Garcia and Bailey: Panthers and Douche Madness Bracket Reveal

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Friday, March 16th

We didn't plan it this way, but Douche Madness is a hit. We talk Panthers and the Douche Madness bracket this hour, with a special female guest.


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But Garcia. Garcia and Bailey here on this Friday morning 7045709. DC extended. They hit us up we wanna hear from you we got an hour and that is right back to us some basketball. And he puts extra already running and just talk Panthers football and dogs very close for an hour please. No but we'll talk about it for sure a lot. The big toe where the big probe where they're gone they're gone there he ought to do booksellers in his first press covers just Wear a Jersey. This coastal Coburn. Remember a little bit Vince Wilfork Chan and all he had was. The under rules overalls on excuse me there yeah I mean I don't know saw big Pau is gonna do that but. You know we trying to kill two birds with one stone does not only is he a good defensive end or defensive tackle on nose guard. He can also run the football and throw passes. So we've kind of your backup quarterback and our backup running back on one. Till 12 birds one stone you have no idea what I'm talking about do. Except now try I try got washed him and tried to decide for something else I apologize she's not washed him as he runs up the middle and throws his little joke to jump out. Tell all day yet yet so I have to explain it means to tell me your mind is elsewhere you don't like when you were outside the show started like that yeah those are. A man and jumped right now. Tickets 45 seconds to open up the show and I'm just here to do my job somewhere else I know it's gonna show started without you and so I was here. Which engine it was just a relevant at all completely irrelevant that's right all of that all right 70457. Go to this extent the brackets set but elect. On the bracket is set. The inaugural the first and this is not going to be of one austere but what I was thinking about this last night we have the -- we have the opportunity to turn this into an annual march tradition. Jewish madness because I was thinking about it we're kicking around some ideas yesterday mixture what are the biggest is dragged in sports history. You know year after that would be the biggest Jewish guys in horrid history in order. Whatever we want to do you know we we can take this is so so many places. But so I haven't seen it put the preliminary brackets Opel on the did the Twitter account last night at Garcia and daily as a matter of fact I'll try to retreat this is well but I Garcia and Baylor put up last night and our tweeted on my timeline a child really WS frenzy but are there in the first. Jewish madness bracket is up and we got to break it down we'll get there in just a little bit but we gotta talk of course about little but what happened in day one of the NCAA tournament and the biggest story of the day I think we all agreed. Arizona but there are some great games great finishes Loyola Maryland are more loyal and Miami I should say it's love but that Arizona didn't. I'm exited to just take it right in the teeth from buffalo good team bottles good tape but Arizona quit airs on a roller quit. I was listening and come on the way back from dinner last night to the station you know as a typically do. And you know I Arizona just gotten beat them by double digits. And Correll is just rail and Sean Miller and I don't give a damn what it cost me he's a big. It's huge basketball not a guy anyways around there are I'd I'd like is style like two he does it but. You lose out there on the West Coast in his real familiar with. You know that program so. As soon as you know they lost by double digits he's like he's got to go and I agreed to completely everything that the true Sam last night he was sparked. On one came to. You know letting Sean Miller just walked I don't care about the two million dollar buyout this guy can't win he's caused a school more added then than good are. You know they have be winning tradition and he's disrupting that right now and his an early exit almost every year which is one of the best teams. You know in the country he'd under achieves. And the factor jets bit and just cut the check give him out there. And log people out there in that area in Tucson Phoenix to fill the same way because they're all changed you eventually asked. I I don't blame them on you've probably seen the same some of these the guys that I respect and evaluate talent as a college basketball NBA scouts of look at the untreated said. I guy's a future hall of fame talent number. One that's talked about him potentially be in the number one pick overall bright and big hollow all the drugs multiple guises and hall of fame caliber talent right and it takes which Alonso trigger to look at this Arizona team had no business. Getting blown out yesterday that would. Twelve championship may be what everybody was sent a backpack clones truce is not very good this year because if that's the best product they can put out there the best team you know and that division you lose to. You know what twelve seed our thirteenth seed. Guys just shows you the buffalo bulls. That the bills the polls. That. You know he's. He's underachieving with his talent. And we do and which