Garcia and Bailey: Michale Porter Jr. vs. Miles Bridges

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Friday, June 22nd

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Our extreme. Real estate studio. So you can. 5610. Tell you what is the. But Garcia. Pursuing a course it's already flying by here on Friday Childs fright on sight and out with descending into the weekend and a big thanks and missed a check for joining us there in the first hour if you missed it. You will slighted for sure over a WS Lindsay dot com make sure listen to the right one. Skidded about that the one that's that was just conducted that is because he was fantastic which was candidate he was honest and I think is as far as it could be in. Davis the most of some insight into the decision making process last night so I did battle listen also again this is what other shows we try to go back and forth between orders in the draft last night and finishing up our week of college football previews here about fifteen minutes we told the law he swan Clemson sports talk going to be a South Carolina block if you will we talked a law for a few minutes about the Clemson Tigers and legal right to Todd Ellis. Former quarterback at South Carolina and other radio play by play run broadcaster there Scottie Montgomery had as a head football coach can't talk right now at football coach at BC you'll join us at 415 and then at 5 o'clock miles bridges. We'll join the show as the Jamal's bridges would jump right back to the phone lines and we goes more it's a zoo. It's official good or bad we're about to find out or Robby ware is joining us now Robbie how do you feel what the draft meant. I'll and it comedy upgrade comes. I don't. They're a terrible. That they're probably not operate at TP. Carpet Kupchak and prepare on a baton and now commander Michael Jordan under and hey it stayed at but. They give it as having delivered a I'm more an hourly work by the by an act going to come to watch the or at. I can't do either I don't give Michael clergy here I don't hear it in the western college. That hope I don't not hope my help predict is up rotational player pop star copier they're separate vote. If you want him but the bigger pepper by well early but do so and they should. But Michael Porter is that possible generation talent are well I got artwork or burger. Thanks so that don't what they just apple because he doesn't make it great. They want it to an achieved so open it right out there that are going into where where they're at great topic they've been well into comic bit. Element into this thing until Mitch cut it down accurate reporting here. I run addressed Carson rob address your question. You limit on this course are an edit I don't know if you're wrong and I'll keep tell people that because I don't know the number right about Michael forgery and I'm glad they didn't draft Michael Porter junior that's my opinion on that. And I base that in part because the guy who I think is the greatest front office executive Chris personnel men and history the NBA Jerry West passed on twice. And Internet sellers on the Disney Jerry West can't be wrong it means he's right a whole hell of a lot more often than he's wrong so that that's that makes me feel better about it a wise can you not take a little bit of solace in the. Epic in development but it is so what the different from the bucket. And their top player come up there take a break up but it would hurt over it was scrapped and get Michael Richards is Mike is and I got in the quality are better than Epstein. But he's just got. Michael Porter junior could be something special. Compared to the Democrat topic Kevin Durant but he'd been close to that or stop or I'll add on that on. Robbie Robbie thank you for the so called marriage your dome out there and I was just a dot Robbie. He I. Amanda each Carolina sand is despondent right now too well and you know Robby is a very passionate Maddon. And I and yeah I think that I've had to jump Robbie mediatory. But but listen I mean. I don't know if Robby is wrong. I don't ya got it right and end and rob he's been right a lot he's been wrong on some as well also. I did it I understand the reason why you wanna swing for the fences. You know because that's the risk vs reward that you have to take. You know I mean you can't just base hit teams to death and more are you gotta you gotta have that home run hitter and the only way to do it is go out there for Sorenson draft him and you know for a lot of guys you know he's probably not till the wanna be assembled tax you know kind of supporting rob his point is that. Now here we are just kind of ho hum taking the you know the safe pit with the sorry he does is his upside has potential and with no room to grow. Purses going out there and swinging for the fences and you know taken a shot and guy. You know this is kind of to me you know four or maybe not to the same degree but when they took Kaminsky vs Winslow. You know this is kind of what it's you know they're they've done here. And no I mean curt nod to the same person I mean I don't I think the bridges. Is that what you obviously senior. And do you still feel like he's more athletic obviously Sarah athletic I don't know if I didn't the difference in and and and talent. In Atlanta schism between commenced in Winslow is gonna be there. And you know with what we're talking about here and in importer and and bridges. You know but if you ever Oly score and people are comparing you to Kevin Durant. You know there's there's a shot that you have to take sometimes in order to be great you're gonna miss some. But if you hit the wind that's that's the one that counts right now someone that you need to be to take Joseph the top. As you point I mean. If we don't see this talent. If everybody sees this talent that's there has to be something else bread and and it's not as it's united the surgery as or just the injury. You know there's been a lot of people have said other trusts you know that you know you does that take my word that you know that the film like this is just a little immature. That. You know I