Garcia And Bailey W/Chuck Howard H3: College Football Talk With Chip Patterson And Wes Mitchell

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Friday, July 13th
In this hour Chip Patterson joins the show to preview the national coverage for CFB, while Wes Mitchell previews the upcoming season for South Carolina....

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But Garcia. The Garcia and barely show wasn't sure I was gonna make it to this long after I told frank his sister was attractive when I met earlier pack. I can't say that it's pretty decent your own sisters that's just no place that she was attractive. But it has such a well that's the way they don't assist I was. Hitting Abner Carol we are in middle score to beat you up. Well then I would would have wealth today will back in the day I would've thought she did today I would just sort of reserves the loss this is zoom you payout and you'd have to go to bully school. Chuck Keller build it for Kyle Bailey. I do yeah yeah hi I've got to I need some help. We're doing what. Like little stuff and I'm so so you're bored you don't know what to do with the I mean they drink alcohol no. Other SEC it's so easy when my sister doesn't drink well well good for her I'm happy I'm bad so ams I'm super impressed by that line to be especially knowing you but. Howard claim they come in we don't believe. Cost of daycare in India State's first three days because good true McDoogle load up and we just. So my record I thought you hunker down and you get slow slog soccer just silly he got so. Commend you don't believe they're not that big ever Middletown measure nearly two or three years is going to make it out New York dowdy my mom then drink it might get my dad didn't drink. From a mom doesn't during my dad didn't drink. My oldest sister doesn't drink at all. And I don't know what happened. Technology and I don't know hum butts. Yeah I don't know I mean we're joining hamburgers hot dogs tonight. However tees that the teeter today and I got some surprise them. Hopefully not listening still. I got these huge courthouses there like seven nanny nine a town not bad. You know wasn't the best deal ever but. I got about 45 Porter house is number grill up Nelson got my nieces and nephews coming over to into the new house got a brand new house. And fortunately I have a date now. You know on the backs of the two run around the yard play outside. It's low humid there at the club is right down the streets who met this woman over this weekend but they're good they're talking about they went to Terrell Owens yesterday. I'm not a Terrell Owens guy so they went early show I had sent have fun. It is when I don't know I don't know mama I'm good and yesterday the water park and they serve beer Carol Owens. I think the money they must forgive people give Aristide today you have to think they might I think it's also a dangerous proposition. Here's some of them dear Carolyn I have too many Beers and ended on a rollercoaster. But they went to the water park and I refused to go to those water parks out there Terrell Owens. Because there's just so much. Come on I'm just not gonna subject myself to this a teary. If that's rare words distant distant area this and got in dysentery sonar to subject myself to that but there'll come into the house tonight and I'm. I'm a little concerned that's off. You know but we're going to be flying yeah I mean who wouldn't air soft maybe tomorrow. They're softer top golf I'm not sure what it was the better of the two what does air saw. Here's our players are asked me so you don't paint ball OK so air softer like diesel pellets. Like when we're kids wish to throw like them that the dairies are each other we shoot ourselves we threw me a lot. He's just Roxio I'd give a rookie of virtue DB is at each other yes we did it DS and dvds aren't gonna hurt from a distance and they're gonna sting a little bit. But that's basically what scares softness. But nowadays. I don't know what it is with the the people that play this. They think they're in the military and they go out there and they have bases set up they have teams. And it might be one of the most ridiculous things and I've ever seen this like. If these guys are actually thinking there in war guests and they call around my brother plays he spent more on these guns. These air soft guns. Then. Any normal rational human being should half he is like guns everywhere like Rambo out there was easier softies like 360 pounds. So he's sweating is not soft out there. Is guns everywhere any any any trying to hide the annual staples. Of the a brother you don't understand the dynamics of this they just shouldn't. At the pole and they're gonna did you launch because you're not skinny enough to get penalty polls you're dead I Georgia doing. It's a job golf is too hot to run around it's just not say let's go to Tom got to serve alcohol there I know that should could and he gets shot would tell what's. As what are we give it away so right now. Color number three call and we're gonna give away a pair of tickets to the 2018 international champions cup a percent of by Heineken. Is it to be Burris you Dortmund and Liverpool's of the color number three right now and you win appears to be snatched July 22 at 4 PM at Bank of America Stadium. Color number three right now. Tickets for some football. Uptown Eminem has something which I haven't yet they actually do serve beer ads care when's but the problem is it's nine dollars post nine dollars and probably just more the Panthers and. Should give the parents three dear careless and I never you know with Carol wins