Garcia And Bailey: Tournament Talk

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Tuesday, March 13th

In this hour Frank and Kyle discuss whether we should still have play-in games and who could be tournament sleepers...


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Garcia. Still as a result yesterday it appears that so fanatics owner. Michael Rubin is. Very interested. In pursuing the Carolina Panthers ownership of the Carolina Panthers emerged as a potential serious bidder for the Panthers and. Explain explain to people what fanatics isn't yeah I do just so so people that I may not be familiar with that brand. And bass sole license gear and they are the number one seller of MS sold. Carol you know for the lead so matter of fact we told you yesterday last year I believe it was the NFL owners. Voted to invest 95 million dollars into fanatics. And Michael Rubin is already a minority owner of the Philadelphia 76ers a Philadelphia Flyers and Premier League soccer team Crystal Palace. So so we told today I just also posing as they strip club. A sports more. Yeah and also that in that series that's what else so a more news last night's came out from air spared bird of the Charlotte business journal who loved by the way join us tomorrow at 11 AM to talk about some of this. That's. Part of Michael Rubens ownership group that he is assembled. Is. Just a side who is they also billionaire and the co-founder of Alibaba Alibaba. Yet which is good forty thieves. Al Obama does this specifically that all the volume was never you know that these two voice audio video audio got I don't I got the rest IMO yes I'll. I'll leave my. And the authority the east. Alibaba and the authority of things. Odds are I was on the phone in the first got here I come back is Alibaba and the forty that is different is what did I miss okay do what you did you know it's Beastie Boys referenced it right you know that there's no Beastie Boys so I do you know The Beastie Boys are I've never heard this on them but anyways it's the ice Chinese guys it's it's just a sign. It's Chinese version of Amazon so the co-founder Alibaba a Chinese version of Amazon they have more money than you can imagine he is souls or your face right yet authorities he is also in on this with Michael Rubin as it is. As it is possible future minority stakeholder in the North Carolina Panthers did it. Denny is back in this ownership group that is pursuing the other Carolina Panthers are. We know what's his name now is it did these posts I mean. So what what's his name or reportedly being go what does a gold mine I don't self I don't sorry no god I guess if somebody fill me in what we call Diddy now. And each agency that they take pity that each did you and did you see the policy again Paula did love you daddy. Chain around his name shot drones Puff Daddy. In the Diddy Diddy now did. Here's here's a January 4 story of this year the says. There was change Disney to brother loads oh yeah that's right at OK what am I love so his brother love now meld them he says he was only joking I. Don't know yet why not he. As I remember correctly he was also lost and an Internet video media and he said he is gonna change and brother laden and I think once the sauce left him I. And I think he's he's part of the better that the bank says cost of that is another area that's. So. Anyway Diddy has so worked his way to a potential ownership group. And this one's really viable candidates Michael Rubin is a very viable social order much for the city for many of the series as we talked about David tepper. It over currencies is rich is connected to. Is already an ownership are resorting you know or minority owner of other professional franchises and he's got to fanatic sty and with the NFL. Now now crickets are brought Jerry Richardson's. Concessions group. It always is in several NFL stadiums already and obviously was or is it what would boost or maybe. While blue ribbon was out of whatever blue ribbon but whatever it is a blur that was what Mike nineties originally real life. Whatever makes you remember that you know so so this is such as these people were asking yesterday about a potential conflict of interest you brought that up yesterday. I wouldn't think so. You know because a lot of these owners have other. So I'd gigs that they they fold into the NFL kingdom so I wouldn't imagine that would be what's her problem but you know Michael Rubin is an extremely viable longer. You know between the fanatics think you think this team this August oh I definitely he's you've done your research on the well I mean did you want cola Spencer her I just said look you gotta billionaire owner are billionaire. Who has a a real tie with the NFL. They've invested in him they clearly believe that he is the a successful and viable and dependable businessman. And so yeah of course this is an is that I think this is probably one of the leaders are clubhouse you know Michael Rubin and David tepper. You know and there may be in there I dig another local ownership group. At that model doesn't have the 800 million to pony up. Ruben and I I don't know I guess. Well he's got you got to know that well sure but initially teach you know clearly he runs a great business Owen is a business all right some banks aren't on the Georgia I don't know. Right unit alone training the mallet isn't it the whole 800 million obviously is after if you need to take a loan you're not known in this league. OK fair enough fair enough. I