Garcia and Bailey: Tom Haberstroh Talks Hornets, and Kyle Breaks Mike Shula News.

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Tuesday, February 13th
Tom Haberstroh deals some incredibly sobering facts about the Hornets, and Mike Shula has a new home.

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Our number two child Braly frank Garcia and Osborne here on this Tuesday hit us up 70457096. To and we got a lot still to get into all content there's a bit later in the show when done it was a great report or I guess it's a great breakdown over Bleacher Report that to it looked at deep sits offseason blueprint for every NFL team and of course the Panthers section was. Pretty interest is so we'll talk about that we already mentioned Lou typically the story that broke late last night. Is this as an as did more than one shoulder surgery. Just like his third one so we just texted me and said this is as thirds troop shoulders only had one after the Super Bowl 2050 neutral labor and and I have to look back this is his third one we have one BC as well I. Look I'm not really sure about it I mean you're you're playing middle America in the NFL I think your body's gonna get torn down. It's not a shocking video. I mean yes you guys I played with guys and had several. Surgeries 78910. Line basket as Merlin Eric surgeries he had plenty eighteen years in the league. Right summing things happen the timing of it to me is as fine there's nothing wrong with it. It's during the offseason he's gonna have time to recover he's are missing the OTAs of the training camp he'll be back greeted ago. And you are just normal well it's a personal decision move forward our estimate. We'll talk about more of that later if you missed it yesterday hornets head coach Steve Clifford joined descend it's got everybody talk and some people are upset some people understand what to you'll hear that a get a twelve we'll talk more about it Stephanie ready courtside analysts fox sports southeast I'll talk about the hordes matchup with Orlando tomorrow night of course the all star festivities this weekend or doing a lot of that right now with Tom have a true one of the smartest guys covering the NBA out there today and he is joining us on that second job just like Tom we appreciate amended filing jaunt. Thought except me on. Absolutely minimal we're sitting here last couple of days and earlier been doing this for the last two months or so try to figure out. Why this horse team and as under achieved as much as it has and and certainly relative to the expectations that not just a wee bit I would say a lot of people out there had to this team coming into the season and I know you look at this thing very analytically and I'm curious what what does the one thing is you look at the numbers are or you figured you just looking at this team and what they've done for the sport season what's the one thing that stands out to you the most as the root cause of them Big Ten games below 500. They just don't have an elite player that had a Kemba Walker think white or put that good box scores that. I I think there's a reason why Atlanta traded him last year basically not stay. I can't really point to one Spain. By ESPN RPM metric which is an all in one I can't stack. Kemba Walker the sixteenth best player in the NBA so far that Eden. And the next closest guy that they are Charlotte hornets that these deputy there. Marvin Williams so there's no one outside kemba inside the top 75. In the NBA he can't win the consistently in the NBA when you're one man team that's really what they did at this point he played Howard could get a lot of rebound. But it defense is really waned over the last few years you're not a global. I need an awful free throw shooters he can't lean on him to get cheap pocket and he's been better from turnovers but. For the first half a dispute and you're walking turnover trying to force post up plays defense is reduced grain on that so. I think you get down here to get the tune my cookie Gilchrist mob Marvin Williams hasn't been special. Craig Kaminsky. I mean all these players your happy take it. You know career years to hit the playoffs and none of them are happy anything close to a career year. Except for kemba. A lot of people we talked to cliff yesterday didn't you know I asked the question. About athletes and atlantis' them verses. You know going out there and being smarter and in Macon plays how much of this is also includes shoulders. You know it's tough to say because I respect. Back coach he's he's one of the most articulate not in each respective coaches never reporters talked to him. He really has thumping interest they just stay completely transparent that he'd been issued the next one of the weird things this year. Is that they're ranked 21 in three point makes which is something of a calling card Kristi Clifford. A couple of years ago when they are shocked the world got in the playoffs and are points where each human error create. This year that's that partly to cave in the only really could three point shooter on the team kemba I've only pre which here. Everyone else is just not consistent if the tumor supposed to be check creator. But he obviously got up to a rough start with an injury to start seed and and yet there's are a appear to lack of athleticism