Garcia and Bailey: We have a Great World According to Frank.

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Monday, February 12th

We talk ACC Hoops with David Teel, and we play the hits for the World According to Frank.


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SE WF and auto sport either. Our extreme. Real estate studio. 5610. Tell you what is he. But Garcia. Back Garcia Bailey our number four child really frank Garcia and Osbourne and it's about that time. Coming up in ninety in this segment as a matter of fact we got some Bon Jovi tickets to giveaways so while that's coming up April 21 at the spectrum so are we won't get so we'll give those ways coming up at the end of the second is Osmond struggled struggled to break without doing that police you got 70457. Or 96 and still reacting to Steve Clifford the conversation we had about so that ended up 1520 minutes ago and we got a ton of stuff coming on the text line and on Twitter and on the start. What does not all of them as your question brokered aren't that. How much of this you know winning get a chance to ask closeness the last do you know what unlike few years anonymous. How much of this do you think. Is dictated by the amount of money that Nicholas Batum is making. No with him not maybe being willing to sit him on the bench and do what's necessary for the long term hold with his team. You know that's a truck that's a tough situation of being right you gotta got make him the lion's share of the money. From Gary's post we want your best players expect him to play through a little bit of pains in the Nixon necks and those type of things and you just don't get their productivity. Knowing and go out there and compete. How much of that do you think factors into that of not movie in. There lamb into the starting role or a little bit more time and you know bringing in more off the bench a little bit more. It's a factor this absolutely is a good look for skies don't like make combat investments. The rich guys don't like spending money and not getting any bigger return to where the NBA is obviously different is that you know when you signed some of these guys DOJ you're talking about guaranteed money. And it's not as easy to cut bait and walk away and so when you couple lot of money into a guide you you're looking for return on your investment there's no doubt about that. I feel like if there were any real soon person a good deal out there for NIC Batum they would have taken it but. I doubt very seriously that there was and I also. You know I'll say this too. And Steve Clifford in a lot of your texting and tweeting I asked him as what did you ask him this guy maybe this is our perspective doing his job. He gave us or sixteen minutes of his time most of our interviews don't wanna nearly fell sixteen on this man and so we didn't. You can't fit everything in as much as we would love to what he gave us a lot of his time more and had two so we just you can't ask him all but one thing he did say. That it didn't bother me but it did stand out as little puzzling were when you asked him about the yes what a schism on this team. And his answer was you know maybe we don't have as much of the yes what a schism as. As other teams Dubai where we are doing is that we're very intelligent team let's -- only to have the speed in what he says we don't have the speed and quickness that may be some of the other Lee teams do what do we make up for that is the intelligible and that's a dozen or so that's all well and good and that those things matter right there's you can look at these guys you can Marvin Williams very obviously a Smart guy Tim was a Smart guy to go under on the list. But intelligence only takes you so far until last what a schism of speed quickness have to be there to make plays especially on the defensive end of the united. Around a buck and let's let's be honest reportedly use only intelligence. We're not playing against dummies. Played caveman or that they came and the robots they're gonna make adjustments to. You know they're coaches preach intelligence. Are we just so much intellectually superior to these people that work on to outplay them. Or do you need the talent the speed and quickness. At this level. Everything matters if you're gonna be it'll eat everything matters you can't just be Smart of the guys expect to win. You just tip. No I have to have the intangible things or the god given ability to go out there and move your feet to have the speed and quickness not just gonna win. On. Don't be in the right positions support of it and that's a part of it that I can control is an athlete. Right that's one thing I can control. I can control. My mistakes you know my eight. You know my perception my ability to nowhere to be about watching film by listening to coach seemed you know that my efforts you know and my attitude I knew. I can control those things. I can't control how fast I am how tall I am how quick turn him. You know just in the stand and stop all the time you have to deal work on those things over a long period of time but everybody in the NBA SP passing quit except for. The horse players. But Smart. And everybody I'm no way and I do know were cliff was going to produce a new where we might be deficient some of those areas we can compensate for it by being very Smart basketball players and at certain instances in certain matchups in certain games that's absolutely