don't know that's I guess that's part of accord that part of what needs to be answered here to is he ridge easy and is he in fact rich enough you know to get this done. It was all those other guys sounds very attractive short one of those guys has to pony up to 800 million. And is it if that's more than. This is network is easier wrist that's what it's not it's it's a roughly a quarter it was networks rifles there was a quarter of his net worth is a risk that. Utterance the question I'm not really sure about that clearly wants this badly enough that he's going to figure out what to do. Why would be my question what are these names come from. As it does we find a billionaire. That you know that that we search out there's so this guy that would try to put pieces together. We're trying to logically make sense of things well you know he owns this team meals that Jimmy Jones. A Crystal Palace and you know he's already part of the NFL so it makes perfect sense I think look I get these names come along these reforms and they formed a group like this formed a potential ownership group there they want to pursue a bit they've made that clear. You know I did the David separate thing was a little bit different because he's worth eleven billion dollars he doesn't really know say he does that is back part of buttermilk. Yes so he can he can do dad on result you know as most deal when he's Reiman is still on. That is true that's definitely true. I don't put it's the same thing with the Felix about a screw bright day they formed a group and they don't let it be known they want to pursue the bid to ought to purchase this team so I'm really anybody's taking random billionaires all the shell frothing website here you have a group that's come together with him and Joe's assigned didian and that's it looked at this group with those three gentlemen also includes some local investors apparently. They're local short so that part of it is very interest thing and we'll see what more we can send us and our group. I doubt it. And I think that's is always doing his own separate thanked a defect. Because about this is group features some local NASCAR drivers or believe and no a couple of other you know local wealthy businessmen. We butting heads against this guy in his forty seasons this zoo they're going to be you look at outbid each other right his group and and David tepper another Michael Rubin group and do I don't know there was the accounting firm a couple of weeks ago made an announcement that from. Charleston you know what though that it's it's been tomorrow. My believe in this and that's for there's another one the accounting firms and there was a particular family that was precise I think lease up to five at this point. Five potential bidders that we know. So in order we're actually getting pretty close to knowing something I think took towards all the group yes. I guess and I got some friends I zero money did did you but we can we can tell they're united we can start a group and a nice putts BI got a that those are good zero point 000. Block and you don't and that's. He's got a lot more is there a stuff up at six dollars with some more decimal points it's easier for huge issue and the group I'm already out of the diligent and on and get an idea for so you go ahead sushi quoted. There I noticed cereal on the sidelines but I don't it's got to arrested did respect addiction does give respect to Pritchard now luckily for you didn't want there to be the owner of the Carolina printers you know he probably won't have much of a say in sunny telegraph predict or you know Paula the team the North Carolina printers or any of the other solution. It's a scenario Lisovicz at the part of owners the a minority owners with a friend for the Carolina Panthers currently there are and why wouldn't be any different wouldn't. It was espionage is just going to be a net this or collect the check after he puts a month ago you know and everything's been done at the end of the year. You know he's not gonna have much say in this. You know and and the decision making are all those type of things he's just looking to get return on money though like most of them you know rich people do. Yeah. Yeah I did and I wonder because what which group steps curry factors into your. But mr. Kerr is an adamant recently that he is he's pursuing a way to be a part of an ownership group. I don't should bit so I I don't know if it's in this is the one that that maybe he fits into or it's a different one not really sure. Again wide and to me. You know these are just like little things that don't Matt really matter they cannot you know call off the little space is no recount some easy we don't know that there is just the name right. That's all we're talking about what steps courier. This is airport but what did you think his interest in your two was that you Utah again think back to a guy like David tepper or even Michael Rubin though they they got in by purchasing minority stakes in these teams so they've already been vetted by these leagues. And you know that's for a lot of these guys the first step into eventually owning a team outright because as we know these these teams don't come up for sale very often. And it's hard enough to Biden visited is especially them as an outsider so if you already owned by your success that's Curry's ultimate goals to own the Carolina pitchers Wendy or to own a sporting franchise in general one day you know but by investing now becoming a minority