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Monday, June 19th

Garcia and Bailey talk about the Hornets and the NBA Draft. Plus the world according to Frank.


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But Garcia. Hi folks this guy show street party will be July 4. And Mendes and MLK food live music kids rides and more. At 6 PM head over to deviancy ballpark and watch team USA take on team. Sky show you're columnists write down here that means joke for coldest day of excited about it. A sky show Tuesday July the fourth thanks to our sponsors community coffee and Harris teeter fox 46 corolla Ramirez Acosta heating and cooling it. Tickets in details at W weapons these guys got. Obviously we're talking a hornet's talking draft and you look kids you know the where where where the cars are picking eleven I just a little research. You know on the top eleven picks of the top picks at eleven an MBA history. If people probably be surprised you know to it to hear some of these names and other names you probably have never heard. The problem is for the hornets is that because what we're dealing with the is that our our challenge is going to be finding. Reggie Miller or Klay Thompson at eleven not fatten Jones or Curtis low. Curtis row excuse me. Not Curtis blow Curtis Rowe price I mean he's one of the top ten guys when you start looking at more his. Shields career was in name BA Derek harper another get guy eleven in obviously played for you the bulls for why after drugged are being drafted by the mavericks. You know did nick Anderson remember him from Orlando at a you know I mean what we're talking about the topped when he MBA players and eleven of all time. I who's going to be that guy this year is a going to be Luke Menard has agreed on limit wouldn't have that same same type of impact the reality of it is when you're picking and love and and I did a great play early and and not notice if you all thought they clay Thompson was gonna knew what he was eleven pick. Your your phone you fool yourself a czar and they were Reggie Miller it was a it was a shooter enemy yeah he wasn't expected to be an all framework. And that's why I think the bully. Month things interest in Iraq is that there's a student I guess an educated tried pretty you can see Moly monk has won delete NBA skill. Right and that's really that deadly shooting basketball right skate desperately need and so there the rest of your skill set you can roundup from their a look at JJ reference to sir JJ Redick entered the league. As a pure shooter was not Italy ball handler nominally defender really pretty good team defender but was not an elite defender. A mid range jump just a veteran gamers just OK at best but JJ is turn himself into a really good NBA player and guys it's one elite NBA skill. Have a chance in that league and so link monks falls to the more it's at eleven as Chad Ford of ESPN mocks this morning. You're more its fan you know of the players we talk about sprinting to the podium eternity in the corridor with his name on late mountaineers one of those players if he's there are added eleven for the hornets. Yeah I edit it if that's a guy that tell you wanna build around Oregon go out there and put on your team to have an impact there he he could absolutely be that much guy but. Here's the difference you know Kyle we're talking about Reggie Miller you know how tall he was. Six to read it was 676 it was six service 67. Urging those statistics and ministers say it all to guard that's true. I mean rhythm Moly marks 64 in I don't know you can win with guys like that but with Campbell and my animal league in the backcourt same time. What are you given up. Yeah we all thought that you know going out there and get a Roy Hibbert was going to be the greatest thing we don't have any real protectors as well yeah. So I mean this ugly all right there's Sony holes that the hornets have to fill. But I think that you have to do it wanted to weigh as we've all known either gonna get onboard and try to do better. Or your gonna do it different right now Sawyer good beat the Golden State Warriors don't know he's gonna do better than what they have with four all stars pricey at two different. How do you do it different you go to the big you slow it down you play half court basketball you beat him up is slow now. Right so how does the hornets want to play good right now just a question earlier who are the hornets you know as far as like what's their identity it's. I think that's a great question. I have no idea. Would love to ask that question question question a cliff to see what he thinks or identity is he's he's gonna give you an answer. But does it match to what we look can see out there a coach is gonna give you the answer. But is it maybe that's what they wanna be attacked but it's not what we're seeing with our eyes bore the hole. It's. Yeah and look I did did at the height with Moly moment that you said the second ago. Doesn't concern because this year. If you were something else if you were pure scorer he's got to had to get to the rim although that god be more concerned about that but he's issue these issues right Seth Curry's are great sure no one expects him to be stepped Corey but we give a quick release like holy month does your pure shooter. I noticed concerned about as tight you know Doug again elsewhere I would have been original big 67 that's all smug they need to realize that. But some I agree with you actually on the precise earlier either to find some what are you could fill up. Or go get more athletic a front court. By and that's where a guy like bam at a bio comes at us they want thank if you're bored it's fair for all the tricks and a duke fans are not gonna like this summer you