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Friday, June 22nd

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With the voice of the game jocks plea the quarterback and Tuesday as well Todd Ellis is joining us on the ticket John just like here in the Corey says it's on our asserted itself. Are frightened to go. He was Wellman and look I gotta be honest I think Dutch I don't know you you talked to a lot of guys like me probably a lot so what we are Germany's we had some morning conversations and I was doing more exotic Charleston about. Will must therefore he was tired and you know what this was gonna look like and what the trajectory would be like and how long it was gonna take him I look at a nine and four record last year and I don't I can't imagine a less flashy not in four record with the gamecocks put together Lester I don't think that's a bad thing this is where they are. You check directly to describe a lot of people and it's great red zone defense production numbers and times in portage. But that would usually scandal so it was a typical world Russia. Courage Robinson's deep bench where we pressure or we needed to play really tight down the road so people opinions. And we just didn't quite a veteran of our bench America have been pushed a baby ten games left a pitcher I don't support actually. It was a template types schedule. To fall schedule. And so weak that you went to totally totally. There's a year or what we can out of without. It's the best player in the first three games of coached well last year and the prospect I don't care what you sort of like. Well cost of those games and watch and knows the game two of the commercial games this season before he got for. It's too difficult for touchdown catch a ball all over the place. And it it was dynamic so we've regularly mentioned that shot or she brought attention Bebo. We did back and had a couple this year I think things are really having the right direction. They're darn you read my mind you know I'm I'm attended a Samuel right here and you could Sydney you could see this significant drop off with the offense when he got injured in. This team just wasn't the same and ultimately you know and came probably came back to bite you a couple of those losses as you can have the firepower and defense is start to suffocate you little bit but you're getting him back should be you know a big boost. You know as this team going to be more of an offensive team or defense of team you know with that is set. About it templates that China is really really kind of an ethnic probably the surprise of his potential borrowers I think he's done an excellent job. An economic program and touching need treatment after its. And he plays and defense to two coaches to coach and not just as a deep into coordinator you know a lot of these guys. Who were coordinators. Have to be it coaches and actually you know there are real and we want to send the and they don't do good channel have been managing the game and deceit which they need and I think. Two couples or clear it was not flashy not went trees and because. Well politically trouble managing it to and that's going to worry to get out of these side it's going to be deep Pretoria the we needed to pass rusher like to reveal to the world what. I would like other impeachment probably is they on the season that the of the question are small and we edits being put two guys. We got you surprising guys are going to be okay what topic that shock the league this year. It's going to be so better to our receivers we can put that you recoup battle was going to be back to help the that the couple to expand out as torched utterance by the ghost back to about and you know actually. Partly because people shampoo wasn't there are just kidnap as patty you're at a time when you're playing into. Well gains because but I think he shall be a lot that are there because he goes back. Utah obviously I mean you play in one of the toughest conferences in in college football and you don't win games by surprise you Wear them by blocking and tackling and that's the innocent formula for most U coach's success. What's offensive line you look like they experience in the coming back the going to be strong. Are you because I can do much without them. Under which you get a ticket and on that question about and there about a it is dark days for example he told me in touch. And oddly believable linebackers and what they do courses so blue schemes we're not sure whose company in the big delay it's taken. And bring it could have been. What we're going to be packed and I picked up extranet that supplies that was the question really pretty good at all. Well we're oh run getting a bit and okay at the casket that particularly it's been appropriate Paula. Can't athletic and pretty tight. We will let me read a couple over the last couple of years and could approach a bit and done a good job of recruiting. Actually it's what you gotta have now out of the B thought well this segment accepts. The motions. The insides in the battle to bullies. Beeped you gotta have guys took a little bit into a lot of different things that'll be eligible people and I think we're going to be all right that's on appeal which war. We're talking to Todd Ellis voice on the South Carolina Gamecocks joined us on the tech become just slide football season still too far away but so you were gonna we're inching closer and closer here and all regardless let's talk about the dome. I just a factor to steel which is a second ago is always going to be a defensive first team would know when will must chip does that coach. And that's Greg you win a lot of games that way everybody wants to be prolific on both sides of the football but as long as you're really really good in two phases are probably gonna win a lot of games and you know I think that's gonna be fun for the way they play with the same time Todd you know last year they scored seventeen or your points I think six time. But try that's that's that's going to be six right. Question what we we don't do it team that averages 26 to 48 points per game that we can do directors were a total. The twenty points per game and naturally the fact that we don't push your other would. Well we don't retreat change in order that we approach our personal deal of the week tended to Devin and try audience to applaud Jill court. Scramble for cover triple. And a couple of Petro trees there as well mentioned that the the toys were pulled screwed. It will do and actually we are people under a 21 point brigade which quarter to 48 birdies and that's what you gotta have. And cabinet typical going to be back to that are close to that it's you know. This well the world can restriction that went how much needs to do it and they did in his defense and what he does push. As well that's they are going to be more pest but probably heard for big people round where it was almost like. You know and effectiveness is professional career or could she educate Bennett rookies and you go. Almost got discussion of this kids people all but does he really not a political problem that shut Guenter per year. Some really good coaching they talk a total different player in the end that was the impression. We