stake or he's been vetted. On the note corsets deaths it was a little bit different stories we're the largest global superstars playing sports today you don't put anybody like David tepper Michael Rubin when you become that minority stakeholder you're already in the club so to speak even if you're just on the fringe or in the world. You know I'm I don't I don't wanna say never. You know but it's highly unlikely. This staff Currie would ever have enough money to solely on an NFL franchise. And you look at the the odds and the odds are you're right and they and you look at the most powerful people in sports you know on the history and the money's gone up. And the ability to make money globally has gone up but Michael Jordan is the biggest brand it you know maybe there exists still today. And he's barely over a billion dollars right. Barely over a billion dollars and this horse franchise sent them over that million dollars but no he's you know what in his 50s35. And he says were present itself somewhere around there. I'm so. The steps got a how to work to do if he wants to develop that portfolio to buy an NFL team so. You don't want to our own NFL team too but. A lot of things go into wanting to and actually you know coming to fruition. No I agree with you on that 704570. IDC extend. That's where you're right notice repair does ownership update you know who is maybe joins over the Panthers today but it got big dumb dumb joke about babble we're getting close eye in the next couple weeks we should really start to I think knows something a little bit more concrete about where this thing is headed in. Noble 670457. Or 96 and wanna come back what talks more tournament but. And the NCAA tournament this year is going to be missing its what some might consider to be as a staple a mainstay a big name if you will and we'll tell you that is coming up next is Garcia daily. Don't know. There's this dog bright future Alibaba and afforded. You missed the tag line though it's coming from with too little and now we know had a hole it would we can still talk real solicit how dramas all. The whole field Phillippe Jessica Alibaba. And the authority to you guys. I leave authority birdies out laid out end of the season. My beginning your car I don't wanna tell settling of blood breaks doing that we just always a little while ago Michael Rubin the billionaire owner of fanatics has emerged as a potential owner of the Carolina Panthers. Is part reportedly was Joseph society co-founder of Ali Bob of the Amazon. Of China. And also deadly duties and that we're effect group as well and I and people get upset that sometimes we start you know laughing about Diddy no one's laughing admitted businessman. It's. Horrible. First a fresh in the eBay which are a lot of friends his fans that's all that's the funny stuff there a group and also by the way includes local investors but 704570. And I miss extent. I got a lot to difference in coming up at 1230 will Branson CBS sports died John joins the show is recovering all these. NFL free agent signings or get his thoughts on pretty much everything that's going down if we're gonna talks more about that as well but so we got some phone calls to take some text read then we'll go to Maurice also doctor Maurice wants talks and NCAA tournament soloists a glorious hour this morning. I am good you don't do it today. I got a quick quick quick quick Nawaz Adobe air. Oblivious to expand it to 68 the marketing year I feel like the smog like the reds first of liberties and ally used XPL wonder Cox Thomas. So already been included to the excuse for field Baptist Indian threat that they got guano and appeal says. And there's a small bad because they're there oh look like they're an internal abut Derek and it covers the playing games negated the domestic oil trying to figure out why. They all spoke out so that is he'll make him have to play another game to get into the big dance and that's a quick and you got there there on in their community back at great increased. But I DeMaurice I appreciate it and look I have no doubt that there's some justification out there that the NCAA loss for you but I actually agree with you a 1000% amusing if you got a team that. They'll wins it's conference demo what's the harm you and here's why I ask what's the harm what's the harm. There's good and guys can Africa finishes and also it is Bradford won its conference start and there's no harm in making them the sixty seat to tomorrow night Arizona State. At Syracuse are going to play I'll play in game. To see who's the eleven seed to take on TCU. In the first round you did you want you see Steve he's gonna lose anyway to once Cecil was sixteen seed and play on Thursday do you do you want everybody got a trophy I'll please give him one on since you want all. Auburn twenty somethings and killing your generation was a one hander out handed out its his anyways so why did you watch out for you did it do you want him. Yes you 140 somethings playing going to hundreds of no of course not fragment the so I know what he's asking for they're not good enough or even as a little depressed kicked in the first. Thursday through our got to put a Mitt knowing the goods and I. President player. This to all the sixteen season hey don't do it's all deliberate as they do into the sixty sees it the week is conference schedule week is resonates that's right give him. I think I did I say don't get out. It and it's it's nice right cause it's nice the fact that