Garcia And Bailey: Muhsin Muhammad

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Friday, July 20th

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So no emotion Mohammed doesn't think too about that he is joining us on the ticket John just like most of us could had to back brother I invent. Column good how are you. We're good we're good we're good on Friday man we are. You know we're almost there I love summer you know male I'm Obama the baseball guys Rodham Clinton to keep myself occupied but so that that time a year where were football do its siren and everything else is still go on a lot of knocked it away for next week. Well you know I'm not a big baseball bat but I have been a little board over the last few weeks but do appreciate the sport unloaded and I'm like you don't wait for next week the training camp drop and you know from season to be under way. Moose are nice shirt you've been watching this flag football league taken place on his panel late at night I have man is the action footballs pretty good there's some old time players but would you be interest at. I. First of all public rhetoric. It's my suggested that I don't know. There are you know I don't know must be made but I guarantee you it's not about. Do you think that's a good product opened the US as a football guy do you think that's something that people actually latch onto because and this is a couple big names out does what football's on my friend well it might be delighted again to detain the Mike Vick quarterback in every game I watched three of whom is a different cast a do is that most people never heard enough. Yeah you know I don't watch any of it and all of that list in our interest there Diane Watson. Well Bonser retired got where you up like football but. Not preserve their audience for you know bigger band based in these guys have been. You know I agree with frank you know the game itself is. Has become and you know they're very. Cautious Bluetooth caller that you know that think that the owners and you don't have to take a lot of those who have injuries and in concussions and our spoke consideration but it your game is becoming very very cautious possibly play. Most you have children and young they're very athletic area they are basically Olympian that's a runner you have both a son that I potentially going to be. You're wide receiver you have very athletic. A family are you concerned about CT or the things that are taking place right now on the NF earned in control ball. Oh I don't think that you know again become more more states. Here in my in my opinion you know you're probably due date for a long time and you know arm has been through this sort of deputy people can. Come to the conclusion that CP although we all probably have some form whether you can go where they wouldn't be very productive and there's still be a pretty Smart guy go to you know. It I think is how you treat just so I treat your body. After and during you know your time point. Be they have a lot to do with. You know. How you deteriorate active you don't play in the game. Unprepared to your question or bring your concerns me bush. No not not been appointed I'm going to. You know Scott hot button planners not markets and be involved in copper exports. I Mousa Mohammed joining us on the ticket job just slide and let's talk about something a little more citing US is Panthers man Kim's got us. Is this the grand game on point right now is fire people up with a six pack tabs and all the pre season workouts he's healthy men and that's. That I think that as much as anything it should really excite people they would eleven file with a guy who the spent the first four weeks kind of re having the regular season and and I think with the new weapons and and everything else there's no reason to believe this team can deduct the Super Bowl. How will have to relive you know I think you're prepared to speak negated done I think there's will be just beat them. Obviously there's going to be some competition in the industry works well. You know I think you're a lot of peppers are are really poised to make a run here and a sustainable run and we'll see how are. An and you know how long they can sustain this run but. Only want course and I haven't bought even and it's more. Concerns in question is adept at running back you know he can understand you know acquired company. You really have an exotic really punished the defense you know that Alvin Camara type running back and don't know all the questions put you know so far big team is looking good and I think there Obama's side he started training camp and he's got beat down. He immerses us potentially. You know when you look on paper and it's only care premise and that there. Better not send it to be more productive and no better team but when you look at it on paper. The numbers the you know the their height their weight the the speed of this team you know especially at the wide receiver position is this is talented. As the chances of ever been. Potential why I would say here can affect the outbreak you know quiet potential. They're probably wanted to you'll fare better at that it you know you don't talented I've seen that they're not seen. You know Panthers have a long time yeah I agree there are. Most eye socket and goes back as it was an out there must follow a little while ago you know these Bleacher Report and updates maybe you do I don't know but I radar and it didn't look like breaking news that I looked down and it was just one of those stores -- Jim Ramsey says -- dole he's going to be defensive rookie of the year which is awesome amid die a value Jones Brendan has ago I was pretty good himself but you know rookies take some time right image you can think back I'm sure