true. But as you said you can watch this team. And see and athletically they are just not on the same level as a lot of the teams they played against in case in point yesterday they played a Toronto team that was both. More athletic. Smarter. Tougher and all so I don't know if you saw a number I don't need it and we watch large X I do as well. The Miami game the other night where what Johnson. Wasn't a Jimmy John who was coming down the line and piped one on the Tim James and James Johnson. He's coming from half court guys. This time to read what's going on if you wanna play chess right. If you wanna play chassis are we smarter than everybody else. Everybody knows to stop the basketball coming from midcourt and you know that pass in that trailer that's coming in notebook right dome. So play images that showed me everything I need to know. You know win is a lot of different things and number call up to me here and M a R&R come across is picking on the guy in a stringent you know. No I I did it frustrates me and it I'm frustrated with. The the lack of effort that I see at times or toughness. Right and I know this and this is coming strictly as a player. What I saw other players that I knew that Warner backed down. Or shy away. I'm attacking their ass and I'm worn too. Buried them I'm going to bully them I'm gonna push him down I'm willing to make my money off of that guy. Want to embarrass him right in I think that when you look at this Warner's team who's the guy that steps up and says dammit. I'm sick of this who's the enforcer who's the guy that. And it doesn't have to be just one guy that should be eighteen mentality. Of toughness. You're not gonna come down the slain the united flush this on me and most of all I'm not backing away from this. I'm gonna step up you marry me right and you might post derisive. They're watching Jay I'm on me and he stepped away to the side and shy away like I'm guarding a player that doesn't exist. And then make an excuse for us Kemba Walker if I'm close if I'm another player on the other team. I am told that yet. I didn't want to make money off of him. And that's what I see with several of his players not just Batum there's not guys that stepped up to that challenge and you don't give him KG credit to this. He tries to be that guy. Does Augusta. It does the best he can't be that guy. And are given some effort and ability to make sure you know coming to do that their house. But the more I think that we look for college dogs right now we used to it that close at a time our dog we don't have any. You know what it was caps. You know Miami with the second unit play what dogs. Right. Now in their market. But given the coastal Carolina coach them on a given that right now poised. And the industry in the interest of time America's got to step aside David teel is going to be what is it about five minutes something else that that riled up to the hornets fans out there was when he talked about holy month. And talked about how they're just not as good basketball team demolished floor. First dude thanks. That's absolutely true. And today it's undeniable truth you've watched the scene you know Natalie monk looks lost on the defensive end and on the offensive end he takes a lot of bad shots that he's a rookie. It is a learning curve there you were expected to be the case to some degree on and by saying well you're already losing what's the harm in playing well good. But by doing that you are effectively giving up on the season. And while a lot of you out there wanting to tactical strategies and what we suck anyway we've tagged get a better graphics was played a rookies and get ready for the future okay. But these guys Steve Clifford and his players they're competitors they're out there of the page to win games. And so Steve Clifford is just not going to throw in the towel and say well we got a rookie that may I may or may not have wanted in the draft and because everybody else wants the player was just throw him out there in the dome addressed a bad situation that it's not how all this thing works that's a mandate and asked to come out LaBeouf and. I keep your we keep making excuses for our criticisms in a cholera criticizing children here. You know these guys are paid pros. Isn't that like a lot of money to accept the criticism. When they say and signed the dotted line to make millions. So maybe I should apologize as much as I do when talking about some of the players on this team. You know because I do I don't get frustrated watching the guy that you Lotta buzz word are jealous that we can't do first off. That doesn't go out there and and and use what's you know maybe he has a farmer can do and you can control that. And at. And just for me as a coach may be known as a player used to be. That's that's the crap to me frustrates me more than anything else. Is that it's almost like to sell now for the guy that is supposed to be in the bunker left in the suitable start fly and he drops his hat he believes is done and he stars Ron and I go about I don't know. No I'm on the bottom line is a dramatic shift could screwed as a bulls took me hello. 