Garcia And Bailey: NCAA Tournament Talk Continues

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Monday, March 19th

In the Final hour, Hitman joins Frank and Kyle to discuss the wild opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament....


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But Garcia. I'm writing your day today. Oh my god the guys my job bravest Joba the Mike's not even on these this content on and just taken over is that slam easier phones officers to compare. I don't. My the political authority. First off is five hour energy if you had today is none and god they are also really pretty doses legged on a lot of sleep as we get jacked up there a hand out. Oh my god it's just totally bad Youngblood a waiter where's that where's about a Sunday morning hoop. Not a good save anything drastic shake to this. Usage is at hand is had a week and I had a leak wasn't as good as him dance. No I heard that let and it I don't know that yeah I don't think that he's day tell us about it. How are all the millennial za there actually I get their faces a primary earlier where I was at there was little bit of an older crowd. Aussie student or in Ireland now wishes it was a no 35 plus thirty thought I was 42 where you can't ignore the Kenya. It's the most or Thai nationals all that hurdle is that you able to get in there of course does dining out. I'm Diana came in a job most of us she came when Rasheed Diana came into the newsroom this morning there was showed me videos and catching meal on the weekend about outlook and and really used video no remarks and Estonia was not it was a guy that marches is sort of the morning shows guy he belongs to them so literally bring mark rolled up very often but watching that dude gyrate in a diet mountain of fire suit was one of the we're discussing things and since so you had a table. Yes I that's how Jerry Jones like a private section of their own area narrow section as a blondes or girls who served their loss was real it was I was. No dropoff hit man on the off you really do make great money rolled off completely. I only I could expect that the island of this hole is anybody's. Way the word on the street is that Saunders taken into effect. And people love it it's it's part of baloney that is the reason for ratings spike does that sound loud voice college basketball Friday after work today after day at 2 o'clock is that a goal of the game. Do you think it's a way to go to some listeners. I wouldn't want you know American club. On the street as Toronto silicon rubber ball. Lot of fans. Bus episode airs Mondays ago are not going to resort to mess Tyco. Say man the sound of sounds great. I got a lot that'll do you know a lot of what it can advance as W a frenzied listeners our fans today this founders money. People were victory not was packed as it no remorse I got faster ball Friday the tournament nobody. Including you I won't have to de frank yet a pretty good six hours to do once they got. The question is this does work really because he's always here. Our Saturday. Time that's Saturday's started about 1230 but Saturday was a has started 32 Ghana. Our little guy did the nepalese girl immediately in a meeting point 1230 you're afraid. Did not so afraid of the history the reason I ask is because your brain out of the second lesson in my parents' rental tonight and we we got up and we wrote we wrote the light rail I live on notice at least for a few more days anyway and they just opened a polite real extension onto universities are we took to build the rail from mud noted in two spec consider both Friday night for the game. And then a Saturday morning for for breakfast lot of green shirts tons agree sure it's not that parade was all they were just setting up and people were didn't get rowdy outside downtown at about forty they estimated 45000 people downtown area I don't get it. 45 people. What do you are telling us. Why I mean the fascination with green shirts and greens they're intersect I understand I understand is because I'm on my thinly hails from that part of the world and we don't care. We we just don't know you don't you hail from Colwin north and it's not paid for granted they are directly tied to. You too that region of the world directly. Okay my last name is Bailey and tell my last name is Elaine OK so I but I don't claim to be you know some thoroughbred Irish stood all right. Telling you is it that you're imparting on Saint Patrick's Day is not your people's things. This is it's the holiday in my people and even I don't care or two things first of all I want to shut out the city of Charlotte because they've kicked ass with that light really did a great jobs that they just a phenomenal job with that you know but also the agency to get everything with great right yeah it happens in Chicago obviously you know they they die the river and whatever else trouble if they did add to the US national Whitewater senator Charlotte. People were tied over her kayaking Whitewater rafting stuffing green water over the that was really really Wilson that