Garcia and Bailey: Miles Bridges Calls In and Randy Gives Frank Some Juicy Details On Kyle

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Friday, June 22nd

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Garcia. Welcome back it's Garcia and Bailey our number four on this Friday it's the home stretch not just into the evening but in through. The weekend it's been a great show so far big thanks to start in the gummery ECU head coach stop and by same thing from Todd Ellis. South Carolina Gamecocks radio network law swan clubs and sports talk Koppen and as so much great quarter stalk happening throughout the course of the show we'll try to keep that rolling throughout the course of our number four here and of course there will be a difficult thing to do because we're talking now to the hornets first round draft pick miles bridges selected twelfth overall last night by the clippers put. For the hornets as part of that early Dylan miles bridges is joining us now on the tech become just lined small forward out of Michigan State. And he's now a member of club buzz city's first of all mayor congratulations it's always cool to see a guy fulfill his lifelong dream you did that last nights of congratulations. Are you. How does how does that feel wanted to read every year I talked draft picks every year we talk to guys that are kind of in your position but. It's always there it never fails to be called me to watch a guy fulfill his lifelong dream of a steel last night. Our man who's this is absolutely true as stating it is well just I'm blessed to have this opportunity. Our own and I'm ready to get to work. Did you think did you didn't work out for the hornets and we know that there was a scheduling conflict there were some misinformation out there last night but. He did you think this was possible. Are you now you'll also kept in Constant Contact. We were migrated. So we years or under is possible. Okay social what excites you about Charlotte not fiddles go let's get on the basketball stuff for just the second. What did you fired up about coming ashore. It would not basketball. Yeah well what did you do you Jordan you do whatever you want to loses something that's not basketball related to do something else that's not basketball while millions of new. I mean I. So it is Owen Taylor is like a beep beep shoot eighty and that's what kind of excites me like is just. This kill. So I guess on used to. All of immigrated to him based. And I can't wait vetoed this expansion treaties Yugoslavia I never really spent congress so that's good option. So I as far as the basketball side goes your teammates know which of these guys. Maybe have you talked to were you most excited to play with what's it been like in the early don't. I'm excited of where do it on everybody aren't seeing good especially Campbell on an old score a much in this morning and and I feel focal actually we'll try to be up to re arm about Monica can all all I'm I'm normally pretty well I'm no delay in Beijing. Islamic militant Irish. Are we talking miles bridges first round draft pick last night by your Charlotte hornets Georgia summits and job just like. You let's go back to Michigan State for a little while you you could have come out you could have been a lottery pick last year but instead you decide to stick around and and chase their dream of winning a national championship. I'm looking back do you still feel like that was the right decision. But over a decision to their grew as a person and play at home oh I want to that this would go to player Adam address that can gain. And upload a bit a watched a lot of journal unaware and we desperately. Come out of it derive pleasure later reached. I'm home and how to play multiple positions. What's the biggest thing you learn from Tom Izzo. There's the brave of you intensity whatever. Corridors being the first to bring brilliant future clinical final say on an appropriate that they're cracking. Every game. Take that belt separated as well promote change if we can do just decisions. Tom Izzo seems like the kind of guy who's full of let's say life lessons what's the biggest life lesson you learn from Tom Izzo. Life lessons from coaches are home. He gimmick so many. Really widow is Joe's the watches and our circle. Home. 'cause what you did today do you could allow a lot of more cousins. I don't really got to Washington circle all. And are they wanted to finish or elect tomorrow like Obama should should all continue to make like heaven on earth within. I were talking miles bridges selected twelfth overall last night NBA draftees now Charlotte hornets joining us on the segment John does slide. You know as far as zombies are your skill set. And what you are as an NBA player he RS letter schism tiger plays above the rim. If someone who didn't know think about you or your name said miles what are you on the floor how do you explain its own. I'd a sell out there I don't have. Want to didn't name mean something athletic ability of this fictional home. Up article you were on the floor to open up because look at Kurt. Multiple positions. All add up like that then makes Kos Marcos school. All I did you know crude at all good apple wouldn't go oh well I'll look at if you just simply try to simply must do. Oak is a