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Friday, July 13th

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Rick and Al bee reporter for the Charlotte Observer Rick give everybody an update on the John Eisner finish. Is Rick where there is a serious. Thank everybody thought it. You know I've known John Kerr of the decade now and I keep justifying Korea. Nobody ever nobody ever identified in the that being that they can't just. At fifteen advocate. What kind of can't miss guy. And what he did today it is that Cheney didn't close the deal in two point away from the match because. He would have sent out a top guy and chuck you would really like him because. People are buying everything I mean he's here they stick. You know panther fanatic pro wrestling guy he made outlive and greens were more but he's still very much greens are. And what's ricks talking about is John Eisner unfortunately L lost. In the semis at Wimbledon it took me 99 games three tie breakers five sets took over six hours but all flyers game and semi finalist south African Kevin Anderson lost so anyway and Johnny guys there we see even though he's not. Still agrees we're we still claim him but Rick is out Franken I went to break I posed the question. Is this hornets roster. Better today. Than it was 365. Days ago in even though it may not be better could it still. Represented more victories scum this upcoming season. Well chuck you kind of anticipated my answer that question. And there are a lot of there are a lot. Oh wait you could use you could find a word better. If you mean is collectively. It's brought to more talented than it was. You could are you know. But I assure you that they're that there are going to be more energy on this team next season. Because as I think the Washington Wizards they're about to discover. But it is very difficult to point to assimilate. Dwight Howard into other people gain. I don't really really telling the day after the feet then I would think of that I don't think that they after he and and they have fruit telling day because things come out of people now sprinkle back me up on this. Wait till they show is done and I leave here today. That may well not today. While that he'd been going on and it was really interesting to me that without even being asked that question Steve Clifford says. The day after the feed them. That one of the major problems flat you can work on that team has blocked it spirit. I knew exactly what he meant he meant that the problem that they have making two white. Up you know making Dwight fit in with other people and particularly with nixed the true. Would face major problem last season that was a subtext of a lot of things that's why I wrote about. Why I was in this talked about sooner than if we all saw that we all knew these things are going on because I think it's easy to the jump on a guy when he's not here you know kind of defend them do or die for not to and to defend himself when he when he can't because he's in a note no longer here but. I didn't see any of them on the court last year Rick and maybe it was going on behind closed doors and maybe that's a testament to the leadership and the character of guys like kemba but you know it didn't seem like that on the court. I did write about frank and when I wrote about it. People that people react is that like I was creepy they would say to meet look at number what's wrong. Well what's wrong is that he was screwing up everybody else who's gay men like accent I did write about that. Read the bellwethers sun that take them come get slide chuck our children for Kyle Bailey's we roll along heading towards the weekend. Brick this summer league to me cabin and down for a hundred years as you know almost as long as you but this is the first time in May need to I don't know if are we paying attention to this summer league more now because there's more exposure it's on more channels or is it because. Pass the hornets team that's playing in the summer league a big yard there gonna have big roles. With the varsity like I said is it is it there's a just my imagination. I think if the boring about it being chuck I think it is true betting general. Our summer league has become. Something that more arm NBA fans all around the league bump find interest thing. I also think that it's just natural. You know when they're this. Massively change you know a new general manager new coaching staff. A lot of player who were either new horror about to have expanded role. And hacked you know I've always said that you know that that that Puerto. Well but the trading is not ordered DNA more than any other franchise but you know hack I couldn't look up from by. Computer screen in in Vegas then they had made another. In they were in the midst of another transaction so. It was kind of a crazy time and you know what to say that this is also apparently load time and it in this sport can older so. By default that becomes really you know people talk about. Where's his team gonna find scoring you know because you look at the numbers and you combine all the numbers I know doesn't work quite that way. You know written but you know these the the number's going to be you know with cameras 22 plus. You put nit NIC Batum 101112 and their same thing with Cody you're gonna average may be sixty some points a game you know and yet dimension there until another twenty points on there I mean we're just team gonna score. Well two things one. I know for a fact that every time that may its inner beauty coaching candidate. I'm if so what went up for question I guarantee it was one of the first three basically. They were. That they were immediately asked what are you going to do so that this so this team realize some return. From the Malik monk investment. So what ever got that job was probably the Kirk who gave them the best answer for what. You know what they gotta do to make multi month. Into the player who they were hoping they were getting. When they drafted him eleventh. A year ago Franken that you know how well or poorly that works out. Might have an awful lot to say. We have how the first two at least the first two feet and temporary go to tenure here go. We're Patel showed observer whether us and our technique on gas line as we roll along on the Garcia and daily show Rick I would think unfortunately. He's not going to be playing the rest this summer league but Dovonte Graham. I don't know if she surprised us all huffy surprise you but he sure looked like he could play with the big club I do realize it's