was awesome anyway as far as I'm glad. And this is as soon may see guys like frank does that tantalize us not to break is just a party Cooper I mean it was a damn good time wherever you were really I. I was fired when I was like in my thirties you know might wanna see you have the name just so yeah. You tell me that it and I agree here is called maturity. He led the different do my best friends Dan deuce a dinner shout out it's got great hair and he's 32 years old he got pretty 25 it's sometimes a hereditary it happened how. It's 32 now now now 3404. Not let forty do so free and a great article on us need not of that cellar and say. I mean when you are with a little stale air meets and Saturdays look at where they are raising your Taiwanese. It's except now go out there are no fool Haiti if I'd kinda I think. Frank is saying is that there's the age difference between those two things yes you are 42 in your friend is 32 and it being 42 at this point. May not be gracing eagle out but however I would I care so much below. He's an idiot man yeah man. Your ability to party and have a good time it's it's all inspired series under this is not this is not a jackass comet it's really pretty lost there. He goes cardinals and the gentleman he can Wear my ass out I know that much they pretty awesome out Tony here's what I can do have to stuff you do when I'm out. I was now selling an aggressive. You'll got your money's worth owning as well. I'm happily ever after an easy to answer is no shame on them whatsoever in my happily ever after love is happily ever I love that that's the phrase there as perfect as I love that so much. Are at 70457. Or 96 when zoological Droid now it's gonna be out here edgewise as you know kids and adult dean and we start because they have fun to you know I don't place adult thing let's go get him I was take you to kind of place if you're good duel Saturday. Saturday at least for now our two most made for an hour to fracas relatives are. Saint patty's day crawl eagle couple places with three or four there on the crawl to follow the path frank I did that human gnarled it was on original film a team and I. Jose Tea Party. 29. And yeah. What does what the guys is into a kid it was going bald fifty sword die and I don't wanna call the body Albert told this before a plus the baseball which he would name brand installment he was going ball seventy in karma does give you. How does he had the unfortunate circumstance of both being named Brandon Alderman and going bald 72 Williams it was indeed dot ultimate so all we called and ultimately. That's what it strengthened fridge is three dog tired because African branch. Yeah I'm drenched I'm it's cold in his post commission fresh sleeve of a unit about all things. I'm just because I was I was a club with your rope and all your because really personal that's makes him co president. Brazilian club in London club music every guy I just try to sell the crossfire or just. Actually allows them out. As we get out. I really comeback and actually talk about some sports we're gonna dismiss thoughts on the NCAA tournament this week you know. Work I lost almost every damn game man listening me when I'm talking you. It's. Religion. All right buildings that are sex lives next Erisa and let's get a buzz and a hit man has strikes so shows that he couldn't get through his diamonds directory Dello that. Not not OZ eight I don't get soft copies so sure that he left the studio the job he got up and had to leave the studio he social gripe. I got a bit of pressure right since I'm 52 when I called the best that Saturday night matter of fact of still crawl and today there because it as Jason. The little baby Jason had his money's worth based a one day of the year the one holiday of the year. Where everybody's cool with everybody from any nationality drinking celebrating and it making a mockery of themselves and anyway but it does get annoying sure it gets annoying. But the people is what's gonna happen. But if I am. All of us as a tree come together on saint patty's day and rock are noted in his cigarette and I was pretty cows to ask what is a better drinking holiday. Isn't there a message that is an. Adidas sick to my gun did did tequila shots tonight. Dazs is a dangerous because most of these days of the year but you know it's and has an answer whatever Beers you likely that's very heavily pounding liquor all day long you mix in enough of so called it thing. And at a mile you. Passed out at two in the afternoon starting in NA. Just the words liquor makes me Natasha Seattle like liquor now a manager I used to just like go in some system like early twenties I ice insisted on bond Berman joke. Now just a thought of one makes you wanna fallen into a contract all the want frank Garcia before we go to break I did watch almost every damn game. Oh yeah this is for sure is ugly is college basketball I thought was all year 'cause advertiser was like god. There's a more clear cut winner. It has been a phenomenal watching college basketball turn like that does it did made for TV event