Garcia And Bailey W/Chuck Howard H1: Dre Bly Talks AAF Football, The NFL Strikes Back At TO

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Friday, July 13th
Int the opening hour Dre Bly joined the show to discuss the new AAF League, and Chuck and Frank discuss the NFL striking Back at TO for the HOF.....

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Garcia. But just your Giles there's nothing wrong when you're radio this is not trial baby Bailey free. Puberty trap. This is terrible bloody judge Mallard sitting at her trial today because hit man could not find anybody else in the universe. Who always would things his sit in total. Erwin frank Garcia your last option I didn't you guys last option I know Iowa actually we look first several of the people they're all busy. The odd things going on their lives being productive summer Mimi had jobs. I think. It is I'll be nice to have promised today chuck I promise I will be nice to you. Liar. Graduate as we've made it to Friday into where another day closer to training camp opening so glad you would listen I suggest you stick around because there's no doubt I'm gonna say something stupid over the course of the next four hours and I'm quite confident my little buddy whom I've known for over twenty plus years over here is most certainly gonna say and do something that will be trending on Twitter by 8 PM and speaking of Twitter if you're so inclined follow me at chuck coward sports frank is it frank Garcia 65. Positive is that I was born at WS NC so. Frank can you and I have not done this for awhile I've been doing the mid day stufflebeem will little bit and I tell you what you guys have the best shift of the day. Doing now because. Would you do that well the morning show speaks for south that's why it McEntee Boehner the way they are there to range and then the midday show you've got to do your preparation like it's six or seven and then you've got to get on the road in getting here but the the afternoon shift here. Is good because he can talk in the morning and have coffee can work out in even eat lunch. And we had a pre pre show meeting. I as that I did. Did you weren't there. Hasn't good reason why tell anybody why you weren't here. My family's in town from California so I spend little time with them kind of you know preparing. House got a brand new house I was out my little shop in. You know enjoy some Home Depot with a Bed, Bath & Beyond in all that kind of stuff. Or get them there cereal they like their special cereal in the church 2% Malkin they're from California C got to kind of forgive them ideal job macondo. Those in the tofu and all the other things go with that. And then know what to your sisters say when she saw me. Isn't that the guy and TV and you had to say no no. I did not blow. I did not blow you up. I said well about that about the show is that maybe adding another career change she just goes to recognize that guy isn't easy guy to. They did you're a morning show on the Kansas was a goes yeah yeah. Oh you were used to kind of do that hey you know it's funny we still may be doing and give us I guess how. I thought our guys are so high you don't I use it when you heard it I was sitting in for Kyle today somebody said you did cartwheels down the hall. No I didn't happen now. I was I was excited to Kazaa a because I love how you color ruin your little body. Well that's some friendly everybody's friend but nobody has her cast thing though to write his little buddy his brother guys say bro did you like did he plays like to WW wrestler did you watch Gilligan's Island her own. Now that's where that comes in nine years old chuck that's where that comes from the captain they're the skipper called Gilligan little bunny. This right marriage frank remembers I don't ever has my favorite shows coming 330. There every afternoon you're almost as old design amber it's so is this war we get this thing rolling right now. Let's do an analyst jumpin all right our car garage door guru opening topic of the day. Stewart who roof opening topic of the day I'll. You back like he's done this once or twice chuck I've not yet it's been a long time since I've done. The afternoon should Isa like you get too big boy pants on the night. No because it's there it's it's Friday nobody's listening. Consider it up there thought that was great to finally getting especially since early in the fifth thrust that's that's that's a our hides Norv Turner. Making news at least enhance their land he appeared on serious. Radio on their NFL show and had these comments about Cam Newton yesterday. There's corporate raiding homes or lives and was so mad. I nineties low hundreds. But it. In the middle of that of the search junior entries from his book or part games. Where are. That rating is there's not very dirt but what were gonna try to look more floors is the limit the peaks and the valley showing. And Carter on a weekly break or make it more consistent I think that'll help our offer it would be more consistent and certainly while them. All right so you heard it from the Panthers new offensive coordinator Norv Turner. Mentioning it Cam Newton in frank you and I have taken some arrows in the past. Over the last couple 23 years whether be on the previous ill treated television show we used to do together. All would I've filled in before and we have discussed. Cam Newton's inconsistencies. So there are you leaving here Norv Turner talking about them so your first take away a Norris comment. So I'm wondering if he'll get the venom that we've