Garcia And Bailey: Stan Norfleet Plans out Panthers Free Agency

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Friday, February 23rd

In this hour Stan gives his thoughts on what the Panthers should do this offseason. Also former Sports Agent Andrew Brandt stops by..


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I almost forgot I was sitting in the newsroom this morning and our promotions one of our promotions ladies Courtney comes into the newsroom is is today. Just so you know. You've got tickets to giveaway and to better him away. As she scary so I gotta make sure that so this gets and cordless not scared and tell him all hazards and you denies he's organizes people but if you don't do what she says. It's just a bit different side is guy telling a mob boss side tour. And as she comes that is as you've got four tickets to family day at the hornets this Sunday at 1 PM so we've got four tickets to giveaway. To hornets vs pistons the Blake Griffin led Detroit Pistons the game is on Sunday those tickets are going to be have to be picked up today. By 530 so it's kind of a short notice things short turnaround but before we ought to do go back to break your about ten minutes. We will give those tickets when we afford to give aways to make sure you get in on that if you wanna go to the game on Sunday to see the hornets and the pistons put up our number three child clearly stand Norfleet sitting in for frank Osborne's here as well as we wind down the week and there were a lot of dog though we a lot of parents are still still to get into -- right back into it right now and stand almost burst just got to take this one California. We find out I guess it was Wednesday maybe Tuesday or Wednesday that the dates all kind of together at this point but we're in the show we get the breaking news Caroline printers official release the interim tag had been removed. And that Marty party was the other full time GM for the second time he was here from 02 to 2010 and and his once again the GM of the Carolina Panthers and they interviewed lake Dawson engineer the third and the mark Mayhew individuals that was the official list of folks who got an official interview vesta Mario. The arm and rules as well and you can feel free jumping on that as well you'll excuse me as well what's. You know Mark Martin we're doing right now I I tides I did and I did very specifically say we're gonna give us tickets away at the besides the people tried to jump to go on the lines blew up as soon as I said that which was probably Bob statement. Marty cesium again. Men very quickly my my stance on this was that. What else were they gonna do. And the reason I say that is. His current contract or did the previous contract ran through June 30. There's new ownership coming means over door Lesotho with Carolina Panthers hired. Obama term race they were all going to be on an interim basis regardless so while a lot of people said Dana we want knew blood Marty's got the right guy look at his draft history he's got the right guy for the job. He knows disorganization where it's at right now better than anybody else but the lake Dawson could better than Jimmy grade the third could tips and and David tapper or somebody else comes in buys this team. Billionaire owners. They like control. Okay bill you know billionaire owners did not get to be where they are in this world for the most part. By not wanting control of everything and so it's very feasible that whoever the GM is or was going to be snow Moriarty. May not be the GM here next year. And show it in the interim for this free agency period for this NFL draft period and I'm not really sure what else would have made much sense to do. Other than to retain Marty hurting at least for now he's he's Jerry's guy. He's gonna get page he's gonna get this kind of sank to the very least he he's getting his a golden parachute to say thanks for coming in eight days before the season started when we fired Dave government yes and keeping their ship afloat here you got a chance now go do your thing maybe the next ownership report you can maybe they don't but at least here's a check and a contract for your troubles so you take the floor on that but what were your thoughts when they are to bomb. Mark my initial thought was wow. Meaning it. Not a surprise you are I was surprised DN. With the climate today in the me. And everything that's going on in Dallas with a married man if every week there's a different. In sports outside a sports politics and entertainment Mike there's a different story. Ten million or trail has a president. The first one comes from. The mile from me as a Kelly. Have to have done that. You just have to have more probable than not that something happened. Kim be grounds for your true. We're also on our policy personal. On the Polycom to combat bitch or mental to the team and organization is another language that often comes up so I was surprised especially give. The landscape of the big cat and everything that's going down. Was allowed to take place the mere optics well the move surprised me not only. There are no reports register quickly would be the NFL's investigation concluded no wrongdoing