heard Matt Carroll talked about that locker room guy. I mean I played with guys net. You just don't get it you know and it's not the don't play good it's not that don't try our hardest just maturity wise there's still just an aside there. And the way you treat those guys vs the way you treat grown man and other guys is completely different. And it puts unique wedge in a team dynamic. And I do feel like the people have an opportunity to interview this guy. Have potentially seen as well I think so too looked there have been reports that there's interviews did not go. Well and and there's further reports coming out now even after a draft from CBS spore states say that Michael Porter may have to sit out. Quote part or all his rookie season so sick so who is he easy bin Simmons is he too well and beating gonna have to sit and wait an hour. A lot of oil and yes there was a lot of payoff for that but there's also a lot of luck involved in that to what I don't. I don't know if it's for those two players they were they were pretty touted coming out there's not as this guy was in I think those are very fair comparisons laws and I'll say this for most of these guys including badly including the kid from Arizona you. There's going to be some growing pains these guys are gonna come out and change a franchise right away there's no LeBron James in this draft John Creighton you know is a good player but he did Joseph made by the way. To me is the best Twitter text or whatever you like I can. And the comparisons that there may not play defense and guys what he said when you limit the comparisons but. These guys you have growing pains. Rookies struggles nineteen year old kids struggle against grown men here I mean I don't know if that's breaking news to anybody. You know cowboys. Yeah I did I don't I mean not many guys are LeBron James Dwight Howard you when they're coming out or and or young guys that are just. Whom animals right and there's some dark and but there's Mostar. I was more snow yet and I think to Frankie you're pointed to what Mitch Kupchak said during his interview it seems like the plan is to keep Campbell from from what we urge. And it seems like the plan is to win now until there's a lot of there's a lot of reports is a lot of reports that would contradict what he said bright but let's just so this is taking matters worse if that's true in drafting a guy who has to sit out his entire rookie season because of a degenerative back problem whatever it may beat you can't have that if you're trying to win right now. He's not a god can help youth so maybe they look down that listen they say who's the next best guy who can help us right now and that's miles Bridget and here's this. Here's the difference for us for the hornets. We're playing like we have the luxury. You have to make these decisions and pass. Right in this is what frustrates. The other half that says how do you pass that did potential one generational talent. We're acting like isn't if we've been there we've done that we've had a great tradition and history and we have the ability to see if this guys at five season. I do the hornets you know. He's not worth the risk. But when you to a lab man and you get to twelve. You know I mean we don't depicted Jews right sometimes you know like avenues get a bridging yet. I think it's that simple. Because yeah it's all personal jab but. And it's true I knew exactly you but the hornets last night. But then trying to weigh in right now at the dumbest things are all we hear. Spoke carpet right now we couldn't make the play out and eat everywhere try to win enact any thing to deal with. Competing in the west but it's ridiculous we need to retail. I call an incomplete about not in order packet pop up there about if the ballot the pack up on him well. Don't keep saying that duplicate that it based on what they last year we get a separate it and people wouldn't be. Like complaining but the fact is that we all hold another European and we know. That clearly you're not that they did you not all people thought he looked black you're so the potential for. Full on a diet soda. Your premises Florida Jack and here's why I'm I'm I'm gonna tell you settle down here's the problem here is that he came back to the team Jason national championship but he came back knowing the deer and Jackson was going to be there to take away some of the sources and some of those minutes are turned out as you know Jerry Jackson was also a lottery pick and that caliber player so we came back to make some sacrifices cost about a particular time only monk came out of Kentucky as a player that he might be completely different than what it's also done because he made sacrifices play alongside different guy so I hear you and when I say safe pick I just mean he's the most proven commodity at that point I mean sages are more. Art Olympic of and it's real quick I did everything bigger thing. It will monitor bank within. We need to get rid of kimbo like that aspect that we want to take him double what he'd do it now and think that we can recruit Iraq is we party. I'll tell you earlier we got a deal on that Yahoo! and are deferred and I know you probably need to do that to the point is. If you think they pegged him exactly double what does make it or not it makes you make the kind of work Bruce it's beyond network of sorts to be able to Mora a mission so well we're getting an okay twelve got to wait a lot here. Ten seconds keep talking to his. Earlier while some talk and well we share points or you know we can't we harness and hornets hornets aren't. Source TJ paid anxiety disorder were of their quick break or pause for a second we're gonna cause for a second. And though we are going to talk a little cultural we will remember does it take breaks to the breast it's all go to college football South Carolina bloc has come enough we talk Clemson we talked South Carolina miles British shores a short side we're gonna get right back into the sort of stuff to timber trade all of 70457. Or 96 to and its Garcia and Blaylock. It's. Telling you when they. 