on this team guy who can create his own shot outside Campbell walker. You look at teams like Toronto or golden gate. Cleveland they have multiple guys to create shots and everything all on kemba Walker's shoulders. And then he goes to the bench. They have probably the worst player in the NBA Michael Carter Williams coming into killing or shooting 30%. Or. And it just. It's not tenable but not a tenable situation but bench hasn't orbit the other night they got blown out at the Qian met the 1 PM. Tip off at home by the Trotter raptors look. Toronto they're playing great Utah on a ten game losing streak goes let you in that part to get those that but. They absolutely. Need to win these next few games. In order to have a shot to play out right now that they're playoff percentage there playoff odds that 3%. You repeat that. 3% or ten games under 500. That's not good I don't I purchased and that's awfully low low a while a Tom ever short join us on the tech job just slide it. None of us like to admit when we were wrong we will but we don't like being brought it up I was wrong about this team Tom or when the Dwight Howard trade happened. The guy or the public contract they draft holy month. You know I and they go out and get the former rookie of the year Michael Korda Williams and thinking OK you do this looks like detained it's going to be a top five seed in the east it's not a particularly deep conference and there's certain but what were you that optimistic what happened I mean I kind of one I'm trying to figure out you know drew body a little bit of guys like you cover the sleeping all those things went down to did you think along those same lines or were you still skeptical the state. He alum and huge fan of Dwight Howard signing in terms of on court ability because I think it was a great trade for mark cap perspective in terms of dumping the contract be able to get a player out a bit. The issue that you really think white Howard wouldn't necessarily the starting setter for just keep Cody Zeller went healthy. Was awesome effort in order plastered I think he kind of disrupt chemistry a little bit. Not only injury to Cody Zeller this year which is really would have played twenty by each half the unit. But at this point. You know I think Dwight Howard on paper in terms of the box score numbers key averages per a double double and night. It looks great but he's just not at all or able to at this stand at a high level and not have taken wolf finish surely he used to be. Steven got these systems which I think really. A lot of that that splash with Dwight Howard turned out to be not all that productive. And I think ultimately. There's too many missing pieces further into its equipment in and out of I don't them you it would take or eat. At the hiatus and then it had Cody Zeller being hurt there's big act so group we know production. Behind Kemba Walker at the point guard position that cute has had a really down year. And that's a guy who opposed the play a basic that back so backup point guard them at the creator chuck hasn't been able to clay. That high level this year and again. I just feel backfield or Charlotte the Charlotte fans watching Donovan Mitchell scored 25 points in each of the last game and people we can't. He probably most theories on the bench. And wondering what could have been. It's some. Earlier you know as we're talking about you know team verses talent and I said the Golden State Warriors probably have the best combination and history of the MBA. And I can argue that they would be of a is a superstar team like Westbrook Harden LeBron. The Greek freak you may be the guy like Anthony Davis because they play so well together in the ever perfect combination of a role verses in the talent and and they just know where everybody's going to be that you. It in my it's in my way off base by thinking that. No no I mean you saw last night what they did you have so. It Kurt if we ended the coaching duties over the players and dirt stream on Greene Andre Iguodala David West front timeouts. And they still blew up at Phoenix Suns by forty points right now. I doesn't matter who's coach that's he's the last you know several years and steep current and tie reminder if you in more than 93% when. Went percentage went Steve Kerr is a coaching in the they've got a couple title to show support so. I just think they have so much chemistry so much can culture obviously you need transformative player like that curry you can cheat based behalf. Cord in to make that all work but. And yet that this is really it's a really tough thing to watch first or Charlotte band you know there. Their hometown hero stepped curry doing this for for Golden State but ultimately. They are. Once in a generation type their collection account so I absolutely because the culture I think that would be definitely a game I'm not mr. they've acquitted of seven games series. But you have to hand it to the warriors when they want to win they just blow the doors up people. It's a couple quick things will turn you loose and wanna come back east for a second thoughts on what Cleveland did last Wednesday because that was. You know unprecedented and in a lot of ways the over Paul basically the entire roster save for a couple of guys in and they're doing it's a good. Younger and a