Garcia and Bailey: PGA Championship Talk.

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Monday, August 14th

Kyle and Frank speak their minds about the PGA Championship this past weekend in Charlotte.


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But Garcia. He's more. I'll go Monday see everybody child really frank Garcia Osborne here with you it's Garcia and Bailey and frank is continuing the tradition of Brock and his coach is bucket and the studios please never stop doing those good looks for you. No I'm just gonna start to as soon as practice goes to about 330 in the afternoon. You know right now we've been having practices in the morning and we get after little bit it's game week high school football kicks off Friday night in looking forward to it but. Who get after a little bit this morning early bright and early end whether flats are as great way it was granted whether this him graded whether this morning we'll little rain so little soggy conditions out there for the practice field. But Doug got it done have a lot of fun and I read a rock girl. Our coolest to a whole lot of that today we got a big show ahead Ian Baker finch will join us in about an hour we're going to our react to the PGA championship this weekend I gotta tell you. Regrets missing conversations ahead as far as that's concerned because the galleries this weekend were incredible the atmosphere was. Phenomenal amid I didn't I tip my cap to the the folks out there and Cheryl from making that an incredible events. That's being echoed all over the place Evelyn guess and a Betsy indisputable at this point other TV ratings were so good but the event itself was phenomenal. Yeah we were out there on Thursday Friday had a great time Madsen great guests and it was. You know great conditions for a really exciting PGA if to the finish out your Justin Thomas what he was able to do it's almost like this rat pack now. Over the last you're so young players have kind of started taken over whether it's Fowler or speed tour. You know now just in Thomas for that group of our guys is get it done you can probably throw. You know guys like Bubba used to be in there but he's kind of played it off or not fallen off the plan a little bit didn't. You know Ricky yet to win a major so maybe he's the next but he keeps put himself closely contention finishing five under. But what Justin Thomas did make a couple those putts you know the up and down the shots at the shot on seventeen. 220 yard par par three the seven iron at the seminar and the he hits and no one of five birdies throughout the day. Was a difference of why he won that tournament and you know he was able to kind of coast and he thought himself around the course and and hit two good shots know when it came to the final hole he'd put one in the bunker. You may try to make the Smart decision delay but then don't it's it in the rough where we saw the day before you know guys go out there and you know just. Butcher it and you know didn't have a disastrous double bogey but he was fortunate enough to have a three shot lead going of that final hole and dug coasted into victory good for him. Yeah you can use a bad shot on seventeen there a second ago we lost and immediately at a loss determined that that's such a difficult shot that pin location everything he stuck it right there hit that putt. It was incredible and that's what putting yourself in those positions over and over our Warner affords you the opportunity to do control your emotions knowing that you're gonna juice it up a little bit in the journal one's going to be flowing in. A total extras that trying to take something off you know that club he won't try to win the tournament and did. You know with that shot you if you look at the other players that were coming in around him. Which are all the best players that had been typically throughout the week hitting the ball the closest of all the reason why there. Near the lead and they're always on the back of the grain or darken and in the water so. You know he was able to control his emotions the best and hit the bad shots within the final seven or eight guys. And it was one of all like I said five guys throughout the day that made birdie on that hole so. Not a very accessible pin with the use the hardness of the grain and I he's he hit it right to where I need the edit. Landing it softly and just released to the whole game itself but 1012 footer and and drained. Yeah it was incredible that an addition it goes to show that you know there's a great deal of obviously still that does require to even be a PGA golf for much less to win an open champion Jordan where major championship. But but you know seventy and as you said a second go thirteen to factor that driver I guess Tenet was where you looked at driver of the trees and miraculously you know ricocheted back out and the fairway and then he goes on to ought to hit that putt that stood at different twelve seconds on the on the edge of the cup. And then you know thirteen the chip this in the gallery crazy and it just needs some bounces you need some breaks to go your way. There's some shirt throughout the course of the four days end. You know they're under whatever that the amount holes they play. Know that it's you know the 72 holes that they play there's going to be some good breaks and there's going to be some bad breaks in most golfers will tell you that most of the bad breaks. Eventually come across come around and you'll get some good breaks. Sometimes you need some luck in order to win the tournament you know or championship any type a championship nine and then there's others where you're just better than everybody else but. You know it when you're playing the game of golf when you talk about orgy shots