in the judge was presented with the evidence and the facts evoked potential restraining order the judge said there's there's nothing here but I convicted that would constitute. A restraining order command and while there were some pretty bizarre stuff in that that's complaint that she also did later withdraw run. I don't know what grounds they would have had to say hey you can't do this job because when there was no evidence that anybody could find that he did anything wrong and the complaint was withdrawn so so what can you do with that point because the clear difference between Uzi chili tastes though is that there was a pattern. Of this behavior and the NFL as you well know you know employs former FBI former sheriff's deputies former you know various branches of law enforcement that oftentimes have a greater reach. Unfortunately or fortunately depending how you look at it out in the judicial system can't. And an eight and the NFL even had to conclude there's really nothing here so it's not that I mean if I'm in the business of taking up for Mario party could I don't know I'm like patent was just on the face of blown. It didn't seem like there was enough for that to be a root cause of him not being hired as the GM full time again. Are coming to this Bosnia to the bottom line news at the justice system was the experience there's not enough you know move forward. Justice system would mark in earnings is there's not enough you know move forward. Why does he care to do for any player and certainly it's I'm just use. Newsweek in this specific case so. Once I got past that now I armor into the second before and it's mom report the second at any point is. I can just tell you there's a black man has been a photo of sports on several levels most of my adult life. I have not seen a brother. Minutes and other Dow. High use levels of organizations. That morning Ernie has being given our Josh McDaniels has been given. Elegant and totally different sort of reminiscent. Don't get. So I'm past. I'm forced to ask from my vantage point. Okay yeah like I. I go all right I understand. What there is a different way to look at this. Head they go what are Morton may you have to be your brother was that detoured lines that tomorrow Matt Millen. For example. Perhaps the quote America when you have a changing of the guard. And acquisition. Corporate restructuring. All ten times. Between he and someone from the outside not affiliated with the current climate of Dexia organization. And CEO balls all the will come in at a later date. Here remove. The leader for the new manager you've been here for thirty days ninety days three months six months you know. Have the same relationships. More as your observation and evaluation of what's mingled Illinois in the framework of sea organization. You've been. Loyalties to the incumbent process OK the our brains of Frist as a fresh set of prospectus and a threat perhaps of that mill graft and bet. Owners trust anyway. And it's the Fredricka the future of the organization. There is there was another option. They chose not to go with that option I can understand why they didn't what I think there's some value. Going the other way as well. As you know and you know need to keep repeating this to huge so much as. Marty hernia and Ron Rivera had a very long history of working together right we can agree on natural there's a a a school of thought out there for many people I trust in the front trusts and I'm sure you do as well that would say in a Marty party. Took a bullet. For that organization in 2010 here bright and and a lot of fans say hey wait a minute you know he must've been in a bad cap situation look at some of the draft picks and certainly I understand that armed and a lot of a lot of GM's that we consider to be very good GM successful GM's may not have the greatest draft history right there are more components to that job then just drastic show on notice about the capita is about free agency it is about making tough decisions about veterans and cap casualties and things like that unbeatable when it comes on to what we're talking about sort of fresh semis and they're trying to get some new blood in there it this is not a team coming off a six and ten season this is not a team coming off a 79 season this is a team coming off an eleven and five season where they're they're starting quarterback there MVP caliber quarterback was. Really using the first four or five weeks of the year. As his pre season coming off a shoulder surgery they're they they. They suffer a lot of injuries they dealt with a lot of things throughout the course of the season including a scandal deal involving the owner and jeans Friday and they still somehow managed to go 115 and have a chance in the post season to make another run to the Super Bowl so this is not an overhaul job this is hey we got 45 real needs here. And we got to clear a little bit cap space to maybe make some moves. But we're not that far away or at least we believe we're not that far away in last year's record would serve to justify that so so wide and it. On very possibly a short term basis which just blow it up and force Ron Rivera to have to attitudes