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Friday, July 20th

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Let's go to Tom Sorensen Charlotte Observer legendary columnist and over and Tuesdays with Tom on Friday it was a Don. What you're route that went down. That we have to go to the same time the bulletproof mend the but the ratings are still gonna the money still porn you know beg him to be right. Yeah you know people talk rather rating sit down. They're rating that every year they went out like he just couldn't sustain itself but it it's great that it by our spot in the sport. Yeah no doubt about it what what do you make of this and look you in the span of out of twelve the 24 hours are from talking ACC football yesterday to what to start the start of the show today. Yet it had been new restore the broken by the dolphins and in the NFL's reaction to it it's flair right back up. I've been minister I'm in Minnesota and a pinnacle lake I don't know what at what. A doable I'll fill you in a really quickly the Miami Dolphins had to set originally they would they would suspend players for four games. If they know for the National Anthem and and there will be fines involved as well. There was an uproar about that and the NFL has since suspended its two month old anthem policy video hand vote in Atlanta. And there are going to be with the players association it sounds like to maybe try to figure something out. Good I'm an actor because he can't do it expense player a man I. Have a strong opinion and a tournament simply that it I. Call attention to who are an issue that's really important. Into the dolphins do that. I think it's a testament that went law struck. Aren't being umpteen looting teens become bank. They did it am I gonna try to beat think that we expect to work with the player. He can't do you expect to players coming. They have to work with the side it's a good move. One I just take it out you know Tommy used to be that way I got in league and we were coming up for the National Anthem. Kenny green's wife used to sing all the time at halftime and you know sees me before the game and ever herder are choose good. I think that's one way to do it. You know in in a way with you know not op he was trying to stack the wire are for all the players in the BA yet another timeout. We're regain its stake in the locker an active it's certainly. But yet if it's consistent chair aka I understand that they do need to cheap. Pop it that makes interpret. For the owners and for the players for the chance but I think you. Yep yep we talked that the right of player he can't we'll look at that are spent. Are you asking us to get along. There I mean it when is that possible. Yen in south the prime what they have now more than any other thing is. Did gala at the odd about it going to be I mean Richardson was on his strongest proponent an answer to area water grab one of them. And I just think that if you had a like. Adams sobered me and being so sharp and ease into what owners and the waiter and detail. Into nobody. I was talking to Tom Sorensen Charlotte Observer joining us on the tech become just like. You know weeks from now beginning on field updates about Carolina Panthers and and training camp and I'm sure and ask you some variation of this question over the past couple months but as we go to training camp what are you watching the most closely. Wanna see the impact Norv Turner. On Cam Newton now what impact of all that speed on Camden and I think and the more aware of that happening ever. And be expanded to other progressed training and a Alec collecting down I mean there were the time when nobody Barbara but short. But now it's if it's kind of neat how they're property. Like Charlotte. Iiroc. After leap from where they were in the olden days but I think that really think it is real for the new player and really get a feel for how to it. You know some you know speaking of training camp you know I was there it the New Year's Day with some some of the guys in. Some of the former players and you know we had some great memories and we're talking about. You know the history and the tradition of going down a spark urgent. And the heat all the things that go along with that the dorms. You think that it's you know 'cause I played a couple different places calm that when I was in Phoenix. I'm in for a plan for the cardinals we kind of wanted to Torre went to flex their for a couple weeks and we want to press guide and moved it around. And we did the same thing in Saint Louis went to western Illinois and we came back to Saint Louis and then we went to. You know different parts of on Missouri looking for you to support you think the Panthers ever get that because it used to be that way in 95. When they first brought the team to the Carolinas traveling around like two of the roadshow. Yeah that was cool because that would target it'd be different parts of airline Fatima a country need you know what they're gonna do now they made. Don't think they can get players from the Dominican man. With habitat at a bank. You know appeared in many outside of the app. For the last week there's spent ethnic. Trying to soak I would like war and that's it as an attitude that's where tempers gonna do it. You know that would replace the plants are there and that started dorm to jail. And typical heat that it you know. It you know better but that it did inspired he coached the talk that GM Tom. You know choice in a dorm balance art Urquhart stay cool. Novo a lot. I've talked to Tom Sorensen joined us on the Tek and John just like Tom what's yours you take on a hornet's items well. We're gonna play the audio to your nothing come a couple of other a little bit Michelle but major motion aroused he had James ray Dolan is podcast recently and the outlook he started out by talking about Kemba Walker and he said that and I'm paraphrasing but he but he said that no player in the NBA is more important to his franchise. That David Kemba Walker is what do you make of that. A lot of interest in coming kemba. You kept track of how many how op from one player of all do at camp will be way up there and the net etiquette that you can't you wanted to. Kemba. I may. Kemba the guy when that clock trying to blow somebody got. Capability to take the senate when it loses the game can respect. He would not make that they they treat because the thing now why. They were close enough to suddenly turned around I mean ever use any side about free agent that you. Every you excited by the new think the gap between. We're at a point. One of the is. Pretty back. That the quickest way to get there great camp at the same time no that that sport nobody out or. Want Amber Frey is sticker was one and at U of feedback line. Just don't see an anchor at talk about and you disagree. But I don't see how to get there with the way to properly configure that man I hope they do they do. It going to be at camp. Yeah you know I'm with you Tom on that note Cowell is want to be the cost an optimist over here but I am trying to be more realist and in all the guys are out there that I wish these guys the past are good people they. They do a great job in the community Fred Whitfield wanna see him succeed a quarter of his guys I want them to win and what door and a you know bring a championship here to Charlotte but. I just don't see it with this roster of guys just don't see at all. Now I don't neither outcome went people thank you right now is the order it. Not negative and a I mean this. If they could win it they keep compete for our top four or else man that would that they're ready. And this city's record in that an epic beat out the lights are tremendously I just don't. I mean maybe we in May meet in and they did an eight candidates speak in a negative seven. But it up comedian based in the way they're presently configured to get better match. On some one quick thing for me anyway look should go and I see George seal the game on Tuesday. Yeah apparently a lot of people didn't. BK it's not doing navigate. Well like it. And back granddaughter to an extent and it was it would that would fund a lot or they're just that 88 bank. Does not address and it's on sale apparently a lot of people did and ended the numbers are really good for the all star game and I thought a little later innings there you had some guys entering the game this is a new that you know maybe the novice sports ended nobody. It balls are flying out of the park their marquee names on the mound there was dramatic finish in. It all things considered with all the that with some of the issues in Major League Baseball is grappling with right now I I thought they had a successful all star break. Opera's fantastic coming bright copper comes. That pitch into what makes this dramatic comeback. Front of the home town and the victory and you know it set a record for a moment there Olmert. And then ten hours at a home run out now that to future based on new people want. They vote so far behind in the NFL on terms of marketing at art. And this has to wait and do you know what else but that might acquire. Caught in the if you want that pretty Smart and out the topic of the game one so they going to effect an app for the seat in honor and an. I'd sound source and Charlotte Observer join us on the technique John gas lines on have a great weekend buddy join Minnesota. It you are. Absolutely Don sources joining us on the integrity John just like.