does a fantastic job don't get me wrong but. Care and I've never had children. But over the years nieces and nephews of command. And I have. Conveniently made sure I had more events I've never Billy and I parked it Carol wins once a couple of years ago to take a shuttle. To deal Wells Fargo or the Wachovia. So. I would rather take knitting needles and signal in my rising or careless. CN illness that's talents it's so especially since his super hot right now I predict it just didn't know nose and there was great it's great if you're out of town. From California. I mean Disneyland was right their backyard I'm like OK well there we wanted to roller coasters that are gonna you know kind of blow Disneyland away but that. You're welcome to the south consistently hot it's going to be muggy and it's basically a big you know state fair. You know also have fun that's all you guys did enjoy. They enjoyed. There was no lines is from what where when I heard they the water park yes are pretty good hum but their favorite ride was what's the theory again once Cherie yeah I'm I'm not been on Syria and the on the intimidator. And the problem. And I told my nephew was he's eighteen years old and he isn't a younger brother sixteen. Is that it's not going down you know you get to the top it's a great you get to see it unless it's a scared to death of tides and the way. You get to the very top you can see in the entire view of Charlotte's one of the best views are gonna get on top of the intimidator and give them that men are teary but. It's not going down I can handle going down it's coming back up because if you've ever been on one of these roller coasters chucked. The only strap you in now with like a little bar that goes across your waist. And just your big guy you know hundreds of my series at one of my kids are legal slide out because when you when you go back up you raise out of your seat like you're gonna slide out of the roller coaster and the only thing holding UN is this little thing a crush your waist so that's what scares me to death. And I hate that feeling. Of your stomach going up and down. Like your new home. Parts go up in your throat and then they go back down and this is I hate that feeling that's why I'm afraid of heights a magic going on roller coasters because of not a giant roller coaster gap narrows that I don't want a meg going to ride the number done because I get motion sickness and I'm just done for the rest of the day. North roller coasters of my professional career took to do any fake ones I've ordered a switch gears and talk some college football frequently give back. Here on Monday we're gonna be smelling callous football as the SEC media days are gonna be kicking off. If the college football same down and Atlanta and then here in Charlotte Wednesday and Thursday ACC football media days. And so is getting close we can smell it and I'm pumped up to talk gamecocks football it's been it's been a few years. What do you. Looking forward to. College football season maybe I know your DO Huskies serve you know I think you're gonna be in the discussion but just in general just just getting Kalish a ball going in general. Yeah I'm I'm ready for the football season we do here there's no doubt about it I'll always love the stories. In a shock of the team that nobody's talked about. And unfortunately you know with the ranking system in college football my biggest issue. You know with that is. That if you don't start the top 45 it's almost impossible to get into the playoffs system. And you can be a pretty good school lets say if you're Nebraska they're not projected to be in the top 25 I don't believe this year but let's say for summaries and Scott frost comes in and they catch fire. And they end up winning the other side of the bracket in in the Big Ten. They have no chance to make the final four. Because they star outside the top 45 Nebraska you know if if Alabama loses once of at Clemson loses once there's still only one default regardless. Listen to it is you know maybe a couple spot so in order for a team like Nebraska to get into. The other two college football playoffs. They have to almost run the table and win the championship drills they have no chance even though they might have a hell of a season I just don't think that that's right that they're kind of excluded from the conversation because we don't know anything about. Very valid point. I guess that I general I'm just I'm just excited about the season to get rolling we that cool weather. Up early last week it smelled like told all the hard to believe that our media days are going to be upon us when we come back our next guest still will be joining us on the technical and guess slime is a gentleman who will be down in Atlanta for the SEC media days. Wes Mitchell from game tax central dot com we'll talk raising game got mix gamecocks fans let your friend of fellow fans know it scars CN barely coherent. Siena and they are. Welcome back to the Garcia and Bailey showed showed our. Sitting in for Kyle today frank Garcia would mean as I mentioned before winter break. SEC media days hard to believe get under way down in Atlanta on Monday and there's a lot of chatter. For the first time and a number of years in regard to the South Carolina Gamecocks downing Colombian man who is got his finger on the pulse of the gamecocks. Is on our tactic on gas line let's check in with a right now as we checked in with a Wes Mitchell game tax central dot com hey Wes chuck Howard Greg Garcia would be Al Arian my friend. I'm gonna get out on the veterinary. Pretty good we appreciate you taking time out as