Garcia and Bailey: We talk NCAA Scandal. What's next for College Basketball.

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Monday, February 26th

What does the NCAA do nect to try to save college basketball? Is it even that dire of a circumstance?


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Before your child really stand Norfleet civilians for frank Garcia who was on vacation this week and Osbourne fallen on Twitter and Osborne WS disease. And that's who you should be to go to the real star of this show obviously. You know did actually should be Garcia and Bailey and Osbourne and though we're under the lobbied for that because a WB TV. Came in here on Friday as it a couple of other new stations to do a a story on the on the NCAA corruption scandal and so law. But Friday night at about domino what time was 8:9 o'clock sometime in their. I got home and and our thoughts muscles nor Steve croft took all let Todd do the storm was dumb to see what he did. And so is featured Bobby Lewis who was in here. Right after us with Kroger on Friday and you know some of the footage of us talking about the show. But the one that. The very first clip they went into on that show. Was a closeup shot of Osbourne behind the board and pilot did. I mean in his face was as red as Nebraska do that is where and he is just going in on the NCAA and it was about a 102 clip right at school ball all it was a suggest in the honestly you should use that for it to you auditioned for the future it was so mean Osbourne was the star of the story. You know when you're in radio and like you hear yourself for the first time you're like damn I sound like dead of course I've every single day a sonic complete nerd. Boeing Everett bumpers on here is dirtier me and he's gonna have accomplished more than I will ever dream up. But when I was on television it was like oh my god I look like that. Any shades I let a terrible path that's what I do this week and I kept my my. And I say my restaurant my dead eyes I said it clipped to my mom and my dad and my sister I said isn't this funny. In my dad taught the next days and why your eyes always bugging out of your head with a half off a. Don't know this you know she's just passed since I am excited. Yeah just yeah. Ever if you give it signatures checked noted in his goal and an Osbourne just losing his mind for instance I can read and it was it was fantastic crowd and not be realistic respectively Jed bills was talking about earlier in furthering with his NCAA. Conversations I hated the NCAA since I was eighteen years old maybe maybe younger. I just I abort them I mean I hate him. I'm I think it's one of the dumbest organizations and in sport in general. On I think today it's basically he has used free labor to make. Ungodly sums of money. I think it that's wrong like you know cannot be real here's a hot Tate is a hot to this and this kind of milk your face so I can the NCAA is on American. I think it's on Americans are working on I was denied. We're eight deny these young people eight year old people people who are adults and ability to make with their worst in this world and I think that is wrong. Not to make your building not to and I and go see you foresee services yeah I ordered an American I'd suck. Well visited the issue committee and I won't go so that I won't go that far I don't like tiger doesn't say that I hate the NCAA because I don't feel less strongly about an hour. They don't like me for I mean I think the NCAA has become obsolete I think the NCAA is become archaic and I think that the NCAA is at a crossroads right now where it's. Do we want to continue to be this leviathan in college sports and and continue our industry in a way that it's profitable for not only ourselves. You know bush for every one or do we want to becoming obsolete organization that allows the power five to move on informant told governing bodies and and to control the money and everything else. Or do you wanna change and adapt and I guess my issue here and it it's always been this way and I felt this way probably for the past five or six years ever since Harley-Davidson thought. I don't personally believe the student athletes at the college level should be treated like employees and I don't think that that's the way to go about it. I do think there's a lot of value in an education I do think there's a compensation they are that you you enter into. Willfully you know as an athlete because that's the decision that you make you might say cal he notes it's the only game in its value of the antitrust exemptions there's or. You know there's there's no place for them to do. That's five. But what I've always had a problem with is saying okay we're making billions of dollars over here. And you're not getting a slice of but you also can't trotted off mural like this in your own image and I don't know how. On the light that's that's that's Wilson adds it to me that's everything because what it Altman were born into this life when our name it and we dial with our nature and that's it you know we can't take everything with a switch to take the money would as we can't take the house. How has witnessed. But we have our name and what we've accomplished and who win what we stand for new York and sort of say that you cannot capitalize. On the one thing you have coming into and leaving this life