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Monday, April 16th

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Now though we go. To Ross Tucker spent some time but it felt a little bit he's there it's just time to Westwood One NBC sports network series sex and he joins us. On the tech become just slide and Doug Ross first of all we appreciated second of all talk to me about the ball candid because this sounds like. A toy I wish I'd had put out as kids. Yeah it's soft and I appreciate you asked me about it I thought Tuesday minded because I don't I don't. Good news bad news. Here don't like dogs being there you see a guy that passed off on two articles in whatever. Reported yet you have. Your house in your driveway in your backyard activity in your basement. Forger it'd been. It for verdict watch that a ticket to bought it for kids you know for the first time what are rebel mark bought it helpful. We want for my nephew and they all go absolutely crazy over it kind of this cool perhaps something where there. There's still a bit now in all of these kids with their iPad and phone them up video game. So earnest so that now involve changing so launch angle of this beater whatever. But you're actually outside running around trying to make both don't back him junior statutes. It's crazy like for me. I play my board's six year old. And try to reduce that support their bit NFL team I want itself. Obviously did not do a very wide range and term could be used that he knew it. And Ross god bless him for having a product that OK kids off and out so like you said instead with the technology get him up and doing something and and if you can. Use the launch angle in the velocity to it. That he's a minute getting outside and play and that's all we need. Yeah I mean my my its secret do like to change this speed and outlawed tangled watch me try to catch they did agree to gather that self. Yeah it's pretty cool lobbying there are very good thing. That might it's bigger or that their iPad but it aren't very good to go out well with the ball and collect the outstanding. Now they now they haven't tried to shoot or get it and now they haven't tried to shoot anything other than a football out of the bullpen and adding a yes but Robert coming or whatever or narrow little. I'm sure there and try and he instead and around on the sidelines of practice field before wondered what would happen if I put a cantaloupe in that just accept a how far could we had lots of pineapple on a expendable. I love the booklet resorted Ross Tucker BC sports network and though less what what series six enjoyed a solitary become just like. I saw that you are dead or lost you were up podcasting the other day about the best quarterbacks in distressed. And I saw I would I would just ask you who has the best quarterback in the stretch and why has it not Lamar Jackson. For me it's it's stamped Arnold. And there's a lot different reasons or that including. You go ahead and when he was that the US army all. Three years they bought all that team sprint be being Uga this really impressive let me. Yet they understand. His background. You know the guys played great sport to write more human now what do you like manufactured. Quarterback dramatic it off or year. It played wide receiver and linebacker puppets or spiteful thing. And then start at quarterback goes here here. And then number one ranked player in the country. What a fellow California quarterback who has already been predicted US. Look forward you're here why is it started well after you're here and borrow what USC can't. So that it's. A US bureau of power and light it up and stop there amen amen at enacted betray us and that's just the trying to figure out like talk to your people. He batted down a US senior group. Because you like Jerry you know being trained every day by David well who is now basically the quarterback drew group. We're demanding and human variant Brett there. I like it play making ability. Yeah I think he's got good. Reaction time in terms of what happened on that note what he bought. He offered a little bit more than a guy like god rooted in terms of expanding play. And make bigger plays Britain's Blake so those are among the reasons why aren't we elect our. Russ slipped a question on its head a little bit because we've talked so much about the teams that are likely to draft a quarterback near the top of this draft the jets the browns. The bills may be the Broncos may be the giants may be a bunch of teams. Which one of those spots is the best fit for rookie quarterback to walk into and have some degree of success. And keep from just Rolen and im right off the bat. More news after it. I thought us Albert all right at least that. Up out if you noted to be good reports they're trying to not sure we've now I don't think I feel that drew Mike kind of undrafted free kick journeyman. Mentality wouldn't let me remember that it was awful that Eli Manning did that I see it that you sit back. Doubt in the league if it starts but I don't know art art do with the position. That guys like. John Elway and I don't know yeah we're spark plug years grant died nine times. And Red Bulls pulled their bullpen has looks pretty good. There's so you know after. I think part of it depends all on. Your perspective on what to Britain landing. I mean it's beautifully put it getting its chance to learn you know aren't our art Taylor. And don't want apartment about we put it's bet