bit more athletic and dog that we can say that you know I have to get by Toronto or Boston's first before you do have a conversation about them beating on the Golden State in the finals and and sing them their agenda that's. That's true to some degree but they do still have LeBron James of curious though if you staged. That what they did last Wednesday is enough or it was done you may be too late into this process to get them back to the NBA finals and you know as far as you know what Coby Altman did what was that a reminder to LeBron James is actually who's in charge of their. Yeah I think it was a really competitive position second place and that's the thing that was. They appear different for the championship. Picture you pay increase throughout beginning. I think they do edit your life they got so much more athletic and for LeBron James playing around a bus trips that are either injured or at the tail under their careers it was in it was anarchy raping and LeBron cheap basic aren't account for all the spent like this are why should I. But my butt on B that we know and help you all here so in that trade they got four guys keep total 81 don't. Incoming 81 dunks coming into the roster for the Cleveland Cavaliers going out with six players. They told to keep up to 81 ducks coming in in fifteen total bunk on the season. Going out between point eight at twelve of the fifteen dot Jae Crowder. Your stocks ticked deer road era ducks. I Cheney try to better attitude so just I'm just reiterating the fact that LeBron James Beatty for not like he compressed quite. I don't they can make that that your final but I think it absolutely makes it such a big east and I think LeBron James. Ultimately had the proper question right now where he wants to play the rest is career. I'm not too assured NATO huge dramatic difference from what he does this summer but I figured it would prevent uncle Leo. You know Tom I think ultimately long. Long term I think you're right but here's the question as we just talked about. Out you know as as players win games teams win championships in how long does that take this team to gel to play together and I guess that's the million dollar question what you know with this trailer the Gambill beat the Celtics are they do. Due to beat the rafters and I guess you know that's what is going to be the drama unfolding as we get close to the to the playoffs. Yet they really it's it's a question of how much is there left in the tank of opponent in the became the entire U in the and has been hearing them for the first game here so you have to wonder they're cute things going on right now is LeBron it'd be. I have enough energy to perform in Maine which is eternal ought to know more what's Toronto Raptors really respect that a number one eat right now but really they've they've quit because they're particulate yet I mean they've got one group let it really good players. Question is when Brooke Tahitian short in the playoffs. And you rely on your top heavy roster. Doesn't really make it different than I think in years past the harder road than how Larry have been able to do it in the playoffs and I think that's the thing is like when it comes to player performance. Rotations shorten and the depth is he as as crucial. So LeBron James can certainly dominant and he's the best player in the that goes along way we'll see what happens between caught in network one of the worst up and over the last couple months and Toronto Raptors to a great start power with DeMar DeRozan. But the depth is the reason why they went and that's a great thing in a rate of speed and not a great big post. Tom 32 story so I think look there's an energy and next year was the right guy for the job. That's a great question. I don't know out the top of my hair who I would I would. Selected the GM but I I do get sick rich Cho it's. It's a really tough situation has been in surely you had to pull the trigger on a Dwight Howard Yelp. Because they're not many create we're gonna come to your city yet the trade predict the two in trade for Dwight Howard. The issue for me has been that that. That trapping in the last few years hasn't panned out and the predicament he deals just did not and out I think. Those are some really tough decisions for rich choate and he could predict they get the great approach but I think. Michael Jordan looking at its franchise might wanna shake things up he is that. I think it's a much retract that even this is not accountable roster. I'd Tom have a stroke covers ESP covers of the NBA rather route over Bleacher Report you can find his great work as always Tom we appreciate your body would love Betty back so. Our thanks so much absolutely Tom never sure once again joining us on the tech job just slotted as we step aside some breaking news. Recently fired panthers' offensive coordinator Mike Schulze got a new job and you're not gonna believe where does this Garcia and they. Six cascade auto glass today for fifteen dollars to 100 dollars towards a windshield replacement for your insurance deductible. Plus a free to 45 dollar restaurant gift card replace short cracked windshield I get my perks. Dot Jon Kyl barely frank Garcia and Osborne still lying about what you Tom have a stroke great stuff from him talking about the hornets and the NBA any thoughts