Garcia and Bailey: UFC Fighter Jordan Rinaldi Joins Frank and Kyle

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Thursday, January 25th

We talk UFC and Hall of Fame voting as well as Hornets.


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Garcia and -- this feels like for in the Sauna like the cut moisture aside boys and look at luckily I just isn't likely but actually unfortunately for Jordan and all The Who is fighting Saturday night he's had enough of this stuff we got to back it up in a Sauna anyway he's a lightweight and USC and he's not going after another win Saturday night near his hometown Charlotte, North Carolina Jordan and all the power you bought it. Doing great habit to be here you know what we had their pros and in studio a couple of weeks back and and he's in North Carolina guy just like yourself how cool is this the reciting it from. People you grew up with. It's unbelievable I mean. We didn't really think that I never really have the chance to do this especially with the laws in North Carolina they were really bad before so the USC wasn't coming back any time soon and then they just that just the laws this year. And then it worked out perfectly for us there to get the USC Axl really lucky. Yeah I know Jordan obviously went to local high school here Butler he went to. In Charlotte to indict him now you're you're trained to be a profile your profile you do and you've had some success doing that but. You know all our coach wrestling used to and knows that you're talking off fair. You know the sport was a dying sport for quite some time. I'm in fact is that they try to take away from the Olympics you know one point it was the most ridiculous argument that the you know I've ever heard in my entire life. They're the basis of what you want us to the Olympics are funded dumbfounded on pure digital there is the one sport that the reason why we're having the Olympics this year but. It's it's started to become more popular myths start to become more popular because of the MMA yes and it it gives. Wrestlers the young wrestlers and opportunity after college you know after college there's only nine slots on the Olympic team or sixteen however many it is. How many kids are gonna say yeah I'm one of the sixteen best and I mean to go do it and trying to. Get on the Olympic team and make no money I mean they make very little money now they're gonna say on the play in the NFL won't play NBA not only do other stuff soon. And at her and then they come and nothing getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Has an outlet for them now they they have the right base in wrestling to have very six curb great success in. And and how. How how how much is the MMA grown since you've been you know around because you know it was a niche sport they're for a while. You know that was the Brazilians in the jujitsu and some of the other arts but now it's become more popular here in the states it's become. You know really kind of internal what boxing used to be MMA is now. Well it's fantastic I remember when Ellison high school Lazarus let them club team and the Ultimate Fighter the first season and Goldman fighters now it was on. I think a Saturday or Sunday and and he invited everyone over and we went over there and watch the finals and everything and is really amazing but. It was still just wrestlers and end the few people in the community to new Duval and the mayor about the USC it was still looked down upon you had. Politicians saying it's human cock fighting and stuff and and really couldn't it down. Going to now we just saw heard the USC just sold for four point two billion or whatever was worldwide success I mean it's fantastic. And if you don't know some hurt if somebody doesn't know with the US is there they're pretty strange. Yeah would you existing about that took Franken I talk to. Not just the don't you write it used to be referred to as human cock fighting ready and with all due respect these guys because they're they're tough SOB's that the guys like the tank habits of the world the frank shamrock suggest the -- crawlers livable for the the sport became chock full of olympians and Marines and former football players know guys who who know what it takes to train and to fight and who truly are no mixed disciplined fighters and I'm curious about your book as I look back at some your fights and you beat L for a horror with the bonds flew choked rights and you've you've you have really branched out in terms of what you can do here used to be a wrestler and then you got the juror brown belt in jujitsu analogous to how do you cut a transformed as a fighter. Will you gotta be intelligent and and the problem with it fighters that are only one discipline. That there's. A thousand different things at each display you have to learn so it's important to grow in each way and imprint shown in each discipline itself. I look at myself as an intellectual fighter so I needed. Pick up on all these things to be able to do willing succeed if somebody is a better wrestler than me I got to figure out how to get him on the feeder on the ground. If they take into the ground if they're better on the ground got to figure out a way to stand up with them and beat him there so you gotta be Smart about it and you have to learn all the disciplines because. You're not going to be better than