Garcia and Bailey: Steve Clifford Joins the Show.

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Monday, February 12th
Hornets head coach Steve Clifford joins us this hour. We have a very candid and honest conversation with him.

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I'm revealed dot com. The book angler fish fillet sandwich is back after OJ angles like flaky wild caught Alaskan Pollock who lay served on a toasted buttered buns. And get Cuba. Okay because I presume this is your whole bushel on the festival yeah what notified. There CWF. Auto sport either. Our extreme. Real estate studio. So you can. Why sixty. But Garcia. The kind of conversations that we have between breaks or we're. It is hard our exit you know under the settlement crucial difference when communism socialism I don't hear a lot of I thought anyway has tested your roots were America I know you announcement that it really don't slam the door and aussies with flags. Now do you write a gives you're right about that we use that they're commencing stand on ours doesn't while he thinks the pledge of allegiances. Plus he's got a weird man slowly we're getting. Doesn't mean he hates it to you and your thoughts. You know he has no country loyalty no natural I love America but I love America for the constitution. That's nice is it's not on the stop this before and it's important and don't need to go to trial now. Tried I don't Winter Olympics. I know I did it's our country vs theirs like why did skate around and doing stuff I don't hear about dead at all just because he's got a beating his chest and crowing about how great we are doesn't he's not rooting for America. Did well rising due to Nebraska. Because I have history with that team. That's. And let's talk about governor Ryerson that was a sore spots like to you have no history with the United States of America. Athletically. I did the Winter Olympics not steam not what your age I. 130. Millennial not uphold the dignity let me defend myself and I'm saying I am through some we remember and added that and Minnesota and myself. Sect that I have never I stated when they in my life I never played any form of hockey one day. Lawyers I have never I don't have any connection with it if you're asking me if I'm interstate it's boring how many times you ski in your life. I have snowboarding at portly five times I've never steed one day in my life. I don't aired the night not just. Haven't done it's. Doesn't mean you can't root fort. I don't you wanna. He surged on it I'm not aged up to let's appoint you you still are rooting for the United States and the United States do well I'm guessing I don't want you ICC to life. Because that's my country of Georgia southern watch and root. Supports gay. I don't really care Shaun White goes up and has a great and you know three simple I can't fight this problem was to ensure your everywhere you nuts though it's not. And there's a bigger problem. Ted was thinking I'm gonna industrial motors and Ozzie is the problem with our customer production and he's pretty good. I'd say he's a bad guy had gotten that judging him to Australia and I didn't you know and I know he didn't think that where I am doing isn't trusts but. It was that type of thinking this is the problem with our contradicts this country. You write this there's never been a better time to be alive in the. I tell you what I you know what I'm sure sure you teach you won a lot of cheer for the real I'm cheered the white belts because the white golf. And this sport is awesome and and Winter Olympics they're awesome and I know. Total sense of pride when USA stands up under my the national income didn't like it or should the United States wins the hockey gold medal I'll say Ohman got we get in a sport that sort of matters. And now I would have some interest neck and these ports met up for these people. Every true. So then they do well that's a personal thing don't matter to him that you can't expected to be a it's more something bigger. Something greater to the joy to be honest about this and there were no Winter Olympics when the Olympic Games were started in Athens you know. It doesn't. After the winter games are a weird saying they're not like the Summer Olympics and it doesn't mean these are great athletes doing amazing things that we shouldn't cheer for the because the United States athlete. Only watched Walsh asked a random person on the street. Do you have more interest in the Summer Olympics for the Winter Olympics and overwhelmingly we'll say Summer Olympics like the Ryder Cup. I mean yeah I'd like call waiting more OK so you like golf and root for Ira for Tiger Woods. That's it. I root for George America in the Ryder Cup I'm going to root for Amir Ali because I hate it was dirty you know results wow independent Espinosa. At the Olympics. Pulpit that the wow questions Canadians. Germans there weren't a lot of ethnic. It's an emotional distance that that's any little uncomfortable here. I hate does dirty your. No sir I I sport say those dirty European he's white I'm white your. Because we all have some European heritage in this room. Problem I was economics you do what does that have to do with anything. That can never my. In this country. To have sports takes to the nth degree I don't do all is. So