Garcia And Bailey: Scott Fowler

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Wednesday, May 16th

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Got to go to Scott Fowler first Charlotte Observer he's done some good work lately he's joining us on the second job just like I was on Scott you demonic. Oh well we've been better but that's service in an assault and not yours so that's not your fault moment don't blame for that no certainly won't and you look at all of our bread and America you done some really good work lately and a love hate questions for Brett go and I'm questions for Jeff from a start. You'll go chronologically here I just the more retired James Brady go in under a list of questions that so that you want to have answered and since we've heard from him he's been on the station yet his press conference. Or most of those answered for. Well I mean as much as they could be probably. I think he. Started off well I and you know he's he's just got to that the proper road what he has right now and AT and extent of portage roster. And so there's not going to be any miracles work at bank right away but I am you know I I like what I heard the in general prominent men. Certainly willing to give them the benefit of the doubt to begin what. So I guess how would you care to rise the harder because. You don't I don't I don't know maybe Mike. Didn't wanna wait a couple days to find out what happened was doing Kasey open Toronto about him I should say Mitch is well or it'd be interviewed a whole bunch of assistant coaches to three total lost the spurs' bench better pull out of Portland and there were guys who who got some serious looks but it will look at the end of the day and it's brave go and you really get it. Did you get a sense of why it's regard this is what a basket. I think you know they've done this before with Jordan we're. Clifford before that in and and not nearly except fully Dunlap before that Michael Jordan not at all at first be given a guy is dispersed their coaching job. You know there was it was a competitive market this year I think though what. Close to a third of the NBA team turning over head coaches don't know that they would have been barely got Federline KQ had they waited but I think. You know what Michael likes to do and and I I think subject really made the Ira hope that Kerry standing by it that he grew is really the guy. Make it that they were trying to get a guy who might stick around for ten years you know a young one catch one on the way out. At the right time and you know a young coach that kind of the hottest then. Root as opposed to the proven head coach route which every NFL team at the deal with that sort of scenario to and they. Changeover but it up and I think they interviewed by ten guys and I can they why Brigham had a good first impression but. The prison putting aside who knows really until this storm plan. Image after the draft last night kind of left things open to interpretation by a lot of people you can probably one of two ways but. Which way you take it when he says it will not be here again in this position. Well. I hope he's remaining that they're not going to be in the lottery again that. A little hard to believe but I don't my of the optimism. I would be optimistic enough issues to a may eighth. Experience so met six. And in over the years and I'm sure he doesn't think he'll ever be able lottery yet. Then again you look at that roster and you go to so where do they other twelve win cup proper or whatever. Is the number eleven draft pick really gonna be that much of a difference maker no probably not they're gonna have to improve internally. And that difficult to do some not so. I'm fine with them Diana but I'll believe it or not he would. Our north Carolina's Ali's got the opportunity to want to legalize gambling now who knows when that'll happen but is that a right now you have a chance to bet on would you back Kimmel walkers or two years from now or a year from now or or not. Not on at a banquet they must. I think kemba after it this year. We'll have a lot of opportunities. And get as much as he certainly has enjoyed his time in Charlotte. You know that the big contract for him but it all go out big time in his career where he's gonna have the chance but really chewed the contender. If these guys do a lot more than I expect that went fifty gangster or maybe they can get him back here but I would foresee him. More likely going to a playoff contender that it really have a shot at a ring which he really has never had a as and a very sterling career. I resort to discuss valor Charlotte Observer joining us on the tech job just like. There's got to obviously. If things have changed in those laws I've known you and you've known me. I knew we had one thing it's been consistent as Jerry Richardson. Has owned the Carolina Panthers it seems like that is no longer. And you know we have new owner what to expect for the new owner. Well. Like what I hear from him he is described in various places our action. Funny and occasionally profane and opinion made it all the anger are great for eternal this bit David tempers gonna make an outline. I like it guy in general he speaks his mind that. That's what he thinks so what do you agree what they are not he's obviously. Got the biggest cheque book we can imagine and and can papers stopped when he wants to remain I think. The main question and I wrote and I have a lot fame has reported and you know out of around the branded Zocor no birdied Luke in the they'd be up there I think. I wanna hear that from his Mao right now one it is Hersh broke out that they used first or her. Should be something like look I'm not late in Charlotte Charlotte great market that's what he meets the eye right away is start. Really went in over a mandate that kind of been battered a little bit by out by a scandal that not a barrel man eighteen. And I'm sure there then boom many pet food stamps are tired of hearing about. Jerry Richardson's behavior and so on and so they're anxious to get somebody fresh start so I think apple have a bit of a honeymoon period but. He needs to make sure right away that he is committed to Charlotte and says that public. NASCAR time im pretty sure you're an AC/DC tanner at least you've heard this you know song and references that did you I've got the biggest balls of the mall. While that's literally you know what temper has and how does that affect his image you know come near Charlotte in a Bible Belt city specially in consideration of you know what just took place. Yeah I it is sudden interest staying. Interest staying office. Operations as a medic kept it first so long. I guess it that they thought about it personality. The like that not necessarily gonna play well at all all corners of Charlotte. But then again as a bat I think people are ready for stopping peppered I think they're ready to get separate champ. This city is not battle they do conservatives sometimes that the made out but they I think that there are. A lot of forward thinkers feared at a bank more importantly he has. That'd be walking out right away with this handout. Through the city and they give me a bunch of stuff. Or any you know we get in that whole