has been great this year. It's been phenomenal amiga personal this there's so many things coming off the weekend to talk about bill and we were all just gotta be yours Jessica crowing about how the state North Carolina gets six teams in the NCAA tournament which is a great achievement. But there's one last after the first we kept first time since 2000 for the dead to number one seeds have not advanced to number ones and two number twos. You know we're we're casualties of this for this first weekend of the tournament Clemson beat Auburn by a million yesterday not many people saw that coming especially not with us dollar and without Grantham and the performance of buffalo and new NBC do they shot the ball. I don't want in a one and don't situation was fantastic I mean sometimes some of these games to be really ugly to watch the durst have been games. Where this the shooting and now high energy plays a high precision shots and great relief and hello also a lot of luck. Although some of these kids you have to have it yeah hello to you because you put yourself a spot to succeed. No listen I'm Noah in there would just sit right there and think no I think we take for granted sometimes. You know as far as a lot part. I'm not gonna have your a game somebody's gonna go out there in and you'll find a way to come to step up and over achiever and knock down some shots and things like that. There is a little luck involved to win a championship. And every championing very rarely do you see your team that just that much better than everybody else that goes out there and just rolls to either competition. On most championships that you watch I don't care what sport it is. A little luck is involved in Boston bounce your way. But how you handle those things and you know what you take advantage of sometimes is a rip the reason why some teams advance and move on that's what's so great about this term it is because you concede you know any any any one of these individual matchups. One of these teams come out there and lighted up. If you're a champion however you find a way to deflect that. Overcome that and you know compete with that any eventually you know GE EEU just overtakes him you know if you looked at you know Kansas State yesterday. You don't have taken on your BC. EC play their asses off that it make many shots in the Kansas State ultimately they're what is schism is what won that game that when that game because of no structure in the U when that game because of execution and now refereeing. Out effort being. Are you MDC they won that game because they can jump higher and they can run faster ultimately the rebounds the second chance points. Yeah that there was just certain things that you NBC couldn't keep up with Kansas State. And that's the difference between you know maybe examine some of these other relief teams but here Virginia. The just in every answer you know and I also was emotions but that's not Tony Bennett's fault sometimes. Guys an athlete you just don't have it. You know I can't explain it. They don't have I don't hit it in Virginia just didn't have it and you NBC did and that's why you play the game because these types of upsets exists and sometimes it's you know it's meant to be and sometimes it's not you yeah Virginia's should be UMPC. It every day any day every day but you know they did it and died and that's what makes sports special. I do great moments a duck to two point Melissa the tournament outside of in a Loyola of Chicago by the wake us is senior team and they're playing like seniors are playing we talk about frank. They're not the best athletes the big issue to basketball so when you're gonna know street freakish the basketball and you move the ball around you know exactly every guy's gonna beat at every time you win games is how you hit buzzer beating shots it's are you get a guy opened at the last minute put to seek Pataki. All expect it could've easily fell apart awful wet Rodney Leisle there's only win. Could easily came back can be bought it because he's wealth to you laid on the law says guess what we're a blue blood play good basketball better than you we won the game. And is also seen duke not in any struggles and are second on now. Ought to be determined they would die there they just sort of bothered today they just smash do there's there's a chip that Rhode Island game. The road personal Rhode Island Oklahoma was a phenomenal the sort disturbed when an overtime incredible try young was on the whole deal with for duke to do what they did to Rhode Island. A duke should be Rhode Island he's got more talent he's got more everything but that that was a very impressive way and to be you know and you wanna getting to be just a second immigrants and actual breaking news. That impacts our sports here in Charlotte the 49ers. Look like they've started new basketball coach I just Goodman and Is reporting it felt that the Charlotte 49ers who will hire Virginia assistant Ron Sanchez. Other and that's according to his sources and ESPN and Iran Sanchez is an assistant on Tony Bennett staff at