argued the one and done and those type of things and the people probably to say well coach k's lost those similar type games in fact he's lost two wars might. You know that team that he'd lost to. When would be the best players in the MBA right now. That play for the money when they lost Mercer. It was arson it was a great Creighton it was. It was hot guys thank you it was Leo when they lost to Lehigh. And the and CJ McCollum Brett you know who just loaded up in the blues in the next round but he got hot scored thirty points and carried him to victory. And the players was built the bulls last night there's not. My point is not that NBA talent and I'm not I am I guess some kind of make an excuse for not for dukes is really wasn't born in that situation but the the national championships that. You know K has won obviously. You know is what his keys his legacy is going to be about and armaments and program those types of things Miller. Has brought to Muddy Waters to the university. He's under scrutiny. Come on record no say in a lot of things that. You know still to be a pretty and yeah and indicting when it comes to know may be what was going on and I can tell when big games so what's the reason for keeping the more than the ten million dollar selling cut checks to coaches all the time. This is what the guys from as you go Dirk cutters for what twenty million or fifteen million after he donated a million bucks of his own to the university so and universities cut ties with guys all the way specially programs like like Arizona. No programs that are. Bill tell programs that can generate income for their universities. If the guys noggin and Dunston find somebody else. It's it's hard look at what he's done and really what he hasn't done as much as anything else on top of this this black guy business controversy bid to say I'm with you mean I I just cut cut bait and move on because the guys clearly not getting it done and he can't get it done against buffalo in the first round that kind of talent I don't know that I trust and ever did it dawn on Arizona loses yesterday that Boston a lot of brackets yesterday and no it did a fresh raising his hand right now I. I am going to two lead into the final four we get him. Which one it was but if I had him losing to Carolina for the final fours so there must in my bracket and thankfully we have the five hour energy bracket and. He goes into effect at which is what I'm gonna do and I had a losing in the sweet sixteen rows and in her too bad but I was shocked like everybody else on top of that the ACC had a terrible day Miami dispute the buzzer NC State's beaten by seeing all the way up there yet. Consisting of the latest move by Seton Hall something's assists since then so yeah things never well there's that Virginia Tech Alabama less that was a breakneck fun game to watch but Alabama was too much there at Ding column section was fantastic so the ACC took one in the teeth yesterday and a duke once so they don't let help. As well that's with the that's what they do it twice as some things they say hey don't ever change I Sosa and doesn't look forward to brick yeah. If you're NC state right now was this a successful year for you yes. Absolutely not your question I'm not asking you amassed an NC State's well dressed and all of us bright and had an NC state Trey. Amassed an NC state fans in courtesy state and I eat it I can't imagine any NC state standard doesn't need to be committed lost early losses early in the ACC championship right and then lost one and done in the move to March Madness. I kind of agree with you you know if you're asking me I'm I'm asking the question so I didn't get a chance give my opinion but before him I think that. You know that the programmers have been a great direction and because of that that's been a success but. It's a disappointment at the same time I think he'd be disappointed is still a successful season text to rights and. Arizona basketball was nothing for four years before Sean Miller let's not just brush over what Miller did for that program five conference championships and regular season are five covers regular season titles in nine years to really needs to sweet sixteens. It's not about the brushing over. It's about the fact this guy does not appear to be capable of getting this team over the edge with arguably the best talent he's ever had many took over a program that it Lute Olson had just taken to the highest of the high limits there and assigned a little some years late were spectacular. But you add in that on taller. So fortunate national traditions like you're also more announcer this is why is dying of cancer opposed to say it but even still there were some rough patches around have a Lulu and also more hardware. Olson didn't. Get caught you know doing things and of course what this is contestant us on the listener did nothing wrong but he wasn't the center of this sort of investigation either so there we can talk about this at a different solenoid got an hour I don't wanna come back and we have to talk a little bit more about these predators concert toe and of course. There's madness and don't forget about Erick Aybar coming in her potential was and as well today that's right we're gonna talk about that former North Carolina tight end up making a visit and that to be interest and we'll talk about that as well for an hour