to me is fundamentally wrong and is fundamentally un American. Odds it's it's just say it's just someone that because others might make a poor choice we're going to restrict your earning power. Because others might make to the wrong decision to run early or an NBA GM might make the wrong decision to draft a guy who so clearly not ready we are going to prohibit everyone else who may be ready. For makes an eleven to me that's the American part of this thing. I'm with you there and I'm probably more at the latter part of your explanation and I you know the formal. For the simple fact that. I'm I'm a quality guy and that's why I get accused. He was they raise pay whatever circumstances may beach but I just address the mayor is a discrepancy. That I feel has found. In fact. There's a lot of money out here. I'm a college landscape. Light mist and all the while I just more revenue generating sports numbers specific with that. Revenue generating sports and programs. Should be able to compensate players all say it program Obama. Beyond the standard scholarship and calls to attend its value. In making these fair and equitable I also feel good coaches can jump ship. And they don't have to sit out. Lawyers should be able to jump ship if Moscow's every year to year we're mrs. And you don't want to bring me back there shouldn't be limitations on where I can go to school. And we're headed that way now we're sure and it sounds like that's the direction that study NCAA is headed to complete for months now been here and about a proposed rule change. That would allow for one free transfer. Of an early in an athlete's career say this is not the place for me it'd be somewhere else to continue my career again I know it's an imperfect solutions is limited to warn. Lots of people feel that way right so you have that you have a graduate transfer rule as well that middle. Just so we did there it's it's getting better there are imperfect solutions and really that's all we can ask for because. Again I get frustrated with people not because they can often come up with a perfect solution but because they're so willing to throw their hands and say well yours is not a perfect solutions let's listen chicken. This is touching Jenny says. This was clearly pulling them about. The data took the top. Of what this represents Smart camera. He MR Kim himself admitted in a quote this week the as a systematic tribute to him mark all your watch. You agree college sports is in a worse position. Fundamentally good job of dollars are there but the networks and shoe companies are driving the dollars. Mark emerge should have been fired years ago and I've been sailor on the show for for weeks and months and Oz can attest that I haven't cynical that mark Zimmer should have been fired years ago. And and maybe the most headline they can think BJ Miller said was that you know he said. To what would Ronald Reagan say when he was running for president he said dog yes the question are you better off now. Then you were X amount years ago there was the NCAA and a better place now but it wasn't market for our. We parked and every minute and never lets. All revenue the answer is no because you know he bungled the Penn State or did he he screwed up the Miami Miami here screwed up to North Carolina. In the list goes on and I screwed up a little or Jimmy little suburban Boston years ago the palace of that was taken place there even against the modified. Your original sanctions and just got rid of others. Or else others were just wiped away so go at us why hasn't he been fired. Money. The sabres a Roger Goodell wasn't fired Middlebury at exactly where I was the no reason that Roger Goodell wasn't fired during the Ray Rice scandal during the great party started in the middle of all the terrible PR the missiles dealing with. For domestic violence and everything else the reason Roger Goodell was not fired even though there were. Reports and rumors that he could be it's because Roger Goodell has overseen. A and incredible. Incredible revenue growth. Indiana fell through television networks and he has made these owners hundreds of millions of dollars that's why he was not fire and it's the same reason that more Jimmer despite screwing up scandal after scandal after scandal has not been fired as the NCAA president because these networks keep paying more and more money for the rights to March Madness and other college sports properties. And what does that tell us about the actual intentions of the NCAA. What does that actually tell us. Because if they if it tells because if if honesty and integrity in college athletics were really that important. Everett put I think and so far I think got our solar go to dinner ridiculous unit 81 that lasted a week on the job he was someone to come up Panetta fired at. But that the money. The lining the pockets of these institutions. That's what's important to the NCAA that's what really moves the needle for these guys and that's when it's becomes a key escorted comes a key issue. On if the money stops flowing. That's when you'll see Emmerich up Gasol Emery it is likely Roger Goodell the same example I had in my mind he's a figurehead. Him as Ali is its took composition. He knows well. He knows the company lines we know he knows he knows what he has to say when a Mike's put in front did and that's all they really