talk about the with the the work ethic and you you have been a guy. That is had to work on your jump shot you try to put in work at the free throw line and economic stake in a one point UN promote. A 65% free throw shooter to load basically an 85% for her shooter one point nearly 90%. Was that just work ethic in Oakland and Tom the free throw line was that something Nelson and know how would you go about changing that part of it and. Constantly repetition home. I know you know that happens it's a lot more. And I'm glad to recruit those of what personnel are strategically aligned movement who. I'll battle you are. So much good here. Or lose want to focus on making pre those and I'll wallow and art but by the return it for a little bit so you know repetition. Aren't so let's let's play word association for second let's go back go before last night let's say I don't know was osu a couple of months ago firefight just said the words. Charlotte hornets a year what what would you associate it was Charlotte hornets won't be the first in the popular month. Mark Gordon. Because there's so you do you like bishop you're probably a little young for the other Larry Johnson Alonzo Mourning Mozy both state and try to men shot. Cell phone call how I want some big I like to such I like to watch games on. Although go to the game is is you know 'cause they work home like Margaret Jordan is so that Charlie Moore is sure. The order against the mix something up a lot so the only option that we try to put biblical stroke on the mat and don't want to order a factor deputy mayor. When I was group. You were doesn't cut a little bit about him when. You're a while that's pretty awesome Sosa I guess what the reason I got asked that is that you had that there you had the yum. It earlier Jerry Stackhouse and baron Davis and you you've has a Glen Rice and really fun teams here and there you see the passion of the energy this fan base loves a good basketball team and that's. It increasing at an armored grin and hunger for that and I think. It showed its it's a cool thing to be able to come into a city with a fan base that is. They're kind of an awaiting a consistent wetter and you don't you strike me as the kind of guy with your background the kind of blue collar program that you played in that would embrace that sort of like. Are you assert we shared a lot that we wanna Specter and happy. On goalie reduced or when he. We got a lot of athletic Wear it on the team. Own director put on a chauffeur for a band split. But mango to come and is just went it went and that's why can't help we can play else shirt. Our milestone or basal circular so are you. Your game I guess to some is drawn comparisons to another of Michigan State Spartans dream on great how does that make you feel what do you think about that comparison. I'm an actor Shia are because it properly or missions normal position you all see you make the right place where it came. Armed spoke lucky it more special or refuse. Oh I'm trying to worker towards every day but academically through that period. So it may be in your early conversations were with mid shore. It Jennings broke go actually stylus up there Jenny had really any day any day and their conversation when things break yet. I certainly don't settle any group I'm not going to malevolent code own Dahmer do a home. And I definitely only to be in its market. Social what is it what do you hear it may be from scouts or disorganization or whoever else but what the what they wanna see you get to work on right elect. Audio problem there yet believe local public example of what they're developing. Individual war. Also the student died or period. It would be yes we need developing. And so I hear me. Hello to get better every day I'll stay and do a lot. Alongside a bullet though I don't. Are both so before Alicia go but what is what is miles bridges like to do off the floor and how do you keep yourself occupied when you don't wanna think about basketball. Well before I mean listen music play video games. Oh. I'm content to let some I looked in person who are you know marquis makes. Oh not out that would. You gotta go home ought to let me. Yeah portrait but at. I videos you tell the city Charles they're all listening right now. Rob. I would tell me if you're playing at all. If there are ground shall we don't. But we appreciate your getting congratulations a lifelong dream fulfilled its awesome very happy for you can't wait to see around the arena this fall and I'll talk to yourself. There you go miles bridges selected twelfth overall last night so of course by the clippers but for the hornets and he will be a Charlotte hornet and it is now when the queen city joining us. On the tech job does slide you heard it there we come back we react to it it's Garcia Bailey WS since it. Her new era and there between you. Hanging that's a long strange dreams Collins thank you name. I'm gonna start to sing a little further along next time pause. Sometimes I don't gently on it's a damn good sauce on play wherever results for its own wizards Cody jigsaw. There was this stimulative monetary Texas and I didn't know finally goes on regulatory. He Illumina easily spears didn't look like news or spasms and I'm not dead man. Billy Dan you're talking about