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Wednesday, July 11th

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Our rights are speaking to the printers the voice of nurture a lot of traders on that makes it is joining us on the second job just like here on this Wednesday afternoon Americans could catch up mentally event. My pleasure Kyle and his record 97. Silverado. Yes it is if you just got in at a picture right now slot that is very beautiful truck. And now almost candidates square kind of headline topic that was the last year that body style but that could find their congratulations. I appreciate it I give all the credit to dad dad found that informally but tell you I didn't realize and it got a that's a good to venture off into two deeper rabbit earlier but there's like a cult of of of guys out there that bad or I have to square bodies trucks in other their entire FaceBook groups and mr. Graham accounts that are devoted to older square body trucks and then you know rebuilding them and and it's just it's awesome I didn't know there was such immunity out there. Well that trucked there or not I'm a fan of of of eighty full size pickup basically but I can see you put some slippery oil. I Levi got you toolbox which is scare you to put cap lights up all the rupiah. There's many things you don't carry aboard I'll wonder what you gonna do with the broad is that Obama deflect girl. On the that that. Back acted. You know talking about the license plate or. No not diverted did not talking about looks like it's got that after market. Eyebrow kind of. Playing all alone do you the bug shields and resorted about a foot yet I wanna. I exactly united. Do complain. It's not. No it's not out of had about a couple brush guards are kind of negotiate some but I alone so we'll say it I don't know if I had no use for the whatsoever they just look bad ass you don't. They want think this is not I'm not going off or they rhetoric bank but outlook cars and trucks and what's coming is we've already had ordered the activation technology. And in in the Q now is the auto stop feature. And I cattle I can see why these trucks like curator of art desired because. Outlook by Cuba out of 59 years old I want our right leg of my right foot. To beat that cylinder deactivate. Debbie and you both about talking a big mixer Richard Childress by the way I don't know what sort of there. But the fact that they're the guy obviously or did your thoughts on yesterday man that was some. And I told the folks on yesterday's show under and a lot of press conference is in my day in I don't know that I had. More fun or been more interested in any joy in any press conference and I've been to that I was yesterday for the first. Revelatory Simon a press conference and obviously the last question was the yacht was the bomb that was dropped but you know the first 44 and half minutes I was just enthralled. Post about Clinton there are other lava would have tried to find each take your hand. How I was on the way to Greensboro for the Piedmont Triad sports club which I had all my calendar not because they know the bevy of those killed now wanted to beat. That the press conference but I'll listen to it liable on BP out able to get 11% all the way up the highway passing even Salisbury. And I couldn't get enough by that I mean and the and then to talk to the staff the day before struck out open evident person view of that at least she came to kind of charming and there was this. The way he laughed at himself can make fun of himself. But yet he's obviously been immensely successful I think people have a pop I mean we're so used to. Did they after the seven failed at these press conferences where coaches players or try to pay less and they've tempered that campaign he just was. Out there just taken himself out to some very exciting position with regard to that. The business opportunities. That that that present himself through the Panthers and also some exciting cabinet although well off last. Commitment you've been here awhile and ER I go back to 2006 the very first Carolina panthers' training camp that I ever attended and I I was were controlling your affiliates and I got I got here and I got to meet you and it I was this you know kind of what behind me years twenty year old just try to figure out what what exactly was going ought to now and now that I am you know little older I think mix and have been here ever since then and as the voice of the Panthers and things have changed a lot to as you can't look back over the past and a twelve years -- how do you. How do you describe how much disorganization and the sleet and changed. Hard to describe it that a public talk to buddy bind at lunch today. About the millennial brain that your you know I should ask you because I'm captivated by not just Saudi NFL. And I got to Carolina Panthers but about NASCAR. I would cure the commissioner of the LPGA tour right now is pure. You're in charge of the trying to figure out how they hadn't been the generation the young generation and the generation coming behind now. Are gonna take consume entertainment and beat this side was entertaining to them. The stakes are incredibly high you get on the wrong in the this thing you end up and sit right next to blockbuster video yeah. So. I think David pepper wants to make sure that I mean he mentioned the gambling. Well let's get that above ground and let it air out a little bit but that alone tell if you were at a different data different era. I don't know what that was like I had no clue what that would look like how that would feel let our stadium that but it's it's been admitted that it can they have it. Are the fan experience make ensure that. That that would that would that you what they wanna be here be got on the Drake outside he told me that this staff that. You need to be. It it would get Apollo water somewhere out at a Bank of America stated even if you don't have a past taken into one of the Niger tent I just think it's going to be a big fat thing. For the football standpoint pop pop pop feel like football still the greatest game in the world. And that it it brings people together like nothing else and that if we win. I mean when we win and bring absolute victory to the Carolina. Won't that be an unbelievable time. You know that there are people model we're talking a big mix in the voice of the Carolina Panthers are that there are some people that words of course saying yesterday some