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Tuesday, May 22nd

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Tom Sorensen that is legendary Charlotte Observer columnist George assault detective John just slide in about a way to those wondering if you miss the David tepper. Press conference from earlier we will replay that for you coming up at 515 so once you missed it live or 360 will play again at 515 about seven minutes of introductory chatter from the Carolina Panthers owner David supper and let's bring in Tom Sorensen to talk a little bit about that and though some first of all welcome second of all what did you make Joseph -- David tepper first public comments says the owner of the state. Casey's car actually are pretty one word it would be genuine he he's not the commencement speech he gave their courage amount. We talked about being a pieces of kit that that got. But you know an upstate helped make him who he is the man and father and I I was impressed at that an attack to date just. He comes across like a regular guy and he could see him or hear him doing your show. Consistent decent chip now ramat and appear object quite eager they're just you're right about I'm so I think suppress average debt. Absolutely the vulnerability he showed and opening up like that is something that I don't think you see many men do in general. Especially billionaires and I thought that was very impressive wind the spoke volumes of you know maybe Jewish news. You know as a person talked about you know his faith in his family and obviously winning you know as he's talked about today and ultimately come to me you know that's that's the most important thing that he said ultimately for our friend that I want to hear is that he is concerned first and foremost about winning winning. And when it. You can't master watching yeah yeah I'm sick care how much money has it that. Semi did enable them by the team of being a positioning it in now but I just like the fact that. Here's a guy who's one right I mean we're grew up working class Pittsburgh and he wanted to that you weren't there. And and that hedge fund business and financial business. And so why would he think he's gonna what they get an after out to ally yet he had these come and that. Tom take you back in yourself back to 1996. A lot more you know both black hair you have all the greatest problem. Couple more miles along there are being consumed dumb here here here is different place you know here in Charlotte, North Carolina. And remember what it was like to have mr. Richardson as the owner as he walked around shaking people's hands. Taking guys on golf cart rides. Angry Sheen himself with the fan base in the city of Charlotte and how thankful and positive everybody was you know towards him as an owner. So what similarities differences between the two. Between temper and richest. Would separate strikes me. As more regular got. I mean cheering crowd and eat. After this for what you want to do and not just visit our role but just because of that stature so we was not wait cared and so. And we wanted to play and I mean you know we in Major League stated what hornets came a week we have felt was really thick and the most popular lead. Really and and in the history of the US I've traveled it's just extraordinary and we certainly we were part of and we're part of it because of church. Talking to Tom source in Charlotte Observer joining us on the tech job just slime and I'd tell unless you question because that's not the only thing taking placed on the league meetings and it and they've got a bunch of our laundry list of things that they they wanna get through today you know including its projections for our. More than I injections or you'll wanna talk about the new kick off for older they're rewarding Super Bowls to different cities which are not really yet gotten into at this point either but. One item that so they are going to be discussing it dominated headlines all year last year was a National Anthem and what they're gonna do about this Albert Berger. Just reported just saw on Twitter quote. First sources one anthem idea being discussed leaving it up to the home team on whether or not teams come out for the if there is teams do come out for the income potential teams that could be assessed our could be assessed a fifteen yard penalties. For new elect. That there's been another no thought until they could go the State's rights approach and just let these team handle it on the early it's like they're going out of their way to figure out the worst possible solution. Go to something that I didn't even know was is bigger problem. That's a great way to put it you know you have foul failed. Miserably this last year and and what simply be open the president alluded to repent what's the big deal. But it could just the game that they deal the game and that bank and greeting sort of client to be NFL anyway but not because it. People suddenly didn't care but because there is no greatest staying there realistic assessment that they can't. And it was inevitable that there was some some viewers some Trant. I would just let this thing now you wanna neo. You know I'll make it benefits are important to get. Do it and you know you're going to be doctor side look at air agree that that client GT concept Cisco still up or. On it. I guess is if you wanna keep it out of sight then you just stay right if you don't wanna stand Padilla and what our locker. Or practice. I would give the players latitude to say if you wanna neo in the. What was it six about it to his agenda president yesterday defeated visiting with the NASCAR folks signed in edited they stand for the playing of the National Anthem and and they'll commending them for that and I don't think anybody is completely missed by the fact that he's talking about an organization that it was largely white tuna there are many black folks in NASCAR but you know I do wonder how the owners are going to handle that sort of relationship moving forward and how David tepper specifically. In -- -- if this becomes another controversy -- the league mishandled this in the screw it up and we're right back or at least some people right back to our window this all the time you know what rolled David -- poisonous. Can't centrist and try and daughter Nat perspective on. You know the guy is that leaguer but I think. Good leaders one of equality there haven't been that. And I think she you know repairs and it's obviously a patriot but he's also clearly a player's coach I'm not sure. What his perspective has done that I can gasp I don't know. But it you know bond cap prime unless I'm looking to the people book part of and that just a management and coaches in the GM. Unpopular player unless the players can't go out of the deal we don't know this guy's brand new we have no idea how it's been a reactor. What