we know there's less than 45 minutes now free to get to happy hour so make it quick. But pay as CD SEC media days on Monday hard to believe what game got players discuss much a must chanting can win them. I can't this year they're good and bad because then you'll BJ want. Jake at least slow. It I think there are likely to other candidates as well what when you look at those three guys are they that they are our grant. The last few years. To offer to play makers are going to be a big part of that all that this year didn't let Egypt on. Sort of came out of nowhere last year but arguably. What is so popular as bad players they're not they're bad players but you could see why Jennifer berg got. When you think of South Carolina game guy. Oxy think of defense at least I have over the last several years what's going to be the identity of the team this year. You know I think it's interesting because Gordon though last year. We talk a lot of now they're off that might have to carry. It had to beat that but last year Berger will must can't. The defense has really exceeded. The local expectations you know peace sort of looked at it. What they brought back what they missed the e-book or. You'd you'd have thought there might be trouble won't be the last couple years that much chance the bat. I don't know way. Think it's dark strike there like he said with a speed threat that they do not replace the arc. Several Spartan secondary out we got more with the big part of what they do a lot backer. Arnett replaced those god but you just look at what must get but you feel like you've got to put the pizza together their commitment places to eat. Offensively. Lot of potential but I I think everybody around here order. Still a bit in latency move our way feel about it just until they see it all sort of play out all the real. You could follow him on Twitter at Wes Mitchell GC gamecocks central dot com. I'd have to say. I think there's the possibility. First thought look at the gap are out of you know they have. I've dabbled off but the want they don't really get about this year or alert after upperclassmen. They they had a fixed but it also a senior that a pride be the first out the expert. You you start there always start you off it's a lot better that you look at what he had struck back. That they missed but it really bit beeper signal from artful last year or create her shut you give him a playmaker back. Solid. Yeah they're running back in. But you know you add all those things together what they scheme that I think you're gonna be a little bit more purple spot they want last year he was Aurilia had to a lot mentally. I as far as that. Try to Jaffna from the why call it the off a lot of protection as well I think. Don't be put out we're talking a little bit more help on the letter was debt this year potentially sir I think he's seen them. Maybe placate his threats a bit more this year gonna help about it the expectation predict failure core beer certainly very packed. What's the game that you look at the season this is again this is going to be the game that separates gamecocks football from every other one we can't talk about Clemson I'm sure that most people would circle Georgia but what game is for you because to me it's Kentucky. Yet cannot I can make the argument sucking back I think. Yes you furcal that we UK it was Jordan the fact that it is we do it is that we've right stadium. South Carolina last few years at Florida Cong around their game with Georgia but hasn't quite and it's strike this is that you know. That's a Jordan's king that Luther Abacha upperclassmen. That date that the favorite in the east and I you know they're going to be cabinet to a doctor are being that probably will have to show much we want it go to Carolina or. Get me out because they're they're gonna at the it that Kentucky's sort of thing not they're back and beat those cat fur off or straight year the walk out split. Acting the way this season goes and and the potential to. Compete in the east Derek start that we do it is stored. Few more minutes with a Wes Mitchell from gamecocks central dot com a lot of folks are pumped up about the gamecocks. Heading in trendy pick they're not gonna sneak up on anybody I wanna gonna switch gears a little bits at west recruiting is finally coming around the last couple years as we all know. With coach Spurrier now on the air while he had his early success is kinda. Interest waned for him if he will and I know a lot of high school coaches. Especially up this way Charlotte rock kill more real thrilled with the the Ole ball coach has Will Muschamp finally won the high school coach is back. Six because they exceed our party worksheet that they got it literally not at work but their act urgently expect at all. Approach to ever according players. You know respect bit concerned about our Eva can't they read their Bible. You know from PO and a high school up and Anderson are our backyard what can parsley were murdered in Atlanta you know despite the fact that. They're major target for corporate and that Georgia for that matter what you Anderson actually. You know closer back in there is that Columbia. I go to Eric it's the top players the statement that picket that. That at this Florida expand out that they they brush in the Guinness eight summit well. Got a quarterback California right away if he thought they have expanded their reach a bit more well what are you got into looking statement. Much camps or have an open door policy or the coaches don't feel like they can talk to a that it tarmac. I think that's something you know it does take comic