your rookie season and in your head spinning a lot early on but as you look at this set of rookies in particular Carolina what are you sick. I thought well I like these anymore. I really do I have editors really good. Take a hard look at all we've got I think you know we gotta can't look at this it was a bad thought and you know collar collar about it but people kind of kept out of college but you know remote part. You are all that they did a pretty decent job out there and Internet and I like not exactly like its way. And athletic ability I think you know we would never I didn't bring in the guy you'd comment you know you're down I have looked. But strong backed up as somebody who can you know post slid first beat. You know overall you know I think that they've addressed some of the positions. You know through draft I don't think they're really addressed the Lutterbeck reducing personally I think you know you've got. Bill a couple of young guy's been near put in in the way that. What say hey. You know we're rated take some pressure off book can't do so he's not going to be commercial entity in on the court should be did it addressed to have run a better position than their way of which are well we're. Something that they try to do either. In the draft you know what you have been so. But I got compare the course and got the thing. I've gotten some decent talent I mean and you always look this city who is going to be that. There are forward glimmer that surprise and and I'm anxious to see which one of these guys look amended provide that spark for the being. You know Belushi yeah yeah I agree you talk about you know a lot of the potential that this office has with some really potentially good playmakers but. You know when you start looking at this offense know you feel there are multiple different offenses you've been to court and interchanges here with the Panthers went to Chicago had a coordinator changed it or from duke leaving here goes there. Are you you understand that position leak how difficult it is that time. Times especially for young players are trying to learn the offense and trying to understand defer bridge that goes into the offense and then the timing that exist because a lot of times in college. You know they run three rounds and that's about it or in the rout tree is another obstacle that receivers have to overcome talk about how long it takes. For a young player to graduate into that you know sophomore year that Dick the next part of their career where they're going to be you know slowing things down. But there won't be dude got ranked in the not edit this won't be your first let me very. You know if you think about the wide receiver position. You know essentially there are you know pretty spot possibly or. While receiver spot on and Altman who. On top of the plate right so you have. You know order the spot. Typically what they wanna do is arm they wanna teach one spot perks. I need to learn and the other ones but they wanna we want to really understand how to do want positioned extremely well when you come in it will repeat. You know and that's going to be very difficult this. The split and although the later in fact that they may give them letters like exodus that was within an hour. Or tedious political anchor and so I want to go RX I want you to learn deep. And that's all we want to do you really really really good at it there's about. Every now and then you have an extremely Smart talented player. Could learn multiple positions can do different things. And what you wanna see is someone who wants to be that type of guy even if you don't. Although our and so Marmol was isn't going near what you want a guy who wants to our novel big could become what we call break. But ultimately get these. He has got a steady every single position because he's actually when you go from one topic to another is like learning a new language. You know and expect. And they and it is not wrote that a well you know you don't have but they're they're. You gotta learn from scratch and I don't I don't worry you know you've got a book tour. Crazy B vendors apply editor here trying to take its big topic this spring time and so the very typical big to do it there. To our multiple position alarm multiple languages. Three young guys. Most X explained. Without getting too deep in the weeds the what the differences are between the XY and Z I know the numbers or the excuse me the letters are there but maybe the roles and responsibilities because. Britain doesn't seem to a lot of people are wouldn't seem that important why. Wide receiver what are you talk remember it runs around. And you you're you're given a number Europe a fire route three route okay what sort about that but other responsibilities like. You're going in motion Krajina on the linebacker or or blocking force in in the defense shifts in those types of things. Yeah every break we may we all know that there has to be set of people on the line of scrimmage at all. Right so before and all events that you know when you line up a lot of weary. There's several people have to be on the line of scrimmage otherwise you know you see you illegal procedures when the Mercury news on a look what they're doing adaptable there's been in there are bitter bitter rift around the circle you know it beer is call illegal procedure. And then so. Bible god are often walk right in so not and I got two more guys that have to be on the lives grimaced typically it wanted to tie it and there don't lie in all and he gives them a letter right and that would be similar to what great Olsen right Greg Olsen is why. The other. Position it's typically don't a lot of scribners is that splitting and which news. But packs it's typically a wide receiver and in