out of you know you know several hundred. I you know you're gonna have a ball bouncing your way or so and that's gonna help you go out there and and find a way to get it done not only to get them from the break awfully tila Jim as you mentioned. Other ball hung on the lip for several seconds send fell Lenin's doing needle luck sometimes and that's what he had. He played better than everybody else let's not try to take credit away from him no not at all from tee to green it was as good as anybody he was constantly in the fairway. And he made more putts and that's what it comes down jamming the guy has the lowest round in a major for a reason you saw what he did in the British Open. A geeky can keep his composure. He when he juices and up and hits his shot whether it was the eighteenth at the at the British to go out there and make the birdie two to two to set the course record set the major record or whether it's. You know on the seventeenth hole worries in that seven iron in just join something different and everybody else. The other guy has some some guts and don't know if you saw the grand jurors in the movie the grand total cartoon is look like he was growing in stature as the as the round went on. And he was able to hold up the dog in the presence and everything else on the top of the mountain and and save the day yeah. And it's a good memory serves this is the same kid who shot 59 earlier this year at the Sony right I'm pretty sure if I remember Atari game Immunogen when in a major you don't right exactly and all these guys do all capable of going out there and get in hot. You know what's why we thought maybe the decking Marciano is going to be a guy that was gonna make some noise you and we see what pressure does to guys act. You know the guy doesn't miss Granger has missed fairways and the great putter but. He from tee to green is as good as anybody but we saw all that pressure. You know get to him and he got very lucky on sixteen that ball stayed up not long enough of that slope. But it's you don't just gonna take advantage of that he couldn't capitalize. And you just and enough for grains when it came down to those Pritchard pressure situations in the reason why. You know he wasn't able go out there and you know get it done the same thing with kiss and earn you some of the other guys that were there in contention. You know we talked about an eight under being the winning score it was right there Raddatz you know and you know you just have to be able to maintain your quarries and you know hit those shots when it counts that's the hardest thing to do. Well I knew something else you said a second ago you were talking about a rat pack right near the guys who are I've comprise this new younger generation of golf stars. That's that's never been more apparent than it's been this year right you have three guys of the four majors three of them have been well under thirty years old just Toms is 24 years old. And and that's I think it should be very exciting for golf fans is a matter of fact. Of the loses the twelve majors the past twelve majors seven have been won by Americans. And five of those and employers are under thirty for not mistaken the other two Dustin Johnson he was 31 and Jimmy Walker was 36 and daughter in ten years ago his Koppen prim. Luke Jordan speed and cheese burgers on the side of the mound as they're competing and amateurs right and that's Lilly's fourteen years old then you know I had hit puberty yet and no cells out there and you know I just mean and competitive golf but. A lot of times when that momentum you see Ricky out there afterwards he speaks greeting him in way to much that was a great gesture by his buddies. In what these guys make friends I mean that's what they are they're kind of each other's de facto family out there on the golf course a travel everywhere they talk and play wanna similar tournaments. And go out they have dinner you don't understand what each one of them going through and it's probably that calming force. There's some of these guys need to know that doesn't he got he got buddies out there room for me and I'm sure Ricky wanted to land. But he's not openly cheering for. You know for Thomas but you know it when he does singled out there plays very X you know it's great to see that your bodies out there one and then. Does what you're seeing with these three guys and yeah average he'll be next I don't know field when you don't the next major that he's played but. He'll get money eventually there's likely they'll probably be soon because. If he has the game he just needs some of the breaks at times and you know keep put himself in contention and you know hopefully more of those he'll get one of those eventually I think he's too good a player not to. Well I think you're right about that so look it there's a lot to be excited about the youth movement due to the fact that dog Ella Justin Thomas gets his first major all that stuff. But again the flip side this. Is that while the galleries were incredible and there's an estimated quarter million people that showed up to watch the PGA championship this weekend the television ratings till very different story. And the television ratings would suggest that people just were watching and especially not this final round. And so we had a second ago we have rob were twittered and he said that leaderboard other than Richey was really really boring needed more stores in contention that that's and I see the look on your face and I'm sure Uga is a golf lover won't know. Clearly agree I Odeo who does he want. Is he wants filled as you want Dustin Johnson does he want Sergio did his noggin tiger to Tiger Woods fan to me is on a golf fan right that's a guy that loves. You know the guy right now due to a