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Friday, June 22nd

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Welcome back it's Garcia and Bailey here on this Friday and as we've been telling you all week it's got to college football we drought here may not the most special way it's. You know I'd skits college football sort of we're Jones in for right it's a couple months away we need college football so we're looking around the state of North Carolina all the regional teams in dot. That would not be complete of course about talk it's an ECU pirates football so. Pirates listen up you big whistle is here that man's gotta Montgomery is joining us on the technique on guests lined. Here in the queen city coach ours or we appreciate each dot. Oil at such a beautiful day here in and Greenville was only about 9596. To grieve. Right Camilla can't leave until we're happy to be able to have a chance to go out there and do some recruiting but also. Do some stuff for our Q your Ingrid. Focus has talked about the recurrence for a second you're out there on the trilogy everybody else just to try to get these kids to come spend the next four years and ECU which are sell right now. Well right now we're just growing did just an inordinate amount and and mini me any different policies his view of our program. You know we were building telstar division right now projects are queues a sixty million dollar project would. Which is gonna bring the top of the line class. Grady. Press boxes filled it's where everybody comes and watches play. For our fans would also gives as the cheers do some different things inside the building and the bigger sport and those are division large projects roads were re doing completely re doing. And robredo. Our locker the more training room our equipment at home and in the things go directly. Are connected to winning for the student athletes great read fueling station in there. And and also great players well so that I got several wonderful place to do bureau may go to each other win this one also that the recruiting deal. Right now we're turn it up in the state of North Carolina and all. Pop up and southeastern region that we recruit I'll literally have to what we are recruit metal from last year with pitchers well. I'm doing everything that we can do is pictured it won't we get a these great players here that we can develop element in our guys understand now that we've taken the final step to it takes to become a major major factors and enforce an account. You don't like just said that you don't do the thing about North Carolina you're North Carolina got a million of your Shelby Geiger Cleveland county guy and a you know it with all due respect to those other dudes you know I think you're the only a North Carolina guy among the major had coaches in the state North Carolina. How much does that help fuel a true. You know recruiting I think it's what's taken us more one word to where we are now. And over the last several weeks if you check where we are recruiting that we've been. Moved from 1233210. In our conference hook something that we haven't had a chance to be able to do here. Bush visited the people that we have been replaces statement that he could coach me. Coached against me play with the played against. So all throughout the state from from coast to coast would go lot of connections. And they and then the other portable to understand what it takes academically to come from some of the schools systems and and continue to work and some people would different places they can can help some of these cute in the and give him all of the ultimate ownership. And everything we have a lot of great people who'll cross the state that are helping as a recruiting. And it showed over the last three years that we recruited more is they ignore a lot of cute and any other school on industry or mostly we just recruited. More cute and who were literally have to just say that we sophomore years we have from here and student and a lot of we're gonna win or local barbecues we did that we were at duke and Tesla to source to get over the hump and and now telling your duty to use the same things could have put you over the on this year we got a very very powerful blocker on a class the last couple years look enforcing those guys turning to be accomplished through forced. I were talking to Scott in the gummery head football coach east Carolina joined us on the technical on gas line. A listless talk about last year for a second and know that Doug didn't quite go the way that you wanted through the no coach wants things to go that way but. You did see some improvement and I'm sure there are building blocks that your little used to carry into this year what mostly do you take from last year. To try to make this year better team. You know or just considerably try to bill you know our culture here that's about the only way to we do we're we're gonna take your weave the story really slow out of the gates. Which you know you have to term look at which didn't care what done that would move an old map. But the thing that you take is where you need to improve all we have to improve on defense scored a football original. So we may go some adjustments and doesn't think we did where we are going to or from offensively but defensively. Brought in David Blackwell new coordinators. Who really has given us a big boost not only morale boost put a scheme wise he's he's he's simplify a lot of things forcing