into active I guess mesh with a brand new guy that he may not know to spend the first month or so you know and try to mesh with the guy ideologically get on the same train is a guy as opposed to continuing to work with a guy but he already knows and they already have a vision in mind what if not you agree with the support we with their vision or their plan there is one in place because these guys have been doing it together for a while a what we're competitive for such important steps are gonna come back we'll continue to focus on what your thoughts on what Marty parties to do list should look like now that he's -- back on the -- We're gonna talk about his to do list and are your thoughts on potential ownership and picks and all that coming up if you missed Andrew Brent yesterday's fantastic conversation glad that. Religion at 1230 and a lot of threats install come into ways Weld's Garcia and barely stand Norfleet sitting general Friday. So while we're gonna do right now to make sure we get an MMS so according to promotions doesn't does string me up Obama toenails. We got four tickets to giveaway to the hornets and pistons game on Sunday at 1 PM it's family day at the spectrum sooner so third caller did some 70457. Or 96 to invites. Got to pick him up today about 530. No if ands or buts about it we can't leave important gotta come get them. You gotta come to the station by 530 today to get them 70457. Or 9060 and third coordinates of four tickets to friendly date the seed order stay Don Blake Griffin and a short distance don't look to Sunday that one Pia. I'm reading the text line and its primary. How some folks can read what they want to read that. People miss the point what I was some people missed the point where I was cinema mourner. Okay. Important to four new endorsement by its oldest one says. This is from a non NATO is priceless and it's amazing how someone. Good job over accusations meaning. Martyred in new yeah. Court judge. Endured loses jobs and then this person is accused immune turn it into a racial issue. That's not what I say. They're separate points there. What I say there was Marty's give the benefit of the doubt. And there is precedent that players coaches and executives. Having gotten some of the same image without a doubt. When there were some factors that were in question. The second piece is I thought a fresh set of ice. Could be just as valuable. Is being unknown acquaintance. Right and I don't I think that's a fair point I really do I think that's a fair point and I am actually. You talked about the Rooney rule a little while ago and it's a discussion that we've had not I have mild set of issues with the Rooney rule which I'm sure a lot of ways overlap with yours and that's. In a lot of these are token interviews and a lot of these I I I think token at a news is there's I'm sure you do as well or insult and at a gets a waste of time and I think that is spread aforementioned rights you know and look I'm all for the the people opportune or did the this equality of opportunity and equality about come right that that's that's what I'm always been about and I think we can probably agree on that. I think in a situation. A guy like lake Dawson might as dodged a bullet. Because as we talked about before a torture during the break just talked to a couple of GMs about this sort of thing in the past are are called bring enough. In a press box and talk to Doug Whaley the former Buffalo Bills GM about this and you know how how these GMs. Want to be. Its value waited on their own decisions and Earl tyrants not somebody else's so. It and and what GM you might ask wouldn't want to come into the kind of consistency. That Ron Rivera has. Has provided this organization over the years you've had your beef with Ron is. Noise in the into the Austin city drawn the guy the guys that he's tired but you have to keep in mind at this been a playoff team what three or four of the past five years you are the only two teams in the NFC have done better Seattle and Green Day and so there's a level of consistency that Ron Rivera has achieved that it's a you'd say what Jim doesn't wanna commend. And have that you know to walk into an us true to some degree. But the GMs want to hire their own dies they want to be able to make their own decisions because that's how they're evaluated right. Yes and so in that way I think a guy likely Dawson or Morton makes you or urgent here in the third might dodged a bullet nonsense because. Look the bottom line is whoever buys this team. It is is going to at some point want their own guys know Marty Ernie. Blows it just blows us away in free agency and the draft him and his team goes twelve and four. And and ends up in the NFC championship game or even to another Super Bowl appearance you know there's been an incoming owner would die I would be crazy to wanna change just for changes sake. Before she's all right right but at the same but I guess what I'm saying just. It's possible that a new owners there's gonna do kind of what Jerry did last year and and fire the GM right before the season's special that's possible but its downs powerful so Marty or is gonna get a chance there. That