yesterday all drug magazine show just how old pro edge medicines should just the most hillbilly band and others are also on the griddle opera. Is that where you're from no no Friday. No that's not it that's our house note. Credit offers in Nashville Tennessee yeah I know it's okay his legs are just a second noticed a great show. Did you are now he thought it was. That was Hee Haw. It was you are back in the day. That was the grand Ole opry let's get my grandmother loves you off and we love our grandmothers love every of their blogger Mozilo deal anywhere that's way off track that is its. Actually played music like that adds up. The only hall music stopped by the end and pretty much else for those are Texans are during the interviews say what do Jerry Stackhouse players didn't I just have a brain defector ever since I was a kid. I'd I had like a deflate Jamal Mashburn is very stacked up I've always done that did you say Jerry said John it was I was talked into it's about bridges I was talking about some of those those better more as teams over the years jitters I don't know that whenever I'm thinking Jerry Stackhouse also a small aspirin and vice Versa I don't know what it is it's some defect in my brain and I just mix those two guys and one person. So doing all that. Mean nobody's perfect. I don't brought pretty close me. And you have you heard diaries and that's pretty close to see if it's a little bit about the extent that I appreciate it. And so you know 45709. To sixty and you know again we we talk to miles bridges he was awesome I appreciated cumin is simply coconut took a really cool kid and a look at sort of watching him grow and play and I think there's reason to be excited to be intra day we will see. Everybody makes mistakes I got asked what. You know and. The kids probably. Had to do with this kind area you know since making the mistakes this kind of like journalists is due to chance so under the doctrine since. Vincenzo. Trump from Villanova as well you know the tweets can everybody goes back. I don't make much about those things deal. I mean I know that I don't care miles per just within two dozen twelve it's funny kinda. I do you know this I know when you're going to college you're coming from high school and you do have a Twitter account or FaceBook Ernster Graham yeah things like that. That it's colleges that are recruiting you have people that are on their staff that follow. You know the players at their recruiting to see you know what title character they have and see what types of tweets. You know that there are out there tweeting and they also have four other players on their own team. You know they have you know the the staff that is devoted to you know making sure that they're making clean tweets and not. Misrepresenting. Or disgracing. You know the the school so. You don't have that high school you don't. You know 1415 year old kids USA do stupid things. I don't necessarily. You know come down them is hard you know they make mistakes you grow up you learned. No large and are doing this stuff now. In Chinese in at hopefully somebody's had a chance to talk with them about some of those tweets that he said. More than say that he text didn't mean. Fear is honestly some room you might find funny some united front offensive but at the end of the day you know people are gonna make a mountain out of a mole hill it comes that to me. Know that they should and by the like this yeah they should make him out animal well no no the opposite of soared to them just more kind of preoccupied by this so I just listened to they'll. Home prices until it's about what your site is one of the tweets are you fired offside savers and had a good time stamp on the wall we're fired Ottawa does it does there how much money. Don't remember that like Israel so yeah I mean that's so it was actually had just. And he's creating art yeah long before John does and we don't know he was talking about I don't hear a different way you're right people could take that very literally. It could mean jobs and there's no context is provided right and that's why don't let its deal to do that and some people will bright. That's why it's disgraceful for adult journalists to go digging through high school kids were her feet and or forward calls to make that tweet. You know if if there's no context provided with a 10%. I was like anyone there adult twenty but again I get ice I read it because I'm fully aware that you could go digging through my facial got I've got started college this year that FaceBook was lost. Right so I Demi did I I said things that make tough put back Mallard wanna vomit is it different for him to do those things at 1516. Compared to a guy like James Winston to these things he's done. You know in his time. Because he's just been suspended three games as well right isn't it always griping about what amber driver in Phoenix Molina that was. With Jamie since the and again I wasn't there but there apparently the NFL feels there's there's enough evidence here to us a level a suspension. But so I. I will also wasn't there the Tommy James stood up and his student union and then yelled what he yelled it wasn't the nitrogen missile crab legs it was into the night did you Amos was given a fast food restaurant and a that I did