opera or six however I buy anything but. You'd think what our school coach's seat. And I just bet we collar approach that much can't take it back up the bank are appreciates. Hey Wes before we again. We look to get out here one more minute to go out with you but are you believing the hype when I say the pipe you know would your game got fans are excited because. Lot of folks are sane 89 wins is that you feel that way. Yeah active or not I think Gary at the port remember that. You know they they got about went last year some of those teams were more Al that we probably expect that they go into this season. So I bet it's player or I think you know big and it went back gate caught the elk like that why. You know I think you look what they have come back the fact they were able to get that went turtle without you both Daniel last year. I'd think you'd circle that they can you know can be both said they help you here Pete help he. Eric if we're opposites because he can score from anywhere at any hot. I think obviously you're always need those you know breaks to get your weight got to be a little bit luck people I think this retained that really isn't going to be Garrett at the fact that they. They can't Georgette. So early in that hole. I think if not then they had at war talk about a call. This break nordic team that's very very talented but it may take there ball mark their starter release order. Figure out what they are and what they're gonna be about but I think again there are bad and at Georgia South Carolina game that keep up our web that it. The sky's the limit for their. You know they lose that game that obviously a partner retreat tucked on the east and you start talking about and it went later adding it back to outback ball purple like that. Samuel obviously is a dynamic player is there any chance that we might be talking about him at the end of the season for. The George Rogers award. Known to lot of South Carolina fans is the Heisman. Mean I don't know you can rule out an army look at what he did the first few weeks last year and back into the kickoff return for gushed out. Our protections for touchdown. I they re ran the ball for such an out. He was float back and now wait Italy. Is sort of a comma a bit about how well I am actually. If he's quite they're back I think people start you know who you're look at we all know it's a big part of that. You know I got a cap people gravitate to you first of or are people retail ticket traffic especially that the conference didn't return to action. That back but he did get hurt last year. Yeah I mean is he got to beat a favored probably not what we're happy the product Barrett. Everywhere we don't know what number is Scott could put up with and what they completely healthy. Cedar because it hasn't happened yet so who want to know what the kids treatment is. West appreciate your time very much my friend I got a sneaky still will be speaking to you more throughout the year have a good trip to Atlanta. All right Wes Mitchell gamecocks central dot com follow him on Twitter at Wes Mitchell GC when we come back we'll continue to college football discussion as will be joined by chip Patterson CBS sports dot com will get his thoughts on the Clemson Tigers NC state and also national picture as well it's Garcia and Bailey I'm not a daily I can't judge Howard. Back to Garcia and sale. The Good Friday jam on here drive home or. You're listening and you're already home we'll be your tabernacle safely yes cold tablets from many who can get in there Siro in my mouth so much. Hey you know what I tried the other day when everyone who waste your batters is time I try to of those bug laid oranges on. A lets you know I think I'll. We'll talk about that all right they get away as Mitchell game guy central Soro joining us previous segment dunking game console ball now we're gonna do to be joined by a gentleman who. Gonna give us a different perspective though maybe not just here in the Carolinas and elsewhere chip Patterson CBS sports stock comics joining us on our tech become just signed Jim good afternoon jock Howard frank Garcia would be how are you friend. Joseph Barton wrote the article says there are the that we are what your favorite job flavored beer. I I I think it hit it dead flavored beer you lock. I got to the I should be don't get the wrong idea I don't do the IP ace stuff I don't do this at the other thing I don't know Bud Light guy in saw I saw these Bud Light orange is a news. I try to Mike and only have a couple because maybe it's the heat down here are right no single and. I'll let let and I. And all I'm not going to be one big guy got I'm glad that everyone had Erin Hayes. I think I'm glad that you're welcome even willing to venture out and expand the officer Don did any good Schroeder flavor will stay there. I could not exactly what you're Agricole corporate day on the boat. All right tell I don't previous segment chip we are joined by Wes Mitchell from gamecocks central dot com of course. In these parts a lot of folks a lot of gamecocks fans are. Are very excited they seemed to be. I guess you'd call it a trendy pick Tim may be knocked off Georgia may be 910 wins could possibly win the SEC east it's not on the realm of possibility. Are you one of the do you concur with the what seems to be some conventional wisdom in regards to the game tax. Doing well. Mr. Opportunity I think then I recognize about Carolina probably has been number two team. In the SEC east if you order just put all the team dinner back here. But the way that schedule all that we've seen time and time again the FBC sometimes