right now I'm Canadians I hate the Mexicans hate the Germans I hate the Russians made the Chinese USA all they have little pride in your car. Sure you know it's just extra rights and don't talking to a guy who went to USC roots for dukes and that's a very very very served oh my heart and soul my brain follow logic yeah yeah most logical got a great for you us. And feel shorted out there while we're on the subject to Japan again we can claim they are a national. How good we move on our tool so I imagine Johnny man's elderly for the bridge held a transition there are no but don't death Johnny Benz don't want to push apology and we've heard this before it's not shocking but. He interviewer are you what an interview this morning with Good Morning America. And said that he has been diagnosed as bipolar. And is taking medication for and his goal was to get back on the football so it's a start it's a start it is I'll be the first one tell you I was. Captivated by Johnnie Mae and so when he was Texas a and M these are my favorite all time college football players to have watched him today he's X I was entered as exciting as they came. Of course ever since then. It's gonna disaster. And you've had a series of incidents the arrest wounded the boos knowledge and his father coming outside you know why we can't be held to the chiefs going this way he's gonna die by the time at least 44 and it just kept going going to yours is a problem and I was is now we have a medical diagnosis. And you know it. That is always. A great start to for someone to say okay would you identify the problem let's start from there and boy I tell you no matter how you feel about this guy I'll always root for comeback stories. And I'm not saying this guys deserving of another spot but if he can work his way back into an NFL roster spot that would be one hell of a redemption store now I'm a big fan vote. Every I don't know about you have always had a little bit of an issue in a with a parent coming out. Out and say and that only in my kids a little entitled that's part of the problem. I mean is this something we know our kids you know the promise that we make to our children. First laws that we lived to be better to to be apparent first and your friends say I can't. To stock you don't flip out on you intellectually you to drive you insane to be your worst nightmare to hunt you down like a Bloodhound. When we have to. And it's because we love them. When you understand that you know. And it's become a responsible adult. You'll never find anybody who loves your kids more than those type of people. Price if you don't martyr if your kids don't mutter under their breath at some point. They don't like you very much. That it's you know you try to get on their nerves which you're over it and watching them or stocking them then. How the league. You're not doing your job really well as a parent in my opinion. The slow songs to try to get them on a soapbox. You know what subliminally. I want. But as I told him this morning a wanted to take back dope on the Monday motivational quotes and he just hit us with a good one. So was cemented now. Monday motivational quotes that's when I know you're just tricked into there's no no take backs now because that's a good quote it's a good eye it's a good thanks and enjoy it looked. John Mayer tells dad went out when I saw those quotes I thought our. That's a bad situation and think back on if you read the full or you're the dad dad do you remember the New England Patriots got a report. From that scout who did the full length violence on an end zone where you talked about Alexander however. In jail and Jason eulogy comes from money he has a sense of entitlement terrible attitude and even with so forcing his ancestors were outlaws new accounts. Kelly did Jessie. NFL scouting report you know an evaluation and you wanna talk about her and says I don't. And we're retains a little you see god today and you'll you'll see expect to see that when you restarted for the need to take a band of outlaws but I mean look. I'm hot I hope for I hope that everyone can find their way back to some degree and then he might till I. I'm all for second chance I'm all for believe inning guys but I need actions and any words right kill me. Now I'm like in Missouri you know I'm I look for Zora Zora I lived there for a couple years got to show me did you tell me all you want. I'm gonna go on a diet. I am sure you do that's great lose a way to lose weight don't tell me about his show me about. Talk about a clear about it because they don't. Good talking to kids here yeah let's talk about me about it and don't foresee at the trade my two kids. Yeah you know what really quickly discovered circling back to wrapping up your but back to do of the where sportsmanship absence of an interest in a second doses are like these water sports but the reality. Is the majority of the sports for the wealthy. There's simply because people would never be able to start misfortune that the money begins in the first place that's another thing. These are fairly you know expensive sports to get into I do think that's another reason. Why they feel kind of out of touch you know you can come from a poor neighborhood report background become a great sprinter you don't need much of fancy equipment. So here's what I would say right okay you can make the argument the excuse. I don't understand this I don't know what ports launching here OK you know what spend time. And educate yourself that's true but it has nothing to do what I just said. But that's what seven Sam I don't wanna watch because I don't understand because of my son likes. A dozen days and like the winner sport generalities needed to these right about that the bylaw details yeah listen he's talking to most people. I don't have to do it. Watching your right you can't enjoy it but I think the detachment for some people in the reason they don't have this the same inherent low for the might have for the summer Olympic. 