anyway. I got I've seen some possibilities and theory Giles my slot that can. Can you imagine and I can't they I can't imagine they'll go this way. But Terry Giles if that order be the trick or give my hornets card back right now if they take Terry Giles. I mean. I don't know what GM will not be scared. Really close. To it is to spend a first round draft pick a lottery pick on a chip with paper clip knees authority had put three or four knee surgeries before the age of twenty. Terry Giles showed flashes. Towards the end of the season of the end you know potentially the players that maybe they thought you know with a couple of nice effort plays and block shots. Terry Giles you mentioned has paper clip knees. Brooke we owed them for the Portland trailblazers and Kevin Durant in your kind of that situation back and what the mid two thousands late 2000 when they had that opportunity to take either one of those players at number one Portland went without him where's all the Matt now unruly because he can't walk. Probably as do laws crunchy river same. And your entire life you know might have like my on knees right now we're just he's he's he was beat up he was banged up. And that's the equivalent for like an NFL player of having a multiple. You know an ACL surgeries right you have bad knees in the MBA. You know you're just going to be you know I'm gonna take that risk garner Mario I mean maybe as the title player of the corners have to take risk on. In a lot of times you noise you're young player you start myrtle grove you know mature or you know whatever might be but. Gosh I mean I just can't see the horn has taken a guy like Terry Giles and you the fan base just being happy with I really can't I mean I specifically especially if he got. You know a guy like Collins there or Dennis Smith formally mark and you say with the eleventh pick Norris take Terry Giles. What's. I mean that's amid award it's fair for roughly ten days if they did that I might turn among Cortes brand new you know it can believe it or not tell there was a lot of who you'll thoughts with that it's you know back when they decided to take Kaminsky over justice Winslow. I mean I was one of those guys. I mean I was an on board the Kaminsky trying. I was a justice wins all the day and everybody's is is because you know I'm a deuce ran an idea eEye yeah I hate with Scott and I had nothing to do with that. It's just because you know that's where the MBA is that it's. You know an injustice was hasn't shown yet he was hurt all last year a Franco missed his turn himself in to be and you know I trendy player in the right direction. You know but if you horse right now I mean you have those players on your team so. You have to do something different had to take another guy is gonna fit to fill your roster and kemba has zero helped off the bench. Vermont sessions coming off the bench last year was a disappointment and that was. You know we just don't have that backed up guy or another score in order to replace the though the point differential when you lost a guy like. You know German Liam. Berlin extremely Jeremy Lin you don't have a guy. Well who by the way Jay writes in on Twitter he compares Terry Giles calls Matt and Anthony Davis type of what's that mean. That stretch and and look he's not Anthony Davis he's just not and that again is there is an NBA GM I don't care what the upside says I don't care with a potential says the Q with three or four knee surgery before even tourist forty years old. You're asking to throw your money away if you admit that high anyway you take a flyer on a little bit later OK I get about just take you behind that I think what. And I'm just looking at so on one mock drafts and and of the players slots columned you know six through fourteen. Are always the last taxes said that there was an Anthony Davis type was jail on Twitter and I got a great idea Jerry. I got a great idea let me put you in a tank with a shark is if you go out swim. At the effects of that's hosted this listen these names are this them to give you Blix six through fourteen in this mock draft you tell me which guy you think makes the most sense. Jonathan Isaac a florist a lot of love lower market in late monk. Dennis Smith sacked Collins Donovan Mitchell Lou canard John Collins. It was a stop their protected I don't know the French player haven't seen it and give you anybody knew about right so than we do not to talk about clears room sick I'll go. Makes the most sense for the Charlotte hornets if you're gonna ask that match your list to choose from it's either more legal Moly moment for me or Luke canard one of those two players. I think we have a funny. They've covered full of Zach Collins. I do and we heard the same thing. You know if you remember going going back to a Cody was drafted from Indiana. He's going to be a guy that can stretch the floor he's athletic he runs and he's going to be a guy that can shoot and knock down threes eventually that's what he's gonna evolve to. By the same thing that they're saying about that Collins. At the same exact stuff. Right it and you know is it fair to look at and say what we got that guy let's stay away from I'm not saying that because he's tall and why it. I'm saying that because where we have three of them. The oil near another player like that and you know he might be a little bit better he might have more upside almost what does that mean. Outside his protect potential a potential it's productivity is what I'm concerned about. I think Moly marked in this league has a more a bigger chance to be productive if he's there if you're the hearts you don't take them. And I think that you should sign the papers right out to you just quit and walk out the door if you're