need him for. Let's that needs to make money that it is what bulls down to this has got about a pivot here but I wanted to reduce tax because it became and a the little while ago and it's. It's interesting you know you start talking about agents in a big part of college athletics and other proposed rule changes on that front we a list or text and he said I played College Baseball. At a division one college and I had an agent. Are gonna draft to my junior year he got me a lot of newer equipment at a bit of a raise on my contract once I was dressed to no harm no foul there should be nothing wrong when basketball and football players to side and talk to an agent during the season. It's eight you know. To that dates and it's a very simplistic. Sensible thing to say that athletes. War they are and who are willing to leave the setting of a college campus and then the education at that moment in time is not their foremost. Concern. It's formal education right now for a the F formal education is not their foremost concern rather is pursuing their their demeanor their trade their job. To to have guidance from someone who doesn't for a living who negotiates contracts were with ownership with with franchises. Who knows GM didn't know right is only as of employers that pay out more portable power forwards that CU six with six special for. There are some challenges you might wanna think about. It's not a big search that was where I think you're. Yeah no it's absolutely ridiculous and an agenda there there are various sports is Jindal is ported out where you can have representation you can talk to representation you can get that kind of real feedback and not just submitting for the draft and they're getting a little bit of feedback on in a word might landed hard. RX seventeen to 53 a B just it's getting real honest feedback from an agent who works in the business every single day that seems like a good solution a good step in the right direction. Aspect for T afford to leave school. And become an attorney. It's not control any attorney and a world. I get advice thank you counsel to go shadow and it firms to accomplish what portion each. Internships. There's a whole this whole whole list of opportunities to get information once they crashed. Therefore whatever. When it comes to football and basketball. And a lot of good looks like me. There's a difference. And I. An issue with. I'm comeback route two will continue to talk this we get some calls coming at some taxes wealth and of course I gotta get your take on where the printers are heading into free agency are they set up. To surpass that eleven to five record. As currently constructed and a place to improve on that. Or are they poised to stake a step back and talk about that is Waltz Garcia barely stand nor fleece and and if. It's a double is dead or alive today and if you wanna weigh in 70457. Or 96 tango that's awesome pictures coming up in just a moment as we get stand sauce on. How the tractors are currently set up to perform this year coming up in 2008 seed in double talk about that recyclables go to the fall wants first and they'll bring in Matt who wants to discuss the NCAA we appreciate Jolie Matt. Talks. That are going to ask. Our man says that the religions that do well let's arguments on the another eerie. Limo right she went to school. We're still trying to knock them at least 2000 dollar. Did it close group. Well godaddy don't let me walk into the integrated meant to recruit tinkling Reynard and Rick this is bad and our group therapy that whatever it is going to be in the draft and ready to get. True I remember it. They're. It is just. Actually load he's not more pro I certainly education is the tournament. I. I understand he's. I had him. Or are there. Basketball. Players in Iran where are you could possibly know. I'm killing. There are decent OK serious grammar senator rest. Solely aircraft territory around. This city is you know instead I'll just rest for our basketball. Here's the problem is nice I'm personally not stadium. And another three million people now watch a world wise or certainly nationwide. We give our metrics wrong. Hatred here's my issue with that too. I've got student loan that are no lets people do. We chose to go to college knowing what cost and so for those of you. I would say YouTube making the dude you making the decision as a student athletes who don't play right he'll likely to bat. All the same thing applies to regular people right you went to school. Director of that debt you knew it was part of the process and and you you did it in the hopes that you're gonna get a job. The paid well enough you can pay it all snow problem on the door at least without Doug distress over a period of several years. And and I think again your point a finger in the wrong direction bad because I would say by saying hey the wool mart my wife has student debt or my sunrise has student debt. Social why oh why don't exactly see the value you know and in not doing you know what what they're doing it and did he quote unquote free educators are. How about asking. Why is a college education so expensive to begin to know what watch for a state school is a cost eighty to a 100000 dollars minimum to go to four year degree. Right now we we also that we oftentimes detract in this vacuum the sports and we say well you know what I have