UUH Sanchez has been with Bennett since his days at the Washington cougars but according to just Goodman of the ESPN dot jump Charlotte the 49ers will it will hire Ron Sanchez you VA assistant consolidated they waited till Manolo has done an important mores are moser somebody's got coaches there but you're right Odom. It's a look but I thought that's a little early to hire him. They had him. That is true goes there for years as an assistant there for five years and they had their chance of Rochester I get it he was younger I did it's easy to say they let him walk away. But it comes amid let looks rougher and growing use widget I guess when you have a search you your target your guy you keep your guy you sign your guy but I mean we had a couple weeks don't really Hilary well I. Rondo was going to be a big time he won coach somewhere next year and I Howard W I wanted and it is not just because of one run his dad's table. So not only did that he did he produced not only to prove his coaching jobs over the which in my beating the number one overall seed he's got the pedigree to. So ride Odom EU UMBC is said this morning there and offering a contract within their machines are good for them to try to keep their guy. The rhino until a amid as he well should they are at 7045709. This extent determined it was phenomenal you are talking about Virginia their second ago I was there on Friday night and that's something that I'll always remember you know because who knows when we'll see this again. The only you know is one Emery had a ticket to frame it. Each regular weekend on an area say I was there I was I was there a moment seriously question their land. Do you frame so you frame it and show Debbie Friedman showed as well come and analysts say history make how much really isn't it if you are now out of what was the money night on our Jim receives you know someone there that know -- true you have one of our good buddy was there Alice was there he said it was phenomenal. Is that he's gonna find incredible is got a picture with a couple of guys to use lower little lower level down close and if you get a pick. Sure as you're Virginia Tech fan and you have a bunch of Virginia guys tomorrow regular guy now you got yet DSL now they're you buy it this year if you're that guy. I was friendly. Join me to do me a warm I had that was friendly like I didn't study and talk to his people like so what you have Virginia's fans friends all possible via desolate remote house and have that framed. That's a good idea and united Vietnam. Just before the break Syria keeps. I mean like Michigan State during the mystery overall C three seed them on the three line last team in the last minute field which I thought. OK they had no business in the them they got in whatever not complain about it. But it's the temple cult turning the game Maria like all right take it past the first round they're gonna get somebody's cared that was there wanted but it's also a game the French right about. If you survive that came in your Michigan State now you make a run you to be in the final game everybody has that one game determined to begin with six in a row. Everybody has that one Gabriel stronger to play your best ball he's got to win six in a row. I don't offer service to stay when I hang on I want their game or his shot that tied into overtime they won. But as an industry like Todd Syracuse they are like. The ocean and held around Syracuse and buffalo bulls the bills. Jesus taught and that's what this looked you know that's what makes this tournament there you are state and it is what makes this tournament different than any other tournament is the style of play. The sometimes you have to adapt or adjust it. Knowing come you know she just touching the ball well you play in the zone against their dues you know how continue when you realize we don't have it outside today and we're just settling for jumpers. And we're not knocked them down how to we get the ball inside who's that guy how do you adapt and you just good teams find a way to do that. 745796. Until three to reach out when we come back so it's the world according to strike. Now for the world according. To for an. General according to French. Where we dissect his brain and could lash out all right so. Who I have a question is anybody just died drill first now. Us I have a question but I'm not dying to go for OK anyway. So this is an artist or it's it's not good to get it I. No just can legally decide a couple of great question somebody's sick today and and the U wanna go I am I what he's telling you he has no I don't know I want to know what to prove him wrong liberal for my question is what is the most embarrassing memory you have high school athletics is you and I were talking on. I was going to its earlier was the most embarrassing moment or memory of high school sports meeting in my pants once we are eating or a story told us is lets you know. And in that Ernie doesn't lots of stories so yeah I was the fat man anchor relay are. You know at the end of the right attitude and a very track