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Monday, July 16th

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Welcome back it's Garcia and Bailey hero on this Monday afternoon had to supplement probably Jewelers Twitter feed at Kyle Bailey WFANZ. At frank Garcia 65. At Osborne WS frenzy Christmas in July continues through this July 31. Zero interest no money down for up to five years if you spent 4499. Or more check out the deal. At Bradley Jewelers dot com right now we're token some ordered some summer league. With one of our favorite death Stephanie ready fox sports southeast. Courtside analyst you can also find from time to time on the NBA on TN TC has joined us on the technique come guest slot and dumbest ready is pleasure to have you back advent. I think great. How much Ali on. Good glad to hear let me ask you this summer league so far what are what are you seeing that you really liked. Seeing that. What is actually I'm sure everyone has and that keeping track of all of the highlight and even that have been pretty yet but I I'm quite music. Of course the injury that ballclub and kind of like it Debbie downer. Situation I want. Are lining out app on it is actually a apps that are made by now that. But it wouldn't panic after our game up my Alley that I advocate and. Let's talk about league mug just a little bit more because we had James Brady go on last week and dot Albert got him to say deadly month is going to be in the starting five this year and you have yet NIC Batum did announcing to the world that. He slide back to the threesome to me everything ports family mug getting into the starting lineup where your thoughts. You know I think you're right that they are clinging Q not but one thing I've learned you know from covering in VA ever the year I have it. That my exploration and production Kerry Berry little weak with a can. Of right I think we top cabinet and the black evening. Oh lead on that coming into the balancing the cherry about a ballplayer. The very comfortable with the NBA game. We saw him as it was midnight on the op Ed and that being mad geely detract from his team what is he had been at her but we thought about that when you're chuck I bet. They're both steep learning curve. As they are lucky when your talking about NBC it's not just a matter of called. And team and you've got to know your cart now as you're playing every person on the team maybe a different way. I mean I think about it though while I eat at a younger and I'll. And shore and continuing study that teen and by that I mean. Continuing to improve on his replanted but all that continuing to Eddie opponent. And what their tendencies are on especially at a late. Edition that. I think ultimately I think that the good news when you have a new coach and actually when you want to change it. If that. Bigger thing your green even Bob like audition market. You know we've got to figure out what herbal I am not saying that Tina white about health and accumulate the most went. Stephanie ready fox sports southeast joined a salute to become guest slot you know and all the talk about leak at about miles bridges and and about the grim as well Tony Parker missed a tickle things that will get to a second. Has joined bacon bit overlooked a little bit. Well I you'd think I'd packed it thinking about it today and he had a terrific summer. Good year last year I think when your team to make the playoffs people and the well being a black light whether it that the failure. Your team helping talent there are a lot of gray area and part of our young players and you include begging and develop and comfortable in the rubble and yours mean app. Would we be. I thought it would get shelling and ultimately app they get and I think that means that type of player that popped mind. Not equal or are and that is the part that at that level that. You know I don't think that people have been saying that and act and a lot of what I think that app and the off season. Adequate apart backpack and had one worthy. Across Sydney and not just our by any man. Lock up all. Stephanie before you back the young guys how how and in and I guess how and how much. And Tony Parker real distinct. Got a much. We're right. Partner had. I'd buying attic you know I ain't bad that it undervalued and that Lee. When you caught me and certainty the when it is that the players are getting younger and younger. When you have a battery in like Tony Parker had the experience that he had it in about not check back. He played for arguably one about which is. In the NBA in outcrop edge. They want championship. He had hot international experience at all and be a former idol and BP. These are saying that I could play ten or more a year and never a couple any wanna. All that pop. And our mission at extremely important because you are virtually an extension of your coach on the floor. So he gonna bring that experience knowledge know now. Q what a lot or an odd. To me about a played all. Now answer but he's going to be rolling by. And get on black. How bad it a person happy or organization you know I haven't beaten. By. In a lot and I mean you know out. The development and improvement of Kemba Walker. How deep ball on the wire. Opted for our. In the paint but couldn't shoot at all in that time all star at bat participate in the NBA three point on because shooting and it went so much in the end it. They out helped lead pack. But this. Me. Body that can really help in need to well imagine. What he eighteenth adventure. And now your taking. A final and BP and all our team and added him that Kemba Walker development and he implemented I can't imagine the things that he's gonna take a wait and Tony Parker and continue to catapulted games on. Yeah Stephanie in that same vein of of leadership and and mentoring and things like that Dovonte Graham comes to my to a guy who could certainly learn from Tony Parker and Kemba Walker and look the the knee injury it was a bomber but you can start to see flashes of why disorganization. It was so odd about a gram to begin with and why they spent 22 round draft picks to trade up and get it. Absolutely I mean you know what he showed he can you. And