everyone and every sit her at the one thing. And that's not gonna dominate you have to be better them hurt at them at least most of the things most of the discipline. It's you know I enjoy a joy I'm glad you brought that up to I think it's such a great point you know we talk about near the intelligence you know that wrestlers have lot of times you know guys see the cauliflower ears. And they and they see all muscled up and then they see out there fighting and a vicious sport they think these guys are just media ads you know they're out there beat each other's brains in. They don't realize you know the street tips mr. strategy that goes into. The wrestling. The jujitsu the moves the locks the holds the puzzles that you'll figure it out as you're wrestling in. They just figure out they're beating each other brands and but so impressed with all the guys I've met because. It owns the fact is wearing glasses right now he. Can only hope is a PH he didn't ask the fire right now I definitely break the mold America. Those agencies but yeah everybody's happy auxiliary diesel looking down that I'm not judging the only. Intimidating fighter a little about the Soviets out of a smile he too much now familiar with his Brazilian element of surprise and that's what I have to go it because I can't scare anybody ever become so big picture of me and it's a joke so when I'm given to the road when you get into the ring. What clicks right because. It is nice is the guy's your same. I can see the little moves Psycho India right and it's true. If it's not just the cycle it's it's more the the competitiveness and and I'm a competitor this guy Eric is Sammy my brother I mean we've competed since I was born. I had to be better than him it doesn't matter Fuzzy must Syria allows you need a faster everything I do I have to win. And it doesn't matter if you if you're standing in my way I'm gonna go out there and do every single thing I can possibly know. In and possibly due to destroy you it's not. It's not a little bit allowed just one win known to be nice to know I'm gonna break you in half a minute break your will mean to break every bone I can. I can I'm gonna do whatever I will or whatever I can to make you submit to me. And that's and so crystal and in the world is that it is it's fantastic. But it to have your hand raise especially in the US it's unbelievable as it. Such initially got a degree get you to speak to that I was reading a piece somebody did about 2 this morning and you'll drew more motivation from losing three batches of formats is inroads you did anything else because it's the sort recent you're in the hospital recovering and you look at your brother just a dude do I have what it takes some are really good enough to do this from her or is it time for me to move on. And he said no you got and I believe in you and you still went on to lose a couple of matches after that and it just motivated driven more yeah and I mean. I am on somebody who's kind of hard headed and if anything it takes me a long time death Ted really get. What I need from things than in losing is a big way for me to to learn. I don't wanna go into a gym and work out what the worst guys that I can feel better about myself only go in there camped out by the best guys. And that's how I learned I mean everyone learns differently that's how I do so. Haven't have those losses really helped me sharpen all the tools. You know Jordan I think you know you have a brother obviously probably had a dad it was very influential yet some coaches along the way that we're also bat and no you actually write you know I don't care what sport it is out of his basketball baseball football wrestling. You know my dad used to tell me some of the coaches and our coach you're gonna learn one thing through winning. Lose multiply you're gonna learn multiple things through the losses and that's where you're gonna grow but you have to go out there work on your deficiencies and get better what's the biggest thing that you worked on to get you to the point draft right now. Well it don't depends somewhat part of the career so each fight is different and each opponent is different so they opponent Earth Day. They have different things that you have to work on so this fighter he's a fantastic wrestler do you win national champs sports animal American. So wrestling defense that's a big string that even though I was. Wrestler growing up. I wasn't on his level and yet to be so reminded in judging yourself insane hate. He's better at this than me and I got to work on this so each flight can produces a different approach to what I need to work on. Obviously I need to working get better at every single discipline every day because he can always growth. Let the opponent really Dick takes. Each one word that camp I guess it's a. Yeah you gotta fight Saturday night by the way we judge ordered all the in studio is fighting Saturday night here in Charlotte USC fight nights 47 against. To fight in front of his home crowd which is also it's an amazing thing I'm like I couldn't be more happy for you just for that alone know the feeling is going to be a fight in front of friends friends and family but did you tell and also wind and educate Gillespie on Saturday night and this is a guy I know you know people think you're underdog in this fight and you've been studying up watching this