Garcia And Bailey W/Chuck Howard H4: Which Panther Is Under The Most Pressure? TWATF

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Friday, July 13th
In the final hour Chuck and Frank discuss who they think is under the most pressure, and it's a Friday edition of TWATF.....

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But Garcia. Of the Friday edition the Garcia and daily show jock Howard pinch hitting for Kyle Bailey frank is would meet. Both the dollar didn't home safely through listening to a senior car closely your home. And listened to a. It's evident transfusion in having me and I transfusions now little vodka legend drill the great geez it's great for the golf course the best golf course drink out there. It's refreshing. It's invigorating. It's intoxicating. And you know it's also Christmas in July brown leads killer's half. Through July 31 at zero interest for five years would no money down. And any purchase of 2499. Dollars or more. Zero interest for five years learn more and brown lead Jewelers if you're just joining us in years frank talk about an alcoholic drink is because some loud. We've veered off as I said it's gonna golf tomorrow morning. And I know that includes. Align marina no that's not how we started talking about alcoholic drinks. We we started talking about alcoholic drinks because of the my former neighbors used to bring them no and they said the man hands were done now now. I was thinking about the citrus eat drink that you claim was they've had enough of a man beverage. That you sling that you can pour looked like what is it your point but orange. White or orange I didn't say I was wedded to them I bought a twelve pack and I've tried then the last couple days because I was sick of regular Bud Light. So get off me that would normally you're gonna buy something to try you know I told pact unless you like about six they didn't have they didn't edited. Big hairy wiggly Teter but I went to ho hum they did did not have anything but a twelve pack. I don't know where you shop. There are staying here yeah that's that's now alert epithets at Wasilla Nathan wants the dog about in regard to our. Our problem that we have to pay when you travel Nathan what's your favorite golf course drink. I have Friday's verdict close to rip that. You mix. They're the vodka. A democratic recruits. Global hawks around Reno. And it'll Nike golf. 8820 that started the polls. That are unity. Well by golly they'd say I appreciate you listen and appreciates you. Anytime you can consult around sharks rim he's gonna love that. We got this far us. And yours is delicious prank. Almighty. God try and have them keep me around here don't shouldn't Kevin kick me like grandeur Alec come. What dirty talk all Zander talked. Doug about a dirty Mueller something known was not talking about you talking about these drinks that you like to be concocted. I said I said was Bud Light or junior what do came up like a chemist with half a million a player and the Panthers. He's got to perform. Also the question neither thank got to run and show page requests tennis. Name the one player. Not named Newton. Key clean short. Olson. Eight Frontline players should say okay well this piece to step up there's in order for the Panthers to succeed there's really only two answers. On the offensive side knocked it can be also answer decent. I can just only really two inches on the offensive side because. Usually going to the players that you do this and we're on the offense and mortar mom you know is Chris McCaffery. On the other enlisted in the other one is that influences those two guys to me is this the softens is gonna go have got to be impact full. You know they have a year the couple years under their belts. You know I'm not expecting much from Kurdistan will not expecting much from DJ Moore. On the maybe Torrey Smith is a guy that you could you throw in that equation but you know those are the players are the guys are gonna have to step up to. He'll be you know players on this offensive there to them you know have some impact the other guy gets you to make an argument for whoever plays left guard. But we don't know who that's going to be yet because you're replacing. A pro bowler. There are all pro in nor well so you know if that's mode and mr. move from tackle to guard which I don't think it's gonna be the case. This Selig to lose he's filling and right now is penciled in as a starting left guard if that's the guy that you brought over from Minnesota. On T to replace him bomb him knee it was that Neil is that is that who the guy the tough from Minnesota that came. Sir you are certain chip that does does the guy is gonna have to maybe step up. You know that that's another position you did you could argue. On defense. Isn't anybody other than Shaq Thompson. So I've listed Imus I mean it is anybody other than him because her play caller. Rambo I don't expect anything to them singing thank our good car and you know you talk about the other two guys and he's gonna be rotational player you know he's the he's the guy is probably. He offline under the radar isn't number one pick if if if if if anybody else. It was drafted number one what three years two years ago mom you EU would would you know be in the position that he's ever known not having any plays or he starts. Yeah for the most part you really don't know his name would be roasting him his. He is. His stealth he really us I mean I said yesterday don't say it again today. Because I think is deserving of a good laugh is. The the the army. Should really go in you don't invest in what ever his agent is given him because he has been. So far under the radar that nobody