Garcia And Bailey NCAA Investigation Talk

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Friday, February 23rd

Kyle And Stan talk about Yahoos article on the FBI investigation on the NCAA. 


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Garcia. No contrary to popular belief. It's not right Garcia's vacation today and it's the beginning in my vacation. Yeah. Because it's in my blood pressure as. I'm a little bit lower over the next seven days as my partner dozed on the Cabo San Lucas and I have been partnered with a great stand Norfleet it was in the house. Remember always pleasant person to be back in the south. Was streaming girls are routinely do and sometimes when your through the first ago. And they ask the good. He'll call remains that I obviously understand how. Would they so that we we we love we love. RC were logs right to suffer and enjoy job blow and you know his can be done. And more smooth jazz did. It's it's real action some fun originally also owns moves come. Israel and I think I. This is all they're still has gone. Businesses members who played everywhere caused play Petraeus it's a great it's a great analogy to show where it would it's mere frank is a daily Oklahoman driller right now it's his task delta goes under Evans applauds them. Most if you're gonna have little fun here on Friday man. I love these shows too when you come in because you know frank and I would we go out and every day we have a great time but it's always good to get a fresh for so. And we talked about so many things. Over the past week and I'm looking forward to getting your perspective on. But but as much as any other this FBI and Yahoo! NCAA story that has everybody just captivated right now and Mitt I don't know with over hyped as the right word. Maybe it is I don't know. And maybe this is I know it is his stored type stuff when you start factoring and he knows the shoe companies in the number of teams are programs that are going to be ultimately implicated understand that. At the same time. It's not something we didn't know was happening. Or didn't suspect you know what with a great deal of reason to suspect it is sort of thing was happening that money was being tossed around it's it's big business and always has been has been Burke for several decades and we're we're just beginning stages soul. I know sometimes I get caught up in trying to. Piece it altogether and come up with a conclusion or an answer Horry. A concrete opinion right now all I can give you is. Simonyi paid for some dinners and two guys got loans and I and I don't know that I Carol much about that part of. Initial reaction of on here and news this morning. You know you you see you're. Headlines and I'd like to think we've evolved enough for sports fans. Even if your of the casual overriding. They're actually try and look at the depth in the context of information. I would do what it was until I assure you there's probably some and bridge players in here somewhere on my old bull riding feel. How was. Isn't that big of a deal man. Had. Lives are no longer on campus. And the guys that all campus on the only do it alone. I what we really doing here. To me it was totally separate from. Our. Do you isn't an arm issues scandal. Even older as you educated me wrong there is some crossover but I didn't think you will lose. These images of the wrongs in Beijing when he injured. Sometimes we can be just and as such I mean. Of that nature. Is not always time prevail it's not always relevant. Right in what happened with you do this thing and student I didn't get that thing going on here puts up your it was that you're. This was the way yen also makes for the FBI a deal this was the way yen. And at the time where an Adidas. You know added that estimates on the issue with a devious. Ninety just scares. Under armour downstairs true remark got a little boosted the remarks more cross they're totally. Nobody wasn't just about Adidas and of course any Miller Christen Dawkins were the service that you can it's always sort of with a dieters. But it's not just do us any longer because you have your duke. North Carolina Kentucky's. On other schools that have been implicated in this thing in specific players. That have been mentioned in this job report that was written by the way but you scramble and drive 42 guys who are involved in all over the store to work and incredibly well connected so. I don't know man like him I'm not really sure what to say about illegal get a state fair here love the state failed all of the experts excellence is worst case scenario for NC state based on the report is Dennis Smith junior was ruled ineligible we dated for fourteen ACC season please make it tough yeah. If it's a well yeah. Some guys got some lunch has bought men and yes some of these loans were were pretty sizable book quite frankly. You know Dennis Smith junior getting good Google wasn't a 73000 dollar loan of the golf. Totals every 3000 dollars in loans. I admit maybe it's just the way I was raised maybe just way I was brought up ma'am would like to me that just seemed like something it's not really my business in ornament. That and at a certain point. That there are multiple layers here there's a lot of the NCAA caution here there is what is the responsibility. Visual coach last institution here it's a shame mourn. You AG if you are purposely go and I've been trying to manipulate the kid in the circumstance that the impoverished conditions if you will that they may be coming from