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A couple of Virginia teams we just we have a little college football conversation which is something that law swan. Loves to do so much so many toy stores already are showing no a couple of years later school pretty well you can follow him on on god Twitter at Clemson sports is joining us on the second John just launch lawsuits are a lot of spin while men you've been. The gentleman doing great but I do that which they're the queen city. Absolutely man so large give me a single reason why Clemson is gonna lose a football game this year and having a hard time trying to what. You know made me. Maybe inexperience at quarterback yen up kind of dole and away from early part of both boys got the role herbal lore but it. Listen all the expert out by the courts and everybody being that they that they trips into fully edit. Let it go block low and when the so all of the BO that. It can be a lot of book I think that might be yet they were to go on the road to pick it up big blanket banged up Evernote. You grow a freshman and environment with a hundred it out people at Kyle field. I could not epic golf for the current period aperture. Allied you've been around this program a long time you've seen some great players come through with this is the true written in particular on the defensive line. So I do know guys like Trevor Pryce here Brentson Buckner you know Michael being buried you go on and on testament locked in you know they. Is this the best defensive line this Clemson has ever had. I think probably terms sheer depth and it and versatility you prank that probably the biggest thing if you go very well. I've got word games straightened out we knew got to go out like. Christian will go to two years ago played by the the on the out but he'd be a bit. The cultivated in agreed all that Bryant now. With Bryant back lap he needed to transition back to the inside them. Christian Wilkins did miss a beat so I think it terms of versatility yet they're bent pop we better poitier. You're in the air sprinkled in throughout the year I would arguably at that at all. You know William Perry that's for this year Biden go back in the day if they didn't being called the refrigerator and made it a little bit bigger big actually was not compare to that. But we doubt now but there's no doubt that those four about the copper like we were there all the price. Expert Lauren in a Christian awoken burglary got app. And then the top spot marquis jet. Our long let me ask you did you know which team maybe in the N. College football histories holds the single season record for fewest rushing large doors a louder fewest toward Seoul and I've got to say did this ridiculous front foray is gonna challenge sort of a record is out there. You know I I really don't know that up that you could we don't doubt they've had to bulk. Well or people are out for well here you know you're I don't buy their group mitigated. The question that I think you have to ask yourself this. Well they have that continued desire to push themselves obviously were earning the resorted him not having to return but returning. Not may be cut kind of come to the plate there. It if they got it through the speed that things are for the way they expected or look like they're gonna make the right but hey he's he JP chipper got the ball well. They continue to put albeit with a noted big payday on the rise before I'd let you know what goes out and talk to him after the game the way we do what he did you know you'll. I feel like it did you ever been made by the fact that they're out there. But it is evil Satan do the complexion of what is incomplete and everybody out there believe they're going to be one of the top spot in the country. If that Jay is at some point being it was in the report hey. You know where are those out there but they are compared to make it seem like to believe that you hear it out like sort of you know and now the deputy chief spell out what. We're looking at corporate but the 2% of the rare breed of aptly ink and you know. Academic and it is everything got to tell me to be a part of this constant family. Is that the case about pavlik it would seem to be because they came back should be everything probably just never know what they'll go outside to step in that situation. Haven't two quarterbacks you know typically means you don't have one you that's going to be an issue potentially you know for Clemson this year has two very talented guys. He'll what do you do with the rotation how do you monitor that how do you manage that you see one of these guys potentially transfer and away with the new rule particularly in place. Well you know that you know rich or rule out their bit to keep in mind I think when you look at tribal law yet. So it Bryant had a great season in Daytona Bryant has a great year corpse joke like hey you know what. We can roll with Kelly this year and indeed back but it got the ball well maybe you just play purple hearts before gave to try to Richard separate note these eyewitness. I wouldn't but I'm not a doubt is it is state that is made that decision. The other aspect I think more so maybe it doesn't Wear purple heart is now been in even watching him in the spring is Rebecca Carter Dotson left in transferred. To northwestern. That we lose a lot of for me. Kind of kind of put a lot of the bandit several parts of the real deal because otherwise. Why would other jobs and worn out and we need competitor he he was delighted to compete. It may even be at the backed up for the start of this year he played well enough but after it in practice there's been watching let's bring gave. I think under job itself the way a lot of people did in extra or what the real deal. Are still positions amid a look at anybody who follows Clemson and knows what's coming back but for those that don't do another Clemson team it's going to be very very talented and I guess it still kind of surreal for me to be talking about them in the terms that we do Lawton and I mean that respectfully but you know holes anybody into the balloting there it and in no way signal that this could have been