was seasons he's gonna have a season to prove that tell you know he's changed a little bit that he can make the decisions moving forward to make this team a better team and I don't think that's a goods I don't think this situation is a good starting point for a first time GM. And while I understand you're gonna take the job however you can get to the casual of the universal GM I just dodged a bullet here might be a better job doctor and better situation. What you may evolve so. Then granted an opportunity to demonstrate under the the most volatile circumstance that you can stable she'll hand heal some content nor anywhere on an an organization such as. And I've owned a job with new ownership group as they're being interviewed that you can. This and I think. As I work for. 1233 billionaires from a professional perspective. Meaning. Playing as a business development marketing all of that. They disrespect Smart people that are productive. You did it don't write and they also restrict me what is the context that you're giving the job under most of these people go there well. Under some circumstances that more idea. They've got on the sales they took some risks they overcame adversity. And you can get stupid dumb wealthy right out slowly I waited. Billion I would qualify that by so you're just because I'm an interest in billionaires and and where the money comes from the ones who made their own money absolutely. A lot of millionaires though come from money you know that that's I didn't Vista systems and a fourth and a love a lot of millionaires come from money. Thousands rousing cheers in the Texas bombing mayor cells may Jerry Jones and Dallas cells may write snide in DC self man let's say there are. I'm just from my personal. Bob Johnson here's song is so maybe. Seoul. My experience Scott Ahmad telling you people what you should think. I'm just saying for me cure of the things that I saw here was another way to look at it and I'm trying to play Contra ambush let's be frank here. All assume that the big cat looks president of clean looks nonexistent diligent. You know notebooks so that it's already open there what to bring him in the genome. Could state may be go it's a short term audition that could have proven to. To be an opportunity. For some want especially under the climate of what's already happened over Bank of America Stadium the big cat the lead to more. Rich and AM Ernie do you link to shoot some of of this stuff I wonder if some other individuals live got the benefit of the doubt he history tells us not necessarily. Want. I've learned it's fun there are a lot of those things that do wanna get into his voting Marty's. To do plus should be all right so so we got a couple minutes left in this segment I would just puts you would get limited top three items. On Marty artist to do list as it pertains to personnel personnel groupings of personnel his top three a much to do list should look like what. First our yard itself a slimy just. There were colonials and what's going to go well because I guess that'd be the assumption then you're not gonna pay ride to Lille the current cap number right because he's already told we don't have to this year. And in that that's. That can be a dangerous thing for a player right in the visited we we cinema for guys and I'm done after this year to next year and they they get the farewell tour and all that stuff but you know right Julio was you know who didn't try to set isn't the best offensive lineman in the history of this organization to run clear right Khalil even with that that's French opinion and a sign of objective on the I made a face like why. I'm new to think back about it you know and his Reza many accolades and everything else it's it's it. It's a really strong argument that he is the regardless of that truck you know there's there's a big number Lebanese to be addressed the big normal number on the horizon there. And for a lot of people and frank thought as well and I made sense to me a couple of weeks ago I just tagged the guy you know pay him for a year and then reassess next year but it turns out they're not gonna do them no that I could use north. I think there's sure does not wireless so so that and that's what I said yesterday right we are talking about wide receiver running back and talk and this guy aside and act Imus is what you need both all of a sudden your Dr. Dre internal Roland free agency and might but if you're not. OK and maybe you're not willing to pay Ryan to realize there are at least a number that he wants then yeah we might add though the they're the wide receiver that can and needs to make this offense a bit more explosive to get over the top a little bit more are you you might go some of the bill which are gonna look at yourself and offensive end to pass rusher right then all of a sudden it if if you're not willing to pay those two guys along the offensive line stand and we're back to the same conversation we had before bartender moral. You're not fundamentally protecting the guys you should be protect. Which is why start with an awful lie and when did you first say. Listen to preface or say four point one. And approximately marlin