there is a lot of layers here and I think what we do. A disservice. If we try the lumping me in and make it all just one thing in. Am I just think that comes through scenarios like this. These are individual families individual can you it's not every scenario is insane. Let's isolate it as such on an individual days. Or at least try try. Because to Lawson and and a lot of the time let's be honest about the statistically speaking we are right more than were wrong when we say well maybe this can really needed had to pay the bills or keep the lights on. Help mom and dad to whatever the case is. Lot of these kids don't just. Took the money right so in some cases it was just say religion to some money. In exchange for the idea that you wouldn't let us represented you or your going to where do you shoes or whatever the case may be on you know I had a knowledge yourself a case by case basis is how you typically need to look at this thing but. I'm not all that interested in a kid getting a thousand dollar loan I'm really not and nor do I think the program should suffer. Vacations though. Banners in one. Trophies Machida does and as a black elites who would would my question would be which it's the people out there were open arms which rather kids go onto the don't know what we're. I guess on the water whatever part of campus into the restored to and walk up to a tent where he says offer thousand dollar credit card offers to students and it. Enjoy an enzyme that they got to 2000 dollar cash or shares and all of a sudden he's got a point 5% APR on that it is at a better option it's a 2000 dollar cash loan from a guy in exchange for maybe letting him represented you at some point so you always know. No those conversations need to be happening here too because a lot of these kids need money and I'll be honest with you mean if I needed a thousand bucks or take a from the direct interest free before I take it from these guys and so that did that those sorts things we've talked about it we just a facade for second or do you Mort there's been a lot of stuff to get entered drop the course of this show Oz has booked another great grumble talk about that when we come back stay in north listening and for fright Garcia here on Friday as Garcia and Blaylock. I'm sort of food in my mouth were come back softball doesn't think the longer than. Not typically do your what we got some good stuff coming it'll build Exeter checks like stand Norfleet sitting in for frank Garcia you'll. And apart made. It's extra right in the second ago he says fissure Hillary just rises Dennis Smith gets up to 75000. Dollars pays no taxes. I work every day and I pay taxes that's a job and stop making excuses because we don't have tax is coming out of our paychecks we get the IRS coming after us. We're talking about loans are there. Yeah why does this not an employment issues. To me borrowing money from college I mean your boys right all we're gonna go into. Mutual business ago good and were part of amicable capital gold text me on the capital flows to go on apartment but that doesn't make sense to me. Yeah one Vanessa singled and look at guys can tournament arduous as. Yeah it was one payment maybe this is not the case he's not try to pay it back so it's a salary we don't. And 5000 dollars nobilo and Kyle told me that there are situation must already have by you. All the so the stuff to decide and it did I I I'm not trying to to turn this into a big ordeal and decided. You know the the intention of the money being given here with 75000 dollars and that was intended to BA loan correct or. Right and and this is pretty commonplace actually for guys and as we've heard over the years to receive loans. From agencies it's still against the rules are women. We had to happen number. And guys pay good money back so the intention is that it was alone. All right now didn't turn out to be alone or Dennis junior hasn't paid back the to separate issue to what you're races this entire issued a lot of sleep. Giving her the one and done rule that's where races this entire issue. That's a pretzel stick out more so what do we care. Why do we care to restore medley world. The means. An agent has. The means. Why do you Kayla why isn't a big below to keep its money and Jews go to school were microscope like. It is going to choose anyway the notion that lets me. University North Carolina and duke. Around the same as the university Alabama. Now let's go we're never going to be on the same plane. No and edit your exactly right and I just can't. How to put this. Again I go back to erasing the one and done rule and allowing these guys to chase their free market worth an eighteen years old. Gets rid of this black market that exists it. Every eight well yeah I mean I I think would eliminate this black market in particular with. This kind of stuff goes away. So it's not that I can donate some money taking money not having to pay taxes like the rest of us of course not that's not fair nobody's advocating for that. What I am saying though is that. It is a little bit different than you sign a contract to resigning a contract turner comes and we're gonna pay you 75 dollar and so yeah. Here and we're going to tax you for the IRS and they're gonna get their cut blah blah blah you know agents coming inside yours alone. Right and I guess in most cases this is an interest free loan. Can't spend a lot of times if you signed with the agent that's almost like your. Son and signing bonus with the agency like Hagar