Garcia and Bailey: Scott Wright Talks NFL Draft, and We Talk Scandal, not the show, the NCAA Ordeal.

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Monday, February 26th

Scott Wright gives us a great interview on the Panthers Draft needs, and we get wrapped up in the FBI's investigation of College Basketball.


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Now we're number two child Bailey stand nor sleet sitting here for frank Garcia Osborne is over there as well scratch and is poison token though you don't you don't okay. I'm all right you're just a day and ankles got me in my damn ankles his aide out I felt earlier was like Reid know braille balls down there was terrible Austin where our cut down trees this weekend dragon stuff out of the yard try to clean up a lot and I walk in this morning in the news from Osborne got his shoes and his Sox also be scratching his ankles. At a truck at this here. Senators are I got a white grandma's basement. Analyst at this minute industrial sized bubble sanitize or so we don't give him infected as well but we got our number two therefore you Gerri Willis joins us in an hour we'll talk about this NCAA invests over the weekend a more development Shaun Miller head coach at Arizona caught up in it he was on the he was caught on wiretaps from the FBI arranging one. 100000 dollar payment for the 180 who did play this week and so law Arizona little bit malls are doing that over the weekend and and the NCAA saying change is needed and and we got a lot of things we wanted to talk about today we're gonna get into them but did you level of in the mobile response. An engagement on on the building Symantec's line is not really something that we just got overlooked right now because people are really engaged in the story we. Syria resonates well a lot of people and in a lot of different ways for different folks so we're trying to work through the various levels will appreciate this administration's 'cause not everybody has the same concerns or interest here. Notice you're exactly right I'm gonna post some of these questions to a two Jay bill was here in just a little bit but you know there there's this question right here I guess this comment I should say text to rights and love how you all forget that Douglas you forget all the free scholarships and no student debt to these kids get. Armstrong OK what can and stamina I'm gonna give you the floor on this for a second measures used to invest deal for Reid. Implies that there's there's no there's nothing in return to write the song or something for nothing beyond that that's that's not what's happening here not. I can tell you ask someone I've attended the University of Virginia on athletic scholarship. I've earned everything that I got from Virginia. Plus off. This distract you go to so this was always running NCAA and they they they try to conceal it but it's out there if you wanna find if you really wanna be the average of BS football player puts in approximately fifty hours a week in football related activities. And oh by the way if you're at a school like Virginia gotta go put their audience are you to stay eligible. Classroom work which is not easy to do. Does earn match. I am to. There's no guarantees. Gonna do it may actually go through two additional scholarships serious hey this is a year to your strength and stay in if you don't run fast enough next year. Don't make enough tackles or fungal. And you've earned the nickname after a free agency and you're out it's not supposed to it's not supposed to but it works like a let's address this free education. Not many of you have kids I don't. They tell you public education in Charlotte Mecklenburg is free to go as our average family make him a decent income. If it's free society think in college. Councils unique audience out there are certain things that the scholarship does not cover. I'm about what is going through today and only coats one or go to. Decency to call travel with. There are ex ministers. You occur on campus even on the scholarship. And that's what the cost of attendance comes right it's ridiculous and not exist when I was mayor had to put its deal on drunk the market as Oz put it toward it should be based on what can you support now. And it cost of attendance stipend that was approved a couple of years ago wouldn't it does very school by school so cal by locale which is a completely different conversation does have a couple of some of those numbers is just. It's baffling is why don't how how were forcibly the cost of attendance in the cost of living or higher in Tuscaloosa Alabama and they are Atlanta well you know it remained a bit of sorts of things but rather there do they do the same thing. I hate to make it about my team for once second but it Nebraska. And Jason the cost of living in a breast is extremely low. However they had an extremely competitive. Right costs of living stipend. I saw the ten worst travel. The violence has an electorate does for the number that's the thing about it is that those are Oz I thought I was only gone. It's everybody's right there and the thing about that was echoed those cost of attendance like he's not regulated by the of education are you you don't you don't have an beyond you know federal government lending bodies that are really overseeing this thing is just kind of a free for all you can you can cook the books and make up the numbers as you kind of go along there so that was