coming but now it's. Are we just assume club since got to order five stars come back and a stable does there in the backfield look at. Who more than household names this year than the maybe we don't know yet. You know he thought about Caribbean and the real deal it could be growing up around this program at that it would. You need to be epic obviously at wide out DJ in. Is gonna be a big bridge wide receiver that they're not only quonset payable like watching but he just kind of got that basketball whether there but they can make it on. While wideout keep your eye on the bit quiet these had to admit he explosiveness. Of a doubt like travesty yet he'll be back for a sophomore year maybe that probably speaks volumes about courts and in terms of you know how how good their recruiting is the majority they're still position doubt that you really expect that. Yeah Intel light up the scoreboard. That the best turnout border are really a lot of pop were step. You've got you've got some very clutch and backed in moderate do. Obviously it did about everything I'm pretty sure renfro its branch where it's at their book Bob bird to a bit. In that you got him an edit and a lot of other guys here at the basics but yeah I think he'd yet to be explosive that running back. Is that year and I really expect these big shots and create a divide up. You know laden you look at the schedule and doesn't have maybe the marquee matchup that we've seen in years past with the heat. You know Bob burns are the it's the teams that it you know really just kind of catch everybody's attention and you've got an end in week two bunt. I'm not me barn burners scheduled to start the season off what is the game he circled to say. Gosh of Carson is gonna have an undefeated season they have to get past this team. Because in past has been Louisville you've got the potential you know with another quarterback and then Florida State with their talent in. Is NC state this year is that the game you circle. Not being in these stated obviously one of the did it accords its. You'll get there at tiger now but this dip that. The very well there does all the way all boiled whispered at the end of the schedule are you all all of us are called game would do it on game. With stock a lot of these things up but you know it is unique for call. Expanding out and the change from Kevin doubling it in neighboring region the official report estate for the state. You know had their transition area. So both of those schools without paying if the coaching changes don't happen is someone you know that there AA am in a gym that looked more than eight. You know better about those programs that I'd but it's one of the things that happened in college book ball in the people bought general. He did appealing about there's going to be some bumps in the road. We don't know what that will be indicates that a program that don't expect it pained him to be a good sport state. That Willie jagr for the state are probably being a little bit undervalued. Our bubble there. Struggle a book called for the coach Jay so that's gonna be won the cup record then put Derrick walker road but it. All in all I think for the tigers you could ask for a much greater schedule or this or yachts with. I'd long swan Clemson sports talk follow him on Twitter at Clemson sports always good to judge jumper a little dude and so. God what they enjoyed it is hot if they are out. I voted to reject or done and don't stay we appreciate your time we go from one to the other as we promised Clemson or South Carolina next former quarterback and the voice of the gamecocks Todd Ellis. We'll join us all the other side we come back we'll look take a dive into the SEC east it's Garcia and very. Guys you're not alone. Half of all men have ED the holistic center of the Carolinas has gains wave old revolutionary erect tile dysfunction treatment that breaks up blockages and repairs blood vessels for a lasting results the gains wave ED treatment is safe noninvasive and available at the holistic well listener of the Carolinas deceived gains waived his right for you to next meal to 797979. That's the word male am ALE. 2797979. This model play. An employee pricing yet. For just comes. 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At sells for fifteen about 45 minutes from now to head coach of the ECU pirates. Scottie Montgomery will swing by and we'll talk a little Tyrus football as we take a look around the region's college football teams this week and we continued that right now. With the voice of the game jocks Cleveland quarterback and Tuesday as well Todd Ellis is joining us on the ticket John just like here in the Corey says it's on our asserted itself. I tried to do with Angela. It was Wellman and look I gotta be outside I think to I don't know you you talked to a lot of guys like me probably a lot so I wish I was your remedies we had some morning conversations and I was two mornings out of Charleston about. Will must simply was tired and it what does was gonna look like and what the trajectory would be like and how long it was gonna take him. I look at a nine and four record last year and I don't I can't imagine a less flashy not in four record with the gamecocks put together Lester I don't think that's a bad thing this is where they are. You should direct that to describe it last attempt and it's great red zone defense steps of the present times in portage. But the English Channel so it was a typical world Russia. Courage Robinson's deep bench where we pressure or we needed to play really tight down the road so to help people out unions. And we just didn't quite expect all of our bench and our commitment pushed or maybe ten games a little bit Girardi doesn't actually. It was a template types schedule. 