about that hit us up 70457. Or 96 today and before due to some phone calls here we didn't mention that I did most of breaking news. In the world of the NFL and the Panthers related stuff specifically. Recently fired offensive coordinator Mike Shula has just been hired. As the offensive coordinator of the New York Giants annual blood serve as bad charmer offensive coordinators or Dave Gelman. Who is now the GM of the New York Giants is brought Mike Shula to New York City frank any immediate thoughts on that. Mayor pro people who supported big illness and he was the right guy. You know wonder what they think you know now with this hire because they blow a gallon Amin. Depends what your thoughts are with Mike Shula. I guess and it I don't think it's bad hire I don't know you know what he wanted to do vs what he was capable of doing his offensive coordinator here. Hum you've heard me talk about you know some of the challenges. You know that he had to deal with. You know with some limitations. You may be that he had to and how cams grown as a as a player I think he's gotten better think he's kind of capped out a little bit right now only scouts last couple years but. I'm going to be better piece is now the thing that we're arguing. I mean of or Camden to make make him a better quarterback. If he's good players. You know make guys around them better now and sometime we need even with good players other guys around tend to have success. Hum you know as far as a coordinator and ensure going to -- or 'cause if it was Eli and asking their run first offense and maybe we'll play action. That's what that's with the giants were built on when they're winning world championships and gentleman knows that. No big physical guys up front on the offensive line run the football first you know let Eli Manning is a game make some plays when necessary. And then you know move forward I think the bigger challenge that it sure is gonna have to work and deal with you know that he Lesnar Lyoto Beckham. In on that personality in that how you handle that. That's the challenge a lot of these are professional coaches is that you know guys make a lot of money. And you know if your done the first guy or team guy you know he's the figure out who your personalities are figured out. What's their talent is how do you use those things. You know I think that initials gonna do a good job there holding its going to be the most dynamic offense in the end in the NFL I don't think I asked him I think we'll still win games. Based on defense space stumble control and calm in the new back to giants what. I've I would I'd love to know what he's giants fans think about this because first of all the patch Shermer hiring to me. Was surprising in and of itself and he was head coach for basically here in Cleveland and Cleveland as we all know is. Pretty much a perennial dumpster fire though you were you had those that would tell you they drafted a lot of good pieces lightly and their quarterback away from a good football team I don't know why they lost a lot of games as your ring an otherwise pretty good football team site and you see that before I'll believe it but the higher Shermer which president. The few giants fans that I due and owed more exactly over the moon about it. And now Gelman goes on brings in an offensive coordinator that is obviously maligned by a lot of people here in Charlotte so our wish I should say drug to Carolina sought I don't know. But here's here's here's my biggest thing you know with you know coaches. A lot of times we even get these narratives in on on this side listening to people talk and how the limitations of this coordinators oldest player bat. And you know because we have this coordinator this player can't swim thrive and succeed. You know well. Chula. If you're listening to Dave gentleman say that's not the reason guys because I'd I'd I'd think he's pretty good. And I think he's done really good job of building an offense around his skill set from a guy that. Is gonna be different than everybody else you have to be able to think outside the box if you're gonna do that because it's not traditional. Right and you have to come up with an office is going to be predicated towards this guy's skills that initial did a pretty good job with that as I pointed out. For the last 34 years he had the number one offense couple years ago. You know in 2015. In the NFL scoring. Players. To make plays out there on the football field. Coaches give use its tools to to read. Plenty to block to the new process. Players have to go out there and do those things and sometimes if you're not putting in the work. Or are growing and understanding some of your limitations your mistakes and working on those then you're gonna capped out. You know I think that they've Gelman saw all the work. He did with Cam Newton so all. You know what how he grew this offense around him and saw success. You know he's not gonna have to maybe have the same same type of challenges he has no at the New York transit he has here that he had here. You know with the offense is can be a bit more traditional. And it's going to be about timing and those types of things but don't Eli Manning is going to be got bored trigger now and he's gonna have. Just like Goodell Beckham that wide receiver and you know