jokingly some not to. The Davids have pursued moratorium an estimate heard Jerry Richardson say it's four years now that's an exaggeration but we all disappointed they're trying to make and you know having been around Jerry all these years in sing which is sort hearing what you heard yesterday. How. How different are these guys really. I've got coming. I. I think they probably share a lot their differences are pretty obvious I think they probably would share a lot of terms of their business acumen. You know who have money and have learned from W mark hard lessons about risk vs progress and now these are complementary variables and and the chance that. Mr. Richardson took the chances that he took to bring it also ball to the Carolinas. It's just unbelievable they've tempered that have a eleven billion dollars in his checking account from. Played it safe to take it off with a seven are to wait and see cannot happen. Topic they share a lot but I also think they have a different style and part of it probably Trace to where and how they grew up a beat David tepper grew up. To hear him describe it in and not necessarily impoverished Pittsburg and certainly without some of the advantages. That many billionaires enjoyed. Mr. Richardson had a similar upbringing but in the Americans south. David tepper. Is. Is is looking at. You'd in this stadium for more things as opposed to protect in this for the Augusta National model where. Scarcity breach of both men outlets only happens is that select rock concert looked only have a select. Billy during a concert are rolling it's those Tim McGraw Kenny Chesney count in a bowl game built bowl. I think David tepper once stood dictate to grow it out even more than he has said as much as. And I think there's going to be business opportunities. I mean he's basically it'll just shot a look at like that counts and buy it just sort of struck a match. And broad right into a hot tinderbox in the business community here in Charlotte with that with how does not stand on the market with that spring and people step again. Is going to be incredibly excited moving forward. I'm with you on that may edit and look coming to that point he he talked about a lot of this and you would never expect a businessman like you sit back kind of -- and -- his background to tip his hand on much of anything but he did make it very clear yesterday that so that the printers are a little bit behind with respect to practice facilities and maybe headquarter infrastructure whatever it may be and now the dog of the folks that I've talked to assume hey you know maybe look for him to do this down in Fort Mill and antegents it also official presence in the state of South Carolina but ultimately they they expect. You know game days on Sundays to Silva is still be centered in uptown Charlotte but I don't know how you feel about that and I don't know how much are comfortable sharing but do you expect details 510 years from now that people will still be flocking to uptown Charlotte to see the print display. Well nobody in my opinion does matter but just they just based on theory and trying to read. Read the smoke signals on the tea leaves as to what's been set out they absolutely ethnic what David tepper has said there's been a if you had a dream. He would build a brand new stadium on this book print. That may not be the reality however. Stadium does have a as has been said before good bones and some improvements have already been made. But with the kind of stroke that he had financially. What what would stop them from. Put a dollar bought it. Or put in a range of luxury suite around the top of it there's just meet god is not something up for murder or protect understand that when you've got. That kind of money. You can do. You put your training camp military camp facility but it now they'll wonder if so do it somewhere near Carroll at about that you want to make it. By Carol wins. So that's good. If absolutely good. There are made it to the data affect our read correctly all of 42 million dollar mansion in the Hamptons and then toward now. Don't look now. The revenge mentioned. Without aura that's the revenge mission and that's what that that is my favorite David tepper stores today it's not even close. Dick I don't wanna keep you all day there we origin too long enough but I haven't asked you any actual football question jet and this team is obviously I think more talented than last year but how much more talented. Well Justine was gifted and public Powell last year's team that had a crush on last year's club I knew we were gun. Going deep into the playoffs even with a minute and a half left in the same became mentors. In the playoffs. We just didn't have accused a cow we we didn't have the foot speed with Curtis Samuel getting hurt Damir Byrd getting hurt some other injury. I think by any. By any look at it. Any snapshot here in early July mid July this club Scott Speed in the back end speed at receiver. I mean take just put it taken note pad the training camp and look at. Were makes you write down all these things could not make it don't be fascinating left guard backup quarterback. Secondary. The mark that Eric Washington will put on the defensive unit as a whole Chase Blackburn taking control of special teams. Who's going to back up quarterback job I mean I can cannot wait to get this barber. That mix in the voice of the Carolina printers joined us on the tech become just laden dot. Mick I mean there's such an even section proof right now I've put a much to do list about two days ago says. Com it makes an invite him to launch and so I got to take to launch soon and you and I'll figure that out but or are you agreeable to salute. Yeah out not an idol might this be sort of sport either out. Like this world now that count and their blitzes out today but we'll get a black bean burger summit. You've come buyer pick me up and Silverado. That don't work because I was gonna suggest a black mean murder you selling my video and shiatsu you have and on that route added. No like I still liked it. High cholesterol about a million anyways since I'd just do come out very outlook up bride and keep on every. You know like heck can't keep up with that one they were doing the paley next thing we're doing them. You know some other military Mediterranean and some other kind of crazy things on discounting and offered their life. I model we'll go somewhere good alternative to drug also is all right I got.