Garcia And Bailey: Panthers Talk Steve Reed

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Tuesday, January 16th

Frank and Kyle talk about the Panthers with Steve Reed from the Associated Press. Plus the World According To Frank.


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But Garcia. Home stretch style Braly frank Garcia and ours more we got a great wanna look at the world according to Friday at 130 I've got a really really good question for frank. But I stole but what are your perspective on the line got a great push myself I hope it hasn't been asked before well enough. If you can always a same question tourists enjoy you know like green eggs with him oh I don't like them Sam I am. Is that your question it's not a it's not at all we are courses so for Sandra day to be Associated Press he thought of travelers reported in other topics here is Steve has guided it to join us on the timer job just like Steve powers do you like green. I go I got a ball back to. Meant that you quit right there are. I'll meet these are way you far away admitted that. He's getting tallies giving. Also busy today I just told us about Sophia four saver talking about you know the north Charl are a little while enjoy obviously don't want to broader perspective on this but there are folks out there that are saying how you. You may potentially have a whole lot of Turner's own staff and if that kind of thought nepotism is concerning and I would love your perspective on his good friend makes a great point earlier DSL is unlike any other industry. Really it that it no ruled the deficit so I mean you know. I get you would have been sort of camaraderie in the sort of common ground a little diet and dove. You know. This bit is the big question and it will it work with can't do that that's the question everybody want you know at at the big at the big question really. What will not all Herbert do live Cam Newton in in how you do it that the you know from everybody out talk Q you know what you run the different sides the thing you brought. Should fit well with him in game I think you're gonna be more play active they debated at. Maybe got a much could be. Don't read option. And now you know they hit it in efforts to try to get the ball well I doubt guilty well. And I state may be a little bit. Com. You know because of the play acted steak that you like the rut where these guys. Traditionally I think you build the end of the little bit more better. Steve who is Norv Turner. An underwhelming hire the easy way and galaxy refrain is that. He says it was a lazy higher well there there's that's also all I'll leave that open do you go it. I don't know that the lady RB. They guy's got thirty years they've got about period you want a couple usable for the cowboys. And head coaching days. You know you could say what you want about that you know it never got the Super Bowl coach yup. Don't want to play out or so I took it worked out but. The bad guy that there are better just better coordinator because you know Bob Dom Capers who were. What I was up with a better coordinator than head coach. So I think you know. The biggest bang really a Carolina. I don't even know that the coordinator they I think it they've got to get you guys who can stretch the field I think that killed and at the end of the beat them without you know that. Course all go back up these that we can look back in date the decision not that recite that again would be a huge blunder. I think it was a huge blunder well yet it came back the bite of debt is Spain. They came back to bite of what they're all off bad because they didn't have a guy. Was it just that your speed trap then they you know striker Daniel tried to your bird all that bad and out get hurt. In at the end of the season they are all bent. You can sell. There were it not now baby there was no threat that deal and it became very predictable. What what Pickett didn't and it beat state we can keep that improbable because they had nobody can check you know I think that the vital that you thought that you've got to get the guys who could run. He guides Q you can let Cam Newton air it out in its gonna open the thing up underneath so much is Courtney talk about or Nader. I think it's all so very much a big question of personnel. You know Steve you let's go back to the coach is real quick because you know it's uninteresting you know kind of the dynamic we face ourselves we find ourselves in right now no no owner per say. I'm young guys ten Americans making the million some of the decisions but there are coaches are typically don't. Hire who they want to hire. I most owners and give that leniency to you know you're head coach the general manager you do those types of operations but what do you Pam is a different story how do we know you know what the number is now. How pleased that they're figuring those things out. It was a daily operations here with the printers. In terms of cystic go to. Yes sir Paterno assistant coaches pay scales those types of things extensions. You know how much that extensions worst occurs typically owners are you want to make that decision. Absolutely and I can tell you rod. Expect him as were fifteen and I have I don't know what are what betting that the numbers on your door. Had no idea what he'd make it but. Yet they don't even when you talk about the familiarity with coaches I mean there's no doubt they and it's happened though I haven't had a spell guys tend to go with you they know. It's very much about our relationship is