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Thursday, August 9th

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How could you go wrong Steve Merrill has been so long event. I got to do well. I email us talk about the double first of four does the actual games and and things of that nature. The landscape is changing quickly right under we see in the NBA so I'm a total five million dollar deal with. Was MGM and I'm sure this is a very very dynamic time in your industry is just trying to solicit on both what's been going on men and what you see on the horizon. No attention about it to me he would tell the elite fantasy sports is kind of let the way to this happening. These are sooner than later and how they're capitalizing on it instantly become a month ago we saw accused deal would stand to all but tied up with one of the big British bookmakers. Attracting the kind of dominated the fantasy market reaching your stay indoors and the distant second. All but they've made a fast duke now they're actually at a draft came try to outdoor sports books are drafting that it will be a major players well what they've got more the Internet based out of what's really happening right now. It is a New Jersey West Virginia Mississippi. The states and a party run and have legalized sports but he ready to go out there running entry to racetracks and through casinos only policy sought to go to a brick and mortar location. On draft came just kind of capitalized with one location and security but scandal with a bigger British bookmaker Beckham. Is now going to be at the Greenbrier West Virginia there at the meadowlands of New Jersey. And it actually gonna take in the he had the lead with its so far that he says kite but the dynamic situation it's constantly changing. And though we speak again you know later on in the football team is not a definite next to be very very different. You know that we're we're gonna watch our first sub pre season game tonight Panthers bills and looking forward to that didn't want people are speculating. You know where this team's gonna finish in the division and you know you look at the potential mean they could be Super Bowl contenders cam has MVP season but if you had to make a bet based on. You know the team that you're gonna get the most bang for your buck they could potentially when the Super Bowl starting now because we're gonna make the most money who would that be. You know got probably won't change too much in the next couple weeks because this week and next week weeks one into the preaches and has basically no back up so only. Weeks three is the Drudge personal game as it normally is each season. And the started to plate 223 quarters at least for everything even going to be the only Tom all summer we really get to seal looked. At the real teams up before the regular season so I think you know the two truck to hold steady. A pretty much for the month of August the one thing that could change them will change them as a major entry of course. It's a Tom Brady's expect to maybe throw one path to most tied for knowing when. Are these not and he risked much so we probably won't see the line change and entries hopefully in the pre season but it took the Bihac right now. Our favorites in the AFC right now patriots and Steelers it's clear and everybody else. You go to the NFC. Call me you know once again we have to look a little bit more wide open to need to look at last year the Eagles when the whole thing and went every game. Al right as an underdog just to get it done on so obviously I think there's more room brought says there at Minnesota right now about two to one so it's about three to one he got Green Bay and Dallas. You got anywhere from maybe. You know three or four teams in the is odds are right on the Eagles all that five or six to one range and I really think it's wide open for that reason you know I think it could be some sleepers one team a lot of the sharp money likes. It is forty niners are there are eleven to one right now to win the conference. Get them about twenty to wonder when the Super Bowl that they're the second or third farther sought sort of glancing at them but it's finished five and now they've got Rob Lowe. I've got Richard Sherman who had a hamstring injury but should be okay in the regular season. So articulate Cooper came it to come out of nowhere at San Francisco but it took a broad non playoff team. Like Green Day whether it's six to wonder when the conference since the playoffs the first summit decade last year I think the people with a purpose this year. Steve right now I see that doubled the Panthers and it's an elder president used to talk to him which a look at that put. Over underwent publisher for the Panthers sit sit I think nine games is that we're you have it. Run around that eight to nine range exactly calm and I'll be honest got a ticket to get down here for Carolina are my noted there's some potential there there jewel is a few years ago. But is competitive that it actually is right now I think under nine wins is probably the way to play at. You receive a fee if you had to think of the cancers being another division I'll just say the NFC east and I think that's a second best division. On the and a seaside. Know where would this team we're the Panthers beat in your opinion because when they beat the going to be behind the Eagles obviously but the cowboys. Might be there's well. On the got a Redskins in his sore in the mix and you know I mean that may be the answer is I mean I think the Pentagon and the Redskins but I don't think many people think about on the cowboys or Eagles. Right or that's what the reason brought the underdog wins