knows he's exists. Vernon butler's missed eight games so far in the first two seasons he is accounted for one and a half sacks and yes thirteen total tackles. Pretty good serve no more overall pick her first round pick for the Panthers damage check out his first rounder is well check Thompson has much better numbers. And I don't disagree with you thank you David Gilman and he's really you know Washington husky or you know a llama as well as I am. It is not that I'm trying to take it easy arm I agree that's why sit him because he's been here long enough to have established himself you know and you know. Fortunately or unfortunately for us you know has been tied behind its TD and and Luke Hinckley who has a mess I don't know if they felt like. When they drafted. Shaq is that TV was gonna have the longevity. And the staying power and getting better with the last couple years there we seeing. I think that drafting Czech Tomas. Check Thompson help TV reinvigorate and re starting his career because they're challenged. Our let's see what Jane says say hey James they strolled number other what's up. They would still on guard it's like yeah it may regard embody what about let that vocal will. Yeah good point I had that listed to more here. Yeah after appreciate the phone call thank you and you know let's I mean I think thematically all. Is gonna have a better season I don't think it is terrible season last year everybody's gonna look at that and say. That you know Matt clearly got his beast is and he was the reason why we suck them off it's no snow excuse whatsoever. When you look at the the film you evaluate. You know what he struggles with vs what he does well. Now he's going to be able to run guys around the edge because he's pretty athletic. He's not. And have a tough time against the power rush and or the guy that says smut it's able to go over the top producer with him through him you look at a couple of sacks he gave up to one stands out to me is. The player for the same says he you know lifts him up. And kind of discards him out of away and he'll get to the quarterback is that pocket collapsed. I think cam has gotten gonna do a better job in the new system. Of getting rid of the ball a little bit quicker I also think that. You know he's gonna build more consistent in his drops. You know because the hardest thing for any tackle to do is have a quarterback that's in the backfield really you don't know where he's going to be because. What were taught is to defend an area in we're done we've we've we're we're taught that with the how many steps that that you can't so if you're taken a three step drop. And the call the lid off of the tackles taken a five step kit. You know the defense a guy's gonna have a free pass to the to the quarterback so they have to align but they also have to be consistent and that's one of those things that north. You know turner was talking about us not just consistency. With the passing that camp. Is going to incorporate this year hopefully it's gonna be the consistency. With this technique which means his drops if he's taking eleven steps you know he's already at five and then he goes back three or four more with those steps. There's an attack on America this we will stop a guy this running for six. You know going straight ahead vs a guy is back peddling you know or kick stepping in to be able to slow him down their running around those tackles and Kim has to do a better job of being aware in the pocket and being a step up and not running an aborted always out back into the right. Big deal before we had to break let's see would DOD DR Dave has to say in regard did what panther needs to step up outside of the front liners Dave how are your brother. Baghdad wallet but real quick cure after another drink tactic I get a pretty good made com. But I Barack my answer weren't original way to market and are going to be great person. I can actually develop into a question that there are curious if you got now. Is bratwurst and Don Albert Richardson daughter or was just that Richardson Faber stuck around because we're back or are they gonna bring him at a training camp and what impression do. Receivers. Thank you Dave. I don't know you don't Britain Burson I think is aid. I respect him for sticking around. I don't frank and curious Iguchi thought certain. Ways. Because. Overtime to a nicer would say is Britain Burson NFL. Caliber wide receiver. Did anyone go out and Joey would make an eleven yard catch here he stuck around on the roster so. I don't know I think there's conventional wisdom out there than him there may have been an edict. Is what are your thoughts whereas Britain vs now. I don't know all. Via UN and neither does anybody else. And that's the problem right so you don't typically. If you're going to be a guy that's hanging on. If you let go or you don't get signed some bills to their. I'm not sure where he's at I'm not sure he's on another team so I can be mistaken but I don't think he's anywhere right now. I don't believe he has some so if that's the case you know chuck there. Then yeah I mean think you could make the core elation that you know he was being done AJ Richardson favored but. I don't have a problem with it honestly because I think that he brought something to the team. That has value in it may not necessarily be on Sundays. But the issue was is that it's you know when you don't have when your talent depleted and positioning you have him on your roster. You know there's the issue and I think that's what a lot of people you probably had issue with including myself. Hum you know but. You keep people brought. The consistency that we're talking about a practice