good it was a step in the right direction and don't appear the NCAA is open to more change put it OM I don't know. I guess my question is who's next right because Sean Miller was on the it was caught recorded Myrna FBI wiretap arranging a 100000 dollar payment who else was implicated in these wiretap. What remains to Christian Dawkins the former runner. Sean Miller had to do was say a player's coach is that institutions or via other shoe companies yeah. And 3000 hours of combo. Know some of the people own there. Of course. And I was texting back and forth was frank and those guys so I guess it was Friday night after the storm really big became national news and the question is you know not just too well split what what does the NCAA do what candidate the NCAA Duke's a senate last week you this time last week. We were still talking abouts. Three dollars and as many as three dozen schools potentially implicated that's truly all we knew. And then the Pete Campbell passed for is that forty store broke a little bit later in the week commit by Friday we had Sean Miller knew so that was coming out more and more and more but you know what came in the NCAA do and I said before the NCAA. And asked them to cut themselves off at the knees by suspending north or putting a postseason ban on anywhere between the tendon and fifty. Of the biggest money making programs in the country and or do they say hey this is something that we recognize as systemic and to start doling out punishments on a case by case basis is not a feasible nor is it is a good for our sports road to change the rules and just move forward but we're going to lose let's say punish the coaches who have been caught here because I think honestly no aid instead of post season ban and scholarship reductions and such may be the most tactful thing they can do is run guys like Sean Miller round of the sport. And other personal vendetta against Sean Miller but if you're gonna move forward and say hey we're gonna change these rules to to update the NCAA is notion of of of amateurism with the times. And the amount of money that's being made these are the new rules we all agree on these new rules and now moving forward anyone like Sean Miller who was inclined to break these rules and do this sort of thing if you are finished and college basketball for your life time bans show cause penalties from here until attorney not that seems like the kind of thing that could be a deterrent for these coaches to go break these kind of rules were made maybe even that's not enough I don't know I'm not really sure. Yeah mock concern mayor and it's an excellent idea. My concern news' Sean Miller and coaches like number two you know they're not going quietly into the night. They know where bodies are buried too. And brings the most coaches want him no end to prohibition guys. Probably understands is so widespread Iran via they have no choice in the band all agents and eventually the whole one and on concept of football for three years removed in the next ten years I feel like. We will see the whole thing changed. Oh absolutely no we will when things are prohibited when things are our band Ralph bought black markets pop up you know that that's what happened guys deal lost to market and and the breaking rules and you woo wee we wanna punish guys for breaking rules but sometimes we we haven't asked enough or these rules. Sounds to you all legitimacy true or is a selfish agenda driven by the green dollar for the minority. Let us. I you know what I think I think treat your original point Kyle and and it's not appointed you're making it's an argument it is out there. I think it argue that were we just treat the symptoms of this. Will never really sure what ails us because this to me and to get a little thirty year is like a virus. OK if you just short and try to treat the virus is gonna mutates gonna change it'll never goal weight it would just be different next time comes back so it's an unless we're looking at discriminate let's she heard this problem instead of treating the symptoms where we're given a little bit of cash to players to make it to make them quite down for the next twenty years. Or were saying. Oh yeah just he here's here's an extra stipend you know seated take your girlfriend got all this other crap that does it actually solves the issue with the issue is is that these kids whether we want to admitted or not are worth millions at the college level and they don't see a dying. Of it this is the disbursement of funds were yet. The kids have been getting any variously known piece of their. Four years and we consider that peace in the importer are being treated at peace and we're telling them to eat it because it tastes good because it's called tradition. Well it's okay he ball and it's okay for their tradition to take on a new show he can still play good. He only one who were bringing ride on May wanna have loops or to outlook combo like it's OK if we need to get more. It's like got in America the middle class is being. Basically it. That's what I meant in the NCAA and they better recognize you read some about it honest. Look up and they'll want an NCAA the how travel here and everybody else over. Well I am speaking here just the last point I know we're up against it is. Quite frankly if if we don't change it only seeing double changes to criminal tactics which with these people operate. An Emmy so so what are what are the guys learn this time