rich Cho fewer than if you're the hornets if it would mark is there I don't know why he would be. But if he is if you don't take him for this team he would be the guy that you're almost look at that and say that's our perfect fit there dismiss another guy. Not third Dennis Smith and there's balls you'll probably my third option let's go to the phones quickly Nicklaus told core it's Nicholas amend our if. Diego guys doing. This. Not a good got a bum. Coming into the origin and in. But some pass system quote you know not this is not that little bit but I think big is. Hurt both. We're gonna do it does come here to play in this market. They don't want you would sort you know I just thought out name I don't know what happened but I mean it bowed out all sorts. And those critters created common element he got just just how the political several little. While we can't you've got to go play in his pocket. That Tokyo is not a bit more difficult than what the day's best superstar that goal simply. Other well run there established right I mean it the size of San Antonio doesn't matter if you know the organization that you were like four hasn't went audition but I ago where does matter doesn't. They've built their video on the did not go well with it's very into that allies implicate. We have to cool gate dire outcome that you operate if you saw that it will grow opposite. Is that. Guys negotiates on the ST yes. What do you think the perception. From other players is about this organization. We all talk about the Michael Jordan factor and and people are gonna wanna come play for this organization. What do you think if you asked a hundred players and you pulled them. What is your perception of the Charlotte hornets. Because I know as a player you know Kyle there's certain organizations that you just didn't go want to play for because. Number one they won't they didn't have the tradition number two they were cheap numbers three that it wanna spend you know the money MRSA cheap. You know I I mean like the hotels they stayed out. You know the the food that they serve do. In other type posts you know. This type of tampering. Meal that maybe you expect as an MBA player. Right those types of things that's. Other players you look and say that organization's chief. I wish we don't you have such that we we have we have deet. You know rice and chicken. You know and bread water wind this other organizations can stake in attendance. I seriously. You don't love. And try to throw a serious Charlotte north about a Taiwanese prison camp where I. I think that's the upgraded their lawyers are still there's a dozen great segment on the other side for his monster college basketball draft expert will talks and drive to the limits Garcia Miller. Yeah. Then okay. Don't you grow. Our VP Matt Hamlin Stefan both sides Tony's playing Kansas and he says hey how does that bode for music that we changed format so that if guess he's talkative. Demi the other guy okay responsible for and I certainly. Oh man lot of basketball saw today is the draft is quickly coming towards us on Thursday what will the Charlotte hornets do what should they do. Right now was the most pressing question and we are talking to Chris monster college basketball news editor and publisher joining us on the technical I'm just slide good afternoon Chris our year. Great to be with you got tight and that. Don't well go really really appreciate the time and I will start this off by saying Chris I just want your opinion. What do you Charlotte hornets need more than anything else. What they're Taylor has some good players obviously we look at the theme you know can they may hit that next level unfortunately your team. Jack begin no later part lottery means you were a good team but maybe not quite enough to get to play out of the question is. Can you make of those either via free agency trades or the draft to get. Yeah doesn't have actual wallet they wanna get back in the post season that's the key thing there are there the previous year been like to get back next it'll probably attracting eleventh of portfolios. The other submit to get players obviously look at my house with a lot of effect do you get some good players but your pride are gonna get that. Superstar player but again I think there's a good draft is deep draft the problem that you got a lot of young players and the question is. How many of those players even at eleven are to be really ready to help you get to that next level. So given a free and so when you look at these two players let's say you know if you looked at most moxie anywhere between. You know eight and fourteen is there a guy's name that stands out that would fit. What the hornets are trying to do because Ifill I continue score. They just don't have enough from Campbell is a point guard that scores first but the tombs not selfish enough he's gonna pass he's gonna distribute we have plenty of white and big guys that that play this position and young Justin and another one of those to me doesn't make any sense because your cupboards fall with untreatable contracts. You're right I mean that's the thing yet the look at I think the top you know six or seven players. Are kind of in a mixed there's so that the bequest elected that there's a group the guys that are you know fairly even think about eight supports either way you just gotta hope that. Maybe something happened to be a trade maybe a player you have to privately calls we've got to go back a ways Malia Paul Pierce was expected prior to their questions about his act. He flies all the way to Boston's number 12 why you do have a player padding just fall with a cracked slow but for whatever reason. Probably get out against the demon out draft. Where you can get