took right. No huge serve beautiful blossoming relationship. Hits a grand one and whatever it is to grant an MBA money they don't. To bunt no and the idea or the understanding is that when these kids take that loan if they don't sign with an agency that pay the money back and get some do some don't know. Andrea and ages and I've. I know a lot of agents for your report agents and if you ask any player. We baseball in him on as a football league they'll tell you any major mills they are going to eat some calls that probably got us into their my. Must be willing to take that risk is the nature of the business it's. Honestly and this is gonna sound crazy to some view it's no different than what a bank does you know and in terms of a street ranking. Here's what it blows down to it's off the books street bank and it's I think this is a good investment I think this is more that we're gonna recoup. Enjoyed it may be several times over so we're gonna make this we're gonna take a risk if this coincides with a great if not we'll try to get the money back put it is what it is it's not akin to a 75000 dollar salary but I I understand where you're coming from the larger point here though. Is that what what is the NCAA gonna do about this. What can they do about this because I told you this morning when it all comes down to it in the NCAA trying to punish. Tony 5303540. Schools big time programs are cutting themselves off at the knees if they try to do this the NCAA all of it is. Is a big office in Indianapolis and is all funded by the member institutions that they they claim the government. It is supporting throwing committee and applauding as the NCAA tournament right that's a sense of relief where they hang their hat is the tournament. Texas. North Carolina duke bridge. Kentucky Alabama. Have a tournament went on those schools doubt I doubt it and they can't play favoritism. Jays dog walker segment segment he's cool he. Other before so that. Ahmed misses this is going to be. But it's historical that's our job right. Admitted to me there's not a Tom's story. I had a hard to Alex looked like you you said Virginia a second ago the only reason that Virginia is implicated here is because Malcolm Roger and apparently set down for dinner with Kristen Christian Dawkins in his senior season with his mother. If you noted while Malcolm brought to Malcolm broadly the same time I don't obviously stand doesn't I was pursuing. He was under he was pursuing his undergraduate and his graduate degree at the same time is brilliant man with a brilliant that a terrorist who who didn't. We need to take the money but was planning on playing in the NBA we thought he would talk to an agent you know to it to just took to see what things were about here this was not some grand scheme that's going to exit to bring down the Virginia basketball program so how many other examples like that are in there where this is really much ado about nothing. You must look at at the same time all the layers as I alluded to earlier. What's your currency. This case or Virginia it's a one term bright that we go to has been documented trying to. Okay. And we're giving you may be very clearly to pay back the lunch if you want troops but they've got to just expand this crazy kids like that. What's. Your take me. That can't is on campus it didn't register go to much. Wasn't different here. Systematically. I have an issue where these. Inconsistency. And I just flat out cowardice. That the NCAA is afraid to. That's one less luxury car for you mark limit that's more lives below the AD doesn't want lives vacation if so kids can you take care you know when I met cute kid play. And no way I know I gotta do and tired are kind of noted in line with that died I've never really cared all that much time I've never been personally I'll just lay this out there right now I've never been a guy that thinks. Athlete should be drawing a paycheck from universities like they're actually salaried employees were I were I'd do disagree with the way things work is that. Know what should be able to use your likeness as a human being when you're not allowed to. No would you be able to profit off your name you're not allowed to I've never had an issue with a player going out of the free market in fetching as it is value in terms of endorsements or whatever the case may be the star quarterback and Alabama or Auburn USC wants to run a rental car company. You know while he's there in Ann and make a nice little paycheck doing it. Let's stop and I knew scarce and I realize it but it's always a slippery slope you know guys to take it's already happening we've done nothing to police. Ice what does slippery slope to the last rounds here to go to you remember. I'm just what he's looked at. What is the worst thing that could possibly happen in this scenario a cop vs slippery slope to more commerce I don't get it unless you guys week curing cancer here it's sports OK it's it's not that series the worst thing you could possibly happen is what the young people did. You know basically compensated. I was amateurism you've got. Are the sanctity of amateur is that it's it's gone it's it's been gone there just to this point it's not a real it's gone so stop trying to hold onto it the worst single Bosnia happened here is eighteen year old kids go straight to the NBA. Good for them didn't give us some money not a Porsche Joyce's get a matter rough neighborhoods. That's I'm fine with that it did people always say this the worst thing to