anyway it's Garcia and they look. For the second day overall week yeah. Have to work very hard today. We got an hour fortunes were also Levin Westwood One NCAA tournament covers come underway again this afternoon and but try to be honest with you we're loving it. If that's been hit and here's what's funny you know people you know this that are state fans nothing to them attacking them asked a question people it's just a simple question. You get to respond. However you would like it wasn't an attack on NC state in fact I went out there and said that I thought that it had a successful year it was disappointing the way it finished. But the direction of the program with the expectations that you had heading into the season. You could argue that it was a successful year and I would that's exactly what I said so she can't hear that. And you're just death. Osbourne and and I would add why you raising your hand because I want I just say it was a little like I'm an exact I don't wanna step on in my says. Annan. I would say dear to your point if you would have told state fans at the beginning of the year state. You can have winning conference record. Going to be duke and North Carolina same season ain't going to UC eternally take Bershard deeds even if he had to lose a little you know question they don't make the jump out of windows to take GAAP. In the first year ends on top of that cause you to add another thing that they can look forward to they have their coach yeah. It looks like they have. After their coach. You have direction senate bill that he stability. Bomb a guy that gets guys to play hard. Unlike what you've seen over the last 89 years under god freedom before him. The that the coach. Continue and let me thank area. You know Sidney Lowe in and out for so you have direction you know now so that's a great thing if you're state should be proud he should be happy and at the same time. I'm it's okay to be disappointed. I think that at Walsh yes sure it's on to lose a game is personally thought to be disappointed but rusty for the ACC state of Virginia Tech Miami all losing myself. Virginia Tech squad that was I. You sure know how to yeah. Sure I'm. Try to take in stride and you try to make your wallet and what it was at that talk about all into the ACC disappointing losses and season you really wanna do Vatican where you'll over the Panthers ahead. I just Alaska Georgia iBook and I could. And not ours was laughing at me last night because it's the only sporting event that I really watch anymore and I get fired up to like it emotional about it so if you could just leave me alone of the great. Anyway what is get these NC state says there probably haven't hit the same thing was cemented there's a little bit different over your one for cheats right though they didn't have those expectations it would have great expectations but I wanted to wind alternative assures this inept and so. Anyway a sort of the papers for second but it wasn't the dogs are told you'll yesterday. Most great move by grief are you even more come back to you were talking about tied in Syria where rebounds thirty drawn specifically the characters are apparently out of the Ed Dickson business. Looks like she is going to into the Seattle Seahawks. I he has remained in Seattle to want to work on finalizing a deal with the Seahawks so Eric you draw on visiting today and I that's. That that's really interest of America and abroad and really talented pass catcher to know athletic guy how do you think that he meshes in this offense potentially. My opinion it's an upgrade over indexing and well yeah I grew. I'm not sure what Seattle was gonna give it Dixon but. He's from the northwest area went to organ. You know kind of coming home if you will a lot of family you can go see him in those type of things but. Don't start to connect you know the ability. Of Turkey brown you're the guy. As a lot of upside. What does that mean he doesn't mean he has always lived up to that right wing when you hear a guy has a lot of upside it means he has. A long way to go if he says the guys are great players that means he's living up to is great upside so. He has the potential to be as good as any tight end you know in this league in my opinion. He's got to work on his blocking and his consistency catching the ball. He has the ability to make some phenomenal catches he's held an athlete he's gonna get you a lot after the run you know attach the action yards after the catch. He's going to be able to provide you know maybe another weapon in this offense on that backside tied in the can stretch the middle of the field. To hold them safety's. You don't allow these guys to go down them down be on the outside in a may be tortured date. You don't those things are all doing great things to have if they decided to sign their key LeBron. I'm sure they're getting. Money you know from this oath very similar what you sued Don Terry Poland people probably ask him. Gosh it's that we are cash strapped t.s you're gonna cost us nine million per year on average when you hear on average that's not the cap number he's not nine. Ours against the cap he's an average nine million over three years which is 27 million in a right around. They ask you questions in there and you you say that I just kind of rounding going around about number there's so what is what is worse here but I think it