24 schedule. And we catch went to gently plea. Batters to your or what we do and Canada without. It's the best player in the first three games of culture well last year and these poster I don't care what you say. Most of those games and watch and knows the game two of the commercial games this season before he got for. You know to get caught for touchdown catch a ball all over the place. It was an epic true we regularly miss and that's out or she brought attention Bebo. We did academic couple this year I think things are really having the right direction. They're darn you're in my mind you know I'm I'm attended a Samuel right here and you could sit and you could see this significant drop off with the offense when he got injured in. This team just wasn't the same and ultimately you know and came probably came back to bite you a couple of those losses as you can have the firepower and defense has started suffocate you little bit but you're getting him back should be you know a big boost. You know as this team going to be more of an offensive team or defense of team you know with that is set. About it templates strip to really really kind of an ethnic probably the surprise of his potential borrowers I think he's done an excellent job. Of an economic. What you need treatment after its. It now he plays on defense to two coaches approach and not just as a deep into coordinator you're a lot of these guys. Who were coordinator pushed a to B a coaches and actually you know there are real and we want the and they don't do a good job in managing the game to see how much they need and I think. Two couples point earlier it was Obama play action not went trees and because. Well politically trouble managing it and that's going to worry to get out of these side it's going to be deep Pretoria the we needed to pass rusher like to reveal to the world what. I would like other impeachment probably is they on the season that the of the question are searchable and we edits being put two guys. Bigotry surprising guys are going to be okay what topic that shock the league this year. It's going to be so better to our receivers we can production recoup battle was going to be back to help the at the top to expand out as torched utterance by the ghost back to about and you know actually. Partly because people should know it was a there are just kidnap as patty you're at a time when you're playing into. Well bogeys because but I think he shall build up there because he goes back. He retired obviously I mean playing one of the toughest conferences in in college football and you don't win games by surprise you Wear them by blocking and tackling and that's the innocent formula for most U coach's success. What's offensive line you look like they experience in the coming back are going to be strong. You because I can't do much without them. Under which you get a candidate in question about. There has spent our days for example he told Mirotic. And totally believable backers of what they do courses which came triggered archer whose company in the big delay it's taken. In Britain at the open and pat and I picked up and saw it at that implies it was good gesture really pretty good at all. Well we're oh run getting and OK in the pass game I think Jake's gonna get to appropriate Paula. Cut athletic and pretty tough. Do we want to read a couple over the last couple of years and could afford for a bit and done a good job recruiting. Happily it's what you governor had no out of the PO I thought well this certainly accepts. The motions. The incentive to in the battle to bullies. You gotta have guys who could learn it and do a lot of different things that'll be eligible people and I think we're going to be all right that's on Leo which war. We're talking to Todd Ellis voice on the South Carolina Gamecocks joined us on the tech become just slide football season still too far away but so you were gonna we're inching closer and closer here and all regardless let's talk about the dome. I just a factor to steal it just a second ago is always going to be a defensive first team would know when will must chip does that coach. And that's Greg you win a lot of games that way everybody wants to be prolific on both sides of the football but as long version really really good in two phases are probably gonna win a lot of games and you know I think that's going to be fun for the way they play with the same time Todd you know last year they scored seventeen or fewer points I think six touch. But try the best chance that's going to be six right. Question what we we don't do it team that averages 26 to 48 points per game that we can do investors went to temple. The twenty points per game and naturally the time that we I would push or other would. Well we went through three games and we look at this popular shall peel open week tended to Debbie and try audience applaud until court. Flammable powder Shahal. And a couple of attrition there as well mentioned that the the toys were pulled the true. It will do and actually we are people down the road 21 points per game which quarter to 48 birdies and that's what you get. And cabinet typical going to be back to that are most of that edgy you know. This well but can construction going where and how much needs to do it and they in his defense and what he does push. As well that's that's a bit more pressed but they heard a big people where it was almost like. You know and effectiveness is professional career or could she educate Bennett rookies and you go. Almost got pushed shovel this kids people all but doesn't really know how to play probably that shut Guenter per year. Some really good coaching there's a total poker player in it and that was the impression. We get out from Google's staff particularly on defense and how they played. They're course of nature as they're tackling form. Just particularly in the secondary we got a couple is quickly in particular we're actually in the war. And and we touched it back there epic we're gonna continue to do that and it's terrible coach and that. When he goes to Japan that worked on the outside. Is an outstanding the banjo and wide receiver we've got a couple of the guys. Traditional and then charged up what they could just get extra in their careers are going to be fantastic. We're really can be put the battle over the. In anti haven Hurst I thought was the best time in college football last year didn't have much experience played baseball we don't know