Bosnia happened but they have no clue where we're going we're not going anywhere bet it. The comment. From Dole's and academia that ABC news that say. We care so much about queues they aren't equipped to handle that type of money and what will they know it woke up doing how well. Image and you teach me how to do a modest you'll be all and what is it 4% for. You're sourced photographed her familiar modestly in some type of investment vehicle. And. You care one may que les campers and he doesn't have a job many years and employ are you you only care when it's convenient to you. Of threatening your program or to strictly your all of us at the NCAA. Trust me when other Virginia I knew or cared about. In the front about that tunnel things changed. Broke the insincere concerned over what they're equipped to handle is is just absolutely do your concern their their their ill equipped to handle his level money. What you were concerned they weren't some of these guys weren't equipped to handle the course load that was waiting for a Q when you when you've gotten him in school just because the place for the restrictions certain majors that you can or cannot take because. Practice travel all those little things silks there's a lot of contradictions and hyperbole in this whole context bush is radio and TV. Are there numbers. But a lot of it doesn't make sense of what it boils down to for me again is a mark Jimmer should have been fired three years ago. Are we gonna come back to Indo little keeps you on this for a little while longer we gotta talk a pentagon orders to get into a lot of fright and I've been brought it onto the past week. A once stance perspective on what is Welch Garcia and they looked. It's a slider because this one's got to be rendered a stand Norfleet sitting in the owners are on a Friday and frank Garcia is on vacation had another job or San Lucas so. We're gonna have some fun today and over the next week or so but it's extra rights in buildings that are sex like this would likely be liberated he says the slow is that when you have rules. And you have schools that breaks them. It gives an uneven playing field. Foreign port everybody does it is intellectually lazy. Not everybody does it and those that do we do it at different levels the reason for the rules is an even playing field it's obviously erect but don't act like paying tens of thousands of dollars. Is what everybody does and you're right gamers should be fired should've been fired years ago the system is broken player should be paid for their likenesses Jersey sales self promotion a school like North Carolina has been cheating for decades to a level no one else remotely approaches tomorrow that is achieve them titles that's BS would people want to give it all pass everybody doesn't like I said intellectually disingenuous at best. You wanna take this week first or should let's go to first. The slope is there when you have rules mean you have schools that Britain. Gives them and I'm leave on can you excuse me playing field. The playing field is on her from the word go what I was getting the playing field is never any of another. Ever how ultra high schools are compete. Amongst themselves. The kid is getting recruited to do. Look Kentucky UCLA. Arizona to play basketball. Is not considering Craig and Providence and you may be. That's. Grim Peabody for for a troop tote. Leveled playing trio of local and that's the first part that's the first part and. And do the second board do know that not everybody does it. Let's take a look at some of these you need these names here Isiah Whitehead one of the first names on this list. Do the document says the white had received 37657. Dollars. Please seek hall. Must have seen all won anything of costs 1989 it has been Rahal spent a lot Tim Korman. Junior LSU with a time of our receiving 161000 dollars mill issue was the last time they won much of anything and apple is there yet it's been awhile. Let's good. Mark healthful side data determined the year that he was it water there are number they are under mainly and basketball team thinks they don't lose. So I'm sure diamond stonewalling his. The main reason they know. Marilyn made these dramas aren't just all right our youth know they didn't. No they didn't they didn't so low heat OK can I prove to you and every directional school and every state is paying players. No I don't have Bennett bad blood disposal right now was done to say that quote on quote everybody doesn't. Is it absolutely is literally the truth may be not. But you get the gist most teams are doing it I know teams and a program an old coaches personally. And it paid players have won nothing. And were eventually fire hurt the tribe though assures L tried so yes most if not everyone is doing it and to limit the playing field has never been level. Not not not once and history. NCAA. Sure. His third point. And apparently university north to rely on its embryo is the standard for doing. Against the rules. All the Muslim. I disagree return as well there are so broadly institutions. That I think we were. Of what has happened at the university not secure online and temple hills was. Are respected there as this is this person's opinion. Mean I don't know if it's a male or female and not workers are determined to show but I think all three levels 30 before points that I see in this text. I disagree with. Not I appreciate again the effort to write an out and send it to us in there and we always take stuff like depth tonight