gotten over the last you know couple years when we say anything critical or constructively. You know critical towards Cam Newton and I think that. No he has two eyes just like you and I and he sees the same things that you and I see is that. Com your one of the things that needs to get better if he's gonna have more success is his his. Our consistency so that's the one thing that they're gonna work hard and you know what creates consistency. Practice. So you know he's gonna have to do the same things over and over again I go out there and create good habits and for grab a way to get it done well I think K. Norv Turner may end up being I don't wanna say to say this savior of Kim's career I think cam has a I think the timing couldn't have been better. What you shake your head no no I mean glad I was able to finish thought don't necessarily didn't but we know what's 'cause I wouldn't I'm as I have like a Ding that goes off in my head know like raise my hand like him in second grade and I think that want to call me when you're done with your spot when apparently just finish a thought. When I was going to say. Is I will do the next three and a half hours by myself. This is gonna sound like that what I was gonna say I truly feel that Mike Shula. Head Max what he could do 4 PM. Maybe I should phrase it this way what GM was good allow Mike Shula to do for him I think GM. It also run his college career even early on in his senate career with the Panthers. Let's all face it we've discussed it before I'm not saying TM is not coach a bowl but I think what KM needs is the right person for cam to say all right you've been to the mound docs sir I will listen to you and I think door is going to be able to break that. Whatever barrier their was free TM did get to that other side when we're talking about consistency life. I think it's a respect thing I'm not saying he. Didn't respect Mike Shula it's like you head coaches over the years that word may be younger and you're like we nearly four years older than mere five what that why the hell should I listen do you whereas. Nor it's like your grandfather sometimes when your father would tell you something ash should shut dad don't gran percent it. Alright grandpa was in World War I that will work to you know have just you have the Tennessee and north Reza may have is is on his. You know I just I'm guessing I'm surprising maybe I'm hoping more than anything. I think that's kind of what role do and you know chalk is hoping that Norv Turner is gonna have to cash a you know that is needed for the respect in order to may be pushed him a little bit because I agree with here. You Shula got him to a certain point and it kind of became stagnant and I know this is far as a player there's a couple things that we can control nor attitude and our effort or aren't the main things we can't control how fast we are. How tall we are how strong we are to a certain degree you get to a point in this god given ability. Or what you know he's blessed you with as far as size speed and strength there's no question cam has. As much god given talent and abilities any player that maybe has ever played that position. The questions and concerns comes with is that what is cam you're willing to allow somebody to push humor challenged him to do. That just eyes and has said it multiple times on these Airways. It's up to camp. You know cam is in control of how good he's going to be and sometimes as a player. Or an athlete you have to be willing to take a step back to take two steps forward. You know you're good your big golf fan. I'm used to reason why Tiger Woods went through did several swing changes is the reason why he went to different coaches because he learned X amount from Butch Harmon and went to the next guy and then he goes to the next guy and he's learning a little bit more from each one of those guys were the same thing applies. You know I think at the quarterback position node can't just hasn't had. That many you know different types of voices in the easier this corner you know coach and so I think camps gonna go as far as cam is willing. To allow himself to be pushed. And I think that's the one thing that I'm not sure if Norv Turner is the real push those buttons are not because. You know sometimes. You know you respect distorted regardless of who's in that position and then you kind of learn from well he really doesn't always talked about but because he's DOC you're because the quarterback coaching give them ultimately little their respect camps to that point right now where I think he knows the difference between. No what's this somebody's telling him to. It may be clicked in his head that says okay well that's what I need to do to get better vs you know just that white noise word guys out to yellen and just talk ten vs coaching so I don't know you don't. If north in camera gonna clicked but I think that chemistry that exists between those two. Is going to be vital for the growth of cam if it's going to continue to grow down that path yeah I don't get me wrong out there. I'm not saying tam did not have a good relationship when Mike Shula I think they did but sometimes. You know. I think he reached a point we've all been in various jobs regardless of the -- where you may have success for certain time and then you it's time for you to girl personally maybe it's time for the other person to grow and it should she need to make it change your name mean we saw the hornets have made it change by bringing James break go because sometimes you just need to have