the story unique is drafted you know right now and the Panthers and not that he was a big impact player for South Carolina you know early on and maybe he got away from a little bit because the defense started. You know bracket in him because he didn't have that other dynamic playmaker but. Who's gonna replace in the cost tight end has become so valuable in today's game you know the way that they can utilize the blocking and them as passers even if they emotion amount into the slot and have that mismanaging its a smaller defender. We can figure check your right and I use a touch of well sometimes as well curse sometimes those actually respect and appreciate that they can. Well during ability and the political Echelon and in the block so they can get out the flaps. But that's on the field reduced to ordered to keep penalty but radical speech we pieced scored a couple changed. Did you sort athletics or combat support that we got a couple decided it would cripple that chip itself to a lot of example the complete total 66 kid who got to benefit other words they are a couple of well the best political purpose he took Japanese preferred and and it's a couple times. He's very athletic team needs to Philip duke probably will do well for true for a player. It is what happens during the deposition that pick was not portable flat Rasheed rushed church particular would be put back. Which your attitude that was don't have that that'll well. Todd before lets you know it it's kind of a similar question is recruiting and I was I was down there in Charleston do mornings when though when the gamecocks lemon orchard Smith and you know that was a really big deal for them the time and you see what's going on a Clemson right now and a gamecocks fans has talked about and I worked for the gamecocks their sourcing your First Amendment you know I would imagine some people look at and say oh look how and how good Clemson did it must be so tougher for South Carolina right now what I did there's so much motivation though he wanted to see what they're doing your neighbor's door across the state Europe the road and you know the obvious emotions got some momentum and I -- you talk to will all the time what is he selling you know as he goes into a living room of for a five star just a sellout. Yes I did exactly a South Carolina kid who got offer from Clemson and Carolina is easy switch to selling beyond playing tough. Well he's he's silent when land of the success he's particularly people to side. Putting guys in the NFL. I continue to be and we cannot take throughout better. But yeah I don't particularly at least most of the extra point that they're gonna play in the at a couple although that's not a reality that they better stick to the total sector. But I can't start college proportionally so effective political support that to goodness. The kegs of beer great professional athlete we actually have going to be probably the ball well and operations facility. This being dealt to be done in October that's going to be court just sit out is. Although the training of the room. Beat expectations. I think areas that as well be beautifully over the matter a game car markets a big part of the process which has been selling. Respectable the second youngest step in the country these guys relate to them that world. Statistically trouble at university in Red Sox equitable for the country for between nineteen trash where he didn't according. Our culture we could hardly ever respective. We we plastered. Total commitment we beat them followed your social political comeback approach would be respected company. Is motivated just protectionist or what you need to do we talk to you in the east. You've talked to do to keep those guys in Utah to the international trip to chip or at least in the Sugar Bowl eventually be to get back to build and but the tigers do what they do there and I don't credit. Looking at pebble. I kind of trigger. Outside I. I've circled three games here that everybody probably has a well Georgia. You probably till Florida on there and obviously the last game at Clemson that's not a game to me that's the most important for South Carolina. Kentucky he has. Believe it or not because Kentucky has had your number and they've been an open phenomenal games. Over the years what's the game you circle say that's a must win game for us. Proportional to look at the second when we look at these are no good to crack open the student which used to say. Well supported George and got a couple guys suspended. What was greatest quotes and. What are I don't know commitments to the democratic government over there at that you're not a particularly bad jumpers. Yeah you and that he certainly did not complain when we play well against them question I think we were at the each week the closest point to that but anybody ill treated get that going to be a bit. They hear about it until his issue it's a big part of the process we've always played that well or what paper tapes is 2000 portable. Or it just went out over the battle was available we ate about a quarter point one north and after they senators. Return that just gonna push that he never heard of or that peanut plant to speak Irish are you're right Kentucky objectionable or political about it. It is supposed to. And and Japan just years grow there's just no I actually changed. Well there's deepens the that'll at a time it was a year ago would I give credit to ruptured well in the rubble. We should the last two additional can't be too particular machine and true rock. If we've got to commute time that the weapons are gonna happen it's at the surgery. I don't think their future that but that's what you gonna tell a joke for. I don't like that data we got the Nobel panel that they're going to be back to where they need to be. Ostensibly get but you're right it's Georgia and Turkey mr. And clips and and and those appear to want to make the difference a couple games of intimacy and for us and quickly. They got Andy Kentucky on the road. And and it in even years shall we play in Georgia and Tennessee and apple. And that's where we left