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Tuesday, June 12th

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Welcome back it's Garcia and Bailey here on this Tuesday afternoon has always had us up Tyler W left Lindsay dot com that's the garage door guru inbox. You can also find us on Twitter I'd child Bailey WS frenzy. At bright Garcia 65 it's the brown lead Jewelers Twitter feed and of course call us or text is 704570. And IDC extend it. That's the buildings that are tax law would love to hear from this afternoon. And right now we're talking about the NBA yet the NBA season is over the finals our over I guess the summer of abroad is officially begun but the NBA draft. Is nearly upon us and to Charlotte hornets are moving forward in this new chapter in its cup Jack James for regular company also grew scroll over. Hoping to turn the corner and see disorders program sort of franchise to back. To the NBA playoffs and certainly coming off a 36 and 46 left out of the season try to get it right in this year's NBA draft pick in eleventh overall in that lottery. And right now we're talking to show a identity of the sporting news he's joined us on the technique dubbed as slot. The give us his thoughts on on where this organization may be had a shot for small budget for its job and I didn't. Do well affect them. Absolutely before I get to the hornets though what's the outlook listening to that most of the finals that for us we've got a night and not even a gentleman suite there's a straight up 40 sweep and a you know gay given what we knew about the bid but the two rosters and how good Golden State is something during an all time great team that it's necessarily shocking. Odd that this team of Cleveland was swept four games to none were you surprised by the outcome. Now I don't think it's not that maybe it would go five games like that is usually do. I really didn't think that was something that necessarily not that the route to the left any more than five game. The sweet but I so that's what can a bit surprised at that especially. Our crew wouldn't be right there have met that met lukewarm about beating women that we get over the hump and winning that event. I let that that pretty much sealed the deal right there that if he kept. I'd bet that when Americans want a little Georgia Russia Belarus and and that meant for the second ago that he get the offensive rebound. You don't. That was shot. Because of that and diplomats met that with the brain freeze that generics notepad. You know that that the use regimen and that pretty much set the tone for the rest it's is that brought that that's definitely the must let them. Than any groups attended the injured were not. Sean I'd I think LeBron James is incredible the disgraced Clara planet event that till we are all fortunate as basketball fans anyway. To watch with this guy's done over the past fifteen years old back can be true Elvis epic can be true as well. The guy's a bit of drama queen of the dial like dream but he he likes drama he likes to be dramatically coming to the the post game press conference. With a cast on his hands you know and and Noel decisions it's pretty much been broken and it is a lot of things about this guy. It's scream drama and the some world of LeBron is no different you go back the decision and and all the other examples you can point to show but the summer of LeBron is a great example liked it. We've been anticipating this and we don't know where it's going to lead what are you expecting what what do you think this summer of LeBron ends up being in a meeting with Tulsa and. Well I. I think LeBron in the he's looking at what you think your you know tightly Cleveland obviously is going to be part of part of this. This little bit this equation no matter what. I think is probably a 5050. Each winds up going back there. You got comfort level there obviously they'll let the proper level we talked a lot about how his family is. Is that it's it could affect during the definitively whether it when he says that. That segment and I think that that's bad that's that that's going to be certainly consideration. Of the comfort level they have an Ohio. Despite the fact that the at the team is that is that the development right now I think the other thing that he's gonna contribute that it is okay and I never talked about his. And that there are being silly seventy I don't think that's that's really don't know that you might meet with them but I don't think that but it. Really have a shot at that it's gonna wind up being Cleveland. Okay. And again American actress ceremony that's camp. A couple of levels in the NL it's well he's he's out there. He she be involved in the entertainment industry are you watch a renewed public opinion industry. After his career so that's something that that that that that. It's the if he goes to nobody could stand and phonetic after his career as well. So I think that. But that's what it comes out took for the waitress to make that happen. Are there really going to have to do that make sure that they get another top creators to lure another player whether to trade for quite Leonard. Whether it's let. China poll George I think that have to get at least one more start play except I think that's what it looked at a at WW. Little asterisk are living yep. Who are saying now with the cavaliers this time. To show on deadly sporting news covers the NBA is joining us on the job just slot in ash on how much more years how many more years means and ways sheriff. You know so many years and miles in their gas gas tank in you know sometimes guys I guess we'll soon as sometimes. But the that there recent injury with LeBron in this kind of brings up that you know he's he is human even though he went out there and played and played pretty well. But downing more years do you have and do you think these injuries are gonna start hurt you know adding up and maybe aren't his legacy. I'm glad that he can't match serious injury in any good and bad injury that that kind of interest is greater altered his ability. Are you haven't got torn ACL or an Achilles or anything like that. I'm not sure if that happened I think that changes saying that that that there has been out. Out and then I can never read any can't obviously she did you know we did in two. Intuit late thirties you know 3738. And I probably want to hang them up I'm not sure he want to continue to grind that much longer exception I think I'm being deliberately sent. 67 years would loan would probably be the the most that what you planned until you are 3039 years old. I think that that's who are looking at me. How long he can beat it let them that's spectacular because he's got blown out of the water in terms of what we expected. Contend that that there are that you're supposed to be able to do. The bird 33 years. Our president the Clinton look time has even. Our two lead the league in September and then go through and go to the finals and incredibly adept at 23. Other important. That's pretty remarkable. Put the kind of numbers ready to accept it's it's it's yeah. You look at that the template should be looked at the capitol to attend the you don't know that he if he's going to be able to do this for a that 34 years I really wouldn't surprise. Sean I I heard you say Philly in LA and Houston Boston and an. All these potential landing spot I think you forgot to mention Charlotte for LeBron James you did did you just like. At times and after that I got and I don't like trusting the process and the guys that might be a couple of rock eagle I