we like to play and the big board term. I I listen listen to does I agree with frank it's a nice thing it's it's like okay. You know what's nice about it you know like Texas southern UN's fifteen in the nineteen. You've got a lucky your conference tournament and won it. OK let's sit like Thursday quite a lot of play in game I don't care here's a novel idea why the hell do we even have these games to begin with us. Is because we allow these like for the eleven seed it's too. And a large teams listen these teams are. The scenes and it is sixty these are not gonna. God it's look if you're not included you're going to let them in the tournament don't treat them the same as everybody else tree tennis tournament to the lower 48 why because they got into the tournament. So I know they're not good speeds it's an honor to take water just to beat. Air for those rural America tonight. Those schools will be celebrating like they've made the tournament employment and here's the other thing for for you guys think that everybody deserves a trophy right here's another thing. Nobody is if you're gonna launch could be more likely to watts to debt tonight that you put on Thursday because of their plight of Thursday I. They're watching that game I'm gonna cut the grass armor go play golf on the go drink Beers. The funny game that matters I'm not watching that one so the fact that they're playing tonight allows people to see them that they were never seen him before. Okay it is far is playing the actual games go the first four games they had a lot to begin with but if you're gonna do it I'm just say I would prefer that would be the the at large teams who got yet lord's birth if you won a conference tournament and and polish and automatic bid I wanted to be in the terms of playing on Thursday is that's just that's what the west if you wanna see a fifteen or fourteen warranting plant Thursday ago we're gonna see it regardless no I'm not gonna. I noticed it Tuesday. With a chance for Thursday but that's a thing. Listen these teams you do sir it is an automatic deserve a chance this is not this is this is like millions more still deserve an automatic. Don't is that a kind of feel that's how we don't tell we always that I didn't deserve to be in the get out of here title this is like most sports you know when it comes to brackets right when you look at multiple teams you look at wrestling brackets when they Russell they have what they call until matches on the you have to play and or win that match in order to. Face the number one seed or face the next match you have to pig tail into you know the bracket because there's only X amount of teams. It's not you know they they're 68 teams now 68 teams so yeah. The NCAA created this. They're fortunate to even be allowed to play in these tournaments in my opinion and are given an opportunity. To win themselves into it as just another is another game on a step to a road that might end that might end tonight. And MI have a chance to play on Thursday. I have no problem with that whatsoever while I'm not to lose any sleep over but I still don't like it and I'm never gonna like tonight discourage those few major forgetting an apartment and I'm gonna come. Jane it's important yeah. Yeah I don't know me. I also like a guy entitlement this entire. Is what's wrong with this country old crazy guy you'll handed out the trophies you don't need to make jokes about it when you handed out the trophy sore about that we're gonna come back more widgets are 70457. Or 96 to end it sure looks like the Eagles are. Our goal and all went on a dynasty run. We'll talk about that a little bit next more free agency had a two and oh by the way for an amateur before the break TV Teddy Valentine will not be officiating in the NCAA tournament because of what happened when Joseph Barry several weeks back the NCAA is an I you're gonna sit this one out Teddy no games for you this year kids who never have accountability for their action will continue through life thinking that it is their fault and everything is owed to them. So that's what happened you Garcia and they'll. Well the Philadelphia Eagles looked like they are going all in on a dynasty run. They traded for Michael Bennett from Seattle a couple of days ago and have now signed a loading I don't. It as a backup defensive tackles. But that's done that so would look good the pitcher's uniform. First and foremost are not always gonna cost but so I don't Howie rose been. A third filly is going to absolutely all in right now with the Eagles try to win a couple of Super Bowls here a while this this window really for Carson what's is just opening but you know this team he is. He's not resting on his laurels pallor rose and that is and other academic signed a load not it's a BA ya a backup defensive tackle now you with the printers franc debt. That position it becomes intra staying with sauce store on his way out of buffalo know we we talked about this before we this is not a surprise have been blind side anyone that storm might be out the door when they saw and take it to the deal he got a couple of years ago but. Don't now what it is it the the Vern Butler show is that Richard you're rolling the dice on the do you have to undo held there and I don't try and all I had something here by saying this is well Josh Norris. Who we had a couple of days ago. Of NBC sports in rural largest which this he said to the Carolina crowd doubtful the printers are saving their money to sign a big