so well we got a good shot that trip to grips Porsche. Failure Todd jealous the voice of the gamecocks former quarterback and does he run into some legal trouble he's not a man got to talk to other donuts auto slaughter Melissa after a lot of time we appreciate your brother always good to catch up. Well Arizona territory and throughout the year. They don't wants a divorce or gamecocks joining us on the second job just slide and so we really appreciate that their comes already as well it's like why must they are college football rivalries text or run you immediately South Carolina Gamecocks always worried about the Clemson Tigers don't look at me and sort. I don't think he necessary here click here is but others might be a great conversation we appreciate both long sought and Todd Ellis little college football blocked their for the South Carolina folks and we come back and we dive ride back in the hornets 70457096. Taylor got a text to tell us we don't know what the hell we're talking about with respect to Norris dressed in the miles bridges and all that stuff so much worse and we come back to Paris Garcia unveiling. Largest fireworks show when Charlotte is coming from the sky shortly team is July 4 presented by. Vision of the governors highway safety program at UT and T ball park when I Charlotte tonight. For a special free. We need street festival starting at 2 PM in front of the ballpark might music kids rising dean school trucks in bowl. Largest fireworks show in journalism from inside the ballpark get tickets for the game. Details now why don't you every T dot com slash guy and show. Just a rolled up really officials fireworks on her forties and he. Copy and Harris teeter and he goes and Levi got more you look at. Com slash sky show. It's Kyl barely hear when you're hiring you don't wanna waste time you want an efficient way to get your short list of qualified candidates that's why you need indeed dot com used by over three million businesses posted job in minutes set up screener questions men's zero win on qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard and when you need to hire fast accelerate your results with sponsored jobs new users can try for free at indeed dot com slash radio that's indeed dot com slash radio terms conditions and quality standards apply. The hornets welcome to have their newest players today. Miles bridges and Dovonte Graham arrived in Charlotte this morning after being selected in the first and second rounds of last night's NBA draft. Graham played his college by Kansas but is from Raleigh. I told of the dream come true to be home and have a chance to play for the hornets. GM Mitch Kupchak was also on hand was asked about the trade rumors surrounding point guard Kemba Walker. He called marker the focal point of the franchise and that they hoped to have the all star and his career with the team. Pentagon says that the hornets have a good mix of veterans and rookies and he expects them to improve this year emphasizing that this is not a rebuild. Forward Dario point guard Joseph Barry was not drafted last night it is agreed to a free to do with the lakers. Teammate he had since it has signed a two week deal with the nets they've got a pair of games of the college World Series today Oregon State is taking on Mississippi State raining out. Later tonight it's Florida vs Arkansas the nights are also actions tonight they open a three game series against Toledo at DVD ballpark first pitches at 4704. New addition healing and then it'll be on the field the outfielders the top prospect in the White Sox system used for. Trying to tonight's yesterday I'm sure doors and and that's the class. 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That's actually original. Suck but it's yes there were a lot of guests and one more coming up. We made a promise or calling a promise this week was college football stream which we we've we've had in and out today with the NBA draft and the hornets and that's what we will continue to do as though we are nearly two hours into this thing in we jump right back into it for a little while as a Scott image on the dumber will join the show of force this to you and it's 5 o'clock Doris draft picks first round draft pick miles bridges. Join the show but 70457. Oneida. Six different which got does character matter and in sports. This chair to mattered was football does character matter in basketball too scared to matter in golf. Does character matter and I think in team sports matters more than a dozen individual sports obviously. No because you're working with other guys. You know but I think the thought a lot of those things we talked about are the reasons why I think Kupchak decided to go with bridges and no I mean. You know the guy came back wanted to win a championship. No other conversations I'm sure word you know similar to that. And you know and I don't know what they were was anybody else but I do think character matters a ton of matters. In this city in manners you know for a team that matters. You know four guys in respects you know with one another in an imminent and that team environment. And you know we don't measure those things look out blogs are look at the mile height with the way the stats how many points they scored the field goal percentage and those type of things you know how many touchdowns and the yards. But we we can't measure you know that what they can't. And they they get to sit down and have those conversations. You know with them and you don't cut check in Kearney and in Rivera and number I go they get to sit down you know with these guys and have these conversations. And as you say and I think in a lot of other people agree. You know character actually matters you know when you make those decisions just does Oslo which yet. Yeah we get a yacht. Sorry is I eyes I just did you ready here we get we got a text on the brownie Jewelers Twitter feed NEC is from a guy named Daniel Simmons super big cat on some of us just want them to tear it off the pot. Bridges was a nice pick but does it and it doesn't move the needle of the needle of mediocrity I don't