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Let's do it now you are doing now still is now about that very irate improvise and that is all right so you got a chance to win all week 8 AM 1 PM and 5 PM every day. And right now third color just so we got so a pair Bon Jovi tickets April 21 at the spectrum Sydor up for a third caller did some 7045709. To sixteen and well because the work while we are talking some college basketball with the dean of ACC sportswriter David Diehl Newport News daily press. I've known for a while as one of the best David Howard your brother. Good afternoon come home well hope to build. Absolutely am and don't we just got a tweet from one of our listeners here in Charlotte who says so I don't forget the clubs and as a basketball team this year it would be nice to get a few mentions while this lasts so let's start there clemson's Matt yeah. They heck of a season and this thing kind of looks like addition by subtraction has some money put it not long ago was. Last June analog high expectations and are failed to live up to those who blossomed games out the door and suddenly a a really good club David what do you make a call here. How about the job of problems nose cone. Some unpaid corn imports went down with would be eight feet gala Leon I can they're. I didn't think it was a death now but I certainly thought the tigers. We're we're gonna take a step fact that the way that backcourt with. We've read. And to follow has. Really stepped out there shoot that well then there is Clinton for second place in the anything they ever number three seed yesterday. In the preliminary NCAA tournament bracket where not collective good prop sixteen. Bullied by the selection commit. You know we were talking about this earlier as well David Dunn and I kind of framed it this way and frightening the you know the duke -- not like the way that I framed the question but you know I do have a little bit of an issue with you know duke coming in at seven North Carolina twelve and it's not as much about duke seven so much as it is about North Carolina Big Five spots back I think the way they played over the past couple weeks that they deserved a higher slot in the net. Not always a Tar Heels and I would agree with you there are good and I know that beneath his feet and control. But how on God's green looked at Michigan they don't want that. And well especially given us an idea I saw some of the rationale or two and three here's the RPI top fifty and all that that went on Saturday and I don't know how does and doesn't give them more of a boost and where they are now. They absolutely no I I thought weapon used was no way to go party. All right so away as far as duke goes though right duke comes in its seventh. And I realize this is very talented team and and do I think their ceiling is still probably higher than anybody else out there but duke a seven right now it. Can you justify that should they have been lower should have been higher what would what's your take on duke. I've I think it's hard they have lost to a rope guests that are out couldn't be beat Michigan State. On a neutral for. And they want it Miami. We have they have some. He has some some big time when isn't they've they've walked for me is he's he's he's credited with a nonconference schedule. Was very typical. And they've navigated that they want the gains that have been counted Portland. So. Yes could they have been maybe a I tickled to lower but I would have had North Carolina. Either little white below or write ahead of them would double especially given the head there haven't been up about it. They're David a lot of times we thought we look at you're a college basketball especially comes of these brackets in the bracket college you look at the one seeds in two seeds and now we we criticize in in this team is no way should be here that team should be there but at the end of the day when everything sat. The guys do this are pretty spot on in America of course you're gonna have your south Carolina's occasionally but. I even last year I believe they have what three of the four you know it's chock more than it's not when it comes down to your college basketball isn't it. Well last season certainly wanted I'm now not 2016. United Syracuse Greeks the final four they concede. I want a panel at the blackened and probably Virginia fans who were there look at the cavaliers were aboard seeded at the bit more out of pollution nearly eight in fell to a orange team that many. We didn't belong in the field. So current depends on the economy never really know whether talks going to prevail certainly a lot he didn't know that you cited. It was it was one of those occasions but I'm not sure how that how this part of the plane out come march. I favors. A dozen maybe fifteen teams they could come down and in San Antonio. It David and any problem with Virginia on and I don't personally but Virginia go to that number one spot you know after that loss on Saturday I mean. From the it is just kind of justifies the strength of the ACC you're really distraught and you'll we can look at and say OK we we we get at the ACC still really really good despite maybe developing an elite team doing college basketball but did did you think Virginia would still get that number one spot and he believes they were deserved it. I do and I did it. And I'll tell you walk. The cavaliers have. 68 feet the road we. They want to produce panic they wanted to hear accused I want to applaud state they wanna do. There's more probable. NCAA currently. There are 1210 in the way. Played their worst game of the season on Saturday. They lost by one in over time. The only other law is on the road in