a good player eleven yup you're one of gore and about the can go quite that well I think the league won't get solved yet again Jeb sort of get Bruntlett. I mr. Wright with deadly did sports tackle all old let's say like years and years ago did all their draft coverage. Have known him for years but bleak month was a worry at eleven I don't see that maybe half they had to do is to look to the score but. It's a little undersized 463 Boris shooting guard. But I think he'd be great if you are still available eleven if not I think there's still has some good candidates. That would be their looks and our do you have maybe a couple players in the ACC looked tired at duke Billy Dennis Smith from North Carolina State. The players a lot here look there's a familiar with maybe even up a boiler got a Doug Collins hello Wake Forest. Again there's some size and it is back Collins from Gonzaga about the late but it didn't you can have all the duplicates with some of the big guys are they have let. Yeah again I think there's a good player gonna be there available allotments. Because this is such a deep draughts. And really quickly you mentioned Zach Collins which a lot of people talked about here but. You're right there's some duplication there but you're also talking about a young kid who seemingly needs a lot of work I mean that that's a fairly extensive project isn't. Yeah the problem for his back and of course like a lot of players as we remember what we saw last above and aboard please. The deal in the championship game we got about double that really do a lot but. The result of those earlier games you know is a very athletic big big blocks out is Goran back in about well that's what you're writing itself a player who played you know. 35 college game this is going to be more time and a board slate. Still they continue through all the years to go to not allowed just come out I'd blow to have a great about that all the good I just thought we see what we're seeing now. Too many kids are wanted god I'd rather just be kids get a goal. High school we saw it you know LeBron James Kevin Garnett got to play our trade is great a lot of those players are very successful. I would like to see bigger role where you come at a high school if you want but if you go to college got to be there two years ago and helped the NBA game and and yes got to go to public college get a lot because so many schools are basing its replacing players kind of a revolving door. Senate consecrated Campbell I think the feeling was hey if you're a top ten high school kid. You need to probably come out after that one year I think even the hours he can do that even though maybe they're not ready maybe didn't have a great freshman year but I think the possibly they have those. You know what their minds that was from day one a college was I'm gonna turn pro after my first year. You know looks like when you start talking about Zach Hahn's you know you make mention of all the things that he needs to work on some of the things is successful that. You know what are absolutely reminds me of Cody Zeller when he is coming around Indiana you know a guy that can step away can knock it down he can do this he can do that all the upside in the world but. You know they put him into a field gaining forty pounds and now he's in on essence of power forward slash center for Morris there's gonna set picks in China and and I just don't know if you know you're going to take that risk for the hornets. On another one of those players because of the track record they've had evaluating those players. Yeah I can't look more athletic maybe a little bit better shot blocker again you're getting an eleventh pick where the dollar was aboard that you know so there's others that that actually right obviously duplicates the little one yard absence last it is. You know what you look for somebody that it is a little bit different again a lot with a pad and what happened that takes wonders satisfactory like at Benedict the top six or seven a pretty. I'd be surprised if any real they deviations of the decade the fourteen is kind of up. You get through about ten guys end Aaron you would be surprised to see any of those players go about that but you never know again. They're they're always do later as one player that maybe slipped below that one of the NBA or NFL draft. And obviously Charlotte hopes you know maybe there's a player that they're not expecting maybe they don't even think will be there all looked like catapult the lab. Talking to Chris monster college basketball news saw a talk and drive to what the hornets will do what they should do. And I'm curious lead actually give you two guys and you could break in both done if you like but if you were to have to pick between Dennis Smith junior out of NC state. And Donovan Mitchell a little which direction which ago. Ballot are David looked a little boards for genocide and obviously the play a lot of you're looking very familiar with playing down. We got a Wally allow people don't have I think all the media darling 62 guards. You know the question is that they Glenn Beck so maybe a little more suited. To be kind of undersized shooting guard needs to be able look forward true point guard that Canada scored quite rattled all the way that would Talabani the other Silva bigger. You know maybe a little more athletic player edit multiple players to make is that I would magistrates they're just a little bit out of they're so big so I think. Yeah they could use another unit that based on his strong play as a freshman obviously. The coaching change and things like that narcotics and I think the feeling was that he was I gonna come out no matter what that a great. Our rookie campaign. Four though the wolf