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Wednesday, June 20th

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Welcome back it's Garcia and Bailey here on this Wednesday afternoon at us up 7045709. You can text is there as well the Billick said attacks like sending an email Kyle a WS Lindsay dot com. As the garage door guru inbox and has always find us on abruptly Jewelers Twitter feed at Kyle Bailey WS Lindsay. At frank Garcia 65 induct as we told you before the break we're talking to a man who is that not only. I'd I don't does he know that the Boston sports he knows the baseball scene he's on afternoons like we are up there in Boston 95 the sports obvious one half. Of Felger in Baz and Tony about erotic who's been doing a little bit of everything for many many years join us on the technique on just like Tony we appreciate your man I event. Good Trout Trout and. Absolutely let me from the start here Jayson stark what are your colleagues Solio covered baseball was all of our morning guys have released two days ago and you know we've been talking about this Major League Baseball rob Manfred says their looking to expand they wanna be a 32 team league. There are as you know some teams that could be on the move and that also includes two expansion franchises I think Charlotte is a great place for that and it seems Major League Baseball does to Jayson stark came audits of the of the morning he thinks of Portland in Charlotte. Or the two most likely candidates to get a team not Montreal or. Or Mexico City what how how do you feel about that expansion in general your thoughts on Sheryl. Well so much jade Hernandez followed that story in particular are little culture that I have I'll take his word or no agreement on. That are you committee I you know I got a really good did pretty. Our provincial new Englander in me talking I'd prefer they be American pretty. So the idea to go on a larger all of them doesn't really appeal to me and certainly I can divisive he didn't. You know in the united state is in the mainland US that that make all the sense in the world Charlotte and obvious choice of not just saying that Clinton talking you know so you know Jacob's brother and chase a ball Portland I'd also like the idea certainly would make like a little interpreting put the Seattle Mariner's. Who seemed Allah too well play good to have outplayed at minimum no matter where they don't hold. You're the only one that I find intriguing of the plate a national. I think that national has really grown here in reaching here and maybe that'd be another good option called Charlotte that he. That's almost a slam dunk and meet the idea of the 32 team league we all know that that's the ideal number so you will thirteen 32 now. 168 imported true and then ultimately go one it's a great way to 110 lead it to everybody to balance. It as we note that amount of the NCAA determined well. Yup it can be that the number there's no question then and being open to move a couple of franchises as you've noted. Tampa Bay Rays probably cheaper money you don't. But. You know you can sounds like a lot of hitting to the couple moved in a couple of expansion in. We're talking to Tony Basra Roddy 95 the sports hub open Boston won half of Felger and Baz joining us on the technique obviously you talked about. But competition problem and you look over of course to the NL standings and you see. A want to close racism in the same thing in a central pretty much and east so why does that competition exit our competition issue exist in the American League about the nationally. Well it's a look at a good question and I guess maybe it's just. Circumstance of working in the American League tank in he had a really to me that's what it comes down to the Orioles a terrible. The royals are going to rebuild. The White Sox are going to rebuild the blue ginger and rebuild camp out Detroit. Like all of these can the American legal really bet. And all of those things are really got them until a couple of middle class mediocre teams certainly Oakland qualified. As such you're Minnesota's done that the board. Are similar group. And so maybe in teams haven't played well. Black community di bella the gap NBA all between the rich in the port so that big huge. Now why did that doubling the national league of many maybe they're just looking like the Braves got a little further along. And now have taken that next step and a more competitive so maybe it's cyclical thing you probably didn't think they couldn't believe. What can lead in the National League that I don't think that you are clear favorite. Until lean toward the cubs are lean toward the Dodgers. You know I think Arizona clearly is one of the better teams Washington. They're grabbing all the teams are gonna get then no there's certainly better raged on the outside the PA now frankly at the moment you nailed that bit of a joke. Our total to move on here let's talk a little NBA NBA draft of course that's coming up tomorrow night and you know for those wondering and and those pay attention to disorderly I'm going to be there tomorrow night. Out Neil and and not in the war room with the Mitch Kupchak and company but you we're going to be they're kind of covered things and a very excited to distract to see what happens tomorrow night is we've artists in one big deal today Dwight Howard out the door shipped to Brooklyn. And return it intersect earned a second round draft pick to go to Moscow off the whole deal now. I would first or go by asking you about the Boston Celtics because what Danny Ainge is done. I kinda continued to do what they are not just. You know requiring talent and and putting together a really good roster but. He's got a lot draft capital play with his voice got draft picks to play with not that anybody's gonna fleece Brooklyn again the way Boston did when that happened with Paul Pierce and KG but. Danny just on a really really good job there at least that's the way it seems from places like Charlotte is that the way. It's perceived vary in how how happy your people with the job they've done and more than that how happier people with the direction this this franchise is headed right now. What to look I think generally people agree with you here. You know Asia he needs to win another championship with a different group. The first Andre won a few years back in that handing out ten years back he hit the Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce Ray Allen trio. I feel about when noting last very long and so that helped Republicans for something longer LAPD and that kinda feel like they're they're starting to build. And really that was all you know about the large majority of accepted armored. Talent that he acquired the company had trade with the Brooklyn. Other the Brooklyn team. That involve Garnett pierce and Allen Lago they got to treasure trove of first round picks there are. That they basically have been able to turn into the gym and ground Jake educate them. And they made a couple of shrewd lesser deal upon Isiah Thomas fear our. And then you know were able to put that forward at the end