meet they have the big fat guys that you know shut or shot and his can never run. And typically we come out there's my freshman year so mean to start off bad but. I was royalties fast pushed a little too hard or losing what everybody else down. And I think improve myself I didn't know like to know user and a signs on the center you know. And is like oh yeah thanks we were on me a squeeze on and here I gonna do about it over there and you know what to do. And here I am with the situations. You know when. And when you total of the people to see so when the farthest corner and. I took demolished. You know. Stuck in my locker. Trying to get back. He's a criminal law there is people rent. That's I thought. Did you shortsighted your school's logo on the milk OK then there are those those are good there in the gym shorts. Youth and enthusiasm were these and MP year and that when you guys are glows snow now. And like it's not designed you know tight blue note and we had those there that there really high. I do believe Z eighty Schneider here idea that. You know Litton ladies so everyone could see your show broke because your best bet is well yeah I mean so that the sources. For probably the length of my hand ball. Lou. They were blue. They used to do so this is just like a Florida running back situation we did some troops and the best is phenomenal. I don't know I don't know if you've seen it or not and it went around to mr. Yeltsin everybody grip yourself now that's a there's Emery you know that's terrible memory as the most that you. You tip was terrified memory that was that. And proved himself attractive from a spectators it's amazing. Oz but I want. Panasonic gas yep frank. I I see a lot of people wanting go to black panther and I think I'll check it out I really wanna go see that movie ready player one with Steven Spielberg sort of scifi thing anyway number oh god did to the course under the -- is not giving so much context to your questions is asked them and allow him to ask for more context. Identical to that. Frank is there a bigger rip off and going to the movies right now. Oh yeah oh yeah I mean that's that's what that's up there was fifteen bucks to get into the door I can't stand them. Then like to get him by the popcorn and they do they treat you the worst of the seven dollar one is like the little bags and the 951 is like that come with you know you all you can eat popcorn too who wouldn't variations. What are your reaction to shift. I need to get to drink in the the little ones like six bucks in the bigger ones like some 52 dollars upgrade to the big one makes more sense that. And unique way too much in use you know spend about fifty bucks person there at the movie theater and I just darts that's the Groupon don't get me wrong. This is after dinner and anything algebra done it and try to impression date. But it's it's almost equally as bad. When you pay this some enormous amount of money to join these sports affiliation. Oh yeah and then on top of that when you go to the events. They're trying to. Raked you over the coals one more time for example if your volley if you if your dad or mom that has volleyball kids. And you're going to these volleyball tournaments. They charge you twenty dollars a day pass is 35 for two days into the weekend if you go to these baseball events they charge you five dollars for parking and another five dollars to get into the gate they'll. I mean this just it's a ranch that's the biggest rip off and sports departed friend you know Tony 500 bucks aware of the amount is to get these kids you know. Properly fitted in trained and you know hopefully there's somebody there to be playing Major League Baseball dip and many got to pay against. I miss all inclusive. Crap frighten no context have you ever had I've ever had green beer green beer green beer. Saint patsy ever partial. I'm afraid green beer why doesn't your. Just die but at that it does and I'm drained like when I don't you know the basket ability thanks so much WPP UP straighten out and do what I. This smells Alice trilogy ever necessary now guys I'm assuming this is you can take. Thomas out there and no big kangaroo and did you dream we drink green Gatorade dew pea green sometimes. All I try not to dinner. College I drank about her eight dollars worth of quarter peers and they were green bushel lights yeah. I swear to god and the world wide angle for I ever had in my entire life a pleasure dome I got the worst best of experience not. Worst hangover I've ever had alpha dog years I thank you yet if you think it's coming out there in order to bring. That was purely demand. About so this is or what. This yeah. Great vigor alive and drink cream here on Saturday headgear and five weeks why isn't as of late could this segment ends up being about who so lost their. Once to twice today at I don't want I'm afraid proof green I'm not sure though. I I don't remember that happening. I would not make sense not because he because when you drink diet Mountain Dew code reds and actually his diet mound. Whilst noble I'm saying is if