guy how do you prepare what's the training been like and how do you believe him. All I'm a huge underdog actually looked at something this morning and it was fantastic like a six to one underdog and I kind of chuckled a little bit about our record sir are. Little bit different though if yes I mean he's a fantastic fighter and very good wrestler like I said and can't really give out too many details about how you go about it but betrayed it's been great Carty is better than it's ever been. Striking looks sharp jujitsu. Honestly my jujitsu it's been better for the last five years them are wrestling has so. Compare to the higher level wrestlers you know so much jujitsu very comfortable off my back. Even more comfortable on top. Just everything's sharp right now I'm feeling good everything's tough iron in the right way and and I just have to be if I competed in 95%. 90% 80% even. Of what I'm capable of doing I'm very confident I can Alter and beat anyone in the USC and and hopefully that's an upper form like come on Saturday. You know Jordan and you talk about your other some of the great things that we see in sports you know and after the events you know whether it's the handshake. You know an NBA finals and in the guys lineup ignoring the the end of the line at the end of the game and footballer everybody's shaking each others hands and or the hockey he only dealt with game six or game seven they go out there. Everybody lines up the respect that you have your opponent is one of the things always stands up for me because. You are trying to break the guys bone yard trying to beat is facing you are trying to make him submit. But the respect factor that this guy's putting everything on the line like you war is something that always you know strikes me is a pretty cool sports. And that resonates with a lot of people. Especially with our sport because it's so violent that then they're kind of shocked houllier shaiken a singer hugging and after but the fact of the matter is we're. It's better to be. Free of any kind of how would you stay on. Thank animosity and anger then the more emotional you Laura I think the least if I heard the worst you fight I think leaving the emotion in the how all of the fight is much better. And you don't have to be mad that they got to go out there beat him up. It sounds strange things you can go out there and say hey I'm better than you I'm going no here to approve and I'm better than you but I still respect you. And and that's a big part of our game I mean you don't have respect you're not gonna get very far in this I mean you need you need to hum we are self you need to be respectful of the people who have told you who have. Got you to this point and it's a big part of our game. Is the controlled grades you guys display is is you know probably the best way to describe your feeling right now because if you don't. Tire out in the first round and you know you're gonna be just yet exhausted. And I like to tell my teammates that's its controlling the chaos because in there. Everything's a thousand miles per hour here angrier you get hit you wanna hit them back you wanna do this again in the you've just got to slow it down control that Cahill is an amazing how things slow down as things speed up he'll serve for athletes that have pets train themselves and you know that's you know when things are slime her miles an hour it's one of the things it's. It's really hard to teach is something you have to experience and it's on the grows with experience as well so it's it's not just that first experience but each time it. It's like it slows down a little bit more a little bit more and you get better at it because you can see their openings parent parent and he makes is so much easier over time. Or more and more personal where do you train your locally which Yoshiro tush out of Sudan so I traded team rock it's in. It's team rock Charlotte but it's in Harrisburg so now. Five minutes from the university which is how I found it and then also Harrisburg weightlifting club. That's in Harrisburg also obviously. Now two minutes from behind the university as well so the cement to Maine Gentile Citron a little bit down at the shell jujitsu academy from its tough times a week. But don't rock in Harrisburg are my two main Jim Jordan to meet the. It's I do the balance of what may be a day it looks like you know for you because you know that you're talking about all these different skill sets that you have to have. You only have so wee hours within a day in arresting some of the documentaries we watched the MMA we watched the Ultimate Fighter on television. You know they take bits and pieces out of that but they don't see you don't see the grind you'll see those you're the blood the sweat the tears you know as you go out there and you'll probably have blisters on your hands from you know whatever it is or the Matt Burns on your knees or the cauliflower ears that you guys develop don't what's the daylight looked like for you. It all depends on the day of the week but generally it's two or three training session today so first thing underwent a wake up make her a smoothie for aftermath of first work Al usually it's going to be a sprint work out of some sort of Carty -- session. And then I'll go tonight how a team rocked Jimmer we do either wrestling jujitsu. Striking or a combination of all