don't deny. I would I would really recommend it to him but that's you know ultimately. You opened the power tandem of love LBJ in the presume it would bring all the time I don't everybody know don't go to the go to go to the other actually. Are so let's talk about disorders than what they do it figured out and they've got the eleventh overall pick in the draft. I wish idol crystal ball I knew who they would take him distraught I know there a couple of guys I would like to see them take put in that ten to fourteen raise the back into the lottery. Is there is or die or two that you look at and think yeah bad guy can be a franchise player. Well I'm right and I think that's the problem is that the guy to the most likely to fill that bill. Are probably going to be quite large and so you you're gonna be a position where. If you take a point guard is certainly Katrina hit into that what you going to do with their that your roster. And and I just. I don't know that they are ready to do you have that that's up and that that that that likely to do except. You got a contract can actually get without advance Eric to be don't don't be great accent hello. But but that but I don't know that that's the direction that you don't want to go. I got The Who that you produced. That the way things in the camera and and then miles. It was one of those guys available that ballot gently Pietrus and I think that probably go big go out. I think Robin Williams is there a big hit from Pakistan and we didn't do that work that certainly. At that a lot of potential that real defense to present. I don't let's make some sense as well you know that's that's that's the kind of guy that there really lacking. Term. Return to the future and turn the other Google itself. I think due to some possibilities. As far as somebody who's really going to be you know a franchise cornerstone. I don't want to get at the top section seven in this draft. It becomes pretty dry in terms of that. How should mourn the fans feel about this this organization you know because right now feels like we're stuck in on this crazy circle. A dog chasing his tail and is going round and round and you are always fighting for the eighth spot but there's never really anything the kind of gets out of that how how should order fans feel about this team. Well I think one thing. It's not a lack of trying it's not a lack of willingness to spend money it's almost like. They spent too much money at the wrong time you know everybody came up in free agency in those bitumen Barbara Williams than. And I and all these guys and and they and they felt like because they're coming up let. Up for the playoffs a year that they had. Oh and now that has really come back. To buy them out. It wasn't for a lack of effort that they got into that there was really just as bad timing and let the guys who who have really underperformed especially in terms of how much they're being paid you know digital being probably the top of that list so I'm not yeah yeah. I didn't tell you had to Obey the positive way to look at it. Is you know they're going to spend the money that we want to do what they need to do. Extra stuff that that they got themselves and got a hold up. It's really not until these contracts don't start coming out the brought it to the military community if you wanna check packaged. You know. A platoon which. With what Kemba Walker that's a great idea but surely the deleted take that you know surely doesn't take on. Bad contract in addition to kemba. I don't see that happening so nobody did that catapulted them felt in the corner and and it really. It's not until our took some of the contracts that coming up the books and a couple years I that there really going to be able to apply to the effect due to different things. What do you think of Kemba Walker because if nothing greatness is thrown out there way too often you know nowadays. With players I think he's a really good player I don't think he's great. I would agree can come out and try to keep that. I even Eastern Conference are not going to see it wouldn't be when Greta let's get to the outdoor game in the last. Com but that but you know he's very he's a good point guard but not likely want I think the problem with members of the I think he's worked to change that bad yet he didn't present I think that they that he could adjust. You know if you were on routine oriented system. I bet that that that that maybe that would change that. But he's so dominant that that that let you sort of have to build your hot central mountain. And then MGM action cannot believe the NBA is going right now it's going away from. I'm not a deliberate and optical eye and then yet that's the kind of authority has dug my duplicate that the problem I think it's something that there. That there are that good that there's got to look and you know address either your departure you have but let's send someone else will you address above. I thought I'd like changing his dial play a little bit and and adjusting your offense courting. They shot two quick things will turn you loose on James for a ago was hired about a month and a half ago do you believe if you had a bet money we will use of James has brought her to win. And into wind our of the James has brought here to to overseer rebuild and if he wins that's great if not they'll figure out. And I think it's the second one you know I think that that is the risky guy you know in terms of mark are you know that that kind of experience I would because it was a good credentials and and then men and intelligent network within the patch. You know you put that together and it's you can read the writing on the wall and that's it's it's he's neck. I have to develop players and an end. To develop young player that they cannot and the young players that don't bring him. And then not MMS and continued to do to help with that are the potential rebuild and then to execute that come up the other side now. I think Tibetan if you can if you can control system are like that mountain with Philadelphia despite being bad. When you get to eleven players to step on the mat system. I could potentially that you could potentially that maybe not be set up pretty well so. Which we operate our template but that's that could affect what you dared to not. That it was illegal. This guy's first ballot hall of Famer you know over I don't think there's any question there. Know some people think he might have been the most talented player on the planet at one point in his career. Humbly the NBA has got away from you know that type of player can you still win you know with with a guy like Dwight or. Now you know you really can't you know you need to have that what you believe that they say. You know you need to be able to and a senator who can about it. At least give you a couple of seconds on the three point shooter because you're the only party could shoot. I think you let them that I can shoot the three themselves. I think you need a Bible can can step out to the perimeter and still recover and protect the rim and I looked like it doesn't have the footsie for that. That and they are never as south. You know I yeah I agree if you your sentiment that there are that it now that we are saying look but but yeah. At this point it's hard to see how he fits into that in India. Our John deadly sporting news covers the NBA joining us on the tech McAllen just like shall we appreciate drove it great to catch up. When we return on the other side snap judgment we run down the hours 330 Tom swords and stops by its Garcia and Baylor.