level tigers in contention. But you know if you love golf yesterday it was also. I was the last three or four holes. You know coming down you had chances for a lot of different things that take place a lot of verbal still employee. You have guys making putts in this in the lord group yet murky poston at 500. In the leaderboard to have come back with one sewing so there was a lot of drama I've felt like going into that even the final hole the next a final hole. Where you know you go out there any puts one into the bunker. You know anything to happen especially when he hits it in the rough for me that's not an easy shot and don't you understand the only game in you love the game you know you're all into it not understand hasn't really casual friend that you know he wants to see the leaderboard maybe that's the reason why. No we're sick they're talking about you know where worthy of attention was on the weekend no football started as well let's be honest. And die in a lot of people are that's on their brain and are you know they've they've completely shut down everything else whether it's the MBA where there's Major League Baseball and their focused on their fancy football teams. And you know watching these are pre season game so yeah that might be part of his wilder I thought the term was great I thought the course was phenomenal and I really enjoyed. Yes Austin Carr sports business journal did twisters subtle little while ago and I'll just give you this before step aside. CBS drew three point six overnight rating for the final round of the PGA championship that's the lowest for the event since 2008. Lowest ratings of the PGA championship since 20083 point six overnight for those of you revenue interest in that in and look at the numbers so. A we'll talk about a bill that the Sears judges asked the question were you watching yesterday were you watching on television. If so why if not why not. Oh boy here from the 70457. Or 96 dead if we got a ton of stuff to get into busy telling a story broke on Friday were frank and now we're on the air wanna talk about that the cowboys are suspending guys over the past couple years at a ridiculous rate we'll talk about that. Florida has suspended seven players. For the opener against Michigan seven including its top playmaker and a couple of offensive linemen so we gotta talk about that as well we got a ton of stuff to get into its Garcia and daily W offends it. Welcome back Garcia and Bailey here on Monday morning get us up 7045709. Resounding success at quail hollow this week in great crowds great great galleries phenomenal golf. Especially if you were there yesterday but the television numbers tell a different story. Lowest ratings for the PGA championship since 2000 they where's the disconnect for got to talk about that a little bit. Ian Baker French will join us at 11 o'clock don't forget Panthers are training camp I guess you could say wrap up. With sojo person coming up in about 130 this afternoon so will look back a little bit through the odds of the game against Houston last week and of course will look ahead to the matchup with Tennessee later this week. And double talk about the current state of the Carolina Panthers got Suzy Kelly it's off to get into college football as well also well feel free to hit a so anytime our event. But I here's a text right on the buildings and attacked slot. This does not on the gulf got a played since I was in elementary school. However I think my story highlights a problem with golf. It's such a hard sport to pick up and adulthood and it's also is somewhat exclusive sport. I thought yesterday was great but there's not a large enough contingent of quote on quote goals people in the United States to make great ratings. Like frank said there are a lot of tiger fans that don't truly enjoy the intricacies of golf. Yeah I agree with that you know you look geared to what he was able to do the game which was ridiculous again going back to our conversation last week where he wasn't. One of the top fifty black athletes of all time and just you know for a where he was that what he did for the game. And now he's not playing in union maybe not getting that same support. In that saved you know show that shows with the ratings right I think a lot of the minorities that you may have watched golf you know back then when tiger was doing well. Are you on the the young player that I grew up loving tiger because of the fist pump. And you know the lead dismissal of a north that's the right word but. You know of you know going out there and and watching the game it seems like it's only just catered to a certain few that can afford to go out there and be a country club member and now you are not everybody loves golf I get it you know but I I happen to really enjoy the game. I happen to think it teaches a lot of lessons. You know I not NIE. I enjoy watching I'm washed and enjoy watching a long time the blood people do you know unfortunately you know right now for the ratings for golf it at that they didn't show that this weekend but you look at the crowds are out there. I mean quarter million people that says different story donut but I think so too and you and I commented on this Thursday and Friday as it was kind of happened the first couple rounds. Will eventually really started to notice the big grab the crowds were great to galleries were also without solid talked about on the television broadcast was how big the crowds are well deal quail hollow showed and they talked about having it again and again and again. Mean these guys are making in 81012 million dollar purses because people don't watch a lot of sponsors out there that are still supporting this. It's just for the ratings for this golf tournament I guess happen to be