that you know. Rivera worked under starter out in Diego about terrorist if you look at Federer error in Carolina that. It's it'll happen all the time that bubble like it tried to recycle through that. Give it to them all you know. We know it and you work or. A tie for turner. Yeah it's a tight knit fraternity. But despite a paternity immediate Simon thought it yet so. And Israel period but what really happened Bob. In terms. Because Ron Rivera pretty adamant that you know you wouldn't it make any jaded about that and they go only they woke up three birdies. Decided to make it change well. I understand that but it. I also think there were about that it would do it and and what made that decision in in why they like with that why they went that direction. So I I think the world won't alive they're committed being the baby dictated that it changed. Be it from the opera but what about well. But I think there was you know I think this is just fit the vision that they give other people net impact on the news. How much influences Camden having any of these decisions. Well I was told the be it he did not need winter bearable or they made it into the fire Mike Hsu look but their old straight up they told camp after. And he did not give it what cantor actually bought out. You know camera. I am a loyal guy like like things that you like. It like it is and being coordinator got the thing that I'm so you know this is going to be that the economy Cooper and laureate different sit in and going back there really doubt that in. Eleven. When he was not erupted yet Keyon and yelled they were it. At a slower transition Sulu what and how much it changed their butt. Bob. So in February and knew that and do it doubt. You know that there diabetic that belief that aired about maybe your little reduce me to do that but I I think you've got to approach it is a this debate CN or. To get to the next level to be calm. He really become a whole thing I wire rather than it is very good quarterback yet. The ability yet athletic ability yet is still. Did do that we are seen it coming what the league MVP. So you gotta start they connect game to the next well because the lack gears quite frankly you look at the number. They tell law it out it has its quarterback ready let years. For the worst and career. But he an incredible sale because you've got to factory and the the ability Iran would not many guys can do I mean yeah I hear people you know complaint about camp all think he does well. People are gonna miss this. When you go law point. And it's a third and eleven and it's somebody could David just tackle your quarterback Vick right now where it's candidate that capability where you can just. How many times and he got a prank or he would just shrugged off. You know two tacklers and it'll run for a first down eagle. I did that. They're gonna meant that that at the wanted to kind athlete so you know some of the mistakes we make in the passing game yeah actor about the back but that's got to be correct and I think that's number one. Is it if you look forward to go to that that it grew I'd like to beat them saints remote is try to do it and it's for better stop thrown off in the lead the backs but throw. LSU I think which you made your with the point about tear the new coach is in the new system and things like that is such a good point because you look at the greatest right whether it's Tom. And they learn bits and pieces from those guys but have also been willing to adjust and adapt you know they had the skill set in place how many other these coordinators I think this is going to be the interesting dynamic with. You know you know the coach coming in here. No and you know what he's hurt or it was turner coming here is offensive coordinator and how he's gonna be able to adapt to cams skill sets and you've just pointed out. You know what she's gonna win now is gonna be the system is going to be the player and how much of that is gonna interchange and intertwine you know with everybody getting better. Absolutely and you'd be crazy they're not used candidate Barack academy. Let's face it he's yet every right to dilation brought out there that you get or you know but let's say you've got a guy who. Better at this than than maybe anybody who's ever done it maybe outside Michael Vick. And running the football from that position. And you've got to play your strike in a long he'd physically able to do it I think you gotta you gotta find a way to work that it cheer. Your op Ed the game plan acting or her Smart enough for years you've done that. You know a year of work with some you know running quarterbacks in the path. But all and yeah it is yeah I talked you know warmer if you writers thought the Teddy Bridgewater about that he raved about what you know what Norv Turner differ and up a minute Minnesota then and how you help them. You know cultivate and it from a young quarterback an in and really taught and patted the rope and you know he raved about now in course Bridgewater got Burton. You know eventually you know turner left Minnesota but. It is one guy they you know. It is just try to raved about terror and what you can do it at all it's quarters so. I think you know it's going to be adjusting diet can you don't know what the system's gonna look like we haven't talked deterred yet. Very curious to see what. What type of thing that you want to do win this ball you know what kind is going to be the identity and I think. If you look back this season that's why I thought would miss think