conversation about the billionaire deserved stadium welfare all that outburst the that he walked in and say look it's about passion project speakers that bank that ought to do in the community. To make it better and by the way let's work together to make this stadium upgrade and I think. Surely got big purse Smart people around him that are gonna tell of that because. You know they've we've we've been out in a very. Bad spiral on the L all ownership question a bit goes back many years not just the lat year took so. I'm I'm happy to what he couldn't do that. Nowhere we all talked about our relocation of the stadium in PS cells and all those things the book on the football side. Right what what is the most important thing you think this guy has to do on the football side day one because we have seen the quotes of the reports that he's got nothing but glowing reviews about Marty in raw and the football operation side and I'm sure that's true to some degree both football side what do you think this guy needs to come in and do they want. Well probably just tell everyone look I'm gonna stop the checks and get out of the way I think that generally and owners. That's what the best owners do and they they're not cheap. Another thing Jerry Richards divorce cheat because they they were bumping up brought against the salary cap every year. But you'd you wanna make sure I don't you know they don't I want the Jerry Jones model here they don't want. You know me influencing football decisions and that sort of thing so I think we keep comes at a major repair and Ernie give them about a competent and so on. Probably thought the cam into equally and got to get those big branch escalators on. And I think beyond. You know he kind of economy used to the background of some expands. But I hope we hear from him on important issues send. Up like the National Anthem last year and some of the other issues that owners should speak up on I wanna hear from David tepper. I don't want the sound of violence the video thank emanating from. The owner's suite. Is that one of the things that you know when you look at the legacy of Jerry Richardson you know what does that going to be because. Assuming we're gonna look and the focus on the last there probably a year two years of his of his ownership here. But ultimately what will his legacy say about this team the city and the Carolina Panthers. Well I I think that the great question frank because. There you've you've got a record of Greek simply buy out of that bank in at the last bank that app of what people are the greatest bank or the worst bank or whatever. It's an easy trap to fall into the right now. You know Jerry Richardson the last thing that happened to him that we don't know about it that's worth by misconduct instead of investigation and so on. But a more complicated than that it is a tarnished legacy for sure but he also did bring. The Carolina Panthers even brought that to Charlotte and I bet that never happened without him. That's something that millions of people have enjoyed sort of complicated I think it like a spate. Will be multi path but people have to accept. What he did then and what he did well on what he did poorly and you know he was a giants here in many ways but a ought to. Knowing when you start looking nets you know what this means no movement forward and you the opportunity that effort has. Yeah how much easier to factor into the city of Charlotte in and you mentioned a little earlier but. You know the horror the heartbeat of this town is this that Pittsburgh it's not Chicago or start New York is different and everywhere else you do that you're. As long as I have from team probably longer you know Scott but I know one thing about Charlotte is that they're loyal. Yes our and I think. There would also probably loved him the new pier but I've I don't certainly see that happening now would get he would be. More than Michael Jordan model in terms of really living somewhere out there at their Florida despite Michael event happened you know. Super fancy Condo era now burst open like that but. I do hope he gets involved I think it would be Smart to get involved you're right that they loyal city. And it's as you know somewhere in the middle of small town values and no real big metropolis but they get built small enough that. You can learn the city and you know our traffic problems you'd think they're bad you know go drive in Atlanta for three days and you'll come back. Laughing about the traffic problems fear and I think that that great play and I hope he realizes. I know he's got a lot of loyalty to Pittsburgh and want those values fear and such but I mean they'll be realizes. What an opportunity. Appear mean couldn't do discretion but second got a ever on the French Open about that that is a huge deal. There Scott I agree. Narnia's you know big cheese to fill with you know some of the things that have been done here and and hopefully can you know maybe do some things and learn from the mistakes that were made but. And we are looking you know Jerry Richardson in this investigation what do we expect moving forward as it done some people there may be sweep it under the rug and say let's move on. I'm known no harm no child know for what we have going forward and you know just. My kind of move on his business but. Other people don't want you know maybe Jerry had on that on a sticker on a platter and it is also other ways so it's not done him no matter take us for what it's worth the pianist also displayed his unit they can't let it die you know the problem. I'm. That's a great question title I don't really know what may be a spell bigger right the NFL has that it bill about getting regret that story in fact I think the bottom line now but just the first and kind of covering that very subject because. You know ultimately. Mean the NFL that spotted judicial body in terms that they're not there not been a big people. To jail time they NFL's ultimate pic was. We can make you so you're saying that would have been the ultimate punishment they could have given Jerry Richardson. It took that off the table. You know within hours of this first Sports Illustrated story but then I'm element thing so that was done map and so. What can they really do well they can I get publicly reprimanded him humiliate him to some extent something like that. However if you read the latest series of letters do you sort of wondering well. Are these non disclosure agreement gonna prohibit really any of that happening so. And some rarely get an issue one paragraph statement in two weeks but it looked into it and that there. Or is it going to be more substantive than that I'd add that one I really don't have a great feel for will be very cure. Ours got seller Charlotte Observer joining us on the second job just like he's done some really good work lately don't check it out a questions for James break don't nod for David's upper end up thank you were there and thank you for the win sky you validated me once again two great questions to zero referenced are you. I went on thanks. Unbelievable I still. When I bow out of the combo question I did you have. Won and announced that. That's ultimately it's unreal unreal Scott thanks to buddy the.