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Tuesday, July 17th

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Welcome back it's Garcia and Bailey here on this Tuesday afternoon is always had a sub 70457. Or 96 tend. Would love to hear from you had to supplement rally Jewelers Twitter feed as well with you would add Kyle Bailey WS frenzy. At frank Garcia 65 we got it's on to get into including some more NFL news again lay beyond bell and the Steelers not come into an agreement. On that contract was Bryce Harper last night. Possibly saying goodbye to Mets fans were told about that. Tiger Woods at Carnoustie and of course the other big New York magazine article about those sports viewership nobody watching sports important person anymore. And nobody really seems to care so we thought about all that but first we talked to Ron Sanchez. The head basketball coach of the Charlotte forty niners are about to embark on his first season as the head coach here in Charlotte he joins us on the technique on guests lined a coach we appreciate your manpower. I'm doing great thanks for having me on here. Absolutely first and foremost congratulations. I know probably for you live there you know coming from the staff that you game from the having been a love basketball lifer you've probably been. No kind of waiting for this opportunity and you know when you when you got that call this a very Rahm would like to make your bed coach take me through that what was that like. I was ecstatic. To hear that a university wanted me to to lead this program as you know this is. You know that there are many of these opportunities. I've I've I've been in this for a while in front of a lot of well qualified individuals that have not had this opportunity saw genuinely thankful now to have have received that call and post real. Aren't so you know we you to would you would you I guess looked into this job when you interviewed for this job what did you know about 49ers positioned and you know what would you take with UN of that interview. You know I don't know much to be honest about the history of the school or anything of that nature and I'm not. About a guy who studied a lot of different programs or anything like I'm I'm always kind of in the moment so you know where at a time out of his obviously we have Virginia and Ellis. But he just focusing on us and in our team and you know I've been doing that for the last. In on nine seasons so loud building and knew about the institutions where it was located not recruited. This area before. My friend tech coach here before and have little understanding though. Of the camp this an outcome of the community and and so on but I knew that the city is one that that produces a lot of talent and then the state of oh Carolina the whole. You know it had tremendous amount of talent alone over the last. You know nine years that I've been. You know kind of in in the south recruiting and so one and I was truly excited to to be in an environment that that would allow me to. Kind of recruit here at work here. And come upon the community. Talk it is too broad Sanchez had basketball coach of the Charlotte 49ers joint missile attack become just like. Ron it was a dozen years that he's been on Tony Bennett's been try to Mineta it's a long time. To spend under a guy like that I was fortunate to us to cover Tony when I was in Virginia and it has some really really good conversations alerts open every time I talked to Tony what what what do you take from a guy like that as you branch off and year old head coaching career. You know the one thing that about Tony that I truly you know appreciate most he's a phenomenal coach and an unbelievable person. But at what point how he treats people. You know doesn't matter that there's a higher Keyon in the way that you specs and treats. You know individuals including a players and everybody kind of gets that that kind of respect from him. That's one thing that was huge committees such an analysis in the head of the program. And and the second thing was to actually being in the moment in on not. Not thinking too far ahead and and and not living in north of the rear view mirror as well it's kind of being in the moment and focusing on the process. In on that accepting you know assailed. Democrats and failure you know what you would accept it and a victory and so once before it is really to kind of com learning how to for the vote with the process and not being goal oriented and and that's one thing that I think he does a remarkable job well. Roger always going to be a basketball coach. Yeah Obama looked. The other is that the if not because I want to be about Syria I've always wanted to go to David Duval I'm kind of living. My day in my dream as. Indicated united I always just wanted to coach that wouldn't have never thought to be completely up but it might might be high school coach at some point but. I am in I don't think I would think with a name like that and I just loved it and. Was there ever any doubt you'd be able to do this to meet some guys always there there are a lot of guys who want to do what you do for a living but there are obstacles or road blocks they're things that. We don't forsee was there ever a moment you thought you would make it. Now not a doll you know because again it wasn't the mile and about the level. I think that this. Bored you know and when you fine individual and have it. The test positive addiction to a game it is is this unbelievable and I never advocate that I wouldn't be able to coach again and never. Well it was concerned about it you know what level it was going to be. I just wanted to be on the game and talent to teach the game and Obama want to work with young people about Iowa's music so not to have any doubt about that I. Hit a bunch of obstacles and M and my attorney asked Kate definitely. Kelly being on the huge. And let him that they might hysteria. Really bad when I think at one point I was paying to work. This is this blessing in disguise that fly actually I am so thankful that. You know Mike hill has given the gaps could be here. I know which admin but I talked to Ron Sanchez joining us on the tech acog does slime and you know kind of in that same venue talked about obstacles and such or what you learn from being on the bench of a team that became the first to ever lose to a sixteen seed is suitably term or you take from that. Well you know I learned two things one name per primarily. Is you know five days before you know we won a championship. So that did this calling. Has to decide and then and you know you can't. He came become. Overwhelmingly happy about one side or the other you know the positive side he can't you know do this kind of again just be. All told new album come joyful that we're winning today and in the kind of be in that moment when you lose you know kind of be disappointed or upset and so all he just kind of have that states. Kind of achievement because you know you're gonna have failures and and then you're gonna have success. But staying kind of even killed have a balance between those two I think I think risky. I wanna get into your roster and your team and your schedule just the second but but Padilla a moment ago you were