he's gonna give you everything he had every single day he was a good team player was in a cause trouble. But it's no you don't have the talents the luxury to be able to you know get by with that the Panthers now have a little bit more talent on the roster. A lot more talent on the roster than they did was bring Burson so. You know I was. He's got a terrible player. And dumb know that you you can go with those guys for a couple of you know games come you know gonna win with them consistently. All right we come back the latest sign that blew in full. In Papa John's stadium will the name remained there and also frank if time permits I wanna talk marijuana with the F. That's right it's for the Garcia and daily show I'm Judd coward he's Craig Garcia glad your weather is much more coming up on the other side. Back to Garcia and save. It's not a so. On Friday while. Gosh that makes you wanna go on the beach right now what's new in the gulf and have a cold one. What is it hurricane eyes Dino. Yeah a lot of wrong. He had dramas I I've never really made wind so I don't know exactly what's in a but I did a bartender you don't know what's America and yet let's see I was kind of like him. Like. Like a. Wanna be bartender I just pop Beers import wine not made icy breeze and things like that but we didn't have that we genetic ability to make margaritas rating Trace like SI tennis stayed away for some of that stuff I think I have the last Atlantis is one part dark -- I'm passion fruit syrups path park over truth drum one part light from next question last time I I was good summit hurricane is when I was covering. You're big rear end down in New Orleans and Schulz it's and a hurricane. Just the multiple times in the Panthers and saints went down there look at many of those trips from me I don't remember very well I had a bunch of hurricanes over it. I was attempt had T. Pat Pat O'Brien you brand's death. This surge right down there and there was one trip to New Orleans and the Panthers are playing I didn't make big hit to last so. But I made the 6 o'clock sportscast at. This the beauty of television it'll make up but hey game was great. Anyway welcome back we Garcia daily show agenda of their court much sooner radio. Now that's one thing I've learned yes. That's why have been in my best behavior in. It made it topic it's not quite is a jovial and interesting if you haven't heard. John Shatner. Who's he was the CEO of Papa John's you guys truly disgusted to use the racial slur. And AM board meeting her on a conference call back in May he resigned his the company chairman obviously. And so today the university of global announced that they're changing the name of Papa John's cardinal stadium. Two cardinal stadium has its gonna Garko is gonna scarlet cardinals stay in this is a poorly written article I'm reading. Take him from the bastion of journalism if you look canary there's so. Very interesting and we were talking pre show maybe Mohammed Ali it's stone into the naming Yang an. I when I look at Louisville I look at a program that's had its really some success a Heisman Trophy winner and Lamar Jackson two years ago. On new look to you sort a look at their basketball program what they've been consistently one of the best programs in the country while Rick Pitino was there. But boy it's been a really really rough time the last couple years for Louisville they lose a bleak times your shoes there AD. They lose Rick Pitino. And now they lose Digg guy who was the sort of the head honcho for their corporate sponsor with pop energizing young and Yum! Brands. On it's it's it's they're really really tough man. I'm now a crime in the river stop and racial sir slaps stop get hookers for the recruits. And do things the right way like most people do and you get on our current member Donna. Crying need administration your brides feel bad for the tears accuser there after journalists I saw a number of tweets from Louisville football players who were saying okay guys even before they changed it makes it easier relatively quick compared to. You know other things but even before they cease. I plan and has stated Jason name. And sort of blind to sort of Blaine young kids are doubling young African American kids. When they see Dick the name of the stadium is named after guy uses racial slur so they obviously had to separate themselves immensely from the Savannah. I mean you're so yeah also cause some Major League teams are also leaving Papa Johns has a sponsorship the Yankees announce that they're no longer going to be. Respond to about Papa John's the falcons and I think that's gonna continue with the next coming to guess they're. They need to change the name of the company in all seriousness. That. I'd just this is you can have this happen. And I don't know if the company survives. And not saying they should just right wrong or different I'm just says there without there ever know made a good point earlier who would have thought Bobby Petrino would be to shining. Especially you know got to put Ronald. Yes when you know you got a problem body Katrina and his young Perry is sort of well documented past. And he's the guy he's staying out of scandal delusional right now I don't know. Would you like problem I'm John I don't. And if you did would Buddhist happy for Barnett. A lesbian gum. I don't want puts us and I don't know I fish and I don't want people to say yes to think that it won't gosh you're supporting racism no that's not what you're doing you liked it's. Does it matter with an Amos C. I don't miles an hour with the name is but my my you know before this my big problems apologizes the pizza is not very good. You know I saw. So