will don't talk about your cellphone what does that mean it's his duty and yes. What does that mean well it'll still happen let's just be real it'll still happen it just happened a different way awaited they have been caught yet doing it and then the FBI whoever else or grow wise Tibet and catch them again. Instead all right now here's a great opportunity that we haven't society of college basketball college football is his great opportunity to change it make you write for an equitable for all parties and if we fumble at this time is going to be the same crap ten years from now that we're talking about does it is topic again. We saw some really good stuff coming on the techs like and I'll just say this humid you make strong point they're too but. You know I'll use a quick example of a guy that we have on the show all the top Crist it's alone are Crist until I was twenty year old senior. At University of North Carolina you wouldn't know it. Because crystallized the issue which social media presents he he basically runs baseball reporting for for SP nation. He's the next buster early Jayson stark for Chris comes on the show was extremely well connected he sort of doing this and it was like sixteen years old. He's becoming full fledged Major League Baseball insider and sometimes he will join us after one of his lectures at North Carolina we're trying to finish his degree. I'm Chris it's solo was is out there because of sports profiting off of his own likeness in making a name for his so our himself collecting drawing a paycheck from that. Oh organization SB nation a while also full -- student north Carolina at the same time we we we do prohibit you know those athletes from from doing anything similar to that so for me it's it's it's never really been as much in this is a personal opinion never been so much about turning these guys into -- full fledged employees so much is in a while billions are being made over here let's at least take off the restrictions on the student athletes side of being able to profitable but also mural like this that's -- always got to come from we can go to that little bit later we do have some great text coming you're gonna continue to read these but also we do have a lot of papers coming your way in fifteen minutes from draft talk with Scott right NFL draft countdown 12 o'clock Jindal is George the show and oh by the way the hornets have won four straight. Suck and Spector and little by little we'll talk about it is carcinogen Baylor. The people that were against them coming out made a lot of excuses but I think a lot of it was racist quite honestly. And the reason I'm saying that is nobody yet I've never heard anybody. Big arms of god almighty god. Go play Minor League Baseball. Or they're let these kids come out and go play my. In a white kids primarily into a yes problem but all of a sudden now. But bypassing college to go play. Four feet. Baseball bats a fine decision. And wall were all they should be able to transfer schools every year. I just got a lot of time of the bench yesterday to think about this stuff for his second of several. Or three different. Event then there was a pretty early yesterday so was standing plenty of time to formulate his thoughts on the NCAA. You know people and so I've talked about this this issue in terms of racism we've had done. The politics of injecting we had a guy call in earlier blame it all the Democrats and absolutely know that there's one perspective. Different extra rights and the the liberals are forced title nine on the schools will never drill for what your proposing. So there's another one. You know it's racism it's it's your political affiliation it's really it's just about money. Is what it boils down to it's it's just about money. Keeps the majority of power. And how much is there are very willing to rowing course and winds. Its home underwear conditions right you know I guess I made a Syria is Garcia said and I believe last Thursday and he's absolutely right if the answer is not money ask a different question. Or ask the question differently because it its money's money or control to go hand in hand. I'm Serbia voters who but whoever controls the game controls the money you're rumored to rule that's exactly right now and that's and that's what I said earlier to the gym there called in saying well it's all glued to the Democrat party that they've controlled all that much money transcends political parties men knew it would make jokes all the talk about making these these senators and congressmen you know slapped back to their shares which were with whatever a fortune 500 company lobbyists you know is is pushing their agenda that meant for enjoyed it all boils down to money that that stuff transcends. Political parties it transcends race transcends a lot of things now to to pretend that there is no element of don't put politics or racism yes of course there always are elements of that but in -- money drives this entire thing and so we're we're gonna try to transition to something different about 510 minutes as we talked to Scott Drew. Don't they know that all this money is against the rules guys like Emmanuel moody and Terrence Ferguson went overseas for a year. And made good paycheck and got drafted the first round I feel like two kids need more blame. It's the NBA wants to rule or once a rule to hold off on eighteen year old kids they tend just follow the rules. Or adults and face the consequences. Hillard