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Tuesday, May 15th

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Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer doesn't know those things are no way related I just wanted to do that Tom I even got a I am I guess we're doing well we're duel well it's it's a new era he notes is a new day for the Carolina Panthers and and his fan base does looks like the deal was finalized David tepper is the guy you've written about it we talked about it and announced today is here how do you feel about it. I like the guy I mean I'll equity stands for unlike and he came up lower middle class and this is money year. You know he's a Pittsburgh guy and now that the Miami Beach that. I'd hope that this when he took Teixeira is. I'm lecturing him you know meet the guys to come around this city the men or women but also elected in interact the giants are not hard to get exactly like. Should keep a low profile eco work fans are you know substantial impressed the ocean as it Justine be cool look good in order. Could kind of breaks here. It's interesting maybe just aren't steamers has purchased by maybe the a little bit older version of Mark Cuban the exact I try to get those modular. I'll. I mean Q print it's an interesting guy and not talk to a couple times when he just. It's a forward thinking and willing to do thing. His way in his way. It came out and on his way to market that's acceptable so I would love to see a shepherd in can attack. I think the first thing you do is probably spice start out by taking away that five dollar fan fest he two that they charged fans last year. To kind of ingratiate yourself with the fans. And do our church can't. Worked. Frank I agree I think that that that was huge mistake I think. You decide and then ever took to report because one of support here on a yet to come down and beat. Yeah I want to rookie camp last week how lop billionaire because you see these guys who are. You know they just been. Pictures on TV your pictures and newspaper biography are right and we need to see him and I think that's the kind of opportunity and terror attempt. The first question you ask him you know Tom and you've interviewed did you beat your you've been around. You know whether he's changed or not whether he's done some things that you know maybe he regrets or not. I'm you know you have an opportunity to be a new owner coming into the city. What would be the first question you ask them. Well it's a good question I think I would just start with why. Why do you wanna be this big you needn't be scrutinized so closely and I don't think peppers the guy a great attention I'll just say why. What he want this team in this place now in just find out from here just just or why you know what does interest tips. The Tom I just to counter that wouldn't ya what the obvious answer possibly be Wasilla team up for sale right now. And I would also blasted their way when you talked about you attracting attention and I'm joking but I'm not. This is a guy who hangs a big set of brass balls bond himself in his office and is reportedly thrown breast implants around the office and he's got a revenge mentioned in the Hamptons where he built an enormous. Thompson immediately initially pull one other not kidding when I say these things like this is a good I think this is a very kind of brash over the top guy when he wants to. You're saying -- cheer Richmond does not have a Pinochet it's not to my sources tell me does not know can't. You know to connect I don't think that it's a while guy I just think this guy it's Smart. And effective and terribly terribly count and it had to deal which in itself. Beyond that what. What stood joint what you're looking forward to ram what does he want to accomplish and those are real general court that bit but I'm like just it guts talk. And I hopefully those would get it can't concur that. Edited and you're not like to order back in just find out who we are and what extent actual. Don't you think it's also important to offer the fan base especially to to get him on camera on record saying I'm committed to Charlotte I wanna be your long term. Epic I thought that was always and never that there are only I agree with her. So people get their people out there are story you hear that church here and that bank. That's just understood and how long year there's someone very close that we can't just spate may be an either. But yet and has bet I bet but I think anybody's word about that either their fault. So I don't expect this guy and it'll ever talk to Tom source in Charlotte Observer joined us on the job just like I I don't expect him to come in like a wrecking ball necessarily. On you know but I do. One I do wonder. For instance I saw beyond the reports that he is said by all accounts he's gotten glowing reviews of the football operation side of Moriarty and Ron Rivera and you know those guys are locked down and under long term deals and did you wouldn't expect them to look to go anywhere and that's great to hear and I think that should be the case with a guy like Ron Rivera but isn't that also went on his position should says. Should say I would hope he at bat even sometimes people comment. And they wanna get their guys and ball right away and I would hope he worked. A process already in place coming. We keep Kerney obviously that would keep. Rivera obviously. You know he needs this teen is not a the president and that's an important role because. You know a non football outside of things structural most of the patient with that anymore. And Morse and it's really well like charismatic and really really war and I know that our back. But you know he just left and he never really get checked why. And you know it's his successor in the office out some but it tepper and it's another business I don't know I would hope. Just hope keep things intact for the most are packed and not a be backed out. It's part of football act goes oracle we had a I cure and I'll be 100 delicate. It's out of your first question to temper would be wise my second question to him would be. What's important to you right because when Jerry Richardson. You know I promised a a Super Bowl in ten years but. I think is important to melt like it was the most important thing I think the most important thing whether it came to fruition or not. Was the image of this franchise and if that meant everything you know leave the brand. The the Carolina Panthers stood for was the most important thing. You know to Jerry Richardson and the legacy potentially that he left behind even though that may have taken a turn. Learn are still like that is what he sold to us as fans in what he sold to us as players as well you know what you think the important. What's gonna be the most important thing to temper. I don't know Richards sent I would say it was when it. I mean he desperately want it to where. And he's got some pretty epic achieved our success in different GO why couldn't translate to the catcher out in a sport which bridge to play. And presumably knows. Com and he desperately wanted to win and I'm at bat the bat good effort to report. Which go all every NFL owner either. I had a really good business outside or. It was get the right parents. I mean some movement here at the jobs but I here's a temper kind earned. And he's got to be an astute businessman and he's got to thank you know I can replicate that accepts and you know well any interest to talk to about that. Talking to Tom Sorensen Charlotte Observer join us on the tech become just like let's talk about the hornets this draft lottery night and flew. Feels like Groundhog Day a little