what the identity at all that's where they erotic scene where they passing game. Or a day you know I mean I just a total now I don't think they are out. And I think a lot of that it would injury critically ill. You know Reich a little bit in game yet Greg ultimate symbol he beat him. You know so yet yet moving port to the biker gear position Benjamin daughter and then you know you can speed guys so you had them. Actually had to do and adapt and along the way but I just don't think they are well net identity. On all. Pasty look a couple quick things lets you go here and I think the observer I know we actually ran a piece about it last week I'm just curious your perspective on this. No in jurists and step down the he last seen about current charge. It is interesting to viewers are I don't know how much you've thought about this how little we actually know what the person running the Carolina Panthers right now nobody seems to know much of anything about Tina backer. You're in development had. I have at any request for several weeks to. They're out. There to do interviews and I understand you're involved in the process. Yelled out of trying to you know to stimulate you to run an organization. But it is saying I got that they're that the person bitch you have a pointed. To be making all the that this indeed your organization. You've got a runner out at some point oh out of the Republican letter like that bell stated that the person. We're making a decision. Different which she doesn't you're back out. And I think you got to make your available you know. I would tend to think some of the running NFL French unless you're making a mockery of the entire process. Yeah I mean so it's it's it's been extremely frustrated and you know what they want we have tried you know. Try to get her to talk give and and you know tried to the public relations department. To try get her talking let it all happen at some point but. Yeah I mean world where we're going to a bar here so you know it's it's. It's a little frustrating I think you know they had their they had this blur. To hear from her aunt and find out what direction the organization while ago. Com and and what's gonna happen here in the future and what Yelp or faking it jerk the decision making. I think it. I think it's kind of crazy that you know ship and made available. In a seaside know gonna you know lets you run here shortly but attempt first for a quick part prioritizing your mind. Still kind of in order you know every team you know does is going into the offseason. So what's what needs to happen here for the Panthers is it signed nor well it has signed KK is a let Ryan go. Is it tell you give more debt that secondary get more competition. He'll get more speed what's the priority for you know kind of and what the Panthers need to do this offseason. Yeah you don't number one. I think normal if you can do it financially you you should you do it because you ought to keep it off that line together. But boy it it's awful Arctic. Justify. Putting that much money in the gym Goer could they just stayed straight terror are attached and it it's going to be hard you know maybe they can go franchise. Back for one year work that way. I I think he's number one and then start related well what do we figure out what you gonna be very I think that's one Q what your lips. And then you gotta kind of start you know check out the boxes Juliette do you bring them back and at what price. You feel like you can still liabilities don't want apply and then I think we got to know your your depth that you. You feel like a week that there's been to meet. I think you gotta get a speed receiver I think you got to get her seat and I just think you know. Yet that putt just as number one bit I give you go out by any good receiver free agency you don't get. And I just don't think that they've you know really done that a while they needed these men type player. They need aid Miller weapon for Cam Newton and prefer we wanted to raw and and keep it down the field I think that. I think that the top priority like to see him get a state the hard hitting bank error say the that is just candlelight people up and up I think that's an area that you need to need to address the twelfth. Yeah I think they are. Other than you know if you can get more roll back I think the line there are are pretty good and make your life back recourse they're pretty good. Dole and that got them to your left enemy got a good young right back in McCaffery. And you got a par another year out of there were so yeah in in your quarterback situation that it to me I think wide receiver. I say he is is there is one area you wanna upgrade that. And you know beyond that you know. You just gotta fill the hole you know yeah you gotta look at nickel back at some point do. All right Steve re Associated Press joining us some it's become just like Chris dolce and we appreciate you talk soon. It thank you Boise remotes to get AP joining us on that segment John does slot will come back still supported it and he gets interesting comments on that conversation on the dole to consider tax like we'll dive into that and a couple quick notes from both the world of NASCAR and Major League Baseball to touch on. Aaron Rodgers has a new girlfriend we know you're dying to know who it is Garcia until he hits it. Some observers believe what just settling in nickel back and it's unusual but I'll I'm not more liberal. Owners. That's who we go almost every day it's a welcome refuge scripts in Montpelier