James got into BB gun fight like there's a pattern that I. Hey there yeah tattered image and that's and that's that's more of the the indictment was Jane this is not necessarily. You know the the crimes that are committed it's as much as the patterns and our brother had. What percent like I don't have any sympathy for James what's in their I don't dislike James was a does not affect Oz are in this conversation yesterday. I actually think James Weston is an intelligent person. Again I'd listen to me and interviews you've leaders coaches talk about his football IQ what I think James Weston is a Smart guy who has attention from making the worst possible decisions at the worst possible time. And I know some guys like that so I cannot get a bag on him for democratic colon an idiot I don't think she's a stupid person. But I that he actually did detect it and people I don't know if they're defending you know Jamison not. Prom and I agree with this text or you're right I'm ultimately. He'd rather make a mountain out of a mole hill verses a molehill out of the mountain mama don't think anybody's. You know doing that either situations so I don't think that's necessarily that plot applies to either one of these cases but I I think your point is taken. I don't think we're trying to downplay a serious issue were crime I don't think anybody would do that. I'm not knowing we try to stay away from that but the suspension based off public opinion. When you hear that. It's it's it's it's it's a fine line and I mean because. You know conduct detrimental covers so many you know different gray areas and it's under the discretion of the NFL. You know of what they feel or the team on what they fill us conduct detrimental. And you know the suspensions in OK and few can vary between you know one day into four games and maybe even in some cases even longer. You know Ezekiel so I think was eight games for him initially initially and they got to reduce so. A suspension based on this is that Brutus. No but. In a texture I don't know your name just you know know that you wrote the text. That's made apparent to everyone of us as players you know going into the NFL that you know we don't have to be involved. Directly into a situation. Always have to do at times sometimes is being named. In the paper that we are adding situation. In a team has the liberty to suspend you because it looks bad on the team. And every player that goes into the NFL is made very aware of that. Right so. I'm not saying it's fair I'm not sand that it's right I'm just saying that sometimes. You know it's to protect the bigger picture and I don't Arnold's got to like it or not. What was the rules you play under knowing you you subject yourself to you know millions of dollars and you know being out in public and. In a public figure right and that's the thing is that you would not would not sit around and and cry and moan and say it's not fair resulted unfair standard different standard the these organizations are investing that 7500 million dollars in these guys the future of their actual franchises and business their livelihoods. And there's an expectation that comes along with that that's OK if you don't want it expectations and you shouldn't be a quarterback and a little fresh us. As much as quarterback Alex any player this in the NFL this subject is subject to that same type of thumb in a bright but especially that position got the right and I agree with that you know that the quarterback whether fair or unfair. Is the leader. There's always looked at the leader you know too much credit too much blame we've heard that. But there's different responsibilities. For that player you like it or not and when your five years old you say I wanna play the position of quarterback. You know that you're taking irresponsibility. As the leader of this team because and that's what you select your made to be a that's what you this would you made a living on that's what you're making a living on and the consequences and the expectations are gonna be different or for those types of players typically. Aren't they don't I think that destroy they put a plus DJ quick what does this also pay artists that wrote a song file with those are all who knew it was called the equipment at Lowe's uncle did you say I don't go to a restaurant hatred towards the decider notice thoughts on lower stress added to growing role in what's up. And don't let up. Bob public able yachts shall are hurt them more mature and off they were pretty much open air the order is up sparkle quarter. But Obama. Jail where it to boot it it is one law and order. In so many people there have something in its critical there. You are jail where he picked up by. That's what were thought auto. David you're actually just uses summed up pretty much the crux of of how I feel about that and I'm glad you said that because again night. I'm gonna put much stock in Jerry West I'm sorry that's a good investments may be wrong church be wrong guys wrong all the top and I would get a Textron will liberal evangelist Twitter feeds on me if I'm Jerry in most editor to the clippers aren't desperation mode like doors are that's exactly what Jerry Lewis brought to the clippers today. It's exactly wise there. Because he may be the greatest roster