Calero got. Depending on how you rank your free agent and draft board. I can be OK were they have a defense of mama manslaughter in the mislead four defensive tackle started this league for twelve seasons. Save me Rocco Leo hasn't been Ryan uncle Leo in three years. So me and a great easy enough then you sort of to be expected you're going to see some talent started acquire. It if he's guilty enough to give you somber and they've got to look at the capping okay what's the mix the solution. I've looked at the sooners that are of their free agency I do. Highlights from guys in the draft I can play both guard and senate. Are you comfortable rolling out build the price you can take him in the first round to play guard or senator thank you. Some protection if you elect to give away from Leo that's something that internally Dave got a stack their board awaited debut. I wouldn't trade Norway go to a million dollars a year or more I wouldn't do that. I would go get some money free agency. Going to draft original it's Washington that that's what I would do reallocate those fonts to some items that you go to depress. Which is Smart attorneys say can obligation to meet you. Gotta go identify some Yong pass rush is primarily on the it is that can go get after the quarterback. Third. This team doesn't either another wide receiver. A legitimate. Guy image is that complete text that can now only stressed that she you'll understand is I have a bill. Rumph this Bryant at one point to stretch the field this one I know ran a route three consistently. As they have throughout the reruns so everything else has those mostly about three routes for him. The receivers. Is mature enough in the passing game that understands. Of course Chris occurred as the mayor Mick comes. A lot from James Washington Washington like a lot more of a sudden sudden I don't you already have Baghdad this way it's fun to see it right. I don't think you need him. Went around to hit the Maryland does the DJ Moore. Yeah. I would like Matt could you tell me really will be rounds. And at 1213 1415. Now I can go from 24 of fifteen. To do reach out to go to. At least not worse depending on what they call us. In my give somebody a wanna go do your really meego. YouTube. You betrayed the voters get to 24 year old wide receiver coming out of college yes if all the other things but don't just go Limas tie in the deal on his site years why. Cam Newton prepare to Super Bowl window is now. I can't thank you know what cam is only six years from now. I gotta go yeah what can we do right now and nothing really can kill the plant is right now. It's interesting that running back didn't cracked the top three and we can talk more about why coming up in just a bit we're gonna come back though if you missed it yesterday. We had a phenomenal conversation with a Andrew Brandt of the Monday morning quarterbacks the athletics former vice president. Of the green bay Packers and we talked to him about a lot of topics surrounding both the Panthers and the hornets was specifically with the printers to vetting process new ownership what's gonna look like what's that timeline. Looks like and a whole lot more great job station we wanted to bring that to you again if you missed it because it's certainly worth the time you'll hear that next we'll come back more on the trip there's more on the hornets and those course and now we're number four we'll talk a bit more about this NCAA FBI investigation. A big report coming out of Yahoo! Sports this morning that names names. And potentially implicates programs will talk about that now we're number forced Garcia and barely stand Norfleet sitting in a Friday. Right now we're told today Andrew Brandt of the Monday morning quarterbacks the athletic. A law professor and Villanova he was a longtime GM of the green bay Packers and was he also also the GM of the Barcelona dragons and you know so worldly so he's he's seen it he's done it he's represented athletes the young gets all angles of the business side of sports and Andrew Brandt joins us once again on the second job just like Andrew Howard this morning. Month. Come you're well hey thanks for mentioned in the Barcelona. Where they area where they cheered at the wrong guy its entire debt off. It's so so not a as Blake beat army commercial it would not a dove with an adventure I I learned so much during that because. They're they didn't really want to understand American football. I had a tree and committee that would tell me what they like her didn't like and they were standard. True many meeting. We need. To run a play. Yeah. You me and I says yeah other huddled and I want Turco chip but they're all like eating because order meeting all. Asia will screw them and not and we're not I know I. Don't go to the kind of thing you're deal worth trying to introduce the sport too far out. And we talk about. Ownership you don't lie we just talked about with Jordan and ultimately due to a lot of fans that don't know inner workings of what it takes to be a good donor they say the wins and losses the only thing that counts is he if he's if he's a good owner he's running game and she's about. Owner and he's. He's