summer league but he was impressive before he went down. I don't know how many minutes till player not played exceed them but I I feel pretty competent job. But he's an NBA player. Eight. A scalp from another Eastern Conference team somebody have known forever. Texted me just out of nowhere I hadn't thought their opinion that day after the draft and he sat in the paperwork were. I think about it Graham that the keeper and I think that they're getting hit at number 34. Was just stuck crew for the mortgage. You know my age love for the French you know Rifkind you know I'm I'm Nicholas Batum has become one of my favorite players but to. Here to have a countryman of him. Is he and Tony Parker what does that do for the hornets because unfortunately. You don't give it some of the players that Tony Parker has played with. War you know maybe some of that talent that he has on this team so what was his impact going to be for the arts. I think so it's gonna be on the court I think they still believe that he can give them a good 1517. Minutes tonight I think that they see him. And they connector between pareto and the rest of the team as far as reinforcing. What pareto want to be about and by the way what that more than anything else about. Is and this is another thing to go back to why they traded Dwight Howard. If you hold the ball you're gonna have yourself a really nice seat next to a coach it's hot are. On fate they expect people they call perhaps technical and it basically means that once the ball hits your hand. You better make some Serb decision about what to do with it well and a half effectively get. They would not gonna work put too late. So you know I think I think Tony will. You know be after reinforced that I think they they hope that he can. You know be be a really good solid backup to Campbell but they obviously didn't have what he's been book beyond that I think they see him as somebody. Who they hope runs off of rubbed off on Graham. And the longer. And they can and just as importantly is that I think that they feel like. You know I talked a minute ago about how important it is to be agenda. That they start getting some kind of returned from holy month quote just as importantly is that it's no matter what you think of net. They still own 75 million dollar guaranteed that they're going away. There are about that to figure out what you know what. They can do to get the best out of him. And I'm sure they feel like having Tony in that locker room you know is going to be helpful that way. There's been cagey start does he crack the starting lineup does that matter to me I mean that's just it it's more of an ego thing. When you talk about you know where the starter where you come off the bench it's gonna be meaningful minutes and impact four minutes is really kind of the more. I guess meaningful stat but I just don't see this parade go wants to you know get the rebound. You know milking it waiting Al MKG Sid sent. Frank I'm really glad that you pointed out. What eight fold it she would do whether somebody starts forgot I think it is it probably get discussed more. About in the NBA by expands. Then anything that at the end of the day doesn't matter all that much it's whether you're playing impact a minute when you play long minutes. And quite frankly a lot more important how much you play in the fourth quarter often predict. How you know whether you'd Wear these start in the first quarter deep problem when you're talking about then KG. Is that. I think that that clipper probably used him last season. Roughly the way that he should be used in the sense that I think it's starting him. Against the other team's best perimeter scorer. If the right way to go and also limiting his minutes from the fourth quarter which is something Steve did. It all for the right week ago back in Daytona were it not so much bad as that is that there that. They have a ton of options of the wing. And one way player. Both there I think it applies to both him and frank Kaminsky. Are gonna have a harder time playing in this week then then they traditionally have. And I you know I just don't I I wonder at the end of the day when they've made this investment mile bridges who is a bit above average defender. And somebody who can score from the perimeter. If that going to leave them KG and they continuously. Reduced role that treatment. Before we let you get out of here I think in your mailbag good was in the reserve her and online I believe yesterday. As one of heroes do. Readers asked. Talk about the salary cap but I'm paraphrasing Yoon right now you said salary cap tell this year purgatory next year she's a couple that does not very optimistic. Don't know and it and it shouldn't be an N you know something and com. That the problem that they're gonna space and you know this is not a new story but it thumping bit. Yeah I think get to keep in mind with every single thing they do bomb. They're gonna have a choice basically. At the end of next season unless they go ahead and trade Kemba Walker they're gonna have a choice of either. Losing him for not saying. Or paying him a salary that may not be in their best interest berg guy who always go already going to have. Eight sequence of NBA mileage on his body. You know I I I wrote something this morning nonaligned it's gonna all be in the paper. Tomorrow about the fact that. You know the net mundane acts. Are both gonna have a tonic cap space next season well. What I have to writes Jack kemba might be our might is arguably the best player in the NBA who grew up in New York City. And last I checked both both both both teams. You know really needs a is some somebody hook sand into sewing up their games and watching them on television. I got to believe that either the knicks the nets are both of them are gonna take up a serious war on it kemba next season and that got to drive up price. In a game back Tim KG I know fans create expectations. And Rick and I think the united probably wolf. You know being in alignment with you know our our thoughts when I asked this question but I get this question asked me a lot they you know regards Sam cages you must. No I don't think he's a but but I'll play the open frank. It's not it does reflect negatively on an KG. That he with the second pick in the draft it negatively reflect and the people who made that decision. Very well collect. Rick we appreciate your time is always you can follow him on Twitter at Rick underscore Bedell Rick have a fantastic weekend will be in touch soon. Take care guide at thank Brad.