtain to the new owner comes and an absolutely just to put his hand print on. And it's and it's a really good argument and I and I I follow that path to come OK let me ask companies do I'd be okay with that are there would be OK with that. If you believe lakes gonna be gone next June he's the guy you really want. The Eagle Lake and a hello Marty Marty you eat great sort of a station Mardy is in phenomenal human being but if Blake if you believe he's gonna be around next year. You've got to get them now this is the way to how many people are knocked him down his door Jim. I don't know I don't know that I don't know who only enemies and I've I've yet to see that. I'll look it was a little bit did you think we have heard that my leg was a candidate. The last three years for other gigs Kansas City Chicago. And just come off so I guess the point is still going to be around. You never know I mean really six pop up pastor you never never but. Fired you know move if your banking on it and you're betting pick yet because there's that your guy. He is a college scouting after the bills so lug the wanting I would say about that is that is if it ends up the coming him. You know you've got a guy who's been evaluating talent to the draft and he's your covered on that for a true but I apologize to you don't know what team. So dramatically so what team was evaluating and FL talent for the Orioles right that's true how is he dark. Plus frank I would imagine it takes one meeting with Ron Rivera to say this is what we need can you help us identify about what is is and how he's who has a dirty I did that's my two. Then it's clear that I don't I don't I don't know it is obviously and well enough to be in the conversation for these jobs is obviously done his job well enough to be in the conversation for judging in position so I wouldn't I wouldn't fret too much about that our look at look at him with a big shiny red button in the middle of the room which can help to push and I'm gonna find out what has linked story of some sort. I got to live and what's. And got to speak out about every day. I spent this is just know this is exactly lame story Oz is gonna chant and the just noticed this is exactly lame story Oz is gonna blast you know. They eat out weapon any apps what is Super Bowl back into about what they think they're more it's been invited. In July the Super Bowl weekend Greg let's watch Super Bowl well expensive but fun. We're walking procedure out the shots. There and that it but this is there and got a chance to make him against us time. Are about to break out that it would do that or did buckets as one level up at Mayo and love to hear about that but what a gracious man. He was in just wonderful and tell stories taught that Brian piccolo in this expense. And I was like OK I don't know what we should cannon's first. Cancel that lame ass story because Dick Butkus and you know his time in Minnesota or Kyle for bringing a month to kill you wrestled to show an element of Garcia and daily show you're gonna Jeremy not enough men and daily show on Monday. Finally on lake Dawson was with the Tennessee Titans I believe when they got there box mail so he is bent it around or he sees it that recent success is delisting it. I was in a very good but nobody succeeds in Cleveland right now as candidate and I don't OK Jesus got a couple of good. And I Dutch euros in your eyes shot and tears governor's joke and we mouth to mouth I know that obviously a step aside we have had plenty of time to screw around in the world according to frank. Time now. For the world according to frame. All right it's the world according to fracture. Osborne you want to hear shortchange yesterday go ahead. Cranked. I love coffee. I do practiced in all of costs and I love to train now on capitol his last. Yeah Tony sucked I weigh what does caffeine headaches I've rarely have we were I'm fairly rarely. Have gotten a caffeine panic maybe once or twice a tournament. They suck we do suck frank. I know you like coffee. What's the best kind of cost. Tree okay that's probably not true as I get free Conte in the breaker and it sucks now but his free. 'cause she's five bucks at a Starbucks it's outrage I know it's ridiculous for small cover the collar grind day there's a divinity is a large there was a smaller small. I just I don't know. Daniel I've noticed this. At present the Spanish coffee that surprise you now what is not is grown and Dave and T was Italian word for small. A deal Google translate out about. I actively don't know that Zito now let's just said that it was county Pennsylvania I think Zito was the frozen foods the world obesity you know those are two Quito. Those are two Tito and after Tito's got you. I that very fast. Yeah. After the next interest multi Gomez with my to keep them sentinel and as the dust to dust now has discussed here is a gross. It's a tall thank you it's a tall tall OK all so I dropped the ball is a small yacht grinding is a medium and anti as a lark yes. It's stupid that's exactly right but they charge you five bucks for every one of I needed to Tallinn get the ground in the box by the time we roll out of there but those are what is ridiculous five