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Wednesday, May 16th

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Pretend that we Astrid Tim what NB ATV 9290 Jamie joins us now. On the second job just lava supper excited about it. Our gentlemen have been great I don't. Do well dual Wellman the is southeastern ray may have we're all used to about Al but overall soaking wet but I tell you what. I. For some reason I've got some some optimism tucked away in the back in my head. Amid may be is my heart I don't know that admitted that Mitch Kupchak can figure out a way to make this number eleven pick count if he's gonna make this eleventh pick out what's he gonna do with. I think you know it because I think there's still going to be good now let out a weapon now that's sixteen or seventeen. I would be saying that I think its top that the draft. I'm not enamored of the back to apple the boats are out there strap started all noisy here are gonna down around your city right now. What are. What it'll lab and are mocking my house purchase cheap shot cheap guys. And I also mocking Obama bought through the clippers as well. I'm not a huge mall pop up banner okay prospect I don't yup but that a lot of other people do. What an and I really don't think you guys indeed Obama butch got to a better bet Chua power over to begin. Pot debt at those that this was our power to make me and give Mark Williams. So you need it got stuck to a best player available scenario. And I am not seeing miles which is a Michigan State do you guys. I think he. You turn up the pressure a little bit up Michael Kidd Gilchrist. Up maybe mile per revolves were just clearly authority about a proper order. Then Michael Kidd Gilchrist so that's the way out what they'll. Our normal weapons out of five you don't look at the victim to local sort out but is going to be our big time potential channel out there up you've got the number eleven. Erica and I hate to be the Debbie downer and and you'll feel like I'm always coming down harder on this team but you know I got a call space to Spain. In my Phelan is with anyone of these guys in the draft can be better than anybody we have on this team already except for maybe a guy like Cody who has a little bit more savvy legal experience. Indoor kemba and I don't think nick Kemp was going to be here may be long term so anybody else that is going to be available whether or smoke unabomber used on the blanked. Is going to be an upgrade not tradable piece here for the arts. Well I mean look I I don't I don't know mr. McCall he had been I think been Nicholas bitumen spectacle where it terribly year. You know I've. I I understand what you're saying but if it's gonna we're talking at five. Wanted to say that that that bit that prospect in the strap. Backstop and it is it the same local not better that a lot of Wear north umpire and that. But it get the talent drop stop issue goal but it will weapon and so I I don't think about bridges or whether or pop up. You don't kill which is a goal and noble all there I don't think immediately provide more value of the order that a lot of the bad but around that game and you mentioned Kemba Walker. We have an issue and Atlantic Hubert that if Schroeder okay. An insurer. In Germany that they you want now you said that I want to play at a competitive. You mentioned it Deanna in Milwaukee. Got caught me to do some research I can't cope with ten games. Debt debt either or are we here at point guard have a decision to make of what cart or just playing viewpoint are Charlotte being one of them. Temple locker jury gets talked about it all but not. Entering the last durable or your 48 million dollar deal I don't why Cheryl it's just not doing that audience to keep them. I don't get that to meet the match player and the FBI. In a spot at about one let loose. What if that plan out. Paul are called Mitch Kupchak kept traditionally called bitch got checked in that you know outlook to view our quote Denish Kruger. And in this perk here. You know the third overall pick and maybe extend the weapons back to Atlanta which you guys that swap which take and it's. You bought camp it will up to her abrupt. Absolutely all day every day. Addicts and it was cinched it about what you said there Rick to a certain look at and we bring John because you tremendously and I respect your opinion and interestingly enough we've we've had on direct view current Chris Broussard a couple of others in the last couple weeks who have said no they don't think that kemba Walker's a Max money type a dime with all due respect he's worked his way today and you know kind of friends all star type dude did it gets he gets a Max contract type deal being in a 28 and then I guess 29 next season by the time I don't know maybe this hornets team to really. Turn the corner he's going to be 31 with potentially three years in ninety million left on that kind of deal and those guys that are undersized and stayed pretty quickly does that not scare you at all. I mean you know you're if you wanna look at it sort of glass half empty. All of that stuff breaks at. What do you wanna look if laptop global. Bet it's double walker special and different and he's gonna have staying power that goes beyond. That the time constraints it you just big you just mentioned. I've just been huge bad policeman guy I think you could just dish