'cause a similar law says every single day. This is once every four years already had. Little putting your country but it does two things are not mutually exclusive you can have pride in your country don't the United States without limits amendment because you don't wanna be convinced. You're right. You are going to conversation over Garcia inviolate. Hornets played basketball. Broadcast their games are there any questions and as you'll put the greed. Basketball. 102 point 5610 WNBA. You know guys diamonds directors celebrating Valentine's Day in a big way it's only a couple of days days away and had you heard for a limited time. I'm you can get five years zero interest financing on this huge. Amazing deal and that is huge. Five years zero interest financing yes Nelson Valentine's Day you can give her the most romantic gifting spread your payment over five years. 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Porter says George will join us in just over ten minutes are you sounded a bit exasperated yesterday after a blowout. Loss to look. The Toronto Raptors will talk about a more coming up in just a little bit but so we've had some folks in the call on hold for a while wanted to talk to listen it's ultimately people as mourners were to take some phone calls 704579060. And speaking of the hornets mark wants to talk some more so bring him on 1 march our. I looked up part of lookout. Endemic throughout and came out that that went has ordered the Olympic Berry director if they might. What route to cup country. We have the country in the world break. So I wanna Fiat based risky. Yeah you know why anybody you do and then when it's gonna be the greatest source of all time tell us to learn how to read and hear her ass right I know damn right I would never. But do noted never go out there and compete then I don't what do what went oh that there are like Richard taught to. Go to somewhere in the wrong way. The Jamaican bobsled team several years ago I mean they're sit on the top of the podium assured its order book of Romans that's got the world talking about. It's just the movie it actually happened was sure about that oh my god genetic. Outlook there are bad credit the split measurement at us. On Google bit Aladdin didn't happen pipa are. All right. I. Hallmark that's fantastic to his point about the money he's right out of you saw the story this morning little Liechtenstein. Has become a husky are staying power house lawyer instead only inside the early thirty elected what. Liechtenstein. I'm trying to make a joke from the control Liechtenstein as a country was like having 38000. People. But they had to benefactors that pumped partly tens of millions of dollars. In the making them mystique powerhouse and here they are showing the stuff the what are Olympics all the money these are expensive sports you and you know did serious uncle runs are you I'd I don't know I did a dead did not do that was a real story I thought you're smarter than that based on the true story. It's a top aides at the top. Two goals for hits. The real story of cool running thank you. Bobsled teams that the movie got wrong. Rule called rule there well next quarter run extra stuff and another tough day. I'm sorry dude you're resurgent and bring it to the picture of a right here okay they clearly existed. Vessel collided notice of frank thank you for drought has knowledge shall secure to watch it's on the next than it Tommy was the talk. Somebody's salary cap is a atomic. Say yet riveting covertly. Anyway I gotta be note dated a bit from the very that there are certain somebody could that we are about well you that cap and then they lift its seventh player. And the amount of money we could trade including Khalil a Stewart got an a our Coleman. And when I'm not able to like you know we get older bureau thirty million dollar question that. Is that enough they're really doing his thing where the cutting some of the guards all over YouTube medical Luke Scott. And I'll go take out here. No it's not I'm Tommy the the salary cap to me has always been smoke and mirrors you can manipulate it whichever way shape or form you want in on knows that. And most agents are gonna tell you that most. In almost GM's won't tell you that but you know as players. If you want a guy bad enough you're gonna extend another guy you have clear some space and you're gonna go out and find a guy. And a long time. And long term. The piper eventually and that's why clubs don't like to do it because eventually those contracts you know gonna catch up to you and yet to make decisions. When you're gonna probably