a certain message message or a different message we're gonna continue this topic I'm KM and norv Turner's comments coming up on the other side of the break I want to mention coming up at 230 you're gonna be joined by Dre' -- our good friend who's got a new venture. Would the IAEA task root canal at 330 to give us our hornet's updated. UNICEF for summer league action coming in over the weekend Wes Mitchell gamecocks central coming up at 415. Chip Patterson CBS sports dot com as college football player who chipped is coming up at 430 is we've got the ACC. And SEC media days beginning next week and break up before we head to break I want to mention I did say something on Twitter about your sister. And I said talk about mice or are you going doodles I said there's no I said. Husbands I tell you I hope but I said there's no way in God's green earth she can be your sister because she's attracting national hatched at. So as a compliment your honor our. So somebody's attractive. In that hit on them that he could have and I taught you anything. I've. I would take that lesson from Europe. I think anybody it's a Garcia and Bailey showed chuck our ability and for dial freight and I'll be back more Camden discussion in just a few minutes. CM and they don't. Welcome back to Garcia and barely jock Howard sitting in Kyle Bailey shares Kyle is up to know Virginia believe in but he's wedding so well deserved day off for him hope he has a great weekend hope you all have a great weekend they're having a great drive homer sitting at home are wrapping things up at the office glad you're with us. If you're just joining us. We began the show today when they sound clip somebody should save from panthers' offensive coordinator Norv Turner who appeared on a national radio show yesterday. Talking about one of the things he wants to fix with cam student. Or work on I should say six might be a little extreme. I'm glad they need to fix it is the inconsistencies or is north put it to peaks and valleys with KM throughout the season whereas he'll have one game with a rating of 100 and then perhaps the very next week he may end up with a a forty years something like that most of your. I would say most quarterbacks are gonna have certain peaks and valleys but cheer premier top global quarterbacks are pretty even Stephen throughout the year gonna have some. Some dogs throughout a given year but. GM may be would you say. His inconsistencies. And let's just say top fifteen quarterbacks in the league frank our teams peaks and valleys. More than most or they more pronounced because we're here in see them every week. I think the more pronounced because when he's good he's the best and there's nobody better when he's on top of his game. The arm strength you know he does have accuracy when he's playing good and when everything's worked in. New England there's four that is what is equated to golf square garden cheat sixty any day but he can also western shoot eighty right that's the problem the the difference between. The best of the best store. The worst of the worst is too much so you'd rather have a guy that's you know going out there and shoot me. No 68 you know 69 because you can. You couldn't work around the deficiencies you know coaches used to say this all the time I really didn't know what it meant. Give me a guy that runs force six all day vs a guy that runs for four than five flat. Because I can scheme around the guy that runs 46. And put players because I know is always gonna run for six so I know how to build around that. Vs a guy that runs forced more than five flat I don't know nowhere to go when he's running for four he's going to be great and everything's going to be working and then you're gonna wanna Super Bowl potentially herbs or any game out there you can win. But that five flat to did she knocked out the first round to a team that you don't expect to lose so Timmy consistency over all day over a guy that has all the talent. And then doesn't live up to that. You know all the time and no no player is gonna do it every single time right now player's gonna go out there and have a 110 quarterback radar or five quarterback rating all the time. You know but you're looking for that lower half to come up more in Neil yeah I mean obviously wanna keep the top half there are now still continue to exist. But you just need to lower half tuned to improve so that it's you know you don't have the errant throws or. Are the bonehead plays or do you of the mishaps that you have seemed to putt steel cam in years past and you can you can build around him and put good pieces so and if you have a more conferences coordinator you have your coach in your column plays. Yeah I know this might be a home run arsenal might be interceptions I have to kind of you know. Gamble. On want to take these shots down the middle of the field horses down the sideline because if you overthrow something in the middle safety is gonna be you know deep. Interception if he does it down the sideline you know maybe he'll go out of bounds and may be you know we get batted down whenever it's not as big but I have. I have to be able to attack the entire field Obama coordinator. And utilize those dig routes in those twenty days which is very well when he is on but. It's risky right because on that third and ten. You know I got to got to run a fifteen yard dig pretty well and fun just needs to have morning again and you know sweetie could run those really well when you first got here and you know maybe you're gonna have Torrey Smith you're