dollars for costly. It's great pumpkin spice and I guess I'm pretty intense for its water and end and beans. Ground. Just just think so if I cents. Contra Costa McDonald's. Big coffee. To get an ice culture that they did do and it's also a school idea that analyzes the pinnacle is good and is pretty good good shot here are some really good gossip. I'm tired and four blocks from for ice sculptures are buying it for free right over here put ice in it. Don't all the you know the Kremer in the position you're in the did the sugar that I need and it's very closely to putt at all he put in the fridge yoga and expressly during gets well there's a million stuff. Our first question for me. Just your general take. What is your opinion the flu shots. This is a great question that's a great class act takes my quest now so I was in my opinion of flu shots. The controversial thing the year ends are known to be. People don't just grill me for this but. It may because I don't like taken medicine I don't like taken Advil or aspirin and her. You know when I was injured the tort although the fight to dinner stuff like that right threat. I MA more bowl I'm a bigger believer in. Your body heal itself you know you've been positive. In a daunting is it right away through his investment who's the best medicine no don't act sick and you won't be sick and those types of things. But I I don't get. If you believe that you're gonna wake up every day you're healthy you have a positive attitude. You're more likely not to get sick is the placebo effect I just go with I you may not think that because your security with little snacks and every day against us is that running nose but. Why would anybody want to go infect themselves with the flu shot I know the doctor's gonna kill me for this don't be medicine people out they're gonna say it that's not the way it works. What I that's where I think it works I'm not gonna go give myself the flu shot when I don't it. What I don't get the flu I never had a flu shot I've never had flown abroad but also as a kid I pulled my immune system. He never had the flu. Under the full blown flu. I had signs and symptoms not the Mets you know look as to meet the flu is the whole thing is I know. What do we know there's there's different symptoms of the flu that is considered having the formulas or different strains of the flu I understand that but in terms of what the flu was typically considered where you have the the nausea the vomiting and diarrhea plus the runny nose the sort of the whole deal like that's the flute and they know what does he ever has and look at the means you're contagious. When you have to strains of the flu your contagious you have the flu. You have the flu. I don't know that whether or not you're contagious you ever and determine generously write a sinus infection last week a sense. Go right to sakes I ever running and sinus infection is the most common way people get sick we talked to get. Yes doctor frank just make stuff up now I can win and I was with you that I agree Jim 120% regardless flu shots why would anybody want to go infect himself I never have. I don't know if I'll be real I never gotten a flu shot in my entire life I never had a flu until my sister had a baby and you have to have the flu shot when your around babies this. It's just there it's deemed it can be deadly two small children. T when you have slaughtering you should get and what's called a T depth booster called a tease out Brewster yeah I don't think that's the solution I don't know I get TT got booster and I get solution no they were they won't they ask you to have that CIA it's not required. But how right they ask you if you're gonna be around the baby and instant baby to get the deed that Shia death. I'll have taken that not my choice it's been happening to me recently Jack did you usually in head. That one I had to choose the Oakland to do about it really want something isn't happening Jimmie recently which just defies all logic I don't know why and I want to scientific or medical explanation when I eat now. Anything I eat. My lesser drums don't. My nose runs when you eat when I each mine knows pricey stuff so I act I was eating goldfish earlier in my nose was running. Well I'm sure there's a reason for that I'm not gonna probably explain it properly but you know probably some endorphins are being let off which causes your blood flow which makes your nose run. You think you think there can be right. Kyle I mean what what do you think eating spicy food products. And and that's one of the things they do recommend like what I decisive action to restore it there's an open draw yes because they're gonna agree to prepare you know make sure active as he starts worked in etc. it's actually true and frankly sounds like you know there's the more spicy foods you eat the more you want because it causes pain and neck pain releases endorphins in your brain and you learn to like in crazy. That's why when you start eating. Like Tabasco the Texas beat our bill canary is enough you can't get an up and that's why date their slogan is we put that sleep fine everything is because it's being endorsed and rushed it you get it makes you want to see