I just don't agree with most any event here's the deal. You know not that I wanna get into this or better shall leave the central focus of this conversation this morning with you to say something like a school like north Carolina's cheating for decades to level totals from open approaches that's achieve the titles. Where where that's different is we're talking about actual cash loans cash payments in some instances. That's an impermissible benefit that is very clearly under the NCAA jurisdiction there are clearly on the NCAA umbrella right part of whereas North Carolina Notre Dame other schools have successfully made the argument against the NCAA they academic autonomy is our area. You you don't step into this area. I now look I would listen to and I would even agree with some arguments that would say it right when your funneling athletes through classes just to keep them eligible that is a benefit there's no doubt about that you know but the North Carolina folks and tell you the classes were open to all and don't paramedics got to get into all of that. On but it they they are different are they they are different in that sense so that the larger point here. Is that as we've already known for years and years the NCAA is broken the system is broken. On as mark Zimmer said in that statement he rushed to get out to the press is that we can all see it prior to that he was gonna be all over the story. Of you know in due course he took his time with the Michigan State stuff of a parallel to this time with the Baylor stuff but this. When money's being tossed around bar to return to take his time so I don't know more Jimmer personally. On the honorably vested interest in March are being employed not being employed but I'm pretty sure is body of work speaks for itself to discussion have been fired three years ago. And everything is new leadership because the question is gone and now turn to. One of the responsibility. Of the culture news the aid these. Ask ADs as you're recruiting a kid you need to go for his wrist in May of all the people that might take your. My loan you some money if it's time to get wrote moral and you are right now. And if I you have true you know. The loan. Write down no real for people their browser for you there we go check good. Bagram before we get off your scholarship where does this stop I think it's unrealistic mr. jingles point. Deal which is apples and oranges on a lot of levels rich pay when he is and I agree you should hold a coach accountable. What's happening on his program while you're in my whole. Which means I can control. When you go home with your family went a break spring break after the tournament I can't control what you do. You clean your all the campus and the whole need to I think is a realistic. Are really quickly Bruce Dickson phone calls on this puts extra rights and says am I missing something to sports agency was making the low is not the school's. Very true undone very troubled asset no doubt about that on the nobody had been and that is an important distinction and it to be clear. Although I will say if you believes that no one any you need these programs as any. Suspicion that that this sort of thing has been happening for years and years and years. It goes the saying goes and I've got some beach front property in Arizona so you write so much is that it's another text rights and are we now telling our children that it's okay to cheat. No no I was telling you that. OK but. If your restrict well rules are rules that you know that's that's just the way things are just you could never do anything differently do that kind of person. Maybe you can look at it that way or maybe you could be a person to say hey. And unjust rule is not really rule it all in right tackle an and eight so it's not about selling your children that it's okay to cheat it's about telling your children pay when you recognize that a rule or law or something is unjust. And doesn't make sense. Or ours is harmful or prices people or whatever the case may be and it's OK to examine that rule. And push back and try to make change there's nothing wrong with that note I was telling your children that it's okay to cheat were saying that it's okay to recognize when something is wrong and. Is to be changed a guide there's an is you know ten. There's a great South Park episode 82 to go far fields here for just one moment. About the NCAA. And Hartman says. I wrote these rules 5 days ago or am I gonna do did generate so it could cut back our. So there's our sister does there. Let me take some guys just just be real for second it's make believe it's made up the rules are set in stone they work decreed by dodge there are written down a hundred years ago and some of archaic and they don't work for the model anymore that currently exist in today's society. So since they're not real good rules let's changeup. Let's do something different let's bring a foisted to the forefront Canadian isn't hurt. This is something different and change c.'s rules and make him Wear their equitable for young people that's all. Irsay and well south I'm with you on that's extra rights and this is way different than mobile coach is working with a dieters to pay guys to follow through the school. I I disagree with that because again Andy Miller the name and humility if he would you read about that scandal and you read about what's your reading about this morning to name Andy Miller comes off the name Christian Dawkins comes up and and I'd just don't be so