there probably need a couple more but you may be a running game would help. And you did Gelman don't find offensive line up front that's what he does. I'd like to know you US to your question right all about it it's a great question the folks that we're descending Dave gentlemen. Where he was fired their defending Dave government the job that he did your sank due to the right guy for the job that Jerry you don't necessarily fired the guy. How do you feel about this he's just hired Mike Shula to be the offensive coordinator for the New York Giants 70457096. Today and welcome back we'll talk more about that we'll take some phone calls also. The perfect Aussie offseason blueprint. For the Carolina Panthers what does that look like we'll tell you next outsourcing unit. Fly away for 2008 these spring training experience a cactus league game in Arizona two nights of country thought the valley's only spring training full forty and enjoy country double header put Dustan bloodshed and Old Dominion had a WS Lindsay dot com and enter for your chance to win the in the this national contest child clearly fright Garcia Osbourne have thought you just tuned day and if you're missing the breaking news this morning. It's not really of the Carolina Panthers variety but so recently fired Kantor's office of coordinator Mike Shula has been hired by Dave Gelman. To be the office coordinator of the New York Giants end up for some people that is. That's a surprising development some people of course under the anti Mike Shula crowd laughing at it a little bit so I got the giants are gonna suck are going to be two giants for forever and are so long and so forth but you know is it that bad even higher this this is pat charmer all cents. You bet that he's going to be helping to run here and I Chalmers a longtime offensive coordinator he's got an offensive system he wants to run Mike Schulze also gonna coach quarterbacks in New York so. Anymore it's him when we made. Charmer Ira has often differentials office now he's an offensive coordinator show that coach as a head coach. You take its use take a step beside those responsibilities. There to call plays into right out to implement offense and those type of thing to me. But is it different than and I say that because there's the they don't catch from results instead he's always run in our other gonna do things it's it's dictated by pat Shermer is that coach indeed the thing that you made to the argument you made. A couple weeks ago is it pertained to both Norv Turner and art or Washington was ultimately and especially on the defensive side that is still Ron Rivera's defense. So to say not be said about a charmer the sort. Is also going to be the same on the defensive side this type of defense they're gonna play is a 43 run reverse that call on the play guitar. There's not you know Colin blitzes. Ron Rivera is not putting in schemes he's overseeing those things I can't trust his guys to go out there and do those things and then he oversees those things both offense and defense he's gonna be in those defensive meeting room. Rooms a little bit more so he's gonna have a little bit better understanding of that with that because that's his Forte. Read I didn't say pat charmer was Colin plays and just say listen this is his offense and and you know visit this is now live my life this is like sure knows how but how was that the case how news. Told how was to how can you say that it's Ron Rivera's DC office of ours are two different okay so explain that I would if you're going to it's so upset if he just asked the question. If disaster squash are you kidding me right now and on Virginia asked the question I'll explain it. Correct it and you've got to floor and I mean that that's the difference is defensively you're running for three 834 right those two types defense. Coverages are going to be a similar OK everybody their Rodham. Yeah how you disguise them is gonna be the coordinators your decision on how to do those things. That the little things that goes into that offense is a completely different thing drug offense you know when you come into an offense. You know you might have an understanding we wanna run the ball first and that's the message you're gonna get to the offensive coordinator. Right this is what we want to be we want to get run first football team this is what we work but. In a scheme why he's not call enough plays we're not gonna use his terminology they're coming in there with Mike Shula is terminology in on how the gonna do things my usual button rely on in the playbook he's teaching. It won't corn these reports and Donald I was gonna factor into your argument here but according to these reports. Sharma will call place. So although that's a difference there I know that that there's always records of these reports server will call employees are Kim Jones who is the other one has to be extremely. Head coaches call for supplies at the cut at the NFL level. And and all of most guys give it up. In college you see it happen you do or you do bring that in the NFL most guys given the guy that didn't last year for the giants is one of those guys where he took over the play calling duties. On the got fired. You guys get fired call the place I that's it I mean that's surprising. So why you hired Shula what's he going