Altman's monopoly back in the day speech Mitt would that Eric's. And then the other person and the other wide receivers who just. One and a basic. To who are receiver. True running bear one tied in Auckland. The other logs he really is going to deepen the impact what I typically played in our base all right and so. Beautiful anchor you're all the line of scrimmage and you have a lot of different responsibility when your all the line of scrimmage because you get to go in motion. They want you involved in there and be in the blocking screen schemes. They want you involved. You know blocking for the running backs. So that the is that for anchor. And he's going to be emotion now. There are other two positions troop pullback in the title in the open there you didn't pull back and let him back pull back is that. And their age or the running back is they H economist at backs. And you could pick bill got out of any direct internal and why our receivers so you can have an error while it was either going to slot. And then have one right back. Or you can pick him out of the game and they'll pull back out of the game and don't go below the spirit to so. Yep seven people on a lot of scrimmage. All the rebel positions are interchangeable. Independent audit what you like the runner at all coordinated and we've seen it in the patent the but it scared out of their neglect run three or four our receivers on the field. They're gonna assume will open positions. Very. There are better on the team and so. Would that be there. How many of both positions can you learn can you learn protections can you learn. Promotions can you learn what you got a lineup and you learned about this you have not. And only about can you learn to come Burton because for every single copper it'd be prince runs. There's a convertible well for these were a little bit of an academic game but that is a physical back. I'm it was Mohammed joining us on the ticket John just like two time pro bowler longtime fan did you know him well and have Moussaoui actually is with a non parents or question really quickly because it was a very newsworthy for a couple of days there. Would you turn down side here seventy million played like lady on builds a stood. You are right they're not analyze it I. It's a much bigger so it probably beyond bill up problem because about whether Beckham again. It's 170 million. Are turned out revenue per. I. Only do you say you can't guarantee consumers did you ladies and an eye on good knowledge. Well I figured I doubt that you liked it it was more out there I knew for sure that it about you know are about maybe how bill. And yet do you really want to be in the Pittsburgh uniform he's turned down a top money. Well that's the question right not to mention the fact that he would have been the highest paid player his position by six million dollars a year wouldn't even a close. Yes so irate attitude that we really wanna be in Pittsburgh. At the results yeah. I've been at this now. Another us a Phil question I know your relationship nearly Gerri I've talked to him he spoke to him since you know the consulting. Yes. I app. That's my guess. You know. Not you know if you go well may not I haven't you know this kind of impressive communication but I do plan on you know in some time would amend. Yet got out so we are prepared to advance severity zero. Okay and you met David tepper Nelson don't. I haven't met David tepper you're really seem like a very interesting guy and three but a great guy great it. Operatives organization and a good opportunity to meet with the mod look to. How important is ownership to win. There's produce the reason you win. Also sent a jewel. What could not think it their ownership strip but tong abbate ownership certain Tyrone upping ownership so it's. Examples and then you know ownership has the ability to either influence in and create a culture. Of winning and and and is done in a variety of different ways but you know high value investing your team what you are investing your team. What did what she stating your team what you say to your gun your employees and everything creates a culture. Of winning or not went right and a bomb powerful although very it could mean there's a business either football obviously and in their football operation by the football and I think. There it the ownership can influence both the business guy and all will be operational side. The culture on both sides loop of both well do you. Of the football before ball in the global organization. And so cool you selected as an owner I mean if all I care what about the bottom line I wanna make much money as possible and I'd. And I've been declined to invest in my team declined to invest in. Getting the right leadership employees that are bigger coasted in the right way here and play the spark. Have been you know will be ability to have to win from a physical standpoint. They're not set its own and people keep their right people they're people noticed there in your organization. And it because it creates a negative. Oprah Simon and and and that big big it can detract from a winning organization. Just like the opposite camp for a wind organs. Demos we kind of puts on the hot seat there's about two or three questions but to aren't yet. I would have jumped the hot seat now disaster one final one before we let to run and are you busy are you that are shaping Cam Newton. Go. Morgan and I'm not a bad. I'm in better I'm that we talk about well burst through. Symmetric. That's mostly call that the dead but where right. Yeah mostly told us a dead body doing the right nor about it is that it says moves in Bob Richards on pro bowler joining us on the Joseph the Internet John does slog tied to those who appreciate about it. Our got.