adrenaline. Literacy courses and they don't try to no offense that's that's really true or what are you I guess that explains why nobody else in this room knows that except for you I don't know frankly don't know everything and an execution tried that and got some tough Bernard I don't know everything. Pope and I knew that I don't I don't and I know this that pleasure except I know this that flu shots flu shots. Yeah Jackson yeah yeah yeah please and I saw the greatest yeah I agree that some shots or scale. I don't know understand that's channel is my opinion by. They're free can't help the church right. It's kind why I don't know I want you are you don't ever got more I don't know my next question I'm so recently. Scientists in China and Shanghai clones alone among all by design knew it paid genetically identical. Month. Strikes and scared if I gave you clothing machine today and me would be the first thing you caught myself. Remember that and also today there can never been a track. They can LLC table there should be in a more franks is what the world needs is an amendment against that sort of an easy now franks franks junior handled. Have you ever seen a movie called the boys from Brazil. I I retired to remember you called the name of the movie it's a movie and if I saw the I may have seen it I don't remember exactly what it was a problem with cloning it's about cloning well unfortunately and this in a pretty down and asked about cloning Hitler. But the problem they have with cloning Hillary is due to the clone. You have to have the same life experiences if you don't have the same life experiences your clone is simply genetic copy if you that you had nothing commonly. Essentially idiots. Right is Michael Keaton movie and he got cloned and they're all different from them. Was a bonus multiplicity or whatever yes they receive that would as brilliant but anyway what's it didn't take yourself off the table but it's boring I'm Greg okay fine what's the second thing you would clone. If I did you clone a machine right now. And Brooke Shields. A lot of really disappointed these answers why does a great answer what are sagged. A pig. A towel. Well what kind of answered did you expect. Non that I did you do clone Braxton business and about three Braxton to play with he looks fun. Yeah yeah on his front for half. The only one man. In that sees you need help with that. You when you have children you'll understand. You have children you understand you know man to man you can play. You have two kids you can still play amendment gets three yard play zone and we start getting three zone defense is tough to manage. You'll understand one of these days. I would clone Kyle turley. About a thousand of the ammo army. That's an idea Arnold Schwarzenegger redeem these old. Yeah it's a clone your cloning him so good that comes out is a date yet that's what I thought. I think that's what a lot of people dollar cinema decoding process don't know what about it right identical copy as they are now disease yeah that's eighty year old man at the pictures are taken his gene pool but those monkeys look like they were the exact same size and age when I saw the pictures like no other much just came out and just naturally worst five years old. Three prior to us now. Antibiotic dorms or three traders like him exact topic is not doing it works out that. Saint Jimmy says he gloom Mike Tyson it's terrible idea. Leg just you know. Maybe Mike Tyson got some of the rough background. So little bit more polished who would you clone who I clone that's a great question what's her name. I don't know like clone Brooks from you know Israel. We clone has that was a straight shot an analyst at this year's lessons of Michael you have that and I was really isn't data just as the election stuff I'm. I have no clue like club arena ten more seasoned and say some Serena. They got a mighty that's a woman holy lord alone he's answering the I knew that we get him go we talk about for second though. And good for her that she found Lopes would hold a man on earth that you would have picked for her to marry again as well strange. You know sort of a little silicone valley do it feels like a lioness who married like under. So at this talk comes to stay within the animal kingdom and is now now now. Well I don't know what what any what is the most near the end of fourteen years this question from and you click OK get. A pig now I was a marked. Well there are things are really Smart that's what you're asking the question what you believe they're being very Smart being dirty and also how can we clone the punch of marks and Estonia no. I happen out on that line and when it takes and I'm finding the clone machine and it pinging their work. I'm taking it down text writes that I would clone Mac and we were gonna shut down every all you can eat mostly in Charlotte. While. Scarlett Johansson nights ago. Alia the world needs more scroll joins us. Now as bigger one yeah. Let's just Lisbon early status of music ends abruptly as the dust on them in the show's done. Numbing sequenced on where we come back it's time for the garage door Drury and offers Kroger Co. join us as Garcia clearly. Just my purse is