of the day what I'll tell you acknowledge that. When he used pretty patient he's very methodical. He will wait and wait and wait until the right deal comes you won't make a deal generally. That is done that irrationally. Or emotionally. You identified players that he wants and wait for them to become available and any other room. He tried to stay competitive I would bet they'll put in deal would kind of appear. There's really thought that some repeat some Republicans what it allowed the Celtics to do was. Stay reasonably competitive with have all seen so that they aren't political thinking. At the same time Brooklyn tank for Obama. So they were ever have a competitive team. He entertainment for different date and that the same time and what I've lottery picks to get the actual personal. Oh he can't do without. So any crucial in that regard and memo is drafted well probably gave him look like steel. And yeah okay in the particular given that the culprit cut the number one can take your they traded up until late. They got him only what Michael welcome that falcon Scott. And he an additional number one pick on top of self. You know it's a guy named Israeli sort of symptomatic deliberate methodical and he waits for people to make that big a mini pumpkins. And Don you know where I guess whether or not I at least a championship now remains to be easy but. Go to Brooklyn tech had basically gotten numb. Carrier ring again you know being a little loose at Jalen brown Jason played on the market but I'm not a book a pretty good collection of talent. No doubt about it and Tony ask you this you know because you're you're obviously in Boston but. It opened I'm fifty years the Celtics the lakers have used more and others as a measuring stick right Amanda that is one of the best rivalries in sports and so. If I we're to a vast you say I don't know three months suitable for the hornets here in Charlotte hired Mitch Kupchak as their new GM and president of basketball operations. On you know what would you have set a buy and ask you what are your thoughts. On Mitch Kupchak the GM it's cup check the at a front office executive what would you assess. So much after all how Mike port Perry. To meet capture real quick and capable but they're so now again we all know that in that league more than any other baby at all measured in championships. Because it because it it comes to your ability to acquire secure premium talent and then put people around it to win gym teacher and second they can get in the first. So I think you know based on again based on the up. Culture deal to me like I'm a guy you would certainly need toward Don the Iowa and of but executives and no I I've put into that same crap and maybe I'm a hypocrite but didn't go only won one title. Oh you know but I I look around the league and I do think that there were some achieved that ultimately get one into the cloud and I don't I don't look at Mitch Mitch Kupchak and feel like you're gonna McClure Monica deal. More likely to happen in Boston you you acquire Kyl. So I can decline Leonard green is more likely I don't been changed who's gonna sign here I mean I know that there are a it LeBron James put me. Put the sole focus on really any good will lead the eighth. Part of the team rather than be ego maniacal and repeat that he did. And I think it could work you're right you don't did you get a Goodell about LeBron won't do any star player GM and coach. Which he tells me he's gonna put indulging together probably an epic the lakers or something like. Where corn Leonard doesn't have a shorts. So he's gonna go wherever straighter now put the release Siberian Detroit. But. Again I think Angel raised the price is right to make a deal. And you would love dad coli Leonard but he's talking overpaid form of the celtics' response. Where they don't have all the so they're they're gonna have a good team regardless I'm not you know aren't DOD the type ultimately people either love Amanda appear. Because I I think the Celtics are gonna. They're gonna have to take away from their war in order to make a big deal I just don't think they've really wanted to. Our Tony less than we'll cut you loose gut feeling is this the last hurrah for Belichick and Brady. So come until you get up and that you know I'm I am I an older preempting your debt. I think the thing is gonna last forever. But to me it wouldn't surprise you already they've played and left Super Bowl but it is still like it incumbent upon. And the you know the mistake that they're gonna. Do that they will never live down in all probability that the trading at Jimmy dropped a lot so. You know everyone assumed that they won't go low grade gonna play real or five more years. Now all of this doesn't it feel like they might play one or two more adaptive. So I'd be gone about it cue up the patriotism moment. Of candor and honesty that they would say they now regret moving to Rockwell protect your dealership. Bill Belichick never wanted to mould grow op OP wanted to keep him. The end of the key should've done something extraordinary to keep you need an apartment franchise into the doughnut shop. So you would feel like that the fractured Derek fox lower deep. There are greater than they've ever been before. And now look at the board pretty delicate you never count them now that the talent it's so great and that the brain power is so great. The last actual count there are Super Bowl pitting get out there. And now you know that additional out on top of that I I personally would not be the least bit surprised that they never get back to another Super Bowl with this group. And you know and it and how rare they go long term I have no idea by. You know they'll be in the playoffs will be a good team who don't know rebels really really going to be great. Don't in Gaza Roddy 98 point five the sports sub one half of children Baz weekday afternoons joined us on the technique on gas line Mazur appreciates men always good to catch up would love to have you back there it's up. Kyle Bennett do they tell him to get there quickly and the culprit that it didn't I think they're gonna try to move the drill a little bit. I don't know whether they have the collateral to move up the mantra than they do make a bold. Again I don't they're going to be Leonard I don't think we'll be Leonard or change. But the enterprise you move up in the drop quite trading some some younger child like telling both here may be them they don't have it keep. In addition to some of the some of the gap Victoria. While adjusting stuff Tony reloaded we'll talk to you soon art. They go thought in Gaza Roddy knighted by the sports a joint missile attack become just like great stuff from him and he would catch it again love Charlotte in big big fan. Of of MLB coming to Charlotte so well will react to some of that on the other side don't Purdue at 5 o'clock Willie McGinest. Is gonna join the show we'll talk to big Willie about his comments about the other patriots of the Panthers rather. They get top five offense this year in the NFL where that come from blaster here just a little bit it's Garcia but it.