matters and that. Georgia doesn't exactly have bar all the news Peter you know the top of the bar is going to be great by the end of the year. I think Jordan topic of art could end up you know being once again wanted to that in the entire country. But you know what it is Jake I'm gonna be. Played all the snaps third is that we unity and Justin Peelle but I do think the fact that. There's so much unknown packed into the game when you're gonna get even it came back and get into that gig Bentley is gonna be great. And the defense that continued to improve under what law can't I just think there. Doubt where this dark horse momentum coming from the IPO that. You know it is not hard to realize the universe where a bit. Early early season game between the two best teams in the division. They're put in that we've seen before with a deep team this has been a couple years the idea that McCain can't win that is certainly not Craig. Judgeship I love college football can't wait for the season to start and I know there's a lot of people out there that feel the same way but that's there's unfortunately some things that I would love to change about college football if you could raise your magical launder wave it over college football what would be the one thing that you would change his college football. Not this. Yeah absolutely. Not love. College football in all of its imperfections. Like win win does the conversation you compared the NFL at the college game has spent. A prominent one thing Sports Illustrated. I any noise in an eighty staples right his response not on any staple the debate got a job what that we Wear. Impregnated the fact that it's incredibly unpredictable factor there's been a more diverse range of styles like are there going to be some Gardner they're going to be. Let them imperfections absolutely but I think it but I don't Pallet. It one bit provide a lot more entertainment. At least on a per game basis I think it when you're watching. The best of the best go up against each other me now I'll watch every single Sunday I'll always have a TV on him off both of them do and work to catch up from the game day. But in in terms of what really. Get my blood Boylan on a week in week out basis there's not a council ought to make. No I agree with you on that I guess you know for me I guess the one thing I'd change and I just talked about it just briefly you know heading into you know this segment was. I would change the rankings and make it a little bit longer so we have a better indicator so that teams outside the top 25 might have a chance to be in the final four. Yeah it helped because. I think bit. From fifteen to forty and that's normal and sometimes batting occurrence from twelve or maybe from nine but. I really think they're from fifteen to 48 especially even from twenty to forty. You really just talking about perception and whoever's trendy to meet. We have to we we did that CBS sports 130 every single week and a guy like Jerry all of you ranked all 130. And comfortably rank don't want thirty but you know I thought my ballot I put in it he in the the way to think about fiftieth everybody. It is above average college football and when you start to rank them you realize that. From against fifteen to forty or anywhere outside that 1213 or fourteen teams it's really really hard to pick them apart it's all about perception and all about. Objectivity. For him to meet for the most part the top ten or twelve teams are always commit separate themselves and go back and you look at the final poll. And I think that you could kind of see that there's always a play three control our. There's the question is is it seemed to be able to position itself. There's that they can be. In consideration you know you think about where Miami came from a year ago they had to win all the games in a row. They even start to creep up near the top fed cup finish to the speed and but we can't that it did that. Been now they are a bit here a little bit higher in the cold but it absolutely. Hey multiple year effort if you're not an Alabama. Our Ohio State or columns send a team that always gonna get the benefit of the doubt. Jim Patterson CBS sports dot com joining us on our tech become green gas line you mention Clemson and I know our Clemson fans listening you. I've been a driving off the road because we've been spent to. A previous segment talking about the game Jackson earlier on with you we know Clemson is gonna be there more than likely but let's talk about the North Carolina State Wolfpack. You know. I think they have a legitimate chance. To give Clemson all they can handle this year my high. No I think look I had checked the tape right. I think what look go to last year and Carter Finley looked notice that your book or death ballot. Two years in a row. And he stayed there about three or four plays away from get it there I mean there's there's no reason to think. They've got are going to be a tough out I don't I don't think it's so I don't think that's going to be you're content Miley game. I'll think about to be most dangerous game not this year I think it there are going to be how about this. When Florida State comes to Carter Finley they're they're here they're big game down look at network NC state. And it seemed even after all within a year well it Philippine that I expect to be competing for that second or third spot in the ACC Atlantic. I do think we're talking about one of the better Clemson rockers are really one of the best of the defense is that maybe we've ever seen a program. I know it's it's been easy answer the last couple years you know between. You