to be a war front cornerbacks coach unless that's basically what you're saying to him. So servers cost sure Pat Schroeder will maintain play calling control and it sounds like marshals going to be DOC basically entitle lonely and glorified photo essay corrected because. That's just something that normally doesn't happen so. Yeah this will be sure rumors offense sure is going up there too they'll basically work with the Eli and in our end. And I have a job sounds like so. Yeah he's gonna help with Eli may be understands you know the things can be another year. Are another voice in his here. Then numb this is like this as something that usually typically doesn't happen in the. Your if your Mike Shula is coaching Eli Manning easier more difficult or really know not much difference encroaching Cam Newton. It was just different OK and I don't know if it's easier not Obama's different. So. And the challenge is different his skills that's going to be different. You know what you're teaching him and what is being talked to him is gonna be different so. It's a different offense. You know with what you do is going to be surrounded with camel you surround them whereas vs what's now if he's gonna be the one just. You know kind of business pupil for Sharma is offence of teaching what he's learning from from shore. So yeah I mean I don't it's harder not it's just different. I'm just looking right now one of our listeners Texan and assay were duds Sean McVeigh is calling plays to laden LA and I I knew that he. And a big part that I wasn't sure Jews actually calling the plays are look at that right now but it appears he does call some plays so look I mean that's. It's still. Very uncommon for that to happen in the NFL's a patch or was gonna maintain control in the office of play calling it an issue was going to be the offensive coordinator by name that really glorified quarterbacks coach would. IE it's an interest in development that's I mean why I mean if the head coach is calling the place you know why do you need an opposite corner is a quarterbacks coach. And the coordinator. Is a woman calls the plays typically he's also head coach in this case so as a head coach slash coordinate. And it's it's just a title you've given shall rise as a solid as you give him. Title and the pain that goes along with that and that's probably pretty much every he's gonna have obviously a lot of influence and also it's a meeting recycled place so I just the marshals going to be the authors coordinator in name and I think there's interest in just a lady has some comments on that he wants to Cheryl this is regiment Jim was so mad. These guys don't. Always stupid question when policy and I don't Sorenson. Could nobody really gives it and know you do and so anyway I mean you know that but. I think in it like Charles Barkley says I'm might be wrong but would ensure we're here for a cup of coffee a whip Eric went. A CIA that is so Wikipedia page pull out of Tikrit did keeping track of what you know as well as anybody keeping track where everybody's been impossible distorted. I mean take a look at the giants Cheerios Citi won the Buick giant might gather she lose so they're not get loans up there and sure award serial extra couple call dipping does that Corbett coach has not really what called it you guys were talking about chemistry. Earlier and there rerun the the clippers to be correct. Well good as it was it was extremely rare to get an interview like that. And frank I know you and how popular and no you know I never have never meant you'd. But that was one hell of an interview that really and truly what this. That you do you had anything you'd you'd answer any thing you know and that's what made it so great so I hope people that they didn't hear yesterday it would appear to date but. COLT turned the tables on a little bit. Much to ask using questions you know a tough question for YouTube that's so listen to your today. He just talked a lot about chemistry awhile back. The YouTube. Doing radio together I think you have. It's such a thing. That's ridiculous at the end. Did Syria did a series not see you can you can chime in too you know. Because out here is just like your fight like cats and dogs and you know what you think you have chemistry didn't matter is what it sounds like out here. I don't know what you can thank do you have chemistry of it off and listen. Thanks in pursuit caller is always you know what. Also this. And I don't think most people know this at this point about Franken price of a big rooms and in my wedding in October so you tell me I think we get along just thought. We we we slight like for actual Brothers but it doesn't leave the studio. So I don't know I'm I don't I can't speak for everybody else out comes across on the airwaves would. You know there there's never a that we get mad at each other when we actually got really mad at each other on several occasions I don't. I don't think we're top fifty in mid day show in the country in a number thirteen. Because we didn't have chemistry Jim if that's inching your question and I don't think he's doubting if that's the guy I know and if that answers your questions. So that's what I think about that you know and I think that's when it comes across you know when we have our meetings and we sit down. I