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Friday, June 22nd

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Mr. object is joining us on a tech job just limits we appreciate the time sir Howard you. Thank you. Great program are absolutely absolutely so I would start by asking you know I haven't got a chance to see yet I was there at the spectrum sir last night but unfortunately I believe about ten minutes before he came out of the room so I haven't gotten the agency's decision put. I just wanted to ask you what was the mission statement if you will disorganization going into that room last night. Going into the train. Yeah intra day. I don't going to address going to do going into the draft room last night what was the collective mission statement takes the Charlotte hornets are going to accomplish black. We can improve the team. In order to our get to the playoffs. And the same time. And that sent an eight Jews. Are we you know the president makeup of the team is clearly. Better. Outvoted. I was tired and in Europe Austria for your. It doesn't look like there couldn't go anywhere right now. Are our roster. We feel it competitive enough as it is. Two different a player ought to hopefully do some damage in Puerto having said that. You don't want to get in the position where all we have been better player and we've got all our tea. I'll bait they drafted very well last year it was up agent and my own. And this year if you weren't there to at least two more players and wallet that slipped. In terms of second round pick to continue to do that going forward. So we wanted it viewed in the same time we're looking to go to the player. In a match it when you start looking acts in having time to evaluate this team what was the one thing you felt like this team needs to improve on. Good a coaching change I think is probably. And the number one thing that can help this team. I'll play better and when more games next year and I don't mean negative criticism to coach speak corporate at all I think he is a wonderful job. I hear great run for five years here in enlisted. If you coach and he played to more than four or five years yet you can't Hekerob. We felt it was time for a change. A different style playing a different look but that doesn't mean. That incorporate the bad coach or a coach we hire typically coach we hope you'll be a great coach but our decision at that time was to make a change. And I think. It's gonna result in a game that's on the watch. On and something has conducive to the players we had an happier and once we're Gannett. We're sort of it's cut check GM president of basketball operations or Charlotte hornets join us on the ticker John just like this take me through the trade last night you know you did just a little bit usage are probably gonna pick eleven and within their big twelve. But so I know you did little something extra out of it and you say you get to god that you want as well take me through the trade process. Well it it it's really not possible to do that. And probably last longer than just. I think it's fair enough but I dismiss your mindset and putting it together so. It's 33 train yesterday and couldn't you know starting today. Usually have a feeling especially when you draft and Lebanon you know persons 24:25. PM a much critics feel it was going to be there and we could probably get. We're very happy with the player drafted. Bumped well you know you restrict the four to twelve draft at eleven million tray and we ought to got a couple of assets that we continue to touch them. I average six ticks later. To do a deal together. You know Bob Graham from from cancer. Which was totally unexpected. We didn't think that he would be there are and we were hustling and the draft gone not try to get a architect compliment and a that we could deal that was made literally five or seven minutes before he stressed that. And then we had to do something with the forty if there. And of course the fifty cent tech we used. Are to draft a player and token keeping in Europe for a year or two so. It was a lot that I'm on. We got the player we thought we care. I did not know with certainty that we look and make a trade and move up into the early trek around. And yet about it from our campus. Miss what is it about miles bridges that the makes him the highest rated player are you Barbara talk to miles and about 5 o'clock but you know you could and we could come out Lester could have been a lottery pick last year he went back chase in the national championship but. What is it about this guy you think not only makes this team better but some on the tin can make an impact right away. One candidate junior college English players are drafted a lottery come back to their freshman year I chose to go back to school which. And hurrying usual and indicated because if you wanted to learn to Hispanic and then it should and better. I don't look the content currently being coached by our coaches are. So we got a player with a little more experience than you normally do. Well we we know in terms of you know and start giving care. Bet that that's an NBA level means that you really just you know the athlete. Are you play hard you worked hard he's devoted to the game got hard character. Played at a very high level. They're great conference and great for a great coach. So hook those are all part of the package. We think initially. If you make sure intact next year it on the defense of sort all. There are Canadian beer there's a lot of switching between the musicians. I think if that's how we play next year I think you are. You know guard corps accused reason porch. I think it initially didn't impact on the stand by economic defense and then. Now he's a heck of an athlete filmmaker are just spectacular play you know he's done a move cutting. I think he can make an open shot that's one thing he's got to continue to work on. In this week to figure out if it is a chink in the aren't aware. And the exposure. So he's not a player that we want him to speak today. But I think he's further along than most players. That you addressed in the lottery. You know. Risk vs reward when you start a start talk about risk vs reward in some of these are players that you have an opportunity he has taken. No Porter junior sitting there and you say that tell you know potentially he's one of those guys that know might be a difference maker but. He had the pass him over because MA he's not a guy that you look what. What was the setback was him and why was it difficult to to maybe pull the trigger on him for some things. Welcoming her high school to give