bit. And then and I don't train from about 6869. Home. 22 hours is usually when a top it off set. But it's another thing either striking and how wrestling jujitsu were mixture of the two so it's usually strength and conditioning with two other practices code stir the soul singers this site you're doing by sued by herself been around a coach on hand the same coach for. Basically ten years now since I was in high during college and I went to Vegas for two years but when I came back you opened its arms right back up to to bring me back into the fold so he's been my main coaches and when he is told me 99% of what do enough. Barbara Jordan and all the he's fighting Saturday night USC fight nights 47 at the spectrum certainly documents tendered a wreck or lesbian though we're gonna be out there we can't wait to see him a good luck aren't. Appreciated they don't dram controlled chaos chaos control its camera come back we still got plenty more to get into black Jack McDowell joins us in fifteen minutes we'll talk about the 2018. Major league Baseball Hall of Fame class is Garcia and they look. Through most clearly. This terrible awful. Better hog wild marlin. That's stupid mouths this central California you do it or not that's a bigger turn our borders and defensive coach and order a launch. Good thanks in Jordan and always awesome guy like awesome guy you would see him walking on the street with the Jews as software engineer we'd know a kick your ass. There's this zealots are quartet that portends a great way to describe him yes absolutely I had a classes are. I mean you know I don't think differences it'll look like a little kid if he didn't have the beard. Yes a certain way there's some older pictures on them but I don't think I got a chance to show and it looks it looks like the X Mary looks like over a million dollars man it's a real doctors remind checked him out. But I was got a haircut but that he's got to hit the beard and it was just him along here or maybe it's great guy fighting Greg or Gillespie on Saturday night and he's right the minute he's a 6100 organized by Gillespie's a monster he's the fourth time division one all American wrestler and just kind of been stampeding through the division but the bigger they are part of the fall harder they fall as well we've been told right. What are diets that's that's we're I can't wait to see this fight on Saturday night Jimmy got your tickets just come on out hang out with a set the spectrum sooner you can get and Tony are you going oh yeah. I'm really there up ended the fight started like 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Maybe a little bit earlier if somebody had a Lexus I don't know some of the other cards I mean we're not getting their 2 I believe 7 o'clock. And then I think the main event starts at like nine in the right around their so it's gonna go all day by done a great events. Known as interest and hear him talk about. You know the challenges with the MMA here in North Carolina bright and how they've accepted that groan that I'll turn into a four point two billion dollar industry to. It's business it's it's overtaken boxing is not close. Notable it's absolutely true and use it just. You think now facility antiquated laws used to be here that kept the USC got these arm bar room brawl was just ten -- it's in the frank shamrock some guys like that you know just came out in terrible condition just beat the hell out of each other these guys are olympians are former NFL players are the former you know drug deal that special ops guys from from the Marine Corps and the army these other things Croats. There are all American right yeah I'm Jeremy in these guys have really put the diamond. And you know for people to just come out there and say well gosh is gonna play in the NFL it to be a great MMA guy not a lot more goes to that tomorrow Ricky a strike CD and give us senator from ten until six. We're two lucky winners are around 445 will be drawn. To win and I would doesn't this week awesome though he's shown up a bit like around 630 quarter is that okay good job it is it's going to be a great. I'm in our suite is that courtesy Mondello. And the CEO at Mondello food Mondello food kimonos in there and hale given you guys. And some of the River Dell folks to lucky winners mentally at crucial to strike city register. And be present to win. If not Katie Carney did to isn't local but we'll have them for you so get there tomorrow cardinals. Register with our show don't always do try to aria you know I didn't I don't come here tomorrow but you know straight right to make city yet your -- is right down to the epicenter these easy you pick me up. No okay. Margaret older trying to you parking value to be cheap skates cheek states you train me to work you're not the other way. I think it's an appellate and Venezuela and money that he'd shot the low energy and real good money I thought. And never did come here first just all drivers over the show for realism can Alexandria hotel. That way we might have a cold beverage or two more done there and who's gonna be the better smaller and smaller not an inevitable here. That's cool to come by and throw some throw some balls ya bro I have to slowly but. Everywhere we use ceremonies and ordered the you're gonna throw a real hard straight yes. As hard as I say guys you wanna use your power. 