it just this whole throw your hands up and sang well rules is rules I I don't understand that approach. Enjoy it it this is the greatest country on earth and I know we can get into rankings of math and reading and just this. To stick with me here to stick it just let's us go to the presumption this is still the greatest country on earth because I believe today. It's profitable is so why as opposed to fixing the problem. Would you rather force these guys overseas why instead of fixing the issue finding a solution. Would you rather force did the talent. And the revenue overseas so why why why would that be a better solution. You're exporting. For the sake of a rule. When it's okay for rules to change. Ian soccer. Don't send their best and brightest over here. And then go Brett can not yes there. MLS and the way to Atlanta united for example being built they've been able to attract and pay for. Some good. However. And not by and large the best European. And young players stay in your we're the best soccer is play. Where does the group what we're we're a basketball players across the world aspire to play. Dirt. Basketball players across the world aspire to play in the NBA coach is right here in the United States are saying this stuff. It's Parker. In America yet. And when you sort talk about him that we just talk about blaming the kids okay. Yes I'm all for teaching accountability and responsibility and and and facing the consequences of their actions okay all of that I understand. But this entire. Industry has been run and corrupted. By grown men with an agenda. And that agenda has been to make money you look look look no further than up in DC. Were notes DC assault one more prominent a U organizations on the East Coast couple years ago the man running that organization Curtis Malone was arrested. For trafficking cocaine. You know and funneling that money laundering it through was a you organization among other things. You know an having deals with shoe companies and others where he would funnel kids push just a certain universities on behalf folks. Of the shoe companies the adults aren't armed are the people who have always run this industry and have corrupted this industry consultants are talking about you know punishing a seventeen year old kid because you'll 45 year old man. Who has been his mentor and and his guidance. You know for these years playing basketball and and and and a grown man telling him what the right decisions are for when those turn out to not be the right decisions. You know this as a consequence you wanna punish the kid for something that you know he was just following along for the hits just think back to when you were 171617. Years. The federal government our legal system has different set of rules punishment wise. For minors. And adults. In the you circus shouldn't be let off the blame here. I also loudly through Charlotte sonics. You hear me and the connection hey you is relevant in this our military's Christian Dawkins the Roma. Former AA you director. From Saginaw Michigan. They're all in its wants you to a lot of times you coach. Heavily involved in the dirty money in an NBA and college basketball before the parrot talks about you go to the one that has. Relationship. To college coaches and him. It's an NBA scouts so a lot of times he's the ball fur. And he determines how he bolsters the Heussler includes certain ways a lot of times the kids don't know. No that's right candidates. Home front and that's absolutely right we're gonna put a pin in this circle back to at some point we got to step aside when we come back we're gonna talk some draft were gonna talk some Panthers. With Scott Wright an NFL draft countdown dress count on Dodd John he's got an updated Markel talk about that and I his thoughts on the Panthers needs. As they approach to draft that's next drug Garcia and barely stand Norfleet sitting at. I happen. It's a double investigation this topic gets people so fired up for me not our building surtax lot of smoke and right now. If I deleted always defend the computer obese physically lighter. I mean that's come out attacks were getting on this topic and we'll circle back around to OJ Phyllis George the show in thirty minutes we'll get his thoughts on everything right now we're talking to medical draft. It's Carolina printers with does Scott right NFL draft countdown he joins us once again on the technique job just slot and does Scott you got brother. I'm good fact but that they Bradley. Absolutely meg of the had to back and I you know we'll dive right in I think last time we had John we we got your opinion on some of the but it a lot of the wide receivers and running backs that are out there are certainly want to touch on a little bit of that that all of the sort of the defense aside for a for the Carolina Panthers because. This is a draft that is not exactly chock full great pass rushers to say the least and need this that that's a position that this team. Our needs to address and I think they should address it you know our agenda issue addressed to dish on all last drive Texas say an indicator played opposite miles Garrett but you know he was put on Iowa or an early October didn't get a chance to show much in there that there might be something bear. No blood between Julius Peppers may be may be not coming back controls Johnson was a healthy scratch late in the year so didn't I. I wouldn't look for a tone out of him if anything