pack I think I would take it a little bit over vegetables they're so. Go to player who a lot of people really like very athletic player just the comparisons to Dwyane Wade aid comparing. Players play later this is an outstanding player obviously great NBA player but I would they've really just a little bit more towards them. Part of seven other Pickens for his first pick in the draft and you look at some of the players it may be available there are no that we're sitting here nice is that you'll potentially talked about players in the beginning towels and tie and shoes furs and the other players but. Bomb is there a guy in the in the fortieth range that tell you look at and say might be able to help torn itself. Yeah get at it but don't crab soup catty get kind of throwing a dart but again I think the fact that is a deep draft what. You know Obama's senior reports say I hate to carry all these underclassmen coming out in public so that pushes the guys down by their father a look at straight migrated a great example I want the second round. Still it's a great situation golden gate and develop and you know NBA all star and I always. And so was surprised how it seems hello I just think undervalued but it didn't they really do undervalued Hekerob. The for a player who never played over. Never place a minute but it seems portrayed those taxes solver castle are looking you know some great NBA players. Obviously go back we'll that the Michael Redd what the what would seem like the Milwaukee Bucks you know what the map is what under active player Ben Wallace going way back was under actor Brad Miller. Yes yes a very good players in the second round into the Ginobili was a great player obviously appears survived all of favor. What this backdrop that so I'm surprised he's still valuable background this is about a field. I can pay a guy that lasts a million dollars to divide the other deportees picking them to maybe hold that he developed in the public. Rather than play a better O'Neal five to eight million I do that every time they get it because we did not draft where you can get. A pretty quality player without guilt about 41 sack. A couple quick things will turn you loose Chris elements are two more North Carolina kids that you John Collins out of wake. Who spent a couple of years in college but he still not even twenty years old did these these nineteen right now. And and Justin Jackson out of North Carolina Collins on the one hand you know he's gonna GE CE score the basketball really well pretty officially awake but he's not a great defender. And it did Justin Jackson not particularly elite in any one area but I think both those guys could have bright NBA futures in the right places where your thoughts. Get apple add up widgets you have as being rotation players again. Yeah Qaeda repugnant the young guys the press for the Phillies for players you know just exactly what other college game played I was in the beta to the championship game as a sophomore lost a heartbreaker of the Villanova won a championship this year. The other knock on him is not super athletic maybe it is Silva struck early about two and about what those out of court can do a lot of things obviously. North Carolina is produced a lot of players Roy Williams knows. What NBA people like for their players and two gas. Lot of those North Carolina players have been successful players aren't Collins which is that. This court a little under the bugged about that that was the player really improved a lot as a freshman and sophomore year I think he's still. He would continue to prove that you that is such a young player I think he still has room to improve again. Then big enjoyed looking for equality Beck decided she didn't really continue to develop this. Couple years ago it looked like these Boston Celtics were MBA purgatory after kind of breaking up of their Big Three all use all the sudden they find themselves back in the Eastern Conference finals. And making may be the biggest move of the drafts you trading away number one to three picking up some futures. Danny Ainge is just a winner how to do is how does he continue to do. Yeah they obviously take our catalog here that Brooke would go to liberal a lot of people but I've thought Italy you have appears you have Garnett yet with Diageo dot they have to give players a lot of people really thought. Brooklyn could be the other guy on the team and another polar opposite is boasting that they thought they could win NBA title but obviously that trade backfired so late in boxes and a great governor Brad Stevens the very underrated despite getting to the NBA Eastern Conference finals I think it was very underrated coach if you look at facilities he does on the court I think it is great job. Yet they can make some of the loose they wanna make maybe getting to Jimmy Butler Gordon Hayward. You know I think to eight is bitter cold is a GM that gambled on young players. And in the past players you only played one year they Dracula several players they'll call back in the day when you get back bicycle players. Also he's been you know willing to take a gamble a lot of people love there's side and it helps yes maybe a little longer lease and other GM but he got a great job and obviously Boston with the right mood to be a you know really get to the locker quite a long time. Chris sponsor college basketball news joining us on the technique come guests lined Chris we appreciate the time this afternoon man that I enjoy the draft authorities have. I look forward to thank you got that great that. Absolutely on the other side it's the world according to strike it's time now. For the world. According. To four day. Ladies and gentlemen it is that time again. And world according