you drink don't drink and eats you know but I think the here is and it's a good point frank and now. My command I thought he his day. I said the I wanted you gas station to gas wanting. To us hungry pilot like fifteen minutes and I don't go to fast food among his diet so you're out of gas station I would gas valves and there and I only a fifty minutes you don't. What does a one item Freddy Garcia cannot walk out of against the delegate Donna doughnuts he might like beef jerky these church is like Turkey. I don't heroes against illegals than just climbing again beef jerky. I know that and now. Etc. I thought that was a that's coming up I don't I don't equally good. I guarantee I need to do your duty to their net venison to be the only guy that's really the only candidate of experience but that just that's a donuts. Don't simply can't just look why can't I specifically go to AT&T. I don't care about the gas prices mean do you put some distance cheaper ones but I don't go there for the doughnuts they can the best doughnuts are. Around there it's not most underrated doughnuts a tootsie there's an a pop up donut shop to just opened his talent his secret donut shop for mom and Italy where it is after the show or what did you say it. But even given Yang continued effort by the U I is David to teach you abide by gas and yeah then what do they bring the donuts and it looks a tale like into they had done so you expect him to bring you don't. Do you favorable to you about the donut shop draw around that he had dosage you loudly that I like wait in line with plug people in the winter don't miss you so that's why wasn't when you're in the light turns on. Not just I'll just wait. I'm a glazed donut kind of guy I say this too sugary love a comic take John McCain got a guy out to a guy. That's why I don't do donuts unless good donuts meant I take life. Underrated month students. Monsoons are awesome. The sand on spending gas stations I would never I wouldn't. I would never be able to drive by one OK outside OK so losses reader doughnut vernacular question is it crawler or pro war. Crawler. Truer to its for you I saw this on the bag the package on Saturday. Jail is busy Arnie no zero UELE a yeah that it dropped the thing. Sarah called trawlers. Our callers are what those then there's Karl Ers know those are not crawlers over from declared now declares their. And always doesn't act and you're gonna tell. Apple turn don't know that the bear claws they're closet and I crawlers. The bear trawlers or bear claws stick my leg issue right now it's like unity appears has taken that delay Jessica it'll be a second ago. But you know legend in Boston nets might can only has -- noon today okay signal anyone ever so you have some experience with it always so with the Boston which apparently the greatest place on earth that can always I would entered their canola district would have to Ellis called I got a catalyst for the first on a couple years ago can be honest I was underwhelmed and been there to to lose there. I'm not a big Julie Guy I think they're overrated dude. Those are my jammies to make ID's to make great you know really so obviously you're totally yeah Graham might. But the older generation so me it was a just and all myself as that is the trust's right is when in the curling. What's to fill claim it is easy to sources like whipped cream. Just like condensed cream more or less like a terrible but you know when somebody just always got to go try the tunnel is when your boss and you gotta. It's not crazy some some two goalies are better than the other I'm sure sure that's true and I think there are two places in Boston was like Mike's and some other place of that and I was the one of them and it was at the greatest most of the greatest a little time it was terrible they don't compete against the don't. The donor is arguably the greatest deserve all tyrant a bench and I. Frank had a series regulars are now I have to agree you frank and I loved it I love that that net. Did you know and only means little to the tough talk to them. Asked if childish humor. I. All right before we step decided just to update you again quickly zero I just tuning in or administered. We do have some. Some breaking news in the world must ports here in Charlotte debt so the 49ers and apparently hired her basketball coach are the first report coming from Leary are leery of off. Just go to the And on David's got a few observers confirmed that the 49ers will hire. You VA assistant head coach Ron Sanchez as the new head coach 49ers basket under. Wyoming man I mean if you did support this I don't know I think about this guy but if you're going to deport him back to world was under Bobby lutes. I know is not always been named but you can't jump the gun on Ryan armour so what did this guy don't have a great couple weeks a month. But just a little underwhelming to say a little dirty if you ask me. Little underwhelming. And I give a counterpoint to this if you're gonna build a trial got on. I just I just cannot strangle giant you know. You don't you're trying