Garcia and Bailey: Miles Bridges

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Friday, June 22nd

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Welcome back it's Garcia and Bailey our number four on this Friday it's the home stretch not just in through the evening but in two. The weekend it's been a great show so far the bank's discount in the gummery ECU head coach stop and by same thing from Todd Ellis South Carolina Gamecocks radio network law swan clubs and sports talk company and as so much great awards talk happening throughout the course of the show we'll try to keep that rolling throughout the course of our number four here and of course there will be a difficult thing to do because we're talking now to the court's first round draft pick miles bridges selected twelfth overall last night by the clippers put. For the hornets as part of that early deal and miles bridges is joining us now on the technique on guests lined small forward out of Michigan State. And he's now a member of a buzz city first of all make congratulations it's always cool to see a guy fulfill his lifelong dream you did that last night to congratulations. I. How does how does that feel that we'd every year I talk to draft picks every year we talk to guys that are kind of a new position but. It's always there it never fails to be cool to me to watch a guy fulfill his lifelong dream of a feel last night. Our man is this is absolutely. It just I'm blessed to have the opportunity. At all and I'm ready to get to work. It did you think to me you didn't work out for the hornets and we know that there was a scheduling conflict there were some misinformation out there last night but. It did you think this was possible. Ideology and also. A Constant Contact. We were migrated. So many years or under is possible. Okay social what excites your bus shortly not Google's goal is dubbed the basketball star for just the second. What gets you fired up about coming ashore. Yeah well what if you do you George W you do whatever you want but is it something that's not basketball related do you do something else and it's not basketball while millions into. I mean so it is a Wednesday I liked the beat treaty. And that's kind of excites me is this is Phil and let us so I guess on. All integrated and based. And I can't wait it out this experience in Yugoslavia never lose their partners to get up. So way as far as the basketball side goes your teammates know which of these guys. Maybe if he talked to are you most excited to play with what's it been like in the early don't. I'm excited to play it every item in that let him on is Oskar. A market in this morning. And I threw a rule it out while you can read all about Monica and all all I'm normally pretty well and though the lane vision. Islamic militants. Are talking miles bridges first round draft pick last night by your Charlotte hornets join us on the technique dubbed just like. Let's go back to Michigan State for a little while you you could've come out you could have been a lottery pick last year but instead you decide to stick around and and chase their dream of winning a national championship. I'm looking back do you still feel like that was the right decision. I put out courtesy of a group person in the player. Or point it doesn't go to player on that aspect in game. And upload a bit lost a lot of general. Dollar we desperately. Make a right place right reach. I'm home and upload multiple positions. What's the biggest thing you learn from Tom Izzo. There's the brilliantly into. Whatever crime or seeing the first. Brit Brit ever elect Clinton while all the appropriate that they're cracking. Every game. Topic that they'll separate us promote change if we can should it. Tom Izzo seems like the kind of guy who's full of let's say life lessons what's the biggest life lesson you learn from dumb as a. Much less of coaches all. He gave me so many. Really where he chose the watches and Marshall. It was you get to engage in La lot of work goes. Up. So you got to watch Marco. And it they want as a minister elect Obama like Obama. Continue to make like seven. I would talk to miles bridges selected twelfth overall last night the NBA draft is now or Charlotte hornets joining us on the segment John does slide. You know as far as zombies are your skill set. And what you are as an NBA player on your athletic Susan Meyer plays above the rim. If someone who didn't know a thing about you or your game said miles what are you on the floor how do you explain its own. The one to kitten being so athletic ability that statistics show home. Yeah put it crudely anywhere on the floor. Out because luck go our. Multiple positions. And I like that that makes goes Marco who. What crude at all go out and we'll all look at you know their child so it must be. Focus of talk about the with the the work ethic of you you have been a guy. That is had to work on your jump shot you've had to put in work at the free throw line from on the state and at one point went from a a 65% free throw shooter to basically an 85% for deeper shooter one point nearly 90%. Was that just work ethic in Oakland and time of the free throw line was that something else and in. Know how you've gone about changing that part of today. Ultimately repetition. Under the out at a lot more. And I'm not a big kudos. Personnel are a lot of them. A battle. We'll sit here. A lose want to focus on making pretty goes. Oh Ottawa and art. The repetition. Our go so listless play word association for second let's go back go before last night let's say. I don't know was osu a couple of months ago a firefight just said the words Charlotte hornets to you what what would you associate we Charlotte order sort of in the first into popular month. You've got that's so you do you like bishop you're probably a little young for the other Larry Johnson Alonzo Mourning Mozy vogue stage right and I'm Charlotte. Outlook so age I'd like to I let the what game all. Although owed to navigate to you know so they'll work all like Barbara Jordan is Charlie orange order. The order against the mix I mean are a lot so and also that we try to put Democrats rather on the mat and want to order and I get to meet later. Who knows. When you're done you cut a little argument about a web. Allow that's pretty awesome Sosa I guess what the reason I got asked that is that. You have bad air you had the it earlier Jerry Stackhouse and baron Davis and and you you've had some Glenn rice really fun teams here in it and you see the passion of the energy this fan base loves a good basketball team and that's. It had been craving got an armored in and hunger for that and I think. You know it's it's a cool thing to be able to come into a city with a fan base that is. New kind of an awaiting a consistent wetter and you know you strike me as the kind of guy with your background the kind of blue collar program that you played in that would embrace that sort of like. Oh yes sir we sure a lot definitely wanna pick and happy. On overly with the well when he. We got a lot of Wear and where it Hamachi. On deck put out a chauffeur for the fans let bombing go to company is well and what about what and so they'll shirt. Our Moscow where things will turn you loose you're your game I guess to some is drawn comparisons to another Michigan State Spartans dream on great how does that make you feel what do you think about that comparison. Nicosia off because it operate. Its normal position yeah. He he makes directly or Jeanne. All alt lucky is that well or like he had. I'll I'll try to work towards every day let market that that period. So it may be in your early conversations were with mid shore. If James bro go actually stylus up there yet he had really any day any day in depth conversation when things break up yet. It'll definitely great monopoly local local. Phone Dahmer do alone. And I definitely keep. Its work. Social what is it what do you hear it may be from scouts or disorganization or whoever else but what the what they wanna see you get to work on right away. Probably yeah probably walk over there as well. Indonesia were all it's good to Baltimore or it would be definitely. Be developing. And so I hear me. Politically bitter they are saying that you know a lot of let go out. I Bozo before lets you go what what is what is miles bridges like to do off the floor and how you keep yourself occupied when you don't wanna think about basketball. Up the floor of new listen music play video games. I'm open to let some or all of them pursued. You know watching it. On the outward. Z you've got to homebody let me. Get a I've made deals to tell the city Charlotte they're all listening right now. Our. I would tell me. You're playing ball as if they're not shall we go. I've and we appreciate your day congratulations a lifelong dream fulfilled its awesome very happy for you can't wait to see around the arena this fall and a I'll talk to yourself. It they go miles bridges selected twelfth overall last nights of course by the clippers but for the hornets and he will be a Charlotte hornet and he is now the queen city joining us. On the technique on gas line.