doubt proposals stack particularly on defense and how they played. They're aggressive nature as they're tackling form. Just particular secondary we got a couple as we own particular way actually in the four. And and we touched it back there epic we're gonna continue to do that and it still would coaching but. When do those potential potential problem that we're told me outside. Is an outstanding Dick banjo slot receiver would got a couple of the guys. Traditional and they charged up what they could just getting started their careers are going to be fantastic. We're really typical for the apple over the. And it's I haven Hurst I thought was best talent in college football last year didn't have much experience played baseball we don't know the story unique is drafted you know right now and the Panthers and not that he was a big impact for player for South Carolina you know early on and maybe he got away from a little bit because the defense started. You know bracket him because you didn't have that other dynamic playmaker but. Who's gonna replace in the cost tight end has become so valuable in today's game you know the way that they can utilize the blocking and them as passers even if they emotion amount into the slot and have that mismanaging its a smaller defender. We carry your check your right and I use a touch local oh well sometimes as well curse sometimes those usually respect and applies only that they can that. Well credibility and the political Echelon of the block so they can get out the flaps. But that's on the field reduced to order to paddle twenty regrettable speech we pieced scored a couple changed. Did you sort athletics or combat support that we got a couple tied into we were critical attitude conceptual other. These athletic ability to 66 Q lute got some other veterans they are a couple of well the best approach adequately speak. Japanese preferred. And it's and couple times. He's very athletic team these deferral and it was probably will do well for calm for a player. It is what happens during the deposition that pick was not point about not Rasheed rushed church particular would be brought back. Which your attitude that was don't have that that'll well. Todd before what you're going to it's kind of a similar question is recruiting and Don I was I was down there in Charleston do mornings when though when the gamecocks Leonard or Christmas and you know that was a really big deal for them the time and you see what's going on a Clemson right now and a gamecocks fans -- talk about and I worked for the gamecocks their sourcing your First Amendment you know I would imagine some people would look at and say oh come on good Clemson did it must be so tougher for South Carolina right now what I did there's so much motivation though he wanted to see what they're doing the neighbor's door across the state Europe the road and you know the obvious emotions got some momentum and I know you talk to will all the time what is he selling you know is he goes into a living room of for a five star just a sellout. Yes I did exactly a South Carolina kid who's got offers from Clemson and Carolina is easy switch to selling beyond playing tough. Well he's he's silent when land of the success he's got to protect those people to side of putting guys in the NFL. I can technically cannot tell you slept better. I don't completely and let him at least most of the extra point and they're gonna play in the other stuff we although that's not reality but they've perfected the conflict. But I can't start college football should recession affecting clinical support the two goodness. Because it appeared group professional athlete we had sort of going to be probably the ball well and operations facility. This being like now going to be an October that's going to be court just sit out is. Under the trading to root to be expirations. I think areas that is well people beautifully over the matter a game car markets are good for the assertion which has been selling. With respect to what the second youngest step in the country these guys relate to them and were able. Statistically trouble at university. I talked equitable for the country for between nineteen touch waited in recruiting. Apocalypse we can hardly ever respect for we we bluster troubled development we beat them followed your social political comeback. Approach would be respected company. There's motivated just the attention has don't want to be the week don't you in the east. He talked to keep those guys and you can't international trip to chip or at least in the Sugar Bowl eventually need to get back to do it and but the tigers do what they do there and I don't credit. Look at a terrible time. I kind of trigger. Outside I. I've circled three games here that everybody probably has a well Georgia. You comatose Florida on there and obviously the last game at Clemson but that's not the game to me that's the most important for South Carolina. Kentucky is. Believe it or not because Kentucky has had your number and they've been born in phenomenal games. Over the years what's the game you circle to say that's a must win game for us. Proportional to look at the second one quick look at that stage you know it's cracked up to this to the country's shape. Well apparently Roger and I got a couple guys suspended. What was drill as close. What about all the equipment standard democracy gentleman over there at that you're not a particularly bad jumpers. You can you can and that he certainly kept applied when we played well against them question I think we were at each week the closest port to that but anybody ill treated get that going to be a bit. And you don't have plans to issue a two big part of the process we've always played that well what paper tapes is 2000 or old. Or it just well over a bit Obama to Google we ate about a quarter point one knots and after basic interests. Returned it just proportionately never heard of or that. I don't want to speak Irish are right Kentucky's objectionable or political about it. It is supposed to. And it. Japan just year's Toronto there's just no I actually changed well first because you know that'll antenna was a year ago would I didn't. Critical country well in the rental. We should the last two additional canopy to particular purpose. In true rock. You would like to commute time that the weapons are gonna happen it's at the surgery. I don't think there which future but that's what you got a lot joke war. An epic that panic we got a noble panel that they're going to be back to what they need to be. Ostensibly get that but you're right it's Georgia and Turkey visionary. And clips and and and those appear to want to make the difference a couple games of intimacy and for us and quickly. They got Andy Kentucky on the road. And and I didn't even hear shall we play in Georgia and Tennessee and apple. And I shall we wrap it so well we got a good shot at certain groups force. Failure Todd Ellis the voice of the gamecocks former quarterback Tim does he run into some legal trouble he's not a man got to talk to other donuts auto slaughter among South Carolina time we appreciate your brother always good to catch up. Always have to talk to you throughout the year there.