have to have a rebuilding in a situation. Thirty million in cap if you're did you all those things is more than enough you know to operate under twelve million is more than enough. You know right now to operate under I can tell you this most GMs including Mardy hard. I mean are not gonna go out there and have this. So Nancy clinic and this bonanza bonanza. Free financial bonanza yeah this bonanza freeagent you'll buy out where they're gonna start you know getting free agents to come in here just because they're naming because they have to overpay. The third or try to take care of their own just like most clubs blood. Bomb they're gonna go and try to build through the draft just like most successful organizations would and then eventually they're going to replace guys that they've missed on or that they need help west. Toys all the right ankle or the met oil situation would've never left tackle dating one in the draft of the offensive line you know wasn't very good. Last year war may be even this year compared to what they're looking for in the and try to make that up by going out doing in signing that a player on the free agent market. And sometimes you have to do that right if you still like this is my window of opportunity to compete you're gonna see more teams that are a little bit more in that line there in that box in that area there are willing to go out there and do that the Panthers are maybe giving to that point with Cam Newton. I'm not sure. But the window of opportunity is there it exists. I don't key police still on this team you have some good defense of players on this team that are still there are millions TT shorts under contract. You know you had to decide what to do with Vernon Butler and star. Our no that's going to be a decision they have to make you you've got. You're digging up the defense bends chore for a couple years you're offensive line is pretty much intact minus. You left guard you might need a player in on the offensive side but they're young you got cam to most importantly. You know for the direction of this team you go with that you can go get him help in the drafting young players and you've developed lemon. And you know you can try to make new third rounder is play above their pay grade and what they were drafted as and eventually might give him a a veteran that fits in somewhere in the incident somewhere else that comes your organization and he's a perfect fit that's the way you win so no games championship. Nothing to write about that we talked about it before he knows it's nice to have salary cap room to wiggle and decide guys but you know primarily due to for the good teams anyway it's about bill paying the guys they've developed keeping the guys that have been with them for the try to go out and and getting that extra piece of the missing piece to the puzzle so to speak but didn't generally speaking organizations don't win Super Bowls. Would big free agency splash. The Dallas Cowboys and what they try to do actual cost the Washington Redskins and what they've trying to do of course a green bay Packers and how they developed the aids there's successful they may not win championships every year but they go out there and they build from within and they promote from within. Cool running is one of the most popular Olympic movies over the past few decades and it's mostly made up. Moon mostly made up the stores not idiots and while this that and of course the movie's gonna have different ports to it and where there are brought prominent. They did that's got to the movie's about it's about the Jamaican bobsled team that competed had a success in the Olympics can also doesn't. That's their that's what it's about and also the front nine is as hard target is stupid. It did take place only getting a break. We had our and its notes that I could share on that front we do their today. Just days and stupid drives are did you guys hornets are George Steve Clifford joins the show next door in Billick. Unlucky. Your tablet on your Smartphone. WFAN she dot com is your source for the best sports talk get information and sharp. Interviews on demand with the biggest names in sports. Podcasts of your favorite WNBC show us lives and features promo. We're eighteen pages of names contests in more. Check out WS busy guy come today he online home for Charlotte sports leader 10256. 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Higher it's 1238 real side. Drop by this week for great lunch specials and after work get together courted join friends to watch your game on the big screen we'll. The full menu served daily from 11 AM to 2 AM it's always angry jail time. Okay it's Michael Carlin. This is your home Port Charlotte hornets stressed the ONEOK. Charlotte sports we. 2018 spring training experience or cactus league game in Arizona soon nights. Of country funded the valley's only spring training full forty and enjoy our country double header with the Austin lunch and Old Dominion had to WS Lindsay dot com. And enter for your chance to win this national contest towards a coach Steve Clifford is all on the line you'll join us here in just a moment fried got so mad he ran away. He got so mad. And so flustered then he just ran away or any any left only came back there and frank Garcia got mad because minimally