West Virginia. Cut pretty darn good listening. And David look at these conferences and everybody is talking about the ACC and potentially get nine maybe even ten teams in depend on who you talk to but. The early drill preliminary indication is that the ACC would have nine. The SEC would have eight is that the second best conference in college basketball ZSEC. It's its. What Patrick do you used to to measure our conference strength. Visit having a dominant team they can win the national championship Gordon wins the national championship. It is NCAA part of his success to you have to capitalize. In March because of the number of teams you get a you know the one year that a weapon big east team. Got in over all the copper performed poorly. That mean the big game one of the best for big. Kono. Depends again on on how you want that to measure of the SEC is peopled by ball that it has. That much we do we know certainly. By you know we we really won't go and Pope is a place that. I think the big twelve pretty darn good too. No absolutely normal import earlier in the season we were talking about the big twelve is maybe the preeminent conference in the country this season but. Talking to David seal Newport News daily press joining us on the second job just like David what about a state obviously. Do little rough week last week you lose in Blacksburg delusional to North Carolina it wears this team right now in your estimation regarding an incident would turn the birth. They're right there are. We've what 1520. Other theme song on the outcome will be old all of what I've just got to figure out how to go off. And didn't do it consistently. And you're up front walk through Virginia Tech and North Carolina last week. I'm that was that was clearly be anxious. And until they figure that out if it's going to be problematic. For Kevin Keats Hezbollah comprehensive clearly not the pop. Miami did Jim Larranaga is group is always well coached they are generally speaking is as good coach to use your well coached teams do you know. Assuming health are gonna get better as the season goes along but as I watched Miami and there are 75 right now of the conference that they were. Top ten team top five team earlier in the season they fallen also bit as you look at Miami out how dangerous are they held viable or they come tournament time. Well gotta be healthy I think confident group viable or be more true one and I don't know what it is prognosis might be in terms of the post season and I was could overturn. Anytime soon I think he it is and want their best player mostly Jim Larranaga. Although eight TC media called defectors. He had done cheaply. When it came defensive player when he accused. Baffling simply because the hurricane or among the top offensive team. In the country we're only earlier this week and herbal partial ball they have really good grip protector because they're so walk. But he but he is not pleased that we haven't lost the ball and college and he came. That Larranaga. Yeah he was asleep on the locker room with the Wu. And one of the assistant Chris Caputo. Took over the squad and all access. I think this can either going to be Virginia. But I thought I do before let's go the early ACC coach of the year award is. Not always but I'd say pretty also and it's it's controversial and then you could make arguments for different guys each year and I can make the argument that coach case probably missed out about 45 awards are probably shouldn't wonder if as a look at it right now I was. I could make the chase for Brad Brownell. I've heard people try to make to chase for David Padgett got a little older than what he's contended with since that whole scandal and it obviously there's Tony Bennett up there it's the top of the standings if he were to hand out the ACC coach of the year award right now would you give it to. I would vote for Bennett with black bow out now it's very close second continuous picks fix. Increasingly been online. In the top 25 Virginia the first on running for eight in seeking the start if you don't like that their lives to encompass all of any AP poll until his pick for he. And now stands. Second you can't overstate the job that Pratt has done and if I had to vote right now I'm glad I don't. I would vote for Tony Bennett. David seal the database EC sportswriters Newport News daily pressed joining us on the ticket John just like always great to dress up we will talk soon. Gentlemen thank them a threat. 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And you always joke. At first questions they are real trek okay. A bit of fun this weekend. A dog dog I would I don't bother. A dog's father by anti Amanda since pretty bad in essence it all thought that looks first off. You're not the dogs thought Don James and always thought. Known as the dog. Take that title out of your mouth right now we will not let you have no hidden the dog's father and disrespect his legacy I say something about the dogs off a taser no. What it is. Rewarding work. But it is hard work you manage their little four and a half month old lab mix you gotta get a license meant. Considerations economic times the dog T improved in your house only wants the whole weekend what jobs flabbergasted would you do about the Jewish Center while. Well I've. Put his nose down by it. So bad boy used to drink well there's an adult prisons at Augusta and that's that's been one that