student loan debt and I had to work two jobs going through college it was a good at that free education leaving with no debt how did they not see them. It's not about not seeing the value to that it's that as a as a person off the street going to school to get the liberal arts degree or to get a business degree. You know what money are you generating from the university while you're getting your degree. Or are you just paying to be a student see that's there's also a difference there you're not you're generating revenue. For the university and where a lot of these players are the and an uneven a guy Jim who doesn't think these players should be taught a paycheck I just wish we stopped it will we would lift these restrictions on these guys for being may be able to go out and earned some money with their own like. It should just over this audience the 1 o'clock audience understands my position I do believe. The new generating at least. Com women's basketball. Burma is the best female program in the country they actually generate a profit those ladies should be compensated it was not a male female thing if your program. Generate revenue of you're making money. A portion of the money that's coming from apparel that's coming from TV is coming from day secure portion and a big goals above and beyond the Contra go. From beyond the scholarships. Are revenue as you were there but this notion meant a scholarship is free. Wi. Matt's wife and and I wanna leave them on the when he to. We respect to a man's wife and this is just the fact some people a ball right last name. So people are born improve the situation is so people born 614 and so people. Law and make your brothel for three. We shouldn't limit those folks that were born April marked up a collegiate sports for directors don't Catholic guy and and a guy just because you as a steel say that you meet to his peers at that each shouldn't limit that we should actually be promoting. Met and allowing him to go maximum amount opportunity. A series of phone calls routed chair faucets are appearance ever appreciate old buddy what are your thoughts on this. Any couple questions respect and help predict at this point stand how many choices did you have his or her major was concerned. It was limited com bear on the football program sparkles and at times and hours that we practiced. You have essentially guy. Does that picture from our I'd say 95%. Of the gas pick from 304 majors I actually pave the way on the first after emerges that is major U. You PH to play football at fifty years and guys came after me got an program bush bill for essentially that were chosen for. And how many hours per week did you have a chance to go take up an internship. All of mad men certainly during during the spring and fall semester. Majored in football record it all out. And Robert shepherd and it certainly brought this up. Conference why does is look at the ACC I would love to see the ACC come what would a major. That's essentially a look at the business. A look at the colts are a mobile fallen language a little. Old history man business. For guys and ladies gotta. And play pro ball in their may during your ball here at least some lies steals they can be a part of your education on campus say Chapel Hill led duke at wake at Syracuse or Virginia Virginia Tech. Let's go to rich next and bring him a rich for your thoughts on this. And as a listener Matt golf that is there could not Alter. Graham. No wonder I got a scholarship baseball. When did. Then Monaro. You know I struggled a little bit you know why. If it whatever it was my out of there and that would talk about how regular people. But you're debt mainly those scholarships available for. Academically. Right. So commander Scott are about people recommend the school and make a gray. I slew of him at this particular how were sent here cabinet debate over. There ever perk and haven't fooled. Barcelona happily I mean a scholarship that scholarship they're academic scholarship out there a greater if he. If not then you're gonna juror didn't bat. And a ball got to. Thanks Reggie did just a part of a manager Dennis at a point a finger. You know the across the way it the other student who's their own scholarship and and Europe set again because you racked up 607080000. Dollars in student loan debt. When did you when the that was eyes wide open you knew what college education costs and it and really should be upset with the fact that a college education. Costs as much money as it does even the state school talking about Ivy League schools or private schools state schools are outrageously expensive to to do to our degree from soap guy I think he angers a little bit this place there. MF also ramifications that come with that so this. The traditional student has taken out of student loan to go to interview emergency a tremendous moma Mara right. OK you have financial ramifications you got to go pay that let younger dog got to give you money and have the were going to whatever situation may be. As at least we have ramification is total. Golf CT. It's called morning serials call Achilles. Like bill ought. Million people that have died from football related injuries the American spy on embarking this is. Just as peachy keen over scenario. As many people. And it out to beat the slow. Oh we see it every year it's nineteen years