on his Tuesday it was up 70457. Oneida is extent this is a little producers to about a Becker some guy just exit goes. Tim Becker started as a tough kept. Were you under the pillaging and Obama. It is my question who holds management. Responsible and accountable. You know these billion dollar companies. You know because I'm the only voice really have is us his fans and saying that we're not gonna go watch does that happen because Tina backers. They're running the the organization right now. How much is she really doing you know Reno's list Steve reed doesn't only contain reserves and all day no idea. Did they won't freighter out there putter out there there on the podium and and speak with us you know do we deserve that. It. You know it's hard to say right because on the one hand it's okay it's a private company you know they're they're running the business day today unit. Did you do they need they need to her speak to media in order for her do her job well no probably not. But some things are customary somethings are traditions some things when you're running an NFL franchise you're expected to have some semblance of a relationship with the media to say hey this is what's happening is that what's going on what you know this to we scratch or measure you scratch our said the situation and we literally know next to nothing about the that would do we know next to nothing you know that the the peace to observer ran last week from Joseph person in Jordan robbery and others where they asked. Don't they always they ask minority no worse Joseph printers they what do you know about your record a couple of them said some of the matter. This strange to me is very strange thing do you. Well I mean hooligans and holds them accountable I mean we as media are conduit between the fans in the team him right that's all we are you know as far as media members. I'm did the fans care do you see DSL holders care probably not a much of that I wouldn't think so either. You know but it's as far as we do the hiring. You know the extensions. The amount of money in the scheme paid really doesn't affect us no bottom line so you know really what difference does it make no I mean. It might have something to do with you know maybe the nepotism that exists. But if we're honest with ourselves and we all kind of see behind the curtains scum like dogs who runs. Know who I'm very insightful yeah Iran's. You know that was the laws and do what is right or it's it's it's a little guy this it's behind the curtain and controls this entire thing. Well and that's kind of what's happening here I mean Jerry Richards is to make all the decisions and to think. I have a hard time believing that while this team is still owned by him but he is completely taken his hands on every scenario. I had my my blood sweat and tears here to last more eat it Tony three years and your sister organization or I'm gonna handle. Scheme only handed over to if it but yeah. A similar size did you come I have come to handed over to Tina backer and let her just take over and I'm not gonna every cent of us be honest. I'm more time I think anybody with a brain in the second major steps away is an eighteen to backers and charged. We all thought okay. Sure sure she is right that he did it definitely she's she's got she's got a complete control your Jerious completely walked away not with you on that and by the way. Armed Newsom just texted him buildings that are techs like it was my understanding that does she isn't handling the personnel is that untrue we don't know. I got we we really don't know to discount the bottom line here there are I don't. Think she's making those decisions I think that's Marty in the Marty's c'mon said as much like I think Marty is primarily handling personnel decisions but I don't know what levels of say your contribution or or. Influence she hasn't those decisions and you don't need something need to kind of stuck in your throat this sorry about the whooping cough and yeah that's a a post that surprised me as much as it did you try the stuff I can and yes my analogies are spot on that little little puzzled takeovers or shortly frank has troops. Construction pit crew got at it a little crew I don't know. Now it's a sickness. I know that the business news or just you know it's like it's a in my in my journal. That's right guys kennel cough it's a business that is just as it affects young children. And it's like it's like to have this crew they call crew caught I know this because my nephew had it in text. So you're like that guy that knows everything about nothing and nobody gives ground for profit insurance until we're gonna hit. I should have done some irrelevant character. No I didn't know everything about nothing I could think you know I just think that that side are these not Phil Bennett's. But did you about the situation is that you sing it out of fluttered in any sort of resolution on it and like US merely do you care I mean not really kind of people care. I don't know you're not a fan you know pay money to this team fans spend money the DSL holders do they care because if they care. Then us is media's not may be doing our job well enough. The response that I'm getting doesn't seem to indicate to people are all that worried about a look we gotta gotta tell accident occasions a doctor be elated that exodus of perhaps they think it's because the bids. It's being sold that this team really doesn't have crept to do and she won't be their long. I don't think that's the case because we don't