this year and I don't know I just think this team needs a pass rusher I don't think they necessarily don't get it within 24 overall pick who's out there I mean I. I like it to like Cheryl Landry a Boston College but I'm I'm not sure he'd be there with a 56 bit. Now you actually write it in very bad but I. Kurt is well you know that colonial nuke them you want a walk on blue balls with one look back now back and it worked out. I'd like it job all of their if outlet here got a lot of oh but. But very much a clot that well I think that's going to be a priority for the epic made that route one by. Then route to a route three X Elmo can't play every expression of burst out. I don't know if it's important that out that quiet back there they're gonna want more it is not a bad but. But there will not drop a couple of well. Well it could drown what got our our secret ballot you sort. Where are the top capital are proud of earth route and on how his character evaluation about what you would really help a player he and I are. And that a welcome back and Robert you what you can let it whereby they have always been a pocket but a lot of up side. Not let them work really well there could be options that they want to go that way but he got to do early because one thing you never heard you say. We have an app that were good. Ever want notebook import them though even if they're up bumper crop they spoke about. Earlier about the belt. It's a pampered want to address a convention I think they eat to a shut could have EU but now that are up at the early part of that it ought. Scotsman nor clear let's circle back to the first round specifically and what are the other side of the football. We all believe. Even Andrew nowhere without your free agency the price tag is is going to be to have street is what. Most of us believe we notre injury concerns Iran Coolio brains are based on where it's just starting six games in between seventy season. I see a very healthy. Pop dean and Alford took my talent coming out in his draft or do. Have to look at the wide receiver position and look for somebody to take the top off like a Christian Kurt or someone of that deal would match which may be. Out of the same mold of Curtis Samuels to solve how to distinguish goes through from a priority standpoint. He and I've been really big fan of the pop art class actually. You're blocker I think if we spot in the heat between their twenty by the bit late or early in the background. I think it was noted some really good blocker that really so is it the patent wanna go that direction. There have plenty of options are part of what part of the what a player they want it wanna go through a bit smaller they'll want to court crap what a guy. There's bucket. Everybody that range by. I don't bring him what commitment in more priority but. They let you remote but it took them back and I'll let you add when it went good that they don't want to vote this year. Not so I think black secretly acquired that it would every month that. That it could incur the white paper it out. We've got up big time weapon out a lot but one good side but the in the open field. But by the thought a great couple wiped the Hebert yacht that they have yeah you're incorrect how would not that I spoke with Trent that it now that there at the back side that crap so. It if I would got a epic about the earth that you could yet. Relatively similar value of the second boundary of a burned out a wide Uga this year but. If they let that waited her throughout I think it would yeah out of archer to address that need to cap our playmaker. Tortoise got right draft countdown you can follow him on Twitter at dressed countdown he's joined us on the technique comes just slide. Most of drawing back for a second because we we had an instant conversation that I wanted to and to boot and all of it from last week but this notion that. Maybe it's worth it to wanted to trade up to try to grab 61 bar alone Knoll and and I again I'll. You can feel free to want to wax poetic on that if you'd like foot there are some people scientist doesn't the next lady on Belden is possibly a better version of Adrian Peterson in an all those things may be true but to me this is such a deep running back draft and as with that position you are one torn ACL or bad concussion away you know from off from absolute disaster do you think not just a printers you know Britney seemed to lose right now position to draft in the middle to late part of the first round did you say it's worth it to draft up or to trade up. To drastic galaxy club Barkley especially given the fact that we're having this conversation just a couple of years removed from all the source saying well there are back positions been devalued doesn't much matter who's back there. Yeah it is just that quickly or cart path there at the party hurt that chart that certainly conditions he hasn't been shy about what he. What. The draft that they have and Ed good dollar cap dollar buy it which got. You can make an early that it is that this is outlook we are out but. Don't putt well I don't we can take you right back in the first out I wanna buy it back on but now Barrow which are adaptable. Inevitably they'll all every year. Well we got the first round. And I I think they are partly a special player and eagle on the next group where we've been very good letter it that hot early. Is he Hugh Elliot I think he's. Is there could be a group in commute and