was cool running story and that's all Allison is alive spiral take a break. We're always it's all right so the hornets have won more between now and the all star break they had to Orlando on Wednesday night and as we've been telling you we are now joined by the head coach of the Charlotte north Steve Clifford and Doug George first and foremost welcome back it's been a while our. OK guys thank you. Well first and foremost before his basketball stars are either a tennis the first under caught up to Franken eyes and saw you know you had your your hiatus away from the game and into working on health things and such and we've we've heard about how you is possibly changed a little bit as an individual I even heard the word yoga tossed in there maybe some meditation. This. How is Steve Clifford the man that different than number before the hiatus before that celebrates it took. A. I mean I was there I don't know the total like cheat respectfully. Call. I live. Differently arm wrist watches everything and go for me it's so home. There was a sleeper issue. Just don't like tests just like could you guys you know you can get. I guess so we're approach to what you're doing. That at times you you you don't listen to your body and arm you know since I've got near VA. You know I've always been on steps are started off on the steps of your equipment being what Jeff big guns he would tip go. Where we were all really early morning people and that's what our chamber and you know what I find out as 56 is a lot different. Us all. And that sort of thing going on for a couple of years and they're you know the other thing is hopefully nobody aircraft that deal with the art epics. And sleep are very much related in basically worked and what we've been doing is I've been getting bad headaches all home. Like you know current day and we were just kind of arm using. Are sure aura you know I guess a stronger medication to take cure period which doesn't take care of your headaches and and it got worse and worse and source plus plus some lesson. You're just a bit of that place should also. Now on actually working on trying to trademark body sweep more. More kids closely with our team doctor and then. Local neurologist doctor Jones doctor Garcia's are conduct their work Corey is actually more now and I happen along continent. I've always to go but it's definitely changed my how. You know coach. I'm glad to hear you have it to. Under control little bit easier little bit better but you know kind of brings me to the question is that you believe that there is such a thing is over preparing because. God knows the players sometimes you know I got a good comfort level with my opponent you go watch film you get prepared in on the sometimes you start over prepared you start seeing ghosts and and thinking about things that. You know you might just remembering those types of things do you ever find that problem in basketball. I think probably. Not this much is Vienna helped put your so decision in between games. You know were up more time to walk through that most of the Milosevic general planning and Harley. Really you do in September. On all our directional because the games come so quickly but this team I think this same. Challenger decisions that you may try to call you Mitch and basketball as. Com. You don't how much what what can we live with France's defensively what can we take away. In the night when you try to do too much. You know what you say you know you cannot sit up more than you can help achieve play well on one of the things. But you know and and I would think football's probably some more does Bono know about it but at basketball. It's still gets back to most good night's defensively. Home from basic principles you know fast break point second chance points. Points in the paint. And then there you don't industry percentages. So a lot of times or you know always in that particular point you have to make sure that your you're sticking with your basic principles retired or hope or. No coach you know boys head on his conversations and I'm not going to be any other way and no you don't as well so. Not just nasty some honest questions I know Kyle well as well because arch I'm I'm Sears I'm curious to watch these teams play you look at the athletes that you guys have on the court. I'm necessarily one important one guy out you know for you and a new approach in that position but. We have the athletes to compete defensively to move our feet to get him positioned to do the things it on a consistent basis that may be some other teams are playing with. You know you know around the league. Eyewitness RBI are believed that we do on them but are ominous it is weird not. Speed and quickness would not be a strength of our group. All I believe intelligence is and I'd say. You know when you're on your game and you're Smart either you can do you have step quicker we. Went we've been writing. That's how we pan you know all along we bandits frankly lifted. They it already. Has more responsibility. War. But you know how inconsistent we played tonight do on our had a lot to do where it. Almost every one of these guys comment here and then on my head toe so. There's nobody else that there has as big part of that inside you and are out both state by the fact that. I