great all are aware. And die yet he is a constant work got a game guy he is gone from. Top people they reached quietly all op GOP and it got to give you were reported by bit he points. Ought to go our outlook that there Obama I'm a big big band ominous turn in not being a Max player. I don't really understand that I mean the next not church being thrown around in the NBA. What it's like you know somebody need to band aid we give the band is so why wouldn't Kemba Walker be a match guys specially for. You don't but are middle or lower market are smaller markets like Charlotte. Brett what our our our reagents beaten down the door of the Charlotte. I think it's I think it's a fair -- -- to think it's more about him being a victim of circumstance right about like what you mentioned a minute ago being surrounded by a bunch of bad removable contracts and more again what you just and I guess I gotta be clear about this because you know you know how fans can -- but we we love Jim Walker and his from everybody loves and respects him and and a lot of adoration for the guy the way he's worked and willed himself into being a great player I just talked about him being a -- a victim of circumstance and we don't want to spend our you don't atomic time on that topic but I do appreciate your opinion on it I would also I would also ask you about the other bridges -- because you talk about mark miles registered to Lawrence is that because you think Michelle bridge is gonna be gone by that point and I apologize you alluded to Debra -- Childress. I'm I'm at it like you know I'm in love with the guild were to. I don't look at your pop outlook is gonna change your ability are outlaw it you're screw it up about. Do you literally I don't subtype were bought one about it he. All player that ever seen. Units sold law that's what that there with the seventh book well spent and within banks are in with a lot of ability and talent. Antonio watts Donna don't know what are collapsed two years. Two years he he always gets his hand on the ball for sweater to loose ball. In court or whether it I'll read out a while we welcome our product recorded the post one up there are rabbit. Any doubt and knocked down three point shot and he can depend Jimmie we talked about the three Indy guy in the NBA all the time you don't find that I think he's. He's got a law Chris curry had a ball well coach stop its quick comment from Obama seem like they did it dot. I think you I think you pick. Our MBA player ought to do what struck our restart right just don't real solid player oral or not. And it took so upload your belt or their push Charlotte maybe but I doubt it because pop up dot dot until we're going to Philadelphia it's at. Philadelphia didn't need to what he boring they need. Are really are to their decision to make that JJ Redick. Even if they keep JJ Redick I still think being a wake up but I am it starts its seventh. So walked into the open early I that there will let you get pats and I that's where many miles were just you don't. Hours a moderate Tamil NB ATV United's united James joined us on the second job just like I wanna get to the playoffs in just the second it doesn't look at dodger Jimmie this is a cheated. I'm watching under the tree dressed us less than the free lottery style should I get it is a really really good player but are we not may be over selling a little bit as the greatest Ural multi and I'm not like those are my words you heard people say that I'm sure twelfth this guy's gonna be the greatest hero ball solid and we need to pump or breaks a little bit on this jitters he got special. No question about it I'm ever. I don't I don't know what the reporter's name was but Archie did a piece you don't like it it's so look it's not just peace. And she called on. The most hyped. European player ever accompanied MBI. And I completely disagree with that you guys are open upper upper Toni Kukoc. Blogspot don't cook boat coming over here. I mean it was huge hot there but what about our Darko Milicic. And I know he didn't realize they are at the heart core group that's all ought to go back to applaud that there was brought up grip on Johnny. With an portal well scripted Toronto obviously not the right moves but. What there's been a lot of European guys were generated a lot of bought a Dutch which is up there used one of the most tight. European players about that but it it's so recently by its imports are the doctors say do you cost type European I thought that was not the bad date. But in terms of his game he is yesterday's then yet. He's long with an adult with a shot with some fights he whistled edged. This guy I was playing purely basketball. At six change. Okay that's on her up. An end it purely basketball or some of your listeners who read out though it's about we got out of Ian yet you take all of the great teams in Europe. And then you take the all sparking all those teams. So look like adopted kids who look going to the doctor James struck the top to jinx and spent the top two kids and Turkey and they all of the early. In this case was played against. One unique girl 35 goal man it's sixteen years old yet dot church is the real deal. How does Cleveland when you LeBron gets a triple double scores what 43 points last night and they lose by double digits. And how does Golden State lose because. You don't listen Houston went