old. Misses a shot call a timeout to take the field goal now. Receiving death threats. Accusing college. That's playing a kids game. The same gym that was up to 5 AM running stadium stairs the same gym that was practiced and towards 15 hours a week into the same jitters on the road in new -- depending on the sport for 3456 days in a row who's missing lectures and is dependent upon you don't whatever notes that put together for him to wanted to work on the road try to do this project is papers this test dog you know it this is not about you'll feel sorry for these guys it's should be aware this is a just. It's just going to the YMCA and played some pickle ball and you know doing this is obvious in these guys commit a lot of time. To this crafted so it again I speak to from from the perspective someone who has student loan debt who went in college. Understanding that was gonna come away with some and just knowing that was part of the deal so you know we have people and they knew this is part of a deal when they played right does it amateurism he couldn't make money rules rules a lot of us went into eyes wide open to understanding where we were going to be and the support to finger. We we should be poured the finger elsewhere a little bit and not just at the cost of the college education with reporting at the NBA and send. This is the rule that you implement this one and done rule. It's hurting college basketball you've been using it for decades as a de facto formula farm system you'll for for basically free press a little. The NFL still doing it and and things are changing a little bit and things have changed over time it happens in. It's OK let's change happens. Why do we have to stick it. We've always gone why isn't it. And a miracle why isn't it an option. To at least come to the table and discuss. A gift for a better a more efficient way each day ultimately keep paying. Can benefit from. Understand what's so hard about that and when you're on an academic scholarship took took took took terms of Khartoum airport ground. There are no restrictions on what you can make no restrictions on where you can go. How many hours you can work is thought to you are no limitations. There as long as you me. Certain academic qualifications GPA while I was in mortem of extracurricular things you must maintain that suit to maintain met Tom status as a as an academic. Him a scholarship. These do have. Ladies and also more athletic scholarship they have a ton of restrictions. Why. That's the question why. So look at. A lot of you wanna talk about this we got phone callers we got techsters mat entity the rest you guys hang tight we'll take some phone calls and we come back it's Garcia Billick. Stand out results during the break series to three weeks on it every day I went with a rundown of things we wanna talk about doing interviews when they are which topics that we wanted on a you know we've we've at least touched on everything but this incidentally stories dominating the headlines across the country a lot of you wanna talk about it so we're not gonna turn you away 70457. Or 9060 and we're gonna Fulbright scholars and abortion rights acts coming in and don't get to the sex and just the second blows go back to the flow -- will bring enough that we got about 45 on the Cessna will go to Watson Matt to kick things off what's up man hours of. I want to go to Australia is completely wrong about weren't very people are more experience they are one. Rim. That's agreement because. I went to a bullet I got a bit now one dollar better one W school. By any means not topple ball by. Scholarships. Are not free educations what they all are low wage verification what I mean by that is. You are obligated. To a forty hour work we did not more. He's scholarships already know. Expect a couple of former expected to show look. Are generally their renewed and they're not you know distant you elect a former but if you bought bleacher obligation. You're not getting paid a whopper it it it's a long wait is based on what more dole out and the market failure. At this support billion dollar a year and the people put in the work under any. Thanks man appreciate the phone call and that's exactly. Hate it it's a religion and it's an utterly that the numbers that we come up with little to text or order a second ago he says. He says college football are what worry since you guys are getting twenty to 40000 dollars worth of a yearly scholarship you don't deserve more compensation. A similar 75 million dollars and she can single handedly win a game without athletes. You know so so we saw. That was his poise anyway and it's a good point but but we look at the price tag twenty to 40000 dollars worth of yearly scholarship. I think in theory if the cost of an education but let's let's say we can ring back to end. The outrageous cost of college education you know it would cost somewhere bus 5000 dollars a year. Would we really do look at this and say well tuition plus remote border comes out to roughly 9910 year bad debts perfectly adequate conversely compensation right now. It's because the outrageous cost to go to college has allowed us to put these numbers. I had a conversation where they really don't necessarily belong because it shouldn't cost that much to become educated patient and in my opinion and I think it's. Murray which Andrea I