able to do that a little bit more because of their threat of speed. You know Chris McCaffrey's ability that but. Those are the plays that you you need to be able to you know have better and it's not in it don't suck your boys think in two. You know that would be really hard maybe potentially on cam because it's only about the completion percentage and things like that it's not it's more than that. I want you to go back door and watched this season. The amount of times receivers have to leave their feet in order to catch a pass this in particular out of the backfield. Right in that it was all predicated on what worked timing it touched those type of things and Kim has improved on those things but the issue is is he still. Doesn't throw guys open and what does that mean. It means a couple things it means seen the window and thrown it there before the receiver gets out of his break so that the past has enough velocity get there at the right time that the receiver comes out of his brake and chassis is receivers can do that that's one way to sort of drama opened but it's also going to catch a pass writing catch in stride and I don't have to comport my body jump up in the air and allow the defense to collapse. Apps because their speed of the tried ten to the second. They're making up 56 yards so no matter. How much separation I get is a wide receiver running back if I have to leave my seat the defense of back or that linebackers going to be on top of me and that. Ten yard gain is gonna be into your game because I don't have the ability to catch and keep going and not do speak. Do you think cam has confidence in his throwing ability. Yes. Tremendous confidence in his arm strength down the field. Know when it comes to the touch. Of throwing the balls open I think he holds onto the ball. I think key. Grips of a little bit harder. And he doesn't allow his mechanics to operate because you don't have great mechanics. But when it comes to stepping into throws. He's in his arm strikes the vertical passes the deep balls. Have to throw those in you have to throw him differently than you do the touch passes which if you've ever played that position or if you've ever you know predators similar situation or whatever sport it is. Those little ones sometimes are tough because you hold onto it. You grabbed her grasp a little longer we let it although the timing of what you do your mechanics are good so the ball doesn't come out as cleanly as it does some of the other players so just say no but I would say what jaw really know much Majorly yes. Because of the ones he throws down the field that's what and that's the quarters at the figure out what does he do well what that what doesn't he do. Again I'm not in camp said neither you but you you mentioned. In his hands of those gusts but you mentioned the game of golf earlier season. And you know your best golfers. It's natural here in if you're like me out there are new you know you've been told we've all been told don't think about it. Go out and also trusts to club and just swing away and I wonder sometimes wonder if you look as we all know that receiver. You with a two liter receiver you've got to go with the right away that one fraction of a second pitcher hesitating to do that is when it's thrown behind somebody you're thrown high and that's where. I wonder. Yes that is. What Norv Turner is working on with cam is half consonants and your ability and just go with it. There's a couple of things lead to bad mechanics right. No not no I mean you know what the defense is playing. And seen in reacting verses having confidence in what you're seeing in and be able to use mechanics and step up and deliver. You know I think sometimes there is some confusion with coverages and it takes him a little bit longer but he is such great arm strength that he can make up for through those tight windows. Right what he's collide times doing it from the side or from you know going backwards they're torn off his back foot. You know and if I know what I'm looking forward. And I can look at defensive player off over here knowing that this is gonna happen and there's a clock in my head 123. Throw the ball. I can step into it and deliver. If I don't know and I'm kind of processing and evaluating. And I'm just. There it is you just throw the ball right you see you throw it in cam has such good arm strength the source good talent that he can get away with those things at times. We're gonna continue this conversation throughout the afternoon when we come back from the break we're gonna be joined by Dre' Bly a man who knows a thing about defending quarterbacks I'm curious so one match continue this conversation on who wins does Drake when we come back and also we're gonna talk. About Dre who is join did you talk when Drake about the case AF the American alliance of football the new football league it's going to be starting up in the spring Dre will be a coaching in that league for the San Diego team so lots still ahead some soreness discussion and college football on the menu on this Friday addition of Garcia and Bailey will be right back. Let's get back to Garcia and say it's. It it really is a how is played out of the media then he gets in and you hear some people he makes his decision because this is it is not up to me. I think we all have a lot of I love to say we only have we all have a lot of different noises. Of the world playing an art in our heads that we all interpreted different ways so what he did his decision is his decision not to go tomorrow. Always