name they don't have money ninety million dollars to find a starting defensive end started safety quarterbacks who tied into cornerback depth and more. So move it you know when you put it that way so as they'll upgrade. Yeah I mean I'm. That there's not a ton of money for them to spend. There's still some things they can do for YE. You know restructured deals Michael hills in becomes the first mind you know with Maine you know as a guy that says he's return after the season. And make him roughly around nine million dollars I mean I'm not sure what you're gonna restructured to. I remembered my MB potentially you know depending on what happens in the draft. A cap casualty. So. You know what that means said. You know there's the still not gonna give them the ability go out there's signed when his high priced free agents. That's never been their plan in my opinion. You get deals done. And that's with the Kansas know that they have decided do they know star star color. You'll take a short complained. You know they know that. A nor well you don't do good player too but they could afford to because they're decides returner. So. And know that there's there's guys you know you can click you know Cam Newton. I'm that they're core guys that they're gonna sign that are going to be in the main state peace is Greg Olsen. Our uniform this roster and on the because of that you know that's the guys that they think the give them the best chance to win so. They've tied their horses that wagon and and he's just not free money go out there can spend likes him isn't it aims and you know this the fact the Eagles were able to do it this year. It's good for them mom in labor the best team all year. They they're defense was phenomenal but guess what they did they paid Fletcher Cox. They've paid. You know they're Jason Peters they've paid their guys you know it's estate analyst Peter is still there this year I think he got hurt but. If they paid their guys to stay in the end you're the did they did a damn good job. They'll fill in holes and three agencies so they didn't have you know cracks in the role. You know it. That's that's the thing the difference between what really good organizations doing their quarterback's play at a high level. Most teams have their structure in place that are going to be competitive for them for playoff funds. It depends on how well their quarterback plays to get them over the hot. Because there's blind share of the salary cap so listeners candles out there and has an M. VP type season and that's medium VP but he he has that type global where his completion percentage is no mid sixties. A low sixties even to that thing was at 59 last year. From other players are able to make plays he's able to distribute the football and the defense plays press office. You know this team could that actually find himself in the Super Bowl but to me. You know when you look at the way this team is you know every every positions kind of you know there's there's the my. Money that's the structured towards those positions gets eaten up by a left tackle contract are right guard contract. You know the center of the offensive line has a lot of money you know dedicated to that position. In the quarterback's gonna eat up you know a percentage of that salary cap as well the receivers agony that the percentage. The defensive backs and neither for percentage and if you're paying one group more of a percentage that means you have to cut from another group and when you cut from that group it can't lead to the point we are replacing that player with a team or player that's not worthy of being in the NFL. And knew that's where the water kind of seeps through those walls you know and finds it's easy way out and so do so offensive coordinators as a defense of corners they find the weak link in the team. In the attack so if you if you if if you're attacking the weak link when he shows up and he plays better than maybe what you expected. Or he over overseas and over performs. Then you're gonna have a great season so that's the Kansas have to do rely on you go back that 2015 season. Jericho Cotchery had held here we expected him to do that they thought he was to be reliable camera and the MVP season. And the defense because of that played their asses off. Right because. The defense was on the field had great field position there always you know on their plus you know side of the field where you'll they had the other team combat we're playbook cuts the cuts down and half those type things and they helped out the Panthers a well so was a give and take it was a push and pull and you know they they work well ham and egged it very well that season so in the same thing can exist this year you know with the types of players we have we have enough players. You know to complete my opinion we have enough players to compete and beat the Eagles if cam goes out their employees. At a high level and current ball over and those types of things and so those things are his fault. They already analyzed your guess Eagles right here in Bank of America can't plays ass off dead. Don't you play it won't have to win Johnson should she do her to have the young fumbled the other tipped pass for the interception. You know important the other interception that took place was there and didn't want those were canceled my opinion. So. You know it's at the end of today he had to because he had them in position but there's bad as many cars they had still win that game just like to