is the trade. First mistake you know brother knows that if I did I did. Did try to get a thought that was it for anybody. And into the dogs that did the dog doesn't know what you're doing all the dog knows is your man he's scared there's no villages according to its okay no you take him outside and every time you get more from countries outside the first couple months ago in the trees positive reinforcement that sardonic troops appease outside his positive report to treat it. At present but anyway. Strike. It's always so much figure skating happening in the world right now even if frank Garcia. In an alternate universe or competitive figure skater what's Salma would you skate to. Who wouldn't feeling. Poland feeling. Plant movements. Wanna see you here then. And then and then that takes. Believe it and now. The photos saying yeah there it is right there this month but crowbar and there's an arsenal from mom you know early us stance right. This one here. We got a new Facebook club which I should know better because they all healed me why we. Yeah. He actually just try to do and a half axle and thank you dislike us a lot of leeway for its gum and we're. Sure yeah. In the I just I do my slowly she danced to this he's actually dancing right. You look at the tonnes per hour and then you. Another solid picks up and they start going real fast. You'll see my gosh. Here comes. I wanted to pick up the hell is that yeah. They're gonna that's all he's got actually got. But this is we're just back up. Best to thank you would ice dancer this got me Chris Farley who you are far. That's in the eyes are yet to follow me. He showered them. Does commercial a. Listening here and it's us. You know is we don't we have franks and exercise I guess that is frozen items some good came out of a question all right who's up next odds for a hit man who's the next thing on your next. I didn't breach any term on my guide and NBC. Frank yes. I I had some of the world's best gummy worms over the weekend this if this is true this is true my bottom of the gas station out there like a dollar got a good. Kyle turley. Those will be nice but now I'm a freely as you say gummy thing and really all this and go into Fatah I don't know animals animals and a good French. This made me wonder what was freight Garcia's favorite dessert growing up. Is it anyway that was recorded my favorite dessert Lara shared I was ice commands to move delicious. Lemon cake lemon bread you know when you learned read my mom did the best lemon bred little sugar and I do the whole host. I already before I got out of the oven sometimes there was just like a little bit. Moist in the middle undercooked. Perfect lemon Brett. But Jerry tie. Jerry altered I'll mode I grew low for something else and cherry pie. Anyway sergeant Jones NASA understand and realize this was your world an amount that I should know not not criminal and banana nut bread to. My mom used to make I don't know if anybody else matters this much money is make monkey drank. Ever heard a monkey bread gas it was like browns Israel Lindsay is a semi yeah on my god. Just so good and it breaks apart so yeah I did the whole thing had just pulled apart yes it's an awesome walking a banana I'm not walnut bread. Earlier army units that banana bread. Banana nut bread of that too. You're such a child in the times of Lisa's not appear that us citizens when it says penis he. Not. You'll like it but little kid like it's a good. John on soldier of the new buttoned up and stuff you know I really grow up and act like an adult are okay. So the guy who sometimes doesn't I think that I would win yeah I'm an only adult in competition with you except for the kids Clark the now. My question. What's in an adult league competition. Once a wanting it would destroy job Elliott in the adult thing department. Well. Well look the one thing is great at at being an adult what does one think we all just this one dynamite that discipline. Yeah disciplined. This is definitely one of them that that dead in what way shape or form and a half. That I Studdard in what way shape performed Lexus hybrid signaling it's our viewers you're just inhaled six slider and that's animal or at least since. Calorie since you've been in here discipline discipline okay structured disciplined. With two different things so I get a saucers wanting. Be disciplined with your structure is another. And possibly off their structured formatted like daylight I've when we as well the format when it finally died Saturday I'm well Jack Def format. I'm way off track might surprise you structure and there's a judge orders are structured disciplined and go on the beach trip. Difference vacation homes are right. But no structured well this worked in my work like my my money to Friday is the same every day you don't sleep at night of the IC great now. Off all the sudden. I've changed my diet. And don't look so anxiety. It's amazing good for you let's. Tony that's defeated I guess it's a solid finances are every night. Fully a solid five and a half I don't need more than six some sleep right I did why does the biggest most misnomer ever. You're getting 00 you have gray hair volume by a voluntary blood high blood pressure wanted to. No 125 or eighty it's perfect. 