say is his decision to. But what I what has really been unfortunate is a see how many people in the media world that we call coworkers. Or people of other networks. I have tried to assassinate his character. Our good friend Steve Smith and perhaps. The man who will be the first Carolina panther enshrined in Canton Ohio speaking on the NFL network of course. What are the hot topics circulating around of course Mac you got to rolling and will Kennedy on the mid day today the Pro Football Hall of Fame will not. Acknowledged TERRELL OWENS individually during enshrined mini weekend and Dan Ohio next month the hall's executive director says the focus is on the guys who are here policy and executive director Joseph Horrigan the speaking to some media members Xeon yesterday he says oh Lorena does there's no reason to bring him up. As an individual he's not here. Always announced last month that he would not attend the ceremonies scheduled for August 3 and fourth and would instead give a speech at his alma. Mater the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga it's chuck cowards filling in for Kyle Bailey alongside. Frank Garcia it's the Garcia and daily show spoke year old gearing up for a great weekend. Frank Garcia TERRELL OWENS. Dean T know your thoughts on the policy and saying. We're not recognizing you young man you're not here. I don't know how it's assassinated his character. I and that's was me the Mena. I respects many a lot and now I understand what he's trying to get across but maybe there's people call and I'm an idiot in the baby in those type things. I really don't care what TO does but the hall fame in early. Have you seen Corey could well they have a standard to a poll. Right because there's people before him and there's going to be people after TO. That ever expected the hall and they're gonna continue to respect to halt. I would bet if you asked most ex players are guys that are wearing those yellow jackets they would call TO baby. This they grow up that's what they say that's not attacking somebody's character. Bomb that's saying grow the hell up. This isn't about UT oh this is about the game that you played they gave you this platform that you have congratulations you're good at it. Right I mean there and that's it. Yeah this is not about TO and you know a clown show up there because of the ticket if the hall of fame allowed TO go up there and make a mockery of bush went. He's saying that he's gonna do basically. You because that's you. Don't kind of rule you don't know what he's. The read it he's he's perpetuating this UT oh is is is doing this to himself. You know we're not doing this to him. You know if he always a good teammate TO was a guy that was saying hey listen I'm really honored to be here I think get in the hall the first year it's an unfortunate I felt like I was deserving. You can still be pissed off an upset PR department screaming crying about it. I mean you have if you have kids my kids are allowed to have their feelings right. But when that affects people around them. That's where the issue becomes good hero. Close a door you can kick and scream all you want I don't wanna see it your brother doesn't wanna see it and nobody around here wants to see it is totally not to have those feelings it's just you're gonna do goes on your own time I think that's what the hall fame saying as well. All right let's go to our ticket come gas line has promised a good friend of the show. Good friend of all our zone Dray Bly joins us on the jet to come Desai Drake chuck Howard and frankly how are you this afternoon our friend. And good guy I don't want it if we let alone a parrot that bit on a show meant. Well and they've got but you got to got to Bob. You've been too busy you've got five kids you coached three youth teams and now you're gonna coach professional football where do you find any time to sleep. I don't know righted this. You know verdict. Really been an reprimand ordered the number. I thought about it early that they don't very all of were troubled people the last seven or eight years say. Their country at this now it into a full all the little bit the first summit that happened grapple with big fall. And so I'm sort of like them law a little bit boring I mean Ecuador I don't have a moment a couple you know the East Coast Oakley baseball at all. I've sort of been locked now though is some pretty good that they have a parent there are several quality all trying to get out there is still more big vehicle Earl. I'm excited about it. No dramatize something in you know and I haven't told you this in person who talked the other night. I couldn't be more proud of you man because you know life is about seasons. And once you're done in the NFL kind of figuring out what you can do you write we lose our identity a little bit sometimes get lost you don't know what they're gonna do so we do what we love we coach kids we find. Always find a passion that we Lou I. Hobbies that we love. Didn't we go out there and do it but you're you're getting. Get into that next season my man where you really worked herself into you know be a damn good coach you're obviously a heck of a person but. The find is some thing in the next season that you love. I'm gonna give you kudos for that. I percent upright meant you know we the debt going to Spain together Mary you know an upper Moore Charlotte. Any coaching without a doubt gay and you know wouldn't check this shipments established and I. Our unity pact and Amanda part of my. Quote that the clear. I mean