think we have great chemistry yeah I think that you know the fact you have the ability to partially call me out. And to do those things I think is. From its its. It's some it's a good balance yeah and Oz keeps us both anchored out than the fact and I'm just so much smarter than you are just I don't. That's hard for a comeback kid rap oh they're older you're almost better look at it and I just don't draw ever did on the list that as fast as insulated just said a moment ago sixteen minutes from out amnesty Clifford -- -- yesterday you wanna hear that at noon he was great we asked him some tough questions and yes or mistrust is good so we'll play that a 12 o'clock 1230 Stephanie ready joins us so 150 guarantors talk to college hoops we still have more Panthers to get into 7045709. BC instead it's Garcia barely. Things up here Alan over to fifteen about twelve minutes from now Steve Clifford as coach of the order to Georgia's yesterday you'll hear that again because. A lot of folks got worked up about it some folks and they missed it wanted to hear again and does certainly worthwhile we'll talk about an hour number three still plenty of stories to get into an interesting article running ESPN dot job this morning about. The NFL's top ten offseason priorities are wanna talk about that as well which had been a topic that we didn't have a talk time to get into yesterday but you know that's that that proposed legislation out California that would bait and tackle football for kids until they reach high school. And I don't we just ran out of time yesterday we had some of the topics to discuss no more difference further thoughts on that and endures as well 70457096. Today and also later in the show. I don't know the security world according to fright topic or something else but. If you if you follow me on Twitter you probably already know from talking about the robot wars are calling people. The robot wars are coming. And I used to wonder if I'm if I was gonna live long enough to die in the robot wars. Now I'm certain unusual or is gonna happen before forty years old so we've had not just the robot wars put. I can't help but wonder with this new wave of these sports news talking about -- force possibly being an Olympic sport at some point video games and stuff if we're gonna incorporate robots into this as well so we a lot of things we don't talk about the right now we're still talking about the Carolina Panthers a news breaking within the hour that Mike Shula will look on the offensive coordinator of the New York Giants hired by -- doubled and however Brad Sherman newly hired to ocean there will retain play calling duties so Schulze going to DOC tag likely DOC pay but it sounds like he's gonna be more likely glorified quarterbacks coach so what we're talking about debit right now also we're talking about. An article by our Gary Davenport over Bleacher Report does John this morning about the perfect. Offseason blueprint. For also all 32 and a Celtics. And I scroll down the senators obviously first and foremost to see what he had to say and and none of that is is a revelation but is some interest and stuff and hear more of the first things that he talks about. Is the cap situation and Brian Cooley old. And what to do and I'll read part of it verbatim where is his quote the Panthers are pretty good shape all things considered although the defense is aging unfortunately the team's biggest problem on offense is also one of the order was to fix in the NFL the team's gambled approvals and Orion to Leo would rub off a bit on younger brother Matt appears to have backfired the opposite seems to happen in 2007. Are seventeen Matt struggled in this first year with the printers and Ryan just over half the season for the second year in a row given that lack of durability it's time for the practice to consider parting ways with the 32 year old a move that would save almost seven million dollars. Against the cap and quote no that's something you talked a bit about when we first found out that Ryan clearly had announced that he would retire seasons and were you said. How many other organizations can you really get away with doing this and is it a good thing if Gary suggesting you're the printer should find a way to part ways with rise to legal. This offseason. To save some room against the cap and ex mother moves. Yeah I mean from Nelson this and I've sent a million times a city 1000001. Rankles bass and this is best probably best office Lyman this team has ever had. On knew that me and said we all get old followed times undefeated in does sometimes get a part ways or hurt renegotiate I know if you talk to Jordan Gross. You know he had you know probably is decorated as a career. Here with Carolina Panthers and his ten seasons as I have a lot of other new offensive lineman in I've ever had. You know he's probably in the commerce nation. When you start looking at all since Lyman and the planet right tackles a first round are you talk for the first couple years in the moving to left side and holding that down in Macon a couple of pro bowls. But even towards the end of his career. They had to make a decision or the Panthers did and you know sort sort of peace soda soda do you and Jordan and and still the decision wants is to come back for another season. At minimum