know this rivalry that's I still think it's one of the better rivalries in sport even though we don't maybe acknowledges that but Florida State Miami. Who's going to be better this year is the year before state or Miami because I think the last decade or so it's been Florida State this sentiment close. Yeah I think Miami this year are their defense is awesome that Decker a linebacker. I attacked a cloud Jack Korman. You know Mike peca meet David playing together for three years they all started as freshmen and they all started last year. And you want jobs and the dude I mean might be one about the that the players may carry PC and I think that Miami Heat. Is where. Did. Mark Richt hurricane team gets its energy gasoline sold at the lifeblood. Of that program right now and has gone if they continue to play a high level. Then I'm gonna look for consistency there it was reported they've got power. I'm just gonna have to wait and see Willie jagr get it done. Because. It it always makes me feel and comfortable. When the bottom falls out for a team the way that it did floor for Clark state last year Kate is always make me think. It even even with the change ever in head coach. You're dead it's still the same guy so the same did. There were better than most of the teams that they played and instill had to wreak deadly game in order to be bowl eligible so I I need to be. That same rocker come now. Would better performances before I'm ready to say that they're going to be. I elevated above a team that won the eight EC article in in my opinion absolutely looks ready to do it yet. This may be one of the best lines defense of lines in Clemson history. Is that the best defense of line that may be in college football history. Not in college football history and I've got Italian man there's there's going to be some competition up in Columbus, Ohio very deep and be very debated that depends a lot in the country this year. I'd hate to put a lot of incredible. And I think it does go to the two. Come to mind right off the top in my head probably because they are a cut above but. That that's kind of where are feared this year and not hurt. Chris Wilkens. It speak about wanting to go down as one of the best. Content defense is in program history that if that's where they're setting their goal and that's a good sound confident and he wanted to see another college football playoff run. And he hit one end up in the national championship game instead of in the summer. Few more minutes with chip Patterson from CBS sports dot com chip. We got a lot of the of course at state mountaineer fans around here I've received texts from some more mountaineer fans and there. They're all expecting of course another successful season but. What a lot of mountaineer fans are now worried about is their head coach Scott Satterfield he's young he's bright. He recruits the south well should they be concerned is is a do you hear his name circled they were but about a little bit tough so you think you know let what do you heard in regard to Scott Satterfield. Every lion universally across the industry seems to very polite in respect Scott Satterfield. But that people. Do seem to be occurring around his name being in connections where any job it. Everything now harder than hypothetical. And some say this the type of surgery and in my experience little line. I'm gonna coach can just be happy. Sometimes occurred she wants to make sure that it did they give her fifteen. Are not putting his name now for other jobs and and you know if a search committee called you may be already tell the search committee York all of these. Coaching hires these days are all happening through back channels. So that win and inevitably. All the emails come to light there's nothing embarrassing everything lined up. There's no surprises and coaching search is for the most part. And so. I do think that a good part of this might be car Satterfield not wanting to have his name floated out there and then a second part of the is you know where where do you think that extrapolate you know what. Where are they good fit for him and I think that the answer to that has. There hasn't been a job that opens in the last two to three years that really feels like a natural bet. So I think the truth is somewhere between Scott Satterfield not being a coach who want to see his name in the headlines. And what that. Kosovo crisis got big egos on improbable love to see their name in the headlines album love to know. That they're being shopped around that there in the running for a job some of the light. That aspect of the popularity I don't think I've never read Scott Satterfield of iconic heritage. But I think the other part of it is also just the the right job for him. Had a bit in the wind where people are going around and look at barrel. It will we'll wait and see but for right now I think that apple have to state it should feel pretty good debt. You know either the this situation. Has not deemed a door to be open or not it cup Satterfield there isn't even look. Initiative which we talked about Miami. Would they be able to compete on a regular basis. On that side of the bracket. They would be able to compete for another season yes. They would not be competing for division championships. Are regular basis than my opinion. Good deals chipper appreciated night I concur with you regard to Scott Satterfield you can make half a million dollars up in Boone and live like a king. And he doesn't come off to me to beat that type a guides itself is aching to get out of there so I do think mountaineer fans should sit back is a great guy I hope