the workload is definitely going to be a top five pick. And and in all likelihood if you play college basketball he could've been a cup are recorded number one guy. From where right there at the one of the biggest problem I am I into Egypt mr. Karachi. And then put in there wasn't a lot to go on term to be evaluating. And stability plan beginning. You know we can go back to high school or get high school film since and I can ensure pretty good feel. But when you miss the whole season and if it does make it tougher to make a judgment especially. You know which depict their rarity yet. You know as you get down in the draft. You know you're more prone to take chances. Now of course everybody's familiar with the medical side of this. Of course that the components. But so for me the biggest challenge when it you know with the kid didn't play in oil this year and you know in there are large enough sample you know for her to make a decision that you cannot give up to congress we should what. And sit there and it became it is very gifted to. I'm hoping merit she doesn't miss any time. And here is a great career because he's got to get out of I'm the net. I missed couple quick things will turn to loosen you know it's been a busy day for you but I would also ask obviously by the Monty Graham because. There's little Wheeling and dealing the Senate's job to make that move and that's a guy that I like a lot and and we were talking about you know the pick and and your cutter track record I know you love guys that are proven winners from from marquee programs and that makes a lot of sense to me and here's one of those guys in Dovonte Graham like I'm guessing you're thinking and hoping can come in and spell kimbo in all invention and give you some bench production. We went to school for four years so. You can certainly get more experience than somebody that can come true you are too I think it's possible that comment. Thank you Grossman it's in the backcourt that she's having said that appear rookie. As talk of those kids Turkoglu on a fly. Well he may pick it up quickly if they did it feel to bully quickly let me go to give us some minutes. There in January category banking and when I look at our depth chart. You know I shall say that to be doing some more help with the veteran presence in the backcourt. That we can't do that then hey I might be a great opportunity to talk good. Upper right now accounting insane that you know this rookie is the guy that can help us get through this season in the backcourt. You know makes Kemba Walker obviously is talking point that everybody has been talking about all offseason and you know what to do with him and now how conduct important invaluable it is to this franchise I think he's branch franchise best player but. Sometimes some you know you have to do what's best in the interest of long term towards the organization and I'm just you know its interest and hear what your take my on that would be with with him or without kemba. In addition to very unique situation you know we're talking about. The face of the franchise. And I'll play a player. That started his career here and Connecticut career here. And where I sit today. That's how I liked seeing play out. It is unique situation. I think everybody where you know admit that when looking at it. But I think as an organization and our goal would be to get champ would stay here. And complete just another wonderful career we know that your which disorganization. I can't go to great Quito about. Everything and then maybe out there about it with a contract and no one year to touch just. There's no it just didn't out of you know but I will say that that's our intention. Yeah. Well he's Michael Geist Mike Garrett I think most peers and guys I think you are cultured guy eat here is he's an all star. And they they don't come along very often. My coach said we would like him and his career here. I mentioned before Louis the last thing Dwight Howard and I know there's a limit on mom what we can say you're an ad I think that's probably the case and a look and it's really sort of trouble or another league rules about this sort of thing but I guess I would ask you you know that's that's style of player that style of basketball and there are those who would take it maybe two extremists aided by the traditional back to the bass considers a bit of a dinosaur and the guys are putting titles that way anymore than he's. Is that a style of basketball that you just. The guys don't believe in anymore in the NBA in the try to get away from it and an as an organization how do you sort of view the future of the game in the way you assemble roster. I think in general. These these game has changed dramatically. And a lot of it's by design. A lot of expiry technology you know I think design you know NPA it was on those committees. There are feeling I know we wanted to hear wrestling match is born Jew. On display to the world out special. You're the athlete and a skill level that these players have we want the world to see it at that apple player. You know we didn't want to pushing him holding. Up players particularly the ground. Make a play it to the rim finish in graceful as dark and do it. They shouldn't be afraid to leave the ambition in a position where they get hurt. Or that they should be allowed to show their natural kitsch. And you know the rules were created accordingly. Of course technology today you are change yeah. I don't know the way they came to play today I don't think that's gonna change going forward and you're right. The traditional low post pregnant. You know he may become a dinosaur. I don't think that's a reach at all. Sometimes when coaches feel that you know they need this stage rather have a pick person clog up discourage women at all about spacing. About making threes pick enroll cutting. Our pace getting up and down the court switching everything depends on him now about the trend. And you know something reading journal and I thought the players up to play that way ugly game and until March. It will change one day own notes are right it's certainly successful formula. It's cut check GM president of basketball operations your shoulder or has joined us on the second job just like -- I've thought I've observed before for a while we got some some mutual friends have always been fascinated by the work you do and glad you're in Charlotte of this is the first of many conversations that we have and I'll certainly be seeing you around which we appreciate you talk. Great you guys you missed subject join us on the segment John just slide and a lot reactions to.