more willing to work in order to get. The best eleven on the field not forget that look like this be plan to position put together can blow him actually. Targeted excuse so what were taken from some of the mistakes that we may would be they would improve. All that but our culture is continually grown. I'll let camp that they we showed up to kill the body that people now we're commercial about a 105. And we're continue to grow our numbers were not losing key used to alt fuel issues as we did the first year. In his second year into this thing that we take you just go take every single person right now we've got a lot of guys ownership doing the right things. We're really excited about it. Who's gonna quarterback distinct. Re preparing rubio are starting quarterback coming out born in the campaign wrote look at affording him have a great movies and on the other dominant. Scoring but. Were also really killed the right model toward north Carolinians some and you talk about them stable for a lot of them back to back years would follow both keep it pretty. And hold halos in the first two recruiting class is we were able to go well give number one respect quarterback mistakes. And nimble classes. Go we're really loaded mallet deposition whereas before. We were scrambling to try to get a junior college and here's a run program that hadn't been here. Now we're looking at reed who's been here now for a couple years. According to a third year in the program but now he's really deployed. Has been holding cheaply keep we've been here now whole year old's been here semester but bore hole is really really talented and done some great things fortunately. No doubt about it and so you know whoever that is quarterback in this team and you told us who it's going to be at least for now that they're gonna have blood trickle LeBron threw the football team and and that's. That that's very bright of you you are there have been some really talented receivers to come through that program and I'll exit Jones obviously comes to mind that if he seems to be another long one of those guys. I mean very limited to learn to keep you please somebody you leave somebody else the guys that have have really played here and then played it. DoubleTree while brown is probably one of the best I've been around a body control and framing the full ball of being able to catch him so he is quick. Who what would have been would have he's really really quick but it took so he can score touchdowns when you think it is going to be catching tackle. He comes out of this thing run it because people stole extremely quick to get the ball tucked away. And get the ball vertically he also build a good report looked most of the quarterbacks these Torre won't really quickly. Because we have such toward some sort of such a large jets raided its. And because of that it makes them one of the best if not the best. Why are receiver in the cooperative and you know in the country and in the belt beat these really really good player great stats back it up. Paul looked afforded him have a huge year. What's the offensive identity distinct. OJ's a little bit of course so you first got here. We were all a team that will it was more probably commit to Tim Burton bill would only have a one. Idea involved all on the roster all scholarship when we got here which sought to grow that they guard get a deal also is largely go to agreed to hear the full ball. Holidays it would definitely gonna have to be a team to chip away at people in the running game. I'll put it literally explosive testing anti. In the run game we're looking forward to add some speed back we're bringing Anthony got back we can give animals explain that we hit. In the first year that we just couldn't promote within a run game respect the year. Will be there to combat this on how they're used to and expect turn our backs you don't think our our our data is going to be more belt. You don't know middleware medical record of doing too little way we got a slogan. Off for a team we call it work in the bodies and work in the body simply means as a program. That we're going to grinding grinding worked body and Juliet presents itself and we're gonna take a shot. Because of all the work we've put in during ordered things one of those extraordinary things are gonna work force. Are we toward the Scottie Montgomery head football coach ECU the pirates. Of course with a very exciting season editors see exciting schedule ahead on opening open North Carolina ANC on the first North Carolina on the eighth. And other Virginia Tech there on the fifteenth of September. That's scheduled at a with the eggs kind of opened up its. I think it's a neat way to open a decision to in state teams in the Mateen you implying it seems every year from a the last fifteen in Virginia senator great rivalry there. Yeah we always play the toughest schedule of anybody in the state and you know him in the into an all season. Army and in nonconference schedule I think it's a great way and we're not the only difference we opened with a team and they lost in the and then a couple of years nobody in the U. Oh really well coached and ultimately be offensively and his special teams was as well in after that we of course moved right back into the state team in. And they wanted to your alma mater in both but right now we're signal which focused solely NT and tool we have to do. To come out of the first week you wanna go and and it will global. Are you could