builder in the modern era of basketball that's why he's there. And the hornets. Willingness. To stomach a certain level of risk is one thing when they're going to Denver. Yet supporting so why didn't they film semi. Is the question that's really the question yeah I guess we did we got to tell whoever else to take him after that why didn't they feel the same way. In the clippers passed on implies and they picked retro or asthma mistake in the second time and the hornets had eleven and the clippers at twelve and thirteen twelve and thirteen bright and interesting and well right so. You know we're kind of in the same ballpark there was a risk I guess you know with Wear your hat just a day into the lottery there quite easily do the tenth. I am a guy I meant to answer that question I don't know on you can address and so what what in the next to deny. President because I've ever 'cause there's more Bristol or you get obviously I hear you look at the knicks took nine it took Kevin not known to have an ox. Received almost nobody else is gonna take Kevin Knox and Bob the knicks did bitterest and Kevin Knox but not not a guy getting KG compared. Listen I mean this is you know when we sit here and tend to believe. What's fed to us right back early and you know we have no idea what those guys in those locker rooms in those tables around tables are talking about. They're valuation might be completely different than yours are nice and everybody else's if you're talking to. You know I guess when you look at the majority I mean everybody's gonna kind of follow the same narrative. And you don't look like gal liar with your making this crazy stance over here even though you might be spot on right. Right it's best to you feel I mean. And that's why this is such an inexact science on to you know whose great who's not and why you find stills at 1617. And sometimes even in the second round you know Ginobili and you know quite Leonard young guys like debt later in the first round and Parker and some of those players that are going to be on the whole claim that eventually someday so. This is not an exact science we don't get debt but there's certain certain things that most teams look at. And responsibility. Knowing your represented an organization and a brand character. Of those things matter and maturity. You know all those things kind of start with that word and maturity is you know the main one and you know it's everything you read about that kid. It was that it's you know he would just a little immature. I'd be as best way to put. I'll alone would do more of our listeners through you don't want to chime in on the the Denver decision to question its US delegates actually there's essentially putting it is a Denver already has Yokich and a couple of young pieces they can afford to miss our best asset just 48 in an contract. And and that's true to me where we're at right now is that you know if we're gonna keep kemba. You know then and then that's not a picky make great. Are you we just got out of one of those which apparently was what we did with Dwight right so this. If you're not gonna keep Dick Campbell and you're gonna have a young team and everybody's gonna try to define their roles and those type of things. Then you can afford to miss and some of those players missile different for the teams like Denver but Charlotte. I mean. It's the risk vs reward swing for the fences you might hit a home run you might strike out we don't don't come back everybody's favorite segment the world according to strike time now. For the world according. To for an. It's a world tour defrag we have questions he answers them are going now. I am leaving directly after the showed they have got a softball tournament in Virginia and you are not optimistic and I'm gonna come back tells. Hopeful but I am not optimistic in my biggest question and concern is that you haven't played competitive softball and they're put you on one of the high. Hot corners and you're not gonna be able to judge how fast the balls are coming off of those geez bats and it's gonna major recognition. In your shin is a swell up and meant to easily had taken to hospital for blood clots and Nortel. That's all there plausible. Divest certain religious are our pets to play soft helmet under Johansson plays softly. Well Jessica back I'm I look I've played in some of these dorks on the weekends it entered their softball teams do seriously and grown them with team bags to exam of course can't see. I did sales. Frank stop looking over your frank yeah because Israel. Know what I symbolized I wouldn't slide unless unless I was wearing pants. So. I'm I'm not slide into sunrise and who would Wear pants to play soft on and on the lots against. I know I've seen in my life. You sees you play with a weaken more the guy who has team bats team bags stimulus and they hit a home run and they grow. Much like they distrust 1350. Debt problem because they did death at the right exactly that's that is beneficial to play and he's been a big weekend tournaments and they're actually receive ultimately drop got to play a practice and make him win a title for the weekend and hit right at you at third base right you're damn seat yet you have no time to react when the corners like there will be a morning good