talking about Tony and what you learn from him and and learn from being on those benches. You'll players learn from coaches the coaches can learn from players what what what's the biggest lesson you've learned from a player and and maybe you can talk about the player. I'll definitely you know I've had opportunities to close some some really good talent. Been very fortunate. You know content talented guys both physically and mentally you know got to really understand the typical one thing. And I've learned from my guys to this you know. That players may not know what work. You know play it may not know how old dumping it on them you know lead to a victory. But they do know what doesn't work if he got a great cook I can't do my best I can happen you know you have to listen to them. I didn't have to be it anyway and a connection between players and and and coaches as far as. Getting input receiving input because we can see it one way but as as they have their own that applies to have a completely different scope. And I think come you know typical of the great players coaches you know in the history of the game I think accountability but to connection between them and their players and as far as I that it can put. Aura of talk to Ron Sanchez head basketball coach Charlotte forty niners joining us on the technique John guest slot. A look at the schedule right here a million you've got some games early on there go test you obviously you know games like Chattanooga to open things up Oklahoma State JMU and are you juicy Wake Forest at some point College of Charleston Zeneca the club that they were NCAA tournament team last year you you're gonna find out which are guys rolled up pretty early. No definitely I mean you got a pilot of this schedule I would say that another team that put together a list. You know thinking they would only look at tiger and another large bid. Quality is the earliest a schedule that. You know I didn't see any of thinking you know loud you know there's if we didn't have the that we felt we would. Which scheduled strong enough with the NCA particularly gonna go with another opportunity to kind of get in this did you know this is you know been historically kind of a one bid league. Tom so you know limit it is the very very strong scheduled from beginning. To the end you know I don't know that anybody in the that he got a lot of this. It's going to be an easy one. Because it's going to be a kind of the challenge how good we are. A hum in the nonconference I'm not going to be indicative public who will be in the conference but I think that we will be tested. And if that we can be persistent. And then that stay the course can be faithful to what we do would have been to where. You know home learning and then and the Schuylkill with developing. Throughout the not confident I think it'll really help put in the comfort you know. But that's going to be the challenge because. You know that there are some some very talented teams who have to go up against and it's gonna happen early. Ironical to put things will turn to loosen does he knows a look at this roster right now I dive into account for upperclassmen the rest freshman sophomore itself which got some coach ended. Get the idea this is the reason why I'm here. You know you came that somebody might. The candidate be let go allow you know it's going to be hard until 1 I am I wake of what was at tremendous. Among them joy you know home I'm excited for it I don't know what the outcome is going to be put. I think I have a group of guys have on the work really hard that a tremendous stat here. And you know without the talent coming this young group it is. But I think that we can become you know and united have great synergy no US Atlantic. Account you know a handful which is from the Charlotte area on this Ross Drummond how important is that to you and your staff we when you hit out on the recruiting trail and you're trying to assemble roster future seasons and habits recurring shoulder and the surrounding area. Now looking at this from this area that are talented enough to lift the program. You know I think that you can get the community more engaged and you know they they've known these kids from high school and so on but again to be the right one. Abdul African it'll take its program and elevated you know to two has been in the past and that's that's the goal so it's not about having. Shot at kids it's about having. The right chocolate can individual second help this team win. All right so what do what do you want the brand of this program to be Rondo when you're out there again on the recruiting trail you're at a camp whatever it is. Would people think Charlotte forty not a basketball under Ron Sanchez. What what are you ultimately want that to me. The element that they that this is a group of guys that. That play the game the right way in other than you can tell that they respect the game when when they are on the floor I want to take a look at it what it is. Smart to put in those two group of Smart players you know. How one of them this as a as a as a mentally tough group and its physically tough group you know that everything get that type of mentality. You know to become the that we can use you know long term. Sought to might get a life and your coaching Smart. Tough. Intelligent group I'll be thrilled to hear that about marketing. I had last thing I'd love your take on another of the state of college basketball in the NCAA because some what do you you know what I'm talking about so much swirling about. Transfer rules and and shoe companies and everything else. How how would you love in a certain to come in from the ACC being on the bench there how would you assess the help of this game and ended the future of college basketball. If not that would let them the game is in the and in the end the great place not in the into the latest on the do all that they can to protect the athletes you know protect institutions. You know obviously when. When a certain rule change you know impact Q&A negative way you kind of get that feeling but. But I think overall you know it's our responsibility of the coaches to protect this game this is an unbelievable. You know payment. And we had coaches who do have to play a part in Nam and sit in Italy and whatever way we can't. You know I'm protecting each other cultures that we do have this fraternity of guys the world under the pain pain when gains and you know kind of established ourselves so we can. We can all come out of luck up and end and then work together and in particular game and this is relaying whatever way we can't. Much it would continue to keep it came out very healthy places. Our Ron Sanchez head basketball coach Charlotte 49ers joined us on the technique come guests lined their maiden voyage begins November 6 against Chattanooga they have four straight home. To start the season Chattanooga Oklahoma State James Madison and long would highly suggest you grab those tickets now and duck coach we appreciate America to make this a regular thing. Todd thank you so much I appreciate your time MLB have a great. YouTube Ron Sanchez joining us on the technique come just like we come back we're back to some of that it's Dorsey and Baylor.