is what he was due this coming season and Detroit was eight point 25 million which are expected to be about the same or maybe to go down a little bit more -- or doctor ordered all talk nobody brought and so. Excuse me for urgently I think that. Well ask a question. I don't know what his marketability is. For the tide them because that position really hasn't been set yet right. But it's I would expected to be similar to what he was Macon last year if not a little ball. And pay raise if they're going to sign him because he's going to be a comforting guy. You know because all the things that I just pointed out and visibility and those type of things to deploy to right he's visiting also with the patriots and the colts and I wanna say one other team as well so that's a Shia I mean as suitors. You know looking for a potential replacement for Greg Olsen is the way that you would probably incentivized. You know his contract you know I think Greg Olsen has one more year. You know under you know this current contract where he's going to be able to they're really go out there and make things happen when he's about nine and a half million against the cap. Are you lose in the right colonial contract next year. And maybe even this year you know they're gonna make some of these other moos here to you know lower that cap number seat and you'll fall somewhere under but. Yes as far as I Hebrew and those are expected to make that if not more you know and again it's like to wide receiver core you look at. Sammy Watkins and don't believe in some of the guys around they're not really great receivers. But spitz. You know I make a big pond in the the only fish. Right and you know when you're the only fish everybody's trying to catch. So they're gonna pay a little bit more for you and that's kind of maybe what's gonna happen with Hebrew on. You know there's good tied in class coming out of college. That position is evolving as pass catchers and run blockers I think the best one that I see in the last year. Two component combined boast some passing. Pass catch ability in run blocking ability as a kid from South Carolina a nurse you haters I think your guy that you like is a very good receiver but he's slight. I geez which one. Hum tight end others couple got Dallas governor and legislature just sick of big dude isn't carries a big dude was big dude being eased to 45. Five that's not a big dude in the NFL Oca was it was a six bodies just I go to 45 a mean that's big dude buys by most ironic is that light but he's a lighter guys while Enron and stress to fill so. You know those are the types of things that can you wanna guy this can be held to do both in this type of office. I kind of feel like that's what the Panthers are are looking for a combo tied and they can you know take the place of great goals I think DRG Brian's a really good fit here for the Panthers. I think he kind of falls into that role and eventually you know kind of pushes out. You know Olson you know when that contract in those numbers become too big I think Don Terry pose a great site. My think he has more upside to star the star did. I think that to. He's a better athlete restore. And it's you they got paid according defensive tackles are gonna get that type of that type of money. Noah your fridge and got 327 million. And if I'm rating him on a scale of one to ten and on public give him about a six and a half or even seven. Always in he's in he's probably reached his potential ways a seven player he's a good starters equality player. He's just those young guy puts it he's gonna push the pocket yeah but he's not gonna get much better right he's got it all aside and go out there and get to twelve sacks. Right he's he's bringing he's being brought in here to fill a role and that role star you know and what he was able to do star wasn't gonna get you fifteen said he got 22 or three. You know is pretty good pretty good year for him. And that's what Don Terry posed to him he'll be able to bring him he's an athletic guy he's about 330 pounds and runs for eight everybody's talking about. Don't the defense of Lyman from Washington 65330. Here at 51. Right don't Jerry tolerance for 849. You know consistently so. And that's to me you know an upgrade is an athlete not to know whether he plays. Up to his ability consistently enough will be here to be determined their oil actually probably. We're looking for more but two dapper Oregon it's going to be able to get up the field and you've written every tablet a little bit. You know when he's not that type of guy he's gonna hold point. He's no linebackers fly around and make plays it's what he did Kansas City that's what he did. Atlanta I think it's a good pick up and I you know losing much you don't have to. Guarantee the amount of money that stars getting up in buffalo I believe so. Yeah he signed a five year deal in a roughly around the same amount but the guarantees. And all the other sentence that go with his contract ties you in longer than what you get with post so. He'll pose a little bit more of a you know public packed and loaded deal I am missing the in the contract dipped I'm just guessing where these are gonna cost much this first year against the cap and then they can make a decision on what they're gonna do with them next year the year after. -- 70457. Or 1960 and I how do you feel what the post signing and of