he sticks around chip we appreciate your time very much my friend will be in touch. Art charter well all right chip Patterson CBS sports Dodd Tom judging on the gamecocks Clemson Tigers. Wolf pack as well as the app state mountaineers only come back. We'll chew on a little bit it would shift talked about and then that. We'll let you know what are Panthers topic is going to be at the top of the hour frank Garcia and I might go landed on this one is Garcia and Bailey will be right back. Siena and Bailey. You for joining us sand on this Friday afternoon in the best city. On the planet Charlotte, North Carolina chuck cowards. Filling in for Kyle Bailey alongside frank Garcia as we head up to the 5 o'clock hour OP all are gonna have a great weekend and franks got his family in town I'm gonna. Play a little golf in the morning has some old neighbors in town that my old neighbors frank. The rich sheiks their name Dave maybe they get sick a living next door to me. But they were they were the type of neighbors they were little bit older their retired but. We. Would this every day not every day but I don't. Wanna hear about your passing the soup for the T story of the the key story that will come later. But it she's gonna type of neighbor where. They would ring about all. If Karen and I Regis did that men every day at 5 to collect 5 o'clock and what a Manhattan. I thought I thought that at. That I had to clarify if you don't know. And that's that's that's that's that it's a minor league got to know us now and in the got it exactly right. On where pro probably 90% sure. Around it was thinking the same thing so anyway there it's easier down gonna visit with them tomorrow you since you've got your family in town yet they do and I do. I only get back to something you said about to you this tree deer that you've been dragged him I tried but I'm there Bud Light orange but like orange and a select there's different flavors of Bud Light now. Yeah they don't light lime I remember that we hadn't. They came out with the strawberry reed won the strawberry ones spotlights a strawberry Regis it and I think is Bud Light it's Bud Light. It's a brand. Not. It's just it's a book like strawberry Reid yeah. This way too many thanks to its order this. That's right I think that's I think you lie Maria's strawberry gets their own thing their actual like Margarito headaches and Budweiser and he buried it there's beer Anheuser-Busch may make them. But. It's not like it's got about arena. Did you record something that. I'd has strengthened clocks and you've come up on the golf course so anyway IE. I don't drink liquor and so I just drink. Is that what you're saying because ms. Howard's listening. The day my wife. It's been married thirty years do you think she's a slightly jaded of me being on TV or radio if she gives a rat's behind I should probably just turns your out. She to Israel and home she gives me out during my media venture snow but. Doctors said may be just. Oh did I did just because they're a little hard issue couple years ago only so generous deals are being Augusta let's talk about those black and hands were injured and on the golf course well and could have won every night. So long story short so you know. He's been beer in line for five months if he gets boring cell. And so hot thank winds of Bud Light north here's. Here's a great question right for our listeners what it is the best golf course drink. Is it straight but light is in. There is it isn't a bloody Mary. In the morning. Or is it something else because to me the best golf course drink it out there. Is probably I don't know if you ever had one of these but it is vodka. It is grape juice and it is summing up or sprite or your or ginger out I Tito would be get noticed as delicious. There's no doubt about that to get drink. Now there was a little phase we used to go through is where we took me Gatorade. In vodka yelling of course the end you can so that in the equation but what is the best golf course drink out there Oz. I've got one. I don't know I don't know how much is gonna work but he got byes just. He died Gatorade he got a Red Bull did indeed created invigorated and hydrated there was a problem as it gets a great deal going out drank. But on the golf course you don't want the shakes and I and I'm really anxious to go ahead to next shot. You know you don't have all the energy in the world. He's just as the morning you know you got to have these a lot of heavy on the golf course that you lease or it's like just three holes. We know she enough tests to figure for many know that that you are you're one those guys is this you know decide to you group relieve themselves anywhere though. Like awesome I. No mystery that's the beauty that's true beauty of B and got ya know and you say that. And though you never peed on Google's core to our house but I don't do like right next the golf course in the middle of fairway. Maybe got a advertised sometimes. It. Palmer has that goal range finder. Zoom in and offices at a setup the fourth Darren showed. That's. A friend who says a cigarette out. Our I would frank and I come back. We're gonna talk some Carolina Panthers Franken I need you to noodle on this new Sosa listening as well projects the hook. The question drank for you and we'll talk about on the other side. Which Carolina. Olson. KK shores name 90% of the roster at the starting lineup which Carolina panther now named meekly Newton. Also in short tempers. Needs to step up. In order for the Carolina Panthers to make the postseason it's a Garcia and daily show I think we'll be back after the top of the hour.