losing games obviously there's a lot more to that you worked closely with a lot of these owners is a general manager and you start looking at your experiences with these owners what makes a good. Owner because getting here to the Carolina dances. I've played for Jerry Richardson as a player I thought he was indeed an honor he took care of us he cared for us we stay in nice places. He treated people properly even. You let guys do their thing and eventually you know they have. Have the results are we looking for breast Ensberg on. Yeah and it like came on what you guys when it all happened at the end of the season I. In my dealings with him in league meetings for ten years. We had what I call kind of a regal president. He was the only owner of the play it. And he drew a lot of respect from his program. I also saw him now are as my former agent and they are like they're awesome at. Maybe be hawkish. Most hawkish owner in terms of collective bargaining. And really stating on the players wondered what leverage in negotiations. But I'd happily saw and what I did they during my our airports. You know we all kind of rates are burrows because he had Tucson were being but the cheap. And all of a sudden they were fired. At the end he fired at don't spartans could they couldn't get along and says we curtain. But. You know it in your broader question. I work for the only franchise in pro sports but doesn't have an owner we had a lot of autonomy. I think that whatever one wants autonomy but autonomy which responsibility. You know if I did a contract for twenty million or forty million I didn't have an owner cellmate at too much too little. We just had the autonomy and the respect to be able do that. But it. You know like I talked to colleagues. Like on the contract side. That would be worked on a contract for three months. And all of a sudden in walks the order and off this one day in that they want that done that. I hate and Udall left urged. And it's a tough road on the other hand you have owners that they list. What kind of do to help and you know it's different different kind of hard deterred generalize about owners but you'd feel tired. Talking to Andrew Brandt Monday Morning Quarterback the athletics former vice president of the Green Bay Packers Jordan a solid technique job just like Angela sort of weather. The vetting process for a second because we've. You probably saw the story brake job about a day and a half ago that hedge fund billionaire David tepper who was also a minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers thumb is considered a strong candidate to wanted to by the Carolina Panthers and we've seen other names there was an accounting firm that to us and yesterday the Witten Byrd's family wants in on this thing and I'm curious I think we all about the vetting process and I think fundamentally we all understand just even be considered you have to have billions of dollars in net -- but beyond that what what's the vetting process and what are these other owners and you know solely looking for it in an owner. But I I think one thing is for sure these French or there come up ourselves so infrequently. That people last owns both spoke for years ago. So there is no shortage of billionaires interstate in the news and I think they'll get I have decry it we can talk about that but. Yeah out betting slips and they hired richer Richardson hired Allen and company. Big time investment bankers. And they hired a list Joseph Lisette DO Oskar Rhodes who's done these with a lot of franchises. The legal side. A bit on the banking and the legal side that one part of and that takes a long time then you get to be NFL but that's. And they got to be able you know advised by the banking and legal side that you can even talk to these people. And then you get to. Come personal rhetoric of course you know this is the person you're gonna be allowed in the paternity. And when I trade that person. In a military clear that there have been if faced at the table this is what you amnesty has had problems where. Because no one's been willing to be that person. And who are they going to be they don't necessarily have to be 21 putting up the most money. You know like Mark Davis that's hardly any money into it but. This is true they're going to be really betting and I don't know any thing but tapper courses someone they know from minority ownership. So there's a little bit of already processed because I have. Ryan do you talk let's talk about the business you know. About you know the Carolina Panthers in this ownership because Jerry rich about this for 250 million. On the open market and you know what numbers they're gonna get it at some point it becomes too big of a risky move for billionaires because. The you know the since you and give to your investors and things of that nature. The duke to its. The of the return the rate of return is is not in a match with the prices and the know. What Cuban said about you know the kind of the sailing and process with the NFL at what point does this become a that this is gonna sell out we're still financially. You don't Bob feasible for got to go out there and make money. Well I would