down and I am not sure if the same thing applies the masters of the US open or. Or to the British but it'll be interest in the seat you know word to the direction of golfers and I think it's. I think it's kind of kind of level out a little bit it was at the top right is that it was at a peak they're out while tiger is probably come off a little bit of that instead hold steady. But I think a lot of the young guys the young golfers will maybe start that in Klein again or at least not go down the debt that it was maybe at one point. It's not going anywhere. It's just you know whether we watch it hurts watchable on TV for four hours. Osborne this might not be fair characterization. Of with the way the sport is right now. But frank would you say you think golf is better now than it was when tiger was at his at his height. Golf it is as far as the game is the health of the game you know I do not necessarily the health of the game but the actual product dates on the course grew week and week out. I think there's more golfers. There are capable of going low and I think the players are better I think the bottom half. I don't often the guys at the top or as good as what tiger was we pretty much knows that's not the case right Brett but the bottom half of the golfers has come up and you look at the athletes that are out there right you look at the technology that they play within. You if you look at you know what they're Dorn these golf courses yes I think you know cause to answer your question. There's a lot more good really good golfers that are athletes then decide to play golf because. Love you know maybe the less damage is gonna do your body or you know for a few fill in the blank for whatever reason decided to play golf person baseball or or basketball or or football. You know but I do feel like there's a bigger pool of players that are capable of mourning each and everywhere you know I think that's absolutely true I think is a huge source look at the streets to Fowler's the roses the thomas' captives amended as there is a phenomenally popular Thomas young guy no doubt you know he's a guy that says he's not going anywhere no not at all and so change your question their second go one of the majors are just a quick Google search. This year the masters and slows TV ratings in thirteen years yes so I mean you can sit there and and it's not speak to us that tiger I think it's a Tiger Woods effect but you know when you start looking at those thirteen years it was planned bright tiger will of course like but go back before that thirteen years and it's probably aback like you like you said you spiked. When tiger was out there for that decade and a half or so because of tiger. Right and then now you're seeing maybe this going back and returning in correcting the market corrections Canada its third. Rush into the main and I think there's a couple things go out of that primarily what you just said their second don't also there's a comparison to be measured baseball right where. There there are people who say all you don't do the TV ratings are what they used to be baseball's a dying it's dead whatever and you find out baseballs just flush with cash like baseball is as you know basically pretty its own money. And these players are getting paid more than ever and people showing up to the ballparks you know there's a there's a dichotomy there is that back conflict that detachment. I can often be tough Horton did to explain. But it's here to help the sport I love the fact. You know that we see dominance. You know and and a pro sports I like I like in amateur sports I like the underdog like we gotta go I still root for the underdog at times in pro sports I love a dominant guy. I love the I love the hero and I love the bad guy I love that my pro sports and that's where I enjoy watching in baseball. The U is either you lover you hate the Yankees you feel love for you hate. Aron judge. Right when he's a dominant hitter you're released a home run here and as you love to see when it comes a home run derby. Obviously fallen off and etc. you don't but you understand what I'm saying we want that team to report. In football you how I feel like it's better when you have a team like the patriots and everybody's root against him. And you know they're they're kind of the evil empire down right and you're gonna have your underdogs are going out there and trying to knock him off knee problem. And they still continue to go out there and when but you have a dominant team. I also think in football's a little different because the parity exists because free agency etc. And why that sport has thrived I think that's what's taken place with golf and that's what's taking place in baseball he'll have one dominant team like the Yankees dominating everybody and winning just because they can afford more. Your start to see the cubs win and you start to see may be your Dodgers show up in May be the nationals and you know the Red Sox have always been good but there's still that team that everybody loves to hate. Or you love them right so. You know engulf an individual sport. The same thing I mean. The fact that we don't have a dominant guy who's number one player in the world. Donovan up Dustin Johnson right OK okay Dustin Johnson's number one player in the world but he's not dominating. Right he's just happens the more points and everybody he won a couple of journalist Marciano is a third doc third third third in the world number three. They don't you have a guy speech number two might have taken over number one ever as we got a number that's your top three. And you start looking at these guys insane and while gas in that you expecting to win every which just not the case why. Because your really really good players that are