to sort of convert it into right just dozing. I didn't get down to ship the I. Counterpoint. I hear hit man if you're trying to and now I'm totally distracted if you're trying to build a program. And you are who Charlotte is right now wouldn't you want to do it and on some what Tony Bennett selling just because what 10 and here's why did consistently oh. No matter requires you know here's why because if you're Charlotte no matter what how bad things are right now. I know that every great head coaches had to get at an opportunity to be a head coach somewhere in order for that career grow. But I'm of the mindset that if your Charlotte you could have gone out and gotten proven head coach and maybe not one that saw on the rise in the super hot commodities like Ryan Odom you know what's you. You're trying to resuscitate his program and you're going withdrawn census not a Russert they degrade and could you gotta Tom Green but he's 47 time. I did Tom curry Natalie I have to pay him more than their universe yes no doubt about it but do you which we say it's as though. He is he's. Everything in the entire industry has been spent under Tony Bennett he was in Washington at Washington State he was the up's guide their that he was an assistant anyway Tony you via a so so that's our basketball as more about recruiting to me nowadays is about system that is true so yes. Mr. Sanchez has two and you know go out there and recruit. Then that's going to be the most important thing to north for for Charlotte was I had an office on defense what he had when we have him on the show you cannot Snickers. Disaster relief unless frank we're gonna hires an extra person to come here and just have to cost but when you start to Snickers is a colonial era to a foot Bailey shot caller on any time you start to snicker but the idea that he's just you're different show me any chance Joker a while. While I don't know I don't you have a tutor well. And you can't play this game is still feel free to sugarcoat there's got to listen when you when you're talking to him yet podium of the apple just. With Democrats listening when I speak I guess that wasn't even close we're going to college I. That's always went back there garage door Guerrero doctors drug results in the friend's horse and they look. All right mr. garage door to ruin and all forgot about four or five minutes there was a guy Chris Kroger. And he's gonna. Take a guitar and a sketch from two to six he's been resilient stories. And politics just wanted to graduate I took the guitar and prog you don't know that it just. To drop the time when I moved in his bets on the actually proved to you started today ignorant Bible as the chart now people use acetylene. Reassurances proved to dispense today yeah today voters don't like the bad guys vitro studies a lot of it is yeah. Yeah it's like it's all right. I guess I thought you into the studio and that's just assess the right person trying to get high school. I did I I was last year and sent me an anchor relay they pass went on to me and I pushed he trots. I don't know it remains that would you column that when the trucks. Well the trucks are lights. I mean if you're a runner you know with the trots alana trying to you know you want to bubble guts and you were still could you got all that impacted like up and down and up and down and so naturally. Physics takeover in your stomach and it wasn't running America and I was running the spread around calf and it was just a little bit over exertion mountains there that is one of the top two reasons why don't run on. Hey I hate it and teach the other guy from Iran it has to be on a treadmill so that I know there's a bathroom mirror because if I get half which Iran outside not got a troop there's nothing more stressful enough. There are nothing more struggled admitted rather a problem. Ranked. And historical context what was what we saw Saturday night proved you were there are you tweet about it. You know it was amazing you talk Friday night Friday and I. She's not there are no I was not there unfortunately I I I'm kicking myself for I we're all the afternoon session Kyle left debt early in the afternoon insists that I need to go to do some stuff I'll be back tonight when my parents. And that was one of the sings I yelled I saw Chico their critique of Sam bring my son back will be here tonight you'd be here I sit. I don't know it's a 161. Like I love Brian noted I want to come a support Ryan's budget. In I don't know probably not insured up to mar Mike counseling your video sync and why what did I do wise idea that building. Om and you know one of our producers haven't brought this up. I don't think you could argue that that's the greatest moment in that and it's a short history but that's the greatest moment in the history of the spectrum center. There's not a mean there's nothing else that can I mean that's going to go down as one of the all time when you guys into a top five moments in sports history that's going to go down in the annals of Charlotte sports history defect and it happened here