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Wednesday, July 11th

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Let's talk a little American football with a buddy Steve Weiss. Of the NFL network is a pretty talented dude NFL network reporter you can follow him on Twitter at why shoot 89 WYCHE. 89 you can see Steve throughout the week on NFL network's NFL total access. At 7 PM Easter was welcome on detective John just slide and see dollar about a. I'm doing great outlook and a conversation on the other flopping in soccer. Keep it might give my guys beat NFL and NBA put in rules. To stop that upcoming Vienna Buckeyes used a pull up one neighbor get hurt to just add more time pretty good substitutions that they think they're the political and stop that so. You know hopefully soccer can maybe do a little bit but it but it isn't it our kind of poking poking jokes that some of the flopping it some of that type pajama. It is much better watch the soccer crowd because they get mad they get mad quick and they'll come after you Indian. Mobs so just be careful. That's all right I got into a crowd of my. A disservice. Thanks Steve let's start so it's yesterday amend I was one of the probably 200 folks there in the room to the Davids upper press conference where you know fer sure Dana betrayed middle lot of us for the first time held his first press conference -- Bank of America Stadium in I thought it was fascinating and I thought he was thoroughly entertaining and you know he and Mike dropped there at the end I'm contractually obligated to keep the statue as is what did you make of David tepper yesterday. Why did I got to meet met at least meeting it was approved. In Atlanta a few months ago this seemed to keep very charming guy. Are cool clearly excited to be part of the club. The terms of the ownership group but I think it also about building something in just on the special Charles halt to building some big. You know building onto something that's existing and has done pretty well. And he did seem aren't good. You know took this new blood of ownership you know we've got somebody you're out some donors which Jerry Richardson was one of which are established and wanting to circle where. He's kind of want a guy who want to inject a little hot talks. Want to think we have a few can't do her owners who were doing that so. This should be an exciting thing for curator. Breach pressed his commitment to to keep pitching earlier. Q you know to continue to use all of the Carolina that it fan base into market to them not believe anyone out so. Look pretty engaging guy will you know everything goes from here but what you study did drop a bomb when he said he was contractually obligated. To keep the statue like you know not say how would it would keep it but I really have no rhetorical that you like US cut a deal for college. It seems that's that's what most of the national media especially his last onto there are a lot of things that came out of a press conference that I found. You know more interest in some profoundly more interest in but nationally that was an art of the statue was staying it's contractually obligated he was so would any of the other bidders according to wanted to wrap report Darrent. I'm does that strike you was curious that you know maybe you know Sheldon standard step in and intervene or doesn't really matter because Skype for a lot of people don't matter. Probably both but it a lot of people column. You know what I won't be bothered by it. They are similar to your return to the guy who built the pampered. What they already brought appearance altered the Charlotte. But there are a lot of other peoples do look at this series this cement his legacy. Tended. With these you know allegations of sexual harassment allegation that a but you're gonna racial slur or an important period or do you see both sides of it. And you know that statute book don't register. One way it was our people and record group one way with the others just like other statute market which do. Bomb went with people you know maybe not affiliated with yet I felt so. I think that the security impact on me. Grabbed onto it because it's one thing that people out by the journal article one thing out peppers as you kind of crap ought to welcome the local ownership. You know I would watch it sort of folks here aren't necessarily. Gonna grab onto you know how that owner Kirk we're gonna do and Carolina are Pollard took in Illinois to let up but. Yeah it will grab on to our subject is dead in the national discussion especially the past few months. Yeah you know what when it comes to your sexual harassment and summit saying look like he opposed the use of racial language different racial language in the workplace. Esteem in which we can sit here and talk about good ownership and no matter ownership at the end of the day how many wins as they give you mean because that's really kind of you know the bottom lines trusses fans is that I don't care where these guys stay don't care what they eat. I don't care if they have lost five star hotel are there stay in the hotel and I care about them winning games and you on a -- not raising ticket prices and it may have a good time when I go how important is ownership to winds are switching correlated directly. I think it's huge. Now interpret direct correlation. Determine to what this guy donors don't drive that's one thing but we EPA and not Canadian they're going to be pretty obvious that it would stop in a rut for decades and that starts. With. The that message and it starts where leadership from the very top and Bentley he came. They get owners that. Treat employees well that prepared well but don't try to Jack up prices that don't leverage. The market for new stadiums and really caring about. If you all of the C a lot of those teams. Succeed. You're earning your apartment and they'll take a dip pure and there what they find ways. To just by their leadership. Oftentimes by staying out of the coaches and general