think it is important in terms of just hours. Oh or potential I think this is the best team. That that we fact you don't but we don't play well. Then. On its been incredibly frustrating for our players has been frustrating for being. Tore our staff. And you know book a lot of plays. A you know all. Our great half for you know troop very news people we have just not sustained. Could play. It which is what this league is all about when you start the year you play 82 games every team's giving up some great when it's. In every team what a disappointing losses but it's the teams that have a way to play it opens the war. And stay with that and trust it and trust their teammates that are going to quit. So do we have some weaknesses we absolutely do we don't have an overpowering roster. And yes frank I mean. You know is just part coaching you know coaches. It's you know my responsibility. Is to get the most out of all of I'm really just four years previews this we really have an issue we have not so far. Steve Clifford Rory says Georgia joining us on the ticket John just like Steve why why wasn't this Timor activate the trade deadline and why wasn't Kemba Walker treated. Well first first of all implicated in in my opinion all. We can book. Is basketball starts at the top of your that the top of your roster. And he's our best player on. So to me. To treating him you'd have to care. To me and all star caliber player back. Arm that you often. Could bring everything torque she did he credit not only your best player. He's a great competitor he's a great leader. He has the respect of everybody in the locker room in the stands for all outright today so. I think that would be. It anyways that was mark or I thought it would be nearly impossible. To trade him anywhere that we are reluctant. You know obviously. That would be a major rebuilt and lecture getting somebody like such that a equal quality guy. Arm in in the terms of the other part. Yet you know like I say that. You know certainly we're very active on. You know it you know I don't know how close things god you know not all that they'll stated date thing at all. You know they keep your respiratory it is called like. It you know I I just thank you nor treated in our league is not that easy to make Cotto or you know our mutual but yet so are by and you know it just wasn't much there for us. Our Steve we asked you a lot of these direct questions because we've come to know that I have. I know enough about what people don't appreciate the fact your candor is the culminated and unfortunately a a comet known in this industry and we appreciate that from your and that's why we shall call to blast these quick these questions like this in my next question would be how how do you get more out of nick -- because he's he's not pretty consistently good enough I don't think in that role you may disagree I don't know but tell me how you get more out of nick Joseph and. How frustrating is that for a guy like kemba who is the ultimate competitor and a guy that they watch him play you point out he's Knightley just given everything he hasn't. You know coach and we honestly mean. I just we don't. I don't see that Batum. Well I yeah I mean seems to me it did this to make sheet that's so are my opinion. I think he had he came back or September. In. The best shape he's been in since he's been here on and I think. In the best place mentally. If he had. No training camp. Com I'm I'm making excuses we are truly feel he had no training camp because he got hurt the first quarter of the first receiving being. So then he was out I think it was seven and a half weeks and it did your job and obviously there's only so much you can do any jump dated. Being in the you know the hardest thing in our league is once you start playing. Our practices change. Drastically. You know because when your plane at 34 games every week which we are you don't do a lot of contact in practice so we're getting these guys ready. It's a Lotto. You know five on all we're playing three on three years trying to keep those guys and rebel. That way in here and you know I think he came back on. You know he jumped in the air he got off to a two. You know porn star. In here at these splashed to a trickier he hasn't played as well it yet this away. I would say nine out of eleven games where you were really good. You know we have triple probably a 31000043. All and I fell and I feel. Like Teddy getting into rid of more comfortable or you know what where his game is that. On. And so I don't totally agree. He's not happened the year that I think you would have had the other training camp but I do think that he's getting to the point where he's playing at a period are up. Yeah you know maybe it's just things that we see on the outside the insular stuff from the results more than what you see on a daily basis which you have obviously a lot more. You know you're a lot more in tune with the people ask this question all the time. And ask Nyberg and you're insert you know privately you know we've had the and different things we've done with the station you've been involved with in. Hum you know publicly the you've probably address this well as well but you know why why is the young player. Why why is why is he having so much you know time league mark I know