arrival rocket. I don't think he caught it 80% of player at a fraction of the cot back there are of Paramount brother what they. There were shot and he prepared you a date on its head up voting Michelle from Georgia people are not a lot of good. There's guys guys may be around. You know it but I it is it is just the bad guys took up a lot of the if you have to fight nite I. Yet that they are are you wanna get BO quite Ed and I think it's become a lot more that the border in the year if you look they like that. The running back position in more helpful you know without. But our panel broke that because. Out of the that the guys like early in delegate maltreatment or that well. I had a lot more that would what more by your adult but I think every here continued the group that you can get out of productive rather. Well jumper out you don't need that. Give a big flight took that position but but I have been peppered their at a prep running back it up or no matter how early. That could evaporate but when that article by outlet every now I can't rhetoric he needs somebody. The burden come compliment them well. I would be at all not you have Uga are op or under app that are running back the. The voice of Scott writes from a draft countdown. You can formal social media talking Carolina plant as draft prospects and possibilities here with dog Garcia Bayless an enormously shall mean. Sky. We all know the genome goals into the draft plant and every year. If we got his usual Madras for somebody breaches and now the borders influx. I look at this campus session there. And I see some age back there in the Miller led the defense where Kurt Coleman is under contract for the maximum bit and then of course Mike adams' long enough to do as well. Now just ask you about the way I receive an office of my position you. The depth and go mind you say you are received as a position you have the Panthers mark that one foot Darwin Janes is available. Panthers select. What is it towards four. What he's still got a guy like that what you're taking the best available not necessarily at a position open. But there are many Derwin James Tim again. No I don't blame me really Internet in the he would come up before there's an error where he could Bible that the company a certain about his position he had the ear and make it in during what. It beat back the app you're so. Later you know spoke. Eat black and white green dot Pratt I don't think. There but it's yeah I'd happily in a bit better haven't even got I think their mother they use that they better early. Could comment because Eddie that they have to make that the Mike at the there. He's going to be thirty happened so. Who would be brilliant but you're there about whether. You can bet that an area I've like not air and think about. Little overshadowed by the the that Patrick is going to be attacked an old crop that air right tackle by her already. More a strong they eat what you double that of grain you're not and covered it well then looked back wrapped up pretty good and our partner like what the game yet. Or. I explains exactly you know you've got it to be a poet. They're dependable you have purple guide. But what are we go to your all beat them there all well there all they cannot have a court worker that they tell all book that outlook I think marble that really. Hurt level meter reader who met with his leadership on the you'll well but he apple epic. Think that particular perk out he went by the book I absolutely think the pepper should be in a market or they purely out. Scott before let's go last thing out of the Panthers clearly still have a an MVP caliber quarterback and it in the prime of his career right now but they do a backup quarterback and Derek Anderson who's about to become a free agent and that that's an area where they may look to luck to bring somebody else in that's new they're they're not gonna spend a draft pick in the first couple rounds on a quarterback I would suspect but is there late round guy. That you think they would we would be worth their while to take a flyer on or bring given try to develop because a young guy he could make a comment in and groom is the backup quarterback and and potentially further on down the road make an impact dessert guy out there that you liked. That's probably going to be a labor on drastic. Yeah Edward what our quarterback. On the wanted to category one they're they're they profile at that back up. Or they're big clot there are a lot of credit you to uptight. Doubt that thought it would be wonderful but locker about what they achieve what are short order a look around us that our helper typical dual. What are really rough around the edges where the they want to go without me yet we're back the we all watched any that they could be guaranteed three. I don't have a lot of other part of that battle a lot of but right now. Could eat into the top 100 overall pick but. I think if you apparently pretty neat that profiled while we're back the site do it I'd never what you're looking for but. If I would you know that the but apart or while apparently a draft a quarterback. Daily dose got right draft countdown join us on a second job just like you can follow him on Twitter at draft countdown highly recommend that you do and does Skye you know we have you back assuming we appreciated. I didn't exist for a step aside we'll come back and wrap up our number Iran to hear both talk a bit more about the pay just a