quick to assume these things are not related because I believe they absolutely York. But you highlighted this morning. And bullpen have a conversation at all related. Offering this may be. In response to me bring you know Rick Pitino saying. There's a difference and what you shareholder coach responsible for winning. He's on campus the student athlete is on campus when you're recruiting cute things they have we have some of this is what you weren't high school some of these things may have. McCain it was trying to determine each month on a college tomorrow gonna go. Overseas watermark or what are my options which is the whole point for securing this type of conversation with the agent so many kids don't know what their options. Now a look back shall we you know. And over dominance. I know and I would even go so far saying this is a majority a majority of them don't know what their options are. The trend that present to really step the so I'm gonna come back cherry Renee and Matt rust and tags on average it takes until calls when we come back it's Garcia and they looked. Administrative heads a person. So transmission has not. Maybe it's time for some. Changes again there. Welcome back as the voice of stand or police does not it's not a game down in Atlanta and of course is seen as a smiley face every Saturday. Covered the ACC alongside talk about the company he said again today and probably couple days next week is Welbourn taking all calls and detect 7045709. This extent of talking about this Yahoo! Sports FBI NCAA investigation the reports. And now with a lot of names attached to it as like you rigged or Carolina and duke and state you know I and that's. I wanna implies some people have that it's some massive conspiracy or some massive bomb shelter is about to burst is as it pertains to duke and Carolina state put it Dennis Smith junior and Wendell Carter and the due to Carol and to Carolina names escape me at the moment I'm sure all but given a second but you know that there. Manager Tony Bradley Bradley you know the guys that were Gramm Lamar you reckon truck. Collins sexton is currently caliber. Yeah Kevin Knox Kentucky currently consortia. Miles Burris is currently at Michigan State. They're Creighton player not you know caught up and is just in Patton and wait Baldwin from Vanderbilt Solomon and look there are some names and certainly some schools that are attached to this that tell you might not expect and really quickly before we go back to little mustard text to rights and he says it's different from little hole until the report. Until they report evidence coaches were actively involved currently it just looks like agents try to do in a dorm with kids for their own benefit. That all changes at the start proving NC state coaches were involved OK but as I was talking to stay a double for the bridge here and you're right you know there's more that needs to be. It is more connected to shoot needs to be established your report to sort jumped into larger conclusions. But at the same time if you go over and read the global courier journal article about this. Of those names that are central not low bullet delisting the broke a couple of months ago Kristen Dawkins Andy Miller or the same names and the central portion of this story right so there's there's the big part of that first bit of connective tissue that hey these guys were involved in both lust as we said at a time when it would indeed as we need to do this story broke. Nice he was taking his pants. Because you know let's not pretend that ninety wasn't out they're doing a lot of the same thanks you know those shoe companies as well so let's stop bury our heads in the sand in on that front but it won't come back to a do wanna take some phone calls and we're gonna start we Jerry did his thoughts on this. Here on this Friday morning Jerry Howard about it. I'm very very and I'm glad you know that's slope with Yelp that. I've got to start without a problem with the largest and a dinner. If they didn't serve Europe okay do a net in our target recruiters say okay we're doing there or Norma okay would do a net. Then if there are biased okay it would do and that I got a problem with it but what you're talking about all loans from agents. Could get somebody at this plant. We need them. Stay if they make it to the pro bowlers then you know they pay it back if they not you know what are they do for you talk. Or what's the difference in debt and an alumnus. Going to have Kia didn't play an REB 40000 dollar and together do you care I don't know waste or wherever. If and when you like the pros you can buy it back. It's not like pepper then Alfred get the lives or. You know you can pay me back. You know we were what sport's worst of different send it out and. And you're out of there is much of a difference obviously and you know as a think we're all pretty much aware. It's been happening for decades. And bad days it's been happening for decades some call loans some cola payments. You know that. And the NCAA has an absolutely nothing to stop to it. Gays and social what makes any of us believe the NCAA is going to be suddenly capable and equipped to stop it. The NCAA doesn't have I it has a fraction of the compliance officers that it would need. It's due to put a dent in that sort of thing or. Federal subpoena power sorting on Drupal some anomalous land rights to have them Obama think oh what does this noble. Your and the ever. As soon that's supposed to be and I'll promise and and before anybody comes back to differences also we're just gonna tell orchards and it's okay to cheat annoyed rules mean nothing. The rules of meant nothing for decades. Did decades and I don't understand it some of these big time programs. You know I'm not gonna call out names because people are gonna get butt hurt sort calling in southern. I left. That's they're persistent problem. I know right there they're sophisticated. Networks of bad men surrounding these programs to to the point where it doesn't even touch the coaches the scope plaza. I'll do that's exactly what it is these coaches out that plausible that liability because those networks are in place the systems are in place. 