yeah I mean that those are two different thing here are quite that was my request my question was if you like to pizza it is an affordable price does it matter what the name is for most people. I would say for most people you know there's a few. People that pay attention to the news anymore half the people out them in the world and even though the story exists so maybe they will survive but I would have to think you mean now knowing this story subconsciously. Is gonna make mean not go there I know let's let's say fifteen years ago or so I used to get Papa John's all the time. Because there was close throughout. Is in theaters convenient it was convenient and now I know I even had a Papa John and I can tell AL also. If Papa Johns was there it was convenient it was cheap. Everything else was double the price are you Byron public Johns are you by and do everything else to fall pizza was equal if all pizza was equal. Yeah I mean I'm not gonna sit here and lie and say this you know and that's gonna be on the top of mine mine in my gonna boycott Papa John's because of that and I are gonna. I guess my point is that there's a lot of other things if there are other choices you know there's a lot of other things in in this country unfortunately. That have been. Tied to. Know the racism card right and we had an owner. They had an establishment. That did just fine that was tied to they didn't change the name. Yeah I'm. And I'm not big into the boycott thing this is one man and he's gone. Right so there is did they solve the issue or lose the yeah the perceived issue we know with that and to move on now in the initial reaction. To what's taken place again it. What is now it's gonna damage a little bit but has not been destroyed. The brand. In my opinion. Well it may or may not but suited to your point you know I don't know some people are gonna think that the every syllable may be Dade were over reactive. Because the problem is no longer there. But he did I guess. Yeah it's a slippery slope I don't think did they overreact I think they did did exactly the right thing on Andy asserted themselves that listen. Your name might ER stadium it's our Dan stadium tornado whatever you want especially if you step out of line and you say something you make a racist statement on a conference here. And that's in that's for you right to have that that thought your right to have that motion your right to have that ability to do that but. Problem was fixed. Right the problem was fixed the there was an apology. I I I just don't think I think TE. Listen. What we talked about you see we have a meeting dish and we talked about how where brand's death. And Louisville little. Athletics is a Brandon is a brand like I said it had a hyper trophy winner and a national championship and that's on 2013 in the last five years I mean they they've clearly been a brand it's been abundantly successful. And so what happens when you are brand it's abundantly successful you're renovating your stadium you're swimming in money. And that guy iTunes you're stating is named after comes out makes a racist statement and quite frankly you're trying to recruit young black people to come their play athletics. You can't have that hope you simply can't have this you have. And ended enormous numbers and that's not what the debate is based on the way you should change name always arguing that with the brand is gonna go down and yeah that's what that's what the issue this. Is that we're talking about. I guess yeah I guess who love what we search out and about was the in naming her heat's visit stadium in Louisville is. No longer Papa John stadium when we come back. It's the world according to Franken boy this is going to be a good one it's Garcia and Bailey stick around. Back to Garcia and Bailey. With the world according. To frame. I welcome back to the Darcy and really should no end so earlier today frank I was perusing. The interwebs and came across a story where. Many university athletic programs are contemplating. Basically. Eliminating. Marijuana. Testing. For their athletes not gonna happen right away but a lot of the experts feel within the next 234 years. Marijuana will be able to be. Taken in. It's hard to say this people might be able to smuggle marijuana or saw tonight I'm the veteran her. There's stumbling over how did you. They're gonna actually I teleprompter unsigned. All right so at Rutgers. It takes five to failed. Tests of marijuana before you kicked off the times yes exactly is that tomb beneath the jets. I don't know that's what they decide that they must have a lot of guys that have been testing I don't. Every program is gonna come up with grown. Leeway. Or their own rules. Night is 10 o'clock too early for curfew is from you know zero tolerance is that something do we all have to have our haircuts a certain way. I don't know I don't know what's right and what's wrong it's with the dissent I don't think if that's very good records that's what you do with the rules are. You as a football coach and you want to your coaching cultural if you want your kids coming in high on the marijuana also dorm drunk. All right but drink it's legal. Then there's the constant praise on shot. Now are viewed as I was gonna say. Kids come in and stoned is a little bit different to tell them it's for kids try. Not just legal. And I'm not saying legalize it I'm just so I knew as a coach as the father. There I don't want my daughters to a certain that my son doing certain things I don't want them during the four point one. I but once they turn 11 they're still going to be in college there's still gonna have the ability Gaudenzi ranked. And they're gonna make adult