at that co you know has had come from there are gaps like it that move the it's tomorrow and that part is demanding you know we've all been David help one another we. Take great epic especially very strongly in the I don't I'm not I don't know what did not burn down the book in the local mayor that couldn't be more tied it. Like any outfit that's Paramount on my nick. Pick out what it was that really want to do I have a lot of different things but coal emit three guys you've been out here. And leaking it slowly and clear is what I love to do. Dray Bly an architect of town guests line of course eleven year NFL veteran prior of that legendary career. At to North Carolina for the Tar Heels and the new. Venture the drain is alluding to he's going to be an assistant coach who in the up with the upstart alliance of American football team in out in San Diego under the tutelage of his former head coach Mike Martz so I've got to think in. You got to be very excited dissing you started come to fruition should drain they'd mentioned yesterday are now instead I'll players are gonna make 250 grand over three years 83 grand a year or so I've got I think. You start to see this thing come together so let folks know who are listening to what the what is the goal of this league and what's your goal by taken part of. Where they apparently did more collective development not only for what it up they don't know. Clearer. Dramatic probably joy that have been created a mile but what they did you look at what's there. That they try to give it to the next level there are slightly Amelie many early yet in bullet that we are great at what this league is going to be I think. There won't wake is bleak established to get it going data around it where. Knoll died you don't have a former vehicle she got right Mike Martz. It's Eric and then you know Brad Childress might seem very got right it's these very you don't need to act got credibility. It's easy to roll. Our organization that were accompanied an app by they have eight outback has done a great job with oil at that and stand. I've been next to give it back in and they get it back into debt if passed through it though we look at all of though. You know it'd be you know all of those things well we doubt you know you want people are not the but you know but that it's homicide -- prod happened. Today you know he knocked out in Babylon in the Coke in and not bend its ownership stake in Beverly my opinion a couple of week. Obi what boat that's all preceded by you don't. Not all make go yeah I wanna try to put back up pop vocal jaded now but you know give me a chance to gates in the spare camel we don't teach. Submit to a you know have a chance to work what a bridge span apply. Might mark Pereira my immediate check later it got kick them I'm very articulate it to get start. You know Drake a coach and Mike Martz told assists in I didn't really know what matters like to eat but it kind of makes sense now than the longer you coach long. The old older we get it's a lot harder to hoped to coach talented guys. And non talented guys because when you come to town guys yet to make sure that everybody's going to be say if you don't get hurt on the field you have to give this guy Reston in you just can't go out there and grind like to do with may be less talented team just got there and work harder. You know and and that's what you're gonna be deal was made beach you'll for the most part is guys that are trying to work their ass off so it's gonna be easier for them to listen but the reason why. I say all that is to say this let's say there's a deal out there right you've got a guy that feels like. I might just be a little bit better than everybody else because York might build a bigger look fragile little stronger what do you say to that guy. I on the football field that thinks that he has God's gift to football. What event did for a you know just your general mark there is you know. There. What the kid that was very talented in a I had. Probably about or is part if you if I ought to get ready if they hear it go to my spirit it itself. Op ticket brought it up with these player. Are you not try to lack epic trying to step aren't Gilmore and Gary restored the last group we chew gum are not saying what strain or don't they're. Why can't make up the local accurately siege to another purple. You know while while the book but with his cabinet if he'd pick what can we get birdie there. But it is trying to prop I don't wait but he got try to rate await but he if he gave lookup mystical cup they packed the one thing. You know that I try to do colts is you know coal unit chatted you know breakdown of where. Try to find a way to the next couple. You know it's Benedict you know given them extra to look forward general I will make clear it's great. Topic that's we're back in these weird tournament site it to be apart and make it what is started. Few more minutes with Dre' Bly our tech dot com gas line had drained prior to your joining us frank and I had gotten into a discussion. In regard to TERRELL OWENS announcing that he's not going to be going to Canton Ohio. For the hall of fame induction ceremony I've got a sneaky feeling you probably agree with frank that the whole the whole is sacred. And maybe probably she should rethink what he's gonna do. Yeah top bank element. Yeah that was between what somebody did it this morning about it. And they you know it not been out all in. We're meant to is that different don't know what all are about shorten it got into and out of