out there and gave their best shot at home. And Golden State is a mismatch nightmare for anybody in this league. Yeah I mean you're bringing up great points and about a Paul. I had a really good game one and an art and at an epic game one and it was even close good enough. Are really if you wanna be out and I and I got a bit bit. Is it's cute to be deterred ankle. That they need they need. You know our shoulder at any injury guys made the point like great. If if all four well a good start our bowl and Gator LP it's a rat Michael like Houston might win a game pop but it it would tonight. Only now so I don't believe Houston's gonna go into ORACLE Arena debt when it so if it was tonight it's probably not get out get out the room. If they go by copper equivalent it's kind of very civil rights while I had a really good game lapse at well where are where Wilt Chamberlain the forty plus triple double. And it would buy or. Change now don't they yin and the Yang coveted spots and not and know what opened the play out and go play with a much inspiration and they just looked unbeatable at home. Get about it. Korean War that wrote the Welsh. So I think I think we were gonna win game three are back I promise you when you dedicated this series game or. Give Boston overcome the Cleveland home court advantage and take full control and proper clothes out in game five order we went. Go bang bang it home page you're due out which one it will probably don't want topic but it looks like bought. Wearing the church right now. What do you do with carriers and you know you look at towards these this team is doing without him Kim on the bench right now. Now he's maybe a good cheerleader he you know gets cold water in the tiles off the guy's real nicely but I'm he's not provided anything other then you know the palm comes right now. And and yet they look like they're about ready this week. And I would tack on that if you don't mind that I did this feels like it's no longer this Brad stevens' team now and I heard some people talking about the suicide and this is this not a player's team like a lot of these organization does Brad Stevens to meet the face of this organization right now so if your Danny and what do you do is carry her dream after this week to the accounts. Interesting our top book I I don't I understand they're right now if auto it right up Bret Stephens are. I didn't have a bit but I had a vote I would order Gretzky and hopefully keep you did a great job Pratt and its coach European yet. Dole but he did more with what they were injured five minute stint parry which were a lot of the year smaller which are well which were more on an odd or not. Didn't that they picked up when you get so you wanna say it. This year came down to pay or without Irving is the crap speaker Celtics aren't outlook you can bet so what grudgingly because we know the MBA at the player first week. Going or art. Now it's it's. One of the most delicate game that we've seen instructed and collapsed one year when you consider this six starts that there app right now Oates you're smarter more sprout. It data and corporate. And US. They were. In our. That's the best thing he MB yet. That that's better than what bowl and they can't now let us or the FBI that's Golden State but what the best eight in the NBA that would be bought in the about a weight Dexter got bought it bought going to be on the beatable in the east for copper but feet. 656768. Win. It's a sure fire trip to the final and I think they get well he could actually give the Golden State Warriors want their money. Rick last thing here and Dario Franchitti with a piece of information got to before the show and damages as a mock draft. And we're talking about this a couple of months ago just kind of casually but whether or not grace and Allen is a first round tell the first round pick and in my life when I first considered it I said no I don't think so maybe maybe a second round pick but guides frank you show me a mock where someone has grace and Allen going to the first round if you had a better. There's Grayson dole in the first round. On it well I'd I'd do my doctor I've done a marked rap all the way to forty. Are ridiculous there's terror being put an attitude that became dot quite a champ what JA MLA and you in my mock rap. My Twitter account up dot the top ten but I pull forty. And dot I don't own it I work or that's what exactly. Your sister stations a company right. What yeah up but I am not lock in rates now at. In the first round up not denigrate and Alan I brought yeah what a bit of it is by check data rate at a body doctor Willis spoke the rock. Opposite to crybaby it is a trooper Eddie mentally weak. And got out with mentally we did times op but not this year I think he got the way it that would bigger than they did. I'm not at all I'm not great the ballot up leaps birdie or two outs. So I do not have a purse aren't great on him. You know Erica we have really a long histories are gonna give you little dig for gun here and is Kemba Walker the greatest point guard ball title. If she got that mapped out there and. How about settlement didn't look we can let's go on about to die off I brick yeah. It's the the united united in our sister station down in Atlanta diverted check out his on his mock drafts off of the snakes down there you have the gentlemen thank you for your time.