125 over and so I told them I know guys I thought it was just five on six hours a spot on six hour sleep number everything every just goes to get a I feel final six how to successfully pushed it more than you were because yeah drinks Red Bulls know I don't any markup that ought to know what country are you different. It was just a happy for him yet making big chains and there's a shortage usually there's too delicious. You colleges it's like gave it increases metabolism. Increases your awareness and it's a healthy digitally I end galleries and it's still healthy not to name the brand of socially after after the show but I feel dynamics. Completely ready there. That's all the dog I think what I did I Ina fried food in seven days I have French Fries. Yeah today. Put like five minutes. I met him back down. My body didn't want. Pre shipment on the changed hands eighty. Preacher you're seeing a new. Improve its camera before your eyes of the stuff. Model and a lot of it makes a lot to kill now you've got to be a concert it. Immediately we know what the best thing and I told you this last week the best to make it happen and and he said he got a dog. Because he's got that companionship and he's got that you're saying the greater censor a greater sense of responsibility of the 8780. On the Watergate and I feel great now no more soda. Off I can hide your frank Garcia who thought they wanted to change different culture all come April. What is like full season and and beach ready and I'm my summer trips. I'm really yes I ask you question. Every day at warnings 35 what talent in this segment on talk to her. But clearly it is usually make it you're not structured or are you coming hijack this and a I just buried it sounds I don't know I just. Oz islets and Amir. I said I do not like what I see if I did it for you did so yeah all five last 205. Which one you're torn your girlfriends told them. On sterling a lot of does she 25 or twenty or outdoors there and a.'s limit for UPS two. We're waiting to pick. Won't go and towards him is frankly you're more. Her impeccable look at exactly peak he'd he does really well he makes great money is an assistant he's a bleeping ultimately yeah. Well I wasn't let's go take your ballot I'm happy for this hour when the sauce. I saw Michael my usual on night. Look in the mirror and I feel your turn to Michael Jackson tells us that is all the picture of him looking in the mirror in his videos you know what. Negative change maybe. For once in the last week. Oh hell yeah that's why yeah I don't like no please that's going. Started the Manhattan and they didn't and it's able. I just feel great old man's head out. Absolutely it's we shouldn't suggest you call my satisfaction that the commonly data might make the world a better place damn right you may just. Great when you're given a more. We're gonna walk away from this segment so the best I've ever felt damn bright greens are great so there's. And it and they changed a visitor before united changed and it's going to be a before the break of dawn flywheel going on five miles good dog and is just know it's just donated to the front Garciaparra and WS resiliency but don't chance in years but when you don't win a low moment. I voted no in cloistered away by the way it's. I just don't handle it pretty much fun of everything they don't know what's that. Any animal hospital planet earth performances. I have been receiving yeah. Do your dog to make him less afraid of the wind cluster for less afraid OK buddy it's okay is that John yeah that's okay we talked a little pet. If everything's going to be OK okay chance they chased out there so far. But do you motivate them. The playbook as he lifted weights or via. When the little muddy up this morning and he just on a bed let's say I'm glorious morning this isn't so there are questions yeah. Sit or stand tall stuff. He stands I got to they squatted ice dance baby he stands gay that he got apple always like almost a little bit back a bit he's he's talked eavesdroppers but to be right it's a tight. He'll do a show you'll learn to take his legs from little children. Now we'll do what's in the owner this. That's a definite. Who wouldn't like better view of got a break and that's the end of the world toward the fragile comeback kid and Douglas-Roberts joins the show is the garage door you're Randolph nexus Garcia both. Unlucky. Your tablet on your Smartphone. WFAN she dot com is your source for the best sports talk get information and sharp. Interviews on demand with the biggest names in sports. Podcasts of your favorite WNBC show us lives and features promo. We're eighteen pages of names contests in more. Check out WS busy dot com today the online home for Charlotte sports leader 10256. Cans WFAN easy. I'm John tripping with NFL network now on you Westwood One radio network. This search for the next head coach of the Indianapolis Colts it's over. The team announcing Sunday they've hired eagles' offensive coordinator frank Reich took a five year deal the team's new head coach is expected to meet the media on Tuesday. Where his introductory press conference right inherited colts team that has missed the playoffs in each of the last three seasons. The man frank Reich once famously backed up Jim Kelly is recovering after having his gallbladder removed according to an injury and post by Kelly's daughter. The hall of Famer has seen an outpouring of support on social media following his daughter's post. And Seahawks quarterback Richard Sherman is optimistic he will be with the team in 28 team. Germany is coming off an Achilles injury and entering the final year of his contract. This is an NFL network now on Westwood One radio now. When you run a growing business you Wear a lot of pets BI ordered and had the mr. fix it had to be it's take care because they handled yesterday hat. My favorite hat Meyer received an order from Granger had. A look my best and that one Rangers got the products I needing gets me them when I need a no matter what hat I'm wearing that day. You know what I love Granger. 