the place for the best deal say 60% on a Callaway GB the ethics fairway wood to achieve maximum forgiveness and faster ball speed. With this award winning club into details on this and more and get my perks dot Jon Kyl barely frank Garcia Osborne now joined by Chris Kroger primetime show underway in about fifteen minutes and a quick reminder. Coming up after the show assuming our digital team is somewhere we can find them. We will have a FaceBook live directly after the show some are sure to tune into that pause always runs that mile Franken I just kind of tag along so we'll. Have a full apology about playing two live crew on this on the train station and got you got arranged yet you do around. General you know banks are brilliant. And still there are some uncle Lou Quran he loves men really there's there's a lot right there there's a call line. There in her battle again your trouble again down the right you don't know what's funny is many analysts in funny you're probably trouble Marion on our GM. Just said earlier this morning my number one job is to keep our FCC license you might be in trouble this year earlier drove home the car trouble when we should brand new. The complex there the driver lost complacent and complain about a new were driver that's another story that is what a story on your door as a fellow now. I'd like Atlanta and their own. Other thought is look will housecleaning last thing here so I'm doing my job also get ready to fly away for 2018 spring training experience a cactus league game in Arizona to nicer countries fought in the valley's only spring training pool party and enjoy country double better. With Dustin legend older men and had a WS Lindsay dot com and enter for your chance to win this national contest to Chang that's it. Name is starting size of the Cleveland horoscope click click click cavaliers go. Oh crap George show a point guard Rodney noted shooting guard LeBron James at small forward. Iran none on and hold on I got this city is the same 100 that out now as we get to tell nobody comes back spasms apparently construct trigger and Johnson its center a couple of guys that are forward. Illustrated form. A learning and student rise Larry Nance category is that or is that so. Who's the other guy that we mentioned earlier liberals are afforded to get the message that's a cool thing about their trade you know you got to give credit. They now kind of match up everybody's opponents warriors but they're kind of performance warriors you know they can go big they can go small. I think it's a lot of versatility they have any of that stuff with with the rosters a curly was constructed and you know they still got a lot of shooting Kyle core riding hood to great shooter George Hill can shoot and then obviously LeBron can't sue Kevin Love when he comes back Kyle Korver off the bench JR Smith to a city got a lot of three point shooting big you know they did a good job I thought the deadline yeah. Guards derail. Oil has gone over and answers. Broader audience is customers got a solid all around and sued George kills a big body point guard you know he can really get up into guys and I'd like. I think they got better long term I don't think they're better short what we don't let the short term and I'd that's the thing and you know I think he got to give them credit because it's it was hard to. How do you manage the now with the later I think they've found a way to do it I think they're big they put it to gather put together corps that if those guys are serious about yelling and train there have to work hard to death. But with what thirty games to go those guys are serious about hunkering down trying to trying to build some team chemistry and try to win something of merit they can do it. Up but I think the caps also maintain some future flexibility and got some guys that if LeBron leaves a stalling it and if we are acting like to inclusion in a foregone conclusion it's not good if he leaves. They're never respectable team there timber is my favorite corner of all time is the greatest toward any as the greatest corner now I believe of all time as well. Danny's help how how far the hornets better today than before the trade that. On now better today but you know I think it is a long term play you know I and I I don't think I don't think that's wrong to do that and I think last night was proof that man like what more can you ask if a guy. To single handedly try to will meet the fourth quarter was Kemba Walker was coming walker against the Portland blazers last night for the fourth quarter end. He specially you know the stat is to see the most is he the most over used Jackson dame a little or maybe the other guys that say but even he's got McCollum you know now. Yeah I I mean but based also you know usage rate what he's asked to do I would say. He might now be the guy but he's he's in the top five and then when he mixes efficiency rating is not for sale like when you mix and how much runs through him the responsibilities on him. The guy's company and on defense that's the other thing that like it's not like he's out there being a liability on defense he's competent on defense on top doing all those things on the