play when it counted so hum. Yeah that's. That's the difference you know and and you don't win when cam is good this team can beat anybody. Right what I look is sourced in the Eagles stuff go I bring that up because you don't what we would cut interest rates really NFL any NFL fan base. When you see everybody else around you spending money. You know do the natural reaction for a lot of people is why are we spending more money why are we doing this why are we losing ground we're losing or gaining ground. You just went eleven to five in the Corvette team is is largely use is not almost entirely still together you lost two starters. On the that was an entirely unexpected. And you didn't spend a bunch of money on them to get them in the first place for the most part either I saw developing and because of that on the don't by the way what I was resemble socialist Philadelphia Eagles there's it was that you know there are able to do some obviously because course and what's still sort of deal. If they're paying Carson what's a lot of money here so it helps when you've got a franchise quarterback that your your paying dilly dilly next to no money here and you know you. You got a temperament that way but also. You know what it when it comes down to do the printers did just go eleven and five. You know so there they're not in a bad spot here and Gil I don't know if it comes down to Vernon both social and emotional alongside K tank column still back there listen you bring into the back of guy feels. They're not losing much on the defense aside they haven't lost much yet universe Butler is every bit as good as to start until lately right he's just. It hadn't had no seasoning yet on the offensive side you're gonna lose a little bit. You know you're gonna lose and lose a normal he's an all pro player so whoever you can't replace is not going to be is doing is normally just can't have the significant falloff. No I and that's the difference right that's the difference fingered himself left tackle the center that's over compensate for that left guard who's not going to be nor well and I'm just a little bit more pressure on the guys next and that's what good teams find a way to do they find my way when you're struggling to pull you through that find a way when you're down to lift you up. And you know the big. They expect excellence and they expect you to perform that they expect you to be ready to do those things then I think the fans will be you know every business you are ready to do that this year as they were last year. Aren't 70457. Or 96 and wanna come back to talk a little bit more about this and adjusting moves across the league in free agency we will really talk and our dig into this Winslow Branson of CBS sports dot com coming up to 45 minutes. At 1 o'clock today we do our fourth installment of the top five moments in stroll sports history and a great mystery just talk about that when this 70457. Or 9610 more this on the other side it's Garcia Israelis WS since they. Boston. That's legislate reds named after places. But as you can David there's neighborliness yellow random place and it it's probably bet I. I don't wanna did you in the weeds here but also when you have things like. This Steve Miller Band. John Parsons and Alan Parsons experience Alan Parsons project. And I just think it's something creative instead of something like your name and a ban. Well. It does not mix a sort of a weird dynamic in band so instead of always wondered why it is like I love Zach brown bat like what about his friend. I know this if we did so did this he is he responsible for so much like like 98%. Less content. That none of them deserve any consideration to have their names put on it at all. Or maybe just the generic brand name or different but and they go to may have there's always gotta wonder about that Alec what kind of drugs were the guys on when they named Amanda bluish or blue oyster cult. You know where they all tripping on acid like an owner set the some names are weird thing man that John Franco got a band members you have you heard in the vet and rescue them before the Olympic matters we could save definitely OK if we're just not rat. Jane is Tinto caught. Why. Articulate your art sounds good at 70457. OpenId assistance extra rights and Kyle strike. I'm sort sort of promote him Butler for the upcoming season I expect to hog Molly's in the draft from both sides of the ball with the medical condition at a. Of price out of Ohio State would you draft him. Richard Billy price who was an. As tackle well yes I know and done door is an author is a gardez in regards to play out there and had the Victoria you're toward tax you are bent on the bench. I mean torn thanks guys you know have that in real lot it's pretty commonplace for all its defense of Lyman. They even linebackers you know with the pollution Poland and the in a good portion of that muscle sometimes get out of position and you know yet so. Yeah Ali if he's held the knee and he passes his physical then I have no problem no draft and Baghdad because. And Lotta times you in any more times not using your legs your hips have to play offensive lineman yard your upper body strength and so. He something that you would consider. You know maybe. You know the third round here's the interesting thing is that you know when you lose a guy like Orwell. You can replace him with a compensatory pick potentially because of what you're gonna get. We looked at what are you you acquire compensatory pick what's gonna what's the process you'll typically if there's a lot of criteria would there's no really one way to. Not have a formula that says that if you lose this play you're gonna get next but what it says is it you're gonna get something no more there. Right so when you lose a Pro Bowl player when you lose a starter when you lose a guy that. You know has made eighteen or this play a lot and now has that all pro status. Usually you're gonna give us. Higher compensatory picks so it because normal is an all pro not just the pro bowler. You know he started a lot started every game didn't miss a player snapped I don't think you know if he did it was limited. You know you're gonna get a lot more you afford that so. You could expect to compensatory pick likely in the third or fourth round for what you're losing nor well fours so with star allude to lately. In the same type of thing he wasn't a pro bowler so you're not gonna get as high as a compensatory picked as you would Ford Norway also you know when you look at star. And you know what he did what he's bringing. In as a starter they play alive as a valuable starter they kind of worried that they have a committee that looks at these players in the engaged. You know as I would know rating system you know want to attend and they may be ranking stars assessment is not a pro bowler that would be an eight but he might be a seven and a half there might even put resonate and you don't give him some more value even though he doesn't have done that status but the committee. Wherever that is an hour they determined that you know kind of you know give these player's point systems and that's how you determine your compensatory picks so. Star our I would guess would be fifth sixth round he'll somewhere in there. Here's here's the best explanation I've ever found for compensatory picks and it actually came from the Boston Globe and they were kind of explains the patriots in the mall and in Boston about two years ago he says it's a zero quote and what exactly is a compensatory pick the NFL has a system of compensatory draft picks that helps teams that lose talent free agency like aside no player had played out the rest of this year and in some of the other team in the offseason AKA normal store it's based on a complicated formula the NFL does not explain but revolves mostly around playing tough is the players you'll lose play more snaps than the players you gain the higher your compensatory picks become the highest picked you can gain in the system is a third rounder and it comes at the end of the round after the 96 picked. So so that's one of the best explanation is that I've found here as frank just said their second nearly he'd laid it out for another guess what he's getting out here but that is one of the easiest most adjustable ex explanations for compensatory pick tonight who thought. And so like any ties back into question that a list person and a little while it always says you know why are we do what why are we used to have social cap space. Overspending last year. I wouldn't call it overspending which had to pay for some guys last year I don't want to derail which is saying but just I don't know freeze mentioned it but just for his listener shipped those picks can be traded. As well Dahlia 2007 was the first year that your use them in tradable typically. Before that they were on tradable but last year the NFL determined that you can use those in a trade up to to gain even more value with those picks if if necessary. You know as far as in the spending last year you know with Gelman yeah the mighty gentlemen that came in here and just was gonna right the ship and he'd cut. And he was cut throat here is gonna. I mean or in OK shape our news cleaning up a lot so he got us in the proper side knows that the red. You know so. You know that some you know where you you start to connect. You know this team in where you have a little bit to spend words they were basically right up against it you know last year so. You know there's still potential that they remain human do some different things. You know with some players. You may be some cap casualties. You know as far as I'm you know what you're gonna go you know bring you pay your left tackle that that type of money. And Tony Gibson tapped you know one year. They are handing out you know kickers. The five million dollar contract is gonna eat up some cap so those are things where you can maybe save a little bit you know here in their little bit here and there equals and adds up towards the end to be a little bit. A little bit more and sometimes in a lot. Right and he's talking about last year and and of course on next your does melt the Carolina Panthers right now all of the wanting to look ahead to next years they're gonna have probably a lot a lot of flexibility there's not much did money out there. And that they're gonna have a chance to do some things especially next your free agency should they so choose so there'll be and on the fewer handcuffs you know they they want beat him stronger you know by a lot of money situations is much in the same way they have been this year and we talk about that in some clover to come back door tickles our number 330 minutes from now we dive back to listen free agent talk whereas. Will Branson of CBS sports dot com his thoughts on a lot of this at 1 o'clock our latest installment of fourth installment of the top five moments in Charlotte sports history's Garcia Villa WS and there's.