know how long the sale is going to take and his team still needs to be run on day to day basis I would imagine she's got plenty of crap to do. Maybe we just don't really know what that is or what that looks like. Were dealt. Perfect Segway it's extra rights in buildings that are excellent so I hear Danica got a new ride next year. Okay that's a little crude but it's a perfect says whoever decide that I do appreciate the creativity Danica got a new boyfriend. As she officially told me you know it is true she's dated she's dating Aaron Rodgers Packers quarterback your rocks. I said I'd done it. So the idea fakes the look of disapproval on your face right now he's got this on the money but I thought you of all people appreciated joke that clever now. Now don't. I was gonna go somewhere and I just decided not to let you know some of those things you think are great ideas and then you think about a little bit music maybe I shouldn't say this is just think it's at the you know I'm one of those types of things that and that that's that's. Funny though on the other guy is an illegal you make jokes on your that's a funny joke that's a good extra yeah so I hear Danica don't deride it should trump up a bit adds extra Joseph does clever. Yeah I don't think it was Carol that much about it but it is again. Look here and had a rough year right rosier may have broke a delivery Aman and got hurt and lost to the Panthers in tonight's play Austin. Who see Olivia months and who's worth more than actor or Aaron. It's good question we're gonna do it turns right. It. It up there. It was a bigger I don't. The last that really quickly baseball news other Pittsburgh Pirates are blown up when you all care so much adult Andrew McCutcheon swat who cares stop. His bad days and they don't care. Your goal took the reason that essentially is because the Astros who just won the blue World Series we're gonna say they have they've dealt for Gary Cole. And that that that rotation is going to be stupid Justin Verlander Dallas cycle Lance McCullough is now Garrard told Debbie there's no excuse for the Astros not a win the World Series again so that's what it over the weekend yes they do so. Okay we'll come back to stop the world according to Friday's Garcia and they would time now. For the world. According to for an. All right it's a world record to strike would go to questions he's got answers you be the judge. So Desmond rant and rave and how good these questions are going to be let's hear well when we say good we think there are there questions that will elicit a good response from you so I'm I'm excited to hear what you say about this. No helmet. Okay hit. All the leaders are mark. Aren't so you know we'll hubs Smartphones for the most part and a lot of our Smartphones are password protected in this day and raised their thumbprint protected right. And that's how we unlock a and you know I. But my fiancee told disclosure he has TS to pat my password my thought. That idea Z okay that's that's what I'm getting at here riser and install a breeding clay Travis is a mailbag this morning and he's got a guys texting insight error writing inside attack. You know I asked my fiance of driving Astor chicken email former UNG you know I use a thumbprint to a locket she says. You are really just have my own conference your phone in case immediate into it and he says. I just responded reflexively. No and it's always said as recently awkwardly silent like ten minutes because he's hiding something well that's he goes on as it looks I don't have anything in their old one of the season I gotta give. And what gives it a phone unlocked all the time recessed and so he's got to have a he's got just that the couple should have some measure of privacy. And I'm one I agree with you a 100% I don't get to go on their purse they don't get to come in my phone. And so there's there's your stance right in my stance on what you and like I I don't mind her having it look like it's a case of emergencies right I don't want to snoop and for must own don't. I don't have anything to hide to go sort of through the Cilic who needs oaks but I think it's unnecessary it's an appropriate. There's nothing that makes me more anxious you know somebody always puts their phone down. Face down behind turning up one and really yeah. And then they do it intentionally. There's absolutely people do that intentionally. You know especially if you're you're not a good place but. I have. I'm in a relationship. You can have my phone there's nothing to me to hunt and it's I am not exact take whatever you want. You know but as far as like system the privacy in the security measures and stuff like that and now my you don't get that. Don't. I don't view it as a woman most women don't want guys going in the purse why don't anything to hide may be the do I don't know. Maybe some album but it's just what I was taught as a kid. That's Jim I was a woman's purse drilled one almost exactly and seen him do it. He goes digging in like right away giving something he goes in into other woman's purse is a Cinderella. I'm amid Thomas is washing give it to me I'm it's carte Blanche known and you're you'd taken a big risks and know. My darling daughter Ludlum a month's first I distract absolutely not. What about your CR six I didn't do my is that because it's an underdog not to do that bush is she tells me to demolish a matter of hours of suggest and trust like again I go back to I don't have anything on the phone that I I've I need to hide. But that's