coming underneath them and that's right Phil liked the game as a whole is better. You don't have the dominance and I'm not sure if that's good or bad for golf I think that I like again in my individual sports are like Sampras. You know I want. Mom you don't Serena to win act you know I like tiger in my individual sports I need that guy we don't have that guy engulf. It was Dustin Johnson for a little bit had been speech in these majors. And it's you know he just didn't get its piece in the is in contention. In the final day or does more casual geysers kind of knowledge -- go mode longer you know I got stuff to do around the house are gonna go do some shopping I guess Johnny dues. It's pieces into contention there's a lot more people that are watching that. I think probably so you put your point about parity I think as well made their too because. But the NFL's ratings went down last year for a time the NFL's ratings have dipped for a little bit at times in those times ten to kind of correlate or coincide. When there's a whole bunch of five and five and and seven and eight football teams across the league and as a whole bunch of parity people don't like that people don't they're not as interest to the tune into C a six and seven Bengals team again and an 86 Steelers team. You don't win what what are they darn to make that entertaining for us. Were they Jon why why do we watched that. We watch because of this we like to gamble on of course we like our fantasy football teams so I don't watch a game that I could care less about like you said the Cincinnati Bengals could they got AJ green. And he's planned the NFL has hit a home run. You know I know wrong sport but. They scored a touchdown on our they've they've completed a bomb right right they've figured they got a sack to win the yeah it's getting that right when it comes to fancy football because not only do you and I watched games we could care less about. They've also brought a different market are different dimension into though the women that then never watch football pools Don start star watch now because of fantasy football yeah. No I think does is certainly an argument humanity to write about that I was listed as Ortiz and phone calls on the other side some more has to get into a 7045709. Who hire the entire did you see the audit I want an entire city of DC exhaled yesterday. So yeah. I didn't think it was his ACL like I was hyper extension and and his knee you know but you never know right when you slide across the bag like that and you land awkward in your new goes the opposite way it especially in slow motion that looked awful. Then they should the I got a little bit about it aren't comeback looks at this local 70457. Or 96 Dennis Garcia bailiff. All right Ian Baker says you'll join us in about 45 minutes a recap the PGA championship his thoughts on not just the tournament and Justin Thomas breaking through for his first major but. Well follow in the city of Charlotte as they host us 45 minutes from now. A later on the show we've got Joseph person of the observer popping an idol recap camps and double talk a bit about the upcoming game against. The Tennessee Titans as we can all things printers with Joseph personally were on the show. Of this great sex come again regarding the PGA great turn out phenomenal crowd great atmosphere incredible golf but the low TV ratings try to reconcile those two things a bit. Interest in sex we'll get to a moment but I wanna go to the phone was run off the top here and bring in Matt all right Matt good morning there what are your thoughts on the gulf your shoulders which it. Hey Ed good morning. You know watched. You know vote yes today around and it was is pretty excited having. There were others that probably edited in as much is that tiger is not played decently but. I'm adult banner and I try to watch. What can mend. You know it some of the shots they made you know that back nine or is coming missed the putt they've made on and I think it was just. Stopped it and hung there for about ten seconds and so it was pretty independent. Chick and you know couple players. Particularly. T. You know it is a great great to be a lot of young guys out there. You know on any given target one of those guys step of the way and then. That was going to be economy is one guy is gonna dominate anybody can talk about getting glory out there or worked Jordan's beat them. Those title at their way and I'm sure but you know it did nothing to it is going to be. Tortoise I'll send done. Oh these these radio got my head you know there are four majors which is a great career. But. You know it is do I like to be competitive you know golf. One got this right away would it. It's fine but that day you know it makes little more instantly. No way anyone at one time yesterday it was what or cut cut at seven under for the lead. I enjoyed it and I and I know I don't know what can be done to change her make the TV ratings better probably. Hear it now they really mean. Adult is as good as it stands. All times. You know you did you write about them now we appreciate the phone called to thank you yeah you don't you know that you do you look at yesterday's round. And around send yeah he's right Matt's actually right Kyle that you know there are several guys tied for lead their walking out and is and is second. And you know that's when you would do what it. Justin Thomas was able to do you didn't get in trouble he made a couple of birdies and he's extended his lead into himself a little bit of comparability when it came to that was last but the last couple holes he was able hit that shot because. You know I had a lead in a two shot lead at the time when he hit that shot and making an extensive three. You know you would get what Marciano