definitive. When he bought for two shift million and there are people standing there expect back and and it is solid if they by and for two and a half billion now people paper at state that they think in my opinion. In twenty years because despite albeit negativity by some. We NFL the best product on television by far our our I don't think there's any noted that even close. And good thing about the NFL revenues and they haven't even tapped into the biggest source I think the biggest source and ten years it's going to be digital media. So now you've got Amazon and Twitter sort of dipping their toe with thirsty and I both saw. But I might get I mean if you include both got like eighty billion hanging around that couch cushions. You know make appropriate bill in that the NFL. And I don't think companies could. And that the NFL has been network greats and they're not gonna sell one or the other they're gonna do well. So I just think the real challenge for the NFL. What I'm saying is revenues are gonna continue to grow right trees are gonna grow ratings are meaningless to me at this point. The real challenge it. Engaging young viewers and Obama perspective owner. Unlike hourly and engaged you know millennial there's probably not the right word but how we gonna keep that. What do we got and what we got vs basketball what are we got. Wired our product three hours when it's only twelve minutes action. Tony Andrew Brandt Monday Morning Quarterback the athletic former vice president of the Green Bay Packers join us on the tech job just like that part of this this business and and part of what's you know people are keeping an eye on here intrusion will though is. This the stadium situation right this is one of the older stadiums in the league but still very well kept it's been that well maintained it's a beautiful facilities still and the NFL's kind of oh standard operating procedure there for a little while was to try to force the hands of these local municipalities to say hey you got a call -- public money irritant to get this new stadium we're gonna move the team went right it was it was that threat and for a while there are a lot of these cities just kind of event. They caved into the pressure of the us all not wanting to lose our. The NFL franchise but we have seen some cities pushed back we saw San Diego do it a we've seen other cities say ask you where where I didn't do that kind of money and we see some some privately financed stadiums here as well I never thought that you know so pressuring series into coughing up public money was going to be a sustainable way of doing business and it looks like that's kind of starting to become the chase I'm curious your thoughts on that. Yeah I mean people were asking me when it this proposed sale went down at the end of this season you know could they move around like. Where. Did you know L today which is this stalking horse for LBJ entry years they're spelled. Make it's it's filled. And it's hard to say it but they're not going back and ask not go back to San Diego Oakland or stand little. So you tell me where. So I don't know if there's any leverage. I mean if if if an owner not even this year but in five years that just Sam move when you're gonna there where. Are you really gonna go to Toronto who are you gonna go to Richmond I mean what are you gonna do. So. I think good paper eliminated that threat. By putting teams in LA and they get I just don't see. Any amateur there. But not so long as they didn't question that too big part of this I don't know I mean people because sailors just by and the players and buying Mateen that's. Now a stadium that you realist stayed at all those kind of. Are realistic earlier I. I am curious about her strengths are you your pin you do eludes us a little while doing your opinion going on how much longer you think it'll be before we have a real idea -- this next owner will be and and is her name and by did not do you think is the leading candidate or leader in the clubhouse or anything like at what is her name out there but you don't think has been discussed that we haven't talked about someone you think really wants to get back into the business of owning a football team maybe an Eddie DeBartolo something like that. I'm the last part of question I really don't know. What I do know you mentioned tepper. I think there are minority each holders of other changed that are gonna come to the forefront here. Because like I said they know the owners. They're real goal is not to via a minority. They're real goal is not to own 5% of the team or 10% of the cheap. They're real goal of the street at the table. So bid that capital model I think it's going to be content sand or maybe which can maybe it sure others that have this situation. In terms and timing what I felt all along has conserve estimate start of the season. Maybe summertime but I think it's pretty clear we'll have someone in place by the start of the season but I don't again Apple's gonna Russia before. Are due rideau we got a brand former vice president of the Green Bay Packers the muddled quarterback Tim Floyd Greg Frey Scott when. Alessio just a quick with the Rooney rule you talk about the