his could be hardest to their winning ten games or more because of the divisions are in infect you look at distraught right now. A Carolina going third in the a C itself but the saints and falcons are of them are Teva David distant fourth on almost seems to look at the end of CD's to Eagles are modest money to win that division. Cowboys are about 41 giant it's 61 Gretzky couldn't find the ones so. I do agree the Carolina could compete with those bottom three teams a little bit easier although they declined to Eagles. I think the FC north division I want to draw attention married obviously Kirk cousins go to Minnesota made the two military road favorite in the conference championship game even stronger this year. But as I mentioned a minute ago I think remains a real sleeper on the Aaron Rodgers and state help that team is dangerous neck get reloaded isn't. Steve Merrill pro sports info join us on the ticket John just like out of college football for such a look at the opening week lines here and I tell you what I've wanted to jump soft to me when I look at right now actually made they'll serve my money on this day must it was Texas Marilyn's because everybody just assumes Texas is gonna hammer Marilyn and it didn't turn out that way I see Maryland and home right now. At it as a ten point underdog and I don't think people realize how well DJ Durkin has recruited and is this team is actually kind of on the come up a little bit I love Maryland right now it stood plus ten against Texas in the opening weekend what do you think about that immortalized you sees it looked had a juicy. Jumped in content and dads out there also Kyle which is pretty key number and there's about a fortify percent chance you know after it went by ten point two sticky numbered football so that can happen to be a little extra value there. Wolf there's about Maryland you know the circus to get a Big Ten home dog of double digits it always attempted to you particularly don't like Maryland the Big Ten team but they are Mac conference I do think that they can strive to be more competitive. After leaving the ACC. On taxes so the results we performance this year there one of my play on teams. Off topic outlined his pricey I'm not sure there's an evaluate them and that game the promote overall big picture standpoint not actually used Texas and some articles and some publications this year. As they sleeper for the national Tut only for the final four. All like what Tom Herman on down there he is they wonder what he did Houston. Now did you have a few seasons at Texas topic it's going to be a break out season form. But they're not export to knock it exposes people accused order to be able to more defensive oriented. And back it up we get the turn to Jeff to keep that one quarter close. And I gripped up Merrill I think they're under rated comedy and actually they both of those seems to be played on teams this year protectors and Maryland. You know you look at our state you are right now Steve and you know obviously a lot of speculation with Urban Meyer what's gonna happen is he gonna be suspended isn't anything can happen at all. And is business gonna go on as usual if you're betting on our. House date to may be you know be one of those teams in the national championship. Would you wait to see what happens with Urban Meyer or would you take it now all the the odds might be junior Trevor a little bit. It's such an epic the weak one it just it was over done they've they've dropped a lot of contorted state by several points a lot of locations it's 36 now on the dropped to several points all I don't think it affects we want to call you know it didn't. If not gonna make the difference between you know touched on here there when you talk about a five touchdowns registrar with. But they're good enough to name their score against the team record in state. And any of that and if what you're always looking forward we talk about a cure these big favorites is motivation that there's ever Tim might be motivated really smack somebody in week one. They probably Ohio State right now. However the national futures intervention Franken the difference stored ticket and I have to be good all season long enough to get Urban Meyers is there or is not there it's called for. In a limited amount of commerce there's distractions and probably we are right now. That does concern about the overall season picture. I have a feeling this might not be as big of an issue at all it's played out that it's make made up right now this could be done by August and Roy won't affect direct received as a team like Ohio State are you probably wanna take it just upright because they'd do up leaks you know knocked another point up but the odds and they've not some point all the point spread as well for some brief look at it games. And I get a feeling this might not affect honesty bit much of the media type this. In how to classify this as saying they have more smoke than fire and I think would probably go through but two teams in and make that argument but I think Washington. My Huskies have more smoke than they have fire. Yeah he's got depth Gillick got Washington might be on the go the wrong side you're making the final four they've they weren't really competitive in those games you feel like Metallica came it always makes the Super Bowl loses or makes the championship game and doesn't make the Super Bowl they always seem to start regret saying. All and that's where I kind of got Washington has now also picked up some play on teams in the tech twelve this year. But it's a pretty weak conference try to you know on the there's a lot of coaching changes sister got the cap the teams had two