just regular surfer during go to me that's the baseline some. Masterful smiling on the young Turks are right now from 863 area echo. He says because you guys based withstood at least you won't special treat Mitt know what you sort of special I just consider fair and equitable. Here in a society that you should be able to keep a portion of what you. I want to negotiate an abortion. And student at least audible only segment of our populace. They cannot let that cannot unionize and negotiate what that rate is. So you almost into the storm last week. Boy I'm not a big supported Ogletree Gaza militant group and that's not American by ideology. Let's go to answer the next emirate and Anthony what's about it. He got active ones that they did that and that is that if it's crazy that you can go there in the military and lose your life. Are important country which you can't make money for your like it as an edit cut that lead that doesn't make any spent. And then they're making millions and millions of follow up on the Internet leak yet they want to go to college we can't put a kind of like wrap up it and it got one in the military. You know I've read that law they like it worked great athlete could go to can't go because the order they couldn't get caught Esther and popular IP gap and make it you're able to be here is the. Another record billions with a big. And that that's where the issues comment that that's why us earlier we don't want we don't all these tentacles that girl lost the core this problem be it in a race politics you know whatever it is the core of the entire thing is money and and when we got to the point where it's a billion dollar industry several times over at this point that's when people woke up and then started demanding change let's go to Matt agenda different Matt and we'll get his thoughts Matt what's up. They've got the target in my ER comment I are what you do what you know this is on the Astros. You guys that had been a long time and I'm really really join the comp church thanks a lot. More torch stand and can't do that which you have a but it's a very old one and done it pretty packed up and hit a terrible problem. If they did one and daughter went on OK you're gonna get even he's gonna make a lot so it's just great you get a lot of money. Can each school whether he can Democrats were like yeah. Which you have a problem of actually it happened to keep actually wishing to get market over the years. Yes I would have a problem would be here's black. To get that money he gave the program his way. And his time so he's already performed the labor for freshman year and or solve more. Were your thoughts and have to pay you back for the label that I worked for UK goes years back. As an institution. Match dot net attendant died I had to visualize an article my. And declared a got a beautiful life but I understand his point it's almost like it in a professional landscape here. Obviously some time will underperform limit contrary are you going to do re back some of that money. No 'cause we'll. He took his number and I actually demonstrated. Some level you could have negotiated to milk. That risk at the word negotiate these college students can under. Let's go to tax like we're glad to get back to back sex attainment of a do wanna read to both long but I want to demand. First extra rights and you can't have it both ways in one breath you were saying athletes are every penny of a scholarship and it is not free. Then the next breath US should we pay the athletes. The scholarship is a form of payment that the athlete ours now should the compensation be more that's the question but the free education. Is payment or compensation for the work. I hate dead argue IVRoots. I hate that argument I'll tell you why because we've seen instances first of all the one in general. Is where most of this comes up and it and I remember Bob Knight. When I was fourteen or fifteen years old talking about how ridiculous the one in general is the fact that someone can come and not attend a class for an entire semester be put on academic probation and not attend another class for an entire semester and to leave and go to the NBA what the hell's the point does it. Okay and we seen cleaning of institutions that funnel athletes into certain majors to stick around practice schedules not exactly what they're interested in. Just so that they can go to practice on time NB with the football team or the basketball team. OK we seen it it's it's not is close it's not cut is dry it's not as cut and dry as we're just going to give you a free education and that's good enough. Did has been education it's actually worth something SB CS begin somebody's actually extend an education. And that's where these colleges and universities are are guilty either complicit a lot of them not all of them but a lot of them are are guilty. Of recruiting and bringing in athletes. Who can't handle the course work or who weren't radically adequately prepared to handle the course work to bring in a kid who wants to be an athlete. Who is really only option is to hopefully play big time college football basketball on the drafted from their only hours in the securely. That's the only well at this point times Russian football what other option do you have you don't really have any. Yes and Sosa before being in this is not to denigrate