few thoughts on some of those players out there at 12 o'clock fifteen minutes from now we're joined by James Gillis of the ESP and we'll talk about the NCAA and what's next for the and it's Garcia Bayless. I NFL draft countdown on Twitter at draft countdown for joining us. Talking about the Panthers the upcoming draft ten minutes from now Jay bill was George to show ESPN college basketball analyst and a he's an attorney and does a guy who is very very vocal about the NCAA and it's amateurism rules and talk to him in ten minutes and Doug and his thoughts on. What's taken place right now certainly Sean Miller Leon grade eight new and the proposed changes to the NCAA and in about forty minutes from ballot 1230 we will talk to and Charlotte hornets forward Marvin Williams they've won four straight they've got Chicago tomorrow night we'll certainly talk about what the hornets have been doing. But Marvin Williams will be a great person to talk to decide to talk to about you know with respect to the NCAA and amateurism as well also well that's that's really what sought. That's on the agenda across the country today. You know on a lot of these boards and pretty much every sports talk radio show in the country since everybody's talking about these things today limited it's it's at the crux of what we do with sports fans in a washing college sports worthy professional athletes that we watch on a weekly nightly basis where they come from. And you know what we'll talk more about that could. Really quickly on the Panthers. And I'm just of the mindset there are no less talented running backs out there. That this team doesn't necessarily have to trade up to get one a new Norton I I don't I don't even think they should trade out to get more time on this matter of fact I wouldn't even. Necessarily take one of the first round I would personally. Just having seen the list of free agent wide receivers out there. And how much some of these guys are gonna cost I think I would go wide receiver with a 24 pick but you know if you wanted to tell me there's a talented offensive lineman. You know they like to Janata bugged. Wisconsin a league that is secure they would go after they are aura. The domain at Notre Dame knew you wanna go equity Nelson Dublin where Yeltsin. You know if he's still around today you wanna go that direction our full. I'm not optimistic that's gonna happen if your spot. James America see if that happens or there's a player of that built there I had I'd be filed with that is well and they need wide receiver they need some help and also supply and you know by the with the Panthers according to steel gates and the SPS kind of restructured Mac illegals contract a little bit and don't convert about ten million dollars it was on my. Noticeable messaging testimonials for writing doesn't change the contract very much ado except for in that way it doesn't change anything with respect his captain this year all it does is pretty much guarantee that he's gonna deal roster in 2018. Which I'm sure for some people was not welcome news but you know it is what it is so are matched to Leo will be here next year dead to me it's good to see what happens Bryant he says it's going to be his last year bought all the Panthers ask of him. With respect to his cap number to try to get some things worked out on that fraud so I had wide receiver in the first round I'm good with that god would also sublime and good with that I don't think this is a deep enough draft with respect to pass rushers to you to go that direction in the first round but if they need some help that is those the big time safety out there you know I think that's a good possibility. You can give Christian Kirk again that's why didn't like Beck cal. Ridley a more polished why receivers written is the 24 I can understand going with that. For me it's either a pass rusher or an interior offensive lineman I like Billy price out of Ohio State. Here's a kid that has thought it played against excellent high level competition. In the Big Ten in college football playoff me here's a guy that has done. On it at the highest level that came golden ball hard to kick out the dark pull a little bit so do. Nor will you forgot I just thought that the Libor for you. A man transition back to his natural spot as sooner or ride Julio comes off the books after this upcoming season which usually uses his last. Mean that makes the most say it's going to get it. Interior dash another got to make some centimeters from the way that a pair of one rogue great keep arousal we will remand is also have gone on he. You tell had a fantastic singer bowl he's a mall or big body you took him out of our program obviously it's dead who's the real deal. We're to talk more about this awhile once more names like down under you which a lot of things to get into we got some callers guys like Davis who wanted it and and talk about this NCAA story as well if you can hold tight because we're gonna come back we'll talk to Jay billows of ESPN and get his stall us all this and then following that segment we'll take a bunch of phone calls a reaction to what Jay has to say 1230 orders Ford Marvin Williams joins the show tall corners we'll talk NCAA with him as so again the hornets have won four straight. For the first time since 2016. And or at least right now threatening to put themselves back in the playoff conversation so we'll talk about a lot of that coming up next it's Garcia and very.