course there are you brought visiting the Panthers today we got some some techsters try to get about the drops and things got it going to drop small sense of us know your body also makes taxes nor that I think that's absolutely true will come back who'll take any reaction you have to that and we reveal. The seeding of the inaugural. Deuce madness tournament score Syrian but it looked. Our adaptation of this if it's not pretty once shining moment it's going to be one this year moment and and so that's that's just some cells this is the time a year. Did some basketball put Jewish madness. Is all the rage us and as you even pay attention keeping up. Bright and I have launched our know with the help of laws absolutely have made as a negative thing actually we launched our first dog deuce madness bracket style. And the possibilities are endless with this thing moving forward this is going to be a new Garcia Bailey annual tradition the dues madness bracket to door to where I. I'm looking forward to our nominations are you in acts as I am still kind of up in the air with. They're being way more slowly not least yeah there's there's a lot of good choice that really where we had a tough time turning down live exclusive fields are voting no are you know our number one is in its not close early and because every time you just say at a at aria that's it okay. Save us for a second we we actually had an idea that we almost what was last -- win it going with 68 and it's not that there were more good suggestions than that it's that we know you all out there have been the attention span of Mets and so we try to go longer than sixty sperm cells did you know we're just lose interest what I really wanted to do though frank I told you yesterday I want to populate this bracket was fifteen years guys and on the sixteenth are aligned just right sure haven't. A lot of people disagree with that because well like seven doubt but I would probably put another guy with a C. Last name. Janice I'm. Does he would be unanimous winner are right well so good when I was afraid I was about bush Jenna on the bottom line just automatically when did they were just take him. We'll championship. But does so it's a check this out it's a short show and we have now brought into the studio for some feedback to reaction on the selection Friday. We we have Diana. The globally Diana the first lady of the Mac attack. And she is going to help us talk about our seedings are your Diana thank you for joining us and I. Obama agenda did you just learn about the deuce madness bracket this morning so we've got to caught joke and I'm just gonna joints are giving your first round match ups and I didn't or were hoping to have sort of an interactive bracket later today so you can actually go a lot of sword voted yes are you are you voting right now. Not yet so I'm gonna put the press the bracket together preliminarily and there wanted to get the interactive version hopefully upon WS Lindsay dot com later today but does so the first matchup that we have. High school all American guy taken on MMA affliction got. Yeah yes that's got to you know mostly I know I began its usual. Great aunt uncle Bob Cleary was even 35 years old and he self I was going to 5000 aim right and wish you Cassini exact game without. I got that's like gas at a time when he is down I think they got out of his Letterman jacket negative blue liver and rumors on Ari has his lighter frame and yeah. In the on the on the lol I. It Arafat's I guess and it had a great news editors intimate affliction it's grown lot. You go to prejudicing you ports and as well she's seen this guy you've seen the guy that rules and the bar to watch me and US seriously angry. Yes I mean IBM I don't work at a bar that shows that but I scenes. And I'd see the guys that Wear fictional I think you know they've still made affliction and especially as an party with a differently is just diamonds on your shirt but you're a man. And that's why I could zone out Childs and your genes and your genes have. Designed pockets with diamonds on them to I just don't get it every guy. Charlotte right now that wears those is probably like no one drew Hussein's got an. It takes is Amazon's. I thought there might there. Gorilla there that likes them I am not one of those girls are you know that's fun the sentiments of two guys were the runner at general request is it's nice to finally saw its muscle most don't look good second batch of golf guy taken on wrong Jersey guys. If for people who don't know wrong Jersey guy is guy who shows up too late to a Panthers and Steelers game where a cowboys Jersey that's extra data you wanna be a fan. But you're not playing. Cash FF. Now playing in the media. If your team is playing in the CD and you Wear your team's Jersey if your team is not playing it's playing on television. You leave the Jersey home if you're gonna painted and same goes for any other stadium. If your team is not playing. Don't Wear and other leaders it's root all right next is hard hitting it tiger it was good since the kind of feedback we're looking. Still I don't like doing girls do neither why you Wear a pink cowboy Jersey you can just say skiing yeah. I don't. We had an argument there's little debate between us and I and you say in seemed to believe inside with cause that there are. Women go co parts oh yeah. Death so they do it we