anyone it's just that you have a lot of athletes. That then walk into a at a campus setting an educational setting where they are set up to sales from the beginning so this quote unquote free education that you're receiving is part of being there by being an athlete. Turns out to not be much of the compensation at all because rather funneled into certain majors. You know academically we're equipped to be there in the first place that's also mission of its down the degree to which that's an issue and how many athletes the percentage make up that is. None of us really know but we've seen so many documented cases of this you don't places like Oklahoma State or LSU or what you athletes and has spoken out by saying. I was brought there to play football. But I I couldn't read well enough to be there or I was brought into play football. Demonstrators. And yes that narrative exist but as someone meant. What the process. You saw the Mayor Bloomberg school system an enormous universe Virginia graduate school at Texas on the university a ton of Obama calls friends in my Robert Brennan would Georgia De'Angelo lawyer at Tennessee and I know do. Who should have grown to. Basically. Every school there were watching on. There are atomic gas mini. We don't hear. That go to school and may actually want. Be exposed to different educational opportunities and and and network gained in learning. And about different things that may have interest not to give. But in all they can do is be see a doctor Ingle perform. Majority of new. It's even if they noted got a benefit a potential understand value being on campus what I. I'm simply saying is what the system has determined is the appropriate about. You in the former scholarship. It is not the true value. So you wanna pay me just say that ever football player and ACC or proper a school that average kick back a bit. Obviously automatically. You bring in coal output in my twenties before back to school problem. Must certainly makes a mama's house is right makes her mom's gonna despray racial momma Liza is on his US food and refrigerator and how. Output in my own. Our our radio neutral on account that I can draw interest all myself. As myself what poured down planned a wedding ring sold a sold for over one unknown was an institution. The point to that and look I I would expect you to have that perspective there's you your your Smart guy who came from a good school and your EU made it like you you you took advantage of that. I've personally worked with a lot of bass was armor. To a school that are not set out to do so it was a bit that's not what I was saying was not to imply. That is the majority. You're there are enough of them. That it it does more reporting on his Oz said there's sometimes a quote unquote free education is not much of an education at all person you factor that in fact of the inflating cost of the college education which gets to the toward this next extremely quick on this. But it's extra rights and this is the true problems related to the war to morality. A hang athletes millions of dollars in placing financial worth on physical prowess vs cholera scholarly related endeavors. It actually serve to promote welfare society this is served actually diminish the true social educational value associated with a college education police and of a minor league system for these athletes and allow them to pursue their goals of the jackpot comes with a 40% field goal percentage that actually impose compliance with the admissions standards for all. But there's actually true meaning so there's actually true meaning to the TARP. Are we tweeted actually debate various parts of that and we probably will some point throughout the course of the week but the general. The message there. Is what we've been talking about don't baseball has a hockey hasn't the NBA's in the middle of setting it up and the NFL right now it seems really nowhere close but. Of these athletes another option. And if they still choose to play the college game. And there'll be no shortage of guys who were still dressed up the college game it's not going to cut or the college game in my opinion I think it'll strengthen it if anything else there'll still be plenty of players. Drafted out of the college ranks but they didn't have a choice and if they make that choice to go play college athletics. Then the you can say look these were the terms that you agree to you had this other option if you chose to come here and so you are now committing two or three years to us or whatever else and these are the NCAA rules that you will abide by. I think most of us to live with that. We got to step aside welcome back it's time for the garage door the Randolph Chris Kroger stores fry Wilson was coming up next on primetime is Garcia and released and Norfleet said in a scandal. All right Chris overs in the house speaker Rod Stewart gurus and dolphins. Gross first of all the forward attended this incidentally stone for the Panthers who ordered sort of thing else. At the end of that cycle session on Saturday morning I saw a picture where you were just drenched in swallow yeah I don't after baby and hit man didn't have here out of place no. I don't know on Saturday morning. Was drink him the most is I always right so I went for the cycle bar. He went for them almost a bar predictable and I tell you I was proud of