if it's so fat and they're so our thing. That if you're able it's either five hundreds of people are starting quarterback and a belt. No big fifth you know that sports so I love you. I try to get your tour that you're trying I mean you'll be you guys view I you don't have to rush in their right away Garrett. I believe you'll have arguably known or read about receivers only you know they'll back to you and your. Well there are perfect for security what Kurt broke quarterback at this giant they elect still spin. In whatever network you won a couple of bubble that was there ten plus years Eli Manning. You look at it it's good franchises. It's a lot better I'd I'd be spared the wrath up yet for some of the same reasons. At the route that would be the pillow. I mean the buildup to work for an NFL. And they're brick bat off but compliant mineral called. And I don't know I agree rich quarterbacks so I'd probably say it trying. Also if your guy look at it from an entry point being point mediator in the ground didn't know ordered to open up. Ross Tucker Georgia is a detect become just like it Roswell well what's the difference between sickle on Barkley India the second best running back in this draft. Rocket that went under they expect the best running back dated I would go there you guy I'm up there I hadn't thought of but I also spent the paint yet I've watched every snap city or are you act. And I think what makes it a different day guys like war debt. For a guy like to reduce duality or early. I think it's a total pack right I think similar you know it. Are you back there and had no you go back. That's a big difference in my mind girly book it. You know why are our whole sport at its view the catching the ball and you can watch. At what they're awful in which what a lot this here that often aren't quite really shortly. You lost I mean you work all. They thought about it the right it's more bad rep reps. There's the aren't doing real well or what. You brought forth. Pretty short. A Christian like words I don't think we're we're all out. Ross wanted to ask you to why we had you on Dez Bryant gets cut by the cowboys and I think from a business standpoint everybody understood that move. Based on what he's done the last three years not in north twelve and a half million bucks when you look at Dez Bryant do you think the opportunity to. Land someplace with a fresh starts in May be take his own situations gonna give him a chance to have a bounce back here or we already seen the best of that guy. Well I don't retarded in Tibet the but I don't just the bureau really solid player Carter reminds me it's just days. Public Anquan Boldin but now. Tax experts year after a very weird you could no longer run at all you know like over the start up or buy it a little rap here. Bad debt bits but there's just so critical. And has such strong here. You know at the cat or going to drop like your gut that is the bird. But they so that's too bad I felt like him. Pat Patrick guide us as a number two I liked the redstone the body but I predict it. Last night I want all of the depth chart right there are the people mentioned and like airline powers its debt through a brutal murder rape and so war record really yours so moment you know that more than any other. So and that's why it's pretty good meat that they had throat worked out a pay cut I I agree now workflow and a half billion. Parent node number six and a half million were picked out there but if you're gonna have to pay him eight million dollar in debt money. You know what you'd try to get a three year or five or six million dollar flat and still actually have that player. Complements the other guys like these who went there for a like earned and Williams. Her is to me that it's. Even wrote this subject. Outlook faked got that helped me that there are a bit more about. Eight Ross so we got more authority run a garage somewhere at the golf course and how that he's gonna answer this question forced at least not on the air but. You know what the Panthers are gonna do with toys for that this is a team that still has some really good core pieces put. On both sides of the football they need some help with your Marty you've got that draft pick it's 44 next third tonight where you don't what. I really like the possibility prevent. Should be able to get a couple of position number one would be injured your whole life you know with riots and Leo are saying what you're saying. I'd opt out grew old on Jeremiah hurled at left guard. Yet amid these guys whether it's this team Daniel. Or. You know even like a wheel over and bed you're there are the option fair that they beat yet. Oh do recruit players that really help we're buying these theories offered like now we've been here. What are your cup. I know what they consider order. You know it. It's expected that spoke spirit pretty good quarter a year we're not that the decision especially for slots or vehicle order. Back BI noting that app built there the fact it did not want to pick up a brutal one. And it jumped out. Our Ross Tucker NBC sports network Westwood one's Syria's sects have joined us on the second job just like we appreciate your bodyguard got volleyball Janet. Let us know that the kids are any greens here. I don't know if it's not that would work I. The fact I don't see when I'm now looking. I. Also it enact paper through what you don't click that they felt pretty good results are chip maker because there's there.