like that's my privacy is like suture. Yeah you're you're secure guys. Mohamed Kamel little insecure like we aren't we all have insecurities about about the foot by and large are pretty secure done and I just knew that gremlins. We all are everybody every eight and listening is insecure it's a part of everybody has some segment for the little bits that it healthy to be honest yes oh yes but if you're so like you can't be 100% securely to users a cocky jerk standpoint you know you how does your body you know. I'll lose a 100%. Here. Did keep a fashion. That's that's that's. It doesn't look pretty local products. Include Cooper isn't the only people 400 Xavier living and you're human your little NC. I agree to sit and didn't register closes on to your question I just again. The only thing that I would ever have my phone and I'd be worried about is something horrible my brother sent and I just don't know what we wanna say they like my brother and there's a problem under the got a vasectomy and sent me today after pictures. As a joke I don't look like this rolling grapefruit league you don't wanna go to my phones are so well. Absolutely right you know and so yeah. Chats a lot of times we have guys stuff that we you know go back and forth and we kind of joke route and laugh. If your significant other or happen goes through that now you're sitting there explain 125 minutes as Bjorn if what happened here. Why is this and it's just it's it's one of those things it just isn't if you don't know it's not gonna hurt you run but it's nothing gonna trust me they're not doing anything wrong. Barbara loosens me picture a big but it's on the Internet so Utley to minute thing that's all you have the next shot thing. That's your favorite thing yeah I don't want teachers and actual nuts anyway joy has. And it is. I think I did I yeah I aggregate a and I was sitting near us thinking I you know I use he's been a time data reflect to talk to my dad every day we have conversations. My daddy didn't need some advice. Earlier that day basically saying you know always get out in front of something. And it's better debt a man hear from you directly into the secondary source I agree that yep. And that's a wise man yep yes. And John. I sat there for a second I thought about it in just thought flashed in my mind in it was the first time it was profoundly true for me. My dead knows more than idea and he probably for the in my entire life will because of his experience as a Willis the first time you realize you're dead. Knew more than me. Probably were ahead kids. You know I had kids in my. And you know did our dads tell us all the time you know you understand now this hurts me more than it hurts you. Right when he's giving you and you mean you're picking up the belted the you know the the device that was gonna you'll be paddled with. This hurts me personally hurts me more than a debt ceiling as I heard you. Arjuna. I want this is the governor Jennifer Sargent a and then you realize when you have children. That actually knew he was talking about you know knows more than I do and he always will he learn a few more winter when you have no he didn't want to. He was doing that for own good. Right and we didn't realize it then. You know he didn't realize we didn't realize why he was keeping us away from you know Johnny or why he was that was the Bobby's house. Relax there big guy should see Beckham culpa a you look there's a lot of I don't know if I was gonna want the journeys out. That's not a and now I understand. Right but then you realize when you have kids of your own mom and dad actually knew what they are talking about and years they're smarter than you're not there yet cause. He went yanked me enough you know the other part of that to happen. Right at first 55. And ask these these girls for a and here had a girlfriend yeah commenting. Have winning college Alan Alan I'll. 67 months that the long this relationship be there. I'm never really been much of a relationship guy. To be honest with you or or at least these fines and they'll handle it and don't mean to us like I get the hell out it has gotten psychotic but now. We have a good job now have a good job I do yeah and now all hey guess what. But just hours little bit more free time yeah. Yeah. That I hate the oldest are finally thank I can emit does I was right in a poll last night. And it was about so it was about things I I'd I have and I don't neat. And I said what do I really need this world I got a pin in appended to interact boy. And I got. I look to purchase the purse snatchers there was a man I had to posh and now. No I don't know this or not I apologized heard bad day deadly minutes later but I could handle. Yeah yeah it was a mistake it was these visual. All damn I did my apologies you wanna to there was it was an aura. IPhone charger you he ordered to a lot of campaigning halfway out to really go all the way yeah I knocked out of the public charger he's like yeah. Marriage and do it but it was so like natural user. I totally agree with my bat however apologize immediately you've got to worry about I know over the big deal about it I actually we just went into another look as. There's no word that was used during his legs he'll urge Israel is always an. Don't know that I apologized profusely. He does say there was something wrong that you and you can I ask is that really apologize in my bed it was his visual because. There's Becker and my sister doesn't care. You don't like yeah that's the year exactly I don't has