coaches. So you know largely could still surprised with the conference player for that reason. All but the pac twelve in general Roy looks down and not just here I think USC. Probably is the most talented team overall they're going to be the team to beat. Well it is front for the final four goes off the power five conferences I think you're I think the pac twelve could be on the outside looking in this year. That's another reach out like tech into the potential sleeper. To the big twelve and down a notch also a detective is getting better while some of those teams are getting we Dirk. Also detectors can make it from the big twelve of course CFTC to nepalese want to email if you get too much to Georgia Clemson literally do to get along with Alabama. They Steve a look in just a couple of different lines here I'm assuming did you take to Carolina and cal game all the board after the suspensions Howard you look at that game because and sing a lot of books took that game off the board. Yeah I think there's too much uncertainty about which players will you know which way the Tug boats that bring those suspensions as he does know but all are connecting you pretty much all of a word on since the news came out earlier in the week. The value what the thirteen players like guesstimate stagger a lot of the one game anywhere up to four games suspensions. On the duke UNC will be shorthanded for week one. Is one thing bettors don't like a little bit not a lakers don't like it uncertainties. Are massage of the oddsmakers side of things shut it Beckett was probably gonna sell the boarding too we get closer to kick off next week earning a couple of weeks rather. Steve couple things we'll turn you loose all of me your thoughts on this Alabama little game because last year that would have been probably the marquee matchup that ESPN or whoever else was promoted but as we know this is little without more where that without Mark Jackson a different defensive coordinator. And a lot of unknowns and that line right now for a lot of people 125 and passed. Our eyes typically stay away those got a big numbers to that to me that's kind attempting quite honestly. They get there but Alabama to you gotta figure they're gonna wanna get Killen heard some reps so you're gonna have a situation where they're up by three or four touchdowns in these games you're gonna have a basement got it won a national title. No matter who the starting quarterback is your back up has won a national title. On the to be really hard not to keep score points and all of this such as they wanna keep galactic Biggio and hurtful to the back of the they wanna keep them happy and in the program. It's going to complain tops Alabama to get top in big handicap on blame big numbers because. They're gonna so much back door front door get to the battle termed front door cover potential. Undated doctor to help but when these games are bigger margins in those sports a touch spreads. Gamecocks smoker fired because a lot of people have. Am as potentially the team that you beat George I don't see it but. There's some for NASA gears out there that feel that way. They not actually been taught some rotted for several seasons has been overrated IQ right now maybe they are legit top much regret that same level as Georgia though. But I do you think they'll be one of the more competitive teams in the SEC right now it looks like that's stored just conference or that that's their division. Along with Alabama in the other division I think Georgia Beverly pretty solid but the thing about college football do you guys know we know one game can change every bag. All of that damage is such a disciplined team it's hard to imagine they falter it could seed Georgia paltry a little bit more. In the other divisions such a big South Carolina could be a typical capitalized. And should we expect Miami to validate what they did last year. Yeah you got top Miami last year a little bit over rated on the I think Clemson although they're the team to beat probably been quite as dominant as they've been in years past but what's great about Clemson they were supposed to do a year or two away last year and it's still got it done that's the scary thing for BA CC is that. You know Clemson should be getting better better with a young team that had last year all Miami I'm not sold on still but I do pick it and keep it not a beautiful play on Timmons Florida State. Vastly vastly under achieved last year. They don't a lot of talent downturn that program a monster like USC US spoke about earlier. A lot of talent a lot of prestige and a lot of history. What did surprise support us they put a lot better this year they could be a possible sleeper beef he say that. What is it sit at Florida State as a possible plea. Did you write about Debra last night. And you put any odds on the a bachelor paradise let's confront some updates on that the visit as a possible to have any updated loves his bachelor guy now altitude is a proven appointed none of us are except for you. Right Steve. I used to watch American Idol top 1012 years ago since it got me to that show. Column but yet the actual odds of never capture but the pits for the stars thought to accurately capture my attention that kind of drifted from. Well and you've just captured my attention. Steve Merrill pro sports simple our guide throughout the football season we really appreciate the Steve work on this project. A web site as pro sports and pro dot com we have our first inappropriate to invest step towards I want to ten and two baseball run the past two weeks all the information on the web site pro sports info dot com. There you don't Steve we'll talk to similar.