decisions so those decisions that you're gonna have to make and there's a be consequences to your decisions. I would not I come from his school thought that I embattled chairman smoke we till the cows come home bed legalize I don't care that's affecting but. As athletes and I know the I know we're gonna hear the medicinal benefits crowning you know that and you know there's you know been studies I understand that. But by saying all right you're not gonna get dressed and tested for lead him. Don't you think that opens the door for kids to come to practice or games perhaps time. One lesson that tested for alcohol. It's the same argument is that you're using the same argument coming give you the same answer. I don't test these kids for alcohol but there is a ability to see in fairness right it is are you drawn. This while your breast I got my night. I agree we know he's not your clothes on miniature eyes you know whatever it is I mean you're gonna have the ability to you and analyze. And determine you know whether you stepped across a liar not phenomena have the ability to publish. Are you another question Torre I. Thousands are guys you know Barney Frank I have a question oh sorry I just doesn't roundtable this is not shocks the world according to chuck know that you know you're a little bit narcissistic and how I now it's not about you but good. So I don't know if you saw this but there was like it there was a charity of blackjack event where spud Webb Clinton Porter Santana Moss Ron Harper in doctor Jenny all played was. It's a joke come on. So cleared it up. But again I was my first thought to come to my question is if when frank Garcia goes to Vegas in a when he uses at least go. Go to select a scene out. Bush the first place he sits down what's a gain he wants to play more than anything else. He won't play slot simply black technically pogo we wanna do. You must not going to Vegas very often not never been to Vegas because when you go to Vegas if you sit down around the bar to go to the slots. You look at some. People are like yeah I did know I don't know that it's not maneuver it. Today right potentially. It turns out much yeah you have your pocket back at Penn. And they're called carpet something or others but I believe that for your imagination. So no slots would not be one of the things I'm gonna look like. Ever. Ever I don't like slots has agreed to random game look even in the airport base when you board we're known flight. Yeah there's not much potential therefore you know troublesome in my country huh. I have some loose change in my dorm in the slot machine but the first game that there's a lot of great games and they used by the way when you go in depends where you're right. One that I go to Vegas for us to blackjack you go to that you don't because you have the wind ability to win the most but you also have the ability to lose the most in the which is my time traps. Although it is go to the craps table if I see a table at tot. Relax if I see five. Five colors and in the consistent mortar already girl all dream I've seen a black armor don't get on the opposite color. I'll do that and or poker poker is my game I will sit down for hours and play poker as Simon banks. Hi I gals another good one. Yes and it. Yes frank so yesterday we again this argument about what is and what is not a ship and by the way we welcome back to. So you tweet last night but not. He put up. That's different that was one tweet about three but in other lights no I was defending my chips yes so back on the ships. We've been talking about what are more not chips rose wondered what are your least favorite chips. My least favorite ship IC sanity into this what would be my least of chips I see I'm an all inclusive anything's. Like organic. It doesn't crust baked chips mate I want a anybody baked chips. I'm on a diet maybe I mean that's. Exe takes pretty good and there's like I think I love the sun chips. Alex and judge is on just a regular ones out there. Jubilant. That the so he's speaks. Just because it's his son does not mean their brakes are here we go odds for our son champs Daytona fried your beat. Sudden shift is a brand of fried rippled multi drug. You don't mess with me at my chips fairly innocent. S are all inclusive people by the way. They're not that that included potato and clear and includes corn there all chips I just look at it this morning and went to the aisle specifically looked up it said chips nuts snacks. Yeah but two more ships are sprang. They're not corn. But she's she's duels are not let you view there's smack. I won't give you snacks with cheese doodles or whatever the hell you're talking about Tito's part chips. Tips. Now. Past the chips won't get his pass snacks. If you're black and generous struck you go to New Jersey Mike's if you go to. A firehouse subs if you go to you still look like restaurant some weight. Some tips you'll say if he passed the house and there's a bullet she goes in a ball wood chips what are they gonna Pena the chips. Brian the other chips they're gonna CPA and I guess that would send. I would I would not like you I would say passage she talked. Suggest. To just strike but you don't want those orange you know college she goes ships and Chris Chelios argues that I do you see that. For the sake of argument I've always had a chips are chips and I don't know prisoners aren't saying I don't know if it's an Hispanic thing I don't know because Luis Moreno. Also agrees with me so maybe it is an Hispanic thing may we all say chips. Willing to one thing is kids chipset at half past the chips. Pass this question. Jockey got on more how many times. Over under. LeBron james' name