so I didn't think anything of it that's all. First because he hasn't women's purses and or ridiculous it to ever be that knowingly normally only that time. There was one time as we all know what's the environment so natural do. As I mentioned that you. I can without us. She willingly so. He is still working. But the fact anyone in there without even asking permission please like you're just anxious listeners as I was terrified that when I was just I was afraid it's that I would accidentally touch attempt on an hour. It's that. Shall I phone charger that ended up paying Olmert decided there on the list. Grab a good grabbed a bug ya but insurgent operation dotting the buzzer go red numbers again as I did it again. Yeah but have you ever had to buy some new products. You know I didn't do not know yourself. I am from last I absolutely don't look like it is the nose bleeds. And you'll what you are you kidding me trying to get buses and tell you some buyers will keep them back like does some traders keep the bags for notably yeah yeah DNA staff later you've put attempt wanna you know know. It works like you wouldn't believe how does that sit metal nostrils. The best and the point do you showed up in their Sakharov CNET I don't know the only seed athletes that has NBA players a little. Jim and of their death. Is just right up there. Stop and mostly men. The answer the question regular pummel him it's like you but little Max yes build this the a couple of pieces of it anyway. Listeners can put a great idea we should make a match dot com profile for odds. Oh yes sentinel on dates that's who we should we use this is a I would dating website. The world according to frank. I think underdogs jerk I got through my garbage and farmers only dot com is taken to the cook political or human don't have to deal lonely they're good commercials by the way I don't know about Terrell. I got shot come up with this I'll come up with a spot. Yeah it's totally totally rats me out in order to break yet and in the middle of me talking Tony grass yet to distract me completely derails. I'm on my desk there's it's called the art of teasing. OK it is a little pamphlets maybe that's who should call today and is one. Great wonderful learning moments at the book is called Citron. They sort of come back in the Steelers Jess yeah. I mysterious guest host will join us impairment on an a four hour radio show let NASCAR season. Why is this picture of my screen by. Because I don't know their plus student right now let's get what just happened let's get out of here without incident how about that actually. It is Tuesday to make sure to catch the borders coaches show every Thursday at six field with Chris Schroder Rossi by corona light came on climate in the official partner of the Charlotte hornets tomorrow 256 NWA president hey Chris Carter here let's uploaded I could go for corona right now. And ABC. Double deal yeah. Earn that man's monitor off found no reason to dreads as it was a gross that much because they do if you don't party of better and better than the pistons. What happened with the hornets last night they win that game I don't ask us to two point frustrated when that wind now. I mean we talked about yesterday acting with Steve Tyler mean winning. For this team losing isn't gonna do a whole lot muzzle win in and see where gets exudes if you fall short of the players should fall short of the playoffs but it made you win and I don't know he's you'd give to gain some playoff experience Ford I don't know I mean they're they're kind of just stuck in in no man's land right now until they gonna run but to. You know yesterday I think he's in the days ahead what he's had four games you point to and say so the scene supposed to play it was a joint meets the playoff Dwight had his best game or his uniform yesterday born on he took Andre Drummond to school yesterday and showed why he's a hall of Famer I mean that's that's a global play he said this league for fourteen years now and dust he ought to or Dwight had his biggest impact was officer on the defensive and protecting the rim yet and these four blocks yesterday. That poster blocker drama near the rim and you know you just keep thinking maybe this team could put it together dirt dirt they have stabilized a little bit you know I think over the last three weeks they're playing just over 500 basketball. And that's good to. The problem is at a certain point of this he must to be a playoff team that had to go on a road where they went eight added ten and her you know ten out of thirteen something like that and who knows maybe happens now to get the next five at home and they're they're playing better basketball they are just it's just a matter of can they can they play even better and can they sustain it for born three or four games at a time. And I don't want the answer to that I don't know early it's that do you have a problem with nepotism. I guess a million a week I I kind of tried to wade through this the other day you know my feeling is issue is your people say it's not what you know it's who you know. Let's both. You know how many people can truly keep getting jobs when it's just what you know it's who we know now what you know you don't know both he is what you know. And it is who you know and you know I think that's probably true for the the turner family tree which is now fully in gainfully employed by the Carolina theaters but. I don't look at it dig out of from the same point duke is on trying to talk myself a runner