2 o'clock here Mauritius in the miles per our guests that you are how many 10% you ailment on us and I can tell all I care about is how dress like a little ball but it was a funny story. I thought a little harder it's further migration of this had to get into that and it's got a little don't fly I. Let's take a quick phone call because our tune has been waiting for awhile coon dog was total Carolyn printers but I won't talk to got a good dog with a about it. Not much there ya go name. That that ignorance is don't look that I'm Bonnie you're. It's a great nickname at a slower to talk to. I am record audio like about it they're meant. The Panthers. What you are saying. If if it's not as physically and buys the can't appreciate the thought I ought to call in a desperate man buys the Panthers. Honestly. You know the more I think about you know what he's been able to do for the sports are for for his board the WWB. You know he's involvement with the ex FL right and I know a lot of people probably thought that was the most ridiculous idea but people don't remember or or realize. How intuitive he was and how groundbreaking he was you know with some of the things and ideas and concepts. You know he's he's not a guy that you know maybe we're going to be spreading for the ball on the fifty yard line like they might pick up dodge ball game I think there's some things that over the top. But as far as like them the other cameras are the things that they use now in the NFL that he brought to the forefront. I think gives a great mind and you know obviously is a good businessman and he knows what he's doing and you know to me to be here as a Carolina brands or you'll get more rays I think right here and in in North Carolina. I think it's good say honestly. Could be if it could be a good thing that is there already reports out there right now though that of the instrument is planning on bringing back the excess felon Tony Tony and if that happens obviously the number on the Carolina Panthers but we we do to step aside for a quick second Bob black Jack McDowell former AL Cy Young award winner three time all star now the head baseball coach at Queen's University he'll join us next the Major League Baseball all the team hall of fame class of 2018 and Allison won his take on that it's Garcia and they look. Thursday and big thanks to Jordan or molding. USC lightweight he fights Saturday night he's a Charlotte native he fights right here UFC fight night 27 of the spectrum sooner. We will see you there coming up at noon Jeff Schwartz longtime NFL lineman obviously does a lot of work here on WS frenzy with the NFL network and a lot of the places you'll join us. We'll talk about the Super Bowl and the Carolina Panthers offseason and at 1 o'clock show on DeVon it of the sporting news he covers the NBA will get his thoughts. On the orders for the 2018 major league Baseball Hall of Fame class was announced. And Chipper Jones Vlad Guerrero gym so many Trevor Hoffman plus Alan Trammell and Jack Morris elected by the veterans committee are very eager class interest in class and we're told canal to three time all star Cy Young award winner and head baseball coach at Queen's University black Jack McDowell is kinda got to give us some time here on this Thursday Jack we appreciate your man Howard if. Can't do it aren't going well. You know just I'm I'm a huge baseball guy and I just saw this this class this morning and kind of took it back to much else a little bit not much and if Chipper Jones going to the hall of fame and realize how old are getting so quickly. Yeah that'll happen anti then you turn on the carpet Crocs station so but I feel like yes. That's what's that's. Well I think about the reported under RRR Crocker trouble. If you think about these guys and guys obviously it's a major prose is clearly hall of Famer. It Vlad Guerrero 93% of the vote he's a hall of Famer in Jim Thome is a guy who played a lot of places and it'll lot of bombs and Trevor often are closed a lot of things would you think it is yes. Yes it's tough it's like your body you're looking for me out and what the guys that you play with it's true. You know because you know you remember the good and bad of planning and go to. Oh I got to prepare you know I think that. There's a lot of deserving players and they go back and sports football they Ali numbers mullah. I believe that it it's more that field but did you feel like this so called him do. You know when you played against these guys you feel like. They were produced on that team murder there were one of the boat's only did you ever staged I think there are or act that I Kettering strip fructose. Then how come Roger Clemens is and and welcome Barry Bonds as an end because you know the to the hall doesn't seem to be the same and or tell the full story but yet. The guy that was responsible for the the the culture Bud Selig is out. How does that happen. Well let me you know that the organization that started it all basically human. BAT's salutes do not undertone and so I sent in he's in there too so it's yeah its interest thing. That. They try to play like. But you know two guys in the history of baseball did steroids. We're not get alert any meanwhile you know they let people and every year Google you know probably like. Decade guys that were involved with that stuff you know introduce. Reporters