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Thursday, May 24th

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Right now we're going back to the NBA was sacred Smith NB ATV writer for NBA dot com and of course. The hang time podcaster battle listen sometime he's one of the best out there covering the National Basketball Association and he joins us now on the technique job just like. Say to its go to guy had a back but I bet. Open it you gotta. To a well thought well we're talking about the playoffs a little while ago window before we get to the order to secure places and to start your your thoughts on Boston or Cleveland. And abroad last night outscored the rest of those starters and looking generally fatigued in. If those those same it fellow starters and some of those role players in the big. They they looked veteran homers as role players tend to do what they were awful last night. Yeah I don't have any explanation for. Why act that is you know like that's quite so much bigger home that there's a coast to grow it is well we think that sports that seems to have. Always pretty true and if PH. But the Bronx Petit is born out of the fact that he'd been potent. You know basically three different teams from the start trying to get accepted to create and we've got to show. You know ready to game not great when he was in the bit to donate Apollo night when he you know play. Forty minute an inadequate he did two games to get the cavaliers open up our come back on you look really. Fatigue Latin America that we're real topic you have a problem with duke it. And you don't get the same team coming at you night after night over the course of what you know to that week. It it can deal let paper you know can be both and that really start where I don't eat if you superstar who are out. Take LeBron off but the cavs word they've what is that team finish. In the east. Ducks beat over a bit before you shoulda. Four years ago I mean they were a lottery to. You know also more likely that exactly what they beat without the need there in that important to what they've done. That unbelievably important to that franchise for the ticket you know around and depended on what happened to create see it impact will be. Don't be you know he decide to leave and go somewhere else. It'll be apparently bloke to cavaliers of what they've yet. On all because they don't have a foundation put out is just like it in the first Tommy let that's what it Wimbledon. Much the lottery it in perspective you know trying to rebuild the way it is the first time. Sicker this sinks RS also body of a talking about the Golden State Warriors as a team that second sometimes play with its food a little too much and and sometimes it cost them a game. And you know team sneak up on him but still it has nothing much has changed with respect of his team who they are what they're capable of and generally speaking out I believe that's true but. I also Saunders get punched in the mouth and you don't manhandled on the stretch the other night at oracle. By the Houston Rockets and I did not think there was anywhere in the world Houston Rockets were gonna go into oracle at any point during these playoffs. And get away but that's what they've done and I'm curious how much you think we should read into that. I don't know why you didn't expect and donated to a community they would have been ruling that it. It went on opening night in an escape with a win so. The rocket from more than capable of being there at 65 which team for a reason you don't. The only be entirely. In and then note that forget how to do it would play out shall be to get beat. And through it and those they worry that you know that it. If a heavyweight fight you know and it. You'd expect both those teams not each other data expect Iraq to keep beat by forty watt you know. The way they did W they're just in and night. In neat place up there and it truly strange very. I hope you you know certainly put the team visited upon afford it now. But poised to rocket that expected to be more up. You know a heckler earns type environment within a minute each other up at 210 could take any boy got knocked out it. It's been something different than that it's been a whole lot of one team ran away from the other like you've been Quinton series. I doubt it we're down to you know that the crunch time if you will be I expect the much more competitive type games into the fourth quarter. Well as competitive as an interest in word I'm glad you use that because so. It before that you know good two days ago we were talking about conference finals games for the average margin of victory was 22 points and donated been written about and you know that the tried to got a guess distinguished the difference between uncompetitive and boring and I don't think Borg is necessarily the right word at all but you know on competitive at times. Is and and I don't know how big an issue you think that is. But I do we've seen some ideas floated out there written about a maybe the NBA finals to be politically neutral site at some point and in other good teams are playing so definitely an Al team like the rockets shooting 42 threes a game so you know you have these blowout but also you can close leads more quickly. But what what do you think about that entire narrative and as an overblown. Yeah up local I was talking to somebody about you and I. The buck until they beat routine you know we Garnett pierce and Ray Allen. You know everybody assumed they just want safety seat literally beaten him aren't that way to check. Different trial period against the Atlanta that you're in a playoff thing got blown out return. You know it on the road they lost all the broke into that the protectorate but he met with 3740. Clapping and basically what it that a player. So it's not have to do is not a new phenomenon that. It's now getting these routes in the playoffs are they could have put more to do with this battle play you know the fact that teams know what the 43. In any given night you know and if they do that if a team we did. 6073. It you can connected you to get blown out of it yeah so. That that part of you don't look so long that you just have to learn how to deal with. You know the MBA first team second team at thirteen you know do you have the votes came out and a LeBron James and James harder we unanimously voted. To the allfirst you'll be all first team you know obviously James you know sit Samoa. Most of Terri passes some really you know good guys on that list that anybody get left off of that list because. It's rounded up by Durant Willard an Anthony Davis I guess the one guy you'd probably have a problem with may be would be Westbrook. Not. Don't have a problem with an adult. You know direct was being in the war. I'm in particular the only mention you don't even. Straight you have to the public is what you teams you know and it didn't live T bottom line at all they would any team we were here earlier. If you had to start up front so. You know that I'm not. It wouldn't any kind of way about Russell Westbrook could technically difficult first seat. Everybody who made that aren't being well more. They're deserving of that honor be they all look both the right they don't defense tactic you distant I believe will you let it trail blazers. To a spot in the Western Conference stated no one saw of important you'd be yes so. Understand how the voting breakdown. We had I mean have a problem vote. And and that's certainly didn't have a problem not put Russell Westbrook Obama urged. Sicker Smith NBA TV NBA dot com and hang time podcast joined us on the tech become just like. Our guest about the hornets James break your new head coach and today made it official that. It over the break gill