buzz cut and you toss the ball on the and you're gonna get it was so hard it's yeah. You not to be able to reality I'm nervous for I'm amused to elect and I'm really have a you Wear your glasses on Norma glass I don't know CD sixty. Work contacts frank what do you durden were context amongst. You need some of those. I'm 32 years old that this is not a do or conundrum Barbara did you or did you dirt yes. There were some rust that's why I'm really exposing wears sunglasses with your agency is with us and yeah. Pick a topic to affect their hum. The story should bring up on him look don't violently third let's let's relic to David guys if I present here is going to be playing short Ladouceur years I don't really play short left lie. Why do you can't react fast enough. That's the one thing about that worried about and I'll be fine leg injury thing legit but I'll be sonet and being loosened teeth Mickelson Osborn what is your question. Franken is ideal into the dating world once again is average zoom nighttime among stood the women of the world which is just I do council excited for them. I just want questionnaire its question I think a lot of people have been may be Evan has himself what is the. Best first date venue. The best first date first date venue for you for anybody Arianna since you're driving the French restaurant. But this may be sure now I. I would say some thing that is going to be fine. This to be easy going this can be interactive. Then you tune it you talk. And top golf has a great match something to do that too expensive. They're going to movie sucks he's just sit there are movies and spend like sixty bucks a you know each on popcorn and drinks and a direct you to talk to damn racket and it cost nearly eight dollars. Boeing. It's a good one yeah born to do that but the best one size is there's an axe throwing events. You can go to it's right were you know down the road yet and you can drink alcohol. All I gotta say they relaxes. Me pat and I are members face. I say might everything in the world has cut a tree down next to this sounds amazed here's I can't wait to displace they teach you how to do. The ax there's a guy that sits there and guide you through it. You have lines you can use and you throw it into the woods in the area put out and it's really pissed pretty pretty inexpensive it's great little fun thing to do. But I would take an axe throwing that she would never see you again let's go Joseph axis. I suspect at a Mormon ideas to come up after this Garcia and really hilly Russians. And yeah. We wrap up the show here on Friday as we usually do or even on a manager Marty. How is what I am or what I'm not. A little frustrated with your chromosome did you have a Coca demos that don't follow doesn't it doesn't have to use the secure. Okay yeah brand is on Brady's align its debt debt how we do this week. Very good very good I'm. Really impressed with frank given you a lot of life advice about you know communal and relationships duplicate may not think. Franken talks somebody right don't catch up but it. I must tell you what he was making some poor decision yesterday and I'm just trying to help them along so he does these days off the couch. Well yeah packets that's really good advice goes so he's got a beautiful fiancee and can't wait to have you are ever as a daughter also it he better not blow this. So is it important for him to remember until they get married there anniversary of when they first started dating. Franco got screwed up a lot my life but I've never forgot the members. 3 AM dad tell. Talking I'm here yeah I hear you couple that sounds forget listening Kyle you're dead is absolutely right because no matter what happens they're never know what you forget that. They won't do it and it does give you their trump card over everything you do when they can make it's like they're dead jail free card now they have now she has won. Like that's not even the really does not even the really anniversary anymore. Still as. Well there are touched servant. There's you don't do that you don't element need to lose weight you know it's. That then I think I've got under control I've got I got to start myself first a Mallon but I'd trucks so what do I ask you material how do we do this week what was what do you remember what stood out that like write stuff down now does it does. Yeah are opt out that there be. There's. Are Evan so somebody could just Boerse and video is a. Zillow straws that are did you think there's there we got something to work with there. Not just today just you know now manes these cures don't like I told to collaborate dear it's still screwed up enough they'll they'll learn how to fix. Please you know that this. The one thing we can take positive away from that experience or leasehold T hopefully each and is that he's not afraid to shoot his guns literally the are probably dirtier burning the no no I didn't I genuine interest and also appear this no video and there are no low efficient gulf then frankly summer comeback note isn't broken leg on Monday. From assault all our. Thank you get uploaded Frankie got some of the best reflects is where the globe and hands at the junior one actually. Well I'm I'm sure he's very versed on that because he's probably Dodd and from Camille