that vote to try to say that. You know they know who did or didn't then it'll only to guys that weren't all that in this state are the ones you know they created they need to just. Go away. Look I'm with John admitted I've I've said for years as much as I love baseball above all else. Baseball writers can be some of the most insufferable people out there and these are the same guys you know who were in those locker rooms writing stories doing game stories writing features you know and and seeing was going on those locker rooms and they knew what was happening bed and now they wanna jump on a high horse when it's time to vote. Yet nobody wants to call anybody saw anybody out. You know I've been a little outspoken about it. You know letting me then and you don't everyone get over themselves. And it's funny is that ever I don't know you know Tucker wants muted at this speed boats that bring people out of them returned very Kate. And I am going to you know like I feel it you don't you know how are you call but. It is true I bucolic gut that this you know. You know out the universe could you know your heard from people that. They're afraid that come out and say you know. On the political but people are referred to mountains there whatever you know in the lie. To touch. Like or there are these they think about it but he artery you get rep. I reject is curt Schilling's personality hurt him more than anything else. I don't know I mean who knows I mean are. There from what we. You know we can broken the same time a kind of what you you look that has all been. Oh to 300 game winner in you know are out. Strikeout and worry. You know here at the very the strike out is close enough on the other stuff. And I don't know you know I don't know how that somehow or what they're you know what they're really looking out for this stuff. And it just seemed local out and full year it's really gotten. There's a line has really blurred it and you know there I don't know its stated they they make. Push its first certain guys and it is put shudder at the side. Heidi you know we don't understand it and then I don't know but it seems like whoever has the biggest PR push is gonna get him. Like Jack McDowell joining us on the tech become just like talking about the major league Baseball Hall of Fame class of twenty retained what what do you do with Edgar Martinez and he's just on that cup live and you got 74 or 70% of the vote this year in Big Easy guy that people look at and say well he was a career DH and if your career DH numbers better be allowable about a that is is that the right way to look at this. Not that there's probably a lot of players I have looked at deeply number. You know this part of a lot of players that similar up at the numbers overall well spoke quite deep Doug Williams who you know you'd that we do up school and there is a lot more grind when they're out they're playing defense. Other parts of the game get focus on security or the other big dipper the you know but people. It have all talked about the one inning closer thing I'll. That the speaker that didn't change until you know late eighties early ninety's when that started going on. And you know people that know how to really deal what that political what are we need. You know that he saved thirty game and do attitude you know that that still Condit talked about. It's our records showing you talk about. Out to you know Barry Bonds talked about some of the guys is it's become a popularity contest to some degree. And are supposed to be on the numbers and things like that ebitda because of it may be the relationships of lack thereof with the reporters who vote. It seems like they hold vendetta as a little bit. Yeah I don't know how to you know could look at a guy like for regret having never been Mikey made any enemies do the real likable guy it. This Robert stack up ought to look at the they're curled around that you know it's because we tried that kind of makes sense from that day and I'm not sure that. Across the board. I think. Like I said I think some people just have a bigger PR push. You know maybe they're they're going to Dick get dispersed honestly like the last couple years been here. You know they ever been trying to push that and pushing forward and they're all pretty. You got I've actually got to know Billy Wagner surely surely roll over the years having grown up in the same place that he did we had him on a couple of years ago and talked about his hall of fame candidacy and and what he thought and I got to be honest with you Jack I mean I look at it and it seems like each year the percentage of the vote that he gets goes down little by little nimble when you stack his numbers up next Trevor rothmans and an even next Mario or there it seems like there's a really strong case there and I don't expect you to have memorized all the numbers but is Billy Wagner one of those guys you looked at you talked about this whole that's the you'll. When you watched him pitch you thought he was a hall of fame caliber guy. Well we're differently pretty much spurred the whole time you know you don't have the same you don't have the same thing you know it it they would trap or mean I don't Trevor. You know personally. There are kids play ball lowly other out San Diego. And but I never actually on the field against them but never thought it you