was tired and when we heard and seen the reports that he was being interviewed and he was the third member of Gregg Popovich is stats that the hornets are reportedly interviewed before they settled on him. I would like your general take on him because outside of Benoit a decade basically on on pop staff and a short stint as the interim head coach is in Orlando. That there's not at all on this guy sicker what do you think about the higher. Think it look I was cut clerk could again been on there at pocono multiples that it is working his way. You're always you know one out of a live a little bit but every every coach does that to you to start them with every coach had to get that first. It occurred you know britney's good at that time. Did you know an anecdote in Europe the year to prepare and they'll but it well I don't like I like the race go out like it needed. Make up in that district I would like it he worked with some of the best. And I like any company into a situation where into the book aside but it. They need them they're neat look heard it about it that it eagle. Not you know. That content without an extra bill that would put somebody at the Coke but simple back mobile content and look at that situation that if it will be to get better. Well we can change. And that could probably didn't cool what we have here bit you know blown out of school we are not quite upbeat book like that the group. Laura corporate put that in don't know anything about playing their epic level I like outlet rest you know fresh perspective a lot of time in the situation. They're the. See you. Perspective the great work because your perspective as interest again. You know what what I what I juxtapose that maybe what Chris Broussard has told us in the past couple weeks or what Rick you crystal was the past couple weeks. You know these are not guys who think that this team has a real path forward. Over the next three to five years you know without maybe dealing away Kemba Walker starting from scratch that last time we had you on the show. You made it very clear you thought that was for better they over I guess for lack of a better world foolish notion that you know trading Kemba Walker was the right thing to do. Ed and James ray goes talked about playing given Moly month alongside one another in the backcourt next year didn't say much about. Dwight Howard that's a big contract as well but you know now that the draft is approaching and they have been eleventh overall pick and just talk about. Possibly you know packaging some things are moving off eleven what what do you think is the best course of action for this team is they get for the draft in battle haven't picked. You know apotheker. Is such a unique trapped. There's so much. Raw talent that will be available. You know it lottery bid Larry late lottery it even doubted that a first round. You know for the can be a number of different directions they can go he used to it not based on the talent available if you can't sign that the next. Night at 611. You know you don't seem to work with intent to chemistry promote it and it just ridiculous talent. And you haven't done your job with this dress you don't have to go reach a point guard. You don't have to go region took you know shooters and perimeter players it's been very long lean athletic. Prospect threat there are tons of both buddy you point to get better can it be you know solid team based on how you order you know. Cutler has come up portal. Oh crap might that you got to be prepared and have done your homework on all of there Mattel are talking about. Yet like Billy Preston. It is you know private phone bachelorette we are murky. It's VA eight situation this beat bit and allow the players that are unique talent that you've looked at him based on the types who left which. That's really what we measured the yet we don't veteran based on this six month there's been a college campus or not. It's really about where you've been in the pipeline you know in terms of are you can't allow you to back it boggle the press so it. If you look at the talent to name that it cannot let this year to year. There are plenty of them going to be available this prep it you just have to make the right choice. Condone what you'd select it you chance. You caught up region it was something that not did you look at the camera this typical town that's available. Pick which one do you think that's what you need it you figure out a way to get them and it worked with a big and grow develop that talent and make them better. You know I don't know if there's another loop it's more predicated on superstars and what the NBA isn't that being said. I'm not sure kemba Walker's a superstar in fact I would not call him that coma very good player. A borderline all star but what value do you do you give Kemba Walker. You know any draft as far as movie not to maybe he'll gain some assets to. You'll get an a higher pitch you know that type of thing because NFL you look they're great player. You can put it a number on a guy and you know maybe have a value on where you're gonna move up and how many spots you can how do you do that the MBA. Now I'm not I don't know how long that the attempt in the draft. I've been watching them for the better part of the last decade that is in the NBA but it others took sports as well they're not a while there. And I look what gamble they no longer and people devaluation took place that are coming into league opposed to guy aren't you do. And it perform at a high level. I don't know about outlet yet if the emperor. Give it up. You know. Quantitative talent like counter that though what the quality of it it already because they report. At a certain level post about that but at the potential to be puppets special this senate booted Peter you when you talk about. But you know want to seem to take on a leak from one spot to connect to include chain may be Italy WPA yes you know. Be very careful about even a established talent what would you say. Could be you know something better and look around the team decided to tear it down to it which which is a moo big name players. Including repeal a draft order to take on how long term rebuilt a product that I think it's important to beat Philly but I tell you look at feet. Well look the other teams that have taken apart. You know their rosters and didn't let you know except our players leading. And that but how they feel about it now I think you'd be very costly. You know talking about given up a player of kimbo Tallet. Somebody unit that achievement made that game the yet been there to the seat of what their ability that you might not be heavily yet. That play into you program at the deep and very bad that I expect it to date of this. Not that you write about that a Jimmie Johnson's famous NFL draft chart there really is no equivalent in the NBA and about her off how hard some analytics folks might try. Sake what you gotta run we kept a loaded up was the last thing you're really quickly. A LeBron James is next year and daisy is he still in Cleveland LA Philly Houston were you expecting Vick. I have applied here a week or do I do debate is right now please yeah. But I've yet. I think it. I have to thought it would be really typical we have to walk away we're gonna be so I don't give this is that this joint. Well look you get so many jobs. I mean there there are basically. 28 teams around the league if we give up anybody and erupted in order to be the only team it would give up there and let beat you look brought everybody else would it be that the bank. Are sicker Smith NBA TV NBA dot com writer and of course the hang job podcast check it out as one of the best covering the game today we always appreciate your brother ketchup so. Thank you.