to strike. Where. Franklin deals us with his perspective on the world I do life. Regale us with the regalia and yeah title does that hurt his perspective on but the thought the next great way it was pretty damn good earlier and I realized. Part atop that. I. Bagels and stay healthy and he's good don't have a I stick to split within Europe. But it would you rather be. It prominent mobster. Or a famous outlaw. From the days of Lester it's monsters made a lot more money man. I don't know series was a strained right human nature made I don't know I mean the problem is a bug a rose or kiss on the tape they're done I'd be dead. They India there's a lot of people after that to us just a thought as if I was an outlaw bike at least hideaway you do have to worry about so much yeah. Under the trees right horse they're aware of you know I let him or not I'm I'm gonna say outlaw. Yeah they want to outlaw every day it's a sponsors where message jewelry and you don't have to have a surtax on your product. I was condemned the UB Val Kilmer in teams don't maybe. I'll be huckleberry head head. And that's a test disease going and you know nothing about I Dicey as she dead foot when a guy chip would give you for dead but what's it called the drop foot drop foot. Drop the what do dead that would do you know what I did that was where I have been on that in my outlawed good. Drug Foote did you foot drop what would've been my if the guy the big guy the loss of the lip. That's a short doctor Erica what are your own stuff but I so we chose outlaw. Mid evil Knight or samurai and engine. Aren't samurai ninja. Really I Al de La. I get to those old Chinese stars in the the numb chunks. As I did you know Bruce Lee I have been jumping off of buildings you know the best part of that swords even denied its road suite armor and this heavy and hot. Screw this heavy and hot best part of this segment is seen frank think those two seconds into the federal doorman noticed that I don't look it up. Is doing here nobody knows he wants the deep enough basis lights up ya gotta watch is official I really get killed in order. Guess that's enough. Ninja the embassy like it was tonight though so that the armor school you agree there sword which is also plus you get to be like that would kid. And so there's not a good candidate on the job would get annoyed though. Really did you nightly you get all the women like in all its not that you should want that sort of thing in my prediction trouble here but you don't still lots I don't know their benefits I have the woman for me. Boom yeah learned his less Mike shot. Ninja. I now filers and you know. And anyone milling around some yeah. They couldn't elders I think I don't know myself are less went in and in light of the McGregor. Mayweather bout toy out. What does one fight that we never got a when you've always thought about the you'd think would be also a one fight the you can buy it sealed a fight a bit of fight I'd love to watch yeah. There were a band that Mike Tyson. Services. Gosh I mean only would it kill them selling those out of an affair fired and that's our usual dose of oh absolutely that's kind of what we're gonna see. We're gonna see all lead vs Tyson just is a lighter weights. Mayweather is Ali. You know he's one of the greatest boxers of all times. Puncher fighter of all time breezy when a male handle it all league dance and around the ring you're probably try to buy them when you do it's a all sorts of different things who knows Tyson would've. You know even his time I would've gotten beat mallet. 99 close but that'll be a fight and once it. And that ladies and gentlemen is the world according to frank must you give me entering with this man. You mirroring the hit man destroy you the best that's like humble you as I do like the great white UB Michael Phelps. Trying to get but not I would catch you dead dead forty years now when catcher. Got you don't want to outsmart okay yeah Alison is a wow so overall receipts of NIC pretty Smart guy OK something wrong when you think so yeah it its street smarts I don't know how are. Part of my Forte who won't. Fort. We don't know. That if I guess we don't. Because I want to get Ike because I just been waiting and he wants to talk to us about the draft so let's bring idea and right now with some audio or if. Your dual well was only months. Well less sensitive regard. Ability elections that you have the award NBA career. I'm just curious as well I issue for our purposes our failure fiddle player who go on the list or. I'll watch initiate. Parliament. That was through player or without being in that basically what it is certain you go range right guard fellows were originally from Purdue and especially night William some good Carter. And I doing gaga is that you say you know open up a in all the championship game converted tackle. A guy and that between 1568. And Ted I'd be curious do you have any actually. First round trip short and actually open source. Bought a whole lot on more issues threat. I think visible this sort of government. Well and you never know right I mean he's a mock drafts into these guys might be mocked it you know 51 they conducted between oddly do you never truly know what I'm glad you brought a Nigel Williams tossed because it's an instant text into us. Probably three or 4 times this morning is a great player as far as and you're talking about the just wanna get out and vote for their right. Okay that my only concern Mark Shields wanted it and I love the kid my dad that battle he had against Iowa State in the NCAA tournament was fantastic. And I think they kid's got a drop some weight to play in the NBA title and as heavy as he is right now and as talented as he is how he can and should