why dismally Marcum is so much difficulty getting out there on the court because. You know. I know this is it you learn from watching. But you learn more from doing. Yeah I need to be honest could be free to do is we have to play well when he's been on the court. I mean that he's just willing to do it need to look at it on. Right now I mean I think for his career to be a starter. I think he has appealed the play all but one and two. Did you don't opposite we're playing about the point. And I don't think there. More sinister right where I just don't think he has a concert Laporte he doesn't mind playing here. But you want to be on the floor but I I you know I almost feel like our podium early in the season in the position. We're we're still difficult for him to play well it must apply. And I think he would going to be a good player the bottom line is that the cure look at that I know you guys are all the numbers. We didn't play well you are totally weighs on the floor vote we really struggled offense. And I think a lot of that was because. You know what can he doesn't have enough of a comfort level. To play the point yet which I think he won't hurt right you get your troops for the game. Then the second part is. So what he's not gonna play the points. Then he has to play at that too. And I mean Germany Williams has been to Europe and oh we going to the trip. Germ vehicle was leaving. Eastern Conference. Holy spirit cooperative points off the bench. So really that the situation I would get elected who Leach's. He just turned twenty. All I know there are a lot of expectation which you true. I think was hurt by. Not some relief not learning in the NBA game and you know there are some matchup issues there that he you know the defense apart is that big adjustment struggles are. And he's still learning that putt. You know in a nutshell. You know. He did get an opportunity to play actually a big role. The first fifteen games of the year and now we're the biggest problem is we struggled to play well when he was out there he'll he'll get another chance in the and I am the one thing I think our old course on first initial couple weeks go there's nobody in this building that doesn't take you computer supplier. Arm. I also have my experience is three years with younger players. In terms at all. You know what I feel pastor going to them playing well in some times. Our own be in the position where you can play well and have success. It is better that being out there and not being part of successful war. Are seated there really generous with its on solid on this 125. Games look at the bright to double more on Wednesday just Orlando and you know despite. Not being where you hoped to be at this point you nearly six and halfback event that eighth and final playoffs but what pastor changed. Between now and the end the regular season for for you to get that final playoff spot. This this is it may sound simple but that sense they are poke player just epic it is simple we have a holy team we have to do to keep things better. We have the people we you have to play your game. When you play back to back and play Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday whatever it is. You have apple way to play everybody admits to everybody does their job their day. And that's when your team has typically consist solely and then individuals can I want to consistently. That blocked. To be honest would you have been the most frustrating thing. I think for being an offer some of the players. We have always been for four years here. I think. If you ask any other coach in the league Bret Stephens are all flasher wait you out there. They don't beat themselves in their heart to play. To me that's a good formula for winning big union yet. We were like get your one you can your true what we want is true you're treated and lashed. We've always played it gaining that when you watch this play it was high execution and purposeful. And that's what we have not gotten to. On the person again both responsible for that it need. Our own you know we're working to try to fix it I know what the staff knows that employers call if we didn't do that. Then if you look at our schedule or opportunity to be a playoff team if we don't. All of them we're gonna continue to be disappointed that it took the wrong reasons by the way because we do have enough. Steve Clifford orders said George joined us on the second job just like George were set and a few minutes ago and also evident as two guys who typically say whatever respect and we we really appreciate always had a candor you are honestly enough I know these are fun questions answered but we're really appreciate your social tolerance. All right guys thank you. Absolutely Steve Clifford once again joining us on the second job just want to take calls comments Taxol that we come back what are you psyched we're what we're doing but which are just now it's Garcia and they'll. With Valentine's just around the corner and love these on our monitors are. How much we love sports. 