myself you know I do orange theory you know 45 days a week seem sort this idea studio class for an hour lot of former Panthers in basketball players are and there's a great like Mike rock drummer and I go to a go to. Are the studio over it arboretum rocks and there all the time. IMac here on the Mack Matt likes to get in there so it's a good work out but it's I'm never gonna spin class before a mite I don't know how this is gonna go you know to keep the live stats -- how you're RPMs are going all that sort of stuff from. And I was talking we have 43 people on our class having a finished seventh so let's try to myself meanwhile the bands over they're just pound him the most is Accra. What's your least come over here in how we police like if you're going to be if you're going to be they're truly support make like get hydrate me tell me do we do something man. OK you know here is a here's a sudden like I'm sure you're you're gonna add this to your show runs out here and just dissect and discuss the breaking news from Ian Rapoport of NFL network on. The Panthers will release sixty Kurt Coleman and are clear of five point 25 million dollars in cap space okay. That's puzzling. Is god thanks yeah well that was gentleman's move I would say I actually thought I met and this is the NFL contracts are so hard to keep up with. I'm an MBA got to sell I can understand the NBA's salary cap and understanding NFL's contract situation it said money Digg can you know posted June 1 cut oh. Crews or personnel. President of Florio on Sunday morning is always are guessing mortars a drive and run he's talking about I guess with the dolphins are gonna do Ndamukong Suh yeah. And he's getting ninety million accidentally got four options here go console on options and sorts going through and he's talking about do the June 1 thing or did you are it is insane that I thought on the side looked at it I thought they couldn't save a ton of money by cut incurred but I guess its email policy that's. Change five million dollars I look I've loved Kurt I think Kurt a couple of over the last. Ford Carter had a bad year this year I think he wasn't as good as you gambled before that I think the last two years seems excellent series. He was all right very good solid it's crazy does Mike Adams came it was the most consisting guys what 36 or seven. Karzai's claims 36 during the season I thinks about to be 37 authority. I don't need a playmaker at that safety spot I'll be you know I am. I'm a believer in James Bradbury I I think they got to bring more competition still the other corner spot bettering guy. I mean they just handed those guys to jobs two years ago I just think that's always a scary proposition in the NFL you gotta earn. Read and think clearly James has come along Darrell spent a little up and down I mean what do they really have been. In gosh who's the decorum they got from off from buffalo to I'll keep you've unseen policy reexamine their teeth when years it's kind of like quarterbacks right. Yet to a mile one. RI and there sit there you know split reps during the middle during a playoff chase for their second corner spot I got. I'd like that. Coleman guaranteed money were six million my cut clip MM it's a little bit. Or four million is what they say if so the guaranteed money was paid out sixteen and seventeen. So eagle eye. Maine the dire political and I'm Internet and he could during Wednesday's good golf Bible wrong. One is flat open to that he will be a guy that I think Yugoslavian did you. Very creative. We're getting faster Asif Ali I just there was anything. Yeah everybody sort of a wide receiver running back and understandably so what they've got to get younger and more athletic on infants and sign an agreement was coming up we got a Omar three he's he's flying high today because tiger finished twelfth at the Honda. Yeah tiger's back baby seats so bad is he. Actually hitting back at tiger eruption is getting ready to happen. He does look okay it's just you know I don't know man so old tiger. Right now taking on the ground strokes just like the hornets who have talked to Steve Martin 230 if we should actually believe this mirage we've seen over the last four games. I would idea Bonner 330 to tunnel is almost always stuff Cody Zeller for audio tape wide receiver on MS orchestra. We'll talk to him at 530 and we get it alters the NCAA stuff for the Panthers little hornets and have funneled money to look forward to our guests are invited. Mercer grass I we got to thank just got righted draft countdown Najib Millicent ESPN pursuing invited force Marvin Williams hornets forward they want for the Rowan de you're gonna hear all about and I'm sure over the next couple hours we'll see if they can do to roll maybe five in a row tomorrow night we'll say. The Chicago and programs that probably should make it five or tomorrow night puts us and thank you bush thank you Basel slimmest of returns to assume. Probably go swimming right back in a poise and quite honestly so let's assume Nomar got to take it against Muslims Deborah back in their fight to go back tomorrow stay joins us again for his command on stand up Kyle this is been Garcia Blaylock WS Wednesday. Shake. And encourage what does that do they'll blow your mind. He just happened. The whole radio station. 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