Alan be defending anybody in Libya the said the easiest. That's why I don't watch is when they're always stand so close you know we knew all of these overdraft. They era is a great player though tonight I George Washington thanks like I appreciate I mean if you're gonna go to you know who organize horns are gonna take it 41. To help this team out. You know I think even before any of those guys including Nigel Williams DOS you know against the look at a guy like Dylan Brooks. In our Morgan I mean that guy you know you look at what organ has been able to do Rican knocked down from the outside his score. He's athletic you don't between air you know it was a three guy you can swing in and put him in that position to maybe go out there and rotate him with the tomb in Campbell and you see how he fits in but he's a guy they can knock it down from the outside as well he's gonna get you good didn't hustle menacing good points. You know 67. Don you know he's his wing span is only 66 so that's the the issue with him obviously but he can jump out of the gym and he can run up now record this as well as anybody if you're gonna you know get more of those breaks you know after a missed rebound. Well again I'll I gruesome that I accept their second ago there's there's some value to be found in the second round if you do well if you do it correctly if you scout well. And at the same time I wouldn't worry too much about some of these guys being mocked in the forties and fifties because some of these players just takes one to name right. Analysts are watching is like the NBA draft trying to feed to your they'll like NFL draft trying to talk about who the best third routers are going to be they're going to be you irrelevant are the best fifth rounder. Nearly you to some of the fifth round is over the last couple years and now they've panned out in the NFL you know whether it's. There Richard Sherman or Josh Norman or you fill in the blank in the fifth round as some of these guys and in some of the impact they've had in the league so. You know listen listen good players and I think our our our guests brought in the fact that no more of these one does or. They're taking up some of those top spots which are dropping some of these juniors and seniors that are coming out. And you're gonna found a little bit more depth in this draft and that's when you look at some of these guys are we just mentioned in you know you don't think it's a waste. But I'd I think it's. I always say it's a waste of time to talk about because those guys are gonna be relevant that the potential is chance of them being relevant is slim to none. Text to write cinema buildings that are text line at listening to drop to a kid and hit men talk about outsmarting each other my eyes rolled so hard and almost crashed my car app after app after app. That's why we do decide if I got on the other side Chris Kroger will join a symbol Digisette the primetime it's the handoff coming up next. Welcome back Garcia and Israeli. And it's a handoff Chris Kroger just Schwarz in the house and primetime is still underway in about ten minutes. You don't wanna go anywhere. And we spent a lot of the day talking about the NBA draft which obviously come joy on Thursday who supported should pick where they'll go and and pro Earl Starr we view. What is the most pressing need. On this roster right now the single lower price on its way to start I know I know. I think it's two way players and it was funny because I was listening to you guys earlier and when I was at all levels and on the WS and Seattle and frank rescinding their. You know say you can't take another big man we've taken enough for those guys this team lacks atlantis' own. It's 31 way players and then you made a case for Lou canard I could already be nothing anti like I'm with him and I understand the frustration we Kaminsky. I understand the frustration wooded with a Jeremy let amber would have went in KG. You it's more of the same if you go Lou canard so I don't know what you do. I'd he had a fun at best two way player available when you pick eleven I think it's probably going to be Donovan Mitchell. Maybe get lucky and it's Dennis Smith junior Malik Marco falls that if they do you gotta take one of the American cars are built to stop and play defense on any give up until I -- but you know as far as offensive goes offensive scoring you know he's he built a healthier. And be able to reduce like me again I'll make sure oh yeah no I that's the biggest misconception would this team this team actually was positive in net scoring this year. It that's unheard of for Tina doesn't make the playoffs this teams issue was not scoring this team couldn't stopping nose bleed in the fourth quarter. Each and every game this year glass found minutes for the last five minutes of the game this team gave up more. Please and any team because they couldn't stop anybody it's not because they weren't scoring punch for punch they were every single night it's because he does not any bonus because the other team started playing defense. And we don't have anybody on the defense aside either I agree with the I agree I take offense you always think offense offense offense in the NBA go watch the playoffs that teams that were defending at the highest level where the teams they get to the end and ultimately the best defensive team in the NBA Chris there's I don't know what a championship of their customers and a 120 points a game is that defects or how did this seem wasn't. Bad defense they re you know I know two years ago here's the thing people misunderstand what's wrong with the sort of team of Tony. Two years ago this team was one a five teams and entire NBA. To rank in the top ten and offensive efficiency. And