there. And because if you include different top man right there it is great to buy it if you know more so what's the thinking you know you'll beat Goran. It then you'll because while that we're all I wanna Abby. How would go. To quote the only State Department news that the people that so stage that's our special audio just speak to how. You know say stipulate 2.0 oh I thought to which we do well. But you don't show up. I think that it is it says it. To me. I guess it should have been a first batter out if he didn't let you in it now so. It's just that particular weapon it would set you know. Got to do what we all that it it would at first he but it got a bad back though it is down about that. You're Dre you use you start talking about the hole and not know we played with some you know some really talented guy. Ice you know guys like no Marshall Faulk who's in the hall thing. Orlando Pace is an all time curt Warner was in the hall of fame who's the next player the needs to be an all time. Oh from our team from which it the next guy because I mean he's there's going to be guys commit I think Calvin Johnson. Is a first ballot hall of fame but if you go back and look at the history of wire receivers in this league there's not many album I think he absolutely. Is a first round. Paul frame you're tied a guy but I don't know if he had the years he only played a. Eight and paying ability to ride yet first ballot but like he's been a part. You got bigamy. A unity spoke critically. You know they have they were threat David. You know you know I don't relate to bring out deserve it in Durban oh well I'd he grew its moral note I know he went. We're BP that a cup possible boat but great frank for that matter I mean come okay deducted boot. I am happened debate about it may not give me that animal all of it out or I hope we're very. Talk what he did all I doubt it open eleven years we have. We had a good career. Where he got what it would do it. And forge unity at all afraid that the case quite careful Jack that be okay activity both got it what you're. What did differently well all the ongoing you know 10 well you know where both boats packed it in ditto what trooper hair don't want tell don't get the oak webpart. Like 23 years. And those corporate Europe where there are. Yeah I think it was four years I think my men's four years total drag. Yeah I need a new effort in Australia before he got hurt. I mean there is nobody that was better. Right so what it spent so what they're desperate and what won't be at. Temporarily idle threat that it's only a PP EPO or not but what we have to be but he wants to go back. Rep paper so one of that it tried so what do the talking about in the Paula very. Torre openly in straight years of it was that bad data without the dark. We talk about somebody. That are that that our unity got out right now we're not coming up. I did Durbin all of paying out but he got quite made it got on them they made it very it urban to idiot. You know we played any doubt that the man and let's hear it you know and it had a great career but I don't doubt that we are up I established there by. I equate a very LA in the upper palate. Japanese debt was ticketed for. Good good stuff from our friend Dre' Bly Dre we appreciate your time and once you get settled in out would your new position though we totally want a circle back where India. No doubt made a debt well are around and solid. You reason to think we appreciate your time when we come back frank and I will continue our discussion on TERRELL OWENS Joseph on some of the stuff that we just heard Drake talk about it also at the top of the hour we'll switch gears a little bit talk Charlotte hornets summer league and other updates from Rick Bedell from the Charlotte Observer it's the Garcia and Bailey show. I BM and me. I'm. Welcome back to the Garcia and Bailey showed showed our filling in for Kyle Bailey today because nobody else would work with frank Garcia. But don't forget to join his son the building senator text line if you wanna shoot us some comments in regard to our earlier Cam Newton debate or discussion and where I'm gonna delve back into the drill owns all the same thing as well and hey guys and gals don't forget it's Christmas in July of roundly Jewelers through July 31. Did zero interest for five years when no money down on any purchase. A 2499. Dollars or more zero interest for five years learn more at brown lead Jewelers. Dot com speaking to jury Franken. But there's so don't. Boys will be going up again Ohio giving their all seem rings and all sorts of stuff like that TERRELL OWENS won't be going. But let me ask you this question chuck and I certainly want to derail your thought but I kind of did. Why don't we hear the backlash. From Randy Moss. You know when it comes to you the first ballot hall fan because in my opinion Randy Moss. Is a better wide receiver in you're make it first ballot. He's sitting there crying about it. Why is Randy Moss able to sit back and say you know what emote I'm glad to be here. Mom happy unmanned but TO has to make it a big deal if it isn't that you know really kind of you know what else is taking place here because. TO wants to think he's the best player to ever play OK he's one album. I he he's arguably. Top two top three wide receivers in this game's history. And so was Randy Moss. A united if you had to rank the best receivers of all time you know Jerry Rice is still the goat. Right but who's number two number story because terror. Wise you both of these guys are