know I don't. It's it stopped there and nobility now after close out there and he's going down troopers shot up. I don't it'll light a bomb goes through that and why you know. Why did the other guys who are not but quickly. OK so before let's enjoy -- Mario are there comes up to end in next year's class obviously you know raw reality does as well Lloyd great Roy Halladay. You know I've said this a couple of times before when when guys have come on for the first time in a big dramatic sir merchandise including Griffey junior in yours is this guy's not going to be you know a unanimous first ballot hall of Famer who else could be right at this point just kind of given up saying that -- there here's another guy in and Mariano Rivera or assist this guy's not a unanimous first ballot hall of Famer I don't know. Oh who should be I and you also gotta throw your hands up and given up on that. Well Ali yeah you know people been playing games furlong. You know the player plate in my the other a look at the big couple got beat it like to retreat vote. I mean I got a Kate went out on the out single vote and they do that kind of like maybe your local guy is that the cat out. Just you don't have a beer or public that mean 120 duck and it. Injury took me out to law you know I'm I'm not all the employer well now it like you want but you know I appreciate it. Being able to bring it up in a cover that the the attic and all of that but you know but it's ridiculous but the other and what you look double minded and out there appears the people do that they don't vote to clamp but they know we didn't where they'll throw another vote. Alfred go to somebody else that they know how it will lead to do so. There are a lot of games ago on. I've shortlist should go on talk to me a little bit about Queen's University there's more you guys have been have instant success and it always I was excited when John don't you were gonna come back today and get into coaching in it seems like things are going well what's on the horizon view yes. Yeah well we get our first he can start here so we from Saturday error. Our affiliate. And create team this year so plan around we're not playing in our copper chip until 2090. So you know we got our first group had been here this year. And you know we're just there on the field get ready to roll on file a vehement action. Perhaps aren't there are so we're at like nine physical. Our best of luck to this season and I would love to have you back is awfully Giulio come on man thank you for your time today. Arm breaker I'd like Jack McDowell joining us on the sector job just like talking a bit about consolidating all the same class we certainly appreciate just I'm still got a great show had to decide just Schwartzel join the show in fifteen minutes of talk about the printers in the Super Bowls Garcia Villa. We all he related songs today. See here's how my mind works OK it's hot as the fourth of July is here. I'll show. And I'm stressed our for a guy. I think at least appreciate over time together welcome back it's dorks who tend to believe WS Lindsay McDyess the black Jack McDowell for joining us Cy Young award winner three time all star now the head baseball coach. At queen's university and though we appreciate his job. I got a kick out of something. Was this yesterday or two days ago I think Fletcher Cox for said this two days ago fright is TC Fletcher was it was estimate by the media after the game about for previous roles and Fletcher said. I've never seen a Super Bowl. I told you guys and watch sports. And he says it you know and I think first of all bull crap you've never seen a Super Bowl. But I do think sometimes there's a big surprise to know how much are how come and how. Little less frequent. Pro athletes watch forced and they do right you say how little. Home a little overworked and yup that generosity and so. So there's so I could spread that out but it looks good with Fletcher says Doc Rivers in the Super Bowl or Kraft RW but. Turn. I do. But it turns out it was like he tweeted about watching a Super Bowl a couple of years ago a news so be out of self you know they they dug a small between three was tweeting about asked why new England's defense wasn't doing a certain finger in the name for yourself delay as you know so what did you watch a lot there as well let's not. I think the point is you know Kyle is that you know there's a lot of guys lot of athletes that don't love what they do believe it or not okay. And I mean they'd rather go watch a movie. You know play video games. Hang out with family. A lot of different things then watch sports a mean. We expect because they will they're athlete that they're gonna love what they're doing they're gonna love every bit about it mean they're gonna if golfers tennis just know the history of the game. A coach they played with. They'll one year here at the Carolina Panthers and you know all I can appreciate I didn't necessarily think he was the greatest technician of all time. You know he loved the game and passion for the game. But he respected the game and every meeting we'd go in you know and right before the meat we do we would have a little trivia. Well sports trivia like he would rattle off you know some stat or some you know segment or some team or some number. Burke anyone this too you know kind of come up with the answer. And