defense of efficiency the other teams the clippers disperse the cavs and the warriors you have to play defense in the NBA they did not play a lick. A defense when it mattered they be one of the worst. Fourth quarter defense is any MBA by the numbers last year. Offense is not the issue they can score when they need to Cuba's getting shots when he had no business getting shots last year people think Kilmeny moral kemba doesn't need more help they need to find guys. They take pressure defensively often NIC Batum. They need to find ways to get Kemba Walker fresh engage in give him some some extra minutes of rest so I don't disagree on two way player I don't disagree if you could guards got open hornets win any game our guard down the stride and didn't need to play better defense but if you look at the finals in the MBA what those teams average -- 120 points how much defense has been implied those are good warriors are being number one defense in the NBA they're not that good because they just scored they're that good because they're that good defensively they switch everything. They've got some of the most incredible length and atlantis' we've ever seen in the NBA it's not offense that wins its defense it's it it's always true in the NBA. Go look at the champion to a one that it did the NBA finals over the last ten years I guarantee you. A large majority probably 7880%. Rank in the top ten. How do you reconcile the defensive effort from the cavs this year though to last year when the one title. I and you Davis in great numbers on that some members ask don't they were all that's the thing they were all full defensively in the regular season and they coasted on purpose NATO will flip the switch will then you saw them in the finals what happened. They of one great two way player it's LeBron James -- a bunch of one way guys you can't win that way in the NBA people think you can when you don't win win the MBA they've been to the finals how many how many years are there goals not only in the final yet their goal was not to win sixty games their goals to win an NBA championship you need two way players to compete in the NBA for the horn as the news gets a playoff before we are talking champion -- consistent Luke Menard is not gonna put you over the public if you think Lou could I look I'm gonna and if there's any guys you mentioned eleven. Donovan Mitchell monuc monk NN DSJ have have. I'm a product I like bonk two and I think the idea of this team. You don't needing to find somebody with a home run potential I think holy month people are sleeping on his size the ID six threes and outside under the at that that's that's the so I just record my my argument was not for Luke canard to take semis and I'd absolutely take Molly mark. I said that I can see them potentially taking a blue car sick you don't like what I agree on saying is that the hornets at the same roster for two years ago when they're picking at eleven if you take a guy look blue canard that's not three shooter issue is they do not have to wait players. Or best two way player this the truth. In this is eye opening Marvin Williams. Oh exactly two way player of the guy anymore blowing a 100% so UN blue canard that roster what you do when you're just acting you're just exacerbating an in issued it's already pretty bad products that I don't special mortgage silly when we he's giving you Jennifer on the defensive end he's he's pretty good idea I mean dirt I mean I like the idea that somebody's gonna fall of them but. Demi you better hope that happened all I know is there when it comes a core crunch time Mark Williams is wide open and he's airborne. So I gift that's our best two way player this team's not only go talk to Steve cook for a talk you're off if you think offense is he said it all year long you think offense is the issue down a stretcher wrong its defense. A convincing us. What's on deck today a lot of gliding MBA talk I mean this weekend was so fun in the NBA we didn't play single game. But I love the off season how your season might be better than the regular season and how good is an inch. I mean we're find out he's if he's amassed a lot of assets in that's my thing it's time to put in the work you can have. Umpteen first round pick three gonna do what you know about yeah they need to go get stars because I'm Tony what you have right now in the NBA go win sixty games to win the when released you're a number one player has to do is 27 yes championship so Debbie premium to get some big name stars and the same thing with Philly are based patent Philly on the back what is filly won yet. That's it guys you'll want to see the color largest seven years now I don't think no greed in people hope they love the transactions a lot of people love what Phillies donor and how they better win some games and Boston. And the star put those picks dorsal talk on MBA and talk a little bit about the US open assist news best man at 70 victory on LA seven straight first time major winners in golf is that good for golf it's not once Harry that's not good for golf it's not gonna manage individual sport no no and there's a team sport be great if it's individual sport. Hydraulic and for our hero. Disagree it's been in the team sport as well. We we we say we hate dynasties we love them we watch them ratings are way up when there's dynasties diocese are good for sports. Fax is fax tribalism it's not our voice our big thanks to everyone today for joining us for cola for texting and tweeting the whole deal. We're back tomorrow Bobby Lewis will join us in studio tomorrow from twelve to one you know I don't wanna miss. This has been Garcia and Bailey and WS since it shot right. We'll have that they'll blow your mind. You just happen.