Garcia And Bailey: Stephanie Ready

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Tuesday, March 6th

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She's a basketball legend Jack Hopkins beat all former coaches meeting immediately. She brings knowledge class of charisma to be killed honor weekly segment ready for life. Supported channels Stephanie ready. Is ready for lunch orders back at home tonight take it on the 76ers this is the second of four games since the all star break it to this billboard it's in the sixers will play in the as always you're Stephanie ready on fox sports southeast seer I should say. A orders broadcast crew course Silas Chou joins us serum tech become just line enough Stephanie what's up how are you. They're great aren't it'll. Good good first of all before we even get to the game. I'm a question and an apology for you because I twittered something to you last week. Arc it's sort of a congratulatory things on does innocent cool work that you're doing with the NBA on TNT I think there were some people who took that to believe that you were bolting believing that we would never see your and so on sari for for causing the confusion. But again nick congratulations. Because for folks that may not know you're doing some a game package with NBA on TNT and you don't some really cool stuff so I was hoping you talk about that a little bit. Well you think of that it'd are it's a little bit over my head terms that technology. It's a virtual ought it act which by the I did not even know it's they've you know I knew about virtual reality I did not know that. That network went out to be quiet teen prodigy I think it it'll I don't doubt you are behind. But it did an amazing and a lot and and an antenna technology isn't me. When you put I had that aren't you can literally look treatment and that it agreed around every now why I. And it is unbelievable. Why did you and didn't like. Dizzy and nauseous when you do it to me that sounds kind of intense. Well it is very bad and I didn't think I read a while we called it. But we'd be happening but try to. That if we want to take a lot to me you know just what the viewers are being called begin their respective. Are you the really cool to get that one of the earth people you know the wire act in the ball deployed to the white television screen lock it into gear solid that. On a regular out and bought in Gupta is seen what's going on lap I'd there are the arena. But it would be are brought out that I hate that it at all while it went on and they looked Arab. Much courage it dumb a out of it it's going crazy you know whereas on a television brought act. It ain't allowed to get you back at great golf can lead to indicate that trot and the director at a unit camera and they're high law at chain link. Why don't really expect a virtual reality but app. I've always felt like are going to be there watching the games were wherever there rat like we were in person and as one of the things I like watching when I go to again you get to see the reaction of the coaches the players in on the bench isn't what there. Now how they're reacting to the plays or to the caller to the officials or on those types of thanks. Yeah back part I think of a point in the game especially if it's been in the lower all we can actually hear. They're saying it tried to be let. And you know professional sport is meeting being up there are. I DN BA really but that's all part about our tech to be so close and I mean you know court but they're a lot orbit why aren't allowed to get Auburn and air you know you can become part of and I ain't the virtual reality brought app that he is doing what the NBA that really cool feature. Especially our AN two do not get back up close experience that without part. Bit they're back. All right Stephanie you talk a little bit about you know the horse it's great to it's you know it's obviously catch up with you once again and unfortunately. You know after went five to Ro com they they come back from a road trip with a couple flat tires and you know we've Cilic you have to win two or three of those into the 3-D T to even have a chance to compete. From yelling get that done the loss to Philadelphia but probably the most damaging where they had a chance and opportunity with the lead dated to get that done. Our. You know so watts and got fairway because everyone understands how important all would be quite dark stretch. And you're at a point where they're not windy you know when you look at the schedule and and take a look ahead but we need a look at. Aren't you a weight that we've heard of and witness in art. And you hate the that'd be MBA as we all know anybody can read it but. At that point I wanna are they're pretty up to get the ball you know they're sitting on the outside looking an end and give it a we are about what all but not just like they only can we in the out and share them a spot you know Eric competition out or I don't into the apple and a lot about why aren't there on October nude gay. And I you I'm your urging. Martina. You might be competing in our top eight. Out. You know bit the back part of it's either Wear it eat it you're at all and you understand how Bobby scene are. Sort of steps are you ready fox sports southeast courtside analyst towards broadcast crew join us on the technique come just like. Out and look at it again it's kind of bombed big blunt here but I look at the standings and they were they were creeping ahead they've won five games in a row and they've pulled within one point 63 and a half of of eighth place but now here they are six back and it's to me Stephanie got three game road trip they went over three that was that was kind of boring answer like that I realized crazier things can happen but that that was Lawrence Wright. You know. You know I aim it at an eternal. Always the ball and Aimee B Mike Boettcher in any guy you back at it and get emotional and let out. I don't feel like. Eight and they make around that you know I don't feel yet there in that an app and fortunate. I'd put it was talking about it. In part to bad this morning and they respect. If we can't win the game you know I know walk that street but looking at a schedule of looking at our schedule. What are ill and it bit is that Chet you know I I don't want dot but they are. But you look at what are you share now he is yet about it then yet what went aimed at L. I am hip hop in an app community out. Don't we get the word that Michael Korda Williams is possibly going to need surgery and I haven't seen an ER. Odd definitive answer on that yet but it sounds like that might be the case and between that and I kind of where they are having lost three in a row. Isn't it time to dismally monk on the floor a little more. Well you know could actually get back this morning. Should keep that Michael part of what we are not sure how on that you mentioned there could be out of surgery. And you can talk about Ali month we get the Michael Carter Williams. And I don't. I don't quite. It came into a cap. But we can't could come out here and who I thought about it buyer and see the art at the scene me against the playoff. Mean how what an app that you know he had been we are unity tip printed values that. There are. You know the pampered an act input and an. I'm sure he'd been wanna have now it's an opportunity. Where you get out there and heard what it's gotten really eager to perform. Our staff OK let's go without so. You talk about your event again the the loss of that right tell me more about it. Opt out black white but a lot Brad well being yet are out here looking in Atlantic Charlie but without application. What the Barry. We we have a chemical and I ain't where we're looking to try it you like our money every about what sport you're able to share that you would elect a I am. A lot I don't like everybody a lot of people don't want everybody knowing. All they're about but it teach at a media there is a couple of chip there about at it's pretty clear that people but it but that. It's apparent. But it'd be a really I'm giving all our the and it. Eight at ten which is practically tied to our people that they'll stop in LYSE with children all. People get out go to bat don't act and I that they get and get wrecked our work and and then. It got up Monday night at at wrapped up without it. MEL I do you. RAI. Is very good. To know that they'll admit I was out a little about I want it to be. I. Well you know what so aren't you pit parents need a night out that's of these events of forest and you took advantage and there's nothing wrong with I don't feel guilty all right. I'd Stephanie we we appreciate you as lol don't do so.