will world and we'll dive in that last segment here Nextel match fantasy football guys take it on one up forgot. That's going to be a tough I don't know that's going to be a dead heat. Fantasy football guy and one opera. And it is personal to clarify nothing wrong with playing fantasy football doll don't vida guy who tells everyone you meet about your fantasy football to. And also don't be a guy that thinks if that's your actual team. Thank you got to sit there and watch every single game because that's your team it's so I want him in nineteen if someone. Do we know then maybe we don't use the phrase my cubbies. Oh. I don't ever I Hossa said my Hokies. I'll tell you you've got to be visited it's a different thing though it's a different thing because she's talking about the guided tweets at the players saying hey you lost me the simple yeah. At all that's all that's cadaver talks about his. Anybody here's the thing though I mean girls don't think there's a lot of guys do see but we guys think guys are due she isn't that even worse I think in the gulf guys ready to go out there now and they circle the green. They read every putt. And then when they drilled a three footer they start dancing around the greens celebrating and telling us there and asked that that the knows everybody you saw this thing go when the cameras are on you know what any money out here you're not gonna get your cards the PGA tour. And about a car I fixed I'm married and south towards five. These guys want to be the center of attention they take one club from the cart path to their to their shot which is probably about forty yards away. The wind changes. The breeze blows there. They're you know whatever happens that they have to go back to the court to get another club just bring multiple clubs you to have auction blade that. Golf Geisel about a half an ass it's the guy who when you swing and you know you make of the whole it would not only that you swing maybe you hit a bad shot several mystery something Michelle Obama -- no no you show up under Saddam the car I don't want your golf advice my charm and the there's anything that didn't. Decking going to bowling Al sure could yeah Jim haven't had a jam that's different that's different and we were get a hold off on that because religion guided and we are acts are so good. The adrenaline more than we'll step aside reveal the other half of the bracket when we come back to last week the first after softball guy taken on Bluetooth earpiece guys now soft core guys is similar to high school all American guy to hasn't done it tells you a 1000700 by a much virtually to humans are simply this is still bothering cleats exactly double double play to show politically choice softball spikes on yeah. Having your audience is a huge bet that was sixteen Mattson yes yes he actually he's trying to organize a team full grown men who all by the same jerseys and that basically it's so that they look like a real taste of plays. Tersely softball. Must say extracurricular activity it's fine but this is night. This is not scouting for the and I'll be in not earn scholarships are. It's my life since its relatives of those guys say exactly at a Bluetooth ear to step I don't know I didn't know people were still doing my. And everybody goes on icy everywhere it's not the people that rhythm and the thing around their neck right you look at least it's a walking around talking it's kinda broke back to be also like these people the gym during. It's not wearing that thing it's this weird. But also a soft thought I could also just be any like intramural sport Kiley kick ball tired dodge Bob I know. It's like you choose to do this as a side thing like testifying during a week and you take it. We raised your series. Now please know what it's like. You know I news. But didn't forget his name but he just looked at the camera and what is baseball there is as longs are still Skelton I'm still playing you know. That's that's that's yeah that's the senate. The first half of the bracket revealed that hash tag deuce madness on Twitter the first half has been revealed that we reveal the second half of the dish madness bracket with the First Lady in the back it's like Diana when we come back it's Dorsey inviolate. The. It's Garcia really for the final side. There's a slave and way behind not my kid sister in law and ruling Mora. Everybody in America basing themselves with their best boy they really can't quite good as your best got step Boise street Louis now. Creator. As it heads he's still a couple different like syllables and consummate scenario. Not a makes any sense anyway if it fits what's on your troops and a whole okay. Why girl for us I think we accomplished that goal hearing that. All right so what we never we reveal the first half of our deuce madness bracket we got about for a half minutes ago before where you are being kicked out of here and Westwood One has taken over with the NCAA tournament coverage whatsoever dose of back to the action and we told just first half of the bracket features high school all American guy taken on anime affliction got golf guy take it on wrong Jersey got a guy who wears cowboys Jersey to a pair of the Steelers game and the united a matchup number three fantasy football guy take it on one opera die and that's it over for softball got taken on Bluetooth earpiece guys. Here's the second