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Break it wasn't just a disaster because as you know it's not really what we do we appreciate his candor that's a guy who is very very honest and forthcoming enough for the most for he's always been that way as far as I can tell he's always that way with us might not like some of his answers but you know he's willing to answer some of those questions that. I'm sure are comfortable on look here's the deal. On he he couldn't win the either way there because they're not winning on the floor yeah there was no explaining away Big Ten games under 500 approaching the all star break. And not throwing guys under the bus insane to have enough talent and I think that that was the one thing that I took away there was little contradictory. An older coach speak right cliff gives us honest answers most the time he may believe that because he's forced to. I'm he has to believe that the he has the got he has the guys the he's gonna die for you have to have that conviction. You know as a coach musical down with the ship if you're gonna really sell them. You know something and I'm glad times when you start talking about team vs talent. Right and you have to win as a team. You were forced to win as a team if that's going to be the message to the team we're losing these games because we're not playing as a team. Tells me. That it's you know we just don't really have enough talent take over one I want and I think that you know he's right for the most part. You know teams win championships players win games. You know we've heard that old cliche before but it's so true. Talent that is not a winning game here there are you gonna win and maybe some of them but teams are gonna win championships and this team is no near no place near championship. You know obviously but we have pieces now and guys like Kemba Walker obviously peace. To that puzzle you look at Dwight Howard the way he's playing right now given another double double in a last night he's had a tremendous year. You know Cody Zeller come off the bench has been up to them in a may be where it's still maybe not having those big runs. You don't you're not gonna convince me and I'm sorry you know. You're a guy that is. One of the best players on this team in your page to be that. And we're still talking about three quarters of the way through the season of you still trying to get to a place that. Yeah everybody else says because of an injury or hear that if if you're injured. If your guy this injured then. Maybe shouldn't be playing the minutes he's plan. You know maybe that's where young guy that is being the most productive coming off the bench needs to be a little bit more productive and other guys do to get chances. If the tone was not giving you what ideas or what you expect for whatever reason because of injury. Yeah he's guilty of Belize is good player Joseph had assembly is a good player you know you does a lot of things well but if he's not giving him the production that you need. The maybe needs to go to the bench so we can get healthy and start producing a little bit more and you slide. A guy back into like a Jeremy lamb to get those minutes and then you bring in a guy off the bench that has potential to maybe see where he's at you know going anywhere. Six games under 500. You're sixteens at the eight seed excuse me you have a big mountain to climb. Let's be realistic and understand what we're going with this team and see if you can change the pieces and to me that's riots start I would put the tomb of the bench. Like him less minutes I'd bring Jeremy lamb play him more minutes. And then bring in you know a guy like mocha off the match. To give him a little bit more upside to that two's but we're cliff thinks he's gonna have a little bit more potential. You gotta get rid of you gotta get rid of the point the other point guard to go Michael Carnell Williams giving you nothing is historically bad he's got a point guard he's asked to do something he's not capable of doing consistently well at least he plays good defense is a big body so he's getting some enough of that on one side of the court he's not give me any thing on the other side of the court and you know and I did not have a stat over there whisk. You know how we used historically he's been bad this year so. Alice sent a link last night from a read it article now albeit read it may not be the most. We'll regret total net rentable area resource but did years. He is on pace for all time one of the most when he worst excuse me offensive seasons in the history. I will talk more about that next as expected we got an avalanche of response to a sex the older you'll see that interview we'll talk more about it we come back soured over for twenty minutes from now David steel importers daily press the dean of ACC sportswriters will talk to college hoops Corsican but it would. This Olympic update is brought to you by Hendrick automotive group. Jumped when he finds the worst when he won brands and over 40000 cars at Hendrick Charlotte dot com. Westwood One for sixty special report. 48 team field. Young Czech Olympic Winter Games caught you by Farmers Insurance get ready for a game time and find an agent that farmers dot com. In 2014. Aron Hamlin became the first American ever to win an Olympic singles luge medal when she took home bronze four years later she's in contention for hardware once again after the first two runs Hamlin is in fifth place. So what should they give your performance. 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