even if only indirectly he's yup. A lot of history you're not happen for 34 for thirty dollars. Don't I put it on par I think it is on parties are a bit all these are a bit of apples and oranges especially you talk about different sports. I think it's on power for all of the reasons why this was a meaningful on Friday night. It's close to add Michigan to make this look at some percent yeah. And I would say maybe this will I in fact of our argue that's a disappointment. Eased a little bit maybe in front of it because. Tournament game it's the first ever 161. Obviously he's actually right about that the more I think about it here's why because at Petit championship pedigree OB yes yes leveled at a championship pedigree you're NBC and and one nothing right and it's that those Lloyd Carr Michigan teams were not the great Lloyd Carr Michigan State's but there's also done a thing that's happened overall again this has happened in the last ten years since that that upset went down where now people in hindsight say ad wasn't that big of an upset no I don't know. Michigan was a tough but team in the country Chad Haney was ace was aids was supposed to be an end of this police uniform Mario Manningham a guy said one person running back my car my running back. National centers are touting the library takes in the America scholarship differential I agree that to war is night and day I remember coach Moore at the hassle went into the halftime break and he didn't say anything other than this guys. Your about to get. The best fight you have ever gotten for the next thirty minutes in your life and a football game prepare yourself. If you thought they were screwing around before they're not screwing around anymore and I would imagine this is what makes a get chills talking about this is what makes Friday night so awesome. You know rhino and said the same to his guys of course these Tony Bennett saying guys were in it man. Let's not scored around we are in it this team's good they could beat us they might beat us get your act together and guess what you NBC turned it up a couple. I asked me to watch any team in but in college basketball play the way that they played in two games. I would never yeah anything else other than UMBC the way that they slow zooms in the last. Everything you say they've played with every arrow. Ounce of ability that part that they were given by god and went out there and did everything they could to try and I think I know them by the way made great decision if you heard him Saturday was on the CBS broadcast they say coach. How do you manage all this stuff what do you do when you said. We have watched tape. I want my guys to rest yeah I want my guys to just rest think about basketball he basically told his guys inning on Sunday I'm sure they watched film but it was guys don't compete. Get your minds right just go compete as we go compete who. Who knows what happens is they did it again yesterday you could argue they really should've won that game it was right there for the taking pictures and story lines and that's still a nightmare game and you're gonna talk about this for Ryan's direction UV exposure -- Lyles -- -- his parents review grants KG more than Puerto Rico store whereas Lewis is here and we have our way to power for five months and it was the only game they see him play all year was in the spectrum sort of at night and it was on the end of the birthday of his deceased sister Betty won ninety points are also stories did exactly sports from a sports are also that's why we love so much what's coming up today we're gonna have fun talking about sports -- monstrosity is on the call for Westwood and of course for the tar heel sports networks or talked to him. I mean Carolina got manhandled you know they got manhandled yesterday and you knew early on of once that game settled in there troublesome talked among trust frank Martin's gonna do what is he was on TV all we can for TBS South Carolina head coach Jerry gets gonna talk painters witness and I think I've got a little insight into the stuff with the hornets which is GM search with roe Sus and all that so we'll get into that I know you guys are gonna be discussion earlier too so doesn't want a tournament talk lot of hoops and they'll sneak in a little faster towards is awesome so. Their defense that's pretty much sit here and there really are looking for the institute for hours on just open them open to show that you should start with I. I was here that goes finalist at Donald back tomorrow we'll do it all over again and other we got a great plan for you Pete Gillen gonna stop five mobile talk about what his former team did on Friday night Virginia losing one of his other former team Xavier also lost yesterday that'll be fun hobbled towards a former pastor Mike Rucker I believe in. A whole lot to get into auditors are looking forward to a different Al drovers got your drive times coming up next for hit man Oz frank I'm Kyle Visser has been a Garcia and Israeli WS insists. Okay. Great what does that do they'll blow your mind. You just happen.