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And make sure that he they're sushi in there or sushi there's see we were kelp. I'm really colts thought Clark they'll kill nobody is talking about carp don't do that again. We made fun of you for two days of that. Both in front of you embodied in the problem you know with that theory everybody's gonna play football into their and at as a professional. So if you're a 110 pounds and you're not gonna get a bigger. And that's your only opportunity employers and pop Warner what's gonna have those kids a little bit of experience the game is they're not to be bigger faster stronger when you're in high school. So that's the issue right for me anyways that samples after everybody. Hum. Not everybody's gonna develop a brainy and you don't disease or issue. Then there's going to be some guys are gonna play had to have a long career so so the 1% of the 1% is that really we're gonna stop the games right I don't know I just I don't like the law obviously and in the. So law yet the digits certainly its proposed legislation and you know proposed laws that Yemen and it is so we'll we'll see what the what the vote looks like when it's also be done I don't know. California who knows my sister lives out there she doesn't like California. Today and sterile place how was what Californians Jerrold what is a great weather and your banner. And are you debating with a with a not a big hassle the question five years ago 4454. Hello there. Moeller reached for. I was on San Diego for a conference and it's an exploring as well yeah. How long did it take to get from point a to point B five days. Others are yet he spent half your time. I mean California in traffic now I small mom is different I was director public transportation more thought but to me I didn't understand addressed doctors battles I've never really spent much time it but that's the reputation traffic sucks there's drug business dribble traffic sucks a lot of places that not like that. You spend if you go to California for weeks spent four days in traffic okay like LA is probably a little bit of an exception because it's an up and get much better. San Francisco you know no matter I didn't notice much traffic going to and from the airport and it but I don't and I don't I don't know I'm a non tell you my sister Elizabeth I spent most of my childhood there you lose whereas in California she lives just outside of vital there ranch where would surrender when it registers at all I. Poker actually is about an hour outside Ellis in high school places like northern cal. And there's not a great place is this just a credit listen live to spend half your time in traffic that's all but I'm very literal and LA even a California. LA is not California as part of it. San Francisco LA San Diego in Sacramento. In Tulsa crappy town traffic. If you Southern California no Southern California northern California argue all the time which one's better than eighty each other yes. But they both had the same issue it's it's crazy expensive and you spend half your life in traffic and as big cities like Dennis Johnson trying to pass that it's a degree bush is the little Christie said California's terrible place and you base that on the traffic in the big cities. And the people. What are PeopleSoft. Because they're very kind of forgettable people honestly that there they're all on their own little world that West Coast there and so road or sadness. Bill. If you don't you know from California. You're seeing core galleries. Kia epitomizes California's country. You don't roll. Itself you wanna did you wanna deal with number angry Bostonians Michael would you prefer. That's a good questions I answer me I would prefer the people are just like hey what's up. Brooke westerners are probably the easiest to get along the promise was southerners tell you what the people in Minneapolis were great right there are those people are they have to be nights when everything takes so long haul. Yes it takes a loss like. I don't wanna be like rushed to rushed out and kick in the ass to get out line but I want to sit there and talked for four hours either first or I came from the West Coast. To take to Idaho and Washington for it to you here. And and a grocery store it took me thirty minutes to get the check applying double anyone know everything about me. So I'll try my my groceries get out how terrible what an awful sight Texans are great I love the Texans was in the like Texans and he's that was not only the little snob attitude on the NL west Texas callous to Sicily a lesson was tumble weeds and dirt and oh you're Indian you gotta be a special type of personal address other good people especially the right. So this is an escrow crimson and and says there's traffic that all Americans exactly what I said no but again I'd take it you said the California sucks because traffic in big cities easier class today I did