think it does. A you know. I I don't have an NR respond to and to support a wanna make on there. I don't think anyone at the twelve pick is can is going to be the savior of this franchise like some of these fans want. And I think if we're if we're going for the tie this guy Michael Porter junior think boy that's a big risk to take so. Maybe sometimes is safe pick is the right pick and I noticed a sixty to say no it's not there's a lot of people lost. But I don't know what you expected him to do it just pick especially with a franchise like the hornets who to Frank's point seems to value to. Are your very highly. Look I think it's intrastate and more there it's so funny too because it's it's a very much in the moment. Last year. You know leading into the NBA draft had miles bridges you know Ben and they don't and not return to school a lot of folks are projected miles bridges as a top five pick. In last year's draft top seven top rate at worst should be good top ten but I mean you start. You start looking at it saying look we'll reassess about miles bridges a year ago had he not done the unusual thing and gone back to school would chase a national championship he was already going to be lottery picks so not only that took out fest fortunately I don't got just a sort a couple of years and if he's part of a group of young core with. I don't know bully monk let's say let's say that under the hornets and the Cleveland Cavaliers can figure out trade I trade deal and Collins sexson who has taken a last night ends up coming to Charlotte. And let's say there's a combo of Colin sexton and Emily monk to miles bridges you got a dynamic young corn build on for the next five to seven years what what do you say about miles bridges and because in the context of a team that already makes you mad baby miles bridges doesn't jump off the page and make you happy. But I can change very quickly. Quickly do you if you were to draft last year and you say that he was a top five pick. Why is the narrative changed I know you talked about his teammate in in have a different role in those type things but when you're at it evaluate and an individual. Right and you're looking at his skill set and what she does what he provides in the impacted he has. It doesn't matter what you're doing with the other guy I mean still evaluating the individual and I know his guy the guy that played with him was a top five guy or top ten guys out seven guys. You know as as well but. If he's a top five guy why did the narrative changes it. Yeah because there's there could be your explanation if you're very logical right that you guys in this year's draft better than that the guys in last year's draft that to be one. But to be an explanation. He got it in play as well. Are you like to also be an explanation may be is not as good as what we thought he watts. That's an explanation as well also George I was kind of kills weeds lose this insult us through this you know the weeds and figure out. You know what is the actual case with miles bridges. It's register here to turn to some of those points I fright column which you guys when it comes to lower its draft to like miles bridges electric I don't understand what affairs are so bent out of shape another text to writes in the says. Michael Porter junior came over too much risk factor what did you take him and he's Greg Oden never wasted pick Michael Porter dangers tigers from what he did in high school the horse took two best available player I agree with that I do I really do is it's not that I understand the logic of saying hi. Got to take a risk credit report you gotta take a risk committee Michael Porter junior represented that risk to a lot of people but maybe just maybe. They think they can find that guy in next your stressed and maybe that's because. Maybe that's because they still have a Kemba Walker trade in body and they plan on being a really freaking bad there. That's not sort of exports in the fourteen your your top five yep that's contradictory to a Kupchak said in my speech for got a I don't know is now might be that's contradictory to a cup checks are no blue okay fair not a right but I'm saying he's already done some things that are contradictory to what. It doesn't usually what what what. You know what they say what they do and could be two different things so they're actually right but that's not what he said what he says it Amber's gonna beat their guy from long term the they would like to see him finish his career Charlotte we don't like to see that. Sicken the circumstances allow that would point I would just yet here's a thing for me you know we're talking about Ozzie and I had this discussion off there. You know we're talking about really the wrong thing. Nor talked about how miles bridges is going to have impact this team. But the real the real conversation should be is how is it Kemba Walker contract. In him moving forward and impact this team still to come back to one talks more about that Chris Kimball was not dealt last night they're all sorts of elements and variables that factor into that conversation and I don't know how much closer we got to an answer last night when they have the maybe not score simulate. Always yeah. Yeah. The return of college football is finally here. And this year's Belk college kickoff between the West Virginia Mountaineers and the Tennessee Volunteers is truly a game first it's Charlotte's first college football. Into the season it's the first time these two powerhouse teams have never played each other on the gridiron and in all. Pins on the first of September and Bank of America Stadium tickets are going fast so be the first to get cures and dealt chicken stock car. Expelled tickets dot com. Nigeria and Brazil voted to advance today at the World Cup. This update is powered by ortho Carolina. First off this morning Nigeria beat Iceland heated up in that it was Brazil over mr. Rico also by a score of two do not think Switzerland and Serbia are playing right now. Do you ever suffer from red itchy and watery eyes do you frequently sneeze or spear. Nasal congestion disown you maybe.