rules for coaches and things like that you know I'm not familiar with all the owners of a child con is a minority owner. And isn't that that's going to be the important subject moving forward you know with ownership. I do I mean. It's hard to say how much that a factor in. But if you do you have minority ownership that's something had to go I think would look favorably on. Especially someone like this here at the table whether a minority or gender or a woman. I think that would put it would extend well but I get packed in the two issues they're gonna look at the most. Do they want that person in the fraternity and what finance. Ardinger rejection long enough that we ran long there was great stuff there really shortages. I personally love to have you wanted us as soon adrenaline thank you. OK guys always enjoyed. Garcia and Bailey stand Norfleet city news herald Friday he's back on Monday as well and they know we'll find out what his schedule looks like your brother frank Garcia is in route to Cabo San Lucas and I used and enjoy his vacations so. It would be a little bit different over the next seven days or have some fun would 70457096. Today and your thoughts on all on the Carolina printers don't put this well I'll put the question to you the listener the same way that I put it to stay in Norfleet there before that Andrew Brandt interview. Now that Maury Harris back in the job what should be the top three priorities. On his to do list and I'm talking about personnel stuff here on the field player personnel type stuff. What should be the top three items on his to do list and you know interestingly though and what I asked him a question you said I believe offensive line defensive end and wide receivers those are your top three car. Your version and I we I was surprised to hear that tell you you didn't include running back in that situation because honestly I think where that where they're headed. Is. Mangini stool Jonathan Stewart being more of those cap casualties that we're talking about. My I don't Damione Lewis says has argued there's there's more tread on those tires and I think some people are giving him credit for that it's very possible. I don't want to what to personally put. It always faster than a missile running backs get there anyway. But it but I do think running back especially in this draft new we've we've now had two years back to back stand. Of drafts that are are very deep running back drafts and it's adjusting their revenues conversation because you know as well as anybody a doing which you do doing this down in Atlanta on a regular basis that. You know we offer from nearly I'd say a decade we were talking about the the demise. Of the running back position how much to do India value within. You know you you've seen the likes of Todd Gurley and littered from that carelessly Kelly exactly been a comeback tendon and is it fair. All right is it fair to say they revived the importance of the position. Well the position has evolved. Your you can just put a back in the backfield that was just a brew. Are exceptionally stressed now the back must be able to. Catch the football raw. Routes as well as pass protect electricity exception to that but he's not great catch a ball out of the back where they don't ask him to do. Guess which makes him an exceptional as to keep your doors home little bit right but that's not really what pierce for ten years. From an image okay she may be able to add some of that is game I think Ager previously got better. Catching some of the holes. Dump passes the screen game and things of that nature. Running back for a face to. Resistant last year actually. I just thought the cap was the cap casualty. Was finally at a point last year when they could pull the trigger on. So I don't know a bigger. Harsco throwback and their 70457. Or 9610 text or call whatever you wanna do on one of the top three which should be a top three priorities. On Marty artist to do list now that he's back in the rule full time 70457096. Stand. We we got a lot of us still to get into Howard a reformer to talk more cancers when we come back allergy your thoughts on the potential ownership situation that we're gonna talk more about this NCAA FBI investigation. And the did did the programs that have been implicated here and I am using the word implicated there yacht. Third carefully because who would I say implicated images you've got names some programs on this list like duke Carolina Kansas Kentucky Michigan State's. On the and Virginia. Nobody but when you start talking about a team like Virginia what's the real implication of the Malcolm broad and added a 200 dollar dinner with an agent that is his mother is now since she doesn't remember having the media is that implicated in how big a deal is that apparently have a right to sue little old Brenda back up and our number four's well but so you'll feel free Jon and top three priority list are top three to do items on more minorities priority list and of course I want you thoughts on a couple of topics as well. Like have you. In Washington wonderland the total total it's all about that's who our number four is just around the Turner's Garcia Blaylock.