half of the bracket. Jim guy thus taking on angry sports then you got to the spears is Jim guy sells us you know. They don't help me. I don't need it. Don't tell me I am doing wrong and don't stop staring in the air stop texting all the time like a grunting screaming and crying did I called the refrigerator right. There's says. Drugs yet when they're China last great success at anything weird noises like that it's too heavy truck assembly he. It's weird how about the drop in the way its highs and orders they champion and yelling running you have to go. Now this again that's not like an invented it first appeared before the numbers are proven or not overplayed it has been my places a crack in the foundation right. Just occurred throughout the French yes you did and he's got his challenge our waters had a personal thing and sets out every woman's access they want yes I had it does cost you short down the way I think eventually see is rejects nearly that's a winner. Winners from me that he's run pretty sick donate. Sports that every sports dad is one of the worst is one of the worst and the facts if they were taught this is probably more like a com final four matchup if you ask me because every sports that is the guy that you've heard. And if you have kids if you don't have kids he goes on these. You sporting events you can hear in the stands yelling over the top of everybody coaching little Johnny who just got in because he's been on the bench all day did you not enough to start and tell him what to do and how this coach sucks. Echostar always do you listen I'm a sun yup. And then when little Johnny. He goes out there and gets fouled a ball you. You lost to kick the other kids as the Felder bumped. And then that inevitably gets in a fight in the stand is so every other with the other pair or somebody else asked him to sit down and they need to judge in the gym and it's ejected from that every. About two minutes us who don't don't I would say they're ready South Park episode dealt with that very top at least they thought it's the greatest episode ever bet dad and Randy marsh to square away. Anyway I like our souls go quickly here a craft brew guy take it on never plays his best guy we autograph for debt. Dustin and he's just not a bad guy but just shut up. Never traced his debts guy you know your favorites to Michael she once knew a guy Tim did on super religious stuff you know she wants I guess Johnson act look at me. While NJ. Thanks every girl my remarks are veterans like that yeah I would instinct this under victims are now. Yeah. You look at me. Well there's Nash guy and then there's so we stick it on super religious and this is the guy we're what your your mid conversation and you're talking to super religious guide you say. I cannot find my keys any pipes in with you should be looking for Jesus. That's that's not another. Out of Baghdad this McDonald's address those guys stay away from yeah. It turns everything you say are trying to protect us earlier because this offense let the so she wants me I'd take you on super religious guy and then finally. Bad handshake guys take it on make your locker room guy that and say guys under rated about Haitian guys a couple different us is the guys who goes out of his way to try to crusher him because he's a do spread and he wants to prove something but it's also the god gives you the dead fish handshake like this and you're shaking somebody's limb pain and he's got. Where Lanny and what what happens if you get this incident like her children don't. Here are troubled on my Trulia we don't allow people. How does he like I have to pedal to. I think that's going. OK. Okay Joseph. Our HR rep is well under your prayers and your metal metal singer might just happen particularly why. A great just. Oh. I was taking advantage of the nine I didn't make it lock the ducks are in the big guys right here just right here but they can let me just say in Minnesota everybody can see it enough now. I think the thing that I know I needed. He takes it out of that locker room because obviously I'm not an locker and he takes its got its like wage you're comfortable with his new 8 o'clock cern is living Aaron when you're trying to like right. Or television yeah I'll have that began it or roll around the speed goes everywhere he goes their way too tight. Steel and older trying to define the little you know spears emotionally intends to take off at some point you're about to let. Find out is if that is the Jewish madness I sort of but I did I ever thank you for your input we dash there the better there are others but this is a good way to. Yep there girl or girl respects there's so so we will. We don't say there are bigger and there are other categories that this is a great you know started it's a launching point that it wanted to have a lot of fun with thanked the feedback we're actually authored and for the Davis is awesome Greg Craig don't nurture sinus infection. I'm trying he can eat cupcakes are getting into this field is devastated that he is he just staring at Atlanta and cries talked to me and we got a new. Gonzalez is gonna strike image as we got to go NCAA tournament coverage courtesy of Westwood One is coming your way next and you'll see a lot of you over the spectrum set our first round tournament action begins in just over an hour this has been Garcia Braylon WS and there's.