Adair and patch agreed did at that hole I think they'll most bogeyed and the same thing with just they're he bogeyed hours sixteen he bogeyed sixteen so. You know I mean eat he walked in that final hole to three shot lead and and I don't know if that made him he's up or you know buckled down but yeah he hit the shots when they counted. Any more good ones and he did bad ones and that's ultimately it's one or two shots early. They think about it with the way if let's say it's a par 71 that's 284 shots. Knows that's at if you're gonna shoot pour. You're talking about a double bogey here or bogey there or couple birdies or neagle or whatever it is within the course of those four days. And you get to that final day in your talked about one shot I mean that's a lot of that's really close when you think about it I mean that's a game of inches you're talking about a shot here or shot there to win by two shots. After shooting after after going out there and hidden 280 album. You know I mean you're pretty damn close the group was pretty close you know blown them away he's not more dominant than everybody else. But he did a little bit better than everybody else when it counted most reason why is hold the trophy what you're right about that and any. It's it's a compilation of all the things we talked about because yes it does give ventures obviously holds and the ball is hanging on the lip of the cup for twelve seconds before finally falls and a tenth of an inch the other direction that ball doesn't doesn't Roland the cup in all likelihood is that the and ended the drive that ricocheted off the tree back into that yes you've given credit for all the great shots that he made you also talk about the breaks and bounces there when his wife chip on thirteen it was a phenomenal shot. Game of inches you know roles in mission after the left a bulldozing go went golf. Is not about your best shots right it's about your were shot these. That's what this right as laws my bad shots aren't so bad. That gives me a double or triple or something like that the number to be able to manage my ware around to these guys are so good they're gonna make birdies. Other gonna have par fives and a real reach in two and two putt and make their tap in birdies and they're gonna have four opportunities of those throughout the course of the day. If you're gonna under par 332 earned thirty yards you know and hit five irons into a grain that's just incredible. To the still like a little dip in the front and you're trying to get up and down I mean that's what these guys are really good and the guys execute those shots are the ones that are born to when the tournament outdoors make birdies everybody makes birdies. It's the ones that don't. Blow up and make the doubles that's what golf is about. All right 70457. Or 96 during caller text. A lot of things to get into Ian Baker finch will join us in about twenty minutes Hank Haney will also join the show. And we'll talk some golf with those John we still have a ton of football we having gotten into yet we are going to do that obviously a Panthers Zeke Elliott a lot of college football stuff. A matter of fact last week Franken I dove into the most overrated college football coach in America. Or Barrett Celine who would join the show later this week. Ask some coaches about that and the answer anonymously about who's the most over rated and who's the most underrated. I think you're like the answer one of those frank and does creditor over underrated and I and I think that's a lot of coaches. Gave some answers that you'll also like oh I don't know of the number I don't know most underrated coach in America I'm sure you do that's presented as I was Isaiah you Chris Peterson we already knew that was very answered no because this is true I don't doctor look I'm strong case to make I'm not gonna disagree with that but there's an easy answer this is. I seven oh I'm sorry to coach in the air was the most overrated coach in America we got Texas well Boca. Now word I would just let him back in Atlanta it's Garcia and really WS Lindsay and they realize the third but couldn't go for. Yeah it was pretty yeah. I mean how long supply yeah. Some government saying that. Horrible things that I. I did you we promise it was all coming back this week which can open and French practice whatever they wanted to get this thing back on the rails in terms of our normal daily. Routine so here we are snap judgment is back and system and talk so much golf or take a break for a second talk a little football right. Ends on Friday frank and I were on the air live at quail hollow win the reports started to surface and leaked a little bit Lindsey Kelly it was going to be suspended it was just a matter of how walked right. And from that Ford Ford it was so okay where are we talking about six games can be reduced at some point things that are still possible obviously and then bam Chester comes out reporting six game and six game suspension for Ezekiel Elliott. And die a little while later the official letter from the NFL to Ezekiel Elliott a surfaced online. And you'll Franken I would back and forth arguing the merits of the NFL deciding to do something like this and despite the fact that no formal charges were filed wasn't right for the unifil to do what it did. And after Stew we ought to sweep tonight to beat the NFL absolutely did the right thing here if you haven't read the letter. All right Jason lock him for CBS pass along some portions of letter on Friday he arrival for the NFL network also note the league that. And told Eliot that any more violations are gonna result added another suspension or potential banishment from the league. Part of that letter sent quote on multiple occasions you used physical force