man at their way. What they find ways to win ball games and has instead that the important thing to ban. He got bad ownership. You're you're not gonna get that a playoff very often you can make a lot of respect for the cup could alienate they have are trying to go out there are certain Arab. A pork product could ownership tend to be got quite the contrary. I resorted to Steve Fleischer NFL network reporter joining us on the -- -- just like follow him on Twitter at why shoot 89 out more thought about separately from me anyway and I like to ask you some football questions but I am curious about this and frank has made this point in the past that you do all the votes and those those ownership meetings count the same about how much money you know each of those owners have but that's how those guys compare themselves to one another that's how they stack each other rough and right now you know David tempers gonna have the second biggest stack in the room I'm Paul -- attracted -- so we will measure our -- by how sizing cars expensive cars they measure their -- my billions exactly and so when you sort of think about it that way you know all the votes count the same but we'd be foolish to think that Jerry Jones Bob Kraft the Rooney family the Mars -- believe -- running things for about sixty years now I would imagine David separate a short period of time probably takes a pretty prominent role in some pretty important league matters. I would absolutely. Agree with that you know just because of the financial outlook to pop it back and watch out things operate for a while. But. Again he's one of these new were ordered to probably should new art beer and enterprising ideas when he's not a current. There's money into bigger money so odd or it won't be long for you to remark superior court critics. It SA were you when you starlet that you know some of the things I noticed little lies a week we're looking for things to talk about sometimes and we write articles and we talked about things that. You know necessarily don't mean a whole lot to in the big picture but when you read these articles about our rest our arsenal and repertoire and and guys went on there and Hammond you know different guys in place and you'll be able to use this guy and you know may be heavily utilized that got. What's team has the most talented. Often some guys out there because to me it's. It's the Pittsburgh Steelers and it's not even close. Time. To look there. It was not very you gotta look at these big gala will look at go to our promoter there I mean. When you've got the look rivers and Harry. You know Melvin Gordon in the backfield and then you get acting now I don't want by the court you've got. Mike Williams electric per contract in July election year Jeter had a little boy and former basketball player who only came on strong lack here. Eric Kelvin Benjamin a meager their load and they're they're they're there are at it pretty. So there are a couple of teams see that you know the ramp. Amid a load. Well you know tiger really carried a lot of aperture that now Brandon Cox a total horror Ciurciu rubber bullets and Cooper cop. There's a couple teams out there I think that you know I think Atlanta Falcons now happened in the mix that arrival with the depth. They have with their skill position so there's a McCain doctor Becker rival Steelers. Where do you put Carolina Panthers in the that the totem pole. Where midway everything they don't have the you know that's still became breaker if thing got going McCaffery exciting. Camden of course it is super exciting but they're distinct good. All around football team we notre is that first. But you know they they've got the potential that this could just to line up and not cute silly. And when games are playing Smart. Good football they're not going to be as exciting is the Steelers whip again. Don't want to receiver who can make X cart list on the way to a secure much. But very they're going to be in the hunt. For the NFC south which is going to be what began atop the division of book all the Debian hunt and hunt for that title with a lot of eight he you know or. Steve before let's go man I gotta do is take a list Shawn McCoy bad that is the story that has done a lot of minutes off fast current. It is it's got them confused in there and you know somewhat horrified the regardless of how that went down and who did it and the fact Elissa Michigan accords names attached to it at least in some way right now. What what do you make of this what he's here in terms of how seriously the missiles taking these accusations what what he does make you distort. How well I mean I don't know unfortunate but clearly you know taken it seriously because a woman got got pistol Webb. You know regardless of who who might have done bloody there's a victim and and so every artist taking this seriously. And I think because we're just two to three weeks away from training camp should. Unity NFL that there eternity burrow we know a lot of our technical all of our order book. What would these types of investigations. I beat they're gonna be pressing this for a little bit you're reworking were bought force meant. To see what goes on it because. This is just bizarre. If she'd record in Puerto. By all indications there's no way he could have done it and now they're victims of order could very well police got a tough. You know and if there's something if there's any measure of truth to that without. Lightning is so well. So there's just there's so many earlier today. How the bill are gonna handle it. Who knows you know Woolsey a criminal charges come there's there's this has been taken tolerant. I don't think it necessarily going to be real slow burn. But I would think everybody including law enforcement into Weller could be Gary or that it would cap. Hi Steve why should us on network reporter follow him on Twitter at why shoot 89 joined us on the ticket John just like Steve gray stuff like we appreciate your time. They're armed Arctic grip we are.