Garcia And Bailey: Wes Mitchell

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Friday, July 13th

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The South Carolina Gamecocks downing Colombian man who is got his finger on the pulse of the gamecocks. Is on architect to come gas line let's check in with a right now as we checked in with a Wes Mitchell gamecocks central dot com hey Wes chuck Howard Greg Garcia would be Al Arian my friend. I'm gonna get out on the veterinary. Pretty good we appreciate you taking time out as we know there's less than 45 minutes now free to get to happy hour so make it quick. But pay as CD SEC media days on Monday hard to believe what game got players discuss much a must have taken Wear them. I can't this year they're good and bad because then you'll BJ want. Jake at least for a not being there are likely to other candidates as well what when you look at those three guys like that they are our grant. The last few years. To offer to play makers are going to be a big part of that all that this year does that Egypt on. Sort of came out of nowhere last year but arguably. What is so popular as best players they're not they're bad players that you could see why Jennifer berg out. When you think of South Carolina game guy. Oxy think of defense at least I have over the last several years what's going to be the identity of the team this year. You know I think it's interesting because Gordon the last year. We talk a lot of now they're off that might have to carry the team early in the piece band that never. It had to beat that the last two years Berger will bust and the defense has really exceeded. The local expectations you know peace sort of looked at it. What they've brought back what they this from the people or. You'd you'd have thought there might be the probable beat the last couple years that much chance but that. Yeah I don't don't wait. I think to start right there like he said what these that they you've got a voice support. Several Spartan secondary obviously Scott Moore with a big part of what they do a lot backer. Arnett replaced those guys but you just look at what must get dark that you feel like you've got to put the pizza together their put a better place to exceed. Offensively. Lot of potential but I I think everybody around here order. Still a bit in latency knew our quick feel about it just until they see it all sort of play out. All they'll. You can follow him on Twitter at Wes Mitchell GC gamecocks central dot com. I'd have to say. I think there a possibility. First saw look at the gap program you know they have. I've dabbled off but the want they don't really get about this year or alert after upperclassmen. They they haven't fixed that are also a senior that a pride be the first out the extra. You you start there Ali are you talk a lot and I think you look at what he had struck back. They admit they really bit beeper signal from artful last year treat her shut you give him a playmaker back. Solid. Yeah they're running back in. But you know you add all those things together what sixteen that I think you're gonna be a little bit more purple spot they want last year he was Oreo react to a lot mentally. As far as that. Try to Jaffna from the why call it the off a lot of protection that well I think. Some people are and we're talking a little bit more help on the center with debt this year potentially so I think he's seen them. Maybe placate his threats a bit more this year gonna help about it by the expectation predict billiards or beer certainly very. What's the game. You look at the season this is yeah this is going to be the game that separates gamecocks football from every other one we can all talk about Clemson I'm sure that most people would circle Georgia but what game is for you because to me it's Kentucky. Yet cannot I can make the argument sake but I think. Yes you furcal that we seagate which or the fact that it is we do way is that we've right stadium. South Carolina last few years at Florida Cong around the neck games were to order but hasn't quite and it's strike is this is that you know. At the Georgia team that will develop archer upperclassmen. That date that the favorite in the east and you know they're going to be counted to a doctor are being that probably will have to show much we want it go to Carolina or. I could be because they're there at the it that Kentucky's sort of thing not their back and beat those guys are at all or straight year the walk out split. I think the way to seating goes or the potential to really compete in the east Derek start that we do it in store if. Few more minutes with the US Mitchell from gamecocks central dot com a lot of folks are pumped up about the gamecocks. Heading in trendy pick they're not gonna sneak up on anybody I wanna get a switch gears a little bits Ed west recruiting is finally coming around the last couple years as we all know. With coach Spurrier down there while he had his early success is kinda. Interest waned for him if he will and I know a lot of high school coaches. Especially up this way Charlotte rock kill more real thrilled with the the Ole ball coach has will must chance finally won the high school coach is back. Outbreaks are because they see our party worksheet that's the doubt it literally not at work but there Eric characters they expect at all. Approach do. However according players. You know respect bit concerned about are either can't they read a bit cycle. You know from geo had a high school up and Anderson are well backyard what can firstly recorder and it landed here despite the fact that. And it major target for corporate and Georgia for that matter which generator but actually. You know closer back in their visit Colombia. I go to Eric it's the top player of the stated that picket that. They've had this order expand out that they they brush independent eight summit well. Got a quarterback Californian rat which he thought they have expanded their reach a bit more well what yeah thank you looking statement. Much camps or have an open door policy or the coaches don't feel like they can talk to about it tarmac. I think that's something you know it does take on the spot but are they however I buy anything but you'd think what our school coach's seat. And I just bet we collar approach that much can't take it match up the bank are appreciates. Hey Wes before we again. We look to get out here one more minute to go out with you but are you believing the hype when I say the pipe you know we're near the game got fans are excited because a lot of folks are saying 89 wins is that you feel that way. Yeah I do not think there at the port or member that. You know they they got about went last year some of those were more down that we probably expect that they go into that cedar. So I bet it player or I think it's a big haven't went back gate not the out quite that well. You know I think what they have come back the fact they were able to get that went federal without he'd vote then you'll last year. I'd think you'd circle that they can you know can be both say they help you here Pete help the Eric if we're opposite goals he can score from anywhere at any hot. I'll. I think obviously you're always need those you know breaks to get your weight got to be a little bit what people I think this retain their Aurilia is gonna be cured of the fact that they. They catch Georgette. So early in their whole I think if not then they had at war talk about book called. Inspector ordered C they're very very talented but it may take them a mark their starter release order. Figure out what they are and what they're gonna be about but I think again there are bad and at Georgia South Carolina game that keep up our web that that. The sky's the limit for their. You know they'd lose that game that obviously Carter pre cooked when the east and you start talking about and it went later out of it back to outback ball purple like that. Samuel obviously is a dynamic player is there any chance that we might be talking about him at the end of the season for. The George Rogers award. Known to lot of South Carolina fans is the Heisman. I don't know you can rule out an army look at what he did the first few weeks last year and back into the kickoff return for gush out. Our perceptions for such doubt I they re ran the ball for such an out. He was float back and now wait Italy. Is short of a cover up a bit about how well I bought carpet actually. If he's quite there I think people start to know who you're too can't we all know it's a big part of that. You know I got app people commit to take you first of or are people retain a connection I think especially that the conference didn't return to action. The fact he did get hurt last year. Yeah I mean if you get a bead of favor probably not what we're happy the product. Everywhere we don't know what number is Scott could put up with and what they completely healthy. Cedar because it hasn't happened yet so do want to know what the kids treatment is. West appreciate your job very much my friend I got a sneaky still will be speaking to you more throughout the year have a good trip to Atlanta. Oh.