against ms. Thomson in quote out of course is his girlfriend and look I I think you've got a situation here frankly where it's as your says Friday. The accumulation. Of a lot of things that the NFL is deeply concerned about not only is being punished for what he did they're trying to sinister message to say hey. You need to get back on track or you'll be your law. I after the others came out Friday. And I started digging you know call on some people know some of my friends that and are familiar and closer to the situation. And you're right it's about accumulation that's the word that you look at that and saying this is not just over one thing this is over multitudes of things and you know several reports. The NFL always is gonna have people in place you know former FBI agents you know captain chief you know police there are going to be on their squad that they have ties to. The they're gonna do their own investigation where. And you know maybe the DA doesn't have enough information to get a guilty plea doesn't mean that that things didn't happen that the other trying to teach this kid a lesson. In there are always looking to protect their image in the NFL this and if they know that this is heading down a bad path. Then and they're gonna try to go out there and do something to may be correct that pat. They come out of the six games maybe it goes to two but it sends a message and hopefully wakes the kid up. I think that's the intent of the suspension you know initially is to wake Ezekiel is up to realize he can't continue to continue down this path. Worlds he's gonna end up in jail or dead somewhere else somewhere worse for somebody else is gonna be. Be hurt or you know just what whatever that might be look like hum. I know so I think that's. A specific situation specific case you know I still have a problem. You know with maybe some of the things that you know I think every case is a case to case basis. You know but because of the pattern I felt like that's where this was going. I'm just curious to think or say see if you know Zambia won first time offense you know where that goes to death if the NFL's gonna take it in their hands to punish. Over over the law I heard our earned. You know came on not Friday with us Richard walker oh he's a big cowboy fan and any kind of took that side as well. How do you allow the NFL to go above the law and that I think that's the problem wanna be glad with initial suspension. And look I understand first of all you have more sources throughout the NFL denied due but I I did talk to my friends this week as well who also the same thing you just said. That this is an accumulation and it's about sending a message to a kid who's going down the wrong path. And they're gonna try to stop that before it's too bad things are irreversible. On the the other part of that though is that when you start talking about above the law. You know the way that was freeze on Friday. I just think that it's you know it's the same and I have a hard time most of the time drawing comparisons between real life in the NFL. Because the NFL is in real life don't mean to you you know what I mean by that you know this is it's it's hard to make comparisons. But I don't think it's any different. Did you arrive going out getting a bar fight or embarrassing our employer in some way charges get dropped don't get fumble we still get suspended for embarrassing our employer rights it's about the image. And is as far Z Kelly it's concerned he he doesn't have to care about the NFL's image he's insecure about his own image and right now he's tarnishing his own image. Yahoo! and he's responsible first so much more though you column I'm not saying he's a hero or role model. Are you know I think but some people look at him that way so because of that. You know that's what you're signing up for when you know you're going to be in the NFL people are gonna look up to you because you're the best at what you do. A lot of people want to be that. And I'm not saying that they're gonna you know look at you and say that they're gonna put everything in you but it's they're gonna look to some of the things that you do in your actions. You know and that's where you I think our players have to understand their responsibility. Is a little different than maybe you and I and they have a bigger responsibility because there are looked at as the best. The best of the best of the best. And there's a lot of kids out there that are striving to be in their. Shoes there no doubt about it and I and the visited this has stability. You would think they serious wake up call for the skewed because what happens let's say the sixteen billion dollars hole let's say there's no reduction let's just say for second it does hold. And let's say the jobless not Melissa and de Oca let's talk let's say it doesn't say they even destructive for our. Bloodless and that's more likely though there probably is the let's say you know for a six game to solicit you for James the cowboy star forward without him to miss a beat. Let's say it's six interest or five a moment out and rarely miss a beat. That's when it starts to become you know a parent you would think to a guy with anything rattle it around up there. I am not all that indispensable. You know that that while I am great and I have phenomenal talent that they don't necessarily have to have me to succeed. Well you would hope that that's the thought process that the kid has that you would also hope that the thought process was similar to that before he got their sort mainly the banks are really makes you think that's gonna change well because there's a lot of people that have been telling him and you know the problem is is that logically felt something's not working right a 100% so just because