offensive end. And it's just dumb it's just frustrating because you want some more helping you know again like I'll sit here and say it Dwight Howard can come off the books a year from now. And I think he's a guy you could move in the offseason is a guy you can move in the middle next season nom. I think that's gonna give you a little bit of flexibility I think if you could force the market revenue he knew where in the market is what you what you saw at the deadline yesterday we choose. If there's a team. Then all of a sudden is hey Warren blowing up motor work worry and worry shed salary cap mode sick shed salary mode. Two whites and is huge expiring contract to teams would be a huge if you know you have to take money back in return remember that. But you're you're basically gonna send out thirty million dollars in cap space away team let's try to flush out thirty million dollars in cap space that means they've probably got a pretty good player to deal. To people or multiple players to take on that celery that's gonna expire so you know that's the game it's a game of chess not checkers and you ought to look in order to point not a must deal are they pretty positive point checkers Chinese checkers I think look I think more than anything you wanna know what happened with limited trade deadline. This is Mike Reid OK I'm not allowed inside info on this is my read I want a I want to offer disclaimer on this. I think the Willie hurting Gomez moves which site and coordinates and eventually find its final little deal. It's not a consequence. And that point right there is that that's the only deal I believe rich Joseph are delighted to to make. Yourself so think about that you know we're civilization day training camp looked they tried to. Damn what your that was a rich Joseph if that's the case then me you're probably looking for new job next year yes yep. But that's my read and I did but you'll based also what I'm trying to you read the tea leaves makes sense of that's about the only time to deal rich Cho was allowed to make a disaster that's all the broker given you're looking for a new job maybe he could have been able to treat Michael corner Williams. But I don't think he wouldn't even be able to trade a journey like I am more frank Kaminsky without getting some sort of proof whole. From Michael Jordan and I don't want to move where hey bright lights look what I did for. Well not and there's that and look at this game or eight games over 500 right now I don't know this for certain but I I suspect the wrist shoulder probably already had an extension employs. And and they were the five seed you curly that there were born Ben and an announcement an extension. It's not comic and I look at him dude we may be wrong but I just you cannot tell me there's a scenario out there which you can justify bringing back for. Show let me say this team go on on a ridiculous run over the final what 28 games left remaining like I just can't you know and even then it would taken this team going like. Something to be effective like 28 it only takes this team so go like eighteen and ten I think for that they even happen and I even then I don't. Why would we expect that they haven't done all year tawdry right look I I can set up the other day the last time they did an opportunity to win four row the other night against Denver. They've won four straight games the games four through eight of last year to. That's the last time that happened there and video eighteen intends. I know I don't think I need to go eighteen intent I think they can do a little bit closer to that but there's I mean so it's going to be something that margin I think they're gonna go something like sixteen and 121711. If they wanna be a playoff teams. And so. Here we are what's coming up tonight we got Luis Moreno junior by the way Louise started yesterday we are talk about frank Somalia got talking about Spanish and Luis and the only Spanish words that frank knows our tacos and survey so that's actually. Myself and more in a little bit. He corrects him continually gets so we'll that would keep them and he does he love to Tito's so it is expanding its close mint head to head to the fact that your reading to Tito's. From circle K so 110711. Cute he's got that on that goes to UT. Yeah that's where it's FTC is that I. He's funny as must not generally speaking it was more college thing a try to stay away from fast. Just heard your convenience store to Jews in general looked yeah you start tell me a great she's kind of right there. By the way with Luis and we're talks of Canterbury to talk Carolina duke obviously Fortis the deadline all that stuff but. Our Jason lock on four and build boats dropped a body figure out what's up this morning already think it is. Why don't know there just conflicting reports it's weird so we'll get into crude. A couple of our boys have a great show happy weekend we'll talk to you on Monday night and you're right this and his right guys. Comes prepared every single that we were back on Monday we'll sauteed in primetime is next for hit man on strike on childless husband Garcia Blaylock W with Lindsay. Sharif. It was I didn't have blow your mind that you just happen.