put in a tremendous amount of work a work is more will bigger faster stronger. As a collective effort brought a lot of people are recruiting and in our guys have. Because of some stroke that we. And not having from the players that we don't have really got here were brought our inner circle of our team a lot tighter together and given out. Our younger the chance to play earlier and now those younger or during along redshirt freshman freshman. But other juniors and Richard sold more so we're really excited about their. A coach couple quick things will turn you loose obviously you're you're confident guy and you you believe in your ability you've been a lot of places played coached in a lot of places that the validate who you are as a coach do you feel like you have the full support this administration to get this job done and turn things around. Yet there's no question another another one you know in the beginners always saved as a coach he committed. You wanna ask those things and if you're going to bar you don't give them. You think OK we gotta we gotta get just one number and we brought they've party air and then and leave work and working really closely what is in JJ. McCoy and more political solutions as long as as well as the chancellor. Oh we've really been able to get some yeses were in the past couple years we've had cardinals won that they've had been a lot to me. Nutrition I mean we we didn't have a trading to a quarter over the last couple years. And and in a conference where that is the baseline you know. Most of those things we've asked for would really really hard don't know get a chance to give some of those things a team room that can be older guys. On equipment room and training room where we can actually recovered four while we were still remain in droves giving. You know lower ourselves to give it now we have those things. That's gonna do is to the next level and it's really not about what feel. That we needed this more about the morale of the football players on the team. And and when you or help you which you are going if you will we do what we have reduced complete support of the administration people to give some things that we wall. Really really happy about where we are now. And double still have a long way to go either and we have a good use here. To be in the same braves are still things we need to do to make sure that we can become solidified as the power in our conference. And had to consider not congress Bob been through this exact. Home this exact. Appealed for animal world when we first got to do can understand what we need to do. Oh there was a lot of hustle you know what you people not understanding what was immortal but we knew we got what we needed. So we will be successful solo like right now are cute understand or for the better because we get more. In which the group will we or so yes this is as much shorter won't answer to that. I've had last thing we'll cut you loose new rules NCAA transfer related and you know this sounds as if things are changing on the landscape you know players no longer having to consult with the of the program they're leading us to where they can go and you know ideas out there that maybe there should be a free transfers alone is GPA benchmarks are those sorts of things from a coaching standpoint how does this impact your. Well not not really if we broke the GPA unique York. There's more to standards on a lot of times are really successful cute academically. Pol or you know or the likely it is to it is stated terms. And and build their relationship academically in school. I'll that the problem that I have with the and their words it'd really does affect Tuesday. You know competition is due to blow a lot of life and sometimes were works. You know were were maybe transferred Al one mosque before you know one must forgo the opportunity really presents itself. Off four a young man the playbook we have to take it you know complete look at everything that we're dorm because we're create some of I think you're recruiting when you kill a young man and he's the best thing since sliced Britney comes in and it doesn't happen after his first year. Call is going to have an effect on him he thinks that you've lost confidence him to be wouldn't trade me to transfer. But don't are part about it is you gonna have to go to the process again I don't bring legal ramifications of what cute. Go through after they transferred. To their second home and it didn't go the way worse disparity gonna happen. After that happens are we losing them from from graduation or or they just. You know fallen by the wayside in an observer critical point which cities GPA. You know GPA is such users do we do have a bit more force gonna have to be before they leave the next workers connected to a duty to your point. Meaning retention bonus for those that are coming back to go to who's gonna take digital ready to your what. Is that the team that they're execute our school it is deeply cute is leaving more to do where their landing and in those were some critical going to have to. To have to have the bush. There's a lot about this transfer rule that we don't know because we don't have the research. A lot of people would not have the research or something that has not happened at this point. It's got to McGovern head football coach ECU we appreciate you coach bestseller would love talk dude and so. That's gonna Montgomery head football coach ECU pirates we appreciate his time.