you're you're asking them to rationalize. And go out there and say well may be or not that is. Maybe the guys incapable of rational might be in my arm or maybe this is the moment and that wakes him up well I don't know I just I honestly don't know I think that I don't know if there's one moment. You know Kyle but I think through life experiences in and failures as we all are are aware of you know what I was 220 fours like different and I'm doing at 44 am right the way that I thought about things the way they acted the way they carry myself the money that was Macon etc. And when you're given that type of money and you know that type of you know your entitlement or power. There's a lot of things that maybe don't like but I I say this and I say this all the time money doesn't make you smarter. It doesn't make you. It doesn't make you a better person doesn't make a bad person that just makes you more for you or choose your good person in your film tropical you're gonna go out there you might donate more. But it just makes you more for you war. So the more money these guys get the more than their characters start revealing. And at that age you know they haven't had those life experiences and it's tough. So I I don't know I hope it is for him and for the cowboys but it mostly for receipt that he understands that. Now he has a responsibility to a bigger picture than himself NB a rules selfless. Yeah I think so and look guys saw a lot of the same cowboys fans over the weekend with the unit of the hole there was no there are charges filed how can you justify this. But look the bottom line is if you if you were if this happened to. To delay beyond bell. If this happens to any of the marquee running back or on the leader to either almost assure you that your reaction would probably be different because your fans and that's not I don't I don't blame you better not you know not try to kill you some evidence just the truth that this is how this all works we've seen it time and time again. And you know to do if we're talking about Tom Brady begin to defend and I guess is very in depth look at defense and if you be at his girlfriend a hard time with that but then again I guess you know. But I don't know he's Gisele seems like she's pretty for Ford should project is ST she might dig brazen escape is that these are trying to assure outage Abreu hitting any man that wears dogs sulfur. I'm pretty good I don't like we're glad that there as well as I can assess aka fat and look at where those dogs do for the economy and had a bit hesitant catalyst. It seemed another unique users stated eight. Earlier in the here's a thing for all cowboys fans I'm wanna hump is to heat. You have to be charged. He does not have to be charged with anything he does not to be convicted of anything it's CB ID was at all it's not fair these sign a contract is he a member of a union. Then yes here's a member of a union right sided contract is complicit. And goes by these laws which say. You do not have to be can they did you not to be charged if you embarrass us if you drag our name to the money you make us look bad CF for six games right. Especially on his domestic final stuck. Listen. But here's here's a problem with that caused that used to be the club's responsibility now the NFL has taken that away from the clubs I mean this is the reason why Goodell gets paid the fifty million dollars yes. To take that type of responsibility on. With these types of fights right but you're right it is me and anything. In contract and in theory. You signed the contract you know that whether it's a clobber the NFL this door in the suspending now really doesn't matter. But to meet here's a staying in and I'm not. I'm not like a super stickler for this kind of stuff. When you say it's the club's responsibility to meet that's like letting the players in college football or the team in college football dictate the suspensions of players yeah it is like. Okay will the club as he charges a club really good at the end of the day when there are no there's no. Court of flawed proof out there is a club really going to sit down and punish prop by possibly their best player I'd be skeptical of that. Just like I'm skeptical when college football coaches say well we got a unity council on the team and we're gonna look at teammate. But here's a social and we have the problem cause I feel like there's a lot of people out there that are on witch hunts because people don't like Alabama because people don't like the Dallas toast because people don't like the New England paper or anytime somebody's name comes up in the news. There's a lot more information that we don't know then then we do and for example and give the Alabama. You know talked a corner talking to Corey Miller and you know understanding a little bit more of you know the things that at hand there. You know was this game was trying to do the right thing right. You know we what we monetarily if you're and if we just as your Auburn fan. If you're LSU fan if your whose political end game or if you're a quarter state fan. You're thinking to yourself this kidneys to have the damn you know the book thrown at him he shouldn't there he shouldn't be playing college football anymore death. That's not the case no I I couldn't agree with that morning and I just looked at guerrillas are gonna step aside if there's Ian Baker French CBS analyst stuff covering the guys are are covering golf for CBS it was. On hands. Witnessing what happened this week it is gonna join us next he's gonna talk about quail hollow the PGA championship for a circle back around his football discussion obviously. Painters is well on a college football entered into Hank Haney will also join us and our number superstore Syrian village.