after forgetting our anniversary of the he's got great reflexes. I think that the saudis don't feel means he'll be fine at the hot corner over there is what you tell me. Yeah it'd be okay and couple other things short quick comment here in. Rush oral tops. That I enjoyed about the baseball get the baseball team in Charlotte we got a different from board is that I'd looked CO. Baseball team down there and not a really adored father son. Seek. Thank I and just want to give you a couple of my favorite ones we've which you normal going to druze. Not. One out of bad ones whose sitting in it I've noticed that the high school graduation yeah. First first first first order ever been allowed to sing. Parental rights into. Our corporate damage to not help me out a fresh write this stuff down dozens he's writing it down I don't know is gonna do with the got a Scott Dohmann studies writing this just don't dads don't. Okay and and when you graduated what you detect an extra special because. You grow up fast wait five days after you graveyard they can no longer enough and did you know that you graduated. Did he sure didn't. Is there any video evidence of Kyl saying in his graduate shot dead come -- this is what you do is you don't you don't give fried demo okay. I think I have return can it's yes. Straight breaking our team are you knock the group also repeated he did not quite a burden of simple rant he's being very talented singer. You you bring you breaking up Marilyn we're losing here and I simple man and I'll Cal's singing high school graduation OK we break it up a lot of pills in a few hours ago. Be careful. Baghdad Hillary think that's a none. Right send me everything does girl that is going to be something that is a must for the weekend that he has to prepare something so that he can knock our socks off here when he comes back oh simple man rendition from Kyle Bailey that ended in the book. I did not think that was to happen so Floyd got types I don't but I they use of radio or use them for her to an article you're saying not more one. Well I mean we're gonna make DeVon go steal. Chased checks but I did you have your shelter and and trim pretty good take. Oh I'm pretty comfortable Michelle right now. But this funnel joins bluegrass did you get to did you get to mail. Some yoga I'm going to the switch and riddler took about herself to see what you're asked not really it's verbally. Little you know a little but mostly we're just out of good closer look we don't we got to know front doors as we got to deliver is almost which it is living a Dutch. Now until now I've slew legitimate tersely when we just right. Try to get emotional stuff after Christmas tree near your body language over the atlas in my opinion I don't know and you hit the button. Way back close out of the screen that's awesome. I was on death doctor you know what what's on tabloid news I. Doctor brought to Barbara you don't pro trade never looked a little tight around again hit him out check it out they'll bring your pro trade to and from your whole whenever you're distorted it against have you used yet. Yes good yes you yes absolutely also it's a tonight's. On your television 630 that's not a golf the Walt. There's a Wal-Mart golf tournament at Arkansas if you'll watch that Arkansas as a wal mart's headquarters. Oh yeah SARS out there event beautiful country. Vincent. 7 o'clock tonight CSL Winnipeg and Montreal. 730 the Big Three this is still on TV real progress is still many fox sports wants somebody sorry it's in this thing. In Houston fox towards one's 7:30 tonight 8 o'clock college World Series Arkansas vs. Was it for a Texas Tech wanted to it's Florida's right in the enough Johnson 30 tonight 8 o'clock WNBA basketball the liberty in the aces 1030 Rotella tonight fox sports one nut check off this soccer violation as early this morning. You don't I don't do something good. Why you guys they get what shout out to the rally Jewelers Twitter feed. A fox a rally Jewelers serving our community first 200 years. They've been unbelievable that it would have been different in my tip of the cap I go I get thank you Brantley Jewelers and our mind to the gap goes to and that. Good heavens no does for one's four okay yeah I learned a lesson for her for learning a little bit of a life lesson. You know it's better to have little foot pounds ago and it's all on the and we'll tell you don't ever loved of all thank you Oz welcome thank you it's gonna blow a nuanced and into the never loved at all ever learn that this weekend is a valuable lesson for him. You know sort of Bible lesson is that the Los Angeles Lakers in a lot of the lakers have declined to him lightly Angelo ball to join their summer team they're learning. They're learning Def video little venture toys that we Elvis reentry when it all the balls. Six. I tell you into anything senate tell you which color come back on Monday it is little balls. With the result balls change also Monday we'll see what happens a look at holes everywhere big thanks to Mitch Kupchak vaults on Ellis Laden's wives got him a miles bridges everybody is an all know today all the bad stuff we're back on Monday August and then start Syrian village W lessons there. Shot eight and I was I didn't have blow your mind. You just happen.