mentioned at DST's. That's I think that's our world according to frank question you're disqualified next question also a need to get. I think this is an answer life questions these aren't just basic question sorry need to study more chuck favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger amenity. Oh yeah that's a good one terminator. Which 11 or two commando was hit commander to listen in an area also running man. Greg running into you remember that. What was the one who is. Preakness Dumars know. Knew that that was running again you're gonna want total recall the recall total recall that's a good luck to recall that's my favorite. The wind wins or surname. Conan and Barbara I don't know when barbarians really good at my beautiful. Yet that's my favorite but what's her name she was on trading places. Big 00 true lies yet to us via what's and a seemingly turning tricks yeah it's true lies to us a good that's seen insure lives. Are gonna say yours in July is not remember duke aren't really hurt us I certainly do. I thought I think probably watched it. Seen it. She was drinking you can punch line Norris does not want to real good movies you don't this yet you guys this isn't maybe the worst world according frank ever well. I was told ten minutes ago I would have come better prepared it's on the sheets shot. Your sheet. Is puppy. What they can learn to. We'll wrap things up on this Friday addition of Garcia and Bailey please stick around the ratings but and we need to we need you've. Back to Garcia and stay. I don't segment of the Garcia's daily show thanks so much for joining us today hope you all are gonna have a great weekend and string Garcia chuck our guys Evan now oral now on the forged. And now I hope you can home safely. And it is now time for. What's on tap. What's on today. What some jabs sponsored by bringing home propane had never. Lug that heavy. Tank again bring it home propane. Here's what's on the GO bright now you've got qualifying. Monster energy cup series so hot Franken dot mascara for the show was done. And then later tonight you've also got Big Three basketball coming up at six and FS won the golden boy boxing. I DES PN at 6 o'clock Webb dock on tour golf. Is going to on the guide. Well what good am I supposed to do that's kind of a child does solo balloon again I was just so that I was it was due in depth of resurgence there's a talker on there anywhere 7 o'clock NASCAR Infiniti series. On NBC sports now or no disqualifying going on now for the cubs series how many DM races are there is 36 NBA summer league basketball Minnesota timber. World's Denver Nuggets 7 o'clock and ESPN UMMA. What is asp PK champ. And when spike. Okay very good and then it's CN FL football tonight Toronto bargain knots and Edmonton eskimos. We'll Armani and words is he would throw. I have no idea he might 300 I think Armani might be with the trying to organize sets at 8 o'clock ESP into that's what's on tap sponsored by bringing home propane. Now it's time for tip of the cap frank why don't we go we do. I figured I'd just keep things par for the course I have nothing. And I'll go now what I tip my cap to Jim Brown. On this day in 1966. Jim Brown retired from the NFL. He played nine seasons sadly he rushed for 121000 yards. Es ten I think all time in rushing yards still to this day he's fifth all time rushing Texas may be the most dominant player in NFL history. To tell my caddie Jim Brown it's been eight tremendous career to have. Yeah I got one of course unfortunately today marks the 25 anniversary of Davey allison's desk. Wanna bes a NASCAR drivers to never win a championship and a big impact on the sport unfortunately we concede. Continued after that state. Very good one right there have been my tip of the cap goes to UI is shrinking my feeling today very easy. Yeah some some of the young was used to the mid day thing you always make it easy frank. Here like the brother I never had. Are you doing and I know both that put my doing there's no place. Takes me come over and have when I'm invited us have invited shot several times. To the parties and I've been that Horwitz meet somewhere and he's never gas but I'll feel Corsica and you know here's the deal. Don't forget. Previously was a different schedules different timeframe. We were at the Wells Fargo recent hey I know where there's a good party must like Jay and Conan I got to do at 6 o'clock now thinks maybe changing where we might be a similar time yeah schedules aren't. Thrown out. Terms and out well most of you us against. You know you are you gonna play and it requires August 10 eleventh. And trying to Friday 47. Knowing. Against that issue. Exists and it's not because that's Ramadan and a member gets back on popular. And a member guest back come next week's so the TDK member guest is a practice round Friday. Play Tony seven Saturday. Eighteen on a Sunday. The senators Sunday might feel the squeeze it out this is on Friday that you either get their chance different missile. In August yup yup it's that it's I guess it just practice round and you don't you don't need practice I don't definitely don't all right senior damn well good deal. But I think it takes revenue guys I guess and I'll be back in on Monday morning on the mid on mid day as we talked. SEC football gear up for ACC football appreciate you all have a Meehan everybody have a great weekend. Be safe out there yet Kyle Bailey will be back we help fund though Monday hopefully he has a good weekend up in Virginia thanks again for joining us folks. It's Garcia and Bailey have fantastic night we'll talk to him Monday. Show and it was I didn't have blow your mind that just happen.