always try. I've been in and dumb. Did you buy it. I mean I'm I don't know I did some of the stuff is just so matter of fact demean weak weak and he said it last night I think he was asked Rick Bedell. When do you start played some young guys he said Odyssey the first eight to ten games after the all star break occurred I'm gonna determine that. I think the thing with Maliki George singled him out. They're not he's right at the numbers back this up in this is what they look at like any coach frank Writely can look at the tape you look at the numbers and it says. Mean we're not a good team and guys out there and so right now's your still banging on any threat of being a playoff team. From his standpoint he can't justify playing him but that's you know he's he just told you I think yesterday to ten games settled determine whether he's going to be out there and. The pros here's the problem. Even with the guys at to have an up. They're not a good team so the numbers that they have with some of those gloves worse I guess you are old days and out only the illusion you gotta yeah there's literally if you're gonna lose. Whether you lose that war by a hundredth you're still lose true roll up your coach Wright so let me story you let me throw from the standpoint. Tom do you ever give guys playing time eleven earned it. Not OK so and I'm not saying that about belief but that's that's the stuff for not privy to right now. Not privy to that information what goes on practice at Daytona but I'm not practicing with these guys like you said and I don't know if we'd listen close enough cracks in that while you're about like that either. On their game to game they go when they play right. He'll tell you an avenue there are some tickle tickle your funny bone is slowed to excellence emergency exit in Texas is a bully pull it sucks here prefix. I just sneezing far it's. Not done on formal legislative assembly polls. Sampras. We got Omar Rainier so we'll talk a little hornet the frustrating but not surprising I was I would say this and this is an a major Tia T yesterday Evans and his for awhile pay attention to Toronto. Toronto is a mean to be quietly the number one seed in the east quickly when did yesterday's pretty impressive it was one game they got a lot to work on over the final thirty games or so so. We'll talk a little MBA. We'll get into the Olympics a little bit it's been fun to watch some of the stuff we never watch the other three went 300 in US AI know we run. I'm ourselves in the slide we love this I don't strike ice dancing last night a much an ice dancing all that stuff so get into that little Panthers and college that's what was on this weekend there was it was good and and you don't wanna admit this maybe Frankie the Carolina might just be good aren't limited today yet from the crowd try to do them. Don't mean to golf saying yeah he did but I know what your doctor say god actual funnel for today right now would we be sure. Not this year yeah I'll be shocked not a Fisher group. I'd be shocked well. There are this obviously comes into into our I don't expect you to be either either entered deficient title by do something about this team I just can't quite so much talent combined. As a Mercer of their lurking in the distance and you'll see I don't know too soon probably by one immigration doesn't get in thought I would we're back tomorrow to do it all over again frank great job and I'm sure you know that already. Yeah that's everything you know virtual file for men us fragile child this is big Garcia Blaylock WS since it. Shakes. Hands legs what does that do they'll blow your mind. That just happened. Music is. The whole radio thing. That was an easy feat a lot of people work here and their families their pets of their tiny. Downloads. App Store. This Olympic update is brought to you by Hendrick automotive group. Jumped when he finds the worst when he won brands and over 40000 cars at Hendrick Charlotte dot com. Westwood One for sixty special report on the 20:18 PM. Chang Olympic Winter Games brought you by Farmers Insurance get ready for game time and find an agent at farmers dot com. Teen USA entered the final day of the figure skating team event in third place and thanks to some impressive individual efforts held on for hardware our very own Paul Wylie has more. The United States won the bronze medal in the team figure skating event. Mirai Nagasu nailing a triple axle the first American to land a triple Axel in the Winter Olympics. Adam rip on and issued a Chinese also giving clutch performances. Candidate won the gold and VOA artist silver. The only our Olympic athletes from Russia wiley mentioned that emirate bond he finished third in the men's free skate not too shabby for his Olympic debut American Michaela Schiffer and we'll have to wait a bit longer to go after gold in the giant slalom. Strong winds postponed that event. With this update on the 2018 Olympics on Lance meadow west who wants sports. As conditions on the court change so can your insurance needs talking to farmers agent today so you can assess whether your policy is deemed ready. Find an agent. At farmers dot com we are. Oh. Wanna know my favorite word. Simple it's how I run my life where the same work boots every day simple and the same lunch simple take the same route to work simple but sometimes my job gets complicated. 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