kind of rules to force. Tyler played here for the killer cancers for six years I never the National Anthem. Why. I didn't. It Kevin Greene are hurt his wife was a really good singer never hurt never one time sing the National Anthem. As players we sustain locker room guys can't play nice and there's going to be difference of opinions. Why not just make it we're gonna go back to the way it was and stand locker. But that could work it is a long is it fair to the player I just think it it. I got taken me was. And respect to former protests. You did you call attention to serious problem. It made it played out and maybe they should stay in a lot I I don't know why haven't talked at trial. But I didn't think they've taken in the last year detract our daughter went to stowaway just say. And we get to big time problem in the country and would likely be aware. You're suggesting the NFL cares about players. It. Well I don't know him the more recent market gala you know cure it sort of big time proponent to tell. And I didn't think he screwed it up and screwed it up and screws not to look but you look at him so into machete MBA. Do right I just seems to get. And you know would gamble. Question whether whether to count gonna get it there are he just seems to be. And tech types and accepting big an impact but it owners and the players and everybody else is out just. I don't think it out there without. I don't know how much interest you have you know with gambling you know Tom I'm I'm pretty sure illegal boxing scene might like to wager. In on a fighter too but you know when it comes to the NFL. How big of a problem is that going to be if they allow. In these these loose in locker hurt and in stadiums in as isn't that a conflict of interest in Integra in integrity problem. I thought that win. You would go to gain of Bank of America Stadium in you to see advertisement or craft things. Or the other armed sanity out. I thought that made a date change and then when you saw the NHL. With the team and not say yes. And that just packed. All that and academic purpose over what good everybody ought to go to Vegas for a long time. And the Oakland Raiders are still path goes crazy open plan. It would it would tobacco for sports. I mean George Shinn wanted to bring the basketball team that or on to what point and it would have been a resounding success. I think it's gonna be okay I mean it's gonna be weird but how how Canada matchup that's so we go to. You've been to sports books they get Smart articulate out there expected in world well we're all goofy it can look for the salute. But it's just like just flashes and drinks of hurry up and is always damage is done that GT well appeal like act. That sounds terrible. It would be like that small that it operation here she just walked in the airports bet. Com quit the guy driving it Bank of America Stadium in somebody's you know they have more at street at least this way where I can make that record. And does it honest bone. I mean this is just war where guests we have no idea what's gonna happen but the acted. There are only six states in the country who don't a lottery. And note stated secretary yeah we are we need it until that happens sports betting that. Why not connect to or they're gonna North Carolina and do it in South Carolina do government and do. Tom before lets you go I cannot ask you about the hornets and and what the they figured to do with the upcoming NBA draft as you well know the pick and eleventh and a lot of people are slowing trade ideas and us this is what order should do and honestly I think this points. We're getting more suggestions on potential trades they just they concluded it couldn't come check it due to more up than we are you know potential players to take with the eleventh overall pick or in that range and there's a lot less of -- miles bridges Mattel bridges don't and a whole lot more okay what do prepackaged kimbo and this trick and this to move up to four or three or two and I and they what do you think what we're we're does this team need to go to I don't make statements the wrong word but to really get this first this first part of the makeup Mitch cup kicks are off to the right star on the spit it out at some point. It's if you look at possibilities. That are that are there for a it's intriguing I would hate to give up and Campbell I'd actually it just talked to Kemper and knows what can the you know ischemic gonna stick around repelled. You can go free after next season we don't now and we get to keep to panic. Like sect in Alabama I not tell bridges from don't know what more. I think he's a good bridges are the better of the two Bridget is not favored Brit on. And I think. Appeared good true static text and I I like you were a game that you typical girl and I can. My hope which that they don't practice 74 white act that they can't. A great allies it just got about 3040 seconds or less think the remarks at the margin of victory in both margin of victories in both eastern and Western Conference finals toward the two points right now. I have a problem with that it and it's not that I think it's terrible basketball but you know what where and when the game feels it is kind of decided by the end of the third quarter that's not really great playoff basketball to me and another team's shoot more reporters and so on and so forth but. I just having a hard time loving it the way that I used to but then again you look at the ratings and people still tune again how do you reconcile those two thanks. All of a bra and I hope they'd be box then back to wait one I. It's not there all these then of the winter Golden State she used banana at and then one game. Golden State law which is so inexplicable to discuss its public they've laid down a is it even a good point when it can get character and three point line you know it goes to a five point lead to that eighteen point lead and and the game's over. I just think we're gonna see it I think we're gonna see one of the classic should not to a collapse which we war. A static display after everything potentially bridge I can't see UT couldn't eat. And Colmes stated to gain south oak. I hope chieftain. They have they're good at the same time at least watch what percent. There's Golden State the greatest team ever assembled. Man now I'm not match apps and showtime lakers Michael and Scottie Pippen bowl. Deploy it the way they play duke got extremely green so good and so one offers quite content so good and so on Al. They meet that they invaded Tibet that but I'm saying maybe better than match up well and that premiere at saint. Well out. You've just got to backed out of the back at each other's throats austere right now so I just of that predicament hornets nest and we appreciate your time brother has to do next Tuesday. Any catalog doing so and appreciate it gets urban.