bit you know here we are the the lords have a zero point 7% since Souza landing the top pick in about a 90% chance of ending up at eleven and look I think the basketball gods over the hornets a little bit of a break somehow someway and maybe it's not tonight but so are you coach. Are you the least bit excited are intrigued by this that I just given beyond that we're that we know how tough it's going to be for the hornets to land higher pick than eleventh. Yet you not I was there. It was a 2012. The deputy deepest draft them not go to cook strapped I think there was doubt well. Had a party at at the edge Ben not to get there arena and Eric Jordan there I don't know whether that meant that they yet. And one by 118 to cult optic Internet equity they've switched their. And people are pumped up and indeed excited murmurs they're eating they're trying to now watching TV and then suddenly in order to go check it. And that room it'd been slowed air flight I mean I'm embassy in Jordan a members cheer and team executives it was just crushing several. You know there are statistical anomaly and you can get a break. I think that that pat all the lottery pale or something more sugar. I mean it's their fault for the most part they've just wandered so many good draft opportunities but. David was there where one that was not a hole does that matter who's coaching this team. Good question do. Immediately. Maybe I mean you want a guy on the teach their. You know you hire Garrett forty years old and what you're saying look stick around what which group through law people were. I mean. I think it would I would too I like and yeah outlook just like act he's. I don't see pretty cute and made it a peak yet. Seven point and each may they get mad at picket temporary in the east or that that would be the top and and that's really not. What you're looking for. So what what I hope that the coaches that teacher what I hope is. Kupchak is great and mining town and drafting it. And I just hope that our Arctic figured out. Obviously DM you the bill passed in the congress know just today with you're the gambling. If you you're if you're a betting man. What's the chances what odds are you giving kemba Walker's here next year. Well. I would say 6040. Incorrect are able along those same lines similar we're gonna give back to this and about 45 minutes but do your Gregg got asked about this because you've been covered sports for a long long time and you have covered I'm sure stories where there are sports gambling infiltrated sports found its way into conversations between the stories we we know have been match fixing in point shaving instances excuse me so what is your general take because I'm of the opinion that collegiate sports is more more vulnerable here than professional sports is the by and large I think bringing this to the surface and allowing for more regulatory agencies and other people to keep this thing above board is going to end up being a good thing. I love that I absolutely love and the issue like Tibet in pretty notable. Or knows somebody knows somebody who knows somebody you know is a cookie there's certain parts here in town you go you and it just. An immediate sense what's going on right there. Here's my Kentucky Derby bets here's my bet on the bat well and ears let bank. Is gonna happen on Sunday it's in my book get out into the light. I mean all the people think that they're officials are interchange became a bit of actors and artists come to my mid market. Are are just yet they're so far off there's no way. Absolutely no way he could ever say. The NBA or the NFL I think increased to scrutinize. It at saint Egypt tried to. There are there's an account under wraps but I think that they don't go win bank and our British group think. The Panthers. And and those guys are gonna complain really loudly that actors are. 2100. And it was actually. Adam I don't care about so the rest of us I district it's tremendous opportunity and generate static. I think there are only six states in the country right now that don't have a lot of and you go into Bank of America's stated as he captured rap king electronic net. You know flat around the stadium and trying it's just the logical extension and I am really. Yes hang with me you know could just might be a little bit of a long one Tom McGinnis just kind of follow the logic it might not necessarily be. You know with the players on the court the ref threes we are going out there and you're impacting them but monkeys and make numbers they draw lines. And if there's. The integrity is going to be affected if you don't know the status of the players going into that game it's improbable to maybe it's a questionable those type of things if we don't have a clear definition but yet the book he's no because they have an inside source there are going to be able to set the line to their advantage where they can take a big percentage of chopped and move the line knowing when that guy comes available that lions get a job so they can kinda. Hedge on that line. How important is it gonna be moving forward. We have a better clear understanding. Of the lawyer and what that definition means whether it's questionable whether it's doubtful. And hold these coaches accountable to that to that standard. I would love to CNET anyway but now especially yet because they're guys. You've sent their coaches now that they're batch or piano. And you know your most immediate and repeat. As informed it simple keep our resources are gonna be just just Derek Fisher at par currently. That are practiced Sherlock they. But yeah I wish they could clean that up trying to kind and that that to what I wish they could clean that up. And just say look if you line up of the better players if you project. You response cubic Pamela and I wish the have to look at it that and that would be I think they're an effective way to crack down. Some are we were captured pretty long time devoted to last at least one more thing and double I was listening to you wanna say it was late last week you wrong with Mac and those guys in the mornings I thought it was great conversation. Where you know Mac asked you about the potential Major League Baseball and Charlotte and the Mac is a very a different opinion and I am about this and I thought you were going to align with back at first but then you came on in the US you've changed your mind and you said that you know you think this city is ready for two big time Major League Baseball and I would look for you to elaborate on that a little bit because I thought your your point it was a pretty good one but if you've been here long time you've seen the evolution of Charlotte and your to a point now where you think today you know this the city's residents. They can't smoke Loma Chico's. On debt with the start I was not no. I got my federal employers. I'd never thought that chart support management based off a weekend dollar great because you give people from Greenville and Greensboro. And rally in Columbia and you know they they shut up did you come down you know maker. Go to wreak we can't around it but apparently night. Squatter but now I think there not people here to make it go. And it and I've never felt that I until this year and around. You know there's some neat things to work out I mean how do you except. The moderately. Chat between men and really hear were don't stay anchored right now exports it to downtown Charlotte. That's where app and were you build a ballpark that land claim that so valuable at the world all red paper that that joined got talent but all that is. And build stadiums somewhere. And I thought it would work I think it would exceed your.