early at all. Of the Indy. Has been Turk now obviously you know you got that much weight on my apartment that are linked again. Other young players don't have much experience. But the fact of the matter is. You can still shall lot family and good shot get against your cap parking here. He'd get you a great. And terrific watching what he's capable of doing and I important being. In position at what point guard position. He showed no ability to make decisions. Live. On you know you can break down on the line being that they what you what I've done mission on. But when your team speed and the decision that you app may. My application you're meeting everything that's happening around waiting making decisions and get the ball where. Our. I'd Stephanie you eat you kind of alluded to miles bridges a little bit earlier we're going relegated to the platform here. Jimmy your full thoughts on the rookie in what you've seen so far. Yeah but direct that adding I mentioned into the net of what I you know on. A that play where he had. And then top that are out and and nearly converted I mean. Chop chop an even NBA band people out you're out there have been caught and figured to meet a lot of still make it on in the world is it a try. And beanie. That act that had been in error to have. In great you know that. On your team and convert it into pat what in the in between me. But at the white fall why. And I think he's gonna make an immediate and. Stephanie a quick things will turn you loose I would love your thoughts most of the talk to James beret go last week we talked commits cup check a few weeks ago and you know whether you agree with what it is they're doing or not and over there in the front office it does to me seem like there's a pretty clear vision and two native that vision is and whether you agree or not that is through. Keep Kemba Walker odd try to put younger more athletic pieces around him and see if this team could fight its way back into the Eastern Conference playoffs is that we use it. Yep I mean you know like I popped up before in the MBA. When you make the playoffs it's considered at that when you Don it's considered a failure and I ain't. They obviously want to get the help and you have parked in not to deal you know I'm up at a lot even injury the court static way. I can do it is here and been clear what they're trying to accomplishing that and trying to get a lot. They wanna have a cape op and out there on the air like temple locker. And do that and an ex gal at bat and there are funny people in the league have a lot I want it here object at him and build around I think you're on the right. So in that vein biz Mac be humble makes some sense that right in the U trade away Dwight Howard you understand why. And he'd all the respect to us that the some of the guys that were there are no longer are they just worn athletic enough. So you go out to bring him biz back to protect the rim to rebound and look at it we all know he's not gonna boost this offense a ton but that's what is there to rebound protect play defense. Exactly and I ain't bad at it he knew when you talk about players that are like this map beyond. You have to know your role. And now in apple and the NBA is not going to be you re all are my attic all that in the NBA and all and be an. In fact there's ample back are you capable of getting what you wanna do you may find what animal is Mac or. You look at player like and a lot. We are rebound he was not an offensive power in the lead that when you're talking about it and put back. He went really except you know once it's. Big Mac and be at the wire act in app to me the salad what we can do it by commanding. The present in the I controlling the board. I protective and I think our app one would get up and down while Iran at all right. Our Stephanie two quick things will turn you loose on it in terms of you know what this team may or may not do next depicted doniger the sense they're probably not quite done yet. You know that the big question. Either and we. Want to be and on her hair that they need in the NBA you find cool. Arts a tree and training camp and they and it's the team and the not mad at it happen much anymore. All the apps and I think. Actually. And their themselves you need them and move air conditioning. If they coming eighteen good. Our last leg and a really cool announcements folks out there have not heard about this until this afternoon as a matter fact we were told they were the we were the first show that could bring it up this is really cool especially for the folks out there in the triangle area. Of the hornets and the Celtics at the dean dome out of Chapel Hill September 28 part of pre season their training camp. This is really cool Stephanie I think it's gonna go on sale on Thursday hornets and Celtics on Chapel Hill. I mean that are checked talk about. You know. I'm sorry or within one obviously between now and Chapel Hill. Chapman that they popular in the airline and then of course the owner of a shot. At a and opt out opt out. And they went to the it there and me an opportunity for the and an opportunity at hand even Charlotte hornet for the first time. Mean I think that I think that's what it is not in Charlotte Erie can be like he's dead in the tried all though they'll. He followed can't panic and on the am. I mean exciting. Note see the evolution of me from the very beginning. And how they regular season and much higher and then at all like he. That really cool thing going on once again September 28 hornets and Celtics out of Chapel Hill. At the dean dome tickets are on sale this coming Thursday. And I checked it out more information on go to war it's dot com oldest those going to be reported to check out Stephanie ready fox sports southeast courtside analyst. Part of the awards broadcast crucial be there she's been what does the last fifteen minutes and that is no longer have great stuff inside is always Stephanie thank you very much. Appreciate at. I get back. All right we come back on the other side mortar did ensue will get to the information as well if you need it again for the award Celtics pre season game coming up September 20 Garcia and Bailey WS Wednesday.