the plight of that was this to respect the history of the game and to love of the game that your client. Ends and everybody's gonna do that you know you'd be surprised and how little people know about their own sport that they're playing because. There's so. Focus on what they're doing you know and know when you start talking about the other things you just don't have time for it. I mean little bubble YouTube you know you spend a million you know hours you know trying to hone your craft and what you don't do anything else and I don't. Don't just do away from everything done away from it like a retired in the NFL where I was done client the last thing I want to do was lift weight. The last thing I want to do was be a gym the last thing I wanted to do was work out. I'd done it for my entire life I love sports I love all sports I love watching sports you know but if you're gonna sit there and tell me you know of the only guy that commentator and on this or what guy did that America every idea. It on how to learn you don't just finished reading through the door in the show you know a lot of those others things and that's why it's so great that some guys just love. You know all that and useless information. It's crazy because it when I saw it again I thought OK again. Bull crap you never see the Super Bowl turns out with few people have way more time in the day to dig up tweets and we still found that he was not telling the truth about them. People do that by the way. What I. It's time to people have in their day. To go back to this guy's timeline from five years ago in recent resurgence find out that he tweeted something tech. Should not as difficult as you sucks it into an digging through those things you can search for dates and times have you know the date and time when nova Super Bowl you can go back in search for those same dates and time windows into and Fletcher Cox a style lunch and if it pulls the ball like a very small sample tweets so it's not as difficult as you think it has to do is just a matter of whether or not you wanna take the time to do actually do. Why I I wouldn't I don't care who say he was wrong Jesse he's lying because some people their threats of bold claim no guy who's a defensive linemen and it's not as I don't watch as you've never seen a Super Bowl or Super Bowls OK look I. I've never been to a Super Bowl. Other than the one I played in. Don't go watch him who cares about a I can make those statements all day you can visit factual or is it not. I mean to the Super Bowls a number into the game but his is a little bit different it was and I give you sit around in the future right you consider us not a wants us and this is just. Wasted time for people to talk about why don't I know and I don't you know that damn hours. You know and it at the end of the day. I don't care but to address some people do. Right and it goes back to I think a lot of fans don't realize how old a little interest these guys have in this sort thing outside of their profession I don't think a lot of to realize how how few college football recruits how much how little they know about college football and I'd I'd say you I was around some of the best baseball players in the country a couple of years ago and I were sitting around talking one of these guys didn't know whether or not the Yankees were in the American League the National League didn't have a clue and he was the best player to attempt. It was insane he says really good baseball but he doesn't love baseball and it speaks to the point you were talking about a minute ago some of these guys who's really good at this but they'd rather be doing something else. Much of the art didn't generosity I love baseball as a kid growing up more than a lovable on the planet. I love compete minute I loved. You know being that guy at bat you know with as we talked about. I was as good football. At all I was good I was better wrestling I was a football I was there baseball believe or not there was a football. But I had to make a decision when I got to college of what I wanted to focus on. And I looked at myself as our guest earlier Jordan talked about. And I evaluated what I'm good at vs what I have a chance to be great debt or successful. And I am a valuation that was one of the guys Frank Thomas. You might had Cecil Fielder the two big guys back in the day in the early ninety's you're kind of playing the game. And in on 63 to sixty to seventy. Number 6327 these are all around the baseball field and make him money don't want nominee nominee right compared to I can gain fifteen warning crown. Ounce still use my athletic schism. You know use my wrestling background and got their kick guy's ass is reliving it and it's you know make money out there. I didn't look at it's an easy equation when bulls don't to a but you know I think a lot of folks just -- overlooked at some time and assume all these guys love football as much as they do -- -- is not the case we're gonna come back a guy who actually adds absolutely love shall wash in just a short tweeting about this very same topic last night he said look I love football and I'll I'll want anything football related in my life he said but I understand we're Fletcher Cox is coming from he's gonna join us next we'll talk about that we'll talk about the Super Bowl talk about the printers is Garcia and they look.