in the conversation I think Calvin Johnson another guy it's in the conversation didn't have the longevity but he also didn't have. You know the the feedback and people are human right we we we judge things based on a lot of different things in talent is one of bump character is another. And teammate and all that long jet all there's a lot of things in pieces of this kind of get into the hall of fame and if one of those pieces of your dominant thing. Then it's gonna maybe slow it down a little bit that's dios fallback is in my opinion what does Randy Moss isn't mentioning complain why should TO. Well obviously I think Randy Moss has matured. Greatly over the years let's not I mean when I say Randy wasn't a choir boy he though he did some silly things with the the mood being in the you know he liked is do these from time to time but he's on the list in this at times he would stop. House because you wouldn't get the ball thrown to him. Right so I'm saying he's got baggage but I mean post. NFL career he you know like many folks he's a -- gotten a family and he's got a career in broadcasting. In or is. How has had this consummate chip on the shoulder forever and I don't know if he's getting bad advice I wish somebody would have sat him down and said because. You know once you get their hall of fame jacket it just elevates you win you can make a cottage industry. Out of being a hall of Famer alone and now they tell you all this will help corral and whatever you know. Reality show he ends up doing but he's never gonna get a network TV show because the NFL's never gonna sign off on him especially after this. There was a chance for Terrelle too well I don't wanna say resurrect but he's got that image of being. Prickly and how he and he's proving it to a tee right here where is it to your point I think rainy mosque finally got over that topic so I need to grow up. Chuck TO still thinks that he can get out there and start today Randy Moss realizes it's over. Right isn't that the difference in kind of what you say and I mean to me. You know that's you know kind of where we're at right now. You know I don't know why the ship is on TOs shoulder mean that's you know personal thing I guess for him it's what makes him Louis is. I don't worry about that as much but at some point they'll we ought to mature a little bit if you're born to. And if you're going to be accepted me and maybe don't care you know maybe that's just maybe this is who you are you don't care may be TO didn't care. But it sounds like he's trying to dust. Yeah I think it totally boils down to maturity and that's what's frustrating has got to be super frustrating for former players like like yourself because the hall of fame. Is the holy Grail all it's what you other than a championship does what you play for two to become a hall of Famer and then just to turn your back. You know ain't what she owes got to remember is you know so many of these guys who vote on the hall of fame. You know with same thing would Major League Baseball it just drives me up ball so many of them get holier than now in key guys out from various. You know behaviors. Over the years and so that's what I that's what you gotta look at this. Think there should be a separate do you think that riders per human. That vote on the hall of fame for baseball and and and football should separates. You know what you've done. Vs what youth. How are you back to. Know how I mean it not entirely. But I think you know. I think he's a character I think character does you know were you good teammates you know I'm probably not helping my argument might cheer voted on the you know. I think sometimes. You are what I'm trying to say is TEOs got to remember who's voting. He's got to remember why he wasn't a first round Balladur second round balance finally got in now I also think there's some times. These writers. Some of them there egos it's so huge Daly they think they feel like they've got great power and no daring do and I'm not talking about you are you should that don't let you know I'm trying to say is that sometimes there well that person didn't give me an interview once back in Kansas City and not a whole life Kim and so don't tell me stuff like that doesn't exist. Because and a do you think that matters I don't think that matters as much in football's it doesn't baseball maybe you know I think that's just my feeling on it may be it does maybe it exists. But I do feel like you know and Darren gets kind of explain the process as you get into the room. And you make your case for your guy. And it's you know you're gonna have you know the the there. Hutus of media you know I know who's who of football writing. Any in your kings and Peter kings are going to be there and value of the guys that cover this game you know since you know they've been four years old are going to be there at the top the list. But it's easier to use are they what they say is gonna have a little bit more weight I don't know. But the end of the day I don't know of character matters as much as football as it doesn't baseball these writers. Our Odyssey Garcia and daily show chuck Howard filling in for Kyle is we had to the other side of the the 2 o'clock hour approaching 3 o'clock got your having a great day looking forward to a great weekend when we come back we'll continue to chew on the TO hall of fame topic will also transition over some artists discussion as coming up at 330 will be joined by Rick Bedell the reporter for the Charlotte Observer it's the Garcia and daily show stick around.