parachutes. What we all wanna work with people that we enjoy you know and have good relationships with sure. As is also what an absolutely exactly tried so Ron sunny 8082 assay with some that if it's not working or if there's losing if there's not results happening so I don't blame Ron Gillick the end of the day I think we've we're all called the shots are running a business or an operation. We wanna hang out there buddy server or friends or people with got a good working business relationships with that we don't we get along with. We know philosophically we see I'd die and you also know they do good work and I think that's what's going on with the Panthers right now. Yeah this disrupted everybody's gonna be in line in the resembles speak I disagree I mean the idea I don't know if you noticed you have Brothers and I'll modify yum one of five kids trust me so do we get along are you might argue long and there may be some but as long as we're on the same ages like two pairs one of the room coming out united. We're just as may. Yeah I can't see much of one you know it the only thing it's interesting to me is it just seems so locked in. Brought to the north as the guy who early on I think we called one because we kept wondering why hasn't happened officially yet all that stuff. You know she could go back in hindsight if you knew a guy like Todd Haley would come open as an offensive coordinator what she did with big bend. Would you still go with Norv Turner I don't know I say rod probably would just as he's comfortable with them but from Stewart and Taylor the F what do you think I. Oh and I don't think dale is a very good quarter I think is great pieces I think his best weapons in the NFL have a teaching is play golf and getting less done what big Ben Wood with a cantor should try to do with Cam Newton I don't I don't think depends as go to the ball fifty sometimes a game. And that's. Kind of evolved over the last few years that's been an interesting development that I grew that I don't I said this yesterday about the Steelers anybody in the NFL would take the Steelers weapons one through five across the board all day long the Steelers don't put steeler football anymore. No they sure don't and that shows you on fourth and one they threw the pass up. They throw the toss it used to be the vice Versa right the jaguars played Steelers football look these Steelers were playing around him you know yeah. I mean pitching in the mouth defense they've evolved in the you know is that a good thing or bad thing is up six months but when it comes down to those types of games to get bad weather etc. yet to go on the road. As the saints as the falcons as a Steelers. Music they're so the ball fifty plus times you better be efficient and you better have. Pretty Dingell. Let me ask you this troop quick as we knew we had to get out I was to bring this up yesterday X and it was the fun thing to do every loves to point to play calling in game planning an offensive coordinator from blame them. I might be the only man on the face of the earth I love the play call on forced into. Came to go. With the falcons did. Growing up pocket out given Matt Ryan a little extra time no one pass rushers come in and a jump ball 6052 Julio Jones and nobody blames Sartre I caught like that play call. There's better offers and jump ball offense there's better offers and that you can run pick routes you to a lot of different things you limited field. You rolled to the right like to play call. I understand why they did it because they were bullets and you know but. I would have rather them block it out mechanized play turf you know and you know good guys will pick ground Rob Brown or something like that I drizzle what's coming. If you are worried that wears a slump we'll talk a little college two to the first summit I don't know I don't know you guys did a little bit of that they would do a lot of it yet this year Shaw wants some hoops last night we'll talk about that. They've really sink it a little corners a lot of painters and we continue this discussion of like looking at the NFC south right now especially off the play also oddly seems to sit on the playoff couch now how much really does separate we're New Orleans Atlanta Carolina even Tampa Bay point of the rear so we'll do that Damien Lewis is gonna join us at three Kirk Morrison at 430. Riley Ferguson might join us to a five he's in the draft Charlie kid at a Memphis at quarterback. And tell cost control by Joyce who are surprised what these wide receivers the Panthers might be looking at I think. Maybe Quincy is going back to that question you just ask right there when it wasn't just as much that plays it was. The previous play like green and those are all jump ball play I. I agree that spurt right out soon what that plays called just 5050 proposition it's no different adorn a DS or you know high fade tiger and gag order try to make implied guerrilla. I guess we got to go back tomorrow as we go to break your though we got a pair of tickets to next Wednesday's a football night with frank Garcia Mousa Mohammed a dream life if you want those tickets right now. Call 70457096. Did not heal sick during the break through tickets up for grabs right now Colin what do most football night with frank Garcia dribble I'm it was a Mohammed all be there and seeing him in very exciting next Wednesday grab your tickets now we'll see you tomorrow Garcia and they look. Should it encourage what does that do they'll blow your mind. You just happen to us. Music is.