44 boosters and others to make payments to kids to ensure they land at their school at their program on signing day. It's been like that for decades in the NCAA is no closer to stopping it now that it was in 1975. Or. Take care barbecue. That may have signed all the right reasons our. Own country. Last time Unser. He has been shifting musical on. Irish finished three office. When you're going to process of trying to determine what school you wanna go to house c'mon independents. Every school you go through they tell you you're now part of a network. That you belong to for the rest of your life as long as you. Right things graduate you know you're in good scrimmage don't embarrass the program and school right take care you stand. That may be a job when. That may be unfortunately we have a family matter and you know their general. There are there auto accidents mayors are children out of the army weddings. Mean. Let's go we want. Or you can afford a range of these are coming down payments all. Always go real life scenarios that a lot of times fans and or NCAA don't think we have inside Jersey now. Botswana. You shoot the same issues you guys that are torn up that could change you'll get to go home and escalate we. And it is no guarantee you to go play on Sundays or. BA Monday night there's an iso four. Or mr. reminded Doherty dictates of the lesson Skoda remained extended his thoughts or Nye we think about this NCAA sort. Well first the ball when you know what I'd arts automatically do what I've heard all these schools have been relishing what they want those spoke. I caught that ball. Under the carpet all right and it will be a widow let's talk about could be nice to think that ought to school part to discredit bank. Because everybody got so what are they gonna do that do it to. I spoke with networks. They are without calling it up a lot of these callers. Took a call when they were younger. All current state you know they weren't supposed to do that they do it anyway. General I think they track I've been that Eric. All it would take about what you give a lot boats ferrying. They didn't get caught. Spiritual criticize. Britain you well. Where'd you who have. A school being blamed for not knowing more people and it gets up to everybody I've not what do. IP switch subjects kit that it's intellectually what you say that everybody it would have been let. Some people in their nature which. Particularly they're illegal. But I don't know we're lab which can always say it edit all were posters. It broke debit and out of whack as far as what. What you can't play about what you can't let out actual on how about a church people what they do. Why don't despair a despair but to get the deal would try to what batch but it caught. Joked they're called and I appreciate that meant what a sneak him one more and its I give Matt and and get his thoughts on this mat with some modicum more. They had done it kind of touched on it go without a lot of this stamp what it would do it recruiting. Has done this for a long it's. Basically attitude a lot of heat for not cheat you're not trying to. Yeah yeah. Well. The schools the schools at least in my experience and and the guys that I talk to regularly. Schools don't come out and tell you that rife it's not like. Schools in sales contacts who say spam we got a bag of money forty. I had to use schools no circumstances you come from. And they make it known that if you ever meet your goals hill. Bill are mechanisms of folks employees that you can you don't. Every kid needs help in different circumstances different points in different ways and that's where the raw nerves. The street these next shoe companies. That's what they coming they become that bridge. When it okay if you can have talent. Not every kid is comfortable wanna be some give that a normal business and they are leaving their city for the first time so far from solid. We recruited go to school also and I'm still in Tuscaloosa and I'm the myth of an Alabama before I'm supposed to trust all these people got to show me around to different. Two different elements to different world I noticed people but I trust that dude has been hit every day you basketball tournament on the net you know I trust him or if he's telling me you. Over there what's wrong what day how is that any different. And alumni across the country fans go to school they'll take care I don't see the difference. Does a good point Matt we appreciate the call that we are up against that we got more than I'd come in the comeback of her to talk to bend swing and WR yell out in Raleigh hill Jonas he's also was he put secure B one over sports channel labor would talk to him his thoughts on this that should be interest and that's next it's Garcia Bailey stand Norfleet says again for Fries your Friday tester bullets.