wage you know and take a lot less money order retire with with our. I'm basically right I mean onion right off in the sunset you know we're gonna keep you on is. A Communist doing whatever you needn't capacity want here with the organization. You're good person we hear a great citizen. We love you here in Charlotte million move forward a lot of organizations that do those type of things for their players. You know that that have you had success that they've done things are right way that you've lived up to the answers standard if you will and you know right includes one of those type of guys you know Ryan has a lot of things going on an outside football from what I understand. On the company out in California. You know my company does the production company the owns. On that he does is a Smart guy. He really is a very creative. Very clever route very funny. You know sometimes may be. You know even a little bit too sensitive. For some of the things says he's competitive so you know with that being said. You know I don't know what capacity. I think lying we'll can still play another year for a lot less. All right so I associated with this and I wanna move got to quickly and an extra touch on all of it on the and then there's three parts of this city list this what I don't really need feedback on the occasion and I've talked about a lot but he talks about the other painters having one of the NFL's best pass rushes and Torre seventy and only two teams in the NFL had more sacks and the Panthers who went fifty bunt. That pass rush is getting long in the tooth pepper Johnson as an old dual roadside authority and he says in other words Carolina front fork to use an infusion of youth he says there should be there could be potential difference makers available to the Panthers at 44 or whether it's Ellis shoes or Gucci Ohio State Sam Hubbard or possibly even small school star Marcus Davenport down -- I do want some more odds of some feedback from you want frank is he talks about speed. And the wide receiver position and possibly addressing that in free agency he says but. Carolina presently sits in the bottom half of the NFL and available cap space suit Tony point three million dollars even if they clear some cash and it may put them out of the market where the high and free agent receivers are concerned that's a good thing still the printers don't need to spend a fortune to improve adding a second tier free agent like Paul Richardson or date to draft talent like Texas natives Christian Kirk a name with for quite a bit could serve to open things up for Cam Newton. I mean if we don't get you symbol. And put him out wide receiver we're fast or are we better. I don't care if I mean you're gonna have fast you have speed. You know need to be the ability to run by somebody. You know the most these guys do you not gonna find many tin cans out there than just blow by Antonio browns. The just blow by guys write and and to whom probably were not yet had a great forty. He plays fast. As he plays really fast he comes in and out of his breaks. I'm young guys start sitting on those those moves that he uses and many blows by them. You know. Yeah there's Tony speed on this team from for the most part knowing how he uses a different story teaching Curtis and not get off of a jam. There's going to be something that you can use his speed with a little bit more he has that burst you you can floor where you can jumped through a hole and make guys miss. You know he's got to play a little bit more reclusive yes mean little bit more fearless. You know and maybe not as scared those are the things just being honest when I watch him play. You know it looks like the games have to rule fast for him still. Those are your body through there and you know maybe potentially get blown out. Some limits order due from you know it's. You know what separates a lot of times in some great soccer players are great basketball players and great football player right right and done you know there's no knock on its just. You know figuring out you know how important it is to you. You know and make those just those business decisions so he has the content he has the ability to be able to do those things is now instead the want to do. Last two things that we we got to get to bridge of Leicester thanks to tax and absolutely wanna read first and foremost that says that I saw report the Broncos a look at the trade Emanuel Sanders should the Panthers the last trim. That's a lot of money are they a guy makes a lot of money gambling is scheduled to make somewhere around ten million dollars next year it's about a seven or eight earth somebody sex about a ten million dollar cap hit I I'm not sure you wanna spend that much on a manual since the navy and the last thing is. That's bull spit. You frank Garcia were the best offensive linemen we've seen thus far Carolina you were the Steve Smith of lime and owner frank silly double cartridges that does that presidential talked to Leo there this morning are gonna come back and has promised if you miss Steve Clifford yesterday. It was a great interview we asked tough questions he gave us an exercise on a sleazy new island a lot of folks had a lot of reaction to it so you'll hear that next and we'll talk a bit more about it once this daughters Garcia nearly.