Garcia And Bailey: Tony Womack

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Friday, August 17th

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Up but first we talked to Tony Womack World Series Japanese Jordan is on the technique out just like. Tony hi Debra. I thought mr. Barbara if they are phenomenal probably the puck hit the report or not. That's because we got to see how this thing goes Tony read a different passes a life. As well like my first trip you know I'm not I'm out of originated more debt I hope that's true hell that's true we'll look great this thing at the and I've got high hopes I guess they figure you'd go but I don't all go to make sure they're not ruin are we if you don't want. I did on that I have no idea. I it's always bigger cuts got a little sorry I. We're gonna put it over to project about this dated idea do you have any thoughts on though all the chances are you excited about the state. Our I won't say they don't affect you game I am no fan of Belmont but it's been bought. Bob I think about the said the thought man you know bias probably defense and I understand that you its way chip issues just Macedo. You have to make sure you have do you think it's off to seal off that. You know they have the they often feel for awhile I think. I'm a big believers that they're both all I think opted to your key distribute distribute it throughout the day they can do that they could be who they off. Prior to rely on not only love that's lost on nine absolutely he's a he's a Smart man he understands the game very well and you know you can scratch my back I'll scratch yours and I know him as that Tony's done that we know quite some quite a few times out there and you know Tony talk about talk about you know what what you see and maybe that some of the young players and and you'll for the Panthers and see if you know they have any similarities of maybe being great like yourself. Want to break they are those guys. Apply now yeah. You know because wait no I don't guys try to make that he or you want veteran guy plot to third spot because of a young got off onto yet. I think it's very stated they did but it helps prosecution. Which makes you at eighteen and a whole much better and yet I believe that we could go out there if they you wanted me not better than not good at what just what better. If you have competition within how you make your op Ed that much better. All right sorry let's sell it let's talk a little baseball for just the second obviously the the whole baseball world was talking about what happened two days ago with the Braves and Marlins so we'll start there are your thoughts on dot. Posing a ranger who hit probably kill you first pitch of the game Acuna has hit three consecutive leadoff home runs five straight which was. You know pretty big feet for a rookie years you will no objection to his agent. You know again that people fired up we talked to Leo Mazzone yesterday Tony it seemed like almost to a man maybe you're the exception of Keith Hernandez. Everybody looks at what happened dividends as that was that that that's not an unwritten rule that was just stupid. Yeah all right big. But it won't do both and did he pick Obama are busy this respect he gave I didn't see any of that order I didn't yeah what the what's important to cope with. So I think that this newspaper go to all I'll let. Up to a different than and that's that don't they act they did you get drilled like that because either get back into our city he made you disrespect the game. It's good that started this back to him what he doubted that he'd never get that respect it's dignity. He put particular until the other night though that's right I think I'd think personally. I went to triple come out if there YE the did he do what they did it seem to demolish you about the that they did did that what if he did get. Don't honestly that's the thing I don't think about the much to do with all the whole body hit the role of the matter up. No need to update and what what are they god no he's into what went wrong. That's a thank you big guys who cover the date the guys were talking about it being held Don Mattingly commanders that I I didn't order that you don't you have the you can watch the reactions to the catcher would have happened. Nobody below obliterate was planning to do that and so you know people thought back and looked at all five home runs the defense somebody disrespect somebody the possibly thwart this. And nobody could find it it'll also don't know the relationship off the baseball field either in you know I was. Are you gonna go you're great you don't know what kind of relationship do those you've got that have been had it's we before would be in. In the bylines or you know eight and what do ball well what kind of hit me if they have the if I don't think Paula thereby they're the secret break would you look at it could be goes to a. I was talking to Tony won't back joining us on the ticket John just slighted Tony every everybody it's a boy you. We know. There is nobody ever nobody's ever potentially try to get you to. I have to have them pay because. Always what did burger general Clark was the pitched out about this and that we are. The real help in the ball or it's paying off it and not comic book of questions that book. I'll stick you know I've never been. And hit parts I think it all apartment but I understood what. Aren't you a moment to look book that I thought it that the bird is in the bottom of the seventh inning. It bunny and the ball the way we just pitched really go to jail or not we're doing all that up until well he's got to use you know we got a little trouble. There are not mature so. Bottom what that did he direct spots for. It would way to beat the one. And while walking home white home dropped from Gary did Jameel. It honors and Glavine you know like that that you would got to bring your body hit or replicate what they got it but went deep. But origin and toward the water in the bottom of the seventh don't seem. I had the way I'm new exploit it didn't that you all know I got it because of the rule but it. What does it feel like. I mean that's what I mean I mean it's hard to explain what they collision feels like with a car that's kind of what you. Described it in NFL hit when you're on a kickoff return or something like that. But wasn't so like get hit by a baseball a hundred miles an hour. It. War we do know you've got a ticket. Eight hit it you're about boxing a bad note execute its plan to deploy a particular. Thank you hit the ball at what they what I'd knowingly and no one that bit about Bob object drill it hurts more. That way because you don't know where you're going to get a. You just sitting there anticipated and his socks and go to a lot is live in a do what I asked about something else. I thought what rock garden higher said yesterday it was absolutely hysterical I don't know if you seen this but. I don't member of the Detroit media asked him just out of curiosity agency at what would you do what defect. Iran said man that was really dollar pair phrasing but is it. If that was my god I was manager I've probably started the next day it hit him leadoff and let him get smoked in knocked out for doing something so stupid have you ever seen a manager do something like that to what was Auguste. Yeah yeah yeah because. Very that they. You know they do that because if not being one about his position players are gonna get to real. They detect but didn't hit that hole but don't start you know you don't exactly bid that I did all that but it'll get hit what they do and respect. If Kobe can take it out or the other way politics starts for starters that's so yeah. It's why we know about the book they'd ever it would back into it without penalty may that you do that because now know what it feels like Lamar positions there's. Did it because of something that I did we begin though I don't yet but yet I'd I'd try to do what it did about Bob what are we to a suitable weather so what we feel like we're. They'd be those that would put up there. Did it does it help even the did you seriously get a grasp on how to properly suspended pitcher because candidate they were suspended after six days. He's really only missing a start. No they have no idea you know they're worried about upbeat upbeat gave up clock rule and all that. But you weren't they did go it fit well it's talked about how do we spend it got to make what he bed. It's a call from all you mentioned more stark spoke government for a spot because of the T. So I thought you knew that they can then threw to restart make that and we feel that dumb that they didn't they don't know that so no big they are not doing it. I don't know what they did these numbers from what we do know normally is potentially hit the body. But he did get that once start electorate that some guys are being pushed back the start. Because of fatigue or maybe got a new mediated so technically he's really not. Didn't suspend you know eight ball like I got lot got pushed back another week or so. You know it's our last time we talk to you retarded our Houston and you know the ridiculous lineup and how good they are near the best team in baseball I don't know if anything's changed. With your feelings from then what is anybody else stepped up to the plate to challenge them. Meyer bullet dom back up plans are right now. They have their their decked out but luckily. Supply of people because this started bitching it's better than people think. That's noble what are still a nobody is not so polite knock them off you know you we just chip. But also note that. He knows both sleep all right what little boy over there at the brewers so people on the boards you know that they'll natural wide open right now so. I got a few games it will make enough foreign genes that you know foreign Eagles didn't make demo run it they both needed a seven day period on the wolf there's. What might think it replied this is there a thought because I didn't like they're starting pitcher and I didn't know they respect. Good as Tony you know Boston's unfazed when about a 175 day Zurich. I do this you got a believer that let's risen and ask you normally approach is no no no no but I'm not a believer in it just what I tried. Boston has to have a knack go up there's starting pitcher not being healthy when they need to. You know come crunch time so right now I don't wanna hit the ball right now Jeff they are in my repeated in best input. They've also been the best people Wally didn't you people play out between October that licked but there are brought it all that. You start your kitchen goes down again you know he's got to eat Eddie Jordan I'm really went and bought it bought that they pulpit. All you can it be so I would spit out let it they they help if they will be good to defeat. Are they at last leg of an adult I've amidst this but I just got back this morning guys were read in LA for the last three days for the Dodgers giants series. And you know it was really cool with you first thought and Ross are enormous for sports you was that was insane the Dow would like to middle linebacker right no idea is that big but. I was talking to guys there at Dodger Stadium is is old news it's psychotic but it's old and I was wondering is a player to go to did you prefer playing those older iconic type stadiums or did you like playing in the Newark say it's your with all the bells and whistles type statements. No I like the iconic one I look that old are you not like dogs there's no lights you know even though they renovate bought it Chicago I love those that they have these street. And you wanna be part of history and yet everybody's gonna get better you know it's horrid. You know make deep you know due to read basically